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I Wanna Hear How Your Heart Speaks

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They're out shopping one day when Harry notices it for the first time. Harry's pushing the shopping cart while Niall walks next to him dressed in black leggings and one of Harry's hoodies which is pretty big on the blonde's small frame and Harry likes to steal glances of him every few seconds because he's pretty adorable.

They're currently walking by the make up section when Niall's eyes linger on the rows of nail polish. Harry doesn't say anything, but once they walk past that section, Niall's lips are set into a small pout and his brows are a little furrowed like he's thinking too hard about something. And Harry guesses that that something has to do with the nail polish Niall was staring.

"You okay, bunny?" Harry asks, startling the blonde a little who looks up at him with wide blue eyes for a second before composing himself.

"Yeah, just a little tired," Niall replies and Harry would have believed him considering they are shopping pretty late, but he doesn't because of what he'd seen a minute ago. "Why are we shopping so late? I should be sleeping, Haz!"

"Aww babe, I'm sorry. This was the only time we could both shop together since we've been so busy," Harry says as he wraps an arm around Niall's waist and kisses his head. "Besides, it's not that late. It's only ten."

"Ten can be early for you, popstar, but some of us normal people aren't nocturnal. I like to sleep early because adult life."

Harry chuckles and the two continue with the rest of their shopping trip and Harry doesn't mention anything thinking it'd be a one time thing.

It isn't though and two days later when Harry's sitting in on Niall's photoshoot and he hears his boyfriend complimenting a girl's nails which are painted in a light blue sparkly color and that gets Harry thinking. Then the girl and Niall are talking about nail polish colors and the girl suggests that Niall try a certain color but the blonde blushes and quickly shakes his head no.

"Did you see Lindsay's nails? They looked so cute!" Niall exclaimed as Harry drove them home later that day and Harry chuckled a little.

"I didn't see them, but I bet they'd look better on you," Harry says and Niall shakes his head no again and Harry frowns a little.

"When we get home, can we have a bath?" Niall asks, quickly changing topics and Harry can't say no to spending time with Niall. Especially if they're naked.

"With those bubbles you bought the other day? They smell so good."

Niall laughs at that but he nods.

It's three weeks after the first time Harry caught Niall's longing gaze on the nail polish when he decides to finally confront his boyfriend. He didn't want to do it because he always wanted Niall to have the courage and trust to confide in him, but the blonde wasn't talking and he always looked a little off when he caught himself staring at Sandra's painted nails or the rows of nail polish at the store.

"Let's have a serious chat," Harry says as he drags Niall into the living room of their house.

"What is it?" Niall asked a little worriedly as he sat on the couch with his feet tucked under him.

"It's nothing bad, but I am a little curious about something and I want to know why," Harry begins to say and it only causes Niall to frown a bit more.

"Why what?"

Harry smiles softly at his baby and grabs his small pale hands before staring down at his nails which looked a little chewed because it was a habit Niall was trying to break. Mostly because Harry had threatened to put something spicy on his nails if he kept chewing on them, but also because he gets photos of himself taken for a living and well he can't have ugly nails in pictures.

"I noticed it when we went shopping the other day, how you were staring at the nail polish. And then again during your photoshoot with Lindsay's nails. Bunny, if you want to paint your nails, fucking go for it, babe. I'm not going to judge you. If anything, I'm here to encourage you to try out new things," Harry says as he strokes his thumb over the boy's knuckles in a soothing motion and he looked up in time to see Niall's face grow redder by the second.

"I'm just- it's weird," Niall mumbles a little sadly and it breaks Harry's heart to see his boyfriend like that.

"What's weird? The fact that you want to paint your nails? Babe, you've literally done a lingerie shoot, what's weird about wanting to paint your nails pretty?"

"That's the problem Harry! That I'm weird! I'm fucking weird for liking things that I shouldn't!"

"Babe, there's no rule saying that you can't like these things. If you want to paint your nails, do it. If you want to wear a skirt, do it! Don't pay attention to what others say because what's important here is your happiness and if painting your nails makes you happy, go for it. I'll help you if you want, but don't worry about the rest. Worry about yourself."

Niall looks down at their hands, but Harry guesses he's staring at his nails more than anything and Harry smiles before leaning forward to press a kiss to the blonde's forehead.

"Come on," Harry says and he stands up, tugging Niall up with him.

"Where are we going?" Niall asks with a frown.

"We're going shopping for nail polish."

Niall didn't say anything, instead he let Harry drag him out of their home and towards the car. They reach the store in no time and the blonde is a little nervous because there's a lot of people and certainly someone's bound to recognize them and take pictures of the two shopping for nail polish, though he guesses they could use the excuse that they're buying Gemma a present.

"Don't be nervous, babe. Pick all the colors you want," Harry encourages as he wraps his arms around Niall's waist from behind and watching the blonde bite his bottom lip and how his eyes roamed over the shelves of different brands and colors of nail polish.

"This is harder than buying ice cream," Niall mumbles to himself, sounding conflicted.

Harry chuckles and kisses Niall's cheek before reaching forward to grab a lilac colored nail polish and an ocean blue colored one.

"There, I helped you with two, now you pick out the rest that you want," Harry says and Niall huffs before he reaches out a hand to grab a few colors that had caught his eye the last time they'd walked past.

In the end they leave with about fifteen different colors, two of which looked pretty close but Harry knew if he mentioned that Niall would go off on an hour long rant about how they were obviously two very different shades of pink and then would call Harry uncultured or something like that. It's happened before.

Once at home, Harry and Niall head to their room and Niall sits on their bed with all the nail polish he bought spread out and trying to pick a color.

"Oh for the love of-" Harry mumbled to himself, but there was a fond smile on his face as he watched his boyfriend struggle. "Struggling?"

"I just don't know. I'm kinda scared," Niall admits as he looks at Harry who sits next to him.

"Bunny, we've talked about this and I'm always going to support whatever you do. I want you to at least try it once, yeah? If you don't like it after awhile then that's okay but I don't want you to keep wondering what would happen if you did."

Niall nods and looks back down at the pile of nail polishes with a determined look on his face. He was going to paint his nails and he wasn't going to care what people said. Well maybe he was because he still hasn't been able to just brush off the haters.

"I like the ocean blue one. It kinda reminds me of your eyes," Harry says as he grabs the nail polish. "But I also like this slightly dark pink one because it reminds me of your cheeks every time you blush."

"Harry," Niall whines, cheeks turning that same exact shade as his nail polish which makes Harry laugh and kiss them.

"Want me to help you paint them?" Harry offers when Niall finally settles on a purple color.

"Well yeah, but you're clumsy as hell and you'll end up painting my whole finger."

"You're rude, but I promise I won't. I'll be extra careful."

Niall lets his boyfriend do his nails and Niall's quite surprised with the amount of concentration Harry is putting. He's being careful and quick and once the first coat of paint on both hands dries, he's adding the second and Niall's left impressed at Harry's work.

"What do you think?" Harry asks after he's done, a proud smile on his face and he watches Niall admire his nails with slightly wide eyes.

"You're fucking amazing. Thank you!" Niall cries out as he throws himself into Harry's arms and hugs him carefully so he doesn't mess up his still drying nails.

"I'd do anything to see my bunny happy," Harry responds as he rubs Niall's back and the blonde giggles a little, kissing Harry's cheek before pulling away. "I love you, gorgeous."

"I love you too, hideous."

Harry gasps dramatically while Niall laughs uncomfortably which eventually makes Harry laugh and hold his boyfriend close. He loves moments like these where the two are together just spending time with each other and laughing because Niall's sing rude to Harry yet again.

"That's called bullying, bunny," Harry mumbles with a pout.

"It's not. You know I don't mean it."

Niall then goes off to put his nail polish away in near rows of three on his vanity in the bathroom, right on his sink. The perks of having two sinks in their bathroom because they both had a lot of stuff and Niall knew there'd be arguments about space when trying to get ready. Also the perks of dating a multi millionaire.

"So what's the verdict?" Harry asks once Niall walks back into the room and he pulls the blonde onto his lap.

"I actually really like it. Thank you for helping me out with this and your pep talks. Sometimes I hate how insecure I get and I wish I could just be me without fearing what others will think," Niall explains a little sadly as he twirls Harry's hair around his finger, eyes stuck on the pretty nail polish.

"It was no problem, babe. I'm your boyfriend and as your boyfriend, I'm here to show you my support and be your number one fan. You're amazing in everything you do, don't ever forget that," says Harry as he hugs Niall tightly and tucks his face into Niall's neck, just breathing in his sweet scent of lavender.

"You're the best."

"I know I am."

Niall rolls his eyes with a small giggle.


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[picture of Niall's nails]

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