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Solve the Maze of My Heart, Darling

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"Left! No, wait, now!"

Jimin gritted his teeth, preventing the string of curses from escaping his lips. The blindfold was rough against the soft skin of his delicate eyelids, scratching as he took an immediate hard turn left, even as his instincts were screaming at him to look, to know where he was going, even though he knew this test maze of Section L Part 9 like the back of his hand. He felt the cold stone brush his ear and he yelped, shock and a short emotion of fear sending a chill through his back. It disappeared as quickly as it came, though. He shifted to the right, panting heavily as he continued sprinting.

"Bastard! Tell me earlier than that!" Jimin barked, glaring at particularly nothing, hoping somehow it would magically burn the blindfold away.

His heavy pants almost beat the loud rush of ringing in his ears, deafening the sound of the Testers voice as he decided to just wing it and do his own way, trust his own instincts, the instincts the bastards gave him.
He could practically feel the reprimand awaiting him, along with the stern voice telling him to listen, soon turning into a yell, scream, shriek and then the sound of an impact of skin on skin. Yet now Jimin's skin was cold, goosebumps numb and pale. He was so tired, and it hurt to breathe, a plastic bag shrinking in on his lungs and doing no mercy on letting go.

The blonde didn't have it in him to continue the stupid test, either way, he'd done it thousands of times before. Thanks to his Enchantment of the Psychic Druids, he could clearly see the map of the section of the Labyrinth in his head, and where he currently was. It hurt to use his magic, because of the PNS (Prevention of Necromancy Sensors) that sent off a shrill beep. Dread filled him, as he knew what it meant, and what would be released only seconds later.

"This is stupid!" He called, clenching his jaw so hard if he was human it would've shattered, just like the vase he slammed into the floor yesterday.

Suddenly his skull rattled and a pounding pain quickly takes over his senses as it felt like his brain was trying to escape his own head.


One of five things that could ever possibly kill Jimin; Sirens being the second to worst.

Jimin screamed in agony as he abruptly stopped running, tumbling over himself and falling onto his hands and knees, hunching over and screaming, grabbing and clawing at this skull to get the deathly shrill scream to stop.

He squeezed his eyes shut, the pain overwhelming him. "Make it stop! Make it stop!" He pleaded, voice raspy and tears threatening to escape. Nothing could stop the waves of pain from making his body quiver, skull throbbing, and eyesight blurring.

His whole body was in agony, every limb, every organ, every vein filled with liquid fire, and the blonde felt himself reach closer and closer to transcending his pain tolerance.
It was only at that moment that Jimin realized the Testers could never, would never let it go that far because he was oh so precious to them, as an object. Never a person, but Jimin was taught to not let that get to him, likewise he was taught to not allow those emotions, the good emotions to be felt. He was taught not to let it get to him, because it was either death death death, pain pain pain, no mercy, nothingness, or anger. There was "No room for love, no room for guilt or sadness, Jimin." And so on.
Even Jimin himself preferred nothingness, he preferred it rather than his mid-night occasional breakdowns of when he remembers how he once had a life, how he could possibly have a life, and it's the little things that break him.

Such things as when he saw Testers chatting in the Mess Hall, or when he saw some children subjects laughing and running around in glee, because they probably remember their life and they don't know of whats going to come upon them.