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Witches and Fae

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The room was a restless kind of quiet, the kind of quiet that people hated to be in. The students slunched and then pushed themselves up over and over again as their only form of movement. Jack glanced around the room to see what kind of people he would be going to school with for the next five years of his life. He groaned when he spotted a large hoard of Witches. Before the doors closed a small bird darted in and flew over the crowd of people before the fluttered down onto the chair next to the Alp. The bird shook itself for a moment before the Fae shifted back into the lanky looking human.

“Robin!” Jack beamed, throwing his grey-colored arms around his childhood friend. The other Fae grinned and then hugged his friend back before he pulled back and tried to talk to the other male, though his attempt was almost futile because of the noise emitting from the rest of the students.

“You been torturing all of the little kids with nightmares this summer?” he joked with a dopey-looking smile. Sean faked an offended look and slapped and hand on his chest.

“At least I’m not pooping on people’s cars and scaring their fish!” he teased, sticking his tongue out playfully. Robin pushed him back weakly, his hollow bones straining with the force.

Jack allowed the other Fae to push him back and falling back even further than he should have with the asserted force. His back pressed against the person that had been sitting on the other side of him. “Woah!” the girl said, holding her hands up with a small giggle as Jack looked up at her from where he had positioned himself in her lap.

“Sorry,” Sean said sheepishly, sitting up and rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at the Asirae.

“It’s okay. I mean,” she blushed and laughed awkwardly, hiding her hands in her lap as she looked between the two boys quickly. “Do you fall into the lap of every Asirae you meet?” she asked, shrugging her shoulders up as she threw something that sounded like a pick-up line at the other Fae. Sean just laughed for a second before he stuck his hand out, making sure to look down his hand and make sure that his nails were pulled back and would not hurt her when she touched him. She glanced down as well before taking it.

“My name is Sean,” he said.

“I’m Signe,” she said. “It’s a hard name to say, so my friends all call me Wiishu,” she giggled again, slightly awkwardly as Jack noticed.

“Some people call me Jack because of the Irish spelling in my name, people pronounce it Ceen,” he said with a grimace, wrinkling up his nose angrily. Signe cringed with him. Before she looked around him to the other Fae.

“What’s your name?” she asked politely, before her hand reached up to her neatly curled hair, running through her long, blue fingers through it and then making sure that every single hair was in place.

“Robin,” he said, shaking her hand as well with one of his tiny, awkward smiles that he only gave to people he didn’t know. Jack slapped and hand on his back before he leaned back in his chair, again scoping out the room for as many familiar faces as he could find. His eyes had found one of his and Robin’s old friends just as the ruckus around the hall began to die down.

All noises in the room silenced when a tall woman stood up from her seat and walked up to the podium. Her shimmery green dress swayed around her legs as she almost flew up the stairs to the stage. Sean sat up straight in his chair and paid attention, hating himself as he did so. He shook his head and forcefully snapped the link that he had been forced to connect with.

Next to him, Robin was shaking so hard form the strain of trying to break the spell that tiny black and red feathers were forming on his skin in place of the hairs that human had. Jack placed his hand on his arm and shook him, giving some of his magic to the Bird Spirit so that he could shake off the spell. Signe also looked overly uncomfortable as she leaned into the overly powerful Alp, her arm wrapped around his and she pressed her hip into his. Her breath became less shaky the closer they got to each other before she was finally back to normal. Some of the less powerful Witches and Fae around the room were struggling internally as hard as they could, but their efforts were in vain. The trio of Fae turned and glared at the headmistress before them, making sure that the hatred in their magic could be felt by all of the members of the staff.

“Welcome new students of Washman Boarding School for Witches and Fae. Today you have been summoned to celebrate the uniqueness of each and every one of your gifts. Take a look around you,” the sound of her voice droned tiredly through the hall, she may have been a powerful Witch to cast a spell that big, but she certainly didn’t care about the people that she was talking to. “These peers will grow to be your friends and enemies alike. Know that my door is always open, as I am the headmistress.” She sighed and then walked off of the podium, vanishing with each step until she was finally, completely gone.

The focus spell that had been cast on the hall broke like someone taking a deep breath of air after almost drowning. The teacher who had been standing just off the stage to the left hesitated a moment before he walked up to behind the podium. “Welcome students, I am the Counselor for this year, so if you have any problems come to me or one of my associates. I will be reading off your rooming lists after I explain how they work. We are trusting you not commit  horrible things with each other and are blending the Fae and Witch talents together. There will be a female floor and a male floor on your building. Each room will only hold one person unless you have requested for otherwise in your acceptance letter. You will have one teacher on each floor that is supposed to take care of you and make sure that there is nothing scandalous happening.

“I will begin reading the names for your roommates starting with building one,” the awkward looking Fae said. He shuffled with his notes for what must have been the hundredth time in two minutes. Some of the students began to move, Witches would reach down next to them and make sure that their familiar was still present before looking back up to the man who was listing off names while also brutally butchering them.

Both Sean and Robin stopped listening when he had carried onto building two, turning to each other and acting as if they were small children. Sean groaned as the person in front of them turned around with a finger pressed to her lips that were overly decorated with lipstick and what appeared to be eyeliner. “That and what the headmistress tried to pull is why I hate Witches,” Sean complained under his breath as he slouched in his chair.

“They aren’t all bad,” Signe said next to them. “They don’t hate us and some of them can’t help their magic,” she sighed and pushed her hair up with her left hand again.

“Name one Witch in all of history that hasn’t been the bad guy,” Jack whispered, leaning into her as he touched her inner mind.

“I personally know a Witch who is my best friend and her magic is specifically made to help people. Her name is Emma and she has healing magic, but she specializes in healing children,” the Asirae said. Her hand drifted up to her hair, running her fingers through the curls once again.

“Would you two shut up? I’m trying to see if my name is being called,” the woman in front of them said again, maliciousness seeped into her words and made them almost toxic to listen to. Jack just rolled his eyes and flopped back into his chair.

The counselor read all the way to building ten before he allowed half of the hall to go to their dorms. The noise echoed in the vast, high ceilings before the remaining students were forced to sit together in the middle. Jack stood up and walked down the row till he was directly in front of the podium, pulling Signe and Robin with him.

He flopped down in one of the chairs and as he did so, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy ran past his legs, almost falling over itself. “Chica!” a male voice called out, magically woven into the words so that what Jack assumed was the Witch's familiar could hear him. The puppy stopped and then sprinted back to her own with the biggest doggy smile that Jack had ever seen.

“Students in building eleven are,” the nervous man began to read again. “Mark Fischbach, Sean Mcloughlin, Robin, PJ Liguori, Philip Lester, Daniel Howell, Bob Muyskens, and Wade Barnes are on the first floor. Emma Blackery, Signe, and Amy Nelson are on the second floor,” he said. Signe cocked her head to the side curiously before leaning over to her newfound friends.

“Don’t you think that it’s a bit peculiar that they only put three girls to our floor and ten boys?” she asked.

“That is weird,” Robin commented before making a ‘huh’ noise a shrugging his lean shoulders. The leftover students that had just had their names called out began to fidget, wanting to go explore the building that they would be spending the majority of their free time in for the next several years of their lives. Jack stretched his arms up above his head and made his head fall back on the other side of the chair so that he could see the people behind him.

The man that was directly behind him had grey-white hair and white skin. His clothes were tattered and he looked bored and yet excited at the same time. “Hi there,” his raspy voice and shredded clothing gave away the fact that he was a banshee, but his British accent made Sean feel a little more connected to him.

He beamed, making sure that the other male could see his set of razor-sharp, monster-like teeth. “Hey,” he flirted, raising his eyebrows up and down teasingly. “I’m Sean,” he said, turning around in his seat and giving himself something to get his mind off of the lingering terror that he might have to room with a bunch of Witches.

“I’m PJ Liguori,” he said, with a slightly awkward smile, “We’re rooming together.” Jack beamed even more than he had been before. He snapped up and turned around so that he could speak to the Banshee properly.

“Where’d you grow up man?” the Alp asked. “I grew up in Athlone, Ireland.”

“Brighton, England with Daniel Howell, though everyone just calls him Dan,” PJ responded, moving his head over to where the other Fae was sitting.

“This is Robin, my childhood friend,” he said with a small smile, pushing his friend to get his attention. Robin turned with his eyebrows raised and then smiled when he saw the Banshee.

“Hey,” Robin said, handing his hand out to the other man, “my name is Robin, what’s yours?”

“PJ, I’m rooming with you guys. I’m so glad that I’m meeting roommates before the teacher forces us to meet each other, this always makes things so much easier,” the Banshee reasoned. Robin nodded slightly awkwardly before he pointed towards the other Fae, reaching across his friend and getting the attention of the only girl.

“Huh? Oh, I’m Signe,” she said with a pleasant smile.

“Are you from Norway?” PJ asked cautiously, trying his best not to offend the girl.

“Close,” she giggled, running her hand through her curls. “Denmark.”

“Oh, that’s cool. I love how diverse this school is,” he said with a small chuckle. He smiled a bit before he became quiet, waiting for the man in front of them to release all of the students off to their dorms.

“If all of your names have been read, please go to your rooms, if your name has not been read off, then come see me or one of the other teachers,” he said with another awkward shuffle of papers. The crowd of students shot up from their streets and moved like a wave of anxiety and magic out of the door and into the courtyard just outside of the building.

The four Fae managed to keep track of each other as they made their way out of the building before PJ pulled himself over to the wall, pressing himself up against it before he scanned around the crowd quickly before he finally found the person he had been looking for.

“Dan!” he shouted, his arms darted out and he grabbed the Fire Faery, pulling him to the wall where the other four Fae were standing. “These are some of our flatmates,” he explained, “That’s Sean, he came from Athlone, Ireland. That’s Robin, and that’s Signe, she’s from Denmark before you ask, I already did.”

Dan shook his head, looking at his friend like he was crazy, “You’re not supposed to ask questions like that!” he shrieked. PJ just shrugged, making the other Fae facepalm. The others just smiled as they watched the friends banter back and forth. Finally, Dan stopped teasing his friend and then stuck his hand out, “My name is Dan. I’ve been PJ’s best friend since we were born,” he said, looking at his friend with a small smirk. He ran a hand through his swooping hair that had fallen in his eyes while he had been angrily ranting at his best friend.

“We should probably head to the building now,” Robin said, looking over the crowd as he began to lightly float an inch or two above the ground. He began to shake like he had done when he had been trapped by the headmistress’s spell. He shifted, feathers expanding on his arms as he shrunk significantly in size, down to where he could sit in the palm of your hand. He fluttered above the heads of the others, searching for where their building was. The group followed after the bird, keeping eyes on him, but not following him as quickly as they could have been.

“Hey! watch it!” a strong male voice called three feet in front of the small gaggle of Fae. The Witch in question pushed back on a lanky, black-haired Witch.

“I didn’t do anything,” he cried out, throwing his arms above his head as he tried to make sure that everything was covered from the impending doom of attack.

“You fucker!” the other male cried out, his accent similar, but slightly different from Signe’s. Dan felt anger boiling in the back of his head at seeing the conflict between the two Witches. He didn’t dare move, worried that he would make it worse or that he would lose the new friends that he had just made.

Luckily, the Fire Faery didn’t have to watch the poor boy get beat up because I giant looking man walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Phil, I think that we should be going now,” he said with a small smile, the glare in his eyes directed not at the Witch who was huddling closer and closer to him by the moment, but at the blond man.