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The East End of London

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Rushing, out of breath, the streets harbor a menace. The police. I have a baseball cap pulled down to shade my face.

Down the stairs into the underground, buying a ticket. I can see the train sitting at the platform, doors still open, and I move towards it.
There's John in the train, at a window seat, not looking out. If he did he'd surely see me.
At first, I think about shouting his name, but decided to surprise him and, begin my walk towards the open train door.

Suddenly, stepping in front of me, Sargeant Lestrade, blocking my way.

He hands me a cigarette he had just lit. More police are behind him, with Frank in tow.

          "Sherlock, I'm so sorry but they promised me my freedom. I had two more years in prison. If I got you--," his voice begging me to forgive him. I wave off any other explanation.

          "Let me watch the train leave," I ask Lestrade, and he nods yes.

I move toward the train as the doors close, it moves slowly out.
Taking a step closer towards the edge of the platform. One of the police pulls out his gun and points it at me.
I smirk at him and move closer to the train as it moves faster, my intention clear to everyone.
I vaguely hear Lestrade whisper, "Sherlock, no."

Taking two quick steps forward, I hear a shot and instantly feel it, pain driving through me.
As I fall, I cry out,"Johhnnnn!" my hand held up, imploring whatever or whoever.

Lestrade bends down, lifts my head up and says,"See Sherlock, I told you I'd get you one day."
He puts the cigarette to my lips, I take a puff and close my eyes.