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Not an ordinary Fairytale

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Felix is tired. Something not really uncommon for him, especially on Monday mornings. Most people hate Mondays and Felix is no exception. Maybe it's the fact that he has to face a long and exhausting day of school and only to have four more of those days until the next weekend coming. He looks up, admiring the beautiful sky. Even though the sun has already risen, the moon is still evident in the sky. Felix loves looking at the sky. It is peaceful and symbolizes no danger. Sometimes he wishes he could fly. He would go higher and higher, especially at night, admiring the ocean of stars. But now he shouldn't think too much about his stupid daydreams, he has to get at school in time or his teacher will be angry for the thousandth time, calling his foster parents. It would only mean more trouble for him. Maybe that's why Felix loves reading that much. He can easily slip into another world, dealing with other problems, which he would prefer over his. Even though he is sure that he would have troubles to defeat a witch or capture a unicorn. Finally, Felix arrives at the library. Like every day he visits the old building before starting with his first lesson. He has not enough money to afford many books, so he comes to the library often.

Suddenly he comes tumbling down, someone colliding with him, but immediately running ahead. Felix sees all his books scattered on the ground, but his head goes to the person that ran into him. It's a boy maybe a few years younger than him. He has black hair and wears one o the significant school uniforms. But the thing that is the most noticeable about him is the horror vivid in his eyes, it looks like he is chased, not even stopping after running into Felix. Normally the older boy would only curse, pick up his books and go on, but he can’t stop to worry. The boy is directly running towards the road, without watching his steps. If he doesn't watch where he goes, he will be run over by a car. No one else seems to care. Felix doesn't know who decided to run after the boy. But he could already see a car approaching, driving way to fast for this road and the boy would be hit, to caught up in his fear to notice the danger.

"Hey! Watch out!" But the younger doesn't seem to realize that the words are meant for him. Felix had never sprinted that fast and the first thing he does automatically when reaching the other is pushing him out of the way. There is just one thing Felix hasn't thought of. Now he is the one who will get hit. There is not even enough time for him to realize the whole situation. There is just shock, that makes him feel numb, at least he doesn't have to feel the pain that spreads through his body. And then everything already goes black.

The first thing Felix sees when opening his eyes is a bright light and he has to shut them immediately, before starting to slowly get used to the brightness. Where is he? Is this heaven? Did he die?

Felix mind feels emptier than ever, he has no clue what happened, or where he is. Did he have an accident? Is he in a hospital? But then he would probably feel pain and right at the moment, his body feels alright. Slowly he sits up and immediately it gets clear that this isn't a hospital. He is in a forest. Felix prays that this isn't heaven as well, because the grey sky and dark wood, doesn't seem that appealing. Maybe it's hell or purgatory. Or he just reads to many books. Maybe he got kidnapped and was just left in some dangerous woods. That also doesn't sound realistic. After all who would kidnap an orphan? It's not like he has a lot of money. Standing up, Felix's legs feel like jelly and he has to steady himself, nearly falling down.

He gets startled by a sound coming from the bushes and suddenly, someone jumps out of the dark. The boy looks at Felix with a puzzled look but doesn't hesitate for long when he grabs his hand.

"Run." He whispers. At first, Felix is too confused to resist, getting dragged along by the stranger.

"Wait, what?" He is able to get out of the grip to stop.

"Who are you? Where are we?"

The boy turns around and his eyes don't stay at a certain point for a second he seems to be scared. Felix has the feeling that something similar already happened today. A deja vu. But he can't pinpoint when or what happened.

"I'm Seungmin. You can trust me." The problem Felix has with this sentences is that literally, everyone would have said that, no matter if a trustworthy person or not.

"I'm Felix." Is all the answers, leaving some space between them, just to be sure.

"Okay, Felix. We have to run now." Seungmin tries to reach out to him and get them away, but Felix automatically backs up.


"They will be here soon." For some reason that sentences makes Felix shudder. The way Seungmin pronounced the word >they< makes it way more dangerous that it should be and that >they< will be here soon, doesn't make anything better.

"Please, we have to go..." But he stops mid-sentence, his eyes focused on one point behind Felix, the horror written all over his face. Maybe Felix shouldn't have turned around, but it's not like he is making any good decisions today. What he is facing, seems directly out of a nightmare. It seems like a flying form made out of black smoke, which is circling a skeleton like a person, who is directly reaching out to Felix.

The young boy can’t even react, he is frozen and is only able to watch the creature move closer, hand stretched out for Felix's heart. As soon as the fingertips touch him, the only feeling that consumes his body, is pain. Immense pain that makes him feel dizzy. He will die for a second time in just one day because he is sure that he just woke up in hell, even though he has no explanation why he would get there. Was he really that bad of a person? That are his last thoughts before he blacks out again.