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Space Oddity

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hello! So first time I've wrote in a good while (been atleast a couple of years now) but I was inspired by a story written by XeroXiiva over on archive of our own called 'the Simulation' it's amazing I definitely recommend you give it a read if you're into kirk x Spock and deep story lines.

I know some people don't like Oc's in fan fiction but it's always worth giving them a chance, if you don't like an oc then there's nothing forcing you to continue reading. Anyway, this story is gunna be Bones x Oc AND kirk x Spock, so as per usual it's definitely going to contain alot of drama, innuendo, dangerous missions, wild emotions and of course some sweet sweet sexual tension ;) hopefully with some nifty twists to keep you all interested along the way. Anyway I hope you enjoy and stick along for the journey!

Apologies for any spelling errors I don't have anyone to look over this for me to check for errors :') but reviews are always welcome even if its if constructive criticism. This story is also over on fanfiction! Where it originally started. Under the same user name and story name. Enjoy!


Kirk sat back in his chair sighing, relishing in the thought that he'd somehow made it to his thirtieth birthday without dying. Well he technically did die but, technicalities, he was 'barely dead' as bones had put it.

He swirled the whiskey around in his glass looking down at the amber liquid in contemplation.

He really put his crew through hell these past years and they had no idea the gratitude he had towards them, well maybe an inkling but none of them could really know just how much appreciated and well, loved them all. Apart from Bones because yano that'd just be weird ew, and Spock, jesus. And Uhura that just kinda seemed inappropriate now an- that wasn't the point. He DID love his crew, he needed them just as much as they needed him. They were like a family. They supported each other, encouraged each other and when the time arose, called each other out on their bullshit.

And yet again after a successful mission, in which the crew and himself had saved the people of York town and admittedly gotten their ship destroyed again along the way. He swore Scotty would have his head one of these days. They were months from setting off again to complete their five year mission, to boldly go where no man has been before.

The ship was almost finished, he had an amazing new addition to the family in the form of their new found companion and friend Jaylah. Someone he had no doubt was going to make a great engineer under the watchful eye and great teachings of his chief engineer Montgomery Scott, and without her they would have surely failed in defeating Kral in the end. Everything was going to work out just fine and he knew it, with Spock by his side, and the help of his best friend Bones and the rest of the crew they were a tangible force to be reckoned with.

"what're you looking so smug about?" Bones grunted from across the room, downing the last of his whiskey and coming to sit next to his close friend he pulled up a stool near kirk's arm chair and got himself as comfortable as he could in the cramped space that was his current sleeping quarters.

"I've just got a feeling everything's gonna turn out great" he beamed at his cmo. "I have the best crew in starfleet bones and nothing can beat us" he wouldn't admit that the generous amount of whiskey he and bones had consumed that night had started to slowly take effect on him about an hour ago. He was fine, peachy even! He just felt so positive right now.

"best crew in starfleet, but I wouldn't go as far to say nobody can beat us Jimbo, the amount of times I've seen you and Spock in the sickbay over the years is Un nerving to say the least, and let me tell you that number only keeps getting higher!" Bones' southern accent was thick but he was deadly serious in what he said. A familiar frown forming on the man's face as he looked up to his captain covering his face with his palm. "what?"

"way to ruin the mood Bones." kirk grumbled into his hand before dropping it to his lap.

"I hate to break it to ya Jim but it's true, I find myself constantly thinking 'when's the next time those damn idiots are gonna be getting wheeled through that door.' The amount of carnage that comes our way we're overwhelmed with patients constantly Jim, even with me and nurse chapel, it's just not enough." Leonard sighed leaning forward elbows now on his knees, resting his head in his hands. "I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker God damn it man!" Bones grit out, not angry but notably frustrated.

Jim sighed, he could obviously understand his friends frustration but he had no idea how to help the man, unless…

"Alright Bones, you have a point." kirk nodded picking up his data padd lazily he started typing into it frantically.

"My god, the last thing I was expecting was for you to actually agree with me, especially without any sort of argument, Jim what're you d-"

Jim held up the data padd with enthusiasm so bones could clearly see the screen "what about this guy then, amazing credentials and years of experience." He watched as bones' eyes widened in surprise.

"wait wha- you're being serious." Bones questioned, looking at kirk like he was some kind of alien imposter.

"deadly serious bones, you've just made it crystal clear that you're understaffed and then I remembered, hey, I'm a starfleet captain, I can fix that." kirk smirked more to himself than to McCoy, he couldn't help but inwardly laugh at Leonards surprise.

bones leaned in to look at the screen more intently "he's 55 Jim I don't think at that age he'll be able to keep up, his heart certainly won't with all the stress." he deadpanned.

"God you're so picky, his quote is pretty boring though 'I live to serve' who says that, literally nobody says that and it makes no sense coming from a medical officer." Jim clicked off the profile and kept scrolling, he'd got up a list of all of yorktowns' medical officers, and he'd done it quite legally thankyou very much, no hacking required as it was all public records.

"I'm the picky one, you've just made a comment on some poor guys quote that they probably forced him to come up with in the first place." Bones rolled his eyes.

"This one?"

"To young."

"Fine, what about this one?"

"Heart condition."

"This is a lot harder than I thought it would be." Kirk admitted scanning the page in frustration until he came across an entry that didn't have a picture attached to it, either that or there was an error with this certain image file, either way he was Intrigued. He clicked on the page reading thoroughly through the credentials.

"Jesus all of that at only 28? And a degree in advanced psychology just to top it all off. I think my head would explode." McCoy commented in disbelief, leaning even closer to the data padd now as both him and Jim continued to read.

"She can speak vulcan as well." Jim's eyebrows lifted in interest.

"Now now let's not get carried away I wanna see if she's got anything wrong with her." Bones took control of the data padd and scrolled down further. "occasionally suffers from severe migraines." He grumbled as he continued to read outloud "two recorded violent outbursts on file. Footage [Withdrawn from public domain]..."

"Cmon bones she sounds like she'd be up for the job, you gotta have a little faith in people yano, it clearly states that she's very physically healthy, and look at those credentials, everything you need in a medical officer and then some." Jim looked sternly at his cmo willing him to atleast try and see that the positives far outweighed the negatives.

"Jim I don't want a crazy woman destroying my sick bay!"

"twice bones, out of the God knows how many years she's lived here. TWICE. And it clearly states in the description that she is dedicated to her position has always put the patient's needs before her own even in times of great stress [details redacted], look see in black and white there."

"every doctor is supposed to do that Jim -"

"no no they're not, I've heard of people cracking under the pressure and let me tell you, YOU are the only doctor that I know for a fact would put his patient's life before his own, even if you had been shot or injured yourself."

"Okay okay point made, I'm an idiot." Bones grunted.

"and even look at her 'quote' aparently she didn't give one so somebody quoted something from her instead [edited by (redacted) ] "if you don't stop coming in here and disrupting my patients I'll tie everything down there in a knot so tight your bladder will eventually implode."

"I can't tell if I should be turned on or terrified." Bones grimaced at the mental images of the threat being carried out. Kirk just laughed, he was in full on guffaws, leaning back into his arm chair holding his stomach.

"Bones." he managed to control himself enough to settle down but a smug and entertained look was plastered on his face. "she sounds exactly like you, you just threaten with hypos instead, it sounds like she has a knack for dealing with bullshit though."

"and just what are you implying, old man." Bones poked, looking extremely un amused at his friend being so entertained at his expense.

"well she definitely gonna need to be able to deal with bullshit working with y- Oww! Bones!" he rubbed his arm where his cmo had just whacked him.

"there isn't even a picture of her how am I supposed to get an even slight judge of character from a written description?!"

"there's this thing called a search engine Bones you might have heard of it" Kirk chided, his fingers moving quickly over the keyboard.


And as suspected the first thing that came up was a Facebook profile account, the fact that social media was somehow still around surprised him aswell but here he was looking up a possible future crew member on Facebook. He wondered for a second what spock would think of him doing this, probably illogical. He pushed the thought aside, he and McCoy were just curious is all, he clicked the link leaning back as he did so without realising Bones could no longer see the screen.

"Holy hell" Jim remarked trying to take in the entirety of her appearance but failing to do so all at once as he stared continuously at her profile picture.

"What's wrong now, show me the damn screen man she can't be that ba-" Bones stop dead in what he was saying when he actually had hold of the device.

Staring back at him were a pair of bright green eyes under thick lashes, a perfectly shaped face with high cheek bones and a button nose with a light scattering of what appeared to be freckles over the bridge of her nose and cheeks, a pale expanse of milky white skin over a flawless bone structure. Not to mention the mane of curly red hair that was swung over her shoulders. And that smirk.

"Well I was not expecting that." McCoy practically whispered. His eyes still glued to the photo before him.

"What's wrong Bones? Not enough experience handling redheads?" Kirk wiggled his eyebrows playfully, noticing the immediate wave of annoyance in his cmo who just told him to 'shut up, you ass hat.' So obviously this was the one they agreed on hey at least he'd now had more material to make digs at bones with now, since you know, he was still staring at the data padd. "You know she's British aswell right? I don't think I've heard a British accent in a long time."

Bones rolled his eyes scrolling down the Facebook page a little more. "well atleast I know she can take someone down if need be…"


Bones turned the data padd to face kirk showing him a video of what appeared to be their doctor practising a form of martial arts as she skillfully swung herself round a man a lot taller and bigger than herself, and got him into a choke hold pulling him to the ground, the man writhed around before tapping out.

"well she can wrap her legs around me like that any time."

"Jim." Bones looked at him in disbelief.

"cmon it was a joke bones, but seriously I've never seen a woman that actually visibly has a fair bit of muscle pull off the look before. They either go to much and go all veiny turning their boobs into muscle, or are just incredibly lean which don't get me wrong can look great but a lot of the time makes em look really weirdly frail. She looks firm but squishy if that makes sense..."

"is this just going to turn into you pinning after one of my medical staff."

"No Bones of course not, but you can't seriously tell me you don't think she's attractive?!"

"I'm not saying a word."

"So you do then." Jim deadpanned.

"No I don't!"

"So you think she's ugly."

"Wha- of course not i-"

"I love messing with you Bones." Kirk chuckled "but we're off duty I'm not gonna kill you for admitting someone of the opposite sex is hot."

Bones considered him for a second before sighing putting his head in his hands once again. "I don't want to be distracted while I'm working, by a fine pair of legs in one of those damned starfleet regulation dresses." his words were muffled by his hands that currently covered his face, despite this he still sounded as though he was in deep despair over the situation . He was a doctor, but he was also a man God damn it!

"I never knew you had a thing for legs Bones." Jim grinned, winding his friend up never got old.

Bones sighed from his little rant looking up at Jim with tired eyes. "I hate women Jimbo, witches, the lot of them."

Jim couldn't help but laugh the alcohol had definitely took hold of them both at this point his cmo genuinely looked scared. He quickly checked his watch and was shocked to see it was almost 1 o'clock in the morning. "m sorry Bones but I'm gunna have to get going, Spock is probably wondering where I am he wanted to talk to me about something or other an hour ago." Jim whined, he wasn't prepared to deal with his moody first officer.

"he wanted to talk to you about something at midnight?" Bones face went from confused to mischievous in a split second. " really Jim, you and the hobgoblin? I'm sure that's exactly what you're going to do, go upstairs and 'talk'." Bones made a gesture with his hands mockingly.

"Oh shut up Bones, he knows I've been getting back from the bar at around midnight the last couple of nights is all. Said he wanted to discuss something with me before I 'retired for the evening'. Get your head out the gutter, you old pervert." Jim grumbled, half heartedly glaring at the man now sarcastically nodding from his stool with raised brows.

"Uhuh, sure Jimmy, sure. Now get your ass outta here and run back into that hobgoblins arms."

"I hate you Bones."

"Yea yea. G'night, Jimbo." And with that Bones shut the door.