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Refashioned Friendships, Refashioned Relationships

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Chloe and Brooke sat on Brooke's bed, legs crossed and facing each other. Normally they lounged about and chatted, but after the play a lot had changed. Brooke sipped her peach iced tea and bit her lip. She felt like they needed to talk, after all they basically had connected minds, but she didn't know how to start.

"So, Brooke," Brooke jumps at Chloe's tone, although it was softer than it had been in a long long time. "I guess I owe you an apology." Chloe shifts uncomfortably, clearly not used to doing this, and Brooke's mouth opens slightly. Chloe gives her a sharp look and Brooke goes quiet. Chloe winces. "Sorry, old habits."

Brooke clears her throat, though her voice is still small. "It's alright." Chloe smiles tentatively.
" Anyway, I've.. not been the best friend to you and you still stuck by my side." Chloe shifts and blows a bubble with her gum. "And, considering how I treated you, I didn't deserve that. But still, being the adorable nerd you are, you did stay. After feeling how I made you feel and seeing how I acted from the eyes of someone else, I can tell that took guts." Brooke's smile returns. "So! I'm offering you a completely sincere Chloe Valentine apology with free Pinkberry for the next few weeks." Chloe wraps her arms around Brooke and squeezes. "Sorry for being such a bitch, Brookie."

Brooke snuggles into her and grins. "I'll forgive you, if you do one thing for me." She tilts her head back to look at Chloe, who raises an eyebrow. "You have to apologise to everyone else you've been mean to. I don't care if it's everyone in school." Chloe groans, then presses her face into Brooke's hair.
"Even Madeline? " Brooke giggles.
"Even Madeline."