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A Second Try

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"Take it back," the queen demanded. "We're not keeping it."

"Regina," Emma begged. "I promised Henry."

"I don't care. You're taking it back. That's the end of the conversation."

"Regina!" the blonde cried. "Please! I'll take care of it. You won't have to even touch him or think about him or even know he's-"


Regina slammed her empty mug down on the counter, looking sternly at her lover. When Emma opened her mouth to protest again, the brunette took a threatening step forward.

"I'm going to work," Regina announced, "and if it's not gone when I get back, we're going to have some serious problems."

"What am I supposed to tell Henry?"

"You can tell Henry whatever you'd like, but it's not staying."

The dog whimpered and cowered at Emma's feet.

"Come on, Spot. We're gonna go away from the mean lady and hope she changes her mind."

As Regina walked away, she raised a hand to cover her mouth and stifle the giggle threatening to pass her lips. Spot? she was thinking. Seriously? For a plain black lab? As soon as Emma had temporarily shut the dog in the bathroom, she suddenly looked out towards the hallway and gasped.

"REGINA!" she screamed, bolting down the hallway.

The woman stopped in the doorway, bracing herself on it with one hand and turning to look at Emma.

"What?" she asked flatly, still looking irritated.

Emma threw herself into her lovers arms and crashed their lips together. At first, Regina was too angry to kiss back, but as Emma refused to pull away, she softened into the kiss and moved her lips as well, even letting her tongue dart out slightly to slide along Emma's bottom lip.

"I love you," Emma whispered as she pulled away. "Please don't be angry with me."

"I'm very angry with you, Emma," Regina assured her. "So angry that when I get home, I might even punish you for your insolence."

Emma's eyes went wide, a blush rising to her cheeks.

"I... Um... Okay..."

"You deserve it, you know," the queen scoffed.

Emma nodded and hung her head.

"I'm keeping it, though," she said. "You'll come around eventually."

"We'll see how well you behave tonight, Mrs. Mills."

With that, Regina shut the door behind her and drove to work feeling both irritated about the dog and excited for her evening plans.

"Are you a gambling woman, Mrs. Mills?" Emma asked her wife that night, taking Regina's coat and hanging it up for her.


"Do you gamble?"

"No. Of course not," she scoffed. "Why?"

"Because I propose a bet. If you can beat me at a hand of poker, the dog leaves for good."

"Absolutely not. I don't gamble."

Regina spat the word as if it were a sin.

"Alright then. Fight me for him."

"Excuse me?"

"Fight me," Emma dared her. "Hit me."

"You're insane."

"No," Emma laughed. "I just really want to keep this dog."

Regina shook her head and stomped into the kitchen, putting her keys in a bowl on the counter.

"I've had enough of this discussion. Where is the disgusting beast, anyway?"

"I put him back in the bathroom. He's been good. He didn't even pee on anything this time!"

"THIS TIME?" Regina roared, spinning on her heels and turning on Emma.

"N-No, I just meant... He didn't... He almost..."

"I swear on your life, Emma Swan, if that dog has urinated in this house, I will hang you myself."

Emma nodded in understanding and swallowed hard.

"So are you going to fight me?"

Regina sighed and grabbed a scotch glass from the cabinet.

"I need to relax, and you need to get out of my face."

"But, I'm not in your-"

"Enough, Emma!" Regina snapped. "I've had enough. This isn't funny. It's not a game. This is my house, and we're not keeping the filthy animal here. I want it gone."

As the mayor's tone became less playful, Emma began to back away slowly, knowing all too well how to recognize her lover's breaking point.

"I thought it was our house," Emma mumbled as she turned away.

As Regina said nothing and poured herself a glass of scotch, Emma left the room, making her way to the bathroom down the hallway and sitting beside the puppy. The lab panted happily and wagged his tail as she approached.

"What do you think, Spot?" she asked the dog sadly. "Think she still loves me? She seemed pretty angry."

The dog continued to look up at her lovingly, content to have a companion once again. Emma, on the other hand, suddenly felt very alone.