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Kurt and Sebastian's Crazy and Slightly Sexy Adventures in Oneshots and Drabbles

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Sebastian was at home on a nice summer evening working in their garden while his husband Kurt was on a business trip for vouge when he heard a whine. Sebastian got up and rubbed the dirt on his pants and got up to walk around the garden to see if he could find what could be making that noise, it made him want to pull out his teeth because it was annoying him so bad. He went behind a bush and that's when he saw a small golden retriever puppy curled into itself in a pile of dirt. Sebastian crouched down and picked up the small puppy and whispered: "You are just the cutest." He then got up and went into the house with the pup in his hands, he then plugged up the sink and bathed the small thing carefully falling more and more love with it as time went on not noticing Kurt standing at the back door with his eyebrow twitching. Kurt quietly walked up to Sebastian and with a cold voice said: "Hey babe, what's that you have there?" It caused Sebastian to jump and splash water on himself. "Damn it, babe! Why are you home?!" he exclaimed as he wrapped the pup into a nice fluffy towel that did not belong to Kurt.

"The meeting was finished earlier than I expected, but I want to know is why that MUTT is in our house!" Kurt Snapped.

"It isn't a mutt it is a golden retriever, and it looks like he was born and left by its mom we can't just dump it somewhere it needs to be taken care of by us," Seb said quietly to Kurt. Kurt took a closer look at the small animal and smiled.

"Fine, but we need to find out the gender so we can name it appropriately." Sebastian beamed and carefully flipped the pup over and looked. "It's a girl!" Sebastian laughed.

"let's name her Barbara!" Kurt said clapping his hands and jumping. Sebastian just smirked at his husband and said "Fine, but since you named her you have to walk her for the week too."

Kurt just glared at Sebastian as he left the house in his dirty clothes to go to the pet store to buy supplies for their new addition to their family.