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City of heroes

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New York was the big city but was it really big enough for 7 high school heroes and Avengers?

No. Not at all.

First Spider-man appeared and started beating up robbers, drug dealers, and others, then after the sudden appearance of ghosts Phantom started hunting them, when people started claiming that they saw Dragon flying around no one was surprised, Ninja that always hung around Norisville high school was few centuries old compared to the latest addition to the superhero news, Ladybug and Chat Noir and their sworn enemy HawkMoth, but we can't forget that rumor about some presumable kid dressed like a knight with horns on his helemet running around and slicing up goblins and some rocks.

Yep, that was New York.

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Jim and Danny

"That's so suspicious" Jim murmured under his breath.

"What is?" Danny turned around from his seat in front Jim.

"Whenever there is an akuma attack Marinette and Adrien both just leave" Jim said while hiding behind his book and staring at them from across the classroom.

Danny gave them a look and turned back to Jim "I guess it is... " he started but then Wes interrupted him "like you are one to talk you creepy ghost" that attracted the attention of class.

"There he goes again"

"c'mon he is not the ghost"

"just admit you have a crush on him"

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Tony watched as black haired kid Peter's age was being told off by the secretary of Peter's school.

"Danny I already told you that school forbids your parent's ghost hunting equipment," the short Asian woman said
"What even is this?" confusion was written all over her face while she held see throughout bag with a lock on it.

"I'm technically not breaking the rules since I made everything in the bag" the boy, Danny said, that earned him a glare from the short woman "and that's goo field, it's something like a bag and Fenton ghost shield but with ectoplasm and this thing from ghost zone so it's actually harmless to both ghosts and humans" secretary was still very unimpressed

"and what does it do?" she asked

Danny rolled his eyes, bad move, she scoffed but before anything could be said Danny answered "its a bag, isn't obvious? It captures ghosts"

The woman rolled her eyes "Danny your parents have made plenty of gadgets that catch ghosts, you don't need to spend your school time on silly things like this" she told him, her tone soft like she was talking to a five-year-old child. Danny glared at her.

"But their gadgets hurt ghosts, mine don't," Danny told her, she sighed

"Danny you should know this the best they are dead, they can't feel anything" she started packing his things back into the bag

"That has been proven wrong" Danny practically growled "so their inventions are really inhuman" his voice was almost a yell

Their argument was interrupted when the door to the principal's office opened to reveal Peter.

"Mr. Stark, what are you doing here?" Peter asked, his eyes widened

"May didn't pick up the call, she is busy at work" secretary stared at him like she only now noticed him "I'm your second emergency contact" Peter let out a small oh and continued towards Tony

"Mr. Fenton you can come in" principal appeared at the door and Danny shook his head

"But I didn't do anything, all of this is really ridiculous" Danny took a large breath "Dash didn't even get called in and he started all of this, Peter got involved on accident and he helped me but you call him in and not Dash, that's completely unfair" Danny threw his hands in to the air as to prove the point.

"Danny why did mom call me to pick you up, I have a class in 20 minutes at the college that's 30 minutes away from here" Danny rolled his eyes again, Tony wondered what exactly started all of this.

"Jazz it was Dash" the girl made an oh face

"Well did you punch him?" Jazz asked Danny grinned, secretary scoffed and Peter raised a hand.

"Mrs. Fenton" principal Morita called out her name in complete shock.

Everyone stayed silent for a few seconds until Peter waved his still raised hand "I did" Tony released a chuckle, this kid...


It was 3 days later when Tony tough of Danny Fenton again.

Ghost attack basically at his doorstep. The ghost had a bad haircut and wanted his tech ghost kid showed up and captured him with Danny's bag, on top of all that it wasn't difficult to figure out that Danny wasn't an ordinary boy. Well at least for him, everyone else seemed blind to it, but Tony did drink coffee in the morning with Bruce so he might be used to weird genetical changes a human can go through.