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little talks

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Vince was not lonely without Howard Moon, no siree. He was just used to him being glued to his side and now there was a distinct lack of him around the zoo. It just felt weird… and empty ever since he started hanging out with his new jazzy friends. He told all of these thoughts to Naboo, hoping for some good ol’ shamanic wisdom.

He raised a knowing eyebrow, “Sounds like you’re jealous, Vince.”
“I am not!” he squeaked.
The eyebrow went higher, and with further implications.
“Oh, shuddup! I do not fancy him. He’s not even my type, he looks like a bleedin’ geography teacher half the time.”
“And the other half?”
Vince went remembered how rugged and dishevelled Howard had looked when they were in the jungle. And after that there was the jazz incident and… oh no. This was not happening, this was just simple platonic affection. He was just appreciating the aesthetics here, and the way Howard’s eyes crinkled when he smiled, and his big northern hands and and and…
“Alright, I guess,” he said aloud.
“I can read minds, you nit.”
“You should probably tell him.”

Vince dashed off in a flustered blur.