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l'amour renaît ( love reborn.)

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It's the year 2032.


Voldemort had won the second wizarding war, but not without loss of many death eaters. He soon gained control of the ministry to become the best ruler, for the greater good.

Rules were made. Purebloods lived a good life, so did half-bloods and Muggle-borns, but not without sacrifices.They were forced to cut-off all ties with their Muggle relatives, parents or guardians if they wished to stay in the wizarding world. Or they were free to leave, after retrieval of their wands.

Hogwarts was now only for Purebloods. Others went to EPMS ('école pour mauvais sang'  which literally translates to 'school for bad blood.' )

Intelligent Muggles are abducted and obliviated; some are studied, some are slaves, some help in integrating muggle technology with wizarding ways.

Things continue so until Scorpius Malfoy requires the assistance of an engineer for research work. They abduct Jake Summers.