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Point of No Return

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Simon lets the sound of her bright voice roll over him. He just sits there, listening to her talk about Serenity's engines, and enjoying her company. He feels more relaxed with Kaylee than with any other person he's ever met. There's something about her open, honest face that shows everything she's thinking and feeling that just allows him to let go and be himself.

He reaches out and places a finger against her lips, stopping her mid-word. Kaylee looks up at him, her eyes wide and questioning as he moves his hand around to cup her face. Her cheek fits his palm perfectly - he knew that it would. His hand is trembling. This is it, the point of no return. He can stop, get up and walk away - run away a voice in the back of his head mocks - or he can follow-through on something he's wanted to do for months.

Between one heart beat and the next, the decision is made. Her lips are soft and sweet and warm against his. Simon wants this moment to last forever. He breaks the kiss and tries to pull away, but Kaylee has wrapped her hands tightly in his vest.

"Where do you think you're going, doctor.? We've got a lot of lost time to make up for." She asks in a low, sexy voice that sends chills down his spine, as she pulls him down into a long, wet kiss that leaves him breathless and shaking.

He could love this girl. He could destroy this girl. Simon will allow himself the first, but will fight all the powers of the 'verse to prevent the second.