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All The Stars

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A dragon tattoo.
It wasn’t a fully finished tattoo, outlined in black with no shading or coloring. Brilliant crimson colored chrysanthemums were embellished around the dragon that coiled along her back. He traced his finger along the red petals of the flower, the owner shivering under his touch.

Beep! Beep! Bee-

You slammed your hand on top of your phone to stop the annoying sound of your alarm. You pushed the large comforter from your head as you sat up upon your futon. The pile of boxes and wrapped furniture reminded you of your current predicament. Crawling on your hands and knees, you push yourself from the soft padding of your bed.

The shifting cause your wounds to sting and throb. Biting your lip, you grasped your right arm and held it. They still haven’t healed yet, but they were better than the initial day it occurred.

“Kasuga..” you called out, before you remembered you were no longer in your old home with your family and your maids. A lonely condo to yourself, a new school with new faces. A necessary evil from what occurred.

You readied yourself for the day, a quick shower, redressing your wounds and eating a quick breakfast. Glancing at the gray blazer hanging next to your closet, you decided against it and opted for a black cardigan from your old school. The summer was here, so there was no need for either item but it didn’t hurt to have one.

Grabbing your leather school bag, you exited your home and headed to school.



Class 1-A was talkative as ever, after an extremely active year, the students were more than ready for Summer break.

Eijirou Kirishima had just barely made it into class due to over sleeping. An odd dream was the reason for his extended snooze. He sighed as he plopped down into his seat behind Kaminari.

“You we’re running a little behind today huh, Kiri?” Sero inquired beside the red haired teen. “Usually you’re here before Kaminari..”

Kirishima sighed again,” I know I just barely missed the bell, but I overslept because this strange dream I was having.

I don’t remember much but, the dream was full of colors and the color that stood out the most was red. Like a warm red, like it drew you in and it was just strange. Doesn’t sound too manly, but it was the best sleep I’ve had in awhile.” He finished with a laugh.


The door to the class opened, in stepped Aizawa sensei. The chatter continued on, even as Iida tried to quiet them down.

“Hey..” Aizawa tried reaching them, but to no avail. He felt a vein throb on the side of his head. “Silence!” He raises his voice, eyes glowing red and hair floating above his head as he activated his quirk

Class 1-A was silent immediately.

“At last.” He huffs, before he takes on his normal vapid persona.”Now, I have an announcement but I’m sure you all know what’s it going to be about…”

Kirishima had no idea.

“We have a new student, they’ll be added to the Class 1-A roster, try to get along and make class run smoothly” Aizawa finished before walking out the classroom.

The student erupted in immediate conversation.

“It’s a bit late in the year for transfers..”

“That explains the extra desk in the back..”

“I wonder if they’re a girl.. I bet she’s hot!”

“It doesn’t matter anyway, that extra isn’t going to beat me in becoming number” Katsuki.

“If she’s a girl, she’s gotta have a great shape to rival Yaoyorozu!”

“I’m sure they’ll be plenty friendly and easy to get along with..”

Some many conversations were being had, Kirishima didn’t know which one to interact with. He just resigned to himself and hoped this new comer was easy to get along with.

The tall door reopened causing the class to plunge into silence again. Aizawa stepped in first before motioning the person behind him to come in.

There was a girl.

Long tresses flowed down her back, tied off with a white scalloped ribbon. Donned in a U.A summer uniform with a shortened emerald skirt and baggy black socks. She looked like a normal girl but, gauze eye patch and the bandages wrapped around upper arms was another story.

“Everyone meet your new classmate, Yamaguchi (Name)”


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Homeroom had came and gone, they were now sitting in Cementoss’ Modern Literature class. No one managed to get a word into the new transfer student, but you could tell some were more eager than others.

It was strange though, someone new to come to their class nearly at the end of the first term; Summer break was less than a few weeks away. Another strange thing about this transfer student was how she managed to get into U. A when entrance exams are held in February.

Kirishima placed cheek in the palm of his hand, the lesson of the day was in the back of his head as his mind was other places.

“Everyone meet your new classmate, Yamaguchi (Name)”

She stood in front of the class. A few whispers from her classmates as they took in the new girl’s appearance. She was average height, around the same height as Mina. In the standard U.A summer uniform, it seemed like she shortened the length of her skirt. In Addition to the black cardigan tied around her waist and knee length baggy black socks.

“Hello, my name is Yamaguchi, (Name). I am from Nagoya, the Aichi Prefecture.” The transfer introduces herself.


“You can take your seat in the back, Yamaguchi” Aizawa-sensei instructed before he started roll call.

Eijirou glanced at her as she passed his desk to sit at her own. A cute girl she was, but Kiri was curious about the gauze eyepatch and bandages around her neck and upper arms.


The lecture continued on in Modern Literature, as you followed along with the passage. Even though this was a hero in training school, it was nice that had regular subjects being taught. You were happy to have finally gotten the chance to enter the school of your dreams, even if it was due to circumstances.

Out the corner of your eye, you took note of your surroundings. It sucked being the 21st student since you would be in a row on your own but it was better this way.

It’s better to not get close to anyone.

The bell rang signaling class was over. A boy with glasses stood and commanded everyone to do so, before bowing. Cementoss gathered his items, bidding his students a good day and left.

You stopped to look st the clock on the wall, it was lunch time. Not having the chance to prepare a lunch from the overnight move, you’d have to find the lunch room.

Slipping your books into your desk, you go to stand before your desk is surrounded.

“Hi! I’m Mina Ashido, this is Urakaka Ochaco, Tsuyu Asui, Toru Hagakure and over there is Kyoka Jiro and Momo Yaoyorozu! Welcome!” An exuberant pink haired introduced herself and her friends. She was nice, full of life and bubbly.

You gave her a small smile, not wanting to be rude,”Ashido-san, Yamaguchi (Name)” you reached to shake her hand,a sudden feeling stopped you.

This was just how—

“Would you like to have lunch with us?” She asked.

“I’m sorry I’ll have to decline..” you muttered, standing from your seat moving past your new classmates and out the door. You couldn’t take that chance again.


Kirishima sat his tray on the lunch table next to Bakugou. Kaminari and Sero was already seated eating lunch but there was a new person at their table today.

Mineta. He was sitting there discussing with Kaminari.

“She’s smoking hot! Like transfer students always have that air of mystery about them and she definitely got it!” Kaminari says, shoving a French fry into his mouth.

“Agreed! She dresses like a gal too! That short skirt and those baggy socks are too die for!” The grape (fucker) haired boy drools and a stream of blood running from his nose.

“Are you discussing the new girl?” Kirishima quipped.

Sero had a roll of sweat dripping down his forehead,” mostly these two discussing her looks, I’m more curious about her quirk.”

Kirishima nodded in agreement, sure she was pretty but learning about new quirks were always fascinating.

“I agree with you Sero, what about you Bakugou?” The redhead turned to the human combustible.

“I don’t give a rats ass, as long as that extra doesn’t get in my way..” he growled before returning to his meal.

Typical Bakugou.

Grabbing your tray from Lunch-Rush, you turned to look at the crowded lunchroom. ‘ Guess there’s no place to really sit by myself’ you thought as you walked around scouring the aisles. Everyone was sitting around, enjoying their lunch with classmates and friends. A sting went through your chest, you did feel pretty bad for turning down Mina’s request.

You neared a table that was closer to the wall, finally somewhere you could sit to yourself. Before you could get there, someone called out to you. Turning your head subconsciously to the sound, you saw a group of boys as a table. A red head, two blondes, a brunette and uhhh.. a purplenette?

“You are Yamaguchi, (Name), right?” The blonde with a black strip in his hair spoke up. He put his chin in his hand, leaning forward on his elbow. “You’re pretty cute.”

“Yes, that’s right..” you confirmed ignoring the last comment, as the guys at the table took in your appearance. You recognized some of them from your class.

“You look like you needed a place to sit, why not sit with us?” The small bulbous purple haired boy piped in.

You narrowed your eyes in suspicion at the blood dripping from his nose. “No thank you, I’ve already have somewhere to sit..” as you turned and walked away, hair swaying with your movement.

Kirishima turned to see you had taken a seat an empty table in the back.

“Oooooohohoho man! Did you see her up close?” Kaminari turned to Mineta. Mineta nodded vigorously,” Her thighs, her legs, her breast!”

“That’s enough out of you” Kirishima intervenes. Sero agreed, “ You two probably scared her off with your womanizing, she could feel the creep alert coming off you guys in waves”

“That’s totally not manly..” Kirishima shakes his head, going back his lunch. He glanced up at you again, watching from afar as you ate alone. He wondered what you were like under that quiet veneer.


The rest of the school day went fairly well, collecting syllabus from your various classes and gathering the items you needed to catch up. With everything here, you’d be working on your assignments all the way into summer break.

Before you left school for the day, Aizawa had you stop by the teachers office before leaving. He handed you a slip about on campus and off campus living.

“I know you're new here but U. A has recently implemented this new boarding system,” The dark haired hero leaned back in his chair,” We ask that you go home and discuss this with your parents about moving you into the dorms.”

A cold grip grasped you as he said parents.

You couldn’t have them showing up here where you were, especially not with what’s happened. What if it happened again here?

Taking the sheet of paper from Aizawa, you mustered the calmest smile you could,”Of course Aizawa-sensei, I will get on that right away. Goodnight” you bowed and left the office.

Aizawa stares suspiciously after you, your file open on his desk,“Yamaguchi, (name)”


After leaving the teachers office, you started speed walking from the school. Once you were a safe enough distance, you shoved the letter into the nearest trash can. Sighing heavily, your nerves were frazzled by something as small as seeing your parents. Brushing the thought off, there’s no need to discuss with them, it is of no significance. You already told them to keep their distance once you left home and that should only call if they needed to communicate.

You made it back to your apartment after a 15 minute walk from school. You stopped by one of the local restaurant to pick up dinner for the evening.

Kicking off your shoes, you wanted to knock out a good chunk of homework before bed. Finishing your last assignment, you opened the screen door to your balcony letting the warm summer breeze flow through your apartment. The soft ding of your lotus wind chime help ease the deafening silence of your new home.

Staring out the screen at the dark sky, you wondered how things would turn out for you. Would you be successful here at U. A? Would you get your hero license? Would you ever make new friends again?

Pushing a green pepper around your bowl, you sat in deep thought. ‘Friends..’ your mind wandering to the pink haired girl and her friends,’they seemed nice enough.. but then.. So was Sayaka and her friends..’

You were snatched from your thoughts by the shrill ringing of your phone. As you go to reach for your cellphone, there could only one person calling at this hour..

“Good evening Mother ”


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“Good morning Yamaguchi-san, my name is Sayaka Ichinose, I’m your desk mate. Let’s get along!”

“Can I call your (name)-chan? Let's be friends!”

“Ne, (name)-chan, let's have lunch in the classroom! We can sit by the window too!”



Your eyes shot open as you quickly sat up from your position on your futon breathing heavily. It was her again..

You sat there for a few minutes, trying to calm your beating heart and reminding yourself you aren’t there anymore. It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t your fault.. it was his fault. Breathing deeply, you managed to calm yourself down and wiped the sweat from your brow. You hadn’t expected that memory to manifest, especially how you forced it into the back of your mind. Maybe it had something to do with the phone call from your mother..

You glanced at the phone next to your bed to see that it was hour before your alarm was set to go off. It’s best if you got up now to shower, at least you’ll have the chance to wash your sweaty hair.


Removing your clothes, you tossed them into the hamper next to your washing machine. Your feet touched the cool tiled floor, a pleasant shiver to combat the warmth rising with each second the sunrise. Turning on the shower, you stood under the cascade of water with a pleasant sigh; your hair becoming drench under the spray causing your hair to stick to your body. Pumping out the lavender scented shampoo in your hand, you started in sections to lather your hair removing your long hair from your back to reveal an unfinished dragon tattoo with crimson colored chrysanthemums.

After your refreshing shower, you dressed yourself for school foregoing your slouchy socks and cardigan. Slipping on a regular pair of black knee socks, you removed the towel from your damp hair; It would be a hot day, so there was no need to blow dry it. Flipping your hair over your shoulder, you tied a white scalloped cut ribbon in the center of your hair.

You had some time to spare before school, stopping by that coffee shop should kill some time.


Tossing the empty smoothie cup and sandwich wrapper in the trash, you walked through the large halls of U. A. with your fellow students. You pulled your student handbook out, following the miniature map to your class until you reached a familiar hallway. Flipping through your book, you brushed up on the policies of U. A.

Opening the door to the classroom, you stepped in not fully paying attention to your surroundings. You ran into another person nearly knocking both of you over, before you grabbed the person to steady themselves. “I apologize, I didn’t look to see where I was walking my humblest apologies.” You bowed deeply before coming back up to see a tall blue haired boy with a stern facade and glasses.

“Yamaguchi-san, I accept your apology, please pay attention to your surroundings..” He responds. “I’m Iida Tenya, I’m Class 1 - A’s class rep, U.A has a very prestigious image to uphold and I, myself would like to keep things as such.”

“Okay…” you said, unsure of what to say to that. He seem like he took his job serious as class rep, a little too serious. “Alright, thanks Iida.” You go to walk to your seat in the back row, most of all your classmates were already here.

“With that being said Yamaguchi-san, it’s comes to my attention that your skirt is shorter than the standard school skirt, it’s a little too risque for U.A..” you stopped in tracks.” Fix your skirt length or I will I have no choice but to report it the faculty.”

“Iida!”The girl with pink cheeks and brown hair exclaimed. What was her name.. Uraraka?

“Come Iida, that’s not really a grounds to assert your authority is it?” A spiky red hair boy, he was from yesterday in the lunchroom; he kept looking at you during lunch yesterday

“Page 28, section III of U.A High school handbook, U.A student’s are required to wear U.A standard issued uniforms. They are required to wear blazers and long sleeve shirts in Autumn/Winter/Spring months, during Spring/Summer classes students are able to wear short sleeve U.A shirts and blouses and are allowed to go without the gray blazer.

Due to the diverse student body, we allow our students to wear appropriate attire that adequate covers the student body and prohibit clothing items exposes excesses amounts of skin which includes midriffs tops, exposed backs or excessively ripped clothing. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be mid thigh in length. “You finished before turning around, your good eye looking into his stunned ones.

“It’s kind of a hard rule to enforce when the students come in variable shapes and sizes. My skirt fall just short of being being mid thigh but I refused to lengthen my skirt for some petty rule” You said with a smirk,”It is especially difficult when one of the faculty members strolls around campus in a dominatrix costume, when they change the rules on faculties attire then come and talk to me about my skirt length..” With that you took your leave to your seat and getting prepared for class.

Everyone was shocked by the new transfer student rebuttal, the silence carried for a second before Kaminari, Sero, Mineta, even Sato began laughing out loud. Iida flushed a bit, before adjusting his glasses and stiffly walking to his seat.

Once you’ve become situated in your seat, a shadow falls over your desk. You look up to see the spiky red haired boy from earlier. “Yes?” you asked.

“Don’t worry about Iida too much, he’s just take things a little too serious..” He said with a smile.

“Well, yeah I can see that..”

“I think your skirt looks great on you in fact, I think they were pretty cute with your socks yesterday” He admitted with a smile, a row of sharp gleaming.

“Uuuhh.. T-thank you uh..”

“Kirishima, Eijirou..” He held his hand out to shake as you stared at it.

‘Just like Mina..’ you thought, what’s with these friendly people?

”Kirishima-san, thank you..” but you still made no reach to grab his hand. You looked down at your desk, hoping he would go away and leave you to yourself. But the red hair would not leave, “So your from Aichi prefecture, I hear Yaoyorozu is from Aichi, I myself is from the Chiba prefecture, along with Mina.”

‘That explained alot’ you said, a few drop of sweat rolling down your head.

The door opened and in walked Aizawa-sensei, Kirishima straightened up,” Shoot, guess I’ll talk to you later..” he said with a wave and walked back to his seat. Sighing, “Finally..” you muttered.

You all rose, bowed and sat after being instructed to by the class representative.

“Alright, today I’m going to be subbing for the first half of Foundational Hero Studies, since the teacher himself can’t seem to get work on time..”Aizawa said with a dry expression, you noticed that a green haired boy have an panic moment.”So everyone get dressed in your hero costumes and meet up in the Gym Gamma room..” He pressed the button, the wall on the left began moving as rows of shelves moved with numbers on each row. Your classmates stood up to retrieve their costumes. It was kind of disheartening to see that there was no twenty one up there, which meant you wouldn’t be training today.

You looked down at your hands,’I really wanted to participate today, I guess I’ll just sit on the sidelines today and watch.’


“A-ah, yes Aizawa-sensei..”You looked up at him.

He brandished a case similar to the others,”Your costume just came today, get suited up.”

You got up and walked to the front of the class calmly, but inside you were doing back flips and river dances all over the place. It took so much for you not to haul ass and tackle the suit from the eraser hero’s hands.

“Thank you so much Aizawa-sensei” Giving him the truest smile, you given in a long time.

“Don’t thank me yet.. Today will be vigorous, which reminds me” he stated, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a doctor’s note.”Take this to the infirmary, have Recovery Girl heal you up before you start, Ashido…”

“Yes sir?” the pink heroine turned to Aizawa before she was out of the class.

“Please escort Yamaguchi to the infirmary, there after to the girls locker room” Aizawa finishes before walking out.

With her number two case in hand, Mina turns to you with her upbeat smile,”Let’s go!”