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Howl For Your Thoughts

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“Brother, stop fidgeting! We will be arriving soon and I would rather you make a good impression on my new friends. Especially Steve and Bucky, they may even see fit to court you. They only have a beta partner to split between them. But he cannot give them pups. You will be able to do that and get two highly respected alphas for your effort,” Thor says.

“I thought you said that mating was different on Midgard compared to Asgard?” Loki asks wondering if he made the right choice in accompanying Thor to Midgard to work on his studies away from Odin’s pestering about finding a mate.

“It is. I merely thought that…”

“You thought that since my heat was due and I was gonna want to spread my legs like a whore I might as well try and entice someone you approve of,” Loki says crossing his arms.


“Don’t Thor, I am studying the ways of Midgard so that I may be a decent diplomat when you take the throne. I am not and never shall be looking to take an Alpha, not to mention two and a Beta triad,” Loki says as they finally exit the bifrost onto the helipad of Avengers tower. It’s a little more windy than Loki would like but he’ll keep his complaints to himself.

“Follow me,” Thor says and they go into the building and into what must be their feast hall because of all the food situated on the table. The people that Loki assumes are the Avengers sit around the table laughing and chatting.

“Friends! I have returned,” Thor announces and Loki feels fourteen sets of eyes lock onto him several of them he can sense belong to alphas but he has never allowed a person’s secondary sex make him a coward and strides forward and takes a breath.

“Good evening I am Loki of Asgard,” Loki says keeping his head up and meeting everyone’s eyes including those of the alphas and Loki can hear Thor’s growl of disapproval. Thor would rather Loki be demure and quiet like many of the omegas he and Fandral would chase when they were younger and Loki has to wonder about this Jane Foster that Thor has grown fond of. She doesn’t seem like the type of mate Thor would prefer but then again Thor has grown quite a bit due to his exile.

“Hi, Mr. Loki, I’m Peter,” the youngest omega says and Loki sincerely hopes that he is not mated to any of the people at this table. Peter is still but a boy after all.

“Do not fret so brother. The young Spiderling is unclaimed and uncoated at this time,” Thor says and Loki feels the tension escape his body. Loki would rather not have to kick anyone’s ass tonight. After all he’s tired from the journey.

“Oh god no! There are so many laws to protect me from that kind of thing that I lost track of the number. But everyone here does help me when I need contact and cuddles but that’s it. There is nothing like what you were fearing Mr. Loki, besides if they did Mr. Stark would kick their butts,” Peter says.

“Damn straight kiddo,” Mr. Stark, as Loki assumes, is a bit of an older Omega with mischievous eyes that look at Loki like he’s a puzzle to solve.

“Please sit and eat with us,” a beta says from Loki’s left.

“Bruce is right. There’s plenty of food,” Mr. Stark says and Loki finds himself being squeezed in between Thor and Peter.

“So, what brings you to Earth Loki?” the Beta, Bruce, says.

“Thor did not tell you?” Loki asks.

“All Thor talks about is how great you are at sewing, cooking, cleaning, and shy you are. Usually to Steve and Bucky,” Peter says scrunching his nose.

“I see,” Loki says and Thor looks at him guiltily.

“I am sorry brother. I simply forgot to mention your visit while telling everyone about how great you are,” Thor says.

“How great he is or how great of an omega he would be?” Peter asks and Loki has to admit that it seems Omegas on this planet have a bit more bite to them than they do on Asgard. The entire table is deathly silent as Thor stares at Peter.

“I am here to study Earth so that I may be of service to the crown when Thor is king,” Loki says in an effort to distract everyone. It isn’t entirely effective. Two of the alphas, who Loki assumes are Bucky and Steve, look vaguely uncomfortable and who Loki thinks is their beta seems to be being unnecessarily affectionate with them.

“Thor we’ve talked about this. Buck and I are happy having just Sam,” Steve says.

“And I have made my lack of interest in finding an alpha quite clear to you and father,” Loki says and Sam shoots him an apologetic smile.

“Do you know where you’ll be staying?” Mr. Stark asks.

“Thor was supposed to ask if I could stay here. However, as he seems to have forgotten and I have no desire to be a burden, I will simply find a hotel for my stay,” Loki says.

“Nuh uh. There are plenty of rooms in the tower. I’ll have one set up for you while we eat,” Tony says and Loki gives him a soft smile.

“Thank you Mr. Stark,” Loki says.

“Tony please. Besides it helps with the urge to nest,” Tony says.

“I thought omegas only nested in heat?” Loki says.

“I’m a special case. My need to nest is year round but not as unescapable. Providing rooms in the tower is usual good enough to sate,” Tony says. Loki smiles softly and introductions are made.

First is Natasha a fiery alpha in a relationship with Clint and Phil who are betas and Pietro who seems like an omega that Loki could hang out with. A woman named Pepper is also an Alpha and Rhodey the Beta and they explain how they work to take care of Tony, since he is unmated. Loki admits that having someone who would look out for him without expecting pups in return does sound nice. Bruce and a Pietro’s sister Wanda are both unmated betas and Jane, an omega according to Thor, smiles at him and Loki sees why Thor would like the way she looks but she is far too strong minded for Thor to want. However, maybe there will be hope.

“It is nice to meet all of you. I’m sorry I couldn’t help protect your world during the invasion but Odin refuses to let me fight. I barely managed to get him to let me come here to study,” Loki says and Thor huffs.

“Well if you ever want to spar let us know,” Natasha says not paying any mind to Thor.

“Thank you, but I do not want Odin to have cause to insist I return home, there are only so many alphas I can stand him introducing me to.”

“You have one of those fathers too?” Tony asks and Loki can see understanding in his eyes.


“They also pick the alpha farthest away from any of the traits you value don’t they,” Tony says and Loki nods.

“Alright well looks like dinner is done and so is your room Lokes. Shall I show you around?” Tony asks.

“Yes, thank you,” Loki says and takes his offered arm and they walk off.

“Well I don’t think I’ve seen Tony bond with someone so quickly before in my life,” Clint says.

“Do not be silly Agent Barton. They are both omegas, there is no way that they would...LOKI!” Thor says moving to stand but is suddenly trapped by spider webs.

“Thor, Loki is a grown man that can make his own decisions. Besides Loki said that he wasn’t looking for a mate right now. So, just let them be,” Peter says and Bruce ruffles Peter’s hair and says he can have the last of the ice cream in the fridge.

“Cool, thanks,” Peter says and takes off into the kitchen.

“I think I need to give him more education in earth etiquette, please excuse us,” Jane says grabbing the chair and wheeling Thor out of the room to the laughter of the others.

Loki lays in his bed reading some of the books that he brought with him, comparing Midgard centuries ago to Midgard now when there’s a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Loki says and Peter steps in with Bruce and a container of ice cream.

“Hey, we thought that we would celebrate your first night on Earth with ice cream,” Peter says and they sit on the bed and pass Loki a spoon.

“I have heard about this but I was worried that I would come off as greedy for wanting ice cream after such a large meal was prepared,” Loki says and Peter smiles.

“Don’t worry, I try to have ice cream every night I’m here. It’s a good thing Bruce stops me or I wouldn’t be able to fit in my spider suit anymore and that would suck,” Peter says as Loki scoops some into his mouth.

“This is heavenly,” Loki says and Peter grins.

“We also wanted to invite you to go out for some clothes shopping and coffee or tea,” Bruce says and Loki is shocked that people are actually searching him out for companionship instead of using him to get to Thor.

“I’d love to, but I don’t have any midgardian money,” Loki says.

“Tony’s treat,” Bruce says holding up the SI charge card Tony gave all of them when they moved in.

“I couldn’t possibly abuse Mr. Star...Tony’s generosity like that,” Loki admits.

“We won’t be going anywhere crazy expensive, besides Mr. Stark gave us permission to do anything to help you learn about Earth so we’re going to start with Earth fashion,” Peter says and Loki smiles.

“A trickster after my own heart. Alright, I suppose I will go with you,” Loki says and they stay up late into the night gossiping about celebrities and movies and things Loki has never heard of but looks forward to learning about and Loki finally understands why Thor hung out with the warriors three and Sif all the time.

Having friends is quite a lot of fun.