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A Single Shot

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The Blackbird landed at the base of the Chinese Temple, hidden deep inside the mountains. It was well secluded.  Bobby had done a good job finding the place and getting the rest of the team secured - away from the Sentinels.

The ramp lowered to reveal Bobby waiting for them. Charles gave him a nod, and walked down the ramp, with Hank and Mystique right behind him.  Logan and Storm followed them out of the jet and into the temple, where Kitty and the others were waiting.

They were so few now.

His dreams of a school destroyed by hatred.

"Professor?" Kitty smiled at him, as she took a seat. "We called you here because we might have a plan."

"To stop the Sentinels."  Bobby added to the conversation.

"At this rate, anything is an option." Hank snorted, his voice low and gravely with age.  His blue fur rippled under the X-Men uniform, the only thing they all still held onto.

Mystique smirked over at him, she opened her mouth to comment about one of  Erik's crazy plans, but shut it, when Charles gave her a dark look.

"What is the plan?" He asked the younger Mutants.

"We've been staying one step ahead of the Sentinels by tricking them with allusions - basically they are fighting us in the past. When they get to Kitty, we disappear to where we are located - giving us more time to escape."

"I think I could use the same abilities to send someone back."  She took a deep breath.  "I know no one talks about the time before the Sentinels, but maybe, if we knew what time to go …"

"1973."  Hank said without thought.  "It wasn't when it all started, but that was when Trask Industries got the Sentinel program approved."

"Trask's labs had been targeted by the Brotherhood." Mystique continued with Hank's memories. "He had been experimenting on Mutants for years, but it wasn't until then the company got the approval…"

"How did they get it?"  Bobby asked, he had never been sure how this whole thing started.  He had been trained by Charles since he was a boy, parents not wanting a mutant for a son. As long as he had known there never had been peace between Humans and Mutants. 

"I killed him."  Mystique answered honestly.  "And from that moment, the war began."

"It just didn't start until ten years later when the first Sentinels appeared."  Charles glanced at his sister, she still looked as young and beautiful as those days before Cuba, before the Brotherhood.   "Do you think this would work?" He looked at Kitty, she was one of his brightest would’ve made an excellent teacher, instead of a soldier.

"It could, it's just that I've never done it for that long or far."  She glanced around the last of their unit.  "We would need someone who was there, but I don't know how it would affect the person being sent back."

"I'll do it." Logan stepped up volunteering.. "I was around at the time, and with my add abilities."  He gnawed on his cigar, giving them a shug. "I should be able to handle it."

Hank looked at Mystique, they both glanced at Charles.

"It might not be like you think it is." The Professor chuckled humorlessly. 

"Oh I know about the 70's Chuck.  Lava Lamps, free love, the war … it was a different time. I might not remember most of my life, but everyone knows the 70’s." Logan smirked at the Professor, who gave him a rare smile in return.

"You will need to go to Westchester, find the Xavier School for the Gifted."  Now that was a name Charles hadn't thought about in a long time. 

"It's in the same location where our headquarters were located."  Hank explained.

Logan glanced between them.  "It was a school?"

"Yes."  Charles gave a side eye to both mutants before they said anything more. "Logan, when you meet me, I'm not the same man I am now."

"No one is bub."  He put out his cigar before settling on top of the stone altar, he felt like he was going to be a living sacrifice.  Maybe he was.

"I'm not kidding Logan.  I was a very different then.  I was naïve and so stupid."  He closed his eyes trying not to think about that time.  "I will be difficult to deal with."

"Oh for fucksakes, Charles."  Mystique stepped closer to Logan, right before Kitty settled at his head.  "You'll need to convince Erik."

He frowned at the two of them.

"Just tell him Charles' life is in danger and he will listen to you." Hank added, his hand wrapped around the metal Star of David in his pocket.

"That's enough!"

"No!"  Mystique glared at her brother. "I know I fucked up back then, but if we're going to fix this, you're not going to be the one to do it, not you from back then.  He needs Erik."

"Who the fuck is Erik?"  Logan asked.

"The reason for everything."  Charles answered sadly.


Logan woke up to the sight of a lava lamp.