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vainilla scent

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Hoseok heard the door being opened, a slight breeze bringing in the smell of forest and rain, which let him know who just had entered the place: the alpha with cat-like eyes, pouty pink lips and porcelain skin. Also, the alpha that, like his friend Jimin, was not one of those tall as fuck, gigantic alphas, he had a normal height for men, not for alphas, though. And he seemed like he was not a douche, too. Yeah, he practically exuded dominance, everything in him screaming «dominant», but he never looked down on omegas nor betas, he even cracked a soft smile at Hoseok sometimes, treating him so, so softly. As a rule, Hoseok despised when people treated him as he was delicate as fuck and couldn't do a thing, but the alpha's softness came from a very different place, at least that's what he thought.

His thoughts were interrupted when said alpha stood before him.

“Hi! Welcome to Minseok's! The usual?,” he asked with a bright smile, already having memorized the alpha's order.

The black haired young man chuckled lowly, Hoseok blushing a little.

“Yeah, the usual.” Hoseok melted a little at hearing his voice. It was kind of rough, and deep, and so soothing. He always wondered how would it sound reading softly, specifically, reading him some of his favorite books softly until he fell asleep.

Hoseok nodded, a tight-lipped and soft smile on his face, showing his baby dimples, his eyes little crescents, and Yoongi felt his heart stutter a little at seeing the omega's dimples and his smile and his eyes like that. He hoped the other wouldn't notice it, how fucking much he liked him. The first time he stumbled upon this little café was when he had had no sleep one night and his favorite place had been full and he hadn't wanted to wait so much to have his coffee, so he had wandered a little and found this place with not so many people, a nice, cozy atmosphere, and a cute barista, so he said «fuck it» and entered. The first thing that he had noticed was the vanilla scent with a faint chocolate smell, and he felt his alpha perk up and calm down just by smelling that scent. There was only one person in line before him, and he watched the barista welcome the girl with a bright, sunshiny smile, taking her order and making small talk; when he gave the girl her order, she said something that made the boy laugh, and Yoongi's insides melted just at hearing it, his lips forming a soft, small smile.

And from then on, he stopped going to his favorite place, Minseok's turning into his favorite along with the vanilla and chocolate scent and the cute barista.

He watched the brunette boy while he made his drink, smoothly moving behind the counter and making his coffee, to finally turn with a bright smile and give him his order.

“Here you go,” the omega said, because yes, Yoongi did realize he was an omega.

He took the coffee and said a small thank you, paying the coffee and going to one of the tables beside a window, conveniently in front of the counter.

The sound of the door being opened traveled through the place and Hoseok looked up from his phone, seeing none other than two of his best friends. He smiled brightly and waved at them, both waving back.

“Hi, guys! I didn't expect you to come here!”

Jimin shrugged, smiling shyly. “We just felt like coffee and, well, hot chocolate for Tae. And visiting our favorite hyung,” he mumbled the last thing.

Hoseok squealed and smiled, going to his friends and hugging the little alpha (to alpha standards).

“Oh, Jiminie! You're so cute! I'm so glad TaeTae found such a good alpha as you!” He grabbed the younger by his cheeks and squished them. “Ah, TaeTae's lucky he fell for you first and you for him and I didn't.”

Jimin looked at him with big, surprised and slightly traumatized eyes, making Hoseok laugh loudly and Taehyung join him.

The alpha blushed and slapped Hoseok's hands. “Shut up,” he muttered, embarrassed. Hoseok loved that about his friend, how he would get so flustered with his shameless flirting and when he complimented the younger.

Next, he hugged tightly his other best friend and kissed his cheek loudly, making the younger omega giggle. “You're cute too, my tiny little baby,” he talked with his baby-voice. “Ah! You two will kill me of cuteness overload!” He put his hands over his heart and made a pained expression, making his friends laugh.

“Shut up, Hobi-hyung. You're embarrassing us!”

“Jiminie, that's my job as your pseudo-older brother.”

Jimin gave him a unimpressed look, and Hoseok laughed while going behind the counter again.

“Now, all joke's aside, what will you want?”

“Cinnamon Dolce Latte for me and hot chocolate for Tae. Also do you...?”

“...have your favorite pies? Yes. I'll bring it to you, just go sit down. And, also, this one's on the house.”

Before they could protest, Hoseok shooed them away and quickly went to prepare their drinks. When they were done, he put everything in a tray and searched for his friends. He felt his cheeks heat when he noticed his two best friends had sat two tables away from the alpha and he had to walk past him to bring his friends their order. Fuck my life, he thought, feeling nervous. He breathed deeply and nodded to himself, mentally preparing. God, he couldn't believe he was so nervous. Never in his life an alpha had made him that nervous, except for one ex boyfriend, but still! It surprised him, to be honest.

He walked with all the confidence he could muster but still felt his knees go weak when he passed by the alpha. He gave the boys their order but before he could go, he felt a tiny hand wrap around his wrist. He looked questioningly at Jimin.

“What's wrong, Jiminie?”

The alpha looked at him, studying him, and Hoseok felt even more nervous than before.

“Why are you so nervous, hyung?”

Fuck, he could smell his nervousness. He just hoped the alpha hadn't.

He giggled.

“Stop talking nonsense, Minnie. I'm not nerv-”

Taehyung gasped and hit Jimin on the arm.

“He's nervous because of that alpha! That one!” he whisper-yelled, pointing at the black haired with porcelain skin alpha.

Hoseok shrieked and put a hand over the younger omega's mouth.

“Shut up, Tae!”

Taehyung's eyes widened and he started giggling. “Ooooh! Hobi hyung likes someone, Minnie!”

Hoseok felt like murdering someone. Specifically, a certain omega with light brown hair and boxy smile.

Jimin started giggling too when he realized Tae was right, making Hoseok blush from his chest to the tip of his ears.

“Oh my God, shut up, you two! Stop it! I'm your hyung, you shouldn't be making fun of me! Shut up!”

The older of the two calmed first, his eyes still sparkling with amusement and evilness, in Hoseok's opinion.

“Aw, Hobi hyung, you're so cute! Having a crush on that handsome alpha!”

Hoseok huffed and glared at the blonde alpha, his mouth in a triangle shape.

“Now, all joking aside, why don't you go talk to him?” Taehyung asked curiously.

The brunette sighed and took a seat across the couple after checking if there was someone that needed something or another potential client.

“He comes here everyday at the same time, sometimes even twice a day. It's been a few weeks since that started, maybe months but... I don't know. He makes me nervous somehow, I don't understand why.” He frowned and looked down while playing with his fingers.

“That's weird. You're one of the most shameless guys I know. You were never nervous when you liked someone, be it an alpha or a beta.”

Hoseok shrugged.

“Except with Donghyuk,” mumbled Taehyung. Hoseok nodded.

The younger omega's head perked up and he smiled brightly. Before the oldest could do anything, he stood up and went to the alpha, Hoseok internally screaming and feeling like crawling under the table and hiding there until the sweet release of death graced him with it's presence.



Yoongi watched from the corner of his eye as someone walked towards his table. The closer said person came, the more he could smell of them. An omega. The scent he could smell was of strawberries and cream, with an underlying woodsy aroma. A mated omega. Well, that was interesting.

Said omega seated himself in front of him, so Yoongi looked up with a raised eyebrow, only to be met with one of the prettiest faces he had ever seen and a boxy-smile. Why a mated omega had seated with him, Yoongi didn't know. He only hoped his alpha wasn't a possessive dickhead.

“Hi,” he greeted with a deep and smooth voice, but also incredibly soft and sweet.

“Hello.” Yeah, he may had been a little harsh, but, don't blame him. He was awful at talking to people. Still, the boy's smile never unwavered.

“So, first of all: I'm a happily mated omega, so don't get any wrong ideas.”

Yoongi chuckled lowly. “Yeah, I know. I smelled it.”

His boxy smile turned proud.

“Well, since that's cleared up, I'm here to tell you that my good friend and hyung has a tiny crush on you. He's that cute omega barista that smells like vanilla and chocolate. Do you like him?”

That was unexpected, thought Yoongi with wide eyes. His eyes searched the place for said omega and found him seated a few tables away with his head hidden between his arms. He felt his heart flutter. He likes me. Oh my fucking God, he likes me. He didn't know whether he wanted to jump and dance of happiness or blush and run away.

He supposed he shouldn't do the second.

“That's pretty forward. And, I don't even know his name, so I-”

“His name's Jung Hoseok. There! You know it.”

Yoongi was speechless.

The cute barista liked him. Or had a tiny crush on him. Whatever.

What the fuck did he do now?

Seeing he was frozen in his place, the mated omega stood up and grabbed his arm, to then start dragging him towards the table were Hoseok, the cute omega, was seated.

“By the way, my name's Taehyung, and my boyfriend, my beautiful, beautiful alpha, is Jimin.”

Yoongi nodded dumbfounded. That was the weirdest shit that had ever happened to him.

They finally arrived to the table.

“Hoseokie hyung! Stop being a baby and hiding. This is- wait a minute, I didn't even ask your name! What's your name, mysterious handsome alpha?”

Yoongi noticed how the blonde alpha, Jimin, he supposed, glared at him after Taehyung's words. Said alpha grabbed his boyfriend and sat him on his lap, grabbing the tall omega by surprise.

“My name's Min Yoongi.”

Slowly, the brunette omega started to raise his head and finally, finally, looked at Yoongi timidly. When met with the beautiful chocolate eyes, Yoongi felt like he stopped breathing. The omega's face was prettily blushed and he was biting his lip sheepishly.

“I'm so sorry for what my friend did. He's a little too enthusiastic and likes to play matchmaker even when I don't want to and please, don't feel like you have to-”

The black haired alpha interrupted him.

“I think you're one of the prettiest boys I have ever seen and your smile is very pretty and ohmygodImayhaveatinycrushonyoutoo.” He had talked as fast as he could to not embarrass himself, but he still blushed madly, so he lowered his eyes.

Hoseok's breath hitched and he blushed even a darker shade of pink, his heartbeat faster than before.

Jimin and Taehyung decided to grab their drinks and pies and ran away from there, leaving their hyung alone with the alpha (they decided to leave after Jimin deemed him trustworthy enough to be left alone with his omega hyung) before he murdered them or something. Well, mainly Taehyung.

Both embarrassed boys looked up when they heard the youngers stand up and leave them alone, Hoseok quickly averting his gaze when his eyes connected with Yoongi's.

The alpha took a seat in front of the omega, deciding to leave his shyness behind and lightly touched the brunette's hand, who looked at him with wide eyes.

Yoongi smiled softly at him.

“So, Hoseok, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

Hoseok smiled brightly and giggled a little, nodding.

He did want to murder Kim Taehyung for what he did, but... he had to admit that without that shameless boy he would've never confronted the alpha who smiled so softly at him.

So, maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't murder him yet.