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paying for it

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When Roy first suggests it, Jason baulks at the idea.

“I don’t need to pay for sex asshole!”

“It’s not even like that man. It’s like . . . I don’t know interactive porn! You can talk to them and tell them what you like or whatever.” Roy just shrugged and clapped one hand roughly to Jason’s back. “Since you obviously have so much trouble getting laid, this is the next best thing.”

 “Dude I’m not that desperate.” 

But clearly, parked in front of his laptop staring idly at the illuminated screen at nearly one in the morning, he was that desperate. The website had a simple layout, a long directory of links and photos of all the options of boys and girls available. They were all predictably hot, tan and impossibly supple with names like Sapphire and Candy. He was scrawling idly through the selections when his eyes landed on one particular photo.

It was a guy, ‘Richie’, smiling up at the camera with bright blue eyes from under a spray of feathery dark lashes and sprawled across a white fur rug. According to his bio Richie was a 23 year old gymnast who loved spending time with friends and sucking fat cock...

Unlike the other photos listed, Richie’s smile seemed sweet and even a little shy. He was mid movement, raking one slim hand through his soft looking black hair and biting the corner of his plump, pink bottom lip.

Jason’s curser hovered over the call button and before he could lose his nerve he clicked it.

Fuck it.

He took a long pull from his beer and wiped sweaty palms down the thighs of his sweats. The screen went black and the ‘connecting now’ symbol popped up, whirling quickly as it worked to access the live feed. Jason noticed his foot tapping unconsciously and worked to make it stop.

Suddenly the screen sprung back to life, and filled with the image of a simple empty bedroom. The computer seemed to be resting atop a desk and Jason took a few seconds to survey the rooms layout. The bed was rumpled but neat, made up with a soft looking dark blue bedspread over gray sheets and fluffy pillows piled near the wooden headboard. There was a stack of textbooks heaped on the nightstand and he could make out just the edge of a band poster tacked up in the corner under a strand of flickering fairy lights

“I’ll be there in a sec!” An off-screen voice called out warmly and Jason jumped a little, sloshing his beer in surprise. 

Abruptly ‘Richie’ walked into view.  The man was running a towel through his damp hair and shaking off droplets of water like a model in a shampoo commercial. He was wearing a water spotted white t-shirt with a pair of gray sweat pants so low that with each movement Jason could see a faint trail of downy dark hair leading further south.

Unbelievably, he was even better looking than in the picture: dark hair wet and plastered against his glowing skin with jaw sharp enough to cut glass and pair of pretty bright blue eyes that watched Jason with a friendly, but intense gaze. 

Jason gulped.

“Hey sorry about that man.” Richie said amiably wrapping the towel around his neck and ducking a little further down, so he could look directly into the webcam. “I’m Richie, it’s good to meet you” he leant forward a bit and squinted slightly to read something from his screen "Jaybird97?"

“It’s just Jason. . . you can just call me Jason.”

“Alright then just Jason.” Richie flashed him a gorgeous grin and settled himself back onto the bed and pulling the laptop with him. “What exactly can I do for you tonight?”

“I don’t...I mean.. I’ve never actually done this kind of thing before so. . .”

“Oh it’s your first time?” At Jason’s nod, Richie’s smiled widened and without warning he pulled his t-shirt up overhead in one swift movement. “No worries! How about we just get to know each other a bit.”

He had a lithe build, and a smooth expanse of perfect unblemished golden skin. Jason could barely look away from his well sculpted pecs or the rippled development of each perfectly molded ab. Jason actually choked on the sip of beer he was in the middle of taking “Did they make you in a fucking lab or something? Jesus Christ you’re like a perfect human specimen.”

Richie chuckled and raised one dark eyebrow in question. “Fitness is kind of my day job. Thank you though, I think that was a compliment?

“It was. A fucking lame one but still.”

“I’ll still take it. What do you do Jason?” Richie pulled the towel from around his neck and worked at wiping away the last droplets of water from his smooth chest. He ran a hand through his damp hair, pushing the overgrown locks back out of his handsome face. Mouth suddenly dry Jason went for another sip from his beer only to find it empty.

“I’m a student at Gotham U. English major actually.”

“Yeah I can see that.” The other man nods thoughtfully and gives Jason a leering once over. “You’ve got that whole tortured artist thing down to tee.” He laughs at the disgruntled look on Jason’s face. "What? Did I insult you?"

He didn’t get that a lot. Most people were surprised he was even in school, given his more-money-than-I-know-what-to-do-with guardian and street-rat background.                                  

“Most people think I just got outta prison.” Richard let out a loud laugh and promptly slapped a hand over his grinning mouth. “Yeah laugh it up.” 

“No! I’m sorry its just- “ Richie let out another full-throated cackle, something Jason wouldn’t normally find so attractive, but that caused a flash of heat to crawl up his already flushed cheeks “do people really say that kind of stuff to you?” He looks impossibly amused, cheeks flushed with the effort of holding in his laughs.

“Yeah. It kinda comes with the look.” He gestured to himself off handily and then raises his empty beer into the videos frame. “You mind if I get refill?.” 

On-screen Richie shakes his head and Jason journeys to the kitchen to grab another bottle. When he gets back Richie is rolling around on the bed rearranging the pillows to make himself more comfortable.

When he sees Jason he smiles apologetically and snuggles back against the cushions.

“I  strained my back this morning. Sorry I know this isn’t exactly sexy.”

“No complaints on my end. You hurt it at your day job? Your bio said gymnast, right?”

 “Yeah.” Richie smiled widely. “I teach little kids the basics of tumbling. Injury kind of comes with the territory.”

“Do you like it?” Jason starts to peel at the wet label of his beer bottle, ripping at the soggy paper with ease. He’s feeling surprisingly at ease. Maybe not too surprising consider this is his third beer in under an hour.

Richie shrugs. “It’s a job right? The kids are cute.” He wiggles around the bed and fingers the elastic band of his sweats tentatively “you mind if I take these off?”

Jason tries to shrug nonchalantly but feels his heart beat start to pound in his chest "Do whatever makes you most comfortable.... whatever you want to do".

“Whatever I want huh?” He squirms and tugs down his sweats, revealing tight black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, strong, tanned thighs and muscular calves. He does it slowly revealing inch by inch of tawny skin but speaks casually as if they’re just having a normal chat. “This really must be your first time.”

“Well what do you normally do?”

“It depends on the guy.” Richie shrugs and tosses the pants somewhere off screen. “I have this one regular who only wants me to speak in French. Très cliché, mais que pouvez-vous faire?” He shrugs and continues “Then there’s the guy who wants me to pretend that we’re brothers in some secret illicit relationship. A little gross, but I try not to judge. Oh and my personal favorite, the cake guy!”

“Cake guy?”

“He just likes to watch me each cake. Y’know like-” Richie pantomimes an overly dramatic lick of his fingers and gives the camera a saucy wink.

“Sounds like a difficult gig. Getting paid to eat cake.”           

“Yeah things do get pretty hard.” The other man jokes waggling his eyebrows at his own terrible joke. It’s so lame that Jason has no choice but to laugh.

They stare at each other for a long beat before Richie’s smile turns soft and he starts to finger the band of his briefs, digits disappearing under the clingy fabric. Jason stares intently at the motion and watches as Richie’s hand disappears fully into the tight shorts.

There’s a sharp gasp and it takes a minute for Jason to realize it’s his own. On screen Richie writhes under his own touch, mouth open in a slight pant.  

“What do you want Jason?” He questions, voice hitching slightly. His heavy-lidded gaze focuses on one corner of the screen and his full mouth turns down slightly in disappointment. “Did you prepay for a set amount of time? A half hour?”

At Jason’s nod, his pout deepens. He works his hand under his shorts and lets out a breathy sigh. “Looks like we’ve-“ sharp inhale “reached your time limit.Make sure you call me again okay?” a brilliant white smile and then the screen goes dark.

Jason sits for a few seconds looking at the dark screen where Richie had been only moments before.

“I am fucked.”