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Jeongguk’s always loved field trips.

He’s always so excited for them the night before, talking Jimin’s ear off about what he wants to do on the bus, what he wants to eat, what he wants to see; sure, Jimin wants to share the same love for them, he really does—it’s just that he thinks he’ll only ever genuinely like them if Jeongguk stays right next to him with his hand enveloping the older’s, but of course, Jeongguk couldn’t survive an hour without moving around and inspecting every damn thing. Jimin feels stressed.

They’re both eighteen now, and with twelve years of friendship behind them, you’d think that he’s already used to Jeongguk’s antics and curious personality.

He wishes he was.

Throughout the entire trip, he found himself following Jeongguk around as he chatters with their classmates and snaps photos of everything in the enormous museum—“Jeongguk, is that allowed?” “Shut up, Jimin.” —but every once in a while, he would look back to check if Jimin was still there, hot on his heels as always. Jimin likes to think that it’s because Jeongguk’s a month older than him and he’d feel responsible if Jimin gets lost somewhere in this maze of paintings, but they’ve disregarded that teensy little age gap for years. Jeongguk doesn’t even like hearing Jimin call him hyung, and he only does so when he feels like being a little shit—like right now.

“Jeongguk-hyung,” Jimin calls, legs already starting to ache from walking around too much. “Hyung!”

“Oh my god, I told you to stop calling me that, you ass—” Jeongguk turns around with his camera in hand, and damn near drops it when he sees the pained look on Jimin’s face. “Hey, are you feeling okay?”

“I’m tired, can we please sit down?”

Jeongguk shuffles closer to Jimin, choosing to walk next to him rather than in front of him to make talking easier. “We have to catch up to the class or else we might lose them!”

The younger leans his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder. “I hate this so much.”

“C’mon,” He snaps another photo of some painting on the wall, “At least try to have a little fun, Jiminnie.”

“I’d rather be watching Haikyuu.”

Jeongguk knocks his body gently against his best friend’s, smiling softly. He stretches out his hand for Jimin to slip his into. “I’ll guide you, let’s go.”

Jimin resisted rolling his eyes—like that would heal the pain in his legs, yeah, sure. He intertwines his fingers with Jeongguk’s anyways.

When they finally catch up with the rest of the class, Jeongguk’s sweaty hand grasping Jimin’s hand tight enough for it to hurt, the tour guide’s already starting to tackle the history of one particular artifact encased in a glass box. “Woah, look, Jimin—it’s so pretty.”

The younger pretends Jeongguk wasn’t staring at him the entire time he said that.

He squeezes his hand instead, tuning out the tour guide’s voice and his eyes darting from one object to another while he’s humming a song to himself. “Yeah, interesting.”

He doesn’t even notice Jeongguk let go of his hand and snake his arms around his waist until he’s being pulled flush against the older boy’s body, embracing him like a koala refusing to let go of a tree.

“Jeongguk!” Jimin whisper-yells at him when the hug lasts for more than ten seconds—long enough for it to be weird—turning his head so Jeongguk could hear him clearly. “Let go, dude, they might see.”

“See what?” Jeongguk hugs him tighter, a giggle making its way past his lips. “Me hugging my best friend of twelve years? What’s wrong with that?”

Jimin pushes him off with all his strength, looking at his best friend with squinted eyes.

“Hey,” Jeongguk stays when he stumbles, a pout on his lips. “I just wanted a hug.”

The younger refuses to face him, eyes focused on the tour guide chattering away about something they both know won’t matter to them in a few years, even in one or two months if they’re lucky.

Jeongguk hooks his chin over his best friend’s shoulder, pout still in place. “I really want a hug, Jiminnie.” He tries poking the smaller boy with a finger when he still doesn’t respond, but to no avail, so he resorts to the last thing on his how to get Jimin’s attention list.

He distances himself away from Jimin’s silence, and opts for continuing to take pictures of everything and even going as far as taking a video of the tour guide and his weird jazz hands moving in all directions as he explains the history of everything.

This goes on for a while, even as the class starts moving from one venue to another—Jeongguk momentarily forgetting about this whole scheme to get Jimin’s undivided and willingly given attention. He keeps his camera close to him, his finger hovering over the shutter in case he needs to snap a photo of something that piques his interest, or something he hopes to show Jimin when they hang out later that night.  

When he does remember, though, it’s when he sees Jimin’s little body shuffling towards him—probably trying to be subtle as he slowly inches closer to Jeongguk—and slides his hand into Jeongguk’s free one. He stays like that and even gives the older boy a a few hugs every now and then throughout the whole trip, not a single sentence making its way past his lips and Jeongguk gets it, because Jimin's silence can hold a thousand words and all that junk.




“Thank God, it’s over,” Jimin breathes out, his hand still firmly wrapped around Jeongguk’s as the taller maneuvers both of them towards the bathroom. “Guk? The bus is that way—”

“I know,” Jeongguk tells him, his specs slowly sliding down his nose as he looks at Jimin from behind him. “But, I really need to pee.”

“Why do I have to come?”

“Because you’re my best friend and I might die without you?”

Well then.

So that’s how Jimin ended up awkwardly leaning against the wall with Jeongguk’s camera hanging from his neck, waiting for the taller boy to emerge from the smelly, disgusting rest room. Do they even clean this place? He swears it’s the tenth time he’s wrinkled his nose.

When he starts teetering over the edge of giving up and leaving without Jeongguk, a boy he recognizes from another class leans against the wall—right next to him. He waits a few moments before speaking, while Jimin uses those quick seconds to pray that he’ll go away because to be frank, the only person he likes to associate himself with is Jeongguk (maybe even Yoongi and Hoseok, but he doesn’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that).

“You’re Park Jimin, right?” Ugh, fuck.

Jimin plasters a tight smile on his face before turning to face the boy. “Yeah, hi.”

“Aren’t you—you’re the kid Jeon Jeongguk hangs out with, right?”

He raises an eyebrow. “Yes?”

Then, the boy starts blushing like crazy. It was epic, like, he's actually tomato red—and Jimin’s not even exaggerating. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch how fast the blood travelled up to his face.

“Ah, well—,” The boy tries his best to continue, and Jimin’s just wondering if Jeongguk was taking a really big dump because he’s taking way too long. “I’ve kind of, had a crush on him since freshman year? Haha, wow that’s awkward—um.”

Jimin wants the ground to swallow him alive.

“I was—uh, wondering—wait, I haven’t even introduced myself yet! Hey, I’m Kim Taehyung from Class 12-B.”

“Uh-huh,” Jimin nods along, not believing his ears that someone actually likes his knucklehead best friend. A feeling he can’t quite decipher starts pooling in his gut. “What can I do for you, Kim Taehyung?”

Kim Taehyung is way too jumpy. That’s Jimin’s first impression of him; it’s not the best and he already wants Jeongguk’s hand back in his. “I’m friends with Yoongi and Hobi, and I see all four of you hanging out so I was kinda wondering, y’know, if you could—” He breathes in, face growing impossibly redder, “HelpmescoreadatewithJeongguk.”

Jimin’s initial reaction was to laugh, and thank God, he didn’t. He may not be fond of this Taehyung guy, but he has a heart, for sure. If Jeongguk had the power to make this kid blush that fast, well—




“I’m so sorry! That must’ve been surprising, I hope you didn’t get the impression that, like, I’m trying to use you—I want to be your friend too but Jeongguk… he’s just really great and I like him a lot and—oh God, I’m rambling! Uh,” Taehyung panics, squeezing awkward laughs into what the hell he’s saying every now and then, his face red enough to spike concern. He looks like he’s going to explode. “I’ll text you?”

Jimin shakes his head before standing straight, back no longer against the wall as he tries to formulate some kind of sentence to calm Taehyung down. “You want help—you want to date Jeongguk?”

“Yeah!” That’s the first hint of a smile he gets from the excited young man as he finally calms down and the red starts to dissipate. “You guys seem really close.”

“That’s right, we are,” Jimin confirms, still weary. He gives Taehyung a once over, and a small part of his brain starts wondering why he can’t seem to see something at least a bit likeable in him. “Why should I help you?”

Taehyung laughs nervously, scratching the back of his neck. “I’m too shy to ask my friends because they’re just going to tease me about it and I can’t really afford that, I mean, look at me now, I’m a mess—and no one else can really… talk to Jeongguk as easily as you do, you know? You guys—you’re never not together. You’re the guy I need.”

“Uh, sure?” Jimin’s a bit flustered, to be honest. No one ever tried to come up to him to ask about Jeongguk, let alone help to win his damn heart or something. He’s a bit… shocked.

Taehyung beams at him again. “You’ll help me?”



In comes Jeongguk, Jimin’s lifelong savior. He’s sporting the biggest smile on his face, and Jimin’s willing to bet that he took the best shit of his life—why else would he smiling like that for? It was blinding.

“Oh,” Taehyung gasps, the redness spreading around his face again like wildfire as he spots Jeongguk waving. “I have to go, Jimin-ssi, but—I’ll text you, I promise, bye!”

Jimin’s never been more grateful to see his best friend.

“Who was that?” The older asks when he finally makes it to where Jimin was standing, immediately taking Jimin’s hand in his as they start walking towards the bus. Jimin feels kinda funny, but he blames it on the shock Taehyung brought him—at this point, he doesn’t really give a shit if Jeongguk wiped his ass with his bare fingers (he knows he wouldn’t dare, though; the guy can’t even stand five minutes after touching Jimin’s dog without scrubbing his hands clean.)

Jimin spots Taehyung from afar, running towards his bus with very, very red cheeks.

“No one, Guk,” Jimin tells him, eyes watching the peculiar boy who took off at the mere sight of his crush—the guy he likes, Jeon Jeongguk, Jimin’s best friend. “Just a guy asking where their bus is.”



From: Unknown

Helo\lo?? Is this park jimin

Received 8:03PM

To: Unknown

Who is this?

Sent 8:04PM

From: Unknown


jjk’s future babe

Received 8:04PM

To: Kim Taehyung

whats up?

Sent 8:06PM


Jimin downright scoffs at his phone, obnoxiously enough for Jeongguk to notice. They’re currently on his bed, resting after long day of walking around and singing karaoke songs on the bus—honestly, if you were to ask what Jimin loved the most about today, he’d say the immense comfort simple hand holding with Jeongguk brought him and nothing else.

“Who are you texting, Jiminnie?” Jeongguk almost whines, rolling into Jimin’s personal space as he tries to look at the phone screen. “You’re in my house, pay attention to me.”

Jimin pushes Jeongguk’s head away. “You’re an overgrown brat. Give me a sec, okay?”

“Jimin,” The taller continues to whine, going as far as thrashing his legs around as he wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist. “Put the phone down, come on.”

“Oh my god, you infant, alright!”

Jeongguk utters a quiet and way too happy ‘yay’ before he pulls Jimin further down the bed until they’re eye to eye and their noses are close enough to each other that Jimin could nuzzle into Jeongguk’s face if he wanted to—he doesn’t. Of course not. “Hi, Jiminnie.”

The smaller boops his nose, smiling fondly. “Hey, you big baby.”

“For the record, I am older than you. I just don’t let you call me hyung.”

“Still a big baby.”

The dynamics of their friendship aren’t too complicated. Jimin and Jeongguk have known each other since they were six, back when they could still see eye to eye (literally) because there wasn’t really much of a height difference. They followed each other around, played in the sandbox and monkey bars all day until they were spent and ready to go home.

They grew up by each other’s side, providing comfort when one of them needed it the most. Jeongguk was the first one who opened his mind to Jimin’s sexuality, and vice versa—they’ve always been honest to each other, not even little secrets were an exception (Jimin doesn’t count that one time he had to lie to Jeongguk because he was planning a surprise party when the older was turning twelve.)

They found contentment in one another’s presence when they had to move schools and say goodbye to their favorite playground, and hello to their new school’s unfamiliar rides and swings. They’ve been holding hands ever since—believing that if either one of them would let go, they’d get lost and never find each other in the unfamiliar place ever again.

Years later, they’re still holding hands like they’re first graders in need of guidance.

The best part of it all, he believes, is that Jimin wouldn’t change a single thing about them even if given the chance.



Kim Taehyung.

Jimin’s developed this habit of fucking seething at the mention of this guy’s name.

It’s been about a week since the field trip, a whole seven days since Taehyung confessed his undying love for Jeongguk to Jeongguk’s best friend—and since then, he hadn’t stopped bugging Jimin and following him around each and every time he would catch Jimin without Jeongguk by his side.

Those were a few fleeting moments, mind you, because Jeongguk would always zoom through the halls like a lost, hyperactive puppy in search for Jimin as soon as the bell rings; but somehow, Kim Taehyung would always find a way to say the most annoying things when he does manage to talk to Jimin in a Jeongguk-less state.

“Where do you think he’d want to go if I asked him out on a date, Jimin?”

“What’s his favorite color? Mine’s blue!”

“What’s his favorite thing about a person?”

“Have you ever—uh, mentioned me to him?”

“When’s his birthday? I want to give him a gift!”

He shudders every single time, but supplies an answer that’s not quite specific, but tells enough about Jeongguk that it has Kim Taehyung blushing all over again.

Jimin tries not to think of how Kim Taehyung and Jeongguk have the same favorite color before going to sleep every night.

Today, the guy decides that it’s a good idea to once again force advice out of Jimin—he doesn’t, really, the smaller’s just too nice to say no to him for once—when he catches him walking towards his locker early in the morning when Jeongguk hadn’t made an appearance yet.

Jimin feels restless already.

“Good morning, Jimin!” Taehyung downright skips towards him, his smile all wide and sunny in the way Jimin didn’t like to believe was cute, because of he thinks it’s cute—well. Jeongguk might, too. “I bought this for you.” He holds out a small carton of milk Jimin’s always seen drinking in between classes when he’s minding his own business and sauntering towards his locker.

Jimin sends him one of his tight smiles before accepting and gently placing the little thing inside his locker for later. “Good morning, Taehyung.”

“Please, call me Tae. We’ve talked enough for you to stop being so formal with me!” Taehyung’s smile grows impossibly cuter, sunshine and happiness literally radiating off of him. It’s getting on Jimin’s nerves.

“Okay, Tae, listen—”

“So I was wondering,” Taehyung cuts him off, leaning against the locker next to Jimin’s opened one as the latter retrieves his books for the day. “I think I’m ready to talk to Jeongguk face to face now.”

It’s when Taehyung says those words that Jimin starts mentally praying to any deity out there who’s willing to listen to his wishes, to grant him some relief from this—this sunshine man who’s after his best friend’s heart. If Taehyung wants Jeongguk so bad, he wants nothing to do with it—he has way better things to do, anyways (he ignores the little voice in his head that mockingly asks him what those things are. All Jimin really wants to do is sleep and play video games.)

Physically, Jimin keeps his expression steady and settles with an, “Oh?”

“Yeah!” Taehyung, bubbly as ever, confirms. “With your help, I’ve gathered all the information I need to make the great Jeon Jeongguk fall for me. It’s going to be awesome!”

The great Jeon Jeongguk, my ass.

“Well, uh… Jeongguk’s going to be absent today, so.”

Now, don’t get Jimin wrong—he’s always had the best intentions for everyone, even for this annoying sunshine man right here, but he’s just too tired to deal with him today. He stayed up the entire night trying to finish some essay he needs for his most pretentious teacher’s class and ends up forgetting to save the document, adding more work into his already long list of things to do. At one point, he resorted to throwing his arms up in defeat and thinking, Fuck school. I’ll just play video games forever, but then he thinks of his parents and undying dream to become an architect—he tries not to dwell too much on the fact that maybe he thought of making Jeongguk proud, too, because he’d be damned if he admits that that’s what really got him going.

He’s always been the worst liar, as well, but Taehyung actually takes the bait and his smile falls instantly. “What? Why? Is he okay?”

“Uh—he caught the flu?”

Taehyung crumbles. “Oh no…”

Jimin nods, as solemnly as he could to make it all seem believable, and it seems quite easy to feign grief because he’s so tired that he’s grieving over himself. “Yeah, it’s pretty serious.”

“Jimin, oh my god, he has to be okay—I haven’t even confessed yet—”

“I know, it’s okay, Tae,” Jimin hates himself for finding Taehyung being genuinely upset amusing, but he just can’t help himself—the guy’s too gullible and whipped for Jeongguk that it’s hard not to mess with him a bit. “He’ll be fine, I promise I’ll do my best to make sure he feels better soon.”

The school bell finally rings, signaling the start of the day; students start walking to their classrooms, the usual buzz of their chatter saving Jimin from having to talk to the younger boy longer. “We should get going, don’t you think?” He tilts his head, gesturing to the crowd passing by them.

“Yeah, yeah we should,” Taehyung nods absentmindedly, probably still thinking of Jeongguk (Jimin doesn’t know if he wants to barf or laugh at how concerned Taehyung is). He makes a move to go with the rest of their schoolmates, waving at Jimin over his shoulder. “I’ll text you, Jimin!”


When Jimin sits down on his usual seat in 12-D’s classroom, he sends a quick text to Jeongguk who’s probably running late again.


To: Gukkie

Act like you’re sick when u get here. Don’t ask, just do it

Sent 7:43AM



Jeongguk does end up coming to school late again—he’s used to the thirty pairs of eyes staring at him when he enters the classroom about fifteen minutes late by now.

He immediately looks for Jimin, who’s already smiling at him comfortingly like he always does when Jeongguk’s tardy and disheveled, and takes a seat in the vacant chair nearest to him. He watches the smaller type on his phone, already expecting his to buzz in the pocket of the jacket he threw on after reading Jimin’s text.


From: Jiminnie

u rly outdid urself, ur a mess haha

Received 8:08AM

To: Jiminnie

Always giving it my all when it comes to u oxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox

Sent 8:09AM


He pretends that he doesn’t blush a little when he sees Jimin giggle at his phone screen.


At lunch, Jeongguk mournfully tells Jimin that he has to work on the essay assigned by the same pretentious teacher Jimin stayed up all night writing for.

Jimin takes a finger and knocks it against Jeongguk’s forehead as hard as he could, already tutting at the older. “Why didn’t you do it earlier?”

“I swear, I did! But I fell asleep—ow, Jiminnie, stop it!” Jeongguk whines, holding a hand over where Jimin’s finger so rudely hurt his forehead. “You can just eat with Yoongi and Hoseok like we always do!”

“But it’s Wednesday! It’s yogurt-for-lunch day!” Honestly, Jimin’s just looking for excuses now—they haven’t done that silly little tradition for years now.

Jeongguk, aware of this, only smiles at his best friend in that soft way that always tugs at the smaller’s heartstrings. Jimin wants to punch him. “I’ll try to finish as soon as possible, okay?”

He giggles at Jimin’s pout before adjusting the backpack that was hanging from his shoulder. “Eat well, Jiminnie!”

Jimin’s pout only deepens.


Thirty minutes pass, and there’s still no sign of Jeongguk.

Jimin supposes that it’s because it’s impossible for the older to gather his thoughts in half an hour—Jeongguk’s always been that actions speak louder than words guy—and chooses to enjoy his time with his two friends, Yoongi and Hoseok.

They’re currently talking about Hoseok’s new found love for Haikyuu.

“Fuck, why did I waste all my time on the other animes,” Hoseok moans in despair, “I would’ve known Kageyama earlier! The man of my fucking heart, you guys—”

Yoongi nods along, solemnly patting his best friend’s back. “It’s okay, Seok.”

“It’s not!” Jimin thinks that Hoseok’s damn near to thrashing around as he continues to whine. “Hyung, I don’t know shit about volleyball!”

The second youngest of the three continues shushing him, looking genuinely sad for the whining child on their table—Jimin’s just silently munching on his sandwich while he watches the scene unfold.

Hoseok and Yoongi, much like Jimin and Jeongguk, have been inseparable since they met. Jimin likes to think that they’re actual soulmates; they were best friends for about five years until Yoongi went into gay panic mode and asked Hoseok out on a date with sweaty palms and a shrill, high pitched voice.

Jung Hoseok kissed him on the fucking spot.

And so, the rest was history. Jimin likes to hear about the couple’s outright weird journey together, because sometimes they remind him of what he has with Jeongguk, just without the make out sessions in cramped janitor closets and mushy, romantic feelings—thinking about sharing those with his best friend makes something weird twist in his stomach, so he disposes of the idea all together, believing it’s disgust.

Hoseok continues to breakdown over Haikyuu with Yoongi giving him quick, comforting hugs every five seconds, and Jimin continues to snicker at them on the other side of the table.

At one point, Hoseok throws a whole bacon strip at Jimin’s face. “Stop laughing!”

Jimin dodges it swiftly, momentarily grieving over the abandoned strip of bacon that made a tragic landing on the canteen’s filthy floor. “Hey, that was a perfectly good bacon strip, how dare you?”

“I’m serious, Jiminnie,” Hoseok faux sniffles, wiping a tear that isn’t there from his eye. “I think I might drop Yoongi for Kageyama.”

Yoongi’s jaw drops, betrayal in his eyes. “Hey! You don’t mean it, right?”

Hoseok smiles nervously at his boyfriend, before diverting his attention to something else way behind Jimin. “Oh, look, it’s Jeongguk!”

“Is that—that Kim Taeyong kid?”

Hoseok presses a chaste kiss to Yoongi’s temple. “It’s Taehyung, baby.”

Jimin drops his sandwich.

He turns his head, slow enough for it to be unnoticeable, and there they are—Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk, obnoxiously laughing at something the former just said, the eldest of the two tipping his head back like he always does when a genuine laugh escapes him.

It doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to find where Jimin’s sitting, and the latter can already feel the dread flowing into his soul when they start walking towards him.


He has on that ridiculously dopey smile again, and usually, Jimin would smile at him in return and tell him he’s cute, but not today—because Kim Taehyung was wearing a dopey smile of his own and it’s making Jimin’s right eye twitch.

“Hey,” He drags out the word, pursing his lips as he lifts his eyes up to meet Jeongguk’s. Honestly, he feels a lot lighter now that he’s around, but he wishes that he came alone.

Jeongguk tilts his head a little and opens his mouth to comment on Jimin’s reaction, but Taehyung speaks before he gets the chance to. “Hey Jiminnie!”

So now he calls me Jiminnie.

“Hi, Taehyung.” Honest to God, Jimin’s trying hard not to show his distaste for the guy, already trying to channel his inner frost queen with all the conceal, don’t feel bullshit he has going on. Jeongguk’s eyes are practically drilling holes into him.

He clears his throat. “Tae, these are my friends, Hoseok and Yoongi, and you already seem like you know Jiminnie, so…”

Taehyung invites himself over to the table and sits his ass flat on the seat next to Jimin—the smaller tries not to snort at the way Jeongguk stares at the small space in between him and Taehyung, and chooses to sit on Jimin’s other side.

“We know him too,” Yoongi nods, smiling in Taehyung’s direction. Jimin’s blood is boiling. “He’s kind of our classmate, Jeonggukie.”

“Oh, right!” Jeongguk smiles, scooting closer to Jimin in a way he probably thinks is subtle (it’s not), “Class 12-B. I forgot about you guys.”

If Hoseok throws a bacon strip at him too, Jimin wouldn’t even try find it in himself to mourn over another piece of food gone to waste.



Wednesday is Jimin’s favorite day of the week.

As opposed to the other four weekdays, their school allows students to go home at around 1PM, three hours earlier than their usual dismissal time—something about letting the kids rest or whatever, it isn’t really in Jimin’s best interest to know. Add that to art class being his last, and well, Jimin’s supposed to have a smile on his face for a whole 24 hours.

But not on this particular Wednesday.

Jeongguk and he are in his house this time, choosing to spend the rest of the day playing video games and watching reruns of Naruto (maybe even cuddle, but Jimin doesn’t want to get ahead of himself.)

The taller is laid out on the bed, busy with his phone and updating himself on the webtoon he found the other night, while Jimin’s head rests on a pillow next to him, staring into his midnight blue ceiling with little yellow stars painted unto it.

A little backstory: he used to whine to his father about not getting to go stargazing with Jeongguk like all the other kids boast about doing with their best friends, and since Jimin fell too sick to even step foot out of the house—his mom was pretty protective—his father did him a tiny favor and painted the ceiling himself.

Jimin’s now eighteen, and he finds that he still loves the artificial starry sky on his ceiling just as much as he did the first time he saw it.

“Jiminnie, why were you being so weird?”


“You were quiet during lunch,” Jeongguk explains, putting his phone down to look at Jimin in the eye. “What’s up?”

Jimin reaches over to pat Jeongguk’s hair down, the violet masked as black growing visible as sunlight struck the taller's head from the window in is room—it was an impulsive decision made by the older, if he’s being honest. He saw some guy thriving off of Instagram fame with the same exact hair color and thought it was cool, so the next day, he shows up at school with black hair decorated by a few violet streaks, and as they were walking home, Jimin saw the top of Jeongguk’s head shine with the unusual color and developed the habit of touching his hair ever since.

Not that Jeongguk’s complaining.

“Me? I wasn’t being weird,” Jimin tells him softly, eyes trained on Jeongguk’s uniquely colored strands. “I wasn’t having the best day, that’s all, Gukkie.”

“But you were okay when we were on break at like, 10AM.” The taller pouts, leaning closer to Jimin’s touch as his eyelids start to flutter. “When you saw me at lunch—you didn’t look that happy.”

Okay, Jimin feels kind of bad now.

He wants to tell the older that they’re okay, that Jeongguk did nothing wrong and it was the annoying sunshine man he brought with him—yes, Jimin’s dubbing him as sunshine man now—but he could only feel the overwhelming urge to press a kiss to his best friend’s forehead and flatten out the furrow forming on his eyebrows.

So he does.

“Cutie,” Jimin smiles, leaning on his elbow as he stares at Jeongguk from above him, his eyes fond and shining in the way they only do for his best friend—“I’m okay, don’t worry about me.”

“But do you like Taehyung? I mean, I was kinda sensing something there—”

And the moment shatters, much to Jimin’s chagrin. “Ah, well.” Jimin lies back down, his eyes focusing on the ceiling again. “I’m just wary around strangers, I guess. You know me... kinda shy.”

“Yeah, I do.” Jeongguk throws a lazy arm over Jimin’s stomach and snuggles closer and closer until he’s almost completely tucked into the smaller’s neck. “Let’s sleep, Jiminnie, writing that essay really worn out my braincells.”

“The look on Mr. Choi’s face was worth it though,” Jimin smiles into Jeongguk’s hair, the older eventually dragging him into a sleepy state as well. “Pretty sure we looked like we were going to attack him if he didn’t accept our essays—we literally ran to the teacher’s room before going home.”

Jeongguk whispers out a quiet yeah that Jimin more on felt on his collarbone than heard with his ears, and with that, he falls asleep to his best friend’s steady breathing and an armful of him.



Jimin and Jeongguk, 9

“Jeon Jeonggukie, come on, we’ll be late!”

The younger of the two nearly screams, hollering from Jeongguk’s backyard as he waits for him to emerge. It was already 7:30 and Jimin wasn’t feeling like being late at all.

“I’m here, I’m here!” Jeongguk nearly trips out of his front door, eyes bright and smile wide as he drags his own mother out, as well. Jimin waves at her with a cutesy, “Hi, Mrs. Jeon!”

“Good morning, Jimin-ah,” The woman smiles down at her, and Jimin could see from a few feet below her that her smile is just as sunny as Jeongguk’sit’s just that Jimin prefers his because it makes him feel ticklish and happy. “Where’s your mommy?”

“She told me I was big enough to walk to school on my own!” The little boy beams, tightly holding on to the straps of his backpack and his other hand swinging his Spiderman lunchbox back and forth. “But only with you and Jeonggukie.”

The woman laughs before caressing Jimin’s hair and looking down at her own son, who was already smiling brightly at his best friend. In the hand he wasn’t using to hold his mother’s, he was gripping his own lunchbox with Iron-Man holding a powerful hand out, ready to blast, on the steel.

It’s not long before the two boys join hands, clinging tightly onto each other as if they were each other’s lifeline. Mrs. Jeon walks closely behind them, watching the kids excitedly chatter amongst themselves and Jimin boop Jeongguk’s nose with a smile.

When they do arrive at school, though, with about five minutes to spare—somewhere along the way, the boys stop holding hands—Mrs. Jeon calls out to her son and gives him a warm hug goodbye. “Be a good boy, okay?”

Jimin snickers. “Mom! I’m nine, I think you don’t need to remind me…” Jeongguk stomps his foot like the overgrown baby he is, knowing that his tiny best friend heard his mom murmur the five words to him and he’s probably going to tease Jeongguk later.

“Okay, okay,” She kisses his forehead one last time before waving at Jimin. “Behave, the both of you. Alright?” When both boys nod their heads, Mrs. Jeon smiles in return before turning her back and walking back to their home.

Jimin turns to face his best friend. “You’re a good boy, right, Jeonggukie?”

“Shut up.”


Jimin has always prided himself for being Jeongguk’s best friend.

Of course, everyone wanted to be close to the latter—to be real with you, Jimin doesn’t know why but he’s good at everything he does. It’s not a jealousy thing; Jimin’s genuinely baffled and kind of scared that someone equally as talented might snatch Jeongguk away with their hula hooping skills or something. Right now, he’s watching as Jeongguk arranges some rubix cube like it’s the easiest thing in the world, while he sits in the sidelines and mutters something along the lines of how he’s never accomplished that before.

“Wow, Guk, you’re really talented!”

One voice stands out from the rest wow-ing at Jeongguk’s limitless talents, and it makes Jimin’s tummy feel… wrong.

He looks up to see Kim Yugyeom—Jimin’s never really talked to the kid but he’s already annoying. The king of being so, actually, and he hates how close he’s trying to move towards Jeongguk, trying to talk to him, trying to be Jeongguk’s new favorite.

No. Jimin won’t allow it.

“Jeon Jeonggukie!” Immediately, the owner of the name calmly settles the rubix cube down on the table and walks towards Jimin has been silently watching with an easy smile.

He slings an arm over Jimin’s shoulder, already having grown a little taller than the latter. It would make Jimin feel inferior on a regular day, but now he just feels satisfied.

Ha, take that, Kim Yugyeom!

At recess, it’s only normal for Jeongguk to question Jimin’s sudden… territorial behavior. Not that he doesn’t like it, but the kid usually doesn’t want to hold hands anymore because he says that the other kids will tease them for it—now, he’s holding on to Jeongguk with squinted eyes that are looking at all the other kids who so much as breathe in their direction.

“Jiminnie, are you okay?” Jeongguk asks, genuinely concerned (Jimin and he watched a horror movie with Jeongguk’s older brother the other night, and the main character’s best friend started displaying the same behavior. It was freaking Jeongguk out), nudging him with his elbow slightly. “You’re being weird.”

Jimin shifts closer to him, his fingers clenching around Jeongguk’s. “I want to go home.”

“But why?” Jeongguk was having a lot of fun at school. All the other kids are starting to be nice to him and talking to him about all sorts of things—someone even commented on his Iron-Man lunchbox!—but Jimin seemed like he was having none of it. Why isn’t Jimin happy like he is?

“Everyone suddenly wants to be your best friend,” Jimin mutters, his expression remaining petulant as he strokes his thumb over Jeongguk’s hand. “Even Kim Yugyeom! and—and he’s great at everything you like.”

“But they’re just being nice to me—?”

“Yeah, and they want to steal you away.”

Jeongguk’s just about to resort to pouting when he comes up with the most brilliant, groundbreaking idea. (He thinks it is, anyways.)

“I know! Let’s go play with the other kids so they’ll be your friends too, come on!”

And with that, he’s dragging Jimin away, hand-in-hand as they run all the way to the playground where all the other kids are.

“Hey guys, meet my best friend, Park Jiminnie!”


When they have another one of their weekly sleepovers that night, Jimin’s still sporting the same pout on his face as he and Jeongguk make a blanket fort out of his duvet.

Don’t get him wrong, he appreciated Jeongguk’s efforts to cheer him up a while ago—as a matter of fact, he enjoyed it; he got his best friend’s full and undivided attention back, and he didn’t let go of his hand unless he absolutely needed to! But as they were walking home, Jimin’s mind took him back to Kim Yugyeom and all the other intimidating kids trying to get his Jeongguk to notice them and it just didn’t sit well with him at all. It made him feel queasy and anxious, rattling him to the very core, and he didn’t like it.

“I’m really tired, Guk, let’s just watch Naruto and sleep.”

“Jiminnie,” Jeongguk frowns, his lips dropping at the edges which makes Jimin’s heart feel a lot heavier. “What’s wrong? You’ve been acting strange the entire day.”

“I already told you a while ago—”

“But I introduced you to all the other kids! They like you, too.”

“I don’t care if they like me!” Jimin glowers at him, his face getting red like it always does when he gets pissed. “They like you!”

“You—don’t you want me to make new friends?”

No. “Of course I do, but—”

“Then why are you so angry?”

“Whatever!” The smaller frowns at Jeongguk, willing himself not to cry. He’s nine, he is not a crybaby! “I’m going to sleep.”

He hears Jeongguk huff, before the lights are switched off and Jimin’s left alone to his thoughts.


Jimin’s still awake when he feels at arm wrap around his waist from behind, hot puffs of breath hitting the back of his neck as Jeongguk cuddles up to him.

“You’re my best friend,” He whispers into the darkness, curling into Jimin’s frame. “No one else.”

Jimin’s just trying not to smile when sleep finally takes over him.



It’s Friday.

Usually, Jimin would feel absolutely ecstatic—finally, another week down the drain, and just a few more to go before going on vacation for two weeks. But once again, Kim Taehyung managed to ruin a perfectly good day for him.

Yesterday was Thursday, and Jimin could distinctly remember not being able to see through his rage when the sunshine man joined them for lunch again. It was during that time that he brought over his own two friends: Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon.

Jimin would have thought that they were married if they didn’t diss each other so much.

“You guys should come to Joon’s party tomorrow!” Taehyung said then, leaning uncomfortably closer to Jeongguk. Jimin feigns ignorance when Yoongi looks at him weirdly, noticing the slight glare in his eyes as he stares Taehyung down. “His birth month is coming up, so he’s going to throw a party!”

September. Jeongguk’s birthday.

Jimin’s already dreading tonight.


And so here Jimin was, with Jeongguk’s hand clasped in his—where it belongs—fucking brooding while the others babble about tonight’s celebration. He can feel excitement diffusing among all those seated on the table, everyone already pumped for what’s about to go down tonight. They were seniors, after all, so naturally, they invited everyone.

As in, the entire high school body.

Jimin’s ready to puke his guts out on the floor.

“Jiminnie, aren’t you excited?” Jeongguk asks him, away from the five others’ earshot. “It’s our first party this year!”

“It’s okay, I guess—”

“Come on,” Jeongguk jostles him, but not rough enough for it to seriously bruise. “You have got to give me something other than ‘it’s okay, I guess.’”

“I’m excited too, Jeonggukie,” With Jeongguk’s relentless poking, Jimin finally lets a smile bloom on his face—and it just grows wider when he watches Jeongguk light up at the sight of it. “We should get ready at your place.”

Jeongguk gives the suggestion an enthusiastic nod before turning back to their other friends, with Jimin eventually including himself in the conversation with his head resting on Jeongguk’s shoulder.


When the sun starts setting and the pair are already beginning to get ready in Jeongguk’s room, a question pops into Jimin’s head.

“Hey, Guk,” He softly utters when he’s helping Jeongguk style his hair from behind, “Why didn’t you tell them that it’s your birth month, too?”

The older shrugs, eyes still on his bangs. “It’s no big deal to me. I like spending my birthday with my family and you, like we always do—for all I know, they might throw me a surprise party and that’s not really my scene, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Hey, Jimin-ah,” Jeongguk stills suddenly, looking at Jimin from where he sat in front of the mirror. “Lighten up. We’re going to a party!”

Jimin cracks a smile. “If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t be going at all.”

“Good thing I’m here to save your introverted ass, then.”



When they arrive, with Jimin hastily handing a few bills to the Uber driver, Jeongguk’s jaw almost drops.

Before them stands a huge house, big enough for the taller to squeeze in at least five carbon copies of his room back at home. Neon lights are being emitted from the windows, loud music with a beat that makes Jeongguk’s heart beat faster, and of course—the various voices screaming in delight as teenagers run around, into, and out of the house.

“Namjoon’s place is a wreck.” He gasps.

“Yeah, well, we’re his friends so it’s our job to clean up,” Jimin tells him, before once again taking his hand and dragging him to the house. “Come on, Guk!”

“Why are you so excited all of a sudden?”

“Because the music is good and I need to get drunk—” Jimin’s voice continues to decrease in volume as they get nearer and nearer to the ear splitting music, and Jeongguk’s left wondering how the neighbors haven’t called the cops yet with a party this wild in full swing. “Like, right now.”


He doesn’t expect Jimin to hold his hand even as they charge into the crowd of people inside the house, but he does, and somehow it makes him feel a lot more comfortable in the noisy environment. He shuffles closer until there’s barely any space left between them.

“Where are Taehyung and the others?”

“Dunno,” Jimin replies, before he leads Jeongguk into what looks like the kitchen.

Still too many people.

“Let’s get drinks!” Jimin has the biggest smile on his face—Jeongguk has no idea why, but it makes him feel like he’s on top of the world, but drunk and absolutely out of it.

“Jimin, slow down,” He laughs, steadying his best friend with a hand on the latter’s hip when someone knocks into him. “You’re way too excited.”

Hyung, you told me to have fun,” Jimin taunts, taking the hand that was on his hip and intertwining their fingers. “I’m having fun right now.”

Jeongguk’s flabbergasted. “You—?”

The younger has the audacity to fucking giggle at Jeongguk’s face.

“Jimin, Jeongguk!” A familiar voice calls out to them then, rising above the booming music. “Over here, guys!”

They whip their heads to where the voice came from, only to find Kim Seokjin drunk and red in the face. “My dudes!”

They’ve known each other for two days.

“Hey, Jinnie,” Jeongguk smiles when the drunken boy pulls them into a hug that lasts for way too long. “How long have you been here?”

“A couple of hours? I arrived before the party even started!” He stumbles a little bit, but regains composure as he holds on to the island. “It's fucking awesome.”

“Do you know where Guk and I can get drinks?” Jimin yells over the song being played, leaning over, “I wanna get red, too!”

Jeongguk really hopes Seokjin didn’t hear that bit.

“Yeah! Over there, by the freezer!” The drunken boy points to a fairly wide Styrofoam box, most likely containing the drinks Jimin has been looking for.

“Thanks, Jin,” Jimin looks like he’s about to kiss Seokjin’s cheek or something, but backs out at the last second and awkwardly retracts. “We’ll get going, now.”

The youngest of the three doesn’t seem to have noticed anything and waves a hand in front of their faces. “Have fun, you guys!”

The smaller tugs at Jeongguk’s hand until they make it to the other side of the kitchen—not without the older whining about how it’s supposed to be easy to walk through this entire room but they have to squeeze themselves into a crowd—and soon enough, his hand dives into the box filled with ice. “Feast your eyes, Jeonggukie,” Jimin’s talking in his announcer voice again, and his friend’s just trying not to laugh. “On courage in a bottle!”

“Courage in a bottle.”

“Yup,” Jimin grins at him, seeming to already be high on the feeling a house party gives him—it’s not his first party, after all. “Here’s yours.”

“Thanks, Jiminnie.” He moves to peck Jimin’s forehead, and then swings a hand over his shoulder. “Let’s get someone to open these, shall we?”

“Most of the time, I feel like I’m older than you,” Jimin mutters under his breath before grabbing the taller’s hand and maneuvering them back to the island. There are numerous spoons and red cups scattered across the countertop, the 18-year-old’s eyes lighting up at what he was looking for. He grabs one of the spoons and flicks the bottle cap off—Jeongguk’s eyes naturally widen at this. Of course they do. “Easy!”

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“I drink with my dad and uncles sometimes,” Jimin smiles, eyes shining as the kitchen lights reflect on his eyes. “Here, let me do yours.”

“You—you drink?”

“Why are you acting like it’s our first party, Guk?” Now the younger’s just trying not to show how amused he is. Admittedly, he doesn’t update Jeongguk about everything he does—but he’s never meant to leave the older in the dark, he just forgets easily and prefers to update Jeongguk on the present rather than what he did the night before. “You’ve seen me get drunk!”

“I thought you only ever drank with me—”


Cue: another episode of Jimin’s blood boiling.

“Hey, Taehyung,” He can sense Jeongguk trying to be as nice as can—okay, maybe he’s reaching a little bit, but what can you do—as the dreaded sunshine man approaches. Jimin feels a little satisfied when Taehyung glances at their joined hands.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t beat Taehyung’s mood to a pulp. “Hey! You guys having fun?”

“Yeah! This is some… party.” Jeongguk’s smile looks real and genuine and Jimin’s really not in the mood to be in the middle of all this.

“Jimin, can I borrow Jeongguk for a second?”

Even the older boy’s eyes widen at the question. Call them clingy, but they never lost sight of each other in places like this. Never. When they do, it’s usually because they’re too drunk to keep track of where the other is going, but they always find their way back to each other—Jimin finds that the word “No” was already on the tip of his tongue, but looking at Taehyung now, he doesn’t think he has much of a choice.

“Okay, that’s cool,” Jimin shrugs, hoping that he looks as nonchalant as he wants to. “Jeonggukie, text me if you need me?”

Jeongguk’s about to open his mouth when Taehyung cuts him off by intertwining their fingers. It feels wrong. “I’ll take care of him, I promise!”

The smaller can only chuckle awkwardly as sunshine man literally winks at him. “Haha, yeah okay—just not too much, alright?”

That’s the first time he actually says something that’s technically not supposed to be nice in Taehyung’s direction, and he already feels the shock hitting himself in waves, so he slowly backs into the crowd until the swarms of people swallow him and Jeongguk’s no longer in his line of vision.


One Jeongguk-less hour later, Jimin’s found sipping on his fifth beer bottle as he leans his entire body weight on Hoseok. Somehow, he managed to slink himself towards where Yoongi and Hoseok who were surprisingly not making out against a wall, but fiddling with each other’s fingers on the couch.

They’re disgustingly in love, it soon dawns on Jimin like a ton of bricks.

“Do you see Jeongguk?” He slurs, nuzzling into Hoseok’s neck as he looks for warmth. It’s fucking freezing and he has no idea how the people in the party are doing it—dressed in sleeveless shirts and crop tops. Jimin just wants a hug and warm blankets and Jeongguk.

“No, Jiminnie,” Hoseok’s patting his hair down as he allows Jimin to press closer to his side. “But we’re looking, don’t worry.”

Jimin abruptly pulls himself away just as Hoseok’s starting to pat his back to comfort him, eyes wide and cheeks red. “I want another drink.”

“Jimin, I think you’ve had enough—”

“I’m okay, hyung,” Jimin widens his eyes even more, hoping that he’s giving some kind of sober impression to the couple next to him when Yoongi interjects (he looks like his eyes are going to pop out). “I’ll go get a drink—or something—and sit down. I—I’ll behave, hyungie, I promise.”

He turns his back on Yoongi’s worried expression and stalks towards the kitchen again. Soon, he finds Namjoon leaning against the counter, and gives him a big hug—slurring something along the lines of, “Happy birth month!” when it’s not even September yet—he steals the red cup the taller was holding in his hand and walks away; the best part of it all is that Namjoon didn’t even protest.

Give it another thirty minutes and Jimin’s positively hammered—he can’t even walk straight and he has no idea where the hell he is, much less Jeongguk. His jacket is slipping down his shoulder as he walks through the dark hallway, thinking he’s in some kind of motel because there are couples making out everywhere, before he trips over his own two feet and stumbles onto the floor.

He almost does, anyways.

“J—Jiminnie?” Jeongguk’s suddenly standing before him, breath smelling of alcohol as he holds Jimin steady with both of his hands on the smaller’s hips. “Hey! It’s me, Gukkie!”

He’s alone, and Jimin’s so relieved for a reason he can’t understand but he kind of wants to laugh because God, he’s so unmistakably happy and drunk and his mind is in all the wrong places.

So he does. “Gukkie—” He manages to squeeze in between his giggles, reaching up to grab Jeongguk’s face in his palms because his legs are still refusing to be legs and his best friend’s still holding him up like he’s the strongest guy alive. Jimin’s so smashed. “I missed you so much, my Gukkie, where’d you go? Do you have a new best friend now?”

Somewhere between Jimin’s little hiccups and giggles, Jeongguk joined in, because now he looks like a happy mess, too. His eyes are droopy and his hair’s a mess for whatever reason, but he’s holding Jimin now and everything else around them appears blurry and fuzzy—he’s all Jimin cares about right now. “Taetae took me away to go dancing but I didn’t wanna so I made my escape, and—and of course not! You’re always going to be my only best friend,” The taller starts leaning towards Jimin’s touch, his head eventually slipping away from Jimin’s grasp and falling into his warm neck. “Missed you, Jiminnie.”

Jimin feels him press one, two, three kisses on the side of his neck and Jeongguk’s lips feel like fire on his skin, leaving him gasping and clenching his fingers on the fabric covering the taller’s broad shoulders. “Guk—Jeonggukie-hyung, don’t do that.”

Jeongguk lifts his head before nosing against Jimin’s jawline, tracing the bone with the tip. He kisses him on his pulse point, firmer this time. “Do what?”

Jimin pinches him lightly, and it’s as if he’s lost control over his hands because one of them drags itself up until his fingers are nestled in Jeongguk’s hair and the other’s finding purchase on Jeongguk’s nape.

“That, hyung—Jeongguk.”

He feels the vibrations of Jeongguk’s quiet laughter against him, short puffs of air blowing against the wet kisses the older left on his neck. Jimin thinks it’s the alcohol playing him and Jeongguk like some video game, because now the latter’s pressing him against the nearest wall and Jimin can’t breathe.

“Good?” Jeongguk asks him then, pulling away from Jimin’s exposed neck and leaning close until their noses are brushing—Jimin only registers the question into his brain about three seconds after Jeongguk utters it. He holds on to the taller boy’s hair tighter until it has him gasping against him. “Jiminnie, this—this isn’t weird, right?”

“No,” He whispers, leaning closer, his mind somehow clearing and making him realize that he’s okay with having Jeongguk this close. “I’m okay, we’re okay.”

“Are you sure?” The hands on his hips tighten when Jeongguk sucks in another breath, unsure. “Because, if you’re not—”

“You’re making it weird,” Jimin finds it in himself to giggle despite the intensity of it all. “Jeonggukie-hyung, yes—yes I’m sure.”

Jeongguk shudders when Jimin pulls on his hair again, and slowly, he inches his mouth closer and closer, and closer until—

They’re kissing.

Their lips are moving against each other, their hands stay where they are but they’re holding on tighter, Jeongguk’s pressing himself harsher against Jimin’s frame and it’s just. It’s perfect, and Jimin feels like screaming because he doesn’t know why he’s liking it so much.

“Call me hyung again,” Jeongguk murmurs against him, his voice rough and low but his lips are still gentle against Jimin’s, “Please, Jiminnie.”


Jeongguk moves impossibly nearer, one of his hands finding its way to Jimin’s jaw as he cups his cheek ever so softly and caresses it with a thumb.


When they go home that night, holding hands like they always are, they don’t kiss again. They hug each other, finding comfort in each other’s embrace, but they don’t kiss—they don’t talk about it, and the night draws to an end with the pair asleep in each other’s arms on Jeongguk’s bed.



As much as Jimin wants to deny it, things start to change the next morning.

He knows none of them were blackout drunk; he knows that Jeongguk’s memories are perfectly intact and he can remember every single detail of what happened last night, just like Jimin does—but instead of bringing it up, Jimin eats breakfast quietly with Jeongguk and walks back to his own home alone.

He still reeks of alcohol and sweat, that’s for sure.

It’s a Saturday, and at this time he’s usually holed up in his best friend’s room with said best friend, but he’s frozen in place as he sits on the edge of his bed with eyes staring off into space.

He made out with Jeongguk last night.

He liked it.

Jimin’s pretty sure he’s still drunk.

He distinctly remembers Jeongguk asking him if it won’t be weird, if it was okay—and he can still hear his own voice telling the older than it was okay, that they’re okay, but what bothers him the most is that he outright asked Jeongguk for reassurance that he’s still the only best friend in his heart; it boggles Jimin’s mind, honestly. He agreed to not making it weird, and he knows that with Jeongguk being Jeongguk, he’s probably overthinking it too amidst the splitting pain that’s trying its best to shatter every single train of thought.

Jimin smells himself and grimaces, thinking that he should probably shower if he wants to show himself again to Jeongguk today.


After he bathes himself and scrubs himself clean of any trace of other people’s sweat smeared on his skin, he goes with a simple white shirt, an old pair of black jeans and his yellow converse-highs before escorting himself out of his house as quietly as he can—it’s 7 in the morning, after all, and he has no clue why he’s awake because it’s obvious that none of his family members are—before he steps out unto their doorstep and locks the front door behind him.

For a short while, he just watches Jeongguk’s house; it’s right next to his and it still looks the same, but Jimin feels entirely different somehow. Everything feels unfamiliar to him and he doesn’t know why, but he doesn’t like it either.

He shakes away any other dangerous, trouble-inducing thoughts before he goes down the porch’s steps and casually walking (he’s fucking tip toeing) towards the Jeon residence. His blonde bangs gets into the way of his vision and he curses his hair for being able to dry so quickly, but he focuses on the task at hand—get to Jeongguk and be a good best friend, dammit.

He’s been best friends with Jeongguk for so long that he doesn’t have any trouble looking for the spare key they keep hidden underneath one of the flowerpots lined up on their porch. He pulls his phone out and it reads 7:31AM—it’s still pretty early, and he can hear no sound coming from the other side of the door either, so he invites himself in and silently makes his way up to Jeongguk’s room.

It’s just that when he finally gets there, the place is deserted.

There are a few traces of him in the room from last night—he spots his rings on the bedside table and the anklet he always removes before going to sleep (it’s a miracle how his drunken mind even managed to remember that), and the bedsheets are still a mess, but no Jeongguk.

Jimin was halfway through preparing himself for a mental breakdown in the middle of Jeongguk’s bedroom floor when the guy he’s been looking for emerges from the bathroom installed into the room, and naturally, Jimin falls over like the clumsy man he is at the sight of his childhood best friend wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his damn waist—and he can already feel his dignity flushing down the toilet as his eyes skim over Jeongguk’s figure without his permission.

Jeongguk looks mortified, too—his already wide eyes have grown even wider to the point of looking like a fucking pug and he’s trying his best to cover himself with his arms and fuck, Jimin wishes he would stop unintentionally flexing them like that.

“Jiminnie, what the hell?” Jeongguk whisper-yells, finally finding his chill and setting his arms down as he stares at the former on the floor. “What are you doing?”

“You fucking scared me,” Jimin tries to compose himself, do something casual enough to pass him off as calm and collected and definitely not checking Jeongguk out. “Give a guy a warning next time!”

“Wha—a warning? Dude, it’s my house, I think you’re the one who should’ve warned me!”

Jimin’s taken aback. Where’s his comeback and insult bank when he needs it? “I wanted… to surprise you?”

Fucking great.

Thankfully, Jeongguk doesn’t make things worse for him and cracks a small smile. He extends a hand over to Jimin, who gratefully takes it.

The moment is tragically ruined when Jeongguk pulls Jimin up with too much force and they end up pressing against each other, the taller’s naked chest with Jimin’s clothed one.

Fucking great, again!



They both say at the same time, and Jimin hates how he’s probably as red as Jeongguk is right now. This is ridiculous.

He backs away just in time for him to save what’s left of their confidence and dusts himself off, clearing his throat. “Get dressed, you baby giant.”

Jeongguk looks at him for a while, mirth in his eyes as he tilts his head just a little, before sucking in his lips to conceal a smile at the weak insult and turning his back, making Jimin grow impossibly redder. “Yes, sir.”

When he makes a move to untie the towel covering the few areas of his body Jimin hasn’t seen yet, the latter promptly swivels and screws his eyes shut. Why the hell is Jeongguk torturing him today?

He stays like that for about five minutes before he feels a pair of arms curve around his waist, and a sharp chin hooking itself over his right shoulder. He’s doing everything he can to not shudder—fuck, he’s weak.

“You know, you didn’t have to turn around so dramatically,” Jeongguk calmly speaks into his ear, hugging him from behind like he always does but this time it’s so fucking different that Jimin feels like combusting. “We always dress up around each other, and we’ve showered together, Jiminnie. In case you forgot.”

Jimin slaps arm, huffing. “It’s called being a decent person, brat.”

“But we never have been decent towards each other, have we?”

The smaller whirls around in Jeongguk’s arms, eyebrows furrowed as he looks up into the taller’s eyes. “Excuse me? Of course, we’ve been decent towards each other!”

Jeongguk coos at him—this fucking guy, Jimin swears in his head—before pulling the younger into a tight hug. “Aigoo, you’re so cute when you’re worked up.”

Jimin struggles in his hold, but to no avail, so he settles for nuzzling into Jeongguk, sniffing in his scent as he does so. “Shut up, you large tree.”

“The nicknames you’re giving me are making me hard, Jimin, wow.” Jeongguk faux moans, which only resulted to Jimin successfully shoving him off this time, a scandalized look on his face as he blinks at his friend.

“You—you’re unbelievable,” Jimin takes a hand and runs it through his hair, paying no mind to the eye’s trailing the action. “You need to get laid.”

He walks to Jeongguk’s bed, willing away Jeongguk’s moan because his mind won’t stop taunting him by playing it over and over like it’s been recorded, and buries his face into a pillow with Jeongguk immediately following suit; it’s just that he chooses to settle for staring at the blonde hair sitting beautifully on top of Jimin’s head.

“Maybe I do,” His voice sounds lower, his tone a little hushed as he rests the side of his head on his hand, his elbow on the mattress for support. “You know a guy?”

“Yeah, in fact, I do,” Jimin finally allows himself to breathe and faces the Korean reincarnation of Adonis staring back at him. “Kim Taehyung. Sounds familiar?”

Hear Jimin out—he’s made it clear to himself that he downright despises Kim Taehyung, the sound of his voice irritating the hell out of him and his sunny smile making him feel some kind of threatened, but fuck, he needs to get Jeongguk off his back. He’s making Jimin feel so awkward and fuzzy all over and Jimin hates the unfamiliar feeling.

“…Did you just tell me to fuck Taetae?”

Fucking Taetae. What the hell. “I mean, he’s pretty good-looking, don’t you think? Seems pretty interested in you, too.” This is the first time he’s actually doing something to help increase Taehyung’s chances with Jeongguk, and he so badly wants to know why it seems like something’s tugging him down when he says those words.

He’s being a good person, why does it feel so heavy?

“I mean—I guess? But Tae’s like a brother to me, I can’t,” Jeongguk shrugs it off, “Kinda like how you feel brotherly to me! Y’know?”

Fucking him must be just as easy as kissing me against the walls of Namjoon’s house, then.

Jimin huffs in reply. “Yeah, right, Guk.”

“I’m serious,” He really doesn’t know why Jeongguk’s smiling so much, it’s making his stomach hurt in a way he didn’t know it could hurt and it feels weird, “I don’t like him. I’d rather sleep Seokjin.”

Jimin can only roll his eyes before sitting up and nudging his friend with a finger.

“Set the tv up, will you? I’m in the mood to watch Haikyuu.”

Jungkook cheers.



The next time he eats lunch with Yoongi and Hoseok, it’s on Monday—when Jeongguk, yet again, forgets to do some assignment.

“Hey, Jiminnie,” Hoseok perks up, nodding in Jimin’s direction once. “Why are you being so quiet?”

“Hmm?” Jimin looks up at the two pairs of eyes looking at him, as if trying to see through him—he’s kind of scared that they have him already figured out already. “It’s nothing, Seokie. I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Like… Jeongguk?”

Jimin nearly drops his spoon at that. Why can’t Jeongguk leave him the fuck alone? He’s not even here, but people are still mentioning his name like he’s some viral video game. “What? No—I’m thinking about our Math quiz!”

“Mhm, right,” Yoongi says, unconvinced. He loudly whispers to his boyfriend, “Look at him. He’s getting all red again.”

“Stop embarrassing him,” Hoseok shoves Yoongi, but judging by the way he’s snickering, Jimin doesn’t think he’s serious. “The kid has a crush, let’s not tease him.”

“What?” Jimin almost screams the word, gaining the attention of a few other students who immediately stop staring when Jimin goes to glare at them. “Hey! You’ve got it all wrong—Jeongguk’s been extra annoying lately, it’s getting on my nerves and that’s it!”

“I thought you were thinking of your math assignment?”

“Yeah, that too!”

Yoongi sighs. “He’s hopeless.”

And then Jimin’s phone suddenly buzzes twice—he has to glance at Yoongi and Hoseok watching his every move before he even gets to check the two texts he received.


From: Kim Taehyung t(-_- t)

Can I eat lunch with Jeongguk today? I spotted him in the library again hehhe

Never could have accomplished dis without u. I OWE U

Received 12:27PM


From: Gukkie

Hey, Taehyung’s asking me to eat lunch with him

Just a heads up

Love you jiminnie

Received 12:28PM


Jimin’s trying not to sniffle at the ‘Love you jiminnie’ Jeongguk texted him when Yoongi suddenly starts having a coughing fit, muttering something along the lines of, “Oh shit, there they are.”

Of course, Jimin just had to turn around at that very same moment—and there they are, indeed. Walking into the canteen like a pair of superstars, Jeongguk and Taehyung chatter animatedly amongst themselves as they find a vacant seat, but this time, Jeongguk’s not even looking for Jimin anymore.

Jimin feels defeated for nth time that month, and he hates it.



The second time someone points out the ridiculous idea of Jimin having a crush, it’s when he finds himself studying on the grassy area outside of school early in the morning with Namjoon and Seokjin—and to no one’s surprise, some sense actually gets knocked into Jimin’s head, because two times was all it really took.

Jimin’s surprised to find out that they’re actually really entertaining people to be friends with, and he’s come to the realization that since he was a little kid, all he had was Jeongguk—now, he practically earned himself an entire circle of friends, and as much as he dislikes the idea of Kim Taehyung being a part of it, he actually thinks that having more friends isn’t that bad.

“Uh-oh, Jimin’s spacing out again,” Seokjin teases when Jimin fails to answer yet another question Namjoon tossed at him about the human anatomy or something. “Earth to Jimin? Are you done exploring the Jeongguk universe yet?”


“He has no idea, does he?” Namjoon smiles, and suddenly Jimin feels like smiling too—the older boy’s smile works like that, even with Seokjin, who claims to be irritated by the mere sight of Namjoon’s face (that’s a damn lie. They’re literally the closest friends Jimin has ever seen.)

“No idea of what?” Jimin questions, genuinely curious.

“You have a big fat crush,” Seokjin chuckles, opting to look down at his books as he mutely smiles to himself. “And you have no idea.”

Jimin snorts at that. “Yeah, right. On who? Jeongguk?”

Okay, maybe he made a mistake in mentioning his name again.

“Yes, genius,” Namjoon laughs, shaking his head fondly as he leans back on the grass. “You’re not as unaware as we thought you were, thank God.”

They’d be happy for Jimin and all, but the smaller’s not even breathing.


“That’s—that’s a funny joke, Joonie,” He forces out a nervous laugh, looking down at his fingers. “Real funny. Jeongguk’s like, my little brother.”

“Mhm,” Seokjin hums, “Do you kiss your little brothers often?”

That’s what gets Jimin coughing up a fit, and he really does choke on his saliva, his face growing red. “What? How’d you know—wait, no—”

“Ah, bingo,” The taller points a finger in Jimin’s direction, a knowing smile on his face. “I knew you were the steamy couple getting it on in the hallway!”

“Excuse me—Jinnie, we were not getting it on—”

“I may have been piss drunk but not hammered enough to not recognize my own friends,” Seokjin nods firmly, clasping a hand over Jimin’s shoulder. “Especially when they’re sucking face.”

Jimin’s actually blushing this time, not believing his ears.

Someone actually saw that?

“But—but it was a heat of the moment thing,” Jimin has got to stop laughing so awkwardly, seriously. “We don’t even talk about it.”

“Ah, but you think about it,” Seokjin’s smug smile is really starting to get on Jimin’s nerves now, but he can’t find it in himself to snap at him—not when he’s proving a point, and a good one, too. “My guess is, that’s what’s been running through your cute little head lately, and that’s why you’re so uneasy around Taetae, right?”

Jimin shakes his head, exactly when his hands start getting clammy, too.

“Seokjinnie—I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”

And so they leave it at that.



The third time someone introduces the idea of Jimin having a crush, it comes from himself.

He’s lying awake in bed that night, after a long day of holding Jeongguk’s hand and trying to survive his last year in high school, with thoughts of Jeongguk’s lips and eyes and laugh and smile making his heart race, his mind reminding him of all the times he tried to convince everyone that he’s just cautious around strangers like Taehyung when he’s been a little jealous all along—he fails to realize that a little smile has already started blooming on his face as his head is filled with Jeongguk and nothing but.

Yeah. He might have a crush, after all.



When he arrives at school and catches Jeongguk’s eye, he starts realizing that he should have given this more thought because he’d be damned if he didn’t say that Jeongguk smiling at him like that didn’t make a zoo go wild in his stomach.

“Jiminnie!” He still has the same voice, the same bunny smile, the same everything—but somehow, it all looks different to Jimin as the taller approaches.

“Hey,” Jimin’s trying to conceal his excitement, his hand already reaching for Jeongguk’s, and he finds himself thanking all the deities listening for making hand holding a normal thing between them, because fuck, his best friend’s hand felt so snug and warm and right in his. “Did you have a good morning?”

“I did, thanks,” Jeongguk smiles softly at him, and Jimin wants to melt. He’s so whipped already. “Better now that you’re here.”

“You’re such a dweeb.” Jimin’s so tempted to give him one of those long, emotion-filled hugs but then he remembers that they’re best friends and that they only do that on particular moments—on Jimin’s part, anyways.

As class starts, Jimin finds himself staring at the back of Jeongguk’s head, thinking of all the times the signs were so clearly presenting themselves to him but he did nothing but wave them away. Taehyung, he’s a lovely person—a true sunshine man, and Jimin only ever felt a great amount of loathing for him because he was after the only guy Jimin ever truly fell for. The drunken kiss they shared, well, it just amplified his feelings tenfold.

He’s really, really fallen deep.



Along with the confessing to himself junk came a great deal of pain, especially when Jimin watches Jeongguk and Taehyung talk to each other and pick up on a few inside jokes he can’t quite understand.

It sucks, and the others aren’t helping—they’re all looking at him with sympathetic looks and it’s making Jimin’s skin itch.

“Why are you guys being so quiet?” Jeongguk decides to break the ice, oblivious as ever as his hysterical laughter dies down along with Taehyung’s.

“Nothing,” Namjoon is the first to answer, saving the day as he does so. He reassures Jeongguk with a smile. “Long day, that’s all.”

“You sure?” Taehyung asks, before digging into the food in front of him. Everyone on the table nods their heads before, once again, glancing at Jimin.

Jeongguk’s quick to nudge Jimin gently. “Hey, are you okay?”

This isn’t the right time to make his heart flutter, and as much as he wants to punch Jeongguk for it, the urge to kiss him on the spot is just as strong and he can’t risk anything. Instead, he reaches for Jeongguk’s hand and squeezes.

“All good, Jeonggukie.”


It’s when Jimin realizes that Jeongguk’s birthday is fast approaching that he panics later into the day, when Jeongguk’s back in his own home and doing homework.

“Oh my god, what should I do?” He says then, holding his phone up to his ear as he trips over his own words, on the phone with Hoseok. “Should I like, confess? Wouldn’t that ruin his day?”

“You’re delusional,” He hears Yoongi, and he soon realizes that he’s on speaker. “It’ll make his day—a hundred percent sure.”

“Don’t do that! It’s getting my hopes up,” Jimin sniffles, finally relenting and sitting at the edge of his bed. “If he ends up breaking my heart, I’m blaming the two of you.”

“And if you end up together, you owe us fifty bucks.”

“The fuck? I’m not betting on my love life!”

“Well, we’ve been betting on it since the moment Taehyung came along, and now Yoongi owes me five.”

“…Five of what?”

“Blowjobs, Jiminnie.”

Jimin lets out a strangled animal noise before he abruptly ends the call.

His friends offered him no comfort nor relief, making him feel hopeless because now he feels like no matter what he does, everyone’s going to see right through him and spot how whipped he is for Jeongguk on the day he doesn’t want to ruin the most.



It’s August 31st.

He’s spending the night at Jeongguk’s—they’re going to spend his entire birthday together and it’s going to be awesome, just like he had promised to the birthday boy the other day.

It’s just that he has another plan in mind, branching out of their normal routine, and it’s making him twitch because he’s so, so nervous.

Jeongguk notices nothing, thankfully. He’s still his same, bubbly self when he talks to their friends that day, still holding Jimin’s hand in his no matter where he goes. The day is going great until Taehyung comes up to Jeongguk with Jimin right next to him, already looking like he has something to say.

“Jeon Jeongguk,” He says then, when the other students have dispersed and disappeared into the canteen. “There’s something you need to know.”

Jimin hates how there’s a blush blooming on the younger’s cheeks as words spill out of his mouth, eyes locked on Jeongguk’s. He squeezes the hand gripping his.

“I’ve liked you for four years, but days ago, I’ve decided that you’re officially not my crush anymore for reasons you’ll soon understand. If we’re going to be friends, I need you to know this and I hope you’re okay with that.”

The blonde’s jaw drops.

In all honesty, he was expecting some kind of fabulous confession, complete with confetti and a bouquet of flowers, maybe even the cheerleading squad dancing to some cutesy love song—but definitely not this. Jeongguk looks as shocked as Jimin feels, but Taehyung looks all sorts of relieved and chilled out as his lips press into a thin line and awaits a reaction.

“Taetae, I really don’t know what to say…” Jeongguk bites his lip, and Jimin squeezes his hand again—this time, out of reassurance and support. I’m here. “Four years… wow…”

“I know,” Taehyung sighs, looking genuinely conquered by disbelief. “Can’t believe I spent all those years pining over a knucklehead like you.”

Jimin can’t even find it in himself to be slightly offended by that, because he’s a little in love with the aforementioned knucklehead—he completely misses how Taehyung gives him a meaningful look and a subtle nod.

“Me too, Tae, what the hell.” Jeongguk and Taehyung fall into step with each other easily, choosing to laugh over the sudden declaration made by the latter, and Jimin can already see the foundations of a strong friendship forming—he thinks that the best part of it all is that his heart feels lighter, and Taehyung finally starts looking like the sunshine man Jimin dubbed him as in his eyes.

He finds himself laughing along.



At lunch, Jimin finds himself laughing along with his friends, rather than letting Jeongguk do all the socializing for him.

Hoseok’s still crying over Haikyuu, Yoongi’s munching on some lettuce while comforting his boyfriend, Jeongguk’s watching everyone with his wide ass eyes, Namjoon’s complaining about how only Seokjin helped him clean up his house—“I thought we were a team, you guys!” —and then there’s Taehyung, looking as nonchalant as ever. Jimin can’t stop staring at him.

“Taehyung-ah,” Jimin calls, “Accompany me? I want to pee.”

Jeongguk’s eyebrows are furrowed already, a questioning look on his face as his head whips to Jimin’s direction. “Why not go with me?”

“Just because.” Jimin smiles at him, eyes soft and shining, and gets up to go to the restroom, but not before pressing a short kiss to Jeongguk’s forehead (now, he’s the master at ignoring his friends when they react to something he does to show some affection to Jeongguk—the latter’s not even complaining, he’s enjoying the extra attention.)

“Jiminnie?” Taehyung’s unsure when he asks, stepping into the restroom with Jimin already waiting for him there. “What’s up? You know Jeongguk’s probably missing you right now… right?”

“Why’d you do it?” Jimin shoots him a question in return, leaning against the row of sinks. “You—you really liked Jeongguk, why?”

“I didn’t lie you know,” Taeyung has a knowing smile on his face already as he goes and washes his hands. “I’m really over him now.”


“You’ll come to realize,” The younger tells him, “That pining over someone will get tiring if their heart already belongs to someone else.”

Jimin felt that.

He felt like a bullet was shot through his heart, his mind taking him to the worst places and his vision is spinning—Jeongguk likes someone?


Taehyung inhales through his nose, before giving Jimin a meaningful look.

“You’ll understand soon enough, Jiminnie.”

He doesn’t know why Taehyung’s smiling at him like that because fuck, he just told Jimin that Jeongguk likes someone when the latter hasn’t even mentioned anything to him—fuck.

His heart really dug a hole that deep for him.


Later that night, Jimin’s head is still spinning.

He can’t look at Jeongguk without feeling immense heartache, and he hates how he can’t even hold the taller’s hand anymore because it hurts. It hurts so much.

Jeongguk and he have been switching from one video game to the other—honestly, Jimin’s just trying his best to distract himself from his impending doom. He’s second guessing if he should still stick to the plan, if he should still confess to Jeongguk, if it’s really going to bring him fortune, if it’s going to work as well as he wants it to—

“Jiminnie,” Jeongguk whines, putting the controller down gently. “You’re sucking so bad at this.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Jimin’s been starting to hate so many things recently, and now the fact that his voice sounds so small and shy is adding itself to the growing list. “I’ll do better, Jeonggukie.”

The other shakes his head, reaching a hand out and taking the game controller out of Jimin’s grasp. “No, tell me what’s wrong.”

Jimin’s heart is starting to hurt again. “Nothing’s wrong, Guk,” He frowns, trying to make the older believe him, “I’m okay—”

“No, you’re not,” Jeongguk’s letting out a pained laugh and it’s hurting Jimin even more, and he’s feeling the guilt pulling at his heartstrings because he’s ruining Jeongguk’s night, “I thought we agreed that we’re not going to have any secrets between us?”

“It’s no big deal, Guk, drop it please—”

“I can’t drop it if you’re being sad,” The taller boy’s frowning now, too. “If you’re being sad then I’m going to be sad because—because you’re my best friend!”

Jimin has to avert his eyes at that.

He screws them shut for three seconds, before turning back to meet Jeongguk’s worried gaze.

“Do you… like someone?”

What a way to break the ice, Jimin. Way to fucking go.

“Me?” Jimin can’t believe his eyes because Jeongguk’s blushing. Like, for real, tomato red blushing, and it’s so endearing, Jimin wants to kiss the shit out of him. “No! Of course not—”

“Are you sure?” Jimin’s lips are being tugged downwards at the edges. “I mean, if you want to keep it a secret, it’s cool.”

The next thing he knows, Jeongguk’s standing up and pacing in his room, a hand on his hips as he looks at Jimin like he’s grown two more heads. “Is that—is that why you’re upset? Because you think I like someone?”

Oh no, no no no no— “No!” Jimin’s standing up too, his legs taking him to Jeongguk as he stands before him, frantically shaking his head. “You’ve got it all wrong, Jeongguk—” Now he’s blushing, and Jimin really wants the ground to open up and eat him already.

“Oh my god,” Jeongguk giggles, a delicate hand covering his mouth as he does so, cheeks equally as red. “You think I like someone? And you’re upset over it?”

“Stop it,” Jimin’s hands are cupping his own face, his eyes looking down at the ground as if begging it to crack open already. “Jeongguk, stop talking—”

He hears Jeongguk let out a few more giggles, before sighing. “Ah, you’re so cute.”

And then—

Holy fucking shit.

There’s a mouth pressed against Jimin’s and his eyes are wide open, Jeongguk’s hands are on his waist and he can’t fucking breathe—holy shit. Jeongguk’s kissing him.

The taller pulls away but not completely, nuzzling his nose against Jimin’s.

“C’mon, Jiminnie,” He whispers, and he has the audacity to smile against Jimin’s lips, “Kiss me back.”


Jeongguk cuts him off with a harder kiss, a hand sliding up to cup Jimin’s jaw and move it to the side, just when Jimin’s mentally shrugging his shoulders. Fuck it.

He starts moving his lips against Jeongguk’s soft ones, and he only just realizes how much he missed the tenderness of his best friend’s kiss and the firmness of his grip on Jimin’s body—he has no idea how he managed to control himself and not kiss Jeongguk every single time he smiled at him, and fucking hell, Jimin thinks he’s in love.

“Stop thinking so hard,” Jeongguk’s whispering against him again, his breathing a little ragged and voice a little desperate, “Kiss me, Jimi—”

Jimin’s hands are grabbing at his hair, pulling and clenching his fingers around the dark violet strands, and really kisses Jeongguk this time.

There are no fireworks, no sparks that fly when he feels Jeongguk’s tongue poking at the seam of his lips, when he senses Jeongguk trying to move closer and closer until there’s no more space between them to eliminate, but his heart is beating so fast and he’s so damn happy that he thinks he’s smiling against the movement of Jeongguk’s mouth, and he thinks he wants Jeongguk to keep kissing him forever.

If you ask him, he’d choose the happiness wrapping around his heart over figurative fireworks any day.

(Jimin checks the wall clock and realizes that it’s eight minutes past twelve later that night.

He looks back at Jeongguk and sees him already staring at him, so he whispers, “Happy birthday, Jeonggukie,” before kissing the life out of him.)



“Thank God, they finally realized it.”

It’s Yoongi who finally comments on the sight of Jeongguk and Jimin holding hands and giggling like some newlywed couple, the former pressing kisses to different areas of Jimin’s face a lot more often. They just entered the cafeteria, and their five friends are wondering how the hell the other students aren’t gawking at them with shock written on their faces.

Taehyung’s the one who answers this question. “I mean, take it from someone who’s been watching them for years,” He says with a smile on his face, “They’ve always been like that—nothing really seems out of the ordinary.”

“Preach,” Hoseok replies, bringing his sandwich up to his lips as he leans against Yoongi. “They just seem… a lot more in love now.”

The others nod their heads, unable to say anything else as they watch the pair look at each other with love so distinct in their eyes.



Jeongguk’s busy pressing kisses to Jimin’s hair when he sighs wistfully, glancing at their intertwined fingers. They’re currently in the former’s room, cuddling like they always do but this time, everything feels so different that he can feel himself blushing all over again.

 “Ah, Jiminnie… why did it take you so long?”

“Me?” Jimin looks up at him, astonished. “You should have made a move way earlier than I did! You know how shy I am and you pushed me to my limits like the enormous tease you are—”

Jeongguk pecks his lips to stop Jimin’s rant, eyes fond as he stares down at his boyfriend. “I’ve been flirting with you since the fifth grade, you nerd.”

“Fifth grade, my ass,” Jimin shoves him weakly, “You’ve never flirted with me except for that one time I busted into your house and you just got out of the shower.”

“You’re blinded by ignorance,” Jeongguk sighs, faking his sadness. “I’ve been trying so hard to show you that I have a big fat crush on you but you only saw that as me being a clingy friend. You’re one of a kind, Jiminnie.”

Jimin really hopes that Jeongguk’s not joking, because he’s starting to fall for everything the older is saying. “You—really?”

“I’ve liked you for years,” Jeongguk emphasizes, bringing Jimin closer to him as he does so. “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you now, though.”

Jimin’s feelings are fucking skyrocketing.

When he tackles Jeongguk and gives him the most heartfelt kiss they’ve ever shared, Jeongguk's hands coming up to rest on his best friend’s hips, Jimin’s heart is beating fast again but there’s this warmth creeping into his chest and—

Yeah. He’s definitely in love with Jeongguk, too.