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“Daaarling!” The call came from behind Hiro as he made his way down a hallway.

Turning around, his eyes widened at the sight of Zero Two in a full sprint. Opening his arms, Hiro grunted as Zero Two threw herself at him, barely managing to stay upright with her sudden impact.

Laughing at her enthusiasm, Hiro looked down at Zero Two with a wide smile. Arms wrapped around his waist and her chin on his chest, she looked right back up with a massive grin. “I’ve missed you, darling!”

“Zero Two, I was only gone for an hour,” he replied with a chuckle. “An hour too long,” she pouted. Hiro laughed again, and began to softly pet the top of her head. Humming in contentment, Zero Two happily accepted his affectionate touches.

As usual for his Student Council Vice-President duties, Hiro had been pulled out of class to help the school prepare for the upcoming Sports Festival. This very much annoyed Zero Two, who had been looking forward to wasting time with her darling. The longer he was gone, the more irritated she had became, and so Zero Two has made it her top priority to find her darling the second after the end of school bell rang.

Suddenly, she shot straight up, surprising Hiro and causing him to stumble back a bit with a small yelp. “Ah, darling! I just remembered!”

The excitement in her eyes naturally made Hiro slightly wary (a reaction learnt from experience), so he cautiously replied. “Yes, Zero Two?

She grinned widely with her teeth bared, showing off her sharp canines. “Tomorrow, don’t bring a lunch. I have a surprise for you!”

“A surprise?” Hiro raised an eyebrow. “Should I guess what it is?”

“Nooo, then it won’t be a surprise, darling.” Zero Two admonished with a smile. She leaned in to place a quick kiss on his nose. “C’mon, let’s go!” She exclaimed, grabbing his hand with her own. “We’ve got better things to do than waste our time in this boring old school.”

Zero Two took off, dragging a laughing Hiro behind her.


The next morning, after spending all of yesterday with Hiro, Zero Two woke up bright and early to work on her surprise. She was alone in the kitchen, humming a song only she could hear as she danced around. A pot of mysterious substance was bubbling on the stove. Prancing over to it, she spooned out a small sample. Tasting it tentatively, Zero Two frowned. She began digging around in the pantries and emerged victoriously a short while later with a box of sugar.

Sprinkling a bit of it into the pot, she tried the strange concoction another time. Smacking her lips to try and get a better feel for the taste, Zero Two shrugged, and just dumped half the box of sugar into the pot. Grabbing a nearby spoon, she stirred the mixture for a couple minutes humming happily before throwing the spoon aside, satisfied.

Picking up the heavy pot with disturbing strength, Zero Two hefted it over to the kitchen island to slam it down next to a plate that held a surprisingly well grilled fish, a small bowl of steamed vegetables, another small bowl of rice, and for some reason, a bag of candy. Reaching down to one of the cupboards, she pulled out a bento box. Carefully, she began putting her work of art together. After pouring the entire bag of candy into the rice and stirring for a short while, she scooped a couple spoonfuls of the mixture into the bento. Next came the steamed vegetables which were snugly tucked into the side. The mysterious soup had a small portion of the box reserved for it, and the grilled fish was neatly placed over the top half of the candy and rice.

Grabbing one of the carrots, she delicately cut out a couple slices of the carrot that she then used with some of the smaller candy to design little smiley faces, placing them under the fish. Zero Two stared at her work with a pensive expression on her face. “Ah, right!” She suddenly exclaimed with a snap of her fingers, a habit picked up from Goro. “The honey! How could I forget the honey?”

She returned to the pantries and dug out one of her countless jars of honey. Unscrewing the cap, she simply dumped a considerable amount of honey all over the fish, vegetables, and rice candy mixture. She paused and then shrugged, pouring some of the honey into soup as well. The sugar probably wasn’t enough, she thought. This honey will make it better. After all, you can’t go wrong with more honey.

Smiling proudly, Zero Two looked at her work of art. She quickly wiped a bit of drool away. This was for her darling - not her, as delicious it looked. She placed the cap over the bento box and carefully wrapped it up in a red cloth with a cute little bow on top. Hiding the bento at the bottom of her school bag, Zero Two hurried out to try and catch Hiro at the street corner they usually met at on their way to school. She couldn’t wait for lunch! Her darling was going to be so happy!


For almost all day, Hiro could see how hard Zero Two was working to contain her excitement. She was bouncing all over the place, often throwing excited glances his way. Once the lunch bell finally rang, Zero Two instantly once again grabbed Hiro by the hand and sped off to the roof, where the two usually ate their lunch together.

The second they reached the bench on top of the school and sat down, Zero Two hurriedly dug inside her school bag to bring out the cloth wrapped bento, presenting it to Hiro with a beautiful smile.

All but bouncing in place with excitement, Zero Two announced, “Here, darling! I made this for you!”

For most people, her enthusiasm might have been frightening. But Hiro was used to it by now, and it was actually one of the many many things he loved about her. Not that it was very hard: Zero Two was damn near perfect in every way, and Hiro would fight anyone who said otherwise.

Unfortunately, ‘near perfect in every way’ didn’t seem to quite extend to her cooking skills. It’s not that she was bad, per say, she just had such a warped sense of taste that no one except maybe Futoshi could handle whatever she conjured up, and even that was debatable. The bento Zero Two held before him was a prime example of that.

Fish, steamed vegetables, and rice covered in honey with a decently sized portion of some mysterious liquid that even now bubbled after hours of its creation. The entire meal simply reeked of sugar. Hiro stared in disbelief at what his girlfriend had wrought.

“Is that candy in the rice?”

“Yep yep!” Beamed Zero Two. He noticed she was slightly drooling at the sight of her own creation. Quickly, with a speed comparable to some of the great strategic brains in history, Hiro came up with an idea. Goal in mind, he executed Plan: Avoid Sugar Overdose While Keeping Dino-Girlfriend Happy, aka ASOWKDGH. He’d have to work on that.

With swift precision, Hiro skillfully shifted their positioning, maneuvering Zero Two’s legs over his lap, bringing her closer to his side and allowing him to steal the super sugar coated bento and take it out of her hands. Hiro held it close to Zero Two’s face, right under her nose, and slowly wafted the sweet smell up to her. She was becoming cross eyed trying to look at the bento held in front of her. How adorable, Hiro thought offhandedly.

“Geez, Zero Two, this looks sooo delicious,” Hiro praised, “but I don’t know if I can eat it all… whatever shall I do?” He sighed mournfully.

When Zero Two’s eyes began rapidly flickering back and forth between the bento and his face, Hiro mentally smirked. Leaning in close, he began to slowly place soft kisses right behind her ear - one of the many weak spots he knew she had. When she shivered in his lap and he saw her close her eyes as she bit back a small moan, Hiro went in for the kill.

Placing the bento on Zero Two’s lap, he slowly picked up a mouthful of honey covered candy and rice, making sure she could see his every move. Once Hiro was sure Zero Two was following his chopsticks with all the concentration she could muster while he was kissing her, he slowly lifted the rice up to her slightly ajar lips. On the next kiss, Hiro pressed particularly hard right into the base of her ear, and when Zero Two opened her mouth in a silent moan, he took the chance to gently nudge the chopstick past her lips.

Hiro smirked against her skin when she made a small noises of satisfaction at the sugary treat. Reaching one of his arms around her back to slowly began massaging her other ear while he continued to kiss the one closest to him, Hiro began the slow but extremely enjoyable task of feeding Zero Two her own lunch.

The soft noises she made, the quiet whines and held back moans were all music to his ears. Hiro was faintly reminded of back when he had first met Zero Two as a young child, and how the sweets he had given her then seemed just as effective now. Although, Hiro thought as a particularly loud moan made it past her lips, he definitely enjoyed these sounds now much more than the ones from back then.

Before long, the bento was empty, and a shallow breathing Zero Two sat in Hiro’s lap trying to recover, eyes half lidded. She pouted. “That wasn’t very fair, darling.”

“I don’t know, Zero Two,” Hiro brightly smiled back in response, “I rather enjoyed it.”

Zero Two quickly buried her face into the crook of his neck with a loud hmph. That stupid smile of his was entirely unfair. She hoped he couldn’t feel the heat of her blush, but his laugh quickly proved otherwise. “Shut up,” she grumbled softly.

When complete silence was her answer, she looked up questioningly. The intense way Hiro was gazing down at her surprised Zero Two, his icy blue eyes seeming to freeze her in place. One of his hands roze to gently cup her cheek, and he leaned in for a kiss. Zero Two all but melted into his arms.

Once the two were out of breath, they separated their lips, foreheads still touching.

“Thank you, Zero Two.”


“For taking time to make me a meal.”

She rolled her eyes. “Even when you didn’t eat any of it?”

Hiro softly laughed. “To be honest, I enjoyed my way much more.”

His smile grew sinister.

“After all, who knew you could make such,” he leaned in close to whisper into her ear, “beautiful sounds?”

Zero Two shoved Hiro away, blush returning with a vengeance as he comically fell off the bench laughing.

“I’ll show you,” she grumbled, turning her back to him stubbornly. “I’ll get better at cooking and force you to enjoy my food.”

Hiro stood up with a smile. “I’ll be looking forward to it.” He walked up next to her and wrapped her in a warm embrace, chin resting on her shoulder. Zero Two leaned her head against his, and softly sighed in contentment.


Later, a thought came to Zero Two. “Hey darling, Simon said Nia-senpai was a good cook, didn’t he?”

Hiro, focused on the virtual battle he was having with Goro, answered distractedly. “Yeah, but I’m pretty sure Simon-senpai ate rats for most his life. Everything tastes good to that guy.”
Zero Two thoughtfully rubbed her chin. “Hmmm…”