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Seokjin's hair was dark and wet from the overwhelming downpours outside. The lights overhead appeared to glimmer gently. He stopped,
“I-I-” Words refused to escape his lips.
"Accept the new position and I'll be en route immediately." The other man’s mouth seemed glued after this handing him a large manilla folder, quickly Seokjin took it up into his hands. “Those are all the documents we have on them. Don’t-”
"Get captured?" Seokjin murmured scoffing a bit, "And here I thought we would have had a decent supper?" He huffed out a sigh, letting a hand fall to his side.
“I need you to solve that case-” The man held a look of seriousness.
“You need me to do it but I need to eat!” Seokjin shook his head lightly. He loved teasing this man. “Remind me after this to never work for you again?” He shrugged at the man before him.
“You always sound so sure you’ll return from these jobs, Seokjin?” He responded with a grin to Seokjin. He had equally coordinating dark hair somewhat messy, a blue coat and a large smile. He was handsome, and Seokjin would be lying if he said he didn't have the hots for him.
“When have I ever messed up at my job Hoseok?” Hoseok stood back for a moment. Looking Seokjin down, before shaking his head off at him.
“This one isn’t lookin’ so good for anyone we’ve sent in-”
“I am not simply anybody." Seokjin gave the man a raised brow which was speedily returned.
“Yeah...yeah… I get it.” Hoseok shook his head as the winds outside began to pick up causing a howl from the worn windows of the old building. “The guy in there is a sick man. We’ve tracked his every movement into Seoul.” Seokjin pulled back the folder,
“Min Yoongi?”
“Small time crook.” Seokjin looked up to Hoseok. He had lost his bright smile, instead of replacing it with a frown. Hoseok crossed his arms over his chest, his look straining any emotion.
“Gone M.I.A?” Hoseok shook his head,
“Gone big." He sighed, "Second largest mafia in Seoul as of right now. T.S.D I think they call it?” Seokjin pulled up the paper, peeking at the photo. He was a cute looking man. Pale, blonde hair- with almost black eyes. Looking at the mug shot sent a ripple down Seokjin's spine.
“Have they begun to spur with D.M.E?” Hoseok nodded,
“At first we thought they would both wipe each other out-”
“But?” Hoseok swallowed hard.
“It seems Min found out who the D.M.E leader was- and managed to work out a deal-”
“They’re both working together now?” He nodded,
“Not combined. Just together.”
“Well… " Seokjin shut the envelope rapidly. "I'll get on with my work." Hoseok brought down his head delicately,
“Be safe this time.” His voice was a bit weaker than before, "I'm serious." Seokjin hated seeing him like this, slapping Hoseok's shoulder.
“I’m always safe!” Seokjin exclaimed finally moving past Hoseok.
“When we’re finished with this case- I’ll take you out for a steak dinner!” Hoseok called behind him. Seokjin didn’t bother turning back,
“Looking forward to it!”


Seokjin pushed open his door, switching the lights on. His home was neat, particularly since the measure of time he really spent here was constrained to what extent he wasn't on or preparing for another job request. He studied medicine for a long time- his mom at least wanted him to become a doctor but… Something caught his attention right after he finished his residency.

“Dear Kim Seokjin, we are happy to cordially congratulate you on passing-”
“Furthermore, this is the third torso discovered this week in another Seoul Park." His thought left the letter as he listened to the news behind him. “Detectives say that they have a suspect in custody-” An image flashed on the screen of the criminal. Seokjin blinked lightly, “We have yet to find a head-” Seokjin dropped his letter- quickly moving to grab a coat fleeing quickly.

“This is a crime scene-” Seokjin paused, seeing reporters being held back. No chance he could act like those individuals. He scoffed daintily, getting a quick look at a solitary camera at the foot of a tree. He moved to it, taking it up. Seokjin pulled the strap over his head, pulling up a medical mask. He took in a deep breath, holding his head topped with certainty he strolled off to the caution tape. An officer got a quick look at him-
“You’re late!” The man called to him. Seokjin lowered his head lightly,
“Sorry- caught up by the traffic.” The man shook his head, pulling up the tape for him.
“It’s in the middle of the seesaw playground.” He raised a light hand, going ahead. He didn’t hesitate to haul ass to where he thought a seesaw would be at.
"I need more photos of the body-" A man turned back, eyes strained at seeing Seokjin. "You're late once more and I'll personally beat the shit out of you!" Seokjin noticed the man's looks. A brilliant face, with expansive eyes. His hair looked muddled as though he had lost rest during this case.
“Sorry.” The man didn't hesitate, turning back and clearing a path. Seokjin took after the man,
“The body isn’t cut with surgical precision. I think this person was showing some signs of hesitation this time-” Seokjin’s eyes grew at the sight of the body, quickly he pulled his camera up snapping a couple of photographs of the grisly scene. Blood had started to coagulate, as he gazed at the torso. “The body was definitely not cut up here-”
“The head was attached until he got it here.” The man paused,
“The head was kept until after the dumping.” Seokjin turned up to the man, “ I believe that is the reason alternate parts are cut that way, this individual probably woke up… amid the procedure."
“He keeps individuals alive, even with the dismemberment of appendages. That is the reason the blood is soured in alternate territories, the killer stops the blood, brings the body to a dumping ground and then cuts the head off.” The man leaned closer to the torso,
“Holy shit.” The man looked up to Seokjin, “I think you’re right?”
“I believe it's to draw consideration somewhere else. Or on the other hand to deceive the police?”
“Wait a minute.” He pulled his jeans up, pulling up a pen and jabbing the attachment that missed its arm. "This current individual's more deliberate than we thought."
“No.” Seokjin paused, “He is providing these people an end.” The officer turned up to him,
“His skin is yellow. I don’t know for sure but- I am thinking kidney failure. This is what I believe to be a black market deal gone wrong.”
"Wrong?" The man swung up to take a gander at Seokjin,
“I think it is someone with basic medical training. They must have trusted this person, yet they hold no ground on anesthesia... or surgery?”
“Hey, Coroner? Since when did you start assuming out here in the field and not at the-” An officer came rushing towards them. Seokjin huffed lightly.
"Investigator Hoseok!" The man turned upward from his position.
“What?” He let out in annoyance.
“Someone stole a reporter's camera!” The man lowered his head to them. Seokjin realized that he had a couple of moments to complete a couple of things. He moved gradually, slipping the camera off setting it aside.
“Who could have-”
“Hoseok!” The detective looked back, seeing someone in a medical mask approaching-
“Wait!” Without another moment, Seokjin took off.


“You stole a camera from a news reporter and then you ran away from a police officer.” Seokjin lowered his head lightly. "Do you have any explanation for that?" Seokjin gritted his teeth. He had to lie through this, cause it wasn't sounding too good from his end.
“I was having a light sprint through the park and happened upon-”
“It was closed." Hoseok held a serious look on his face. "There was a murder investigation going on!” The detective shook his head, “I’ve looked through your photos too.” His nostrils grew larger, “You get a kick out of looking at dead bodies?”
"Ew...No." Seokjin unmistakably expressed.
“Then why are you roaming around my investigation-” He paused, moving a hand up to his ear. He growled delicately in the wake of hearing something. "So your name is Dr. Kim Seokjin?"
“Officially yes.”
“Do you comprehend that a doctor going to a scene of a crime and giving a lead detective advice makes me very suspicious of you?” Hoseok pointed up to Seokjin’s face. “I even had to punch you in the face.” Seokjin stared at Hoseok.
“A debt of gratitude is in order for that..." Seokjin said sarcastically before moving his fingers to his sore cheek, "Yet, I was giving legitimate guidance." He rolled his eyes. "Besides... I have medical knowledge so it wasn’t like I wasn’t helping-”
“....” Hoseok lets a brief pause of silence roam. “You- do you think you can find the head?”
“Find the what?” Seokjin shook his head furiously, “Excuse me, but you’re the detective I am a surgeon-” Hoseok turned back to face Seokjin,
“I won't press charges if you help.” Seokjin swallowed hard.
“I’ll try my best!” Seokjin saluted.




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Seokjin continued to scroll down the page. He had read over seven hundred pages for Min Yoongi and T.S.D. This man’s whole life was filled with crime. The list started with petty theft, moving up quickly at the age of 16 to car theft, spent a bit of time in jail for that. After this, it was bank theft and some disappearances were close to him yet no convictions. He must have paid someone off in the police force right. That was quite concerning- he moved over to his notepad, scribbling down more footnotes.


He tilted his head at his phone next to him. It was an unknown number.
Seokjin reached over his desk plucking it into his hand. He took it up, swiping and lifting the phone to his ear.
“Hello. This is Dr.-” It was a bad impulse of his.
“Dr. Kim?” Seokjin scoffed at this. He knew this man would tease him to the end of time now. “You still go by Dr. Kim?”
“Of course I do." Seokjin pressed his eyes closed, leaning back in his seat. "I worked eight years for that title... just cause I am good at this puzzle shit doesn’t mean I don’t like being called what I earned.” A snicker came from the phone.
“Okay, Dr. Kim.” Seokjin had already known why he called him. Information. Though, it was unclear as to why he was calling and not Hoseok. He made due, readying his pen to take down whatever this man said.
“So, Hoseok tells you to call me instead of him now?” Seokjin smirked knowing this would upset the other man. 
“He asked me to just give you a heads up-” He could hear that he was offended.
“Oh?" Seokjin mocked, "Is that so?” He narrowed his eyes, feeling joy at the sure to be an angry man.
"We’ve spotted Min Yoongi near the red district." Seokjin began writing furiously. The boy's tone was bored as if this was old news to him. "He owns a bar there.” He could hear the man sneer towards him.
“Ew.” Seokjin let out. The red district was the worst place to be- at all times. 

Prostitution, drugs, and murder were the most prominent there. The police had the worst time trying to keep things together there as well. He wanted to live a good life where he avoided that area but it looks like his luck was running short.
“Yup.” The man let out a sigh, “Recommend you head out-" Seokjin lowered his pen. "Find out where his main location is... and who knows infiltrate if you can?” He sounded as if he was asking for a small favor.
“Does the police even work anymore?” The person behind the phone sucked his teeth,
“Well, after doctors become detectives it is only necessary for the police to be-”
“Useless.” Seokjin finished. He was over having this small chat with this man. He was going to get nowhere- and arguing when he had to work wasn't too responsible of him to do. “I get it.” He let out finally, “I’m heading out now.”
“Bye Seokjin!” He heard the person over the phone mock,
“Goodnight Baekhyun.”


Seokjin turned his collar up, slowly moving towards a sketchy club. It was... tacky. Your average strip club, with a large bouncer in the front- scaring away most of the crowd of people. He really would have loved to be one of those people right now- but work was work and he had to do it. He moved closer to the front, a hand almost immediately causing him to halt. He was carded as he entered the building,
“I.D. kid.” Seokjin smiled, fishing into his pocket. He pulled out his wallet flashing the man his I.D. The man took it up, “Kim huh?” Seokjin nodded, “Have fun, kiddo.” The tall man handed him back his I.D moving to the side, allowing for Seokjin to enter the darkly lit building. He was told that Min Yoongi owned the place. So, he was probably hiding up at the top of this building or something? That was the most logical place for their leader to be at anyways.

Seokjin's eyes moved around. Capturing the view of what was around. It was just a strip club- with multiple floors. Neon red lights began to blur Seokjin’s vision. Seokjin pulled his hands into his pockets, looking over to the stage slightly. A girl was on stage, with men surrounding her. Cash was being thrown around to ugly baby making music, he didn’t pay too much mind to that though. He knew what he had come here to do. He leered at the bar, crossing the room and taking a seat.

“Tough day?” Seokjin nodded,
“Tough three years.” He took in a deep breath,
“What can I get you bud?” The other man let out.
“Can I get some Bourbon on the rock?” The man nodded, quickly taking up a glass. Seokjin blinked twice seeing him reach under the bar, pulling up a dark bottle.
“What’s happened the past three years?” Seokjin watched the man begin to pour, as he slid his hand under his chin.
“I’ve worked for the most fucked up man ever.” He rose a brow to this,
“Don’t we all?”
“Nope!” Seokjin let out, “I’ve done everything for this man, I’ve listened to him scream at me, he humiliates me regularly- I more than once washed his car. Hid his mistress from his wife and took his bastard daughter to ballet.” The man behind the bar rose a brow,
“Well… I guess it was that bad huh?…”
“He has done this to me for three years…” He lowered his head into his folded hands. “And today I was fired.” Seokjin let out a sigh, “He also set some reserves in Japan before committing fraud and leaving it in my name.”
"You win.” The bartender let out, Seokjin looked up to him. He quickly took it back, eyes large at his words. “Sorry.”
“It's fine." Seokjin took in a deep breath, wiping away at his eyes. "Imma get back on my feet one way or another-” Seokjin swallowed hard,
“Well-” The bartender paused, “Hey! Get off her!” He let out a grunt, reaching under the bar pulling out a large shotgun. “Sorry, bud.” The bartender jumped the bar. “I’ll be back.” Seokjin turned his head back, watching a man place his hands over the leg of a dancer. Well, he was going to be distracted for some time. Seokjin pulled himself from his seat, taking the dark liquid he quickly poured some over his collar, then dipping his hair and finally dabbing it on his neck only after did he take a large swig of it. He gargled it a bit, flushing it from his mouth. He peeked over again, seeing the bartender fist fighting the handsy man. This was his chance to look around properly. Seokjin squatted low- crossing over the bar and to the stairs. Slowly, he began to climb them.

Seokjin leered at the booming light from beyond him, as he crept away and into the first hallway. Seokjin stood up straight, letting out a large sigh.
A gunshot went off from underneath, Seokjin knew this must have meant things weren’t looking too bright downstairs. He could hear muffled cries from below along with screams from the other patrons.

Seokjin leaned back, moving behind a pillar. He stayed as still as he could,
“What's happening?!” He could hear voices rush forward and past him. Without so much as a second Seokjin moved forward. He kept his head high at this point. Whatever was transpiring downstairs would overcast his sneaky tendencies. He waltzes away, going over to the first door on his right. He peeked in slightly, nothing. He kept this up, looking into rooms and seeing nothing. He hadn't heard a sound from underneath for a while when he finally came to a locked door. He was bound back for a moment.
“Not a single doors been closed?” He guessed whatever was behind here was definitely incriminating in some manner or another.

He lowered himself to eye level, looking through the keyhole. It was easy to open. Well, Seokjin had learned how to pick locks a few weeks ago. He stood up, reaching into his pocket taking out a bobby-pin. He nuzzled closer to the door, digging only for him to hear a click. He let out a smile to his own skill- wanting to pat himself on the back, as the door was pushed open in front of him. He blinked, scanning the room. Without another thought he moved inside, closing the door behind him. Seokjin sneered, as he looked throughout the room. He was surprised. Deeply.



He ran a lazy hand through his hair, messing with his blonde locks. “Did you call Min Yoongi?” Namjoon leaned his head into his arms over his desk.
“We have contacted him," Taehyung smiled down to him. "He said he will be here after he finishes with a small disturbance that happened at his strip joint.”
“Disturbance?” The other tall man in front of him nodded,
“He said someone was lurking inside, and he has to backtrack and finish up there.” Namjoon rolled his eyes. His patience was truly being tested today.
“Remind his ass who I am again?” Taehyung smiled at him, trying his best to soothe the other man.
“He knows who you are Namjoon." He took a step closer, "We all know who you are.” Namjoon flashed him a smile, “Besides, you have a golf game tomorrow." Taehyung tried to steer him away, "You should head to bed before concerning yourself with other matters.”
“I need to know if he took care of what I asked him to do.” Namjoon quickly took his stand again, causing the other man to lower his voice.
“Needless to say," Taehyung spoke lowly, "he killed that cop Namjoon.” Namjoon nodded, 
“I want the head here before my game tomorrow morning.” Namjoon closed his eyes for a moment. "Do I make myself clear?" The tall man lowered his head,
“I will make sure that happens,” Namjoon grunted, looking back at Taehyung.
“I’m calling out for this entire week.”
“Week?” Namjoons head lifted as he looked at Taehyung’s confusion. "With your schedule that is almost impossible-" 
“I am going to deconstruct Min Yoongi in that week.” Taehyung's eyes grew large at this. He had set his mind to that huh? 
“Namjoon-” He used his soft voice, 
“I'm joking.” Taehyung shook his head lightly letting out a large sigh in relief. Namjoon rolled his eyes at him. He was just as much of a fool as he thought he was.

It was the second time this man put Namjoon on hold. And nothing. Nothing annoyed Namjoon more than waiting. This was the last straw. He was taught when he was young when someone does something once they’ll make it a habit. He had to break these habits.
“I’ll have someone come up and change-”
"I don’t need anyone to change me.” Namjoon's voice was low. “I have you.” Taehyung smile grew his lips pressed lightly,
“Yes.” He never put up a struggle, always listening to Namjoon’s every command. “Shall we go then?” Namjoon stood from his seat, walking past Taehyung.


Taehyung pulled on Namjoon’s robe, revealing his warm shirtless body. He ran his hand over his chest, offering him a raised brow.
“When was the last time we did this?” Taehyung moved his hands around Namjoon, pulling away his shirt, tossing it to the ground behind them. Taehyung's remained busy, licking his lips.
“About six months ago,” Namjoon smirked, running his hand through Taehyung's hair. “Your birthday.” Taehyung lowered himself to his knees and moved his hands to Namjoons pants. His grip was light as he unbuttoned his trousers lowering them past Namjoon’s knees. Taehyung didn’t waste a second, thumbing his underwear-

Taehyung sighed, but pressed on- slipping his hand inside- Namjoon pushed Taehyung's head back, giving him an angry face.
“Don’t you hear the phone?” Taehyung sat back on the ground, shaking his head up at him.
“Let it go to voicemail Namjoon." He pouted. "We were doing something-"
“What if it’s Min Yoongi?” Taehyung shook his head,
“Yoongi said he was going to be finishing something all night long-” Taehyung pressed his lips together,
“Fine.” Namjoon sighed, “Play with yourself," He waved Taehyung off, "I’ll go answer it.” Taehyung’s mouth grew open slightly but only a weak response came.
“Yes.” With that, Taehyung stared off as Namjoon left the room leaving him behind.

 Namjoon pulled up his phone, staring at the number.

“Hello?” He heard the other man speak lowly,
“It’s Namjoon." He almost snarled. "Speak quickly.” He heard a voice unsteady over the phone. He wondered what was happening, and why head calling so late.
“Ahh... Namjoon-" He heard a bit of hesitation as the other spoke. "I wanted to speak with you.”
“Yoongi." Namjoon rolled his eyes, "If this isn’t important-”
“No! No…" Yoongi seemed to pause- thinking of what to say. "It is... I wanted to speak to you about something.”
“About?” Namjoon's voice was growing more and more tired as he heard him speak.
“I found that cop at my club tonight," Namjoon sighed at hearing that. "He was snooping around-”
“Oh.” He could hear the man over the phone, “Well. I was wondering if you’d want to take him-”
“Why would I want a cop? I pay you to take care of those pests.” He heard a sneer from over the phone,
“This guy seems pretty important.” Namjoon paused for a moment, before speaking up.
“Kill him,” Namjoon said it softly.
“I want his head," He pressed his eyes closed, "drop it off by nine tomorrow.” The voice over the phone sounded a bit sluggish.
“Will do." Yoongi answered. "Want the face to be visible?”
“Only for me to see." He lowered his head, "Clearly enough for me to see… then you can do what you want with it.”
“Alright." He nodded to the phone, "Nine o’clock. I’ll be there.” Min Yoongi was a dangerous man, Namjoon liked being the sole dangerous man though. He would either cut this man up or be cut up later on. “Bye-” He hung up the phone.


Namjoon pushed his door open, his eyes meeting up with the man on his bed. Taehyung sat up on his knees, crawling over the bed a smirk on his lips.
“Am I going to be at your full attention now?” Namjoon pushed himself into his room, shutting the door behind him.

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Seokjin was surprised as he took a step into the room. Well, not entirely.
“Holy shit.” From his eye span, he saw packs of what he suspected to be drugs, firearms, and bottles of dark liquids. His mouth was dropped open, as he took in the view. This. This was all just too much. Much more than he would have ever expected to find.

He didn’t like the feeling in his stomach.

Everything in here. Everything looked far too… expected. As if someone was proud of their illegal collection, and was boasting in the face of whoever entered. Seokjin backed up a bit, trying to think of his next move. This- this was a dangerous situation and he knew it just from what he was seeing. These people were on a different league than him- no they were in a different ballpark- and he was on a benched right now. He was beyond himself in this place.

Seokjin pulled at his hair, as he tried to make sense of all this. What was he going to do? What was he supposed to do in a case like this? He paced for a moment. His only conclusion of this being out in the open would be that this wasn’t even the tip of what these people were hiding here. This was not the simple quest he thought he was sent out to do for the police. He muttered curses to himself, trying to figure out his next move. What- what was he supposed to do? He lifted his thumb to his mouth, biting down hard. His mind began to turn, and he started to deduce his next moves.
He didn’t hesitate, taking out his phone. He silenced it. Call him cautious but everything was hyper-realistic right now, and he needed to breathe before continuing or anything else at all at this point.
He pulled up his phone, going over to Hoseok’s number. He sent him his location. If anything were to happen to him right now, Hoseok would know where to look. That was a horrifying thought. Of not being seen anymore. Hoseok's words came back to him. 

“Be safe this time.” Seokjin shook his head. Great. Now, he was panicking.
He knew he was but still… He didn’t want this phone to be found with him. Nope. Then they would trace back his call log- or worse, see that he just sent someone his direct location. That was dangerous. He took in a deep breath, preparing himself.

Seokjin took the phone back into his hands, snapping the phone in two. He moved the phone down taking up his SD card. He moved over to the alcohol. He snapped it in half as well- before opening a bottle, dropping in the small card halves. There. They should be able to track anything back to him.
He looked around the room- his eyes growing large as his mind wandered, they couldn’t be filming him right? No. These type of people were too worried to ever save anything they do-
The door rattled, making Seokjin’s heart rate drop in an instant. He had two options, stand here like a deer in headlights or hide. He took up the latter decision. Scrambling to the corner of the room. He gripped his own nose, lowering himself under a box set to the side. He could only hear his heart race, it thumped so loud that his head was hurting. He was sure in the dead of silence it could be heard as well.

The door was thrown open, and he could hear the grunts of a man walking into the room. Seokjin didn't dare look. There was a thud on the door as if the person was… loud. They weren't trying to hide their presence. Seokjin knew better than to move from his position, but-
Whoever the hell was in here had dropped the entire alcohol selection. W-why would anyone do that to their merchandise?

Seokjin’s curiosity burned his stomach as he leaned over the boxes.
He tilted his head at this. It was the man from before. The one who was grabbing at that dancer. Seokjin wasn’t too afraid now, standing and making his presence known.
“Hey!" He called up, crossing his hand over his chest "You shouldn’t be up-” The man turned his head back, revealing a blood-soaked head. Seokjin’s eyes grew large. The other man let out a loud grunt, and Seokjin’s stomach churned at the stare he gave Seokjin.

The man came barreling towards him, causing Seokjin to react instinctively. He outstretched his leg- tripping the other man before moving away quickly- ducking back in the corner of the room. The man toppled to the floor, revealing something he was carrying. A knife flew across the floor. Seokjin's eyes were large as he saw the shiny metal slide over to the center of the room. 

Seokjin sprang, retrieving it. He held it in his hand for a moment, considering his next move.

“Stop!” Seokjin turned back to the doorway, seeing the two guards who had run past him a little while ago back, and guns were drawn. On Seokjin himself. “Drop the fucking knife!” Without another word, he dropped the knife in his hand raising his hand slowly.
“I-I-” He knew he needed to get out of this but how? "It wasn't-" His words were cut as he followed the eyes of one of the guards.
“H-he got the knife!” Seokjin's head swerved, seeing the man behind him pull the knife into his hand. Quickly, a shot sounded and blood fell out of the man's stump. Seokjin saw the man’s hand fly over to the back of the wall bouncing before falling to the ground, still holding the knife.

The men rushed into the room, one going over to the bleeding man- tackling him to the ground behind Seokjin, pulling him from the scruff of the neck out of the room. Seokjin's eyes followed them leave before he felt the gun over his chest. 

"You too."



His eyes were strained, as he stared before him. The music had stopped a while back and he was beginning to grow concern as to why no one was coming up to inform him of the situation at hand.

The door was closed, and all he could hear was what was going on upstairs. Why hadn't the guards come down to find him? Had they found the cop already or was this a separate thing? There was a knock at the door, forcing Min Yoongi to pull his head up. He sighed in relief, finally. Someone was coming to find him.
“Boss?” He sighed as the door peeked open,
“What is it?” He called out. Quickly, the man pulls himself into the room completely.
“We caught the man.” Yoongi stared at him, "We think we caught the cop boss." Yoongi smiled, looking over at the man.
“Bring them down to that room then.” Yoongi pulled back his chair, pulling a drawer at the desk he sat at. He pulled up his pistol. He cocked it quickly, moving from behind his desk going to the door and leading the way.



Seokjin wiggled as the man pulled him down the stairs, tossing him when he became too much to pull. He tumbled to the bottom of the stairs, feeling pain radiating throughout his body. He could have just let him walk.
“Oww...ww…” He moved over on his side, only for him to be propped up with a jerk. Quickly, the other man was brought into the room, but with more care. They lowered the man next to him. Seokjin’s head began to spin, knowing all too well. The man next to him was bleeding out. That they were both most likely going to die. His own hands had been bound, keeping him from any attempts at leaving. Both he and this man's days were turning up to their last. Time was ticking and Seokjin had not a single clue about what to do next. How could he talk his way out of this one?
“Ahhhhhhhh!” He looked over, seeing the men finally covering the stump of the man’s arm. Placing pressure on the wound. His breathing had become short and stocky, and his face drained of color. Seokjin knew the man wouldn’t have too long at this rate. Him on the other hand (excuse the pun), would most likely be tortured before they promptly took his life.
“Did someone make sure Boss is coming?” They were speaking to each other. Seokjin began picking up on their conversation, keeping his head low.
“He’s on his way.” A man said behind them. Seokjin was going to meet the man he was tracking, Min Yoongi. He took in a deep breath. He had heard so much about him. He knew all about this man and the last thing he wanted to do was to meet him. Sure, he was trying to track him down- but like hell, he thought he'd be face to face with this man. “He’s pissed off too." The man let out a sigh, "So, we'll end up wiping the blood from the ceiling.” Seokjin’s head was pulled up at this. This was not what he wanted to hear from the men who worked for him.
“Business with what’s his face is getting worse huh?” Seokjin could only assume they were speaking of D.M.E. They were partners now, right? 
“Yeah… Apparently, he called our boss with a tip. Someone was supposed to be here tonight. A cop.” A tip? Who- who the hell said there was going to be a cop here? Seokjin pulled his head up, turning to stare at them.
“A cop?” The man let out a laugh, “I thought that Boss handled the last guy?”
“ He did.”
“We get the tips and we follow." The man shrugged, "If they wanna keep sending people to get chopped up, then who are we to say no?” They both shared a chuckle. Seokjin was surrounded by monsters. He was going to die. He could feel his heart rate picking up as the thought began to set in his mind.
“Why are you both speaking with them in front of you?” Seokjin’s head turned back to the door, seeing the man who had been on his screen for so long. Who he had studied. It was like he was seeing an old friend at this point. A very terrifying, vicious and murderous friend.
“Sorry…" One of them spoke up, "Thought they didn’t have much time left for them after all?” Seokjin’s eyes followed Yoongi as he entered the room, his head tilted slightly. His hair was bleach blonde, that went well with his tan skin. He was short but still brought in a presence. His clothing was dark, all black actually. He was scanning the room, he was in charge in here- and just being around him showed that to Seokjin. He was trembling at seeing his eyes drift to them.
“Stand them up.” Seokjin felt arms over his shoulder as he was lifted up. His eyes grew large, finally picking up the shiny glare of the gun in Yoongi’s hand. “Where’s Jungkook?” A man behind Seokjin seemed to hesitate.
“The shot… he fired a warning shot-” Min Yoongi’s eyes grew large,
“He was stabbed by the man-” Yoongi lifted the gun, pointing it at the man only to lean back quickly to Seokjin.
“Which one hurt him?” The man behind him didn’t hesitate,
“We found the bigger man- he was the one with the knife.” Seokjin almost lets a sigh of relief escape his lips, as the gun was turned away from him. He quickly took his relief away as Min Yoongi looked back at him.
“Where is he?” The man behind him spoke up again,
“Jungkook is upstairs, he-” The gun went off, as the man beside Seokjin tumbled forward onto the floor. Slowly, a puddle of blood began to form, providing a sense of where he was shot. Point blank, executed.

If Seokjin's heart was beating hard before- it had all but stopped now, as he felt some of the warm blood on his cheek. He wasn't allowed to process anything as Min Yoongi turned the gun to him. This was it. Seokjin thought back. He had fucked up a lot, made a lot of mistakes. How- how did he end up here? He was going to be murdered by the man he was hunting down. How ironic. He was caught first. He took in a deep breath, closing his eyes. He mentally prepared himself just as-
“Hyung?” The door was pushed open, revealing the boy behind the bar. His eyes moved down to the man on the ground.
“Go upstairs Jungkook." Yoongi turned his head back to him, "Hyung will handle the rest.” Min Yoongi had a connection to this young individual? He moved into the room, his arm was wrapped. He was the one stabbed? The bartender?
“You already killed the one." He smiled up at Yoongi, "I was supposed to-” Jungkook’s gaze was low, finally placing a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder.
“I still have this one left-” Seokjin stomach sank. Hearing him, cock the gun again. Jungkook eyes lifted, his sight catching Seokjin's. 
“Hey?!” His look seemed as if he was reminded of something. “You’re that guy who was drinking at the bar?”
“Jungkook!” Min Yoongi turned back to him, “I'm finishing business here-”
“He’s not involved at all." Jungkook waved him off, "He was having a drink at the bar…” Yoongi lowered the gun, head tilted.
“They found him in the room with this-”
“He was drinking, Hyung." He sounded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Probably went to the bathroom upstairs… I was stabbed and that fucker went upstairs…” He shrugged,
“Boss.” Someone behind Seokjin spoke up, “This man was fighting that man when we found them.” Yoongi faced Seokjin. This was a different feeling, the criminal looking straight at him. “The man got into that room-”
“Ah…why is he here?” The man entered the room behind Jungkook. Yoongi sighed,
“Why is everyone in here?!” Yoongi grumbled.
“I went to look upstairs boss…" He drew up something in his hand. "Found a broken phone-” The man pulled out the split phone. Seokjin began to sweat at the sight of this. He moved forward handing it to Yoongi. “-And an SD card but that's split.” Yoongi gave a gummy smile.
“Have someone look into that.” He looked back at Seokjin.
“Hyung…” Jungkook started, “This is not that man’s fault at all…" His lips drew up into a pout. "I spoke with him-" He shook his head vigorously. "He’s had it pretty hard lately.” Yoongi turned back to Jungkook.
“Go upstairs." His tone was demanding. "I’ll finish up here.” Seokjin was trying to follow all of this, his eyes the size of saucers when Yoongi turned his head back to him. Something about that look- read that he definitely wasn't going to let him just walk out of here alive.
“Hyung…” Jungkook’s eyes grew large, “At least listen to his story first.” Yoongi sighed at the younger boys face, “When he tells you, you’ll know he’s not guilty at all.” Without another comment Yoongi faced Seokjin.
“Kim Hyun-Shik.” Yoongi grumbled lightly, “His I.D’s in his front pocket.” Yoongi moved the gun to his temple, rubbing it.
“You know something…" He took in a rough breath. "Everyone in here is going to get the shit beat out of them if anyone interrupts me again!” The room grew silent. “Finally…” He let out, “Hey Kim Hyun- Shik was it?” Seokjin paused but quickly knew to reply.
“The guy next to you…" Yoongi's eyes drifted down to the bloody floor. "You saw him get shot.” Seokjin moved his head to the side, seeing the pool of blood move over to his own feet. “You didn’t freak out-”
“He’s drunk Hyung.” Yoongi swerved his head back to Jungkook. “I served him," Jungkook assured. "I would know.” Yoongi let out a large sigh.
“I want that SD card fixed and checked.” Yoongi leered at Seokjin, "I cannot just let him leave." Seokjin felt his stomach rumble at the thought of what he was going to say next. “He saw what we do-”
“He won’t tell on us.” Jungkook turned his head back to Seokjin. His eyes pleading for a response. “Right Hyung?” Seokjin’s eyes grew large, as he nodded. Yoongi remained silent for a moment,
“Take him home then.”



Seokjin was pulled into his car, Jungkook had managed to carry him all the way to the parking lot. Seokjin had not a clue how everything was turning up. He knew one thing. Kim Seokjin wasn't dead. That was a miracle enough- what came next was beyond him at this point in time.

Jungkook lowered Seokjin into the passenger seat, tying his seatbelt over his chest. Jungkook crossed over the car, entering through the driver's seat. Jungkook switched the car on, turning his head to Seokjin. They hadn't spoken a world and it seemed like right now- it was going to happen.
“Are you alright?” That wasn't what Seokjin wanted to hear. To hear if he was alright- was the last thing he wanted to hear. Thinking about anything that had happened beforehand would actually cause him to breakdown right now. Perhaps he was in a haze, but he chose to let his mind wander. Seokjin thought this kid was young, but still so handsome. His eyes large like a doe, but his features held masculinity through them. His mouth opened again, and he heard his voice more concerning now. "Are you alright Hyung?" Seokjin snapped out of it, shaking his head lightly. 
“I'm fine.” He managed to choke out. Seokjin’s eyes moved to his arm, “You-" He was hurt. That was enough for his mind to finally begin to process properly. "On the other hand..." He bit his upper lip, "You got a nasty swing from that knife huh?” Seokjin looked down at his arm. It was poorly wrapped, but he hoped he had disinfected it properly.
“I guess I did.” Jungkook let out a bit of a scoff, pulling the car back in reverse and finally entering the road. “You seem scared.”
“I am.”
“Well…" His tone was trying to lighten the mood. "Yoongi Hyung seems to be mean but-" Jungkook's brow moved up at his words. "If you do as you are told I can promise you your safety.” Seokjin let out a sigh. “Don’t let out a sigh though…" He grimaced. "He still going to need some proof you aren’t going to snitch.” Seokjin turned to Jungkook.
“What do I have to do?” Jungkook let out a smile,
“You said- you were just fired ay?” Seokjin nodded, “I think I can get you a job then.” Seokjin took in a deep breath,
“Not like the one at the bottom of the stairs-”
“No.” Seokjin’s eyes grew large,
“I'm not looking into becoming a dancing either-” Jungkook looked away from the road and to Seokjin.
“You’re funny huh?” Seokjin lowered his head, “I won’t find something bad for you to do… but if I speak with Yoongi hyung-” He swirled his head lightly, “he could let me find you a good job at the bar.” Seokjin was hating all of this. He didn't want to work for these people, but if he were to decline he wasn't sure his safety was guaranteed and right now- he needed at least that. He smiled back up at Jungkook
“If it’s okay with you…" Seokjin lowered his head lightly, "I am just in need of employment.” Jungkook let out a small chuckle.
“I can only assume.” Jungkook came to a stop at a red light. His smile still planted onto his face. Seokjin stared at him. This was the first time Seokjin properly got a good look at this boy's face. He looked nice. Far too nice to work with a scum bag like Min Yoongi. Seokjin had read every single detail about Min Yoongi and not a word was brought up about this boy. He was sure if this boy had done wrong Seokjin would know about it. He wondered, how could this man be linked with Jungkook? He didn't strike Seokjin as a criminal. Still, perhaps he was just an innocent bartender. One who just happens to be with one of the most terrible groups in Seoul. “By the way..." The red light shone over his face, making him look dashing, Jungkook peered over at Seokjin. "Where do you live?” Seokjin's eyes grew as he looked at Jungkook.
“Where have you been driving to?” Jungkook offered a big smile,
“I have no idea.”



Jungkook pulled up into Seokjin’s driveway. The car turning off. The dark sky's crying, drew a chill over Seokjin as he peered out of the car. Jungkook turned his head back to Seokjin shrugging,
“I drove in your car here so…" He pressed his lips together. "I guess I have to wait for an uber?” Seokjin looked at the younger boy. He didn't look malicious at all, and Seokjin thinks if push came to shove- he could take him. He seemed too sweet though to ever cause him any harm. Seokjin smiled back at him,
“You can stay with me until your driver gets here.” Seokjin looked out, seeing the rushing rain. The weather was horrible, and he really didn't think anyone should be driving in this type of conditions. “Or you can stay the night here. Rain isn’t looking like it's going to be letting up soon.” Jungkook eyes grew large. "I-I mean if you want!" He was flustered now. His cheeks burning red, "I- no pressure." Jungkook gave him a bright smile,
“Is it alright if I stay over?” Seokjin nodded,

"No problem," Seokjin assured.


 It didn't occur to Seokjin there would be an issue to have over a guest until he reached the door. His heart racing. Seokjin pushed opened his door, revealing a mud room. He entered first, sighing as he caught a view of a few slippers. Thank god. He pressed his eyes closed, as he allowed Jungkook entrance into his home. Seokjin kicked off his shoes, moving over and passing over a pair of slippers to Jungkook.
“I can make us some dinner-” Jungkook's head turned up to him, his eyes gleaming.
“Really?” Jungkook seemed to happy at this. Seokjin agreed,
“Let’s get changed first though-" Seokjin suggested. "It’ll be bad to eat after running in the rain in soaking clothing.” Jungkook agreed to pull away from his own soaking coat- holding it on his arm, “I’ll go set the bath then?” Jungkook nodded, keeping his eyes traced at Seokjin.
“Yeah.” Seokjin led them to the living room, tossing his coat on the couch.

“Make yourself at home.” Seokjin lowered his head slightly, moving over to go to the restroom. "I'll go fill you a bath." Seokjin smiled back at him.



Seokjin closed the door to the restroom, holding his breath.

This was a hazardous situation to be in. Maybe it was the adrenaline running off but he was starting to pick on something that was not normal. Not at all. Seokjin had a strange man in his home. Someone who was totally chill seeing someone kill a man. He was friends with Min Yoongi.

Seokjin gripped his shirt, feeling his breath stripped away from him. His life was in such a hazardous place right now that he was feeling himself beginning to slip. Seokjin kicked back a towel on the floor, moving to the tub and starting the warm water.

Seokjin began to heave, whispering loudly to himself. “He isn’t in your home Seokjin. He’s not in your home.” He had brought him to his spare condo, the one he still owned but only needed when he worked at his old hospital. Seokjin didn’t have anything incriminating here, but still, his stomach was churning. What if he... what if he was looking around his home? What if he found out he was lying? What if he-
“Hyung!” Seokjin’s eyes grew large as he turned back hearing Jungkook behind the closed door. "Hyung?!"
“Yes?” He answered quickly, pulling back his sleeves and dipping his right arm into the water- reaching for the towel he had previously kicked. “Doors open!” He heard the door slip open, as he already knew Jungkook was hovering over him. Seokjin turned back to him, seeing the boy already shirtless. Seokjin’s eyes wandered lightly, seeing the boy’s muscular physique. Back in the car, when he said he could take him in a fight- he took that all back now. Jungkook gave him a small smile,
“The waters warm.” The young man was gleaming at this, “Soaps on the counter and towels are over the hanger- if you need anything call me.” Jungkook nodded. Seokjin stood up, moving past him.
“Oh!” Seokjin smiled, “What do you want for dinner?” Jungkook’s eyes grew large. He drew a finger up to his lip.
“Can we have fried chicken?”


Seokjin opened his fridge. He bit his bottom lip, shaking his head at the sight. He knew he hadn't been in this place for a long time but hey- he thought he'd at least have... pickles or something? 

“Hi- umm…" Seokjin spoke lowly, keeping his voice as quiet as possible. "Can I get an order of 8 pieces of spicy chicken?” He was whispering under the counter. Trying his best to hide. “I’ll pay extra if you bring it in 5 minutes.” He heard the other person speaking over the phone. He sighed, not trying to deal with someone who wanted pose an argue with him. “I'll give you an extra 40-" That turned things around quite quickly. "Yes… Oh- can you also bring a big soda and a loaf of bread?” He finished quickly, giving the man directions. He hung up afterward, pulling himself up. He hasn't been in this place in over a year.

There was no food, and no cable- no wifi. He was just going to have to use his hotspot, on a spare phone he had somewhere in this place and make do with Netflix and Hulu. He also had limited access to toothpaste. Which was very essential- to pretending to look like he was at home. He wasn't having the best time- trying to wrap his mind around what he was going to do next. Seokjin had some old clothes at the back of his closet. His eyes grew large as he remembered. Seokjin sprang, bolting to his room.

He pushed the door open- exposing a lonesome bedroom. His mattress in the center of the room only having a fitted sheet over it. He shook his head. This would be hard to explain. Seokjin went over to his closet, pushing back boxes he never bothered to move to his storage unit. He went to the back of the closet taking up two pairs of pants, and shirts. He folded a set of clothes going back to the main bathroom.
“Jungkook-” The boy stood up, revealing his entire body to Seokjin. Seokjin turned his head quickly, bringing up the clothing. “I brought you your clothes-”
“You should have just left it outside.” He repeated his voice a bit low, he sank back into the water.
“I’ll leave it on the counter okay?” Without another word, Seokjin closed the door. This boy was really scary, sure he looked nice- but… Maybe he was wrong for just letting this man enter his home so easily.

Seokjin heard the door knock. He cursed himself, he should have told these people to call him over his phone. He sprang over to the door, pulling it open giving the man a mean look
“Here is your chicken-” He handed him his chicken, and then passing over his soda and bread. Seokjin didn’t hesitate, giving the man a hundred. “Do you want your change back-” Seokjin let out a deep breath, closing the door at the face of the man.



Jungkook’s eyes were large at the sight of the chicken before him.
“You cooked all that so quickly?!” Seokjin nodded,
“I hope it tastes okay…” Jungkook held the towel over his head. The large man leaned over Seokjin, taking up a piece of chicken. He indulged quickly, eyes lighting up.
“It’s great!” Seokjin smiled at hearing this. He lowered his head a bit, “Hyung aren’t you going to go take a bath?” Seokjin looked down, seeing himself a mess.
“Yeah- just wanted to make sure you knew your way around… Umm I don’t have cable but I have Netflix and Hulu- so you can just watch that.” Jungkook didn’t look too interested, as he continued to eat his chicken.



Namjoon’s eyes were glazed over,
“Is something wrong Namjoon?” Yoongi’s brow rose, finally having Namjoon eyes's flicker lightly.
“What happened to the officer?”
“We disposed of it.” Namjoon turned his head lightly, looking over to Yoongi’s side.
“Did that kid do it?” Yoongi shook his head,
“Yes.” Namjoon nodded,
“Good.” Yoongi agreed lightly,
“He’s good at what he does.” The taller man sighed leaning back in his seat.
“He’s a hitman. Hitman usually aren't as violent with disposing of things.”
“Nothing has ever been found.” Yoongi slid over something to Namjoon. Namjoon’s eyes fell to the small card. Taehyung reaches over taking up the SD card. “We found that. We looked into it- and it’s from a guy named Kim Seokjin.” Namjoon’s face seemed delighted to hear this.
“He was the cop I presume?” Yoongi nodded,
“Took care of him a while ago.” Taehyung turned over the card, “But we found that afterward… It has papers all on me and our groups.”
“I’ll call the guy.” Yoongi leaned his head to Namjoon.
“This guy the one who works for you right?” Namjoon squinted to Yoongi.
“A detective.” Yoongi shrugged,
“I trust you know how dangerous that is?” Namjoon rolled his eyes.
“I don’t need to be told what to do. I’ll handle everything, and you work for me. Everyone on my payroll is no threat.” Namjoon tilted his head back, “Call the guy and tell him Kim Seokjin is dead.” Taehyung nodded,
“Namjoon. You know something… I am having an auction.” Namjoon pressed his eyes.
“Do you have anyone worth buying?” Yoongi smiled,
“We got new prosti-”
“Why do I need a prostitute?” Namjoon shook his head, without another thought he moved his hand back gripping Taehyung's side. “I have all the prostitutes I could ever want.” Yoongi nodded,
“Then it will just be an event for all of us to attend no?”
“When is it?” Taehyung asked,
“Two weeks.” Yoongi leaned back in his seat, “Even if you do not purchase- it is always nice seeing a friend there.” Taehyung didn’t hesitate.
“Mr. Kim is an associate. Please keep that in mind, Mr. Min.” Yoongi nodded,
“Sure.” Yoongi gave a soft chuckle, “Besides… I brought his head.” This is when Namjoon finally smiled. Yoongi leaned back pulling up a bundle, placing it on the table. “I’ll leave this to you.”



Seokjin lowered his aching body into the water, feeling himself finally calm down. He could finally call Hoseok, and get away from everything. Seokjin’s muscles began to relax, and that is when his mind began to race. He had something biting at him from before, the fact that when he was held by TSD someone gave them a heads up that a cop was going to be there. Sure, he wasn’t a real cop but the fact that only higher-ups know that he was on this case was bad. Someone high up was corrupt. He wasn’t safe in this case, he couldn’t just run to the police and say what he’s found- he needed proof of all this. Besides if he were to run to the police, who knows what would happen to him? Someone was a dirty cop and he needed to at least find out who that was.

Chapter Text

“Hyung?” Seokjin felt someone tug away from him causing him to pull the person closer.
“Shhh… Let hyung sleep a bit longer…” He moved his face near whoever was next to him, pressing himself over them.
“Hyung… I’m hungry…” The person moved their hands up to Seokjin’s face, pulling at his cheeks. Seokjin’s annoyance tolerance was high, but the boy persisted. “Hyuuunggg!” He turned away, pulling a pillow over his head. Suddenly hands were placed on his butt, gripping him. Seokjin’s eyes opened, and he abruptly stood up shouting.
“W-w-what are you doing?!” His eyes were laid at the boy who fell on his back, laughing. “Don’t touch me-” The boy began rolling around on top of the bed, allowing Seokjin to see who it was. Jungkook. Was the boy still here? And had he- had he slept in his own arms? The boy held his side, slowly sitting up staring back at him.
“Hy-hyung… you were the one touching me.” He fell back, slowly calming back down. “You were pressing me all night long.” Seokjin lowered his head,
“DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD GRAB ME!” Jungkook ran back down, choking almost in laughter. “Hey! Stop laughing!” Jungkook seemed to regain composter, going up to look back at Seokjin.
“Hyung, let’s go get breakfast!”



Seokjin stared up at the boy’s face, he was happily munching on pancakes.
“Are you going to eat Hyung?” Jungkook pointed his fork at Seokjin. He blinked realizing he had been trapped in his mind once again.
“Yes. I was just wondering…” The boys eyes grew large as he tilted his head,
“What were you wondering?” Seokjin let out a smile,
“You look young.” The boy nodded,
“I’m 21.” He wasn’t expecting for him to just say his age. “Oh!” Jungkook let out a smile, “I haven’t introduced myself to you yet- have I?” He shook his head, “I’m Jeon Jungkook. I’m 21, and I like to play video games and workout.” Seokjin let out a laugh,
“Don’t make things awkward by telling me this-” He sighed before finally taking up his own fork digging them into the scrambled eggs. “I’m Kim Hyun-Shik. I’m 28, I used to work in a marketing company. I enjoy eating.” Jungkook let a smile grow. “There…” Seokjin let out a small smile, “now we know each other.” Jungkook nose wrinkled at this,
“Hyung?” Seokjin rose his brow, “Are you okay?” Jungkook continued eating,
“From what happened last night?” Jungkook nodded, “I won’t say I am…” Jungkook smiled,
“I know. I saw the discomfort on your face.” He sighed, “I just wanted to make sure, Hyung wasn’t lying to me.” Seokjin let out a scoff,
“What are you talking about boy?” He rubbed his eye lightly, “I don’t lie unless I have to.” Jungkook’s eyes grew bright at hearing this.
“I believe you Hyung.” Jungkook lowered his head, going back to eating. This kid was- like attached to him. Seokjin sighed,
“When was the last time you went to a theme park?” Jungkook pulled his head up, mouth filled with food.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been?” He sat back, swallowing his food. Seokjin smiled at him,
“Well… If I get the job today- I’ll take you this Saturday.” Jungkook nodded happily.


“Hello CEO.” Namjoon eyes were laced straight to the elevator. He didn’t speak, stepping into the elevator alone. The man lowered his head to him. It closed, leaving him alone.
It opened, allowing for him to step out alone. He moved through the top floor, it is all his. He went to his office, taking a seat at his desk. He yawned lightly. He pulled himself back, looking out of the window's office. He could see the ground, and ant-like people walking about. His mind began to wander.
That cop was dead. He smiled remembering the head, it made him feel so good to know this- why he didn’t know? He turned back facing the front of his office, he opened a drawer. He grabbed a remote, pressing something that caused a monitor to lower. He turned on the news, staring at the television.
“-personal detective- Kim Seokjin has been categorized as missing.” He would always be missing, the body was gone and beyond the bounds of everyone. He had made sure of it. He was tired, and it was only eleven in the morning.
He was bored. Again.



“Good morning.”’ Seokjin lowered his head as he entered the bar. Eyes fell to him, as he let out a small scoff. He felt a hand over his back, felling Jungkook pull him close.
“Where is Yoongi Hyung?” The bouncer from before spoke up,
“He’s in his office Jungkook… He’s looking for you.” The men lowered his gaze to the boy. Jungkook let out a sigh,
“Well, I’ll be up there for a while!” He called out to everyone in the room, people seem to avoid his words all continuing to work.
“Wh-” Jungkook turned his head to Seokjin,
“Let’s go upstairs Hyung?”


Jungkook opened the door, stepping into the room taking Seokjin by his hand. His eyes grew large, as the head of the man before was seated on the table.
“Kim Seokjin.” Seokjin’s eyes grew large hearing his name. Yoongi sighed, “He was the cop here last night.” He gestured towards the man’s head.
“You found out who he was?”
“I did Jungkook…” Yoongi moved his hands rubbing his temple. “-and by the looks of it- you went out to fuck this man and avoided my calls?” Jungkook let out a small scoff,
“Hyung. Don’t speak like that- I didn’t even have my phone with me.” Yoongi stared at Jungkook,
“I went to speak with DES’s leader. He wanted to meet you.” Seokjin felt caught in between their glares.
“I was spending time with Hyung Hyun-Shik.” Yoongi looked back at Seokjin.
“Why are you back?” Seokjin lowered his head to him,
“I thought you could give him a job.”
“A job? I gave him his life-” Jungkook stepped forward,
“He stopped the man who hurt me Hyung.” There was a steep silence that covered them.
“Do you like him that much?” Seokjin’s eyes grew large at hearing this.
“Kinda.” Jungkook didn’t hesitate. “He’s nice and cute.” Yoongi pushed up from his seat.
“Hyung won’t be able to clean up a mess you make if you hurt him.” Jungkook turned back to Seokjin. “He can run errands with you. Just make sure to leave him when you get real work.” Yoongi came over from his desk closer to Jungkook. He moved a hand up to his cheek, stroking it lightly. “You shouldn’t sleep over anywhere unless you let me know. I worry.” He sighed looking to Seokjin.
“If you hurt him… Hyun-Shik-” He licked his lips a bit, pointing back at the head on his desk. “I’ll make sure you end up there-”
“Hyung!” Jungkook let out, Yoongi pressed his lips. Angry, he pulled himself close to Seokjin’s face- making him nervous.
“He is handsome.” Yoongi turned back to stare at Jungkook. “Don’t lose your head for him though.”


Seokjin moved out of the room, following Jungkook.
“Hyung I do think it would be good if we get on to my first job-”
“Jungkook?” The boy ahead paused, turning back to look at Seokjin.
“Yes, Hyung?” He smiled making Seokjin’s face burn red to speak.
“W-when you called me cute-” His eyes grew large,
“I meant it.” Seokjin shook his head,
“I think your cute too- but not in a romantic-”
“Why not Hyung?” Seokjin paused lightly, thinking for a moment.
“I am your hyung- and seven years older than you-”
“Age doesn’t matter to me.” Jungkook tilted his head to Seokjin, “Besides Hyung already slept with me.” Seokjin’s head began to ache at hearing this. His eyes grew large, looking down his body quickly covering his own chest.
“W-we- did we?” Jungkook pursed his lips.
“Do you not remember?” Seokjin paused, “You don’t do you?” He gave an enormous smile. “I’ll make you remember later hyung!” He moved away, going downstairs leaving Seokjin alone in thought.


“Ahhh! It’s Hyun-Shik!” Seokjin smiled as he came down from the stairs, seeing the two men who held him and the dead man yesterday, along with the bouncer. They all stood around the bar, looking much more lively than when he had entered.
“You work here now?” Seokjin stared at the bouncer, a pale guy with bleach blonde hair. He gave a wide smile, “Seems like the boss likes you-”
“Does he?” Seokjin asked, moving closer to them. Quickly, the bouncer outstretched his hand. “Jooheon.” Seokjin smiled, taking the hand.
“Kim Hyun-Shik.” He shrugged lightly, “I guess we met last time.” Seokjin looked at the other two men, who both perked at this.
“I’m Shownu.” Said a big guy,
“And I am Wonho.” The man was pale, but his smile was large and charming. They pulled up a stool, and with a friendly aura making him sit. Who would have guessed they held him, hostage, last night.
“Well as long as the boss takes you in-” Shownu leaned close to Seokjin. “He’s really nice.”
“Wonho- make Hyunshik a drink.” The man stood up, looking around for a moment. He went behind the bar and moved to grab bottles.
“I don’t think I should drink-” He turned back, eyes large.
“One drink shouldn’t hurt- besides it’s like five in the afternoon somewhere in the world.” His drink was being made, but still, Seokjin felt himself lean over the counter like the night before.
“How old are you?” Without hesitation, he answered.
“I'm 28.” They all paused, but quickly Shownu spoke up.
“We’re the same age.”’ The other two shrugged,
“Well, we have a new hyung here,” Jooheon spoke up. Wonho brought back a glass, placing in front of Seokjin.
“Try it?” Jooheon smiled to Seokjin, causing him to pick up the drink.
“I made it for you hyung.” Were they trying to get on his good side from last night? He offered a smile, tipping the drink back. He lowered it,
“It’s good.” Wonho jumped in glee,
“I’ll make everyone some!” Seokjin leaned back in his seat, looking around the room for a moment.
“Did Jungkook leave?” The group grew quiet. Seokjin looked around, seeing them all silenced. Did he say something wrong? “What?” He asked.
“Nothing.” Shownu let out, “They’re just surprised about you asking about Jungkook.” His brow rose at the men.
“Why?” Jooheon smiled,
“Jungkook is a higher up around here.” Jungkook was so young… Seokjin had thought he was just dragged into this. “You’re new so we suppose you don’t know.”
“Know what?”
“Jungkook is- he’s second in charge.” Wonho paused as he spoke, “He’s just not someone we should associate with-”
“Hyung?!” Jungkook’s voice rang through the room causing the men to fall silent. He moved closer to the bar, eyes looking around the room. “What are you guys talking about?”
“Nothing Jungkook.” Jooheon let out, Seokjin noted the nervousness. Standing up quickly walking over to him,
“Where did you go?” Jungkook paused,
“I was outside.” He looked over at the men again,
“Have you all introduced yourself to Hyung? He will be working with us from now on.” They all nodded, causing him to look back at Seokjin. “Come on Hyung- we have to go drop something off.”


Seokjin followed quietly,
“Why are you so quiet Hyung?” He turned back eyes large,
“No- nothing it’s just-”
“Did they say anything about me?” Seokjin let out a nervous laugh,
“Why would they say anything Jungkook?” Jungkook stared at Seokjin for a moment, before smiling.
“Really?” He lowered his head lightly, “I thought they would badmouth me for being so serious.” Jungkook tilted his head, “Well, we got our first job Hyung!” He lifted his hands into the air.
“Let’s get to it.”


Jungkook drove, keeping his head on the road. Seokjin felt weird, he was in the car with a criminal- someone who had more to do with TSD than he had previously thought.
“When did you meet Yoongi?” His eyes grew large, turning slightly to Seokjin. He bounced back at his own question. “I mean- you and he seem close-”
“I’ve known him for a long time.” Jungkook moved a hand from the steering wheel and to Seokjin’s thigh. Gripping lightly. “Don’t worry- he’s like a big brother to me.” Seokjin’s eyes grew large at the large hand on his thigh. He shouldn’t be thinking of him in that manner. Is what Seokjin would have said, but the fear on those men’s faces has caused him to watch his words more around this boy. He looked harmless-but there was something behind this maybe he already knew what was going on?
“You should be watching the road, kid!” Jungkook let out a laugh pulling his hand back. Seokjin slumped back in his seat, “You should respect me-” He flashed his hands up a bit, “Gosh!” He huffed in anger. Jungkook let out a chuckle,
“Hyung!” Seokjin couldn’t let this feeling in him die- but this boy seemed so normal. “Stop being so jealous!” He watched the boy drive.
“How am I jealous?!” Jungkook couldn’t contain his giggles. “Huh?!”
“Hyung! Stop it!” Seokjin lowered himself into his seat. “We have to be serious in a bit.” Seokjin turned his head,
“Why?” Jungkook’s smile remained.
“We have to drop something off.” This was it. He was going off to do something surely illegal.
“Stop asking this many questions- I might think you’re a cop or something.” He flashed a smile, “Just kidding.” Seokjin rose his head to him,
“You’re a stupid kid.” Jungkook grinned,
“I am.” Seokjin let out a huff, crossing his arms over his chest. Before the silence overcame them, Jungkook spoke up. “Hyung- are you sure those men didn’t tell you anything about me?” Seokjin felt his heart race grow, turning his head to him.
“Do you not believe me?”
“I didn’t mean that-”
“If you have something to tell me- then tell me straight up!” Jungkook held a smile over his lips,
“I don’t have anything to tell you Hyung…” Seokjin stared back at the road.
“Then stop talking and drive!”


Chapter Text

Jungkook pulled into a parking garage, turning his head to him.
“Do you want to come with me-”
“Should I go with you?” Seokjin pulled back at his seatbelt, quickly he recounted.
“No!” He rose his hands shaking his head, “I’ll handle this one myself- just stay here!" He gave Seokjin a nervous smile. "I will be back soon!” He pushed open his door. “It’ll only be a few minutes! Promise!” He closed the door, going to the back of the car pulling open the trunk. He opened it, taking up a box. He closed the back, moving away and quickly leaving him. Seokjin was left alone in the car. He looked around, seeing himself truly alone. For the first time in a while, he took a long breath. His chest was beating quickly, leaving him almost teary eyed. What was he going to do? He was in on this illegal act now- he was overwhelmed by the amount of fear that was going on. He needed help, he wanted to let someone know what was going on… His eyes moved to the door, pushing it open. Pulling the seatbelt away, Seokjin opened the door leaving the car.



He peered around, the icy cool air was chilling him, forcing Seokjin to pull his thick cardigan over him tighter. He was at a country club, why? Was Jungkook delivering something to a wealthy client? He sighed, walking straight forward. He moved without another word and went into the club.
His eyes were large, seeing the elegance that was held in this room. Quickly his thought was interrupted,
“Sir can I be of your assistance?” Seokjin turned his head to the man at his side.
“No- I am here to see a friend.” The man nodded, causing Seokjin to simply move forward. His eyes were large, at the sight of everything. He hasn’t been to these kinds of places since he was young- like when he was attending his father’s polo games. He knew he had to act like he had money- enough not to cause any suspicion. He moved towards the lobby, taking off his own coat- going to give it to the coat person. He smiled lightly, pulling out his card. He paused hearing the television behind him,
“Breaking News!" He spun quickly, "The belongings of a former surgeon have been found lying near the Han river. For more, we turn to our field reporter.”
“Hello. Yes, today we have found many personal belongings of ex-surgeon- turned -personal detective Kim Seokjin.” Kim Seokjin’s eyes grew large at the show. “His family has confirmed that the belonging which includes a phone, shirt, and shoes were his, and the leading medical examiner has concluded that it is most likely a suicide. There is a mass search now to find his body. Friends and Family are distraught but have recounted the man did live a solitary-” The T.V was changed leaving him with a blinking view at a blank screen.
“Sir?” Seokjin breath was warm as he swerved back at the man who held an arm out to him. He let out a deep breath, moving closer to the desk handing him his coat. He moved into his pocket, taking up a hundred dollar bill, passing it on to the man. He winked.
“Don’t want the wife to see my bank transactions.” The man nodded, taking the bill and his coat. He moved away, going back into the hall. He left, going outside to the back of the country club. His eyes grew large, seeing the field- it was so green. How was it this green during these winter months.
He looked down at his body, he wasn’t wearing a polo shirt- or shorts. He didn’t fit the part, and he didn’t want to cause any attention to him. Especially now. He was dead. He held his head low, already knowing he had not a clue what to do next. His parents- what would they think, Hoseok- they all thought he had committed suicide? Someone had positively I.D the stuff- how could he behave after this? He was dead. Not figuratively, but legally dead. His chest began to feel tight, causing him to pull his shirt. He couldn’t breathe. He felt tears beginning to bundle at his eyes. He was pushed back- feeling his entire chest moisten. He was covered in something, finally shivering from the weather, Seokjin turned his head up, seeing the man ahead of him. He didn’t hesitate to speak up, “Watch where you are going-!” His eyes were met by a tall individual, his hair blonde- eyes dark. The man looked handsome, his face holding a scowl- he was wearing a polo shirt, white shorts- a visor protecting him from the soft sun. His eyes remained focused on Seokjin causing him to feel frightened.
“Taehyung?” He called, but no one was behind him. “Taehyung!?”
“Who are you speaking with-?” He turned back, him growing angrier and looking back to Seokjin.
“Move.” Seokjin felt himself reach up to his cheek, wiping away his own tears from his face. Seokjin let out a huff standing up straight,
“Excuse me, but you ran into me and threw-” Seokjin pulled up his light blue shirt, seeing a dark liquid over him.
“Send me the bill-”
“I am not asking for you to pay for it. I want an apology-” The man got up very close to him to the point where he felt his warm breath over him.
“You sure you want that?” Seokjin pulled himself back but never taking his eyes away from the man.
“Mr. Kim?” Seokjin turned his head back, seeing a boy behind him. He was his own height, eyes light- matching the blonde hair. He was dressed, like- well beyond everyone here. A Gucci shirt, with matching pants and shoes the whole outfit really. His hair was tossed slightly but he remained looking like a model. He looked beyond handsome- he looked beautiful.
“Taehyung. Call someone to get rid of this-” The man’s eyes looked at him,
“Mr. Kim, the boy is here to meet you?” His attention shifted from Seokjin to this Taehyung person.
“Is he?” He quickly let a smile grow, “Taehyung- handle this-” He moved past Seokjin leaving him with this other man. Seokjin turned his head to meet this man's eyes. He looked away longingly at the man who had just left, causing Seokjin to almost gag.
“So what are you going to do?! Apologize for him?!” Taehyung didn’t react to Seokjin, “HEY!” Finally, the man turned his head back to Seokjin.
“How much?” Seokjin shook his head, almost losing it from what he was just hearing.
“How much does that ugly shirt cost?” Seokjin’s lips twitched as he spoke.
“You are a shit head-” He tapped this man's chest, only having him scoff. “And your boss is fucking trash- You dipshits!” He let out a sigh, moving away from him. Seokjin held his shirt up a bit, muttering curses to himself. “My shirt looks fucking amazing…”



Namjoon pushed the door open, catching sight of the man. He was built well but still looked young. Good. His eyes were blank as he stared off into nothing.
“Hello, Jungkook?” The boy didn’t even seem to breathe. “I wanted to meet you the other day.” He lowered his head lightly. Namjoon moved to a lounge he sat down on a couch, leaning back smiling at the man. “Sit down will you?” Jungkook moved like a mechanical being, taking his seat- still not moving at all.
“I’ve brought what you asked.” He pulled the box he held in his hands onto the table sliding it to Namjoon. Namjoon sat up, opening the box. His eyes grew in amazement.
“Did you carve it out of Kim Seokjin yourself?” Jungkook lifted his head, making eye contact.
“I did.” He kept his face serious. Delight formed on Namjoon’s face,
“I want you to work for me-”
“I only work for Min Yoongi.” Namjoon licked his lips at hearing him finally speak up,
“There it is.”
“I would very much appreciate it if you would finally take my resolution as a final answer.” Namjoon let out a deep breath.
“How much would it cost? I don’t own a savage like you- I need one-”
“Mr. Kim?” Taehyung opened the door behind Namjoon,
“Great!” He smiled, “Make me and Jungkook a drink.” Quickly, Taehyung did as he was told.
“I appreciate the interest but I will only work for Min Yoongi.”
“Why?” Namjoon refused to take no for an answer. Causing Jungkook's eyes to shift slightly.
“I refuse to work for anyone that is not him.” Namjoon’s smile faded hearing this,
“What if Min Yoongi were to no longer-” Jungkook's head rose, his eyes dark.
“If anything were to happen to Min Yoongi I swear on my life I would stop at nothing to kill anyone who had to do with his harming.” He finally gave a smile to Namjoon nodding lightly, “I swear to all that is holy I will finish what I say I will do Mr. Kim.” Namjoon's brow rose, as Taehyung gave him his drink. He took it, looking over at Taehyung. Quickly, he grabbed him pulling him close.
“He’s cute huh?” Namjoon leaned closer to him, taking in Taehyung's scent.
“I am not concerned with such meaningless things.” Taehyung didn’t even respond at the grip over him.
“You’re cute too- maybe instead of killing you should work for Taehyung?!” He sounded gleeful at his comment.
“I enjoy my work.” Namjoon's smile appeared again.
“I like you kid.” Namjoon crossed his leg, tilting his head to Taehyung. “I’ll keep hiring Yoongi if it means you’ll be behind him. Like Kim Seokjin- as long as this keeps up I can promise you and Yoongi a good life.” He finally let go of Taehyung, taking a sip of his drink.
“I would like that very much.” Jungkook stood up lowering his head again to Namjoon, “I hope you and my boss will remain business partners.” And with that, he left.



Seokjin pulled the seatbelt over him again, anger budding deep inside him. He had never been disrespected like this.
“Mr. Kim?” His last name matched his own- and the way he acted seemed like he was willing to deal with what was at hand. And that other man- Taehyung! He was such a- “People think they can just throw money at a problem-” He pushed himself back in his own seat. The door to the driver seat opened, causing Seokjin to turn and look.
“Hi Hyung! I’m back!” Seokjin stared at the boy, just as he began to speak. “Sorry it took so-” His brow rose at Seokjin’s shirt. “What happened?” Seokjin groaned.
“You took so long- I went to go look for you- and then some dipshit dropped their coffee on me and then this kid didn’t even apologize.” Seokjin turned in his seat staring out of the window.
“Hyung- I'm sorry I took so long.” Jungkook entered the car, smiling. “Let’s head back to the bar- I can make us some drinks? Or we can go back to your apartment and get you a new shirt first?” Seokjin nodded,
“Can you just drop me off... I want to go home.”


Seokjin collapses as soon as his door was shut, feeling his knees too weak to even support his weight. He was shivering, and quickly he began to hyperventilate. He was missing and presumed dead. W-what was he going to do? His family- everything was washed away until he found a way to prove he was still alive- and well. He needed to do this quickly though. His bank account was going to be shut- he was dead after all. Seokjin sat up as he pulled out his wallet. He had a fake license- which helped a lot- the police made it and it could without a doubt transfer all his money into a new account as long as he did it quickly. The issue was going to spiral, he owned both this building and his home. He didn’t provide a will, and he knew that he had to do something or his parents would take full possession of these condos. They hated that he lived away from home, and would certainly sell both these places. He had to do something- but his stomach was burning. He couldn't contain the small amount he had held in from breakfast. He felt himself give up, emptying out the contents of his stomach onto the ground before him. He wiped his mouth, rolling back onto the ground. He needed to figure out what he was going to do soon.


Seokjin reached over to a shelf, taking up toothpaste. He threw it into his shopping cart, pushing along. He had gotten a new bank card and moved his old money into this account, it took a while- but he did it. He was going to have some cushy money for some years- but he didn’t want this to continue for years. He wanted to finish this, and get back to his normal life- hell he was actually considering quitting this stupid detective thing and going back to his normal surgeon life. He picked up a pack of meat, sighing. He shouldn't be getting down about this, he was a new person- well... He would take his place soon, and Kim Seokjin wouldn’t be dead anymore- but until then he was Kim Hyun-Shik. He moved taking up more meat. He needed to stock up this home, and buy everything he didn’t have. He walked slowly passing the window to the streets outside, seeing the lights of his old hospital- he was close to his old life- and now they must have all heard- he had died in one night. In one night Kim Seokjin was dead. All he could do about it now was keep his head low and head back to his condo.


Chapter Text

Seokjin leaned in his spot, pushing open the door. He was back at the bar. He moved inside and was quickly greeted by TDS.
“Hyung!” He blinked, seeing everyone gathered around. He moved his hand up, lowering his head to Min Yoongi. The man only lifted his head as a return. Quickly, Jungkook was already at his side, holding his hand and leading him to the group. Jungkook’s smile was large, as he made Seokjin sit next to him. “He made it just in time Yoongi Hyung!” Yoongi nodded, leaning back in his seat.
“I’m glad he made it.” Seokjin gave a thin smile, keeping his head low. “Everyone!” Attention was brought to Yoongi, “As you all know- I let someone in again. His name is Kim Hyun-Shik. He will be treated as an equal. Understand?” A small number of agreements were given in unison. He turned to Seokjin lifting his brow. Quickly Seokjin jumped up, bowing to the entire group of men.
“Hello, I am Kim Hyun-Shik.” Everyone stared at him, causing Seokjin to simply take his seat once again.
“Everyone we have received a lot of work this week- which means we will all be busy.” Jungkook turned his head up, “Jooheon, I have already prepared your work. You will be picking up someone and bringing them to the bar.”
“Wonho and Shownu Hyung you will be making sure this person is held properly.” Both men nodded, “Jungkook, I will be giving you a separate job.”
“This one is specifically for you. You can’t bring-” Yoongi turned his head back to Seokjin, “Him.”
“Hyung!” Jungkook whined causing Yoongi to sigh.
“He will be working with me until you finish up with your work.” His eyes grew large but sat back. “Hyun-Shik?” Seokjin lifted his head.
"You and I will be visiting some people.” Seokjin nodded,
“Yes.” Yoongi nodded, giving everyone a dull look.
“Okay. All of you- get to it.” Quickly all the men around rose and began to shuffle away, leaving Seokjin with Yoongi. He stared at the ground, feeling a hand over his shoulder.
“Go turn on the car- we have to start early today.”



Seokjin sat in the car, driving with no one speaking.
“How old are you?” Min Yoongi finally spoke.
“I am 28.” He lowered his head- hearing Yoongi sigh,
“You’re my Hyung.” Seokjin felt a smile grow on his face- he had already known he was older than Min Yoongi. He knew most of this man’s life, hell- more than anyone should actually know. He had his spleen removed when he was twenty, his tonsils at thirteen. Min Yoongi was born to a humble family but seemingly disappointed them by turning to crime. The boy was turned away from his family.
“It’s fine. You are my boss-”
“You are still my Hyung. My mom always told me to respect those older than me.” Seokjin nodded,
“Well if it is what you want.” Again silence encompassed.
“What was it like working nine to five?” Seokjin smiled,
“Boring.” Yoongi sighed, pushing himself back in his seat.
“I thought it would be…” His voice was low as he let this out. He pushed open his window, right as he lit a cigarette in his hands. He puffed a bit, leaning back holding his hand out the window. “I know Jungkook likes you-”
“I am so sorry about that-”
“Why? Is he an issue to you?” Seokjin shook his head, hearing the low tone Yoongi took.
“It’s just weird. I’m older- he’s not…” Yoongi seemed to nod at this,
“He’s sweet.” Yoongi took a drag from his cigarette before leering at the road ahead. “But he’s kind of an idiot when it comes to this type of stuff?”
“People.” He took in a deep breath, “I love that boy-he’s been through it all with me.” This boy was never in any of the papers Seokjin had on them. “He’s more important than anything to me.” Yoongi’s lips turned upright as he spoke. “Needless to say I would kill anyone who got in the way of his happiness.” Seokjin felt himself tilt his head.
“I would only assume.”
“He likes you- so I’m guessing you slept with him?” Seokjin’s eyes began to blink rapidly. “I’ll take that as a yes?”
“I don’t recall.” Yoongi busted into laughter,
“W-we’re you really that drunk that night?” He shook his head, quickly containing himself. “Best thing to do is to act pretend you remember it or it’ll hurt his feelings.” Seokjin could swear he didn’t drink.
“I will do that.” The car drew silent again. Seokjin felt himself swallowing before speaking up.
“So… That man- was he really Kim Seokjin?” The silence had still continued, causing him to look to the side. The man wasn’t pleased with his questioning. “I mean- I was watching the news- and his body wasn’t found-”
“It was him. I know for sure now. I made some calls and someone confirmed it was him.” He sighed, “Let me tell you something… I am working under someone completely mad. Whos so powerful he has forgotten who to trust and who not to.” Seokjin felt himself lick his lips hearing this. “He’s working with someone our kind shouldn’t be with.” He finished with that, going back to smoking. “Oh...And never ask me about that stuff… Unless I bring it up- it’ll stay at the bar. Okay, Hyun-Shik?”
“Yes.” Seokjin let out.



Min Yoongi turned in his passenger seat,
“I wasn’t going to take you with me.” Seokjin waited as he spoke. “But I hate visiting alone. Wanna come with me?” Seokjin nodded.
“I’ll go with you.”


Min Yoongi’s head was low as he took a drag of his cigarette. He was dressed in all black, a suit with dark tinted glasses. His mint green hair standing out. Seokjin felt out of place as the door ahead was opened for them.
“Min Yoongi?” The man at the door asked. Yoongi lifted his head, tossing his cigarette to the side. Locking eyes with the man,
“Where is he?” The man smiled,
“Our boss is upstairs.” He pulled back his glasses preventing them from seeing his eyes, moving forward. They moved to the elevator, having it opened for them. They both entered, remaining silent. With haste, the door opened, and Yoongi moved out first. He walked briskly, not bothering to stop in the mind of anything until he stopped at a door. Seokjin took hold of the door, pushing it open allowing for Yoongi to step into the room. Seokjin followed seeing him sit down, kicking his feet on the desk. He simply stood behind him.
“Hello, Yoongi-”
“Mr. Min,” Seokjin replied. Eyes were drawn to him, causing him to have to act tough. His stomach was hurting- he had seen someone act like this in a drama. He was going to have to act through this. “Make sure not to make that mistake again okay?”
“You hired him?” The man looked Seokjin down, causing him to shiver lightly. “He’s really pretty-”
“Look at him again and I will be the one scooping your eyes out.” Yoongi leaned back in his seat. “Hyun-Shik, lock the door.” Seokjin did as he was told, locking him in a room with Yoongi and the other man with his guards.
“Who did you buy him from-" The man leaned closer to Yoongi. "Taehyung?” Seokjin remembered that name, from somewhere-. His pondering was quickly ended.
“He’s not a prostitute.” Yoongi pulled his glasses from his face. “He's one of my men. Look at him funny again and I will make sure that it will be the last thing you ever do.”
“Alright.” The man sighed, sitting back. “My payment will be processed with your boss.”
“It will be. We just have to open up a new mattress shop for it though. So give us a few weeks.”
“A new one? This will be the sixth in three years.” Yoongi looked up to Seokjin.
“No one ever suspects a mattress shop for money laundering you idiot.”


They both left, and without another word, they entered the car. Seokjin started the car and again pulled out onto the road.
“So…” Yoongi already pulled up another cigarette lighting it quickly. “Where did you learn to speak up like that?” Seokjin felt sweat begin to bundle. He couldn’t tell him he had seen it on t.v. On a drama nonetheless.
“I thought it was needed to be said.” Yoongi nodded,
“I like it.” He almost let out a deep sigh at this. “Let’s head to our next stop.”



They had gone back and forth, over and over again. Into offices, had a nice chat and got what they went in for. Payments. Yoongi never seemed angered at him, in fact, he was just silent. He pointed to where they should go, besides that his smoking breaks were the only things that really reminded Seokjin that he was still in the car.
He told him to head home after the final stop, Seokjin insisted on him staying to help out but without another word, Yoongi lept out of the car. He moved out, as Seokjin watched him in his reviewer mirror. He flagged down a taxi- instead of hiring an uber? Or at least making Seokjin drop him off. Nope- so Seokjin actually did as he was advised and headed home. Well... his functioning home. He didn’t hesitate to push open his door. He entered kicking back his shoes.
What to do now?


“Hyung?” Yoongi didn’t turn his head back as he spoke to the man tied in front of him.
“I sent your boyfriend home." He tilted his head. "Didn’t want to scare him too much today.” Jungkook shined him a bright smile,
“Thank you, Hyung.” He placed an arm over his shoulder. “I’ll take care of this then?” Yoongi looked back at Jungkook his eyes retaining a soft glare.
“Did the job go well?”
“I didn’t mutilate the body this time.” Yoongi showed his teeth lightly,
“I guess that is better.” He nodded, “Well… Do what you want here- but... make sure not to make too much of a mess, we got another one coming in an hour.”
“I’ll do my best.” Yoongi slipped a hand over his head.
“I like him too.” Jungkook smile grew large hearing this,
“Really?!” Yoongi nodded,
“He’s a bit of an idiot but helpful.” He sighed, “Jooheon is already picking up our next client, and Wonho and Shownu Hyung are outside. This place might be soundproof but they get the feeling you aren’t too nice-?” Jungkook nodded. Yoongi slipped his hands into his pocket moving away, just as Jungkook swerved back to look at him.
“Hyung! I love you!” He heard the older man let out a grunt.
“Love you too.”



“As estimates go up, I advise you to pull your stocks.” Namjoon slipped his hand under his chin.
“I believe that would be an accurate action to take.” He leaned back in his seat. “Send me the forms to read over and I’ll see-” At this Namjoon stood up. “I will make sure to finish it by next Monday.” The man nodded, quickly going to Namjoon shaking his hand. With this they all left, leaving him in the office alone. He grew bored very quickly, with no new news what more was there for him to do?
Day drinking was boring, and so was office work. A trip? Where to- the beach- no that was disgusting. But catching crabs sounded fun. He could just call in Taehyung but even using him too much grew old. What was he to do at a time like this?



Seokjin pulled back, looking at his work. He had finally cleaned up this place, and it looked like he- well lived here. In fact, it looked better than his occupied condo. He patted his own back, already thinking of his next job. He didn’t hesitate- rushing over and grabbing an oversized hood, tossing it over himself. He left his apartment and made his way to the busy street.
He didn’t have to look around much to already know of a place to get good food. He entered ordering and leaving. The human contact felt weird for him, interacting with people who would see him daily when he worked near here. He wasn’t drawing any attention, holding his head high- and smiling lightly. He never felt so alone in such a public place. He held up his burger, still warm in his hand. He took in a deep breath. He needed to keep a positive outlook, he and Hoseok would go out to eat after this was over- and hey who knows! Something could finally come of them together! He had taken quite a liking to him over the past two years. Which wasn’t strange… He seemed not to mind his attention. This would all work out, he was good at this- he would find a way. He was still Kim Seokjin, the man who had escaped death.


Yoongi leaned his head to the men outside.
“Why are you guys still waiting here?” Wonho lowered his head.
“He-he's at it again.” Hearing this made Yoongi's face grow with concern.
“How long?”
“He’s started it a few moments ago.” Shownu let out. Yoongi placed a hand on both the men's shoulders.
“Both of you know he’s just a kid right?”
“Of course,” Wonho said,
“Well none of us can stop him when he gets like this-" Yoongi shook his head. "head back to the bar… I’ll take care of this.” Without hesitation, both men left Yoongi. He turned back, slipping down the door. He pulled out his lighter- already burning a cigarette.
“Hyung is here Jungkook. Hyung is here for you.”



Namjoon entered the bar, his arms held high as he looked around. He came to drink with his ‘friends’, He smiled at the bartenders. He began to stir a commotion tossing back tables without a worry. He loved commotions especially when he was drunk.
“Where is Min Yoongi and Jeon Jungkook?!” A tall fellow shook his head to another man.
“They are both preoccupied at this moment Sir-” Namjoon shook his head at this-
“They’re in the back no?” Without another word, he moved- going to the back door and kicking it open. He could hear Taehyung behind him- with what looked to be the other men. He conquered the stairs quickly, his nose picking up the scent of a lit cigarette. He followed it, coming across Yoongi seated down on the ground.
“Namjoon?” His eyes locked with his own, showing him a look of confusion.
“What are you doing here?” He smiled at him,
“I came here to drink with you and Jungkook-” Namjoon may have already have been steep drunk but something clicked in his head as Yoongi stood up protecting the door beyond him.
“Is Jungkook in there right now?” He didn’t answer him straight away. “He’s working at it yes? He’s killing someone yes?” Namjoon pushed Yoongi aside with ease, throwing open the door.
His eyes grew large at the sight, him snapping out of his own drunken haze. Yoongi rushed into the room pulling back Namjoon only to catch a view of what was at hand. Jungkook held his hand through the mouth of the man. Completely through the man's head, down through the detached limb. Blood consumed all the walls around the room having Namjoon spin before focusing again at the body and the boy, still, intestines and flesh surrounded them. Yoongi had seemingly seen this before, and without a moment of hesitation, he was already removing Namjoon from the room. He moved back shutting the door, his eyes shut as he slammed the door. His eyes looked up to Namjoon.
“You wanted to see that?” Namjoon blinked for a moment.
“What- he-”
“He’s not stable right now. You can’t meet with him- well if you want me to ensure your safety anyways.” Namjoon ran his hand through his hair. A bit taken aback.
“He really is a savage?” Yoongi sighed,
“No. He’s just not well.”


Chapter Text

A week had passed as Seokjin had taken this new life, and it was taking its toll over his mind and body. He hadn’t made any progress- no evidence at all. The only thing he has found was that mattress stores were like- connected to money laundering or something. Min Yoongi seems to be a middle man and he had someone above him. Who it was still didn’t make sense. Then there was the mystery of who the person was that had positively I.D his belongings. No one saw what he was wearing that night- in fact, the last visual contact Seokjin had was two nights before with Hoseok. Who would be able to pick out that clothing- that was not his and claim that this was his? His family claimed that he was solitary- Seokjin never thought for even a moment that he was ever… Introverted. He was what people would call a social butterfly, in fact, he called his parents every week. Hung around Hoseok often, went out with friends when he wasn’t working. He was busy- sure but nothing to even conclude suicide. Who was this person?
“Hyung?” Jungkook exited his bedroom, smiling lightly. “You left me in bed again!” Seokjin held his head low. He wasn’t proud of himself… He had taken in Jungkook- in a sort of a relationship. Not sexual- no but he has been keeping up an act. He let him sleep in his own bed- which was okay… he enjoyed cuddling, but the boy always woke up nude. He ate here a lot, but it never made Seokjin upset… it felt as if he had someone during this time in his life.
“You like to oversleep!” Jungkook moved close to Seokjin, wrapping his arms around him.
“I called Yoongi Hyung for you- he said we can have today off.” Jungkook leaned over slightly. “Which means we can go to the amusement park?” Seokjin smiled at him.
“Well, go get ready- and then we’ll head out.” Jungkook pulled Seokjin close to him, keeping his chin over his head.
“Do you want to join me in the shower?” Seokjin swatted his hand back pushing the man,
“Go brush your teeth before you speak to me.” Jungkook let out a giggle, moving back to the room. This seemed all too real for Seokjin, as he sat up from his kitchen table. He pulled an arm into the air, stretching.
“Time to get ready Hyun-Shik!”



Jungkook poked around for a moment, before finally settling on a song.
“Hyung?” Seokjin smiled hearing him speak,
“Yes?” The boy grew a bit timid at how silky Seokjin’s voice had become.
“This- this time can you sleep over at my place?” Seokjin’s head turned to him.
“What?” Jungkook’s eyes grew large at this.
“I-I just wanted to show you something…” This brought a lot to mind for Seokjin. He- was he allowing for him to continue this relationship? “I understand if you don’t want to go with me-” The boy lowered his head to him.
“You want me to sleep over?” Seokjin let out a scoff, “I’ve never slept over at anyone's house Jungkook- so…” Was he bad for being okay with spending the night with someone so much younger than him? “I’ll stay over.” He could hear the glee in his voice.
“Really?” Seokjin nodded,
“But you’ll have to pay for a good dinner for Hyung,” He turned back to look at him. “Alright?” He returned the large smile.



“Woah!” His eyes grew large,
“Hyung! I want to ride that one!” Seokjin looked back to Jungkook.
“WHY THAT ONE?!” His distress only delighted the younger one, as he quickly took hold of his hand pulling Seokjin along with him.


“Hello, Min Yoongi.” Taehyung lowered his head to the man seated at the edge of the bar. He turned back his head.
“I’m not selling anyone today.” Taehyung showed a few of his teeth as he laughed, “You can come back with your boss next week and I’ll sell you another-”
“I am not here regarding that. Besides- I doubt anything you catch will be at my standards-”
"You have standards?" “I feel that you are mocking me, Mr. Min?”
“I’m a murder you’re a prostitute. I am just stating the facts here.” Yoongi tilted up a glass to Taehyung. “What’s this about? It’s Saturday you shouldn’t be bugging me until Monday.”
“I am here to apologize for what Mr. Kim did the other night.”
“When he came into my place and looked at my boy?” He nodded.
“I caught sight of what was happening. I should have kept a better grasp on my boss-”
“He’s your boss. What could someone like you do to stop him?” Yoongi sighed, “Just- please tell me if he is ever going to come here like that again. The way he burst into that room could have gotten all of us hurt…” His eyes grew a glaze over them. “Or worse.”
“This Jeon Jungkook… Mr. Yoongi- you claimed he was unwell? Is he not mentally stable?”
“It’s- something like that.”
“You seemed afraid of him at that moment.”
“Everyone should be when he gets like that.” He pulled his lips together tightly. “Taehyung was it?” Taehyung nodded. “He told me it’s like he blacks out. When he wakes up he sees what he’s done.”
“Has Jeon Jungkook ever-” He shook his head, “Has Jeon Jungkook ever posed a danger to you Mr. Min?”
“He poses a danger?” He scoffed, “I am not afraid of him. I am worried about him Taehyung. He is like a sibling to me. When he hurts people- it hurts-.”
“Himself? So he’s weak mentally?” Min Yoongi shook his head.
“He holds no remorse.” Yoongi looked back down to his hands. “I just don’t want to see what he’ll turn into if I’m not with him.”


Seokjin pulled up his caramel apple to Jungkook’s mouth. He took a large bite, his eyes growing large at the taste. Seokjin let out a laugh, causing him to rock lightly in his seat.
“Y-Your eyes get large when you like eating something huh?” He nodded happily.
“Only when it’s delicious.” They both exchanged smiles before Jungkook jumped from his seat.
“Ferris wheel!” Seokjin nodded,
“After I finish the apple-” Jungkook took the apple and with three quick bites, it was gone. Seokjin shook his head, as the man’s cheeks grew like a chipmunk. “I guess I’m done then?” He stood from his seat, just as Jungkook intertwined his fingers along his.
“Let’s go Hyung!”


“Ah…” Jungkook’s eyes grew large as he looked to meet Seokjin’s eyes. Seokjin trembled as Jungkook held his legs open. He didn’t mean for it to go this way with him- but Seokjin couldn’t resist at this moment, not while his gaze was captivated by this man’s looks. His body was warm, but the warmth inside Jungkook’s mouth made his cock feel as it was going to melt. He gripped the sheets under him as his toes curled. “J-Jungkook!” His couldn’t contain himself, releasing his semen into the younger boys mouth. He didn’t look surprised, pulling his head back. Panting Seokjin moved to touch this man’s mouth. “I’m sorry- I couldn’t help myself-I-” Without another word, Jungkook swallowed. He opened his mouth to him, showing him he had swallowed it completely.
“It was yummy Hyung.” This left Seokjin speechless. The younger boy didn’t hesitate, moving Seokjin back to the headboard. His lips pushing against Seokjin’s. Whatever seemed to be holding Seokjin back left, as he pulled his arms around Jungkook. They broke their kiss, leaving both of them gasping for air.
“You’re- yummy too kid.” Jungkook gave him a loopy smile. Seokjin pulled Jungkook by his collar. He didn’t, however, kiss him, hovering over his lips.
“Can my cock taste you Hyung?” Seokjin felt lightheaded, as he gave him a slight smile.
“Yes.” Without so much as a second, Jungkook grabbed Seokjin by his waist- pulling him up to the front of the bed. He tore away Seokjin’s pants with great haste, and with this, he slapped against his ass with his hard member.
“I’m going in Hyung.” Jungkook held him in a strong grip as he slid into Seokjin. Jungkook let out a grunt, as he felt Seokjin tremble underneath him. He laid himself over his body, placing small kisses along his bare back. Seokjin pondered as to how he was now the one nude and Jungkook was still fully dressed, but those thoughts were quickly brushed away- as he pulled himself back and then in again.
“A-a-ahhh…mmmm...” Seokjin stuck his hand into his mouth preventing the small moans from escaping his lips. Jungkook wasn’t moving gently- no not at all, instead brashly pushing himself into Seokjin. It felt beyond amazing.
“D-don’t cover your mouth Hyung!” He was shouting this to him in a deep tone. “I want to hear you scream.” Without another word, Jungkook pulled Seokjin on to him keeping him on his lap as he continued to move. Jungkook quickly took back Seokjin’s hands holding them with only one of his. This proved to be what he wanted as Seokjin began to increasingly let out deep coarse moans.
“J-Jungkook- ahhh…” He sounded as if he was done silly by this. “H-harder,” Jungkook smirked at this plea. Pushing him forward, his thrusting became almost violent as he slapped against Seokjin’s soft skin. He felt as if he was slipping away, he was losing his calm demeanor and a strong alpha had come to take his place. He pushed himself inside aggressively, leaning all his weight to a spot. “Ahhh!” He knew had found his weak spot. He didn’t stray away, holding Seokjin’s side. He was consumed with this pleasure. He felt him grow tighter as he pushed himself to the same spot- over- and over again.
“J-Jungkook… I-I think I’m going to-” Jungkook took hold of Seokjin’s cock, sliding his large hand up and down- matching his own pace. “Jungkook!” He sounded as he was freaking out as he shouted the younger boys name. With one final brutal push, Seokjin had once again cum. The pressure he was emitting did something else to his partner, it made his body curl inwards over him and tighten- and with this Jungkook joined him in orgasmic bliss. They both came- and still connected they both fell back in exhaustion, collapsing onto the bed underneath them. Seokjin felt his body still reacting, twitching in pleasure- just as Jungkook regained some strength pulling himself out of him. They both panted, as they tried to breathe. Slowly Seokjin turned and caught the sight of Jungkook’s face.
“W-was I yummy Hyung?” Seokjin’s lips grew into a frown. This caused Jungkook’s brow to raise in confusion. “Was it not?”
“I’m still hungry.”



Seokjin pulled his head up, looking around at the foreign room.
“W-where am I?” He felt an arm over his stomach. He moved a hand up to his head, scratching it. So much for keeping it non-sexual, he thought. Tilting his head to the man over him. He let out a sigh, knowing that- however weird this was… He liked it. He pulled the arm off of him, slipping up- he took up his shirt before leaving the bedroom. He should at least make him breakfast before he heads home. Seokjin moves to the kitchen. Taking up eggs, and sausage- he had already decided what he was going to make the sleeping boy.
“What are you doing here?”’ Seokjin froze in place, hearing a familiar voice behind him.
“Yoongi-” He turned back, seeing his eyes go down him. He was wearing one of Jungkook’s shirts and only his shirt.
“So can I assume you fucked?” The bedroom door was thrown open, revealing Jungkook. A morning mess, dressed simply in his underwear. He rubbed his stomach, not flushing at all at the sight of Yoongi in his apartment.
“We did.” Yoongi shook his head,
“Get changed then- always walking around half naked-” Yoongi held his hand up, showing them he had already brought them a meal. “I brought breakfast.”



Yoongi and Seokjin sat at the table, the T.V playing the news as Jungkook stared at it- him stuffing down the porridge Yoongi had brought.
“Sitting that close to the T.V will make you go blind Jungkook!” All that was reciprocated was a grunt. Yoongi seemed like an older brother to Jungkook. Was all Seokjin could think of as to not feel embarrassed as to how they were both found this morning.
“Don’t feel embarrassed. He’s handsome- you’re you… I could care less who he with as long as they don’t make him feel bad.”
“Yoongi Hyung the porridge is good!” Jungkook sounded like a small child, as he leaned forward and back.
“Eat it all then.” They received a thumbs up from the sitting boy. “You should eat as well Hyun-Shik. It’ll be bad if you don’t replenish your energy.” This made Seokjin’s stomach hurt. He wasn’t Seokjin. He did as he was advised, and took a bite of the porridge. “Where did you both go yesterday?”
“Amusement park!” Jungkook cried out. Yoongi turned his head to him.
“I wasn’t speaking to you!” They both let out a slight chuckle. They seemed peaceful, allowing for Seokjin to relax.
“Breaking News!”
Seokjin had a bad habit of always catching the worst news. This morning was no different.
“Skeletal remains have been found near the west side of the Han River.” The room’s warm atmosphere disappeared, as everyone's attention was brought to what was on the screen. “This body was… it was decapitated in a fashion similar to what appears to be of a past serial killer, the torso murderer.” Those words rang, and the gut feeling this wasn’t going over well was beginning to consume Seokjin. The reporter's eyes grew large, as she moved forward. “Detective- can you answer a few questions?”
“Yes.” The voice ran through Seokjin. He felt himself almost tear up at who appeared. It was Hoseok.
“This body found this morning- is it believed to be that of Kim Seokjin am I correct? The man previously thought to have committed suicide-”
“Yes. Although we are now certain this was not a case of simple suicide.” This was something they all feared. “In a few days, we'll be sure that this is the skeletal remains of Kim Seokjin. Although we have yet to find the head, tissue samples remained on the clothing.” Oh no. Jungkook turned his head back.

Yoongi’s phone went off, all-knowing this wasn’t a happy call. He lifted the phone, pressing his lips.
“Hello?” He seemed to pause, “I heard.” Jungkook stood up from his seat, going back to the table.
“I got rid of the body Hyung.” Yoongi didn’t seem to listen to a word he had said.
“I'm on my way.” He lowered the phone, his expression looking unpleased.
“Jungkook, not now- I have to go speak with Namjoon.”’He pushed himself up from his seat.
“I’ll go with you Hyung!” He turned back to look at him.
“Haven’t you done enough Jungkook?” Yoongi let out a sigh.
“I’ll handle this.” He turned his head back to Seokjin. “Hyung!” Seokjin's attention was drawn to him, “Go to the bar- call a meeting. We gotta do something- before this becomes a bigger issue.” Seokjin nodded, just as Yoongi looked to Jungkook. “Take care of him as well.” With this Yoongi took his belongings, and left the apartment.

Chapter Text

“Hyun-Shik?” Seokjin lifted his head, seeing Shownu walking into the bar, hand raised a bit in a wave. “Why’d you call today?” He gritted his teeth,
“Kim Seokjin’s body was found.” He stopped in his tracks.
“Where is Yoongi?”
“He said he went to go meet with-” He paused, “A man named Namjoon?” Shownu nodded.
“I assume you called over the others?” Seokjin nodded.
“Jooheon and Wonho told me they would arrive in a bit.” He sighed leaning back slightly.
“W-what about Jungkook?” Seokjin lowered his head.
“He told me he was going to be downstairs.” Seokjin felt himself sink inside. “He asked me to leave him alone…” Shownu nodded.
“I think we should respect his words. He was the one who hid the body… He’s never had any issues before?” Shownu lifted a hand to his chin.
“Should I go check on him-”
“No. He should be left alone.” Seokjin was surprised at his sudden jump. “We have to handle our side here.”
“What can we do?” Seokjin asked.
“Well… It was found right- I’m sure there was no head? So as long as he got rid of that somewhere else we have some time to coordinate a plan.” Seokjin did know some things about forensic identification. Bodies were harder to detect even without a head. Flesh could be used to match DNA. But from what he saw on the news it was a skeletal remain due to it being in the water. Which- would erase any trace of things leading to them and without a head, there will be little to no chance to match him completely. Without dental records as well. His mother was his dentist, so he was sure she never kept a proper record of his mouth.
“Do you think this is really bad?” Shownu pressed his eyes.
“I’m not sure.” He sighed. “We won’t know until Yoongi gets back.”



“Hello, Mr.Min.” Taehyung held his head low,
“I assume Mr.Kim is in his office?” He nodded. “Well… I’m off-”
“Wait!” Taehyung held him back by his shoulder. “I wanted to speak with you-” Yoongi sighed turning back to look at him.
“Well speak up- cause I don’t think I'm going to listen well when I get back.” Taehyung felt his stomach hurt as he spoke up.
“I'm going to give you a heads up.”
“A heads up?” Yoongi shook his head at the man.
“Jungkook brought in the heart of Kim Seokjin to Namjoon-”
“I know. I sent him there.” The boy sighed.
“No-no… I spoke with the man from the police-” Yoongi’s eyebrow rose. “I- I- thought it has been weird.”
“Well… it might just be by the fact that the police knows where we dumped the body since you are after all working with them?” Taehyung paused.
“That seems like a large probability. This person is the only one we asked- to confirm Seokjin’s death.” Yoongi sighed.
“Taehyung?” The boy made eye contact. “I think I might just really go to jail because you and your boss decided to work with the police.” Taehyung moved closer to Yoongi, opening his hand- slipping in a note.
“That’s the name of the detective, and where he lives. I will speak nothing of what happens to him.” He lowered his head to him.
“Why are you helping me Taehyung?” Taehyung paused, biting his upper lip.
“I-I don’t think you’re that bad of a person. Even though we work in this line of business, you seem to protect what's precious to you.” Yoongi leaned forward a bit,
“That seems like a nice way to say I feel guilty.” Taehyung nodded.
“Take it as you see.” Yoongi gave him a small smile.
“Well… Wish me, luck kid.”



Namjoon had woken up this morning in a cold sweat, his entire night- or more like his whole week had been consumed with the sight of that boy- that devil tearing open that body in that fashion. Namjoon had dealt with disposing of before- but never had he seen a body so… far from recognition. Now, at this time he had something worse to deal with.
“Come in.” His voice was hoarse, as Min Yoongi entered. He watched the small man come into the room, taking the seat before him. Namjoon looked around for a moment. “You didn’t bring the brat?”
“I didn’t think it would be good for you.” He wasn’t nervous. “You seemed afraid of him last time we met.” Namjoon’s eyes grew.
“Where did that kid hide the body?” Min Yoongi’s eyes were dark as he spoke.
“I hid the body.” With that Namjoon tossed everything off from his desk. Standing up,
“Jungkook was busy… carving out that heart for you. I did what I thought was right.”
“And that’s why this body was found?!”
“The body was hidden well. I made sure of it.” Namjoon looked beyond angered, as he flew across the desk taking hold of Yoongi’s collar.
“Well that didn’t work now did it?!” Yoongi didn’t waver for a moment.
“As far as we know.”
“That body- Kim Seokjin is dead. The remains are skeletal, besides that- no one can really connect the I.D without a head.” Yoongi rose his brow. “I assume you still have it?” Namjoon pushed him back. He pulled his hands through his hair, pacing behind his desk.
“MIN YOONGI!” He shouted. “You better hope I can cover this up-”
“You work with the police Mr. Kim I am more than sure you can keep this under wraps.” Namjoon faced Yoongi. “None of this should be connected to us. I will handle everything from this point on,” Yoongi stood from his seat. “I will take this exchange as our last partnership.” Namjoon pointed back at him.
“Sit down. I am not finished with you-”
“We are done. I will handle this to ensure both our names remain clear.”
“YOONGI!” This man's voice was low. “I never said any of this is finished!” He pulled back at his suit jacket revealing his sleeves. “I have already begun to pull strings.” Yoongi’s breathing became strong as they both began a stare off. “By tomorrow we should be sure that the DNA will match Kim Seokjin.”
“How do you know that?”
“I AM THE ONE CONDUCTING IT!” His veins moved through his head. “I WILL BE THE ONE WHO ENSURES THAT NO ONE KNOWS THAT THIS WAS KIM SEOKJIN! I WILL BE DESTROYING THE RESULTS BEFORE THEY ARE SHOWN!” Yoongi’s eyes were large to this man. He was so, driven. “I decide when our contract is over Min Yoongi!” Yoongi saw a flash in the man's eye.
“Are you very much finished?” Yoongi stood, pulling back his coat. “I must return to my bar.”
“Min Yoongi.” Yoongi stared at the man. “I will kill Jungkook if any of this goes sour.” Yoongi wasn’t one to fall for silly threats but the mention of someone he had was far beyond a death threat. Yoongi reached to his side, lifting his gun at the man’s head. He cocked it, eyes unblinking.
“I will kill you Namjoon.” Namjoon didn’t waver for a moment, pulling out his own from under his desk.
“I guess it’ll be a match then?” They both maintained their strong gazes.
Bang! Yoongi felt a slight warm liquid slip down his cheek, without hesitation he lowered his aim firing back.
“Ahh!” Namjoon dropped the loaded weapon on the ground. His hand wasn’t bleeding, instead, Yoongi shot the gun out of his grips.
“Get some rest before you try to start a shootout-” Yoongi shook his head to the man. “Your eyes give away that you don’t have a sense of depth.” Namjoon held up his hand. He felt the pressure of the weapon being shot from his grips. “I will finish this job. Depending on how you handle your part will determine if we will continue to be business partners Namjoon.” He tilted his head to the man. Namjoon could feel the steam that escaped his face. “Whether you come to kill me afterward will also not matter,” He drew close to Namjoon crossing the desk and lifting his sight to the man. “But if you ever threaten Jungkook again- I will come from my grave to make sure that you and that prostitute burn in something far worse than hell.” He patted his shoulder. “Take care Namjoon.” He left the man dumbfound with this. Rushing into his office, he was greeted by a pair of familiar eyes.
“What happened Mr. Kim?!” Namjoon shook his head,
“I think I found a permanent partner in crime?” He shook his head, slowly letting out a chuckle.



“Hyung?’ Seokjin was silent, as he felt a tap over his shoulder- he turned seeing Wonho. “I believe that you should go rest… Boss is probably taking his time.” Seokjin looked back to the man.
“You think he’s alright- he looked pale when he left-”
“Who looked like what?” They both spun their heads, seeing the short green haired man enter the brightly lit building.
“Yoongi.” Seokjin lifted himself from his seat, his eyes quickly catching sight of the bandage over his cheek. He moved quickly to him, placing a hand over the tan bandage. “What happened?” He lifted his hand, holding Seokjin’s in his own.
“Nothing.” Yoongi offered a dull look. “Wonho call everyone here. We have to handle something right now.” Wonho quickly left, going to the stairs. Seokjin already felt that this was a bad sign. Yoongi gripped his hand, leaning closer to him.
“Thank you for doing as I instructed.” The man’s eyes weren’t dark, but they still told a story. One he wasn’t excited to tell.
“I-I didn’t manage to do anything-”
“And that’s what I needed. If Jungkook had gone with me- I wouldn’t be here right now.” His tone was soft. He was gazing slightly.
“Are you truly alright?” He smiled.
“Fine. Besides- what can you do- give me medical attention?” He shook his head. “Go get me something to wear off the pain though.” Seokjin nodded, finally Min Yoongi released him.



Seokjin folded his hands on his lap, seeing Yoongi speak lowly.
“Where has Jungkook run off to?”
“He’s in the basement again.” Seokjin stood up, “I-I can go get him-”
“Forget him. He’s sulking a bit, Hyung.” Seokjin nodded, taking his seat again. “Well… Today I don’t want to alarm anyone.” This already did as it was not meant to do. “Ah… How to put this- That officer we killed the other day. Well, his body was found- and it’s not looking so hot for us right now.” He rubbed his chin. “Nothing to get down on though-” He already caught sight of the other's eyes. “I already know what we have to do.”
“What would that be Hyung?” His smile grew as he looked around at the curious men.
“We are going to steal back the corpse for starters.” This brought awe to some faces. “I already got someone to get us a pass in- just need a volunteer.”
“I’ll do it.” Shownu rose his hand.
“Good, it’ll go to you Hyung. Next, we are burning down a hospital near here-”
“A hospital near here?” Seokjin’s eyes grew large. He knew the only hospital near here, it was the one he used to work at.
“It’s going to be releasing the DNA results tomorrow.” Seokjin moved his hand up,
“Can I handle that- I am more than sure I can stop the findings of any results!” Yoongi tilted his head,
“You sure?” He shook his head to him, “Burning the building to the ground would be easier-”
“Not on those in the building.” Yoongi shook his head.
“Alright. I’ll leave that up to you Hyung.” They all grew silent, as Yoongi sat up in his seat. “You should get on that both of you. I will be calling you for further information.” Seokjin didn’t hesitate to stand- Shownu followed him out to the parking lot. They were both silent, as they pulled up their keys to their cars both lowering their heads to each other.
“Good luck Shownu.” He smiled back at Seokjin.
“You too Hyun-Shik.”



“Okay.” Yoongi leaned forward, already sighing. “I didn’t want to involve those two in what we have to do.” Jooheon's eyes grew large.
“Just tell us what to do Boss?” Yoongi smiled,
“We are going to be killing a detective.” The silence grew around them.
“Just tell us where to go Boss.” Wonho let out. Yoongi swallowed lightly, moving back and pulling out a small piece of paper from his pocket.
“We’re going after a turned cop. So, I think Jungkook- and I will be handling his… disposal.” They both nodded.
“We just have to find him- and bring him here.” Jooheon smiled, “We got that Boss.” Yoongi smiled. “Just tell us where to find him?” Yoongi gave the paper to Jooheon.
“That has all the information.” Jooheon opened the paper, examining it quickly.
“Go on and get ‘em. I’ll prep the room with Jungkook.” They both grew quiet. “Is he at it again?”
“We don’t know. Hyun-Shik… said he wouldn’t speak with him.” Yoongi nodded.
“I’m calling up the rest of the men. They’ll be moving all of our stuff out sight, just in case this turns into a murder case.” They both nodded.
“Boss?” Yoongi perked up, “How long should we hold off before taking him?”
“When he gets home. Watch him for a bit, don’t just go all in. I want it to be clean and quiet. No one should know he’s been taken. I want him to disappear like mist,” They both stood, lowering their heads to him.
“Yes, Sir.” Yoongi waved them off.
“Get to it.”



Yoongi slowly made his way down the stairs, lowering himself to the basement. His eyes adjusted to the dark quickly leaving him to slowly walk. He made his way straight to their butchering room. He stood outside the door, pressing himself over it.
Not a sound. He panicked slightly, throwing open the door. His eyes quickly caught a view of the boy. He was slumped over in a chair, covered in blood. He wasn’t awake. Yoongi moved to him, lowering himself and turning back his arms. He sighed in relief.
“Not his.” He was just asleep. Yoongi felt calm seeing him breathing quietly, in his slumber he looked happy. He took the boy into his arms.prompting him up.


Yoongi set him down on the toilet, going to the tub and filling it with warm water. He let it fill going to Jungkook again, he pulled away his clothing tossing it into the sink. He lifted the man, lowering him into the tub, laying his head back. He didn’t once wake up, with all this moving. Yoongi washed his body, removing the bloodstains. He didn’t hold back, pulling him up and drying him off. Yoongi laid him down in a bed upstairs, tucking him in.


Yoongi scrubbed the ground with his mop, sapping up the blood. He felt himself wipe the sweat away from his forehead.
“He’s getting to be so messy now.” He rang his mop in the bucket, he was almost done with the cleaning. He had sent the remains into the incinerator, which he hated using. It made the place too warm.
“Hyung?” Yoongi didn’t even turn back, hearing the voice.
“You’re up?” Yoongi heard him walk into the room.
“All the guys are upstairs- moving stuff.”
“Did that wake you?” Jungkook moved close to him.
“It did.” Yoongi continued cleaning, not listening to him. “Why are you cleaning Hyung?”
“Well… Everyone's working so I thought I’d make myself useful as well.” Jungkook crossed his arms over his chest,
“I didn’t see Shownu, Jooheon or Wonho-”
“They’re all out running errands,” Yoongi answered.
"Is that why you're cleaning?” Yoongi turned his head up.
“Can I help?” Yoongi nodded.
“Go refill my bucket with clean water.” Jungkook did as he was told, going and pulling up the bucket. It took him a bit longer than Yoongi had thought, as Jungkook came back, a bucket filled with fresh water. Jungkook placed the bucket near Yoongi, before standing up and crossing his arms again- staring at Yoongi.
“Where is Hyun-Shik?” Yoongi placed the mop back into the bucket.
“He-" Yoongi spoke quietly, "went out to do a job, Jungkook.”
“A job?” Jungkook became more alert, his eyes growing large. “HYUNG!?” Yoongi waved him off.
“Nothing too extreme." He answered, "That’s why I sent him alone okay?” Jungkook tilted his head to him.
“Why didn’t you get me to go with him-”
“Sometimes the man doesn’t have to be next to you Jungkook." Yoongi lowered himself to the ground, ringing the mop out with his arms. "He said he could handle it, and I believe him.”
“He’s too nice to do anything bad-”
“Stop protecting your boyfriend and go help the guys upstairs or something.”
“Why not tell one of them to come to clean down here Hyung?” Yoongi stopped mopping, his face growing annoyed.
“I had to clean up because I don’t want to scare anyone okay? Blood on the ceiling isn’t seen everyday Jungkook?” The boy lowered his head.
“I’m sure Hyungwon wouldn’t have minded handling it...” Yoongi paid no attention to his whine.
“We should be getting someone new in a bit of time.” Jungkook’s head perked,
“Hyung what happened to your face?” He was finally taking notice of what was going on around him. Yoongi moved his hand up to his cheek.
“I scratched myself.” He was very convincing with his lie.
“What happened between you and Namjoon?” Yoongi’s face didn’t change.
“We spoke and now I am going to take care of what I should have done from the beginning.”
“Is that why you called everyone?”
“I want this place to be spotless.” Jungkook sighed.
“We are getting someone we’ve never had before- a detective.” Jungkook’s eyes grew large.
“This is the guy Namjoon’s working with?” He nodded.
“Won’t that cause trouble?”Yoongi shook his head.
“He saw my point of view.” Yoongi rang his mop again. “You should help prep too.” Jungkook stood up, moving to Yoongi. He pulled him into a hug, keeping his head on his shoulder.
“I am sorry I am so useless.”
“You are not useless. This whole job was weird from the beginning.” Yoongi set aside the mop. “That’s why I’m stepping in and handling this.” Yoongi turned back, staring at the boy. “Go back upstairs and go to sleep. We are going to be entering some choppy territory in a bit, and I need you to be rested.” Jungkook shook his head.
“I’ll stay with you Hyung.” Yoongi shook his head.
“Hyung needs you to be rested.” This still didn’t seem to make him feel better. “I will wake you up when the boys get back, and when Hyun-Shik comes back.” At this name, Jungkook seemed at ease.
“In a while. He’s off doing something on his own.” Yoongi pressed his eyes closed. “More importantly, when we get this cop it’ll be like a mad place here.” Jungkook tilted his head.
“What’s the dirty cops name again?” Yoongi shook his head.
“Boss?!” Yoongi sighed,
“What?” Hyungwon peeked his head into the room.
“We need to know where to move the guns?” Yoongi slumped a bit,
“I told you to move it into the truck outside.” Hyungwon lips grew together.
“Which one?” Yoongi turned to Jungkook.
“Finish cleaning. I gotta go handle this.” He nodded happily.
“Yes, Hyung.”


Chapter Text

Seokjin stared at the hospital from across the street. He had a small idea of where to begin but truly jumping in was intimidating. He needed to get a pair of teal scrubs, and a surgical mask which would ensure no one would stop and ask him if he knew where he was going. No one stops a surgeon who looks like he’s about to rush into surgery, or just leaving it. This would also ensure entry without a doubt, but he did need to be in the E.R. He needed to make his way into the main hospital- and then go into the lab. Lab people were a bit mean- especially at night. They ran test all day, but Seokjin did know their habits. They hated being a lab, and it was Saturday. He looked down at his watch, and it was their eating time. He had three hours to hustle because they won’t let him just walk through and he needed to go in and go out without anyone questioning him. He smiled, taking in a deep breath and looking both ways- before crossing the street.



He stood behind the hospital, he held his mask under his chin- his hair caped off by his surgical cap, he was wearing scrubs. He had to act as if he wasn’t hiding his face. He rubbed his chin, walking straight into the E.R. Not a single person asked who he was- not the receptionist or the registered nurse. He didn’t need a pass, quickly tossing open the door. He moved along, he had it in his head- he needed to look like he was determined to get somewhere. This made him keep a scowl on his face. He didn’t hesitate, moving through the swarms of people around him working. This was strangely nostalgic. He missed the high energy that ran through place 24/7- he was emotionally exhausted perpetually but the feeling of helping people always forced him up. Now he was here, trying to destroy DNA evidence that incriminated him to the criminals he was working with despite trying to arrest them, but also let the people around him know he was dead. This was good. He thought- this meant this place would go up in flames. Seokjin wasn’t prepared to deal with what was coming soon. He knew that giving the papers to Yoongi was going to be horrible- it would unmistakably prove that he wasn’t dead. He could say he disposed of all the information- because it would be online- It was online! He paused in his steps. He had to delete all the information from the computers here. He needed access to the security room. He moved quickly, going to the elevator- he pressed the button. He needed to go to the third floor. He could turn off the cameras and take access to the computers in the lab room.
“Seokjin?” He didn’t move hearing his name being called. Who was calling out to him? How was he found out so quickly? He turned back to meet large eyes. He was small, with plump lips and puffy eyes. He looked beyond tired.



“I haven't seen Hyung in so long!” He wrapped his arms around Seokjin, causing the other man to turn away from the smoke. They were outside like they had been in the old days. Standing on the railing while both of them was smoking their worries away, except that Seokjin had dropped the habit.
“Why are you still smoking?” Jimin held out his cigarette to Seokjin.
“Excuse me but you used to smoke three packs a day.” Seokjin turned his head away,
“And that’s exactly why I quit.” Seokjin mocked. Jimin smiled, pressing his eyes closed slightly.
“Are you working here again?” Seokjin was having a conversation with his old friend. They both used to work together, when Seokjin practically ran the E.R. Jimin was the only other person who actually did their job correctly in fact- he was great at what he did. This all weirded out Seokjin, but the man seemed to be loopy. He had no idea he was dead.
“No. Just here to get my shit back from the lab department.” Jimin laughed, slapping Seokjin’s shoulder.
“Damn right you should... They take everything and never give it back!!” He was whining to him, “Hyung!” Seokjin turned to him.
“Yes?!” Jimin smiled.
“I’ve missed looking at your face.” Seokjin rolled his eyes to the man. “I mean it!” Seokjin looked at Jimin brow risen.
“How’s working at the E.R.?” He shrugged.
“I left a few months after you quit. It was so disorganized- your dad placed this old man as the head surgeon.” He sighed.
“Father doesn’t know anything about hospitals.” He shook his head, “Sorry.” Jimin smiled.
“Look at you- being embarrassed about your rich father? How are they by the way? Your parents?” Seokjin sighed.
“Angry that I ran off and not to take over the family business or continue my surgeon career.” Jimin shook his head.
“I can’t say I have those issues.” Seokjin nodded.
“My father’s opened up six new hospitals and two hotels in the last two years.” Jimin sighed taking a drag from his cigarette. “And I haven't seen any of them or my parents in all that time.”
“Well, my dad runs a small convenience store in Busan so like yeah I can relate.” Jimin laid his head on Seokjin’s chest. “Did that cute cop ever come around?”
“Hoseok?” He nodded.“No.” Jimin looked up to Seokjin. “Not yet.”
“Really?” Seokjin nodded. “He came here the other day. Your father was even here too!”
“We’re they?” Seokjin didn’t like where this was going.
“Everyone in the E.R room was so upset that day.” He leaned back over the railing. “Guess what-” He turned his head up to the sky. “Everyone started talking about you!”
“About me?” Jimin nodded.
“I figured you were coming back- and no one wanted to be bossed around to do their work again.” Seokjin smiled. He was never so happy that Jimin was oblivious, and never cared for others if it did not concern himself. “But I never bothered to ask anyone.”
“Where are you working now Jimin?” His eyes lit up.
“Infancy ward!” He always loved babies.
“Do you help deliver?” He nodded.
“The doctor's cute but he’s stupid.” Seokjin sighed.
“I am starting to think that you should just go back to med school. OB-GYN Park Jimin would be nice to see.” He rolled his eyes.
“I didn’t go because Hyung was such a mess!” Seokjin looked a bit offended.
“I was not. I was so organized- No, nevermind I was a mess wasn’t I?” Jimin nodded.
“Being an RN is nice… a lot of work but… great.” Seokjin rubbed his back.
“You were my favorite nurse.”
“You only say that because I did my work properly.” Seokjin tilted his head.
“And I appreciated it-”
“You getting called?” He nodded.
“Let’s head back in- I can drop you off at the lab?” Seokjin agreed. “Labs out you know- so you should have some good time before they get back?”
“I was going to security. I don’t need them coming back to get mad at me for taking back my fucking microwave.” Jimin leaned close to Seokjin.
“Cameras aren’t working this entire week.” Seokjin shook his head.
“Really?” Jimin nodded. This was convenient.
“Your dad’s upgrading it right now- and moving around the new security office. So we’re all working with paper.”
“Paperwork?” Jimin nodded.
“Everything nonessential has been cut back to the stone age.”
“Which is why you’re using your beeper again?” He nodded. “Guess father really isn’t so happy?”
“Nope. Mr. Kim’s been around here more than I think I’ve seen him in years. He only ever used to come here to remind you that you were the next head of the household.”
“Well… when I get my shit sorted- I’m thinking of coming back.” Jimin pulled himself on Seokjin.
“Then!! Let’s get married. You can give me all your money and keep me happy while I sleep for days!” Seokjin lifted his brow.
“Are you a golddigger?” Jimin rolled his eyes.
“I’m handsome though?” Seokjin patted Jimin’s back.
“So am I.”



Jimin swiped his card, opening the door out for Seokjin.
“Call me. I want you to buy me good food.” Seokjin gave him a large smile.
“I want a full on buffet of meat Seokjin, do you hear me?"
“I’ll get you what you want.” Jimin gave Seokjin a large grin,
“Okay. Have fun taking back your stuff.” He opened up his arms, Seokjin stared at him. “Are you going to hug me or stand there?” Seokjin moved slowly, taking him into his grip. The boy smelled like his old life, like peace and disinfectant. Jimin tightened his grip around him,
“You’ve missed me huh?” Seokjin dug his head into Jimin's hair.
“You have no idea.” Jimin pushed him back, his expression teasing Seokjin.
“I have to go deliver a baby Hyung!” Seokjin gave a scoff,
“Does hugging me feel that uncomfortable?” Jimin pouted,
“The way you hug me makes me feel weird. And not good weird like- you know…” He winked, “Downstairs.”
“You hug me like I’m never going to see you again!” Seokjin backed up a bit into the room. “And I know I am still owed a good meal!” This boy, no matter how extreme always made Seokjin feel good.
“And I’ll pay.” Jimin seemed satisfied to hear this.
“Good. I’ll see you around then?” Seokjin nodded. Then he left him, in the bright room. Seokjin turned back, knowing what he had to do. He closed the door behind him, moving through the small office they had. He entered pushing past the caution sign at the door. He looked throughout the room. These people loved to take stuff. He actually saw the microwave he had bought for the staff room in here, sighing inwardly he decided to actually let them have it. He saw a stack of papers, moving to them.
Wow. He felt bad as he passed names, seeing conditions. There was nothing too conclusive about most of them, almost as if they have been putting off filling everything out. He knew they were lazy, but this seemed odd. Who only just filled out the name- and not write things down as it came? He continued to search for the papers. Leading him to find nothing. He was told his papers would be here… Are they? He moved around, checking every single pile of paper. He couldn’t find anything. Seokjin had to rethink. Where were his papers? Maybe they were in the testing room- they might have left them there. He went to the test room, looking around for any papers and to his surprise. There wasn’t a sheet of paper in the entire room- he came to the point to search every single drawer. He leaned over the counter, trying to think of a place where his form would be kept. He was sure- they wouldn’t keep it at the morgue, would they? No. They were supposed to be running test- Seokjin came to a thought. He wasn’t just another patient. He was the son of the man who owned this place, and many more- what if they were being… extra cautious with his papers? Especially with this being held in a case. They didn’t hire a corner to take this over- but sent it to his father’s hospital because he probably insisted! So, if he was overseeing this- it would be held in a place where no one would check. He rushed forward, going back into the office. He checked behind the desk, pulling open the first drawer. His eyes grew as he saw his name on the page. Kim Seokjin. He took it up, looking at the number at the top 134340. Before anything, he continues to search through the drawer, taking up the only other copy of this paper. He rushed back into the testing room. He looked at the paper again, STR testing. They were trying to identify his body. He turned his head back to the other side of the room, seeing the Mass Spectrometers. Seokjin opened the machine. He searched lightly, humming the numbers to himself.“134340. 134340.” He turned the labels on the samples, before coming upon two test tubes with the same number. “134340.” He reread the labels. He could only assume they had taken two separate samples and analyzed both of them? Still, it remained in the machine? He knew the lab people took their time but damn… no wonder it was so easy for him to take it. He didn’t hesitate, looking around finding a small Ziploc bag with a radiation sign over it. He slipped it in, stuffing it into his surgical gown. He closed the Spectrometers, moving back smiling at his work. He had managed to actually do it. Now- all he had to do was leave. Seokjin turned off the lights to the testing room, closing the door and back into the workroom. He didn’t mind the mess or even the sight of his very expensive microwave. He didn’t need it. Nope. He leered at it. He should just leave it. Nope. Seokjin crossed the room, pulling the large microwave from the back island. He unplugged it, taking it up into his grip.
“You said you would pay for us tonight.” Seokjin ducked behind the counter. He peeked slightly. Seeing two people in lab coats angrily moving inside.
“You should have paid. I bought us breakfast.” Seokjin was probably in a horrible position right now. He should have just left the microwave.
“I’m tired. After this shift let's go out to drink?”
“We can’t leave tonight.” He heard a groan.
“That fucking Kim just had to kill himself!” Seokjin pressed his lips hearing this.
“His dad’s the one who’s the issue. That kid did it cause he had to live with that as a father.” This person sounded nicer. But still an actual ass.
“Did the Spectrometer finish with the samples?” He paused.
“I would guess. It’s been a few hours.”
“Leave it for a while. The guys already dead, just trying to prove his bodies the thing they found.” A bit of laughter sprung out.
“You’re right. Just go get the next batch ready. We had to halt them cause snooty boy had to come first once again.”
“Well, it looks like a real case.”
“Does it?”
“The policeman himself came to drop off the tissue samples and his dad made sure we hid his documents.”
“Think he did something beforehand?”
“Yup. The boy was always too smiley for my taste.” Seokjin wasn’t too surprised to hear this. A kick of a door was heard.
“GUYS!” The two men paused at a women's entrance.
“World cups on!” A bit of hoots were heard around him.
“Korea’s playing?” He heard them all stand, leaving the room. He sighed inwardly to them being horrible at their job. When he was back, Seokjin was going to make sure this hospital was run properly. Seokjin crawled a bit, before standing at the door. He peeked through the small clear slits, noting no one around. He took this opportunity to run for it. Passing the front door, he rushed to the stairs. He was going to run down these stairs with a 70 lb microwave just cause these people decided to bad mouth him.



Seokjin had made it to his home, really only a ten-minute walk with the hunk of metal in his hands. He sighed, feeling a bit accomplished.

He turned to his phone answering it.
“Hyung? Did everything go well-” There was a break in the phone?
“Hyung!” It was Jungkook. “Where are you?” Seokjin looked around for a moment.
“At my house-” There was a bit of an ouch he heard from the phone before a calm voice spoke.
“Did it go well Hyung?”
“It went well. I had to… dispose of the stuff. But everything is fine.” There was a bit of a pause.
“Did you read the info?”
“I did,” A bit of silence rang.
“Was it Seokjin?” He paused before speaking.
“It was him.”
“Okay. Good.” He heard him almost sigh. “You can have the night off Hyung-”
“No! I wanted to go see-”
“Jungkook can’t fuck you tonight. We have work.” This left Seokjin silent.
“Okay.” Seokjin was flustered but remained with a few words. “Call me when I should head there okay?”
“Will do. Goodnight Hyung.”
“Goodnight Yoongi.” Seokjin threw his phone across the counter. His life was a mess, hearing these people voice’s made him feel at ease. He needed to rest, he almost had a heart attack throughout his entire day. Being with Jungkook honestly, didn’t sound too bad at this point.



“Namjoon?” Namjoon looked up from his paperwork.
“What?” Taehyung lowered his phone,
“I spoke with the woman you hired. She said she already pulled the people who worked in the lab for the DNA analysis.”
“She said she went to the lab. Kim Seokjin’s samples were not there, along with any traces of his papers.” He nodded.
“Min Yoongi held up his end of the line then. Send him 250.” Bored already, Namjoon brought himself back into his work. Taehyung tilted his head at the man.
“He tried to shoot you earlier!” Namjoon eyes glanced at his right hand.
“You’re right.”
“I know-”
“Send him a million. Cash.” He flipped the page continuing his reading, before signing.
“Shut up. I have paperwork to finish.” Taehyung moved in front of Namjoon, pointing to his hand.
”He shot you!”
“And as you can see, I still have a hand. Now go do what I just told you to do.”
“Namjoon- about what you said before remember last week- about getting rid of Min Yoongi?”
“Why?” Taehyung drew closer, his shadow covering Namjoon’s reading. Namjoon lifted his gaze to the man.
“He’s more of a threat then Jungkook.”
“Then all the more reason to get rid of him!” Namjoon shook his head.
“Do you not realize anything?” Taehyung stared at Namjoon. “I am keeping him because he is going to take care of our problems. He just solved a big one- and soon on the news we’ll probably hear the news that something has been stolen from the police station.”
“Are you really going to work with-with those animals?!” Namjoon didn’t like Taehyung’s tone.
“I am doing what I see right.” Taehyung backed up a bit. “I don’t want to be angered Tae… Just go do as I say. And go home- I don’t want you here tonight.” Taehyung stared wide-eyed.
‘What?” He didn’t bother looking up.
“Do you love me?” Namjoon lowered his pen, slowly leading his eyes to Taehyung.
“If I didn’t would you still be alive after yelling at me?” Taehyung wasn’t happy with that answer.
“Honestly. Do you love me?” His eyes stung red. “I do. I love you Namjoon.”
“You are a prostitute I took up, do you think I could ever love you?” His words were an icy stab.
“Honestly Taehyung? We both know I have to marry someone above you or else all my hard work will be lost on what? A man who opens his legs to anyone?” Taehyung swallowed hard.
“I see.”
“Go on now. Leave me alone.” He lingered for a moment, before leaving not a single word left.



“Hello, Mr. Min-”
“Why are you calling me at the dead of night?” Taehyung spoke lowly.
“I’ve sent someone with a million in cash. Mr. Kim would like to thank you for your work-”
“What work?”
“The DNA samples were already stolen. We presumed you took the matters into your hands?”
“I did.”
“Then the money has already been sent-”
“Why are you calling me?”
“I conduct business for my boss-”
“He’s feeling guilty huh? He doesn’t want to speak up?” Yoongi sighed over the phone. “Did he catch up on his sleep?”
“Huh-” A voice sprang from the phone.
“Hyun-Shik!” Taehyung could make out it’s not him in the back before Yoongi spoke up again.
“Sorry. Someone was expecting a call from a loved one.” Yoongi pressed his lips. “I never say no to money, still if we are ever to conduct business again I want him to speak to me, understand?”
“I understand Mr. Min.”
“Ok.” There was a dread of silence. “And stop crying.” Taehyung felt himself stop breathing.
“I can hear it in your voice kid. He’s not worth either of our time.” Taehyung hung up the call, lifted the sleeve of his cardigan to his face muffling the heavy stream of tears. He was in the same position as always. In tears over a man who never cared for him- only for his looks. He hated Namjoon for how he made him feel and most of all he hated himself for falling for such a hate-filled man.


Chapter Text

Hoseok stared outside of his window, feeling his headache. He knew better than to go out in such cold weather.
“Detective Hoseok?” He turned his head upwards,
“Yes, Jackson?” He smiled.
“You okay?” Hoseok nodded.
“Fine. Why?” Jackson looked around outside, going inside the room. He closed the door behind him,
“You- seem like you are… Upset.” Hoseok lifted his gaze from the window.
“Do I?”
“I know it happened so soon-”
“Let’s leave that there?” Jackson tilted his head.
“You haven’t spoken to anyone about what happened-”
“I sent him to a place I knew was dangerous.” Hoseok shook his head. “That man is dead because I sent him-”
“We sent him.” Jackson reminded. “All the higher up and we agreed. Seokjin’s death is all our fault.”
“His father came to me yesterday-” Hoseok sighed, “He wanted to take the remains for his memorial.”
“Did you let him at least see it?”
“No.” He turned his head upwards. “But I agreed to let him take the samples to his hospital.”
“Have you gone to his memorial yet?” Hoseok nodded.
“I went last night.”
“It was covered in white roses.” He shook his head. “I only went to apologize to him- but I couldn’t even do that.” Jackson lowered his head to him.
“It’ll get easier. I know it will…” Jackson tried his best to change the topic. “Have you begun the search for any new leads?”
“Nothing has been found. The coroner on the scene said he decomposed so quickly due to the rains and the chance any evidence would be on him is so slim. He told me to just give it up.”
“Doctor’s nowadays huh?” Hoseok locked his eyes with the man.
“His father wants me to already mark this as an act of murder.”
“The public can’t know that so soon.” He nodded.
“He’s releasing the tests first thing in the morning. He has his own labs so I guess I understand.” Jackson nodded.
“How is his mother doing?”
“She’s still hospitalized, his brother is taking over in both their businesses while they both grieve.”
“And the brother isn’t grieving?”
“He must be. Seokjin always told me his older brother was a spark in his life.” Hoseok shook his head.
“I will be going tomorrow to place my flowers properly, and will be there for his fortieth day.”
“I think you should head home then. Rest while you can. The case can wait till tomorrow.”
“I am trying to find a photo of him. I-I haven’t found a single one.”
“His parents didn’t have one?”
“They only have them from when he was… three.”
“What about high school graduation?”
“They said they didn’t attend.”
“College one?”
“They didn’t attend that either.” He paused,
“His friends have any-”
“Seokjin never took photos with anyone- he always insisted on taking them.” He paused, “I even went to his apartment. He didn’t have a single photo of himself.”
“Well- then who confirmed the body?” Hoseok stared straight at Jackson.
“I did.” Jackson's eyes glimmered.
“His head hasn’t been found Hoseok- Seokjin could still be alive-”
“He’s gone. If he was alive he would have come to us by now- gave us some type of a signal.” Jackson nodded.
“Seokjin was smart though. Him making it out of a situation like that wouldn’t be such a big surprise.”
“He was a man who believed his own myth. He probably screwed up- over spoke he was never good at pretending.”
“I thought he had you fooled when you both first met?” Hoseok nodded.
“So is there no possible way it’s not him?”
“It’s him. I can guarantee you that.” Jackson leaned back in his seat.
“Okay. I can see why you wouldn’t want to get your hopes up.” Jackson smiled back at Hoseok. “Go home. I’ll continue looking through this, huh?”
“I can’t just go home.”
“Can’t or won't?” Hoseok eyes strained at Jackson.
“I don’t want to go.”
“Hoseok. You pondering here won’t help if you are exhausted. Go home. I can take care of this place. Take the week off in fact- it’ll help you.”
“The test results are going to say they are him no? Then why worry about it- what’s important is trying to tie this to Min Yoongi no?”
“Then go home. Stay there too.”
“No, but’s go home. I have been here just as long as you have- I can keep this place running even without you!” Hoseok chuckled lightly.
“I guess I’ll head home.”



Jungkook bit his upper lip,

“Did you find him?”
“He’s outside right now.” Yoongi leaned close to Jungkook.
“Watch him. Don’t let him leave your sights.”
“Yup. When should we go in though?”
“Watch him. I want to have some dirt on him before we take him…” Jungkook eyes lit up, looking at Yoongi.
“Who was that Hyung?” Yoongi lifted his brows.
“I will call you later.” He hung up, looking at Jungkook.
“When did I call Hyun-Shik?” Jungkook shrugged.
“When he finished his job. Did something happen?”
“Shownu hasn’t called me yet.” He paused,
“What was he doing?” Yoongi looked down at his phone.
“He’s at the police station. He’s going to bring back the body.” Jungkook stood up.
“Should we be worried?”
“I don’t know yet?”
“Should we send someone-”
“Boss?” Hyungwon head pocked into the room.
“WHAT?” He bounded back lightly.
“There is a guy at the bar- he’s looking for you.”
“Did he have a big bag?”
“Huge. Yes.” Yoongi turned to Jungkook.
“I have to get this first. Do you think you can call Shownu?” Jungkook shook his head.
“He’s working Hyung. If he has a problem he should call us, we could put him in further danger if we decide to contact him.” Yoongi nodded.
“I know but even Hyun-shik managed to finish his job.” Jungkook held his arms together.
“What should we do?”



Seokjin had nothing to do. He could speak to no one, and with these other men telling him to stay away from the bar he was left alone in his home. He could go out for drinks- but even that sounded dangerous.
Ring! He fell to the floor picking up his phone.
“It’s Yoongi.” He paused, “I wanted to know if you were still free tonight?”
“I am!” He sounded too excited.
“Good. Head to the bar right now.” Seokjin nodded through the phone.



Seokjin pushed open the door of the bar, seeing a lot of faces. People he didn’t know.
“Hyun-shik?” He nodded. A tall boy pointed back to the stairs. “Boss wants to speak with you.” Seokjin nodded. He passed everyone, going upstairs. He went to the only door open. He peeked into the room.
“What do you think about going to the police station?” Seokjin leaned a bit.
“I mean I don’t like the idea…” Seokjin entered the room, closing the door behind them. This is when he finally saw Jungkook in the room, he offered him a small smile. Jungkook moved closer to Seokjin, slipping his arms over the man's waist.
“Hyung!” He leaned close to him, touching his nose.
“Jungkook keep it in your pants!” Jungkook turned back to Yoongi, frowning.
“Hyung! It won’t be a good idea to send him! Hyun-shik Hyung is just not good at lying-” Yoongi shook his head.
“Well let him say that!” With this Jungkook moved away, leaving Seokjin staring at Yoongi.
“Hyung. What do you think?” Seokjin lowered his head.
“I’m not good at lying but I can try-”’ Yoongi stared at him.
“I don’t want to force you to do something-”
Ring! Yoongi’s eyebrow lifted, as he turned to his phone. He stared at the name on the screen. He lifted it to his ear.
“Hello, hyung?” He paused. “Did it go well?” Jungkook moved away from Seokjin, only for Yoongi to lift his hand. “You have it?” He sighed in relief, “Did anyone notice yet?” He looked to Jungkook. “I’ll send someone to help you get it here.” Jungkook pressed his eyes. Yoongi lowered the phone.
“We are fine.” Yoongi waved at Jungkook. “Head out Kookie- go help Hyung bring back the body.”
“Yes, Hyung.” Jungkook looked to Seokjin lips already coming to Seokjin’s. Seokjin couldn’t help but crack a smile between their lips causing Jungkook to pull away slightly.
“Kookie?” His eyes grew, “That’s cute…” Yoongi tossed a pen to Jungkook, making him turn back.
“Go on kid! Leave!”
“HYUNG!” Yoongi crossed his arms.
“Let me take Seokjin!”
“No. I want him to stay here and help me out.” Jungkook pulled Seokjin close.
“Hyung tell him you want to come with me-”
“Kookie, you should listen to what your Hyung says.” He didn’t look pleased to hear that name.
“Can you at least make me something to eat?”’ Seokjin tilted his head.
“It’s so late. Haven’t you eaten already?” He shook his head. Seokjin turned to Yoongi, “Have either of you eaten?” Yoongi shook his head too. Seokjin sighed, “Does this place have a kitchen?” Yoongi nodded.
“Downstairs.” Seokjin nodded.
“Kookie, go do as your told and then you can come back- and I will have something prepared.” His eyes grew large, as he smashed his lips onto Seokjin holding him longingly.
“Jungkook!” He pulled himself back.
“I’m going!” He marched lightly away, causing Seokjin to let out a giggle at his angry brows. This left the two older men in the room alone. This, however, seemed to be less stressful than their first time alone.
“Did it all go well Hyung?” Seokjin turned back to Yoongi.
“Yes. It was a bit challenging- but I managed.” Yoongi smiled at him,
“You did well.” Yoongi leaned a bit, reaching under his desk. He pulled up a black bag, “I took half to share between everyone here but the rest is yours.” Seokjin drew close to the bag, checking inside. It was money. He looked up to Yoongi.
“This much?”
“You broke into a hospital. I can’t even imagine how much work you had to do. It’s 500 thousand. It’ll do well to buy you something new.” Seokjin nodded.
“Well… thank you.” Yoongi shook his head.
“Besides that- what kind of dinner are you making us?”



Seokjin chopped three onions finely, and quickly.
“Where did you learn to cook?”
“When I went to college I didn’t really want to eat cafeteria food. It was disgusting- so I decided to take up cooking.” Yoongi leaned over the counter, his head tilting.
“Hyung?” Seokjin tossed the onions into the pan,
“I wanted to talk to you about Jungkook?” Seokjin perked his head at this name.
“What about him?” Yoongi placed a hand under his chin.
“Have you spoken much with him- besides fucking I mean?” Seokjin wasn’t wanting to continue this conversation.
“He doesn’t speak much about himself. I thought it was just how he was so I didn’t press.”
“He doesn’t speak much about himself?” Seokjin shook his head, pulling up his cooking utensil.
“He talks about you a lot. How you take care of him, but besides that, all I know is that he likes video games and working out.” Yoongi nodded.
“I found him when he was fourteen. He lived in an orphanage.” Seokjin lifted his head to Yoongi.
“He’s was an orphan?” Yoongi nodded.
“Yup. I spoke with him- and he told me all he remembered about his parents was that his mother was lovely, and his father was kind.”
“What happened?”
“I spoke with the lady who ran the place. She said he was abandoned there by his parents who had no idea how to deal with him.” Seokjin lowered his spatula. “He seems like he loses his minds at times. He’s never been diagnosed-”
“What are the symptoms?” Yoongi looked lost at the question. “I studied medicine for some time.” Yoongi looked taken back for a moment.
“Well… he goes into fits of rage- and it seems as if he blacks out?” Seokjin couldn’t take this much.
“Does he remember these episodes?” Yoongi nodded.
“He says he can see himself doing what he is doing. He just lets it happen though.” Seokjin scratched his neck.
“He’s never hurt you though?” Yoongi nodded. “So why have you never taken him to the doctors?”
“He is a wanted criminal.” Seokjin paused,
“Is that why? Doctors would never call the police on someone in need of help-”
“That would be nice to say but Jungkook isn’t interested in getting help Hyun-Shik. He’s been learning to deal with it.”
“What has been something he has done?” Seokjin blinked lightly. “I want to do some research on this myself.” Yoongi nodded.
“It’s just very graphic.” He wasn’t going to press Yoongi for this either.
“Alright. I will do my best then.”
“Does that scare you Hyun-Shik?” Seokjin pulled the plate with chicken tossing it into the pan. Hearing the high sizzle.
“Why would it scare me? Jungkook is the kindest person I’ve met in such a long time.” He wasn’t even lying. “You said he can suppress it at times-”
“Why are you this kind?” Seokjin shook his head.
“I’m not. I wish I was.” He stirred the chicken.
“If you are wondering... Jungkook doesn't really sleep around. So, don’t think his emotions are spread like this.”
“I feel him being very honest with me as well.” Yoongi nodded.
“I like you both together. He’s been more stable with you at his side.” Seokjin didn’t like this feeling in his gut. Seokjin nodded.



Hoseok pulled up his cigarette to his lip, lighting the end. He stared outside his window.
“Seokjin…” He was longing for this man. He knew he was such a great person, one who deserved so much more than what this world had given him. He wanted a photo of him, one to see him. He doesn’t even seem to recall his face. He remembers his eyes, large and clear. His skin dewy, and his plump lips. He was a large man, he was so handsome one would mistake him for a model. He can see all these parts of him individually but connecting them together in his head seemed impossible.
Bzz! Hoseok took up his phone, seeing a new message. Hoseok pulled his cigarette from his lips. He stood up quickly dialing the person. “Hello?” His eyes grew large, “I’m- I’m on my way-” Hoseok sprang to his front door, throwing it open. His eyes grew as he saw a man in front of him.


Seokjin moved to the tall boy,
“Hyungwon was it?” He nodded, Seokjin passed him a plate. “I made curry.” He took it, blowing the steam away. He didn’t waste time to begin eating. Seokjin watched him, as he realized the food was really hot. He scoffed a bit but rose a thumb to Seokjin. Seokjin nodded, moving along. He had served everyone at the bar, making sure everyone had at least one bite before moving to the next person. He was satisfied. Seokjin made his way to the kitchen seeing Yoongi already serving himself. “I was going to serve you.” Yoongi shook his head, moving with his plate back to his seat on the kitchen island.
“It’s fine. I know my boys should eat before me.” He dug his spoon in, already taking a bite. His eyes grew large at this.
“Is it good?” Yoongi nodded, blowing out of his mouth lightly.
“It’s delicious.” Seokjin smiled, going back to the stove. He lowered the fire, taking up a bowl- serving himself rice and covering it with curry. He pulled up a stool, sitting from across Yoongi.
“Can I eat here?” Yoongi nodded. Seokjin pulled up his spoon close to his mouth-
“Ahh! Hyung!” Seokjin paused, hearing Jungkook’s voice. He looked to the door of the kitchen seeing him soaking wet. He rushed to the table, Seokjin looked him down- he was trailing water inside. “You made dinner?” Seokjin nodded, as he kneeled down next to him. Seokjin moved his spoon close to Jungkook, only for him to pass it- kissing him. Seokjin was stunted lightly, as Jungkook pulled back still going to take the bite of curry. He munched happily,
“Can you leave the man alone- he was eating?!” Yoongi called from his plate. Jungkook offered a smirk, resting his head on Seokjin shoulder.
“Do you want a plate?” He nodded. Seokjin stood up, going and taking up two plates.
“How did it go?” Jungkook spoke lowly.
“Great. Shownu went to put it downstairs.” Seokjin came back, placing down Jungkook’s plate. Seokjin stared at Jungkook. He was so pale. He quickly removed his cardigan, placing it onto Jungkook.
“Put it on- you’ll catch a cold!” Jungkook offered a smile, slipping his arms through the warm coat.
“I think you encourage his perverse behavior?” Yoongi let out. Seokjin shook his head.
“He looked cold. It would be bad if he gets sick.” Shownu entered the kitchen eyes to Yoongi.
“I finished the job boss.” Yoongi nodded.
“Have a seat. We have a warm meal!” Shownu eyes were large as he saw the food on the island. Seokjin stood from his seat, offering it up. He pulled another seat, sitting down next to Jungkook. Shownu ate lifting his head to Seokjin.
“Did you make this?” Seokjin nodded.
“Hyung makes the best food!” This finally lets him take a bite of his own cooking. He liked the taste, but the thing that made him happy was the look Jungkook made when he ate. His eyes large, like that night- He snapped from his thoughts blinking quickly face flushed. Jungkook looked to him,
“Something wrong Hyung?” Seokjin shook his head.”
“No.” He dug his head low, continuing to eat. This was a warm night for TSD, as they all ate. Seokjin liked this so much, it felt as if he was apart of some twisted and wicked family. He felt bad for having glee to be with these people- he knew they were monsters but it wasn't apparent when they joined him in his meal. Seokjin felt himself slip lightly under his mindset, was he bonding with the enemy?


“What are you doing here Jimin?” He held his umbrella, his head low.
“I came to see you Hoseok.”

Chapter Text

Seokjin stared at the clock on the wall.
He took up the empty plates on the table, Jungkook pulled back his plate- standing taking up the dishes from him. “Thank you Jungkook.” Seokjin lowered his head looking himself down. “I think it’s time for me to get ready to leave.”
“In this weather?” Shownu asked.
“Why not stay here Hyung? We have a spare bedroom upstairs-” Jungkook dropped the plates in the sink turning back.
“We’ll take it!”
“No. You go home.” Jungkook’s mouth opened slightly.
“Hyung!” Yoongi grunted at him,
“Ask Hyun-Shik Hyung- and then we will see-” He paused, taking up his phone. “I’ll be back.” Yoongi left the room his voice held low.
“So can we stay here Hyung?!” Seokjin’s attention was shifted as he turned back to Jungkook.
“Yeah… as long as we don’t impose?” Shownu placed his hand under his chin.
“Hyun-Shik?” Seokjin smiled at the man.
“Yes, Shownu?” He rose his brow.
“Have you seen Jooheon or Wonho?” He shook his head.
“Not since we left.” Shownu didn’t look pleased with this.
“They are running an errand for Hyung.” Jungkook let out, both of the older boys turned to look at him.
“They haven’t called?” Jungkook shrugged.
“Pretty sure he’s talking to them right now?” They both stared at the door. Just seeing Yoongi walk into the room.
“Yes?” He asked,
“Is anything wrong?” Yoongi shook his head.
“No.” Yoongi pressed his eyes. “Shownu- take Seokjin to his room.” Jungkook already moved to Seokjin.
“Go on up- wait for me.” Seokjin looked around for a moment, nodding as he stood up- leaving them in the room alone.
“Should we be worried?” Shownu shook his head.
“No. Boss said there is nothing to worry about.” Seokjin saw him take his word as the final say.
“I guess.”



“They found him with another person.”
“Another person?” Yoongi nodded.
“I don’t know if I should take both of them?” The younger one sighed.
“Why not?” Jungkook shook his head.
“We leave people who aren’t involved out. Bringing in someone else will only cause more of a problem Hyung.” Yoongi nodded.
“I guess…” Jungkook shook his head.
“Find out where this person lives- having a track on him would be good for us.” Jungkook smiled lightly.
“When you bring him in call me. I’ll take Hyun-Shik out.” Yoongi paused.
“I was speaking with him.”
“About?” Yoongi crossed his arms.
“You.” Yoongi sighed. “He should know about your behavior if you want this to be a relationship.” Jungkook paused.
“I can’t just tell him.”
“Why not?”
“Telling someone I murder people for fun isn’t a way to get someone to like you- in fact, I’m sure that’s the complete opposite way Hyung.”
“Hyun-Shik seems understanding.” Jungkook looked back.
“I don’t want him to know-”
“He’ll find out eventually.”
“I know…” His head was lowered. “I just want to be able to tell him myself… in due time.” Yoongi nodded.
“I’m going over and calling the boys- you don’t be too loud.”
“I like his moans though?” Yoongi made a face in disgust.
“Don’t ever. And I mean ever speak to me again.”



Seokjin stared out of the window. When was the weather going to be letting up? Seokjin didn’t mind spending the night with Jungkook- in fact, a little part of him craved his flesh.
“Hyung?” He turned back, smiling.
“I was waiting for you.” Jungkook offered him a smile.
“Were you?” Seokjin nodded. “What for?” Jungkook grew closer, tossing back Seokjin’s borrowed cardigan on to the bed.
“I haven’t really spoken to you since the morning?” He nodded.
“Is that all?” Seokjin tilted his head up,
“What else could I want?” Jungkook grew close to him, wrapping his cold body over Seokjin’s. He shivered at their contact.
“You are really warm Hyung?” Seokjin nodded.
“You are really cold.” Seokjin leaned close to him. “I could warm you up?”
“By hugging?” Jungkook winked.
“I had other thoughts.”


Seokjin stood up, he looked down his body. This boy loved to give him kisses all over, he knew that- but the sores around him would surely cause him an issue in his day to day life. The boy didn’t cling to him tonight. That was good. Seokjin didn’t want a hug. He wanted to run away. He had broken into the hospital where he had worked. He took up a pair of pants, leaving the room. The bar was silent. He walked down the stairs, going to the bar- he took up a bottle serving himself a good amount. His eyes moved to the small package at the counter. He sighed, knowing he shouldn’t do this. He went over to it, pulling it up. He bumped the back of the box, a cigarette coming out. He placed it into his mouth.

He sat outside, the small awning being the only thing protecting him from the elements. He lit the cigarette with the lighter he found with it. The downpour continued. There seem to be only small breaks from this weather. He hadn’t seen the sun for more than a day or two at times. He pulled back, leaning on the door.
“What am I doing?” He felt a single teardrop down his face. He was so confused at this moment. He- felt his vision blur at the thoughts that were in his head. Was- was he falling for a criminal? His chest beat hard at the thought of the man upstairs. W-was this not just a simple fling? Was he falling for Jungkook? Worst of all… He couldn’t see the evil side to anyone in the building behind him anymore. What was he doing? Those are the questions in his mind as he sat with them for dinner- it was as if they had all become some… family. Seokjin knew it in his being these people- they were evil and in fact, have more than overjoyed themselves at the thought of his death. He let the smoke leave through his nose, taking another drag without even moving his hand. He was smoking again. He only ever smoked when he could feel his life- unhinging. That’s what he was feeling. He knew this wasn’t just him going undercover. Somewhere in his head, he had thought, “These people aren't as bad as they say?” Or even. “They are like family.” He had to refrain himself, he knew better. When all was said and done, everyone here was going to be behind bars and he was going to leave this. He was going to go back, he was going to be Kim Seokjin- former detective/criminal and get back to his surgeon position. That was all he could do to avoid the thought of what was budding inside him. He was in the den of evil but it felt like heaven to him.



“Jimin?” His eyes lit up by the sound of his voice.
“Hoseok.” He sounded happy to see him.
“Can I come in?” Hoseok looked back into his apartment. Slowly pulling himself back,
“Yeah.” Jimin rejoiced as he pulled himself into the warm building. He closed his umbrella, tossing it aside. ”What are you doing here-” Jimin held no time, pulling himself over Hoseok.
“When was the last time we were together?” Hoseok remained silent.
“I am not in the mood-” Jimin’s large eyes moved to him.
“When aren’t you in the mood?” Hoseok shook his head.
“Right now. Go home. I want to be alone-”
“Why?” Jimin’s scent seemed to go to Hoseok’s nose. He swallowed hard.
“Seokjin.” Jimin pulled back a bit. “He didn’t know about us-”
“So? He’ll be fine. I am sure of it-”
“JIMIN!” He bounced back at the tone he took. “Go home. I don’t think- I don’t think me and you should continue seeing each other.” Jimin’s eyes lost their glimmer, instead of showing the hurt of the news that he was just given.
“You want to end it?” Hoseok nodded.
“I don’t want to continue being with you.” His stare drew back no rational emotion. “Go home Jimin.” Jimin shook his head to him.
“Fine.” He looked away. “We’re over.” He took up his umbrella, pushing the door open. He left. Hoseok didn’t bother seeing the man leave knowing all too well he was not one to let him go. He closed the door. Sighing.
Was he going to try to argue with him? Hoseok thought for a moment that he should just let him sit in the rain- until he picks himself up and leaves.
Hoseok didn’t want to wake the neighbors. He turned himself, opening up the door.
“Go home Jimin!” His eyes grew large at the two men at his doorstep.
“Jung Hoseok?” He tilted his head slightly.
“What is this-”’ The men waited not another moment, charging into his home. One quickly jumped on top of him straddling him taking a rag stuffing it into his mouth. He had at least thirty pounds on Hoseok, causing him to shake beneath him.
“Hoseok!” Both men turned their heads, eyes locking with the blonde man behind them. He didn’t hesitate, turning back. Hoseok thrashed at the sight of him. Jimin’s eyes locked with his- before he turned back. “Help!”
“Get him!”
“Boss said to only get one of them-”
“Get him!” A man shouted. Quickly a tall blonde went out, gripping Jimin and covering his mouth. He dragged the much smaller boy into the apartment. He did the same with him, stuffing a rag into his mouth. The man who held Hoseok wasted little time, pulling him back he already began binding his hands together. He kneeled down near his ear.
“This is from T.S.D Min Yoongi.” His words were a shock. If anything he would suspect D.M.E. He took Hoseok’s hair, smashing his head onto the floor beneath them. Hoseok’s breathing had become slow, as he heard the small sobs coming from the man beside him. Jimin’s eyes were teary. Hoseok’s vision began to turn black leaving him with the final view of Jimin’s eyes. The dark, yet concerned look on his face, causing him to almost ask what was wrong.



“Hyung?” Jungkook pulled Seokjin’s arm. He took in a deep breath, his eyes opening. His gaze locked with the man above him. “Let’s go out together?”
“Kookie.” He smiled, leaning in close to Seokjin. Seokjin pushed himself up, allowing for them to kiss. Jungkook pulled himself back, head still loopy from their late night activities.
“Let’s go?” Seokjin could have asked to where but at this moment, he didn’t care.



Yoongi tilted his head at the men tied to opposing chairs.
“So… I asked for one?” Wonho lowered his head immediately.
“I’m sorry the small one found us- and started screaming.” Yoongi lifted a brow.
“Found you?” Wonho and Jooheon nodded. Yoongi grew close to the small blonde boy. He looked like a fairy in his slumber. “He’s pretty I guess?”
“Taehyung pretty?” Yoongi looked to him.
“Yeah.” Yoongi stood up, “Take him with the others. He’ll go on sale Saturday.” Jooheon moved to him, taking the chair and the boy. This left Yoongi and Wonho.
“We’re you loud?”
“Besides pretty boy’s shouting? Not even a single sound.”’ Yoongi smiled looking back at him.
“You did a good job then. Besides the bloody head-”
“You think Jungkook will mind?” Yoongi scrunched his nose.
“He usually draws first blood.” Wonho shook his head. “He’ll deal with it though.” Yoongi moved his hand to the man’s face. “I don’t want him dead fast though… Should I take care of him?”


“Taehyung?!” Namjoon pressed his eyes in remembrance. The man went home last night. He shrugged standing and going to the phone in his room.
“Yes, Master Kim?”
“Skip the food. I am going straight to the office today.” He looked back to his room. “Call the driver.”
“Yes, sir.” He hung up, going to get ready.


Namjoon entered his office letting out a sigh,
“Why are you sighing?” He turned his head back. Standing next to his desk, he stood eyebrow lifted.
“Wondering where you were?” Taehyung allowed a smile to consume his lips.
“I was waiting to be called upon.” He pressed his eyes for a moment. “I’ll leave you to your work?” He held no looks of anger from their arguments from the night before. The man moved past the taller one.
“Taehyung?” He stopped in his tracks, turning slowly.
“Yes?” Namjoon offered him a smile.
“Saturday. We are going to Yoongi’s auction.”
“Are we?”
“I will buy you anything you want.” Taehyung nodded.
“I would like that very much.” This was his way of an apology. The words would never leave his lips, but Taehyung already knew what his approach was. The man held no love for anyone, but he did have a custom over some people. He was apart of that custom. Namjoon insisting to buy him what he wanted was a method of comfort for what had transpired the night before. Taehyung lowered his head, leaving him in his room alone.


“Hyung?” Seokjin turned his head back to Jungkook.
“Yeah?” Jungkook pressed his eyes.
“Do you mind if I step out to make a call?” Seokjin shook his head.
“No. It’s fine.” He nodded, leaving Seokjin alone. He was in a diner, which was nice- but the lack of human contact- even if it was just a moment left him feeling winded. The place was filled, but he was alone.
“Breaking News!

Seokjin hated himself for this. He turned back to look at the screen overhead.
“Last night, at 11:48 someone broke into First Priority Hospital stealing the DNA test results of their former Surgeon Kim Seokjin. This comes after his presumed skeletal remains were found near the Han River. At first, this was believed to be a simple suicide but as the body was found- in a grotesque manner the case was being considered a homicide. Mr. Kim from Kim Incorporated has put out a statement as well as a new investigation has begun. Police are looking for a man by the name of Park Jimin- in connecting to this case as he was the last person to scan his card to the laboratory facilities. We are told both these men were close friends but one became a surgeon while the other remained in his shadow.” What? Who was spewing these lies! Seokjin stood up from his seat. T-they were suspecting J-Jimin? Why? Was everything supposed to be turned off? “It seems as this man has also taken off as the police went to his home this morning- he seems to have run. So we ask for our audience to call if they see this man,” A picture of Jimin flashed on the screen. Seokjin shook lightly.
“I took that photo.”
He is believed to be very dangerous-” The man Kim Seokjin hugged every day was what? The nurse who wore cartoon scrubs to make patients happy was what? “If you see him please remain away, and call your local authorities.” This wasn’t good. Jimin not only clearly saw Seokjin that night- but was most likely at a bar… He liked to drink, and it wouldn’t surprise him if he got home tired, hungover and clueless as to why Kim Seokjin would be dead if he had seen him the night before. “Kim Incorporated is putting up a large reward for any tips or leads to where this man may be found.” Seokjin couldn’ t let his friend just- just be put away even for a small time.
“Hyung?” Jungkook looked out of breath as he took Seokjin’s shoulder back. Seokjin’s reactions were slow as he faced him.
“What is it?”
“I-I have to head out.”
“Do you?” He nodded.
“I already paid so-”
“Go.” His eyes grew large slightly.
“Go!” Seokjin pushed past him, leaving the restaurant on his own. He held his head low as he shifted into a sprint. He had to come out, he had to make sure someone in the police knew he was safe- then they can protect Jimin. He needed to come clean. He didn’t slow, gaining speed. Hoseok was the only person Seokjin trusted with this.


Yoongi leaned close to the boy, his knife touching his cheek.
“No. I don’t think I need you touching him? Why? Cause- he ratted us out. I should be allowed to make it hurt as long as I can.” He leaned closer to him. “He’s still asleep though- Wonho knocked him out too well?” Yoongi pushed back his knife, slumping down on his bottom. “Come back quick. We caught that other guy by mistake- but we can’t let him go.” Yoongi hated doing this over the phone. “Because he saw us take him!” There was slight protest behind his ears. “Well get back… cause we’re getting another shipment of magazines to go with another order of AK-47’s. And I am not picking them up either.” He heard protest erupt. “Also Hyung may have made a special order for you?” He paused hearing the glee on the boy's voice. “No, Jungkook I did not buy you a bazooka.” He heard a whimper. “I got you something- no not a grenade. Oh my god- chill I’ll tell you. I bought you a bulletproof vest.” The boy didn’t sound amused. “And a bazooka.” With this, the call ended. Yoongi stared at the ended call knowing all too well, he was already on his way.
“Y-You bought the kid a bazooka?” Yoongi lifted his gaze at the man.
“You’re awake.”


Chapter Text

Seokjin felt his stomach sink as he urged himself to knock on the door. He had to see Hoseok, but the thought of scaring someone was beyond what he wanted. He shook his head, going over knocking on the door. Seokjin stared through the crack of the window. He could see his office, Seokjin knew he worked hard through the night. He shuddered at the thought of what he was doing next, he lowered himself taking up the mat. He held the key in his hand, going and opening the door. The room… was empty. Seokjin stepped in seeing everything too… clean. He moved along, eyes grazing everything in sight.
“Hoseok?” His voice was low as he moved to the bedroom. Seokjin searched lightly, noting the man, not in bed. He walked throughout the entire apartment, not seeing him. Seokjin took a seat at his couch. Should he call him? Seokjin swiped through his phone. His number was saved under his contacts. He pushed it, waiting for the-
Seokjin moved his phone away from his head. He tilted his head upwards,

It was coming from under him. Seokjin sat up, tossing cushions and pillows. He found nothing only hearing a voicemail begin to speak. He grunted, redialing. The phone rang again,
Ring! Seokjin jumped back, kneeling down. He looked under the couch seeing the phone lighting up. He pulled his hand underneath, pulling back the phone. Seokjin’s hand felt something moist as he took the phone into his hand. Seokjin turned the phone in his palm. It was soaked with blood. His eyes grew at the stench. He knew something was wrong. Seokjin lowered himself, peering under the couch. It was a small puddle. He knew something wasn’t right.
“Ho-hoseok?” The man was in danger. “W-why him?”



“So, you think I gave up where you idiots were supposed to dump the body?” Hoseok shook his head. “That’s a load of horseshit and you know it!” Yoongi tilted his head at the man.
“Look. I’m being frank- no one has ever found a body and all of a sudden a cop is involved and a body appears?”
“It’s called a coincidence!” He pushed in his chair. “Now let go!!” Yoongi shook his head.
“We haven’t even done anything to you yet-”
“Namjoon won’t be happy to find out if anything happens to me-”
“He’ll find out about this.” Yoongi gave him a gummy smile. “Don’t worry yourself though, I am not afraid.”
“Hyung?” Yoongi sat up, looking at the door.
“Jungkook. Right on time-” The boy moved past him, lowering himself to gaze at the man tied to the bolted chair.
“He’s the cop?”
“I’m an investigator.” Jungkook took Hoseok’s hair into his grip, holding him up.
“When do I start-” Yoongi pulled his hand back.
“You don’t. He’ll be mine- you have to go pick up the stuff I told you about.” Jungkook grunted.
“That’s so boring.”
“But necessary. We don’t just make a living from killing people.” Jungkook nodded to this.
“Where’s the other guy?”
“I’m going to sell him on Saturday.”
“What?!” Hoseok began to struggle in his binds. Both turned to him, “Let him go! Jimin has nothing to do with anything-”
“Jimin? Park Jimin?” Jungkook lets a smile grow on his lips. “I think it’s better we sell him.”
“Really?” Yoongi was taken aback at the boy's compliance.
“He’s being questioned as a prime suspect. Apparently, his card was the one used to swipe to take Kim Seokjin’s DNA.” Yoongi gave out a chuckle.
“So we’re off the hook just like that huh?” Yoongi turned his head back to Hoseok.
“See- we’re good people helping a wanted boy get a better life.”


“You have all the info?” Jungkook nodded.
“I’ll finish up quickly so please leave me-”
“No," Jungkook answered. "I will be taking care of him.” Jungkook sighed, lowering his head.
“Why are you in such a mood today?” Yoongi pulled back a seat at the bar.
“Hyun-Shik hyung wasn’t happy I left our date.”
“I can only assume.” Yoongi shook his head, “Should have brought him here with you?”
“I don’t need him seeing us… like that.” Yoongi nodded.
“Boy seems to pure. Would hate to spoil that?” Jungkook nodded in agreeance. “But he did pull through last night with the DNA.” Jungkook paused.
“How do you think he got the card off of that… Jimin?” Yoongi shrugged.
“Got the police off my ass. He could have fucking thrown an onion at the guy- I don’t care.” Jungkook nodded.
“Well. I want to have dinner with him tonight.”
“What if you're caught in another shootout?” Jungkook turns to liquid following over the counter. But then as if magic he pulls himself up.
“I would just have to end it quickly with my new-”
“If you ever use that fucking bazooka on something I don’t approve- I swear I will stick my foot so far up your ass you won’t ever be able to drag yourself ever again.” Jungkook winced.
“That’s so grotesque Hyung.”



Seokjin had gone back home, not knowing what to do in a situation like this. Should he call the police? He couldn’t, and Jimin the only person who didn’t know he was dead was probably on his way to get arrested.
“I need… help…” But from who? He could make it public. He’s not dead, so that could clear Jimin but what about Hoseok? Nothing was clear. Why was he connected to this? It rattled Seokjin. He was just a police officer. Seokjin froze, the phone leaving his hand toppling to the ground. The person who was corrupt. Had they done something to him? Seokjin needs to find out who this person was- and the only way was to find out who it was by uncovering who… Yoongi’s boss was? The leader of DME. Seokjin knew just as much as the police did about this groups leader. Nothing. He shuddered at the thought. Yoongi was in cahoots with this man, so maybe… with some work- and quick wit he could find who this man is. With this, he would reveal himself and know the face of the nameless leader. He just hoped Hoseok would be safe until he could complete all these tasks.



“Hi, Yoongi.” He sighed over the phone.
“What is it Hyung? I’m busy.”
“I was thinking about what you said the other day- about the other person who you are working with… and the police officer- is it possible-”
“Already taking care of it.” Seokjin paused hearing this.
“You are?” He could hear a toss of metal through the phone.
“Yeah. Don’t worry ‘bout it anymore.”
“Is that so…” Seokjin felt his chest rest slightly. Maybe that blood- Hoseok was actually safe?
“Don’t sound down. I spoke with the kid- he told me I interrupted your date.” Date? Seokjin came back to the remembrance. He was on a date. “Let me make it up to you?”
“O-OH... No need-”
“I insist.” He sounded as if he was really tired. “I am having an auction at a certain place… It's nice and has good food... You can come, Jungkook will be dressed nicely- and there will be a big show.”
“Yeah. I’m calling it P.O.P.”
“No. P.O.P.”
“What does it stand for?” Yoongi seemed to pause.
“Piece of peace.” Seokjin liked how that sounded.
“I won’t tell Jungkook you're coming though… I want him to be surprised.” Seokjin let out a small chuckle. “So cancel plans with him until then okay?” Seokjin knew this man loved to tease Jungkook.
“Will do.”
“Don’t get depressed. It isn’t the mood I think of you as.” Seokjin felt his stomach ache.
“I’m sorry- could you hear it-”
“I can tell.” Yoongi seemed to sigh, “I can work magic through phones.” Seokjin let out a small laugh.
“I bet.”


Chapter Text

Seokjin had done of what was asked of him- he was dressed sharply and hasn't spoken to Jeon Jungkook in over three days. The boy called him- and he always asked if he was upset. Seokjin told him nothing. He looked at himself in the mirror. He hadn’t worn a suit in such a long time… He couldn't even remember what he used to look like but he could recall his mother, happy to see him in something this. Seokjin passed the mirror. It had been a few days… and Hoseok wasn’t on the news. He could only assume he was safe. The hunt for Jimin was still on. His mind was still warped on that- had he actually run- after hearing news of his connection to the case. He must know- that he was dead now… He was at the fault of ruining lives but he was determined to change this. He was going to fix all this. He swore this to himself. Seokjin was told this was going to be an important night to T.S.D, the auction was one thing but then the fact that other leaders of organizations were there was a huge possibility. He was going to meet the leader of D.M.E or at least speak to someone who knew who this person was. He needed to at least have this- then Seokjin would go back. This would allow for Jimin to come out of hiding, Hoseok had to be fine. He wasn’t reported missing, so maybe the blood he found- was an accident? He could only pray. He pushed back his hair, taking up his phone he left his condo.



“Is the car picking him up?” Yoongi smiled,
“Yes.” Shownu let out.
“Good. I want him to have a good night here.” Yoongi looked out at the room still being set up. “Are they in their cages?” Wonho rested an arm over Jooheon.
“Yup.” Yoongi wasn’t so sheepish tonight.
“After the auction, I am going to bring him out. Then the real entertainment for the night begins.” Wonho leaned over,
“Boss. Go get ready- we know how to handle this.” Yoongi nodded.
“Shownu I’m leaving you in charge.” Shownu nodded. “Make sure Jungkook is doing his part as well.” There faces ran cold. “He will already be outcasted here- so make sure he sits at the table with D.M.E leaders.”
“The leaders?”
“I want them to be intimidated.” They stared at Yoongi.
“I’m going to be dismembering the detective. Need to have someone holding back the man who hired him.”
“Won’t this cause an issue with D.M.E?” Jooheon said.
“That’s why Jungkook will be there. Who is going to provoke a fight when he’s around?” They looked like they understood.
“Does Jungkook know?”
“No. That’s another reason why I’m bringing Hyun-Shik- when he’s around, Jungkook behaves.”
“Won’t he be in a bad situation if they turn on Hyun-Shik?” Shownu paused.
“Who?” Wonho asked.
“D.M.E.” Yoongi let out.
“They are afraid of Jungkook, they think using someone as a hostage will work with him?” Jooheon shook his head as he spoke. “It’d be best to just make Hyun-Shik wait for him at another table no?”
“Nope. I want him to be seated with him.” They all looked at Yoongi. “I ruined their date the other day. I need them to be next to each other- or the kids gonna lose his mind.” They all seemed to let out a giggle.
“He seemed starstruck over Hyun-Shik?” Jooheon let out. Yoongi nodded.
“He’s been upset cause Hyun- Shik hasn’t returned his calls. He even asked him to come with him tonight.”
“What did Hyun-Shik say?” Wonho leaned in close.
“He told him no.” They all seemed to crack a smile at the boy's expense. “Jungkook’s in a bad mood too.”
“Think he’ll be surprised?” They all nodded.
“Make sure the driver takes his time.” Shownu nodded. “Did you guys get Jungkook’s cake?” Wonho smiled.
“Picked it up this morning!” They all grinned to each other.
“He hates these kinds of surprises!” They all stared at Yoongi. “I plan on making him cry.” Jooheon shook his head.
“It’s his birthday Boss...”
“Which is why we’re doing all this.”



“Namjoon, are you ready?” Namjoon looked over to Taehyung, his eyes quickly looking over him.
“You dressed nicely.” Taehyung smiled.
“Thank you for the compliment.” Namjoon turned back to the mirror in front of him.
“Is the driver here yet?”
“Yes. We should be heading out now.” Namjoon took in a deep breath.
“Let’s go.”



Jungkook looked himself over in the mirror, he looked nice. Besides the fact that his tie was slightly crooked. His head began to wonder, as he took up his phone. He called the first number again.

“The caller you are trying to reach-” He turned the phone off, staring at the screen. He hadn’t truly spoken with Hyun-Shik in over three days. Did it truly hurt his feelings that he left him… he said it was fine- but now it seemed to him that he was only covering a front. What could he do to be forgiven?
Jungkook waisted, not a moment, before answering the phone.
“You seem excited for tonight?” Yoongi answered.
“Oh… it’s you Hyung.”
“Is that a bad thing?!” Yoongi called over the phone.
“No… I just thought it would be-”
“Hyun-Shik?” Yoongi sighed over the phone. “Listen I spoke with him-”
“You did?!” Jungkook was just happy to hear he’s spoken with him.
“He’s not happy with you- so I think you should just let it cool for a bit before you talk to him. He seemed upset about you leaving him you know?”
“I guess…” His voice drew lowly. “Did he sound well?”
“He’s fine kid.” Jungkook lowered his head.
“Hyung- I don’t think I should go tonight-”
“It’s my auction!”
“I know… can’t-can’t you get someone else to go?” Yoongi wasn’t happy to hear this.
“What are you going to do huh? Mope? Listen- just cause it’s your birthday you think you can lack on something so important?” Jungkook lowered his head.
“Then- get here soon. I am sure you’ll have a great time.” He heard the call end, as he lowered his phone. Hyun-Shik wasn’t going to spend the day with him, what kind of a birthday would this be without that man at his side?



Jimin heard whimpers all around him, he heard screams and cries for help. He held his head low, his voice gone from his own pleas. Where- where was Hoseok? Why was he here? Were question he raddled with for days. Or however long he had been here. There wasn’t much light, but he knew three things. First, he was chained. Second, he was naked. Lastly, he had given up. There was no point in him fighting… they had already stripped him- force fed him and locked him up in- in this cage. He didn't bother looking up. Seeing his captors only caused him heartache. He knew this was some sort of sex trafficking thing, but Hoseok was also here… Somewhere. He could only guess he was going to be sold. He wasn’t interested in even knowing what was going on around him as his eyes were dull. He only hoped that Hoseok was alright. If anything were to happen to him- he would- die. He would have no other reason to live without him. He pulled his chained hand over his knees, falling over into the fetal position. When would this be over?


Water was thrown on him, making him jump in his restrains.
“Wake up!” His eyes poked open to look at the men in front of him. The water was freezing, and as it hit him it moved the dried blood. The blood moved from his head to his lips, forcing him to taste the metallic liquid. “You’re tonight's final show so you best stay alive till then!” The blonde man who had taken him said.
“I-I’m what?” He leaned close to the man.
“Boss is tired of torturing you. So It’ll end tonight.” He smiled. “On the bright side. We’ll all get a piece of you.” The man tossed the bucket aside, leaving Hoseok again. How long had this gone on for? He didn’t have a single clue. The man left him in the room alone.
“Guess it’s the end Hoseok?” He let out a scoff.



“Hello, Suho.” Yoongi smiled, taking the hand of Suho.
“How long has it been since you arrived here in Seoul, Min Yoongi?” Yoongi smiled.
“Second year.”
“Hope we’ve all been nice enough.” His brow moved up.
“None of you compete in my type of market.” He shook his head.
“No. We don’t.” Suho looked back for a moment. “I want to propose a deal with you though- I have found new dealers. I want them to be allowed to work in your areas?”
“As long as we get a good cut, we’ll both be fine.” Suho smiled.
“It’ll be a deal then?” Yoongi nodded. “Good.” Suho looked around,
“Namjoon has yet to arrive.”
“I need to discuss with him- about his prostitute-”
“You’ll be bidding on that tonight?” Suho nodded.
“Well… Yeah, but I wanted to speak to Taehyung since he’s the one who runs the business in Seoul.”
“Well… His boss will be here so-” His eyes lit up, as he moved his eyes to the door of the home. “Speak of the devil?” Namjoon’s eyes seemed to be everywhere except to them. “Namjoon!” He didn’t offer them a smile, instead, he placed his hands into his pockets he made his way to them. Behind him was Taehyung, looking rather bored.
“Yoongi? Suho? How have you both been?”
“Rather well…” Suho shook his hand. “If you don’t mind may I steal Taehyung away for a moment?” Namjoon looked over at the man to his side.
“No, I don’t mind.” Taehyung sucked the side of his cheek looking noticeably annoyed. This made Yoongi lift his brow. Suho, on the other hand, didn’t take notice taking the man by his hand- leading him off.
“What did you do?” Namjoon looked over at Yoongi, looking annoyed.
“What are you talking about?”
“That guy- he looks annoyed beyond belief.” Namjoon groaned as Yoongi pointed to Taehyung.
“I don’t know? That’s what he looks like when he’s not at work.”
“So he must be a good actor to put up so much…” Namjoon turned to Yoongi.
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“I mean he’s handsome- he catches men and women’s attention- no surprise he would be annoyed at the request of everyone speaking with him.” Namjoon crossed his arms.
“Enough about him.” Yoongi smiled.
“Well.. are you enjoying yourself tonight?”
“I just got here.” Namjoon retorted.
“Well… it’s a special night.”
“I will see after the auction.” Yoongi smiled.
“I have a feeling you're the type to jump in and start a bidding war.” Namjoon laughed at this.
“I end them.”
“Well, whenever it’s on stage it’s for sale.” Namjoon smiled at him.
“I hope you have some quality items?”
“I actually did just get a really nice-” The door to the ballroom opened up, and in came a tall man. Jungkook looked annoyed, going in and finding a server. He took up a glass, chugging it. “Jungkook’s here.” Namjoon’s smile faded.
“I will be taking my leave then, Min Yoongi.” Namjoon took a hand from his pocket, rubbing his chin.
“Enjoy the night Namjoon.” He left Yoongi, going over to speak with more guests. Yoongi moved to the younger boy.
“You shouldn’t be drinking like that… it’s bad for your stomach.”’ Jungkook turned back to Yoongi.
“You drink like this all the time?”
“I also eat before though-” Yoongi moved close to him, realigning his tie. “Now stop moping. This is a big night for me.” Jungkook offered him a slight smile.
“I am happy for you Hyung.”
“Thank you. Just remember something though- you're going to be sitting with D.M.E so get ready to sit through the awkwardness.” Jungkook’s mouth opened slightly.
“Don’t Hyung me!” Yoongi shook his head. “I am sure you will enjoy it.”
“They are boring people-”
“Well… they have that guy Taehyung-”
“He’s a prostitute.” Yoongi nodded.
“And hyung is willing to pay to make you happy?” He didn’t look pleased with this joke.
“Don’t joke like that.” Yoongi patted his shoulder.
“Don’t take me too seriously. It’s a night of fun- and your birthday so Hyung just wants everyone happy!” Jungkook slouched lightly.
“Thank you Hyung.”
“Don’t thank me yet. Wait till the night ends and you are actually having a nice time.” Jungkook nodded.
“I am sure I will enjoy myself Hyung.” Yoongi offered him a smile.
“By the way- I got someone to smuggle in you some fried chicken. So, you don’t have to eat the escargot and lobster.” Jungkook’s smile came up at this.
“Really?” Yoongi nodded.
“Next to the kitchen… Just go there and the bucket is waiting.” Jungkook wasted no time- moving to where Yoongi had instructed. Yoongi felt like this was going to be a nice night- but the smile on the boys face when his date arrived late would probably provide him with more pleasure than any money he made tonight.



“So… Taehyung won’t you come work for me?”
“No.” His answer was flat and straight across.
“Why?” Suho asked,
“I work alone.” Suho offered him a smile.
“Are you sure it’s not because of Namjoon?” Taehyung tilted his head.
“My business with him and my line of work are separate. Besides I have no intentions of ever combining my work with drugs.”
“Well… they go hand in hand.”
“Then find someone who works like that because I don’t.”
“I am looking for the most distinguished in your line of work- and you came to mind first.” Taehyung rose his brow.
“I am flattered.” Suho nodded. “But my answer won’t change. I work my brothels in a manner you would not like… nor do I permit the use of substances there.” Suho shook his head.
“Why not?! It would surely make you double the money!”
“You haven’t had to fuck someone out of there mind huh?” Taehyung shook his head. “It’s frightening for my workers to deal with someone already out of their senses. I refuse to ever allow it.” Suho remained silent.
“I am sure it is new-”
“It’s not new. Anyone can tell you people out of their senses begin to act more erratically, combine that with the sex industry? I think we both know it’ll end badly.”
“But my advice if you do want to enter my business is to get acquainted with the culture.” Taehyung rose his brow to Suho.
“Are you telling me to sell myself?” Taehyung nodded.
“Learn what it’s like and then improve on the worst aspect Suho. I am sure you- a brilliant businessman can approve of such an idea?”
“I will not be doing so-”
“Then you won’t learn?” Taehyung shook his head. Suho paused.
“I make no promises.” Taehyung smiled hearing these words. “Still, it seems to me that you are Namjoon’s date- once again?”
“I am.”
“Are you here for the auction?” He sounded happy.
“I doubt they will have anyone worth buying… but if I take a liking perhaps?” Suho smiled.
“Well, whoever you are paying for I will turn into a war.”
“Do you think I will be paying for my own prostitutes?” He shook his head.
“Namjoon huh?” Taehyung nodded. “Well… I better let you get back to him- oh Taehyung?”
“I am only working on Wednesdays now.” He nodded.
“Good to know.”


The doors to the ballroom opened. And with it came the announcement.
“Everyone please find your seats we will begin the auction shortly.”

Chapter Text

Namjoon entered the ballroom first, holding up his phone. He was still reading through work emails until someone took his other arm- which was still in his pocket.
“You’re clinging to me.”
“I thought we came together?”
“Does that require you to cling?” Taehyung managed to fish his hand from his pocket, interlocking their fingers.
“Yes.” Namjoon led them, as he moved through the room. He was seated near the back, per his request. He sat back, his eyes never truly leaving his phone.
“Are you working again?”
“Yes.” His men filled in, taking the seats around them.
“That’s odd…” Namjoon sighed.
“What is Taehyung?” Taehyung looked around,
“There are two extra seats?” Taehyung stood up, looking at his place card. He reached forward taking up the one seated in front of him-
“Why are you touching my card?” Jungkook stood in front of them, a drumstick in his hand. Namjoon lifted his gaze from his phone at the voice.
“Jungkook?” He didn’t say more, pulling back the chair taking his seat. Taehyung lowered his hand with the card. “Why are you sitting with us-”
“Well, I thought I would offer you company?” Taehyung sighed as he sat back,
“Company? Min Yoongi is spying on us-”
“Why would we spy on you all?” Jungkook shook his head. “What news do you have that is so top secret?” Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“I will not stand for this-” Taehyung stood up.
“Then sit down,” Jungkook said. Namjoon let out a smile at this,
“He is right, Taehyung.” Namjoon let out. Taehyung sat down his eyes never moving away from the boy. “So is Yoongi going to be joining us as well?” Jungkook shook his head.
“No.” Namjoon’s brow moved up,
“Then whose seat is that-” He pointed to in front of him. Jungkook’s eyes moved to it.
“It doesn’t have a name?” They all stared at the seat. “Guess they left it empty to make the table still look even?” They all looked to Jungkook, him never wavering from his chicken.
“Good evening everyone-” It wasn’t Yoongi speaking, instead it was a big man. “I am Hitman Bang. I will be the announcer this evening.” A bit of clapping accompanied him. “This will be an interesting night since there are so many faces here.” Namjoon pulled his eyes up at the man standing off the stage, near the stairs. “The usual rules apply. For those who have yet to hear the rules- or this is their first event I will begin by explaining how this will work.” He flipped the page on his podium. “Disclosure is a guarantee here- and if a purchase is made anonymously we will accept it. Though, I doubt any of us are embarrassed about why we are buying?” Laughter erupted at this, “Okay, next is the fact that-” He pointed to the stage. “Everything and Anything on that stage is for sale.” He smiled. “Which is why yours truly is off to the side.” He continued speaking. “Yoongi and his men will not participate in any bids!” They all knew why- Yoongi’s men knew what items were actually valuable. It would be unfair for them to bid. “No arguments will arise if you are outbid, as well as killings. We are here to buy stuff my good people not to fight.” A bit of silence roamed. “Finally, all sales are final. No returns, on both sides of this.” Namjoon was already tired of this man’s long speech. “Now let us begin with the auction?” Finally, he thought.



Seokjin stepped out of the car, he looked around for a moment. Okay… why was he outside of a mansion? Seokjin could only assume this was a rental? Or did they actually own this place? There were lights on inside though, he walked slowly. Until he reached the door. Two large men stood outside,
“Who are you?”
“Kim Hyun-Shik.” Their eyes moved to him, as they pushed open the door. He walked in holding his head a bit low. The living room of this place was enormous but empty. He could see two large doors opened, and knew that must have been the ballroom. There was a loudspeaker coming from inside.
“SOLD!” He grimaced lightly. They had already begun. He hated the thought of just- walking in. He needed to mentally stabilize himself. He took in a deep breath, going to the nearest door. The one to the right. Big mistake- it was the one to the front. He was met by a large number of eyes to him. He pressed his lips, as everyone around grew silent. He had not a clue where to go. “Oh? Do we have a latecomer?” The man on the podium let out. Seokjin cursed at him in his mind. If he hadn’t captured the crowd's attention before- he was bound to have now.
“Hyung!”’ Jungkook rose his hand to him. Seokjin lowered his head slightly, he moved with great haste- meeting up halfway with Jungkook who took up his hand leading him away.
“Well- let’s continue?” And again the man began the bidding process, as Jungkook lead Seokjin to their table. He sat him down next to him.
“Hyung!” His eyes lit up at Seokjin smile. “Y-you told me you weren’t coming?” Seokjin nodded.
“Yoongi told me to tell you that.” His nostrils grew large at this.
“Did he now?” Jungkook grumbled lightly, “He told me you were upset-”
“About?” Jungkook blinked slightly.
“Nevermind that!” He let out a small chuckle, “Do you want something to drink?” Seokjin nodded.
“Yeah…” Jungkook rose his hand slightly, a waiter appeared as he took two drinks- handing it to him. Jungkook passed him his drink, allowing for Seokjin to relax.
“Sir, would you like to eat?” Seokjin turned his head to his side.
“Uhh… yeah please.” The waiter nodded, taking up a plate and placing it in front of him. He pulled back showing him a bright red lobster. Seokjin wasn’t too fussy about food, but the thought of opening it all was annoying- but it did taste good. Seokjin broke off a claw, placing the end into his mouth.
“60 thousand! Sold!” Seokjin was going to have to deal with that during dinner? He moved himself to face forward. His eyes locked with the man in front of him. He had seen that deep-set look before. He lowered the claw from his mouth, his brow lifting to the man in front of him. H-he knew who he was-
A hand grip around his thigh, making him turn to Jungkook. He offered him a smile which Seokjin returned.
“Did Yoongi choose to put both of you near me?” Jungkook sighed hearing the man in front of him speak.
“Listen- if you think we were put here because we wanted to be-”
“Can both of you shut up?” The man in front of Seokjin said. Seokjin’s eyes were glued to his face, he had seen him- where from? His gaze with the man in front of him was unbreakable. Their gazes were stuck on each other for what seemed like forever.
“Hyung?” Seokjin jumped as Jungkook squeezed his leg. The man in front of him squinted at him,
“Is there something on my face?” Seokjin shook his head at him.
“No.” Seokjin looked down to his meal.
“Jungkook- who is this guy?” Jungkook rose his brow to him,
“Why do you want to know?” The man in front of Jungkook signed at this.
“You should speak respectfully to Mr. Kim-” Seokjin knew who this man was, he moved his eyes to the man next to him. He- he was.
“Leave him alone Taehyung.” Seokjin was sitting with those assholes! He looked back at them, confirming his suspicion. He- was sitting with the kid who threw coffee at him- and the guy who called his shirt ugly. What was he going to do- what if they noticed… who he was? He sighed, no these kinds of people did not remember others who they wronged. He just needed to make it through this weird night.
“Hyung-” Seokjin turned his head to him,
“Yeah?” Their gazes were drawn both feeling warmth from the other's eyes.
“You look really nice tonight.” Seokjin glimmered at hearing this.
“Thank you. You look quite dashing yourself.” Jungkook wrinkled his nose at this. They both spoke so nicely to each other, which always made Seokjin happy.
“Jungkook?” The man in front of Seokjin spoke up.
“What?” He didn’t speak kindly to this man.
“Who is this guy?” Namjoon’s eyes came back to Seokjin’s face. “I-I think I’ve seen him before?” He tilted his head at him. Seokjin pressed his lips, looking to the side. Great! The one who Seokjin had thought was the most narcissistic actually had a good memory.
“You know Hyung?” Jungkook moved his hand from Seokjin’s thigh and up around his shoulder.
“I have seen him before?” Seokjin lowered his gaze.
“The foods great here!” He didn’t need to be recognized. Not now. He dug back into the meal in front of him.



“Ten thousand! Sold!” Namjoon crossed his arms, his eyes clearly on the man in front of him. He was tall, with broad shoulders and- a lovely face. One that he could actually compare to Taehyung. Taehyung for Pete's sakes! He had seen him before. A brothel visit perhaps? No- Namjoon hadn’t slept with anyone except Taehyung this year so… who was he? A hand squeezed his shoulder causing him to turn to the side.
“Namjoon… is something wrong?” Namjoon shook his head. "You look pale?"
“No.” He sighed looking back at the stage. A man tied down to another steel chair.
“He’s pretty cute?” Taehyung looked to the stage.
“Not cute enough.” Namjoon wasn’t surprised. Taehyung held his workers to such high standards of beauty. He turned back to the person in front of him. He was just eating. Taehyung grew closer to Namjoon, holding himself up on his shoulder. “Why are you staring at him? He’s clearly here with that boy.” Namjoon looked back to Taehyung.
“Mind your own business.” Taehyung crossed his arms, he wasn't pleased to hear this at all.
“I am going to the restroom.”
“Go then.” Namjoon didn’t mind seeing him stand and leave his side. Who was this man? The man’s eyes turned upwards, staring at him. He was caught staring directly at him Namjoon squinted at his face, he- he was so familiar.
“Namjoon why are you still staring at him?” Jungkook pulled the man close to him.
“What’s his name?” Namjoon felt himself looking too deep into this. “He works with Yoongi as well?”
“His name is Hyun-Shik and yeah he works for Yoongi.” He had heard his voice as well. It was unique. So unique?



Taehyung sat back down, seeing Namjoon paying little to no attention to him. He was more drawn to the man in front of him. He crossed his arms over his chest, he had dressed for him. He was wearing a stoned suit, with silver buttons- he had bought it just for this event! Something he knew Namjoon would like to see on him. He was waiting for Namjoon to compliment him in the manner that Jungkook boy complimented the man he sat with. The guy’s style seemed… so similar to his own. He was wearing a suit that mimicked his but this man’s buttons were gold… His face was pretty. Pretty enough he thought he could hire him. Was Namjoon drawn to this? Was he attracted to him?
“Okay… so this person comes with a special announcement.” The men at the side stage brought in a new change. Taehyung tilted his head at this, they placed the new cage at the center of the stage. A light hit the person inside. The lights seemed to shock him lightly, as he lowered his head further. “So, here we have a blonde. He looks like an angel to the eyes. He is 5’9 and 134lb…" There was a pause as he read his name. "His name is Park Jimin.” Taehyung noticed the smile fade from the man in front of Namjoon, as he swerved his head back.



Seokjin’s eyes grew large,
“His name is Park Jimin.” The boy on stage, he was small- and he knew exactly who he was. “He is a male nurse… and I think everyone’s seen him on the news! Okay, so you can either keep him for his looks or turn him in for the money!” They were selling people?! How did he not notice?! He focused his eyes on the man- he was naked. Worse yet he looked battered, beaten and in despair. He held his head low, almost as if he had given up. Seokjin felt his chest tighten. There was a streak of blood coming from his mouth. These- these people had hurt him! “So let us begin yes?”
“One thousand!” A card was lifted, and then again.
“One and a half!” People quickly lifted their cards up, all taking their bids on him. Jimin didn’t seem to even focus on this. Seokjin’s chest was pumping hard- it was painful for him to even focus his eyes on the stage. He had to do something- but what could he do?
“Four?” Someone rose their card. Taehyung grew closer to Namjoon.
“I want him.” Namjoon’s brow rose, as he reached forward pulling up his card.
“Can I get a four and a half?” Seokjin turned to Jungkook,
“Do I just have to lift the card?” His face grew in confusion.
“You want to buy him Hyung?” Seokjin nodded.
“Yes.” His eyes must have been red, as Jungkook grew closer to him.
“We work for Yoongi. We can’t put money on these type of things.” Seokjin felt those words stack up on him.
“Ten thousand!” Namjoon grunted at this. Lifting his card, he placed two fingers up. “Oh? Twenty thousand?!” Jungkook moved his hand up to Seokjin’s face.
“You don’t look too well Hyung…” Seokjin couldn’t breathe correctly. His friend was on sale right now- w-was he having a panic attack? Everyone around him was almost drowned out, as he turned back to the stage. The boy did not even look at what was going on- he had given up. Holding himself in the fetal position.
“Fifty thousand!” Namjoon didn’t hesitate to raise his card, again lifting two fingers. If Taehyung wanted him- he was going to buy him this man. “One hundred thousand!” Another card was drawn up,
“Five hundred thousand!” A man turned his head back to him, it was Suho. Namjoon didn’t hesitate, lifting his card at this again.
“Ten hundred thousand!” Seokjin turned his head back to the man. His eyes were glossy. Namjoon looked to him, pushing his head back slightly. Why was this man crying? He thought. Seokjin bit his lip, standing up. Jungkook grabbed at his hand,
“Hyung?” Seokjin turned his head back,
“I-I’m going to go have a smoke.” Jungkook lets go of his hand, not wanting to further exhaust him. He looked horrible right now- like he did that day when they were on their date.
“1.5 hundred!” The boy in the cage looked up, his eyes scanning the room. He caught sight of someone he knew. His gaze locked with him. His eyes grew large,
“H-hh….” His voice was gone. He held his hand up to his throat seeing the person only mouth something. “I’m so sorry.” And with that Jimin’s eyes followed the man, as he left the room.



Seokjin collapsed on the ground outside. The running water preventing the guards from hearing him. H-he had just left his friend back there- Seokjin put his hand to his mouth biting down on it feeling the hot stream of tears pouring from his eyes. He was the worst man on this planet at this very moment.



“Two hundred!” Namjoon was growing dull at this, the man in front of him had left. Leaving that savage boy there. Taehyung held his hand on his thigh, this boy really did like that kid huh? “Half a million!” That man was growing dull to him. No one would pay this much for the guy on stage- he was wanted by the police apparently? In connection to Kim Seokjin. This was amusing to him but he didn’t want this back and forth to continue. He stood up, lifting his card.
“1.5 million!” The room grew quiet at this. No one would spend this much for this man. Except for Kim Namjoon.
“1.5 million going once! Going twice! Sold to Mr. Kim Namjoon.” Claps erupted the room, as he buttons his jacket sitting back down. Taehyung wrapped himself over him.
“You got him!” He nodded.
“Yeah…” His eyes were still drawn to what was in front of him. Or rather the lack thereof the person with teary eyes. His eyes grew large as it came to mind, he had seen him- crying back at the country club! When he was golfing- and Jungkook delivered him Kim Seokjin’s heart. He… threw something on him- Taehyung handled him. Why was he there…
“Jungkook- where did that guy go?” Taehyung’s eyes drew up at him,
“Why do you keep asking for this guy?” Jungkook’s eyes shifted up to him.
“He- said he went out to smoke.” Jungkook held his head low. “He said he’ll be back soon.”



Seokjin was going insane. H-he had to head back inside- he would find a way. He- he could offer whoever bought him money! He could double whatever anyone paid! Triple even! Yes… unless they didn’t want to sell to him. He swallowed hard, Seokjin’s stomach was aching but his heartache was worse. He was the worst person on the face of this planet as far as anything was concerned. He sucked in dry air.
“I-I-” He almost gagged, his tears had been rubbed so hard he knew his face was raw. His eyes were burning, but he sat up feeling his legs tremble. H-how could he walk? He leaned up on the wall behind him, he gripped the bricks holding himself up. Seokjin needed to go- find out who bought his friend. He was slowly losing it, he could feel it. He wasn’t even thinking properly. But he needed to go back inside.



“Okay. So that is the end of the auction tonight folks!” Hitman Bang turned his paper over. “But before we end this I would like to introduce you all to our amazing leader Min Yoongi!” Yoongi stood from his seat, moving to the podium.
“Hello!” He was loud, causing Namjoon to grimace at his tone. “Thank you all for attending tonight!” He gave everyone a large smile. “Tonight is a special night! Not only is my auction happening but today-” His eyes moved to Jungkook lowering his head slightly. “It is my precious Jeon Jungkook’s birthday!” Claps erupted as everyone turned to Jungkook, he returned a small smile to them. He wasn’t happy without Hyun-Shik around.



Seokjin saw the cheers from outside the ballroom, he heard the name. Was it Jungkook’s birthday? He wasn’t sure how to feel… h-he was okay with Yoongi selling people? How- how could he ever feel anything for that man? He just needed to finish tonight. Seokjin was over with this fake life. He wanted to return and as of tonight, he was done being Kim Hyun-Shik. Seokjin was Seokjin and after he finds out who took Jimin he was leaving. He was leaving this life- he was going to move away- to a different country- or anywhere but here was good.
“Hyung?” Seokjin turned back, seeing Shownu smiling holding up a cake. “Wanna help take it to him?” Seokjin nodded.



“Now everyone join me! Happy birthday to you-” The lights were slowly lowered leaving the small glow of the candles, Seokjin felt his stomach burn as he walked into the room helping hold the cake. Yoongi’s voice was loud through the speaker, “Happy birthday to you!” Jungkook stood up, seeing his lover at the side of the cake. He was moving to him. They reached Jungkook, everyone around singing. “Happy birthday dear Jungkook~ Happy birthday-”
“To you.” Seokjin finished. Jungkook stared into his eyes, his eyes tearing up. No. Seokjin didn’t want him to be happy… He- cracked a smile. “Blow the candles.” Jungkook reached his hand up to his eyes, rubbing them. He pulled back, taking in a deep breath as he blew out the candles. Cheers grew, as the room grew completely dark. Jungkook wasted no time- going to Seokjin and kissing him. He tilted his head over Seokjin’s forehead.
“Thank you.” Seokjin pulled back, seeing Jungkook eyeing the cake. The lights came back on- allowing everyone to see again.


Chapter Text

Jungkook kept his arm wrapped around Seokjin,
“Hyung!” Seokjin turned back to look at him.
“Yeah?” Jungkook sent him a flying kiss. Seokjin turned away from him not wanting to continue instead taking a bite of his slice of cake. The room was chatty, all happy to have dessert.
“Okay!” Yoongi was still at the side of the stage, “I have something else planned!” Seokjin knew this wasn’t going to be good by his tone. They all turned back to look at the man. “As you all are aware I killed a man by the name of Kim Seokjin!” Seokjin was again in the thought of people. He was dead, but worst of all he wasn’t. “I know you saw in the news recently, that- the man we sold before Jimin?” He shrugged, “Is now in hiding due to suspicious near the case! But I found the real corporate!” As if straight out of Seokjin’s nightmare a person on a chair was brought out on the stage. He didn’t need to see his face to confirm who it was, he already knew who it was just by a simple glance at his body. He was tied, mouth gagged, blood poured onto his face. Seokjin could already see a concussion from what he saw but the blood didn’t end there. He was just placed there but the blood already seemed to begin to puddle under the seat below him. He- didn’t seem to be responsive. Didn’t or couldn’t was something banging in Seokjin’s mind. He couldn’t hold back his anguish here, he could feel his heart pounding- almost as if out of control. He felt sick- sick to his stomach.
“Yoongi!” He rose a brow to the voice behind Seokjin. He took the mic from its stand moving around the podium.
“It was due to the fact that Mr. Kim Namjoon wanted to work with a police officer.” Seokjin looked up to see Hoseok. H-he was what? “So as a little prize to everyone I will be giving him away!” He snarled lightly. “In pieces of course.” Seokjin’s mouth opened, feeling his tears move down to his lips- their salt was not a concern for him. Yoongi dropped the mic, quickly taking something shinny up. Seokjin couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t fill his lungs with oxygen. “Well, since it’s raining how about a bow” He held the question in the air. “I can make it rain arrows.” He pulled up the shiny object, now knowing it to be the head of an arrow. He pulled back the string, holding it steady.
“Yoongi!” It snapped back leaving everyone in silence as a scream was heard.
“Ahh!” It was Hoseok. His cry was slightly muffled by the cloth in his mouth- but this in no manner silenced him. The arrow was dug deep into his right shoulder. His wales consumed Seokjin’s mind. It was- too much for him. He was going to- he felt his blood pressure elevate. He couldn’t think straight. Not at all.
“Aww! I missed!” Yoongi turned back to Namjoon. “Keep quiet! Or I’ll keep missing!” He turned back, taking up another arrow.
“Min Yoongi! Stop it- he had nothing to do with what-” Another arrow- landing straight into his knee. Seokjin felt his entire stomach churn. He knew he had hit bone, this scream… was beyond anything he had ever heard. Again Yoongi was already ready at the reload. He aimed this one in a different area- his chest. Seokjin didn’t even realize it himself, that he had gotten up- call it what it was- him being a doctor- him worried about his friend, him being the only human in this room- whatever it was Seokjin used it. He was more than ever-steady- as he jumped onto the stage. It was like when he was performing a ten-hour operation. Adrenaline perhaps? He wasn’t shaking anymore, as he covered the man in the seat. Seokjin rose his arms in front of Yoongi.
“Stop!” Yoongi lowered his bow, eyes dull at him.
“What are you doing?” Seokjin turned back for a moment, seeing Hoseok. He was so close to him, so close. Hoseok pulled back his head, his eyes meeting Seokjin’s. He didn’t know, not at all- as Seokjin gave him a thin smile. His eyes grew large, it was almost as if he had seen a ghost? He began to shout. Seokjin already suspected what he was calling. He’s not dead. He turned back to Yoongi. “Move Hyung.” His voice was more like a growl at this point. Seokjin shook his head, he moved his sleeve up to his face wiping away the previous tears. “Go sit with Jungkook. This isn’t funny.” Jungkook. Seokjin could see him, he must have noticed him leave- well he was glued to him. His eyes were large to him, everyone in the room was silent. All that was heard were the muffled shouts by Hoseok, as the tension grew thick.
Seokjin felt his eyes tear up, as he held his head up. He was crumbling in front of all these people… how sad. “MOVE!” He lifted his bow at him, “OR I WILL SHOOT!”
“HYUNG!” Jungkook scrambled from his seat, and down to the front of the room, holding back Yoongi’s hand. “Hyung- please… don’t he’s playing-” Jungkook turned up to look at him, “Hyun-Shik move!” That name. Seokjin hated that false identity he had taken up, it held all his lies. It was the cause of this, it saved him at first but now it had him crawling back to the mouth of death. He was going to shed it. He was going to shed it and burn it. He was done. Seokjin shook his head.
“No.” Yoongi shoved Jungkook to the side, releasing an arrow- Seokjin didn’t move as it went straight into his hand. He didn’t let out a single cry, not another tear came from him. He felt the pain, in no manner was he immune to it but he refused to let it show. “Yoongi! Please!” Seokjin swallowed hard, “Let me take his place!” Jungkook rose from the ground.
“Move Hyung! Move Hyun-Shik!” Seokjin knew him asking for them to change places would do nothing. He smiled at Jungkook. Moving his eyes back to the arrow in his hand. Seokjin lowered it, breaking off the end. He tossed this piece to the front of the stage. He was going to expose himself to these people. He felt a bit of satisfaction. He had outsmarted everyone in this room. Kim Seokjin the fool who died to save someone who wanted him dead. He rose a finger to the sky, as he turned back- he moved to Hoseok side. The man grew quiet as he stood at his side- he was putting on a show for everyone here. His hand ached as he moved behind Hoseok, letting the tied cloth fall to his shoulders. He slapped the back of the man’s head slightly.
“Tell them.” He whispered to Hoseok.
Kim Seokjin wasn’t going to just let himself be outed. Seokjin covered his mouth, tilting his head to him. He stared at Hoseok. Knowing this man truly was a traitor.
“Remember this will you?” He let out a sigh, “Hoseok isn’t guilty of giving up the body of Kim Seokjin!” Everyone began to look around, he knew they were now suspecting him. He moved away from Hoseok and back to the front of the stage. “He couldn’t give up the body because Kim Seokjin isn’t dead!” He smiled. “He isn’t dead!” He shook his head, “I know he isn’t!” Seokjin nodded lightly. “CAUSE I’M KIM SEOKJIN!”



Mouths were left open as he spoke, Yoongi stared at him. H-he was who? Jungkook was flung on the ground, his eyes large. Had they had a cop in their home- in their bed? Did they fail to murder Kim Seokjin? Yoongi felt himself take a step back, he reached for his arrow- already setting it on his head. He was ready to release, only for a hand to come and pull the string of the bow. It took the arrow away, leaving Yoongi to turn his head to this person.
“Move!” Namjoon smiled at the man.
“That is enough.” Yoongi stared back at him- eyes bloodshot. He swung his arm up, causing Namjoon to move to avoid the hit. This man must have had them fooled beyond words- as the boy was still on the ground mouth ajar. He was the one hurt the most Namjoon suspected- but the man in front of him must have had a clear win for second place. Namjoon wasn’t angry- this was actually a worthy party. This was quite amusing to him. And it took so much for him to be amused these days. He turned his head upwards to Seokjin. The man didn’t appear afraid if he was… well, then there wasn’t even a spec of it in his eyes. He looked quite set on his unavoidable doom. He was amusing him the most. His hand was dripping blood, yet he held a sincere expression? Quite amusing indeed. “Ten million.”
“Namjoon!” He could hear Taehyung’s call from the table at the back of the room. He must not have noticed him leave his seat.
“I will give you ten million for Kim Seokjin. And Hoseok should be about one?” Yoongi tossed back his bow letting it crash onto the ground.
“THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE!” Namjoon only offered him a smile, pointing back up to the stage.
“They are on the stage.” Namjoon pointed to Hitman Bang who was seated at the front row. “Say it.” He didn’t sound as if he was playing. “SAY IT!”
“E-everything on the stage is for sale.” Namjoon smiled.
“Did everyone hear that?!” The room was so silent, the only thing that could be heard was the ragged breathing of Yoongi. “Everything on that stage is for sale! Which is why I am placing a bid!” Yoongi was huffing in anger.
“I’ll put 13 million on them.” Hitman Bang lowered his head.
“You cannot put a bid Yoongi it goes against-” Yoongi drew back, his eyes flashing red to the audience. He went to the podium- kicking it to his left. The heavy object crashed, it’s splinters bouncing from the wooden form.
“FUCK!” Yoongi stormed out, leaving the room. Seokjin caught sight of Jungkook standing up, he never took his eyes off of him.
“10 million going once!” Was he going to be sold as well? Serves him right- Jimin was up here naked and afraid. “Going Twice!” Seokjin shivered at this, “Sold to Kim Namjoon.” The man’s voice was low.
“Hyung?” Jungkook shook his head to Seokjin. His look changed, it was something Seokjin couldn’t recognize. It was all up, Seokjin got his wish. He was who he was. “Hyung?!” He lunged forward being caught by two men. It was Jooheon and Shownu, they were sharing a puzzled expression. Seokjin lowered his head slightly at them. “Hyung!!!” Jungkook’s voice must have reached the heavens his cry was so loud. His arms tried to reach him. He didn’t know of what emotion this was from- was it despair? No, it was anger. He wanted to cause him the same pain- the same pain he was going through at this moment. Namjoon turned back to Hitman Bang.
“I will be taking what is mine now.” He snapped his finger- and the men at the table stood- all coming to him. Namjoon stuffed his hand inside his pockets. One man stood by his side. Seokjin knew him to be Taehyung. “Take Hoseok to a doctor.” Namjoon’s gaze drew to Seokjin. “Bring him along with us.” Taehyung sighed.
“We’ve caused a lot of issues-”
“I already bid on them and won. Take them- and clear this place out. It’ll get messy in a bit.” He looked back to Jungkook. “Really messy.” He looked inconsolable- as he pulled himself forward. His strength was greater than those who held him. He managed to free himself from the two men. Namjoon’s eyes grew large. “Shit.” Jungkook scrambled himself on stage- men had already begun to form around Seokjin- holding him down- ready to take him away. Jungkook was Namjoon’s biggest fear at this moment. Actually, Jungkook was a shared fear of everyone at this moment. Jungkook moved past guards- knocking them down from their feet until he reached the center. He pulled the man up by his shirt, forcing them both to make eye contact.
“Hyun-Shik?” Seokjin shook his head.
“No. My name is-” He didn’t hesitate, throwing his fist forward catching Seokjin’s cheek. It would have tossed him back to the ground behind him except for the grip over his shirt. Seokjin felt himself almost fall back unconscious.
“YOU FUCKING LIAR!” Jungkook slammed Seokjin to the ground. Jungkook knew he bashed his head over the wooden ground- still his eyes only grew large ready to send another fist his way. Seokjin felt winded, his lungs expelling all their oxygen leaving him gasping for air. Jungkook brought down another hit- this strike landing on the bridge of Seokjin’s nose- blood splattering over both their respected faces. Seokjin scrambled under him, arms moving to his grip- he was too strong.
“Jung-” He wasn’t human in his glare. He was terrifying. He moved his hands up to his throat, Seokjin felt him press all his weight on him. Seokjin began to thrash as Jungkook’s knees were on his ribs. Seokjin began to gasp, clawing at the hands. Seokjin knew he was digging through Jungkook’s flesh yet the boy held no reaction only pushing further on his throat. “Jung-” He couldn’t speak. It was beginning- the strangulation. He felt his face grow pale as he began to lose his air. Jungkook was crying. His tears rolled down his cheek, as he curled his fingers around him. This boy… Seokjin knew he had toyed with him, but he was the good guy. Why was he feeling bad? His tears moved down, splattering on Seokjin. He sold people, he killed people, he killed him- or rather was in the process of it for real. Why did Kim Seokjin feel bad now? “K-kookie…” Jungkook’s glare soften hearing his name. Seokjin already felt lightheaded, but now- he… The pressure at his neck stopped, as he saw Jungkook move back- or rather dragged back. Men in dark suit’s held him, as he flung himself towards him. Seokjin sat up, coughing. He felt blood leave his mouth- he already knew… he had broken a rib- and that was just the least of his concerns. Seokjin felt someone reach from under him, taking him up into their arms. He already saw the face of the man. Kim Namjoon.



Seokjin woke up, his eyes staring at the ceiling.
All a dream. It was all some sort of nightmare. He thought as he stared at the ceiling. He was a liar, he even tried to lie to himself. But what else could he do- Seokjin moved his hand up. He saw the I.V. needle in his forearm. He wasn't in a hospital. He could smell it. He sat up, regretting it as he lost color from his face. He huffed, leaning a wrapped arm to his stomach. He felt the bandages, knowing someone must have operated on him. He knew he broke his rib- how many and where were still unknown all that mattered was that hopefully there wasn’t too much damage to his other internal organs. He took in a deep breath, knowing the pain that would come with it.
“Oh-” A person makes their way into the room, offering him a small smile. “Hello, Seokjin?” He shivered at the sound of his voice. He saw the person smile at him, it was a doctor. His eyes moved to his badge. Kim Sejin.
“Hello.” He gave him a large smile.
“You feeling better?” Seokjin shook his head. “Good. Cause you have a mild concussion, broke two ribs and punctured a lung.”
“No other damage?” He shook his head.
“Missed a major artery by two centimeters.” Seokjin smiled. “Also-”
“Did he break my nose?” He shook his head.
“No just fractured.” He sighed, “But you did go into cardiac arrest.” Seokjin paused.
“My stress was elevated that night- as well as my blood pressure. I can only assume this was a large contributor?” The doctor nodded.
“I know. I would love to have more test run- but it’ll take a bit longer for this to happen.” Seokjin nodded. “Since… I don’t work out of a hospital.”
“I understand.” He sat back, leaning on a mountain of pillows behind him. “So… can I ask where I am?” Sejin looked to him,
“At Mr. Kim’s mansion.” Right. He was sold off that night. “If you’re wondering you’ve been out for days.” Seokjin already knew that.
“I don’t suppose you know what happened that night-” The door was opened, and a lanky person walked into the room. His hair was now light, he was bleach blonde. It was Kim Taehyung.
“Dr. Kim?”
“Yes?” They both called in unison. The man turned back to Seokjin who lowered his head.
“Pardon me…”
“Is he better?” Taehyung didn’t seem amused.
“Considering the circumstances- yes… Seokjin is doing much better.” Taehyung looked back to Seokjin.
“Tell me-” He tilted his head from across the room. “Will that leave a scar?” Dr. Kim turned back to look at him.
“If he cares for it properly. No… it will not leave a scar.” Taehyung sighed.
“What a pity.” He shook his head. “Well… as of now- he’s hideous.” Taehyung stared at Seokjin’s face. “When will he be able to participate in sexual activities?” Dr. Kim coughed lightly.
“His injuries were grave-”
“Mr. Kim bought him for one reason and we both know why.” Taehyung crossed his arms. “When will he be able to participate?”
“He shouldn’t be… moving at all- rather less having anyone's weight over him-”
“I asked for a time period?”
“Well… His lung surgery would take about- a few weeks to heel… and his ribs- he wouldn’t want to move for another three months.”
“Three months before he can walk?!” Seokjin sighed.
“I can walk when my lungs are deemed well… having someone on me will be more of the lines of three months.” They turned back to Seokjin.
“He’s absolutely correct.” Seokjin sat back,
“What pain medication am I on?”
“General anesthesia… but now you are awake so we can start administering orally so what do you think?” Seokjin paused.
“Can I straight up have like 15cc of morphine into the I.V bag- cause it’s already in me... plus I feel like I got hit by a bus.”
“Only fifteen?” Seokjin nodded,
“I need to lay low on it now- cause the anesthetic is still working.” He nodded.
“Then let’s do that-”
“Dr. Kim- I want him locked-”
“He shouldn’t be able to move.”
“I still want him cuffed-”
“For what?” Seokjin spoke up, “Think I’m gonna tear the I.V needle out?” He scoffed. “I’m sure I’m on blood thinners so I’ll just end up bleeding out.” Dr. Kim turned to Taehyung.
“He is right Master Kim.” Taehyung looked to him.
“Tell the maid outside to make sure he looks presentable.” Taehyung grew closer to Seokjin. His eyes were stern yet he remained looking beautifully. “Mr. Kim is having dinner at home tonight. I am sure he will want to see what he spent ten million on won’t he?” Taehyung took up Seokjin’s face in his hand. “Then he’ll come to see the error in his purchase.” Seokjin felt his glare, it was menacing. He was the man who sat in front of them that night- he was Taehyung. He was the prostitute everyone spoke of. “Sadly we can’t return him.” He pulled back his hand. Cleaning it on his clothes. “Make sure he can at least use his mouth properly,” Taehyung said as he exited the room. Seokjin felt those words make the room awkward.
“Well… he’s charming?”
“Master Kim… is not pleased with your purchase.” Seokjin nodded,
“I can only assume.”
“He- he is very protective of Mr. Kim.”
“His name was- Namjoon huh?” Dr. Kim rose his brow.
“When you meet him- refer to him solely as Mr. Kim. Even master Taehyung must not say his name aloud in public.” Seokjin nodded.
“Thanks for the heads up.” He felt himself take in a deep breath. “I have to keep myself breathing deep- or else I could cause an infection-”
“Or pneumonia.” Seokjin smiled.
“I must be annoying huh? Criticizing your treatment-” Seokjin sighed.
“Not at all. It’s nice to have a patient that can understand what is going on inside of them and I don’t have to translate it for you to understand-”
“I always hated it. My mother- she would always be so picky about how I read ex-ray scans.” He nodded.
“Kim Seokjin.” He smiled. “You’re mother-” Seokjin blinked lightly. “She was a kind woman.” Seokjin looked to him.
“Do you know her?”
“I knew her…” Seokjin understood this.
“You work at one of the hospitals huh?” He nodded. “How did it happen?” Seokjin swallowed hard hearing the words leave his own lips.
“I was taking one- of your samples to be tested the night before… I saw someone being hauled into the emergency room.” Seokjin sighed. “It was a suicide.”
“How is my father?” The doctor lowered his head.
“Two death’s in one month… are not good for anyone.” Seokjin nodded.
“Is my brother taking over as head of the company?”
“Yes.” Seokjin smiled lightly.
Beep! The sound was getting louder and quicker.
“Can’t get to stressed out about this huh?” He looked over at the heart rate monitor. It was too fast. He shook his head. “Can-can you do me a favor?” Seokjin nodded. “Make sure my father is taking his medication- he forgets… Just remind his personal nurse. She will take care of it.” Sejin nodded.
“You should be getting some rest Seokjin.” Seokjin nodded.
“Dr. Kim?” He turned his head to him.
“Yes?” Seokjin felt his face burn.
“What is the likely rate I can kill myself in here without you saving me?” He shook his head.
“0.” Seokjin nodded.
“Then… I will-”
“You should prepare yourself… It will only be getting harder from here Seokjin.” Dr. Kim came over to Seokjin, cuffing his hands over his face.
“Mr. Kim is not so kind… he will most likely not kill you since he knows it’ll be a form of release. So please, refrain from doing anything idiotic?” Seokjin lowered his eyes.
“D-do you know if…” He lowered his head. “Her body is being buried-”
“She is being buried by the side of your grave Seokjin.” Seokjin was a liar, he lied about who he was- he lied about his dreams, what he wanted, what he felt and now- he just couldn’t lie to himself. Not right now. He was hurt and it wasn’t the pain he was feeling through his body.


Chapter Text

Namjoon looked down to his work- his eyes burning at what he read. Another failed merger.
“Mr. Kim?” He heard an assistant walk into the room. He lifted his head, already irritated at the other person.
“What?” She lowered her head, eyes averted from him.
“I was informed that your car has arrived Mr. Kim.” He looked up, sighing.
“What time is it?” She lowered her head.
“It is almost eleven at night Sir.” Namjoon stood from his seat, pressing his eyes slightly.
“D-did I receive any calls?” She nodded.
“Master Kim called…” Namjoon eyes grew slightly at the name. “He relayed that you should be home for dinner.” Namjoon was far beyond tired to think of a meal.
“Call him back. Tell him I will be home in a bit?” He looked down at his watch. “What’s the closest flower shop?” The woman’s brow rose.
“Pardon?” Namjoon sighed.
“Where can I get flowers?” She shook her head,
“I-I wouldn’t know… It’s so late-” He looked her down.
“Find a place and then order their most expensive bouquet. I need it.” She gave him a curt nod.
“Yes, Sir.” He nodded.



Namjoon had started an outright war with Min Yoongi and T.S.D. This man was targeting him- and he wasn’t liking this. He hadn’t been at odds end with another group in years… It was honestly tiring but he had to do what he had to do. Either Min Yoongi backed down or he would have to dismantle T.S.D to the ground. Other groups have begun to withdraw, as Yoongi and he were both the scariest men in Seoul at this moment. What he would have to do to contain him and make their work and their lives separate. Then the men could work again, without the disturbance of others. He tilted his head back, nustling lightly. That person was on his mind… when he carried him out- he clutched his bloody nose. He knew he had lost consciousness as they had entered the car but the man continued to ramble… He continued to apologize. Namjoon’s eyes opened. To who or to what was behind him- perhaps to Jungkook? Hoseok? To himself? He- hadn’t seen his face… in such a long time. Four days. The boy's eyes hadn’t opened since then… would he ever open his eyes? Namjoon sat up leaning on the door, his arm resting on his chin. He should check up on him.



The car pulled up, Taehyung stared out of the second story window. His smile grew, as he rushed down the stairs. He felt glee as he stopped at the bottom holding himself up. The door opened and he was greeted by the tired looking man. Namjoon was looking a bit sluggish- his suit being unbuttoned.
“Mr. Kim!” His hands were full, a bouquet of colorful flowers. They looked so fresh! His eyes lit up offering a sweet look to him. Namjoon looked at him, confusion on his face slightly. “Welcome home-”
“Did you make the calls I asked for?” Taehyung paused, nodding.
”Of course I did.” He smiled lightly.
“Did you eat yet?” Taehyung shook his head.
“I was waiting for you.” Namjoon sighed,
“I ate on the way here…” He pressed his eyes closed grunting in annoyance. “Come on- I’ll at least sit with you.” Namjoon walked past him, leaving him with the sight of flowers still in his hands. Taehyung followed him, a long walk as they had to reach the dining room. They took opposing seats, across a long rectangular table. Quickly, a maid rushed into the room- already pushing a cart with food. “I’m fine.” Namjoon shook her off. “Just feed him.” Namjoon pushed the flowers onto the table. Not giving them to Taehyung.
“How was work?” Namjoon sighed, his eyes closing. The maid, served Taehyung- placing a plate of pasta. He offered her a slight smile in return. She moved back standing behind him.
“Another failed merger.” Taehyung eyes lit up,
“Again?” He nodded. “Wow. We’ve never had someone refuse so much?”
“I know. It’s getting annoying.” Namjoon looked over to the maid. “Get me a drink. Something strong?” She nodded leaving. Namjoon’s eyes followed her before he leaned back in his seat.
“Did you call my men?” Taehyung nodded.
“I did.” He lowered his head.
“Min Yoongi- he’s not so pleased.”
‘Is he willing to at least cooperate?”’ Taehyung shook his head.
“He hasn’t touched a piece of our work. And he also hasn’t moved any of our products.” Taehyung lifted his fork. “Our men tried to go speak with him- he shot three of them.” Namjoon smiled.
“Only three?” His brow lifted. “That’s good-”
“Not so much… Those three were the only one that came back alive. The rest were- they aren’t coming back.” Namjoon’s lifted his head at this.
“Then… we will have to push our business elsewhere?” Taehyung nodded. Namjoon rambled in his brain- his work wasn’t small. He had to find someone close to his level of influence.
“Get Suho to come-” Taehyung paused hearing the name.
“L-let’s not conduct business with him.” Namjoon’s bottom lip pouted lightly.
“Why not?” Taehyung offered a small smile.
“I just don’t think it’s a good idea-”
“Well I didn’t ask for your idea did I?” Namjoon shook his head slightly aggravated. Still, he eased up sighing. “Well… if you don’t think it’s a good idea-” Taehyung sprang at his tone.
“I can get him to work with us.” Taehyung lowered his head, “I will handle it.” Namjoon offered him a smile.
“Do that then.” Taehyung returned his glee. The maid came back into the room, leaving him his drink. She pulled herself back, only for Namjoon to dismiss her.
“Leave us.” She did. Leaving Namjoon with Taehyung. Taehyung didn’t mind, continuing eating.
“How is he?” Taehyung paused, lowering his fork. His eyes moved up to meet his.
“Who?” His voice was low and shaky.
“Kim Seokjin. How is he?” Taehyung swallowed hard. “How is he Taehyung?” Taehyung pushed his plate forward.
“You have a personal doctor for him.” Taehyung took up a napkin wiping his mouth. “Why don’t you ask him?” He stood up- tossing the napkin. His eyes moving back to the flowers. “He’d like those.” Taehyung moved away, going over to Namjoon. He leaned forward, his face coming close to Namjoon’s. He stared at him, moving his eyes up and down.
“What are you doing?” Namjoon’s eyes locked with Taehyung’s.
“Seeing why I bust my ass off for a jerk?” He pressed his eyes- breathing slowly. “I’m leaving.” Taehyung pulled himself away, moving towards the doorway.
“Where are you going?”
“It’s on Wednesday. I have to go bust my ass.” Taehyung left him alone in the dining room.



“Let’s all clean up after him...” Yoongi held his head low. As everyone in the room nodded.
“Boss?” Shownu started to speak, “Jungkook-”
“Let’s leave him alone.” Yoongi pressed his lips together. “The kid's been through- so much.” Shownu nodded. Wonho’s head popped up.
“W-what are we going to do Boss?” Yoongi let out a smile.
“I don’t know guys?” He leaned up against the brick wall. “It’ll come though- we just got to give it a few days?” He smirked lightly. “We’ll get back into the groove of things… it’s just about getting over it.” They all held glum looks.
“Are we ending business with D.M.E?” Yoongi shook his head.
“I don't know?” He sighed. “They are the largest suppliers in Seoul…” Yoongi smiled lightly. “This guy fucked us over guys- and he quite literally fucked Jungkook over…”
“We’ll get over him, Boss.” Yoongi nodded.
“We will,” Jooheon informed. They all sighed,
“We’ll-” Yoongi looked to the blood-soaked ground. “Let’s clean this up. The blood’s gonna stain the concrete.” They all nodded, everyone, taking up their mop- sapping the blood-soaked ground. “And someone starts the furnace. I don’t wanna have to hide ten bodies.”


Seokjin pulled himself up from his slumber.
“Hello, Seokjin?” Seokjin turned his head up to his doctor’s voice. He wiped the sleep from his face,
“Hello Dr. Kim-”’ His voice was cut off as he caught a view of the man behind him. It was Namjoon. He blinked lightly, his gaze moving away from them.
“Dr. Kim? Leave us.” Dr. Kim locked his eyes with Seokjin’s. He knew his eyes were filled with pity for him. Seokjin held his breath, knowing his heart was beating quickly. He was more nervous now. Dr. Kim left them in the room alone. There was a tense silence that ran through the space around them.
“I spoke with Dr. Kim. He said you are doing much better-” Seokjin looked him up and down keeping his mouth silent. He drew something up from behind him, “I brought you flowers.” He offered a smile to him. Seokjin’s eyes remained piercing. “I’ve wanted to speak with you Seokjin.” Seokjin nodded. “You and I are going to have a small conversation- is that alright?” Seokjin again nodded, Namjoon placed his flowers down on a white dresser at the front of the room, moving to take up a chair from the desk near Seokjin. He took it up- moving it to the end of the bed. He placed it, taking the seat. “Do you have any questions for me?” He held a blank look in his eyes. Seokjin stared at him.
“I do.” His voice was husky. Namjoon smiled.
“Then ask me?” Seokjin pressed his lips, knowing his first question.
“Is Hoseok okay?” He blinked, letting out a small chuckle. Seokjin’s face grew pale at his response.
“No seriously? What’s your question?” Seokjin moved his eyes around- wondering if his question was clear. Namjoon’s eyes grew large, “Wait- you actually want to know? Really?” He shook his head. “He tried to have you killed-”
“He must have had his reasons?” Namjoon’s brow lifted to this.
“Money.” He rolled his eyes to Seokjin. “He’s fine. I let him go to a public hospital- he should be out in a bit actually?” Seokjin let out a sigh his eyes pressing shut.
“Thank god.” Namjoon didn’t hesitate.
“Now it’s my turn. I answered you- so you will answer me?” Seokjin didn’t move at all. “Why did you decided to try to fool T.S.D?” Seokjin paused.
“Honestly…” Seokjin leaned his head back over his pillows speaking up. “I didn’t try to fool anyone- I just had a fake I.D on me… they took it as the truth and I didn’t want to get shot in the head-” He was being brutally honest. “So I agreed with what they were going with.” Namjoon offered him a confused look. “One of their members took a liking to me- so they took me in as one of their own.”
“Jungkook?” Namjoon smiled. “You know he’s really dangerous huh?” Seokjin nodded.
“I guess my body is proof of that huh?” Namjoon leaned back in his seat.
“Your turn.”
“W-why did you choose to murder me?” Namjoon smirked at this question.
“Hoseok works for me- and said that the higher up were planning on sending in a personal detective. He warned me that you were really good. And that was an issue for me and him.” Namjoon kicked up his leg over his other. “So- I told him that I would get rid of you. But you seemed to have other plans?” Seokjin wasn’t delighted to hear any of this.
“Ok.” Namjoon tilted his head. Staring at Seokjin’s face.
“Sorry, he just- he really fucked you up huh?” He shook his head. “Sorry, my men couldn’t protect you in time. But” He crossed his arms. “Though that kid- is beyond strong.”
“Is he alright?” Namjoon shook his head.
“What kind of an act is this? Worrying about others isn’t going to make sure you live longer?” Seokjin stared at Namjoon. “What, angry?”
“I want to know why you bought me-”
“Nope! It’s my turn.” Namjoon stood up, taking Seokjin’s face into his hands. Seokjin didn’t fight it- even if his grip was hard. He stared into his eyes. Seokjin saw the maliciousness behind him, knowing full well this wasn’t going in any well. “What kind of shit do you think you’re pulling?” He looked at Seokjin’s face. “Why didn’t you turn up after your death?”
“I figured there was someone who sent them to kill me- since only higher-ups at the police station knew I was being sent.” Namjoon smiled.
“Why turn up alive- when the chance of finding out who the rat was was greater then huh?”
“Exactly.” He smiled.
“Is that why there were never any photos of you released?” Seokjin stared at the man.
“Isn’t it my turn yet?” Namjoon pushed Seokjin’s face to the side, backing off.
“Why did you buy me?” Namjoon rolled his eyes.
“Why is that a question?” He sighed turning his head up. “You got Yoongi and Jungkook upset- I thought it was funny.”
“So you bought me because you wanted to piss off someone you work with?” Namjoon nodded.
“Having you alive- and at my side would show my power around here.” Seokjin figured.
“Is that really gonna work?” Seokjin shook his head. “Aren’t I just a target on your back-”
“Min Yoongi may seem scary to you but he’s just another problem I will eventually deal with.” Seokjin already heard the eventually in his voice.
“What’s your next question?” He sighed.
“Are you going to rat out on Min Yoongi easily or will I have to pry?” Seokjin stared him straight in his eye.
“What I know?” Namjoon nodded. “Well- I was only with them for two weeks but whatever I know I’ll tell you.” Seokjin smiled.
“At what price?” Seokjin liked how this man was all business.
“I will tell you everything if you release-”
“Like hell, I’m letting you go?” Seokjin shook his head.
“If you release Park Jimin.”



Taehyung pushed open the door, the dim lights overhead hurting his vision. He was instantly greeted.
“Master Taehyung?” He nodded to the woman at the desk.
“I’m here.” Glee consumed her face.
“What’s wrong?” He already could tell from her face, “What happened-” His voice was cut clear off by a high screech. He turned back to the girl. “Who was that Joy?” She lowered her head.
“It’s the new boy.” Taehyung’s eyes grew large,
“T-the new boy?” Taehyung felt his blood boil. “W-who the hell sold him?” She only shook her head.
“A- man came in… He said he was looking for- you…” Taehyung sighed, knowing all too well who this was. “He took him… he said he’d pay whatever he was worth-”
“Give me the key to the room-”
“Master Tae-”
“Give it to me.” His voice was stern, as she went behind the desk- taking up the key. Another heart aching wail came out. He shook his head to her, “We will talk once this is over.” Taehyung walked passed her- and down the line of rooms and to the stairs. All the rooms were virtually soundproof, except for one. His room. He rushed up and turning left. He went to the last room. He unlocked it, opening the door. He stopped, seeing a terrified naked boy- on his knees his mouth occupied by the other man’s penis. He was still struggling- as the other held a steel grip over his hair. Taehyung saw him clamp his jaw over the other man’s genitals- prompting the other man to pull away in pain.
“Ah!” In anger- he struck the smaller boy. He was flung across the room with the hit, prompting Taehyung to move in between them before further violence was acted on. He gave the man a slight smile.
“You should have called me Suho?” He looked a bit hazed, letting out a deep grunt.
“I did.” He looked over to the boy behind Taehyung. “You should teach that thing some manners-”
“I will.” Taehyung smiled. “Please- let me find you a pretty-”
“I want a man.” He nodded.
“Then-” Taehyung licked his upper lip. “Give me a moment and I will come back for you?” Suho smiled hearing this.
“Yeah-” He lowered his gaze to Jimin.
“Take that out will you?” Suho turned back- going to the bathroom. As he left Taehyung went to the boy's side. He already took him into his grip,
“Come on- we have to go quickly?”



Namjoon stared at him,
“Can’t.” Seokjin’s eyes grew large.
“W-what? Of course, you can!” His voice grew slightly, “H-he has nothing to do with anything-” Seokjin stared at him. “I- I will pay for him and everything-”
“I said I can’t.” Namjoon sighed. “I bought him for Taehyung. He’s his present.” Namjoon crossed his arms.
“People aren’t presents!”
“Not in your world… but look at where you are-” He spread his arms out. “It’s not your world. Besides that- he’s in good hands-” Seokjin mouth slit open to him. “Taehyung is good-”
“He’s a prostitute!” Seokjin felt himself lower his gaze. “H-he’s probably selling him-” Namjoon let out a grunt.
“Well, what else would he have him for?” Seokjin faced Namjoon. He sounded just like the other guy. Is that all they took people for? Sexual objects in their world- raping and stealing?
“You are disgusting.” He nodded.
“Catch on quick huh?” Namjoon offered Seokjin a slight grin. “You understand right- you’re mine as well?” Seokjin lowered his head. He was in the worst state in his entire life. He looked up to Namjoon. His eyes piercing through him.
“I understand.” Namjoon beckoned lightly as he lowered himself to meet Seokjin’s eyes.



“You must have been terrified.” Taehyung took a tissue- dabbing away the boy’s bloody mouth. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here.” The boy’s eyes were glossy. “Did he really hurt you?” The boys head turned to him. He looked so young to him.
“No.” He moved his head away, rubbing away what Taehyung knew were tears.
“It’s okay.” He took in a deep breath. “I told myself it wasn’t scary for a long time.” Taehyung leaned his head closer to him, “I hated it. So much- that I was afraid.”
“I’m not like you- I- I have a real job- I-”
“No one comes into this line of business because they want to.” Taehyung shook his head. “You’re circumstances are truly different but in all honesty-”
“I was bought!” Taehyung placed a hand on him- pulling him into a hug. The boy began his whimpering and then becoming a full-on sob. “I-I was bought- I didn’t do-a-anything wrong!” Taehyung patted his head. He was terrified, the boy was frantic in his cries. How long had he been up there- he must have been so scared. Taehyung shared his pain and his anguish. How- how could this happen in the place he owned?
“I know.”
“H-h-h-he- did-” Taehyung hushed him.
“Shh..shhh… Don’t remember that. Just-” Taehyung pulled him back- making clear eye contact. “Just don’t think about it? Remember something that makes you happy…” Taehyung took his face into his hands. “It’ll get easier if you remember that.” He felt himself blink quicker. The emotions of his own past coming back to his mind. “I promise you- I will make sure it never hurts. Never ever again okay?” He pointed to the boy’s exposed chest. “The pain in here will go away. I promise… it will go away.” Joy came into the room, towel in hand. She gave it to Taehyung, he took it draping it over Jimin. The boy still however only chose to cling to him. He was shivering. Joy’s eyes were large,
“S-should I head up there?” Taehyung shook his head.
“No. No- I will handle him.” He nodded. “Joy- you will stay with Jimin. Order him something to eat.” He scratched his head. “I don’t know how long I’ll be gone- but make sure Jimin eats… and show him to his room… Stay with him through the night okay?” She nodded.
“W-what if someone else comes-”
“We are closed.” She nodded.
“Tell the others that as well. No extra time- we will open again Friday.” She nodded.
“Yes, Master Taehyung.” Taehyung held Jimin tight,
“I’m going to leave you? Only for a bit- I will be back though.” Taehyung pulled back- feeling his small fingers still cling to his shirt. He felt horrible as he moved away, his grip breaking. Taehyung eyes were still on him, however, lowering it slightly as he left him.


Chapter Text

“I am sorry. We are closed for the rest of today.” Jungkook let out a sigh,
“I’m not trying to fuck anyone-” The lady stared at him. “I am here to see someone.” The lady’s eyes grew large.
“And who are you here to meet?” Jungkook paused.
“Taehyung.” She shook her head.
“He is busy at the moment.” Jungkook let out a sigh. Looking down to his bandaged hands.
“I can wait.”



Taehyung fell back in the bed- collapsing with Suho at his side. The man pulled himself over him, holding him tight. Taehyung took in a deep breath, keeping his head over the man’s chest.
“You really are the best huh?” Taehyung didn’t answer, only beginning to twirl his finger over the man’s chest. Suho looked down to him, offering Taehyung a smile. “What’s wrong?”
“I was just thinking about what you said to me…” Suho’s brow rose.
“What did I say?”
“You wanted to work with me.” He moved his fingers through Taehyung’s blonde hair.
“Are you saying you’ll work with me-” Taehyung nodded.
“I will…” Taehyung locked his hands with Suho. “But I was thinking about how we could work together even further,” Suho smirked.
“You’re saying you want me to work with Namjoon huh?” Suho shook his head. “Nope.” Taehyung pouted.
“Why not?”
“He’s a scary man Taehyung. You know what’s he’s like when people cross him-”
“But you’re equally as strong.” Suho nodded.
“It’s that he and Min Yoongi aren’t in a good place. It’s something my people will worry about-”
“But you’re the leader.” He sighed.
“I’m also fucking his partner-”
“Do you really think he cares what I do?” Taehyung smiled. “I am my own person. That’s why I’m with you right now-”
“I’m paying-”
“No. You’re not.” Taehyung took up his hand, again touching his chest. “I did this because I like you.” Suho lifted himself, taking Taehyung’s lips. He pulled back, eyes still on him.
“I’ll call him later then?” Taehyung jumped over him,
“Really?” He nodded.
“Really.” Taehyung was the one this time, to climb over him- planting a kiss over his lips.



“Can I get you anything while you wait, sir?” Jungkook nodded.
“Can you get me some juice?” Her brow lifted.
“You just want juice?” He nodded, making her look confused as she left him. Jungkook slumped on his seat. He perked lightly as he heard footsteps coming from the stairs.
“Then I will see you next week?” Jungkook had heard that voice before- from a delivery perhaps?
“Well if things work out will probably be seeing each other more often?” Jungkook knew that voice, that one was definitely Taehyung’s. Jungkook stood up, moving from the room to the hallway. His eyes met with both men. Taehyung jumped up lightly as he saw him.
“Jungkook! You scared me-”
“Sorry…” He looked up to the other man, “You’re done with him right?” The man eyed him.
“You’re Jungkook huh?” Jungkook nodded.
“Who is he-”
“He’s Suho. From-”
“EXO.” Jungkook let out a sigh. “Nice to see you again.” He gave Jungkook a smile, taking out his hand. Jungkook shook it.
“It’s nice seeing you too.” Suho looked between them, “But I think I should get going.” He turned back to Taehyung, going over and giving him a quick peck. Taehyung let out a nervous laugh, waving as the man left. Jungkook stood still, turning his head back to him.
“I came to speak to you.” Taehyung pulled at his robe- tying it securely.
“Good.” He tilted his head up. “I’m not in the mood to fuck you.”



Seokjin poked his head up, knowing he was gone. That man was worse than what he thought he would be. He was the worst. Seokjin took in a deep breath, laying back in bed. Seokjin had never lost anyone. He wanted to return to his life. Return to his mother- his father… Even if they paid little to no mind to him. He was sure- he was so sure they would have been better without him. But- he was wrong. His mother took her own life. W-why? She was never happy with his life choices- not a single one. Hell, she always put him on hold when he made his weekly call. He couldn’t rattle in his mind- how she could ever take her life… over him- considering he was actually still alive. He curled over onto his side- quickly regretting the pain that spread through his abdomen.
“Ouff-” He still held that position- knowing all too well it was going to hurt regardless of his return to his original position. He was alone in this place. It was better this way. For him to be alone. He was always alone. He always managed to screw up with others, so maybe him being alone was the best for everyone. The world would live a happier existence if Kim Seokjin hadn't ever existed. Then he wouldn’t feel guilty. He would- his eyes began to swell with tears. The world would still have his mother and Jimin would be free. He wouldn’t have begun to live with criminals. Seokjin wouldn’t have been accepted into their home like family. He would have never have met- Jungkook. His mind always seemed to wander back to him. Kim Seokjin truly was a screw-up. He fell not only for this criminal but also- Hoseok. The guy who worked for the police- the man who sent to have him killed by those criminals. He was the worst at love. Love was something he didn’t deserve. Not from anyone.



“So-” Taehyung pulled back his hair, “what did you come here for?” Jungkook took in a deep breath sitting up.
“How is he?” Taehyung rose his brow.
“Everyone wants to know about Mr. Kim Seokjin today huh?” Taehyung leaned forward, taking up a cigarette box- he passed it to Jungkook who declined. He shrugged, lighting his own. He took a drag. “Why do you want to know?”
“Well, he was hurt-”
“You caused that.” Jungkook pressed his eyes closed, feeling the smoke hit his face.
“I am worried-” Taehyung let out a chuckle.
“Still in love huh?” He shook his head. “Better to get over it. It was all fake.” He took another drag of his cigarette.
“I want to speak with him about that-”
“About what? Your fake love?” Taehyung shook his head. “Be realistic. He doesn’t want to see you in the least.”
“He lied to you. He deceived everyone. Yoongi, you, and my boss. He wasn’t into you- it was a ruse he was playing!” Taehyung felt his face grow warm. “Beyond that, any shred of kindness that man had for you left with his ribs.”
“You broke two of them, punctured his lung-” Taehyung started to count on his fingers. “Fractured his nose- which made him ugly by the way- uhh... your boss shot an arrow through his hand… Oh- he had a heart attack?” Jungkook’s eyes grew large.
“He had a heart attack-”
“Yeah. It was a miracle he didn't die right under you? Taehyung shrugged. “I am going to make a safe assumption he doesn’t want to see you.” Jungkook rose a hand to him, “And aside from all his injuries, he belongs to Kim Namjoon now. I have no control over who he will or will not see.” Jungkook felt himself sigh, leaning back into his seat.
“You should go home.” Taehyung sounded annoyed. “Your boss and mines aren’t friends anymore.” Jungkook’s eyes grew large-causing Taehyung to quickly figure out why mid-sentence. “So we shouldn’t even be- wait does Min Yoongi not know you’ve come here?” Taehyung shook his head. Holding his disapproval high. Jungkook perked at this.
“Does Kim Namjoon know you’re sleeping with Suho?” Taehyung let out a sigh.
“You really think I’d tell him that-”
“I think he would like to know that you are sleeping with his competition-” Taehyung rolled his eyes.
“It’s not even a competition anymore. They both agreed to remain in their own respected areas kid.”
“That sounds like something someone who is afraid of someone would say-” Taehyung stared into his eyes.
“You’ve got this all wrong. I am out here doing work- who I fuck and when is for me to know and no one else-”
“Kim Namjoon hates people who aren’t fully committed to him.” Taehyung nodded.
“He does.” Jungkook crossed his arms.
“Sorry for the wait-” Joy paused in between them. “Ahh… Master Taehyung?” He lifted his nose to her.
“You let him in?”
“He said he had business with you.” Taehyung sighed, as she handed Jungkook his drink.
“Did you at least take care of the boy-”
“I did!” Jungkook rose his brow.
“That boy your boss bought?” Taehyung looked at him.
“He’s not for sale.”
“Why do you always insist on me buying people! I’ve said it before Taehyung! I don’t sleep with prostitutes!” He squinted at him.
“You’re in a brothel right now- what more could you want- oh? You want me to make Kim Seokjin a prostitute here?”
“No-” Joy lowered her head to them.
“I’ll take my leave.” Quickly she left the room.
“See you even scare the girl?” Taehyung patted the back of his cigarette. “So- what are we going to do?”
“You’ll help me meet him?!” Taehyung made a face of disgust.
“I don’t make promises- but I could work something out… But what do I get in return?” Jungkook shrugged at him.
“What do you want?” Taehyung paused.
“I want your boss and you to continue working on our stuff.” Jungkook stared at him.
“How- your boss pissed off mine-”
“My boss saved Seokjin from not only you but Yoongi as well.” He took in a deep breath.
“Do you know what that kind of thing would take?”
“Do you know what it would take for me to rip away my bosses new toy?” Jungkook’s eyes grew to him.
“Don’t act stupid." He drew back his head to him. "He bid 10 million on him- of course, he wants to fuck him.” Jungkook's face grew pale- causing Taehyung to sigh. “He can’t right now though.”
“He can’t?” He was almost gleeful as he spoke.
“You broke the guy remember? He’s waiting till he’s all better-”
“Well… I don’t think there will ever be a chance for you to be with him- but I am sure that if you wanted to voice out your feelings… I could get you to see him.” Jungkook offered him a nod.
“Then, I will do my best on my end of the deal.” Jungkook stood from his seat.
“Okay. I will call you when I- think things will work out.” Jungkook lowered his head slightly.
“Thank you, Taehyung.”



Namjoon pulled himself from the bed,
“Wake up.” He squinted his eyes at the man seated at the table- he was having breakfast.
“When did you get back?”
“20 minutes ago.” Taehyung pulled up a bite of his omelet. “I had so many people last night- I had to keep it open longer.”
“Is the new guy working out for you?” Taehyung stopped his chewing.
“Why?” He shrugged, pulling away from the covers to his bed. Namjoon shuddered lightly at the temperature in the room.
“Just wanted to know?” Taehyung stood from his seat, seeing Namjoon leaving a large spot in his bed for him. He eyed him lightly.
“You have to get to work.” Namjoon pressed his eyes closed.
“I am the boss.” Taehyung sat down on the bed, feeling Namjoon wrap his arms around him.
“Does that mean you get to slack off?” Taehyung tilted his head to him. “You are expecting a lot today.” Namjoon moved his hands up and rustling them in his hair.
“You’re blonde now?” He sounded so tired.“I’ll ditch work today and spend it with you-”
“No, you have meetings back to back today.” Namjoon opened his eyes to him.
“I can put them off for today.”
“I don’t want you to do that.” Namjoon let out a sigh.
“Why?” Taehyung looked at him.
“I have things to handle today. Being with you isn’t one of them.” Namjoon sat up, eyeing him.
“I spoke with Seokjin.” Taehyung pursed his lips at this.
“Great.” He stood up, only to feel a hand grip his wrist.
“He told me he’s going to tell us about Min Yoongi.” Taehyung let out a chuckle, turning back.
“You’ll believe what he says?” Namjoon nodded.
“What reason would he have to lie now?” Taehyung stared at him.
“Enlighten me for a moment will you?” Taehyung pulled up his hand, holding it to his chest.“What are you planning to do with him after you get this information, Namjoon?”
“Does that matter?” Taehyung pressed his eyes closed.
“To me it does.” Taehyung looked at the man in front of him. “Are you going to be with him?” Namjoon felt himself lose his playfulness as he looked to Taehyung.
“It doesn’t matter what I will or will not do. I own him.” Taehyung smiled at him.
“Do you insist on owning people?”
“Why else are you here?” Taehyung nodded.
“Why am I here?” Taehyung stared at Namjoon. “I’ve been asking myself that more and more lately.”
“I have things to take care of.” He took in a deep breath. “I will see you for dinner tonight.”



“Take in a deep breath please?” Seokjin did as he was told, as the man read his pulse. “Okay.”
“Dr. Sejin is there any way for me to-” Seokjin turned his head up to the door. It was the blonde guy again.
“Has he eaten yet?” Dr. Sejin shook his head.
“No, he hasn’t-”
“Leave him with me then.” Dr. Sejin nodded. He quickly left, as someone else opens the door. A maid came in- setting down a table. She served them, with her head low. Seokjin felt his mouth almost run. He could smell a warm meal and not what he had been given. Salad. “Leave.” He dismissed the women as quickly as she came in. Pulling out a chair, he began to eat.
“What do you think of Namjoon?” Seokjin was confused at his sudden question.
“Don’t play dumb. I asked you what you thought of Namjoon- Mr. Kim.” Seokjin stared at the man.
“He’s an asshole.” Taehyung smiled at him,
“Good?” Taehyung nodded.
“I want to know- who you are?” Seokjin was so confused, what was going on?
“You want to know?” He paused as he spoke. “Who I am?” Taehyung nodded.
“I don’t like you.” Well.
“Me neither.” He pulled up a pancake to his plate.
“We can agree on things then?” He sighed. “You said your name was-”
“It’s Kim Seokjin.”
“You look like you come from the middle of nowhere.” Seokjin felt his words hit him. “I mean… you aren’t special. Why does anyone like you?”
“You look like a pig.”
“I am very handsome-”
“No. No. It wasn’t open for interpretation.” Seokjin was already steaming.
“Listen, kid-”
“How old are you?” Seokjin shook his head.
“I’m 28.”
“Ahhh and you’re old too?” Seokjin was just being insulted at this point.
“Do you want to get strangled?” He turned his head up to him,
“Like you were?” He rolled his eyes. “No,” Seokjin grumbled at him.
“I want to know about you.” He rested his arm on the table. “Tell me about yourself?” Seokjin stared at him.
“No. Why should I-”
“You’re the type not to mention yourself and hope people forget you. That’s a sneaky leech.”
“Did you just-” Seokjin couldn't get a single sentence in.
“No one could tell if you had died. You didn’t have any photos-”
“I don’t take photos of myself.”
“And no one takes them of you- so you’re distant? No family- no one seemed to care if you left?” Seokjin took in a deep breath hearing this.
“What’s it to you?” Taehyung stared at Seokjin for a moment,
“I want to know why anyone would like you?" Taehyung's eyes remained focused on Seokjin, "You don’t seem all that charismatic, you’re okay at best- maybe without all that-” He waved at his face. “I’d consider you handsome. And that's a maybe. So why would anyone like you?”
“I don't know why don’t you tell me?” Taehyung pressed his lips together.
“I would assume you are good in bed. Am I wrong?” Seokjin stared at him.
“You’re that prostitute everyone talks about huh?” He nodded.
“I am well known, yes.”
“You bought Park Jimin in the auction right?” He offered Seokjin a smile.
“I didn’t. Namjoon bought him for me.” Seokjin felt his face grow warm. “I assume Namjoon told you where he is now?”
“You made him into a prostitute-”
“You are correct.” He grinned to Seokjin, “And he will remain one until I say so.” Taehyung crossed his leg over his other. “Just like how you will remain to be Namjoon’s.” Seokjin held his head up to him. “Now do you know why I am speaking with you?” Seokjin’s mouth opened slightly.
“Cause you’re an asshole too?” He nodded.
“Partly.” He lowered his gaze, “I just want to make sure Namjoon’s life is peaceful.”
“So insulting me-”
“I’m trying to see why anyone would want to keep you.” Seokjin let out a small chuckle.
“They don’t. That’s why I am here.” Taehyung didn’t smile at this.
“You might believe that but Namjoon paid 10 million on you-”
“Buying people doesn’t constitute as wanting to keep them.” His eyes grew large.
“He saved your life!” He was steaming, “You should be grateful! Every single last person in that room wanted you dead-”
“And I gladly would have died there.” Seokjin stared at Taehyung for a moment. “So no, I won’t thank anyone for keeping me here, for buying me- for buying my friend…” Seokjin lowered his head to Taehyung. He was slipping- coughing up a storm. “I-” He moved his bloody hand away from his mouth. “I don’t want to be here.”
“Where would you go? If you were able to leave- where would you go Seokjin?” Seokjin shook his head.
“If I ever manage to escape-” He scoffed. “There is nothing for me anymore.”
“Then you won’t try to escape?” Seokjin eyed him.
“If I did I am sure Namjoon would kill me. So why bother?” Taehyung nodded.
“I want to let you meet with someone.” Seokjin could only assume one person who this man would allow him to meet. To speak with for- what reason though.
“I don't suppose I have a choice? I’m stuck in this bed for a while.” Taehyung smiled at him.
“Good. I wasn’t planning to take no as an answer anyways.” He stood up, moving close to Seokjin. He lowered himself closer to Seokjin’s ear. “I will keep it a surprise until the date then?”
Date? Seokjin stared at him as he took out a handkerchief. He handed it to him, “Take it." He was almost emotionless. "You’re bleeding out of your mouth.”



Namjoon couldn’t help shake this morning. Taehyung was unusually cold to him.
“And that is why we need Kim-” He shook his head back into the meeting.
“Have we checked the books for this manner?”

Namjoon paused, taking up his phone. He moved a finger up to the man,
“Give me a moment.” He stood up, going out to take the call.



“No Jungkook.” Yoongi faced him,
“Hyung! We shouldn’t be so angry-”
“I am not angry.” He let out a huff, “I just want to bash Hyun-Shik’s-” He took in a deep breath. “Kim Seokjin’s head.” He pressed his eyes closed. “He messed with us- most importantly you-”
“He didn’t mess with me!” Yoongi’s brow rose to him.
“He didn't?” Yoongi looked Jungkook up and down. “Then you knew?” He shook his head quickly.
“No. I didn’t know that-” Yoongi waved him off.
“Then why should we work with his owner? Huh?” Jungkook looked around the room, the other men were still cleaning up after his mess.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea to be his enemy.” Yoongi sighed,
“Better to be his enemy than a stepping stool.” Jungkook stared at him, “So- just let that idea of us ever working together go-” Jungkook couldn’t just tell him.
“It will be better for T.S.D if we stop holding a grudge.”
“This is some sort of girly joke Jungkook. Namjoon made a mockery of our group. We can’t just go back-”
“I’m not saying we should buddy- I am saying we have to work with them.” Jungkook took in a deep breath. “I am at fault for Kim Seokjin. If- I didn’t think he was another drunk guy then he would be dead and our work wouldn’t have been compromised. But now their groups are pulling back deals and we know it.” An arm was moved around Jungkook,
“I think he’s right boss." It was Shownu, “He fell for a pretty guy- hell anyone of us would have? What’s important is that he isn’t still blinded in rage- and is quickly moving on.” Jungkook nodded at him.
“Didn’t you always tell me to move on even if it hurts Hyung?” Yoongi stared at them.
“Jooheon! Wonho!” Both men bounced at their names turning back to him.
“Yes!” They called in unison.
“Let these two idiots finish cleaning.” He took a step back passing his mop to Jungkook. Jungkook took it lowering his head to Yoongi. Yoongi moved his hand under his chin- pulling it up to look him in the eye.“We are going on a delivery run.”



“Namjoon! Hi- it’s Suho.”

Chapter Text

Namjoon pressed his lips together, reading the paper in front of him. How much longer until this person caves? It was becoming a goddamn arms race.
“Did you eat yet?” He didn’t have to look up to know who it was,
“Then should I join you?” Namjoon didn’t even want to look this person in the eye. He had made him angry earlier, and he didn’t want to speak with him anymore. Not until he got over his anger.
“No.” He heard a long sigh,
“Then should I head home?” Namjoon didn’t even pay any mind, continuing to read his document.
“You should go to your home.” Taehyung drew closer to him, pulling up a chair and sitting straight in front of him.
“Are you upset with me?”
“Why would I be?”
“You aren’t looking at me?” Namjoon didn’t batter a lash,
“You’re naked and carrying sushi, why do I want to look?” Taehyung let out a laugh.
“How did you figure it out without looking at me?”
“I can smell the wasabi.” Namjoon signed the paper in front of him, “I have another meeting in 20-" He checked his watch, "so either eat here or leave.” Taehyung leaned over his desk, placing a hand in front of his reading material.
“You don’t wanna ram-”
“I have a meeting.” Taehyung smiled hearing this.
“I like you like this- cold and distant. Reminds me why I like you.” Taehyung pulled back his hand, “You work late today huh?”
“You know my schedule why are you asking me?”
“It’s for reassurance.”
“I like being in your room.” Namjoon shrugged,
“I got the call.”
“A call?”
“Suho.” Namjoon flipped the paper, “He’s going to be going to my house. Wants to have a meeting with me-”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Tonight. I have work, so handle that for me will you?” Taehyung pressed his lips,
“You told him to go to your house?”
“It’s the easiest point to meet. Eat with him- just make sure he doesn’t go snooping around.”
“Namjoon- I… Why not take the night off work?” He looked up to Taehyung finally taking his gaze away from his work.
“You told me to go to work. So I am. So you can deal with him.” His tone wasn’t pleasant.
“You know him. You can handle difficult people.”
“What?” He sounded annoyed,
“When are you getting home?” He pressed his eyes closed.
“When I get home.”



“I swear to god Wonho- if you don’t-”
They all stared at each other,
“Boss?” He nodded, moving to
“Shit-” Yoongi drew up his phone- pointing his gun behind the wall.
CLICK- Yoongi pulled himself back, tossing his gun onto the floor.
“It fucking jammed!” Yoongi picked up his phone- seeing the number he grumbled.
“Jooheon. Get the grenade.”They stared at him.
“Really?” He smacked Jooheon’s shoulder.
“Did I ask for a comment?!” He sighed holding up his hand. Yoongi answered his phone,
“Hello, speak fast.”
“H-h- hi-”
“I said fast!”
Yoongi turned his head to Wonho- his eyes large at the grenade in his hand. He took it from his hand, pulling the tab with his mouth, tossing it aside.
“Yoongi is this a bad time-”
Tell me what you want now!?” There was a bit of silence, as it hit Yoongi. He was holding this grenade for too long. He moved to the side, tossing it. Yoongi pushed Jooheon and Wonho, moving them closer to the wall at the back of the room. He covered them with his body, only for nothing to have happened. He pulled his head up,
“Did I really pull-”
BOOOM! The earth beneath them shook, forcing them all to cover their heads. They all rocked back, all feeling the effects of that previous decision. Yoongi held his phone back to his ear.
“So- what was it that you wanted?”
“Oh.. umm wondering if you are able to meet with me tomorrow? To discuss business between us?”
“Yup. You know where my bar is.”
“Okay then see you-” He turned the phone off, looking at the two men who were now facing him.
“Ughhh….” Yoongi nodded. “So we should order more grenades.”



Seokjin smiled,
“I don’t own many psychology books… but these are the only ones I found.” Seokjin nodded. “I wasn’t a psychology major so like…”
“It’s fine. I just need something to do-”
“There is a T.V in the room-” Seokjin shook his head,
“No.” Seokjin pressed his eyes shut. “I don’t want to watch T.V ever again.” Dr. Sejin looked to him.
“I guess.”
“Are you heading home?” He nodded,
“I’m on call- so if you feel bad just ask the maids to call me.” Seokjin nodded.
“Yeah.” He nodded.
“I’m sorry I can’t stay here all day-”
“It’s fine.” Seokjin closed the book in his hand. “It’s just that you are like… the only conversation I have anymore.”
“I’m sorry about that.”
“Don’t be.”
“I was told your dinner was going to be warm?” Seokjin smiled at this,
“Thank god. I hate every single meal you’ve made me eat.”
“Well… you’ve eaten four cold meals.”
“And that’s four too many.” Dr. Sejin smiled,
“I’ve left all your medicine at your side. You know how to take it?” Seokjin nodded,
“I do.” Seokjin pouted lightly.
“Are those two back?” He shook his head.
“No. But they should head here soon.” He sighed,
“Well… I guess I’ll talk to the walls until they decide to come to degrade me.-” The door opened, and Seokjin stared at the women who came in.
The maid held her head low like before, going to him and placing a tray over his waist. She propped his warm meal up over him. A plate of beef stew. Seokjin was glad he had one working hand. Be it his left- he could still eat this delicious meal.
“I believe you have food to finish then?” Dr. Sejin lowered his head, leaving the room. Seokjin, took up his spoon- digging it into the bowl.



Taehyung held his head low, as he pushed open the door. Men followed him, he was annoyed- Namjoon sent them to be with him during his meeting today.
“Can-can some of you like… I don’t know- leave?” They all shook their heads, “Well then.” He sighed, “Some of you go wait outside to greet the man.” They all bowed, half of the group splitting. Finally allowing him to sigh.
Ring! Taehyung took in a deep breath.
“We just received word that your move worked out.” He was confused.
“Move- I haven’t sent-” He smiled lightly. “Min Yoongi?”
“Yes.” Jungkook swayed him then?
“Okay. Well, I will be sending payment to him first thing in the morning. Don’t tell Mr. Kim. I will handle that.” He hung up, finally feeling things going his way. Still, this guy was going to be here soon and he needed to make it work with him now too. Ughhh… why didn’t Jungkook show up first that day?
“Master Taehyung?” He looked to a guard.
“Is he here?” He nodded.


“Hello, Taehyung?” Taehyung sat in Namjoon’s chair in his office at home, and across from him was Suho.
“Hello, Suho. It is so nice to see you-” He looked to the men around him, he brought his own. “I hope you are okay with just me?” He smiled.



Taehyung was pushed up against the desk- a Suho behind him. He pulls down Taehyung’s pants, Suho stocked his warm hands over his bottom. He let out a little giggle, this guy was so touchy.
“Can I do it raw?” Why was he asking- when he was jamming him up in a tight spot?
“It’s fine-” He heard him unbuckle his belt. He was brash as he pulled up his cock out- slapping it against Taehyung’s behind. It was hard and hot- “Ahh.!” He thrust into him without further notice. He was pushed forward, his moans already escaping his mouth. Suho ran his hands over the crook of his back- leading it up. Suho was holding his sides- using the traction to continue to move into him. His mind was becoming cloudy. This guy wasn’t the gentle type, not the one offer a peck- no humping fast and hard was his way. Taehyung didn’t mind. It made him feel less attached to the person behind this good feeling. He was feeling slightly bad about this- him having sex with this man. Well… he never felt bad about having sex, it was his job- but his job was at one specific location. Namjoon’s office was not it. Well, not with this man anyways. What would happen if he did come home-
“Ah? You got tighter?” He curled their body’s together making Taehyung reach up and kiss him. He was really feeling good now. Was the thought of being found out turning him on? Was the thought of Namjoon turning him on?
“Y-Yo-” Again another forceful thrust- this one leaving him shaking beneath him. Taehyung moved his hands away- placing them back on the desk trying to hold himself up. It wasn’t working- they were trembling not wanting to hold his weight up. Suho ran his hand around his ass before he slapped it. Taehyung let out a cry. He was losing traction and… Well, the deal with Suho was set- so this was like his own reward right?



Namjoon eyes were droopy as he entered his home, he looked around for a moment. It was too quiet. He pressed his eyes closed for a moment. Where was Taehyung? He always greeted him. He rubbed his face in thought. Did he go home already? He took off his coat, moving into his home. He walked into the living room- tossing his coat onto the coffee table in the middle of the room. Where were his men? He told them to stay here until he gets home… Namjoon sighed,
“I’m home.” No one came to him. His brow rose. Where was anyone? He pressed his eyes closed. He wasn’t worried. The worst-case scenario that someone was here to kill him and took care of everyone before he got home. And that was impossible. So, where was everyone?
He made his way upstairs, going to his office. He pushed open the door.
He looked around, closing the door. He walked away- going to the room near his office. It was Seokjin’s room. He opened the door- the lights were off. He must have been asleep? He came into the room, looking around. Did someone set up a table? He went to his bedside, staring at the sleeping figure. He really looked fucked up. Namjoon knew he should have taken him out of their quicker- he lips were broken, the skin around his eyes were purple and blue- the swelling had gone down at least but still, his nose was dark and bruised. He looked at what was propped up on a pillow over his chest. Namjoon made his way around, staring at it. It was a book. He turned his head, reading the cover Psychology Second edition. He picked it up, flipping through it. Did he like reading this? He must have been bored to come to this? Reading a random book. He placed the book on the nightstand beside the bed. Looking at him again. Seokjin looked pouty when he slept. He reached over- pressing his thumb over his lip. His eyes burst open, and he stared at him.
“Why are you touching me?” Namjoon let out a large sigh,
“You’re a light sleeper.”
“Have to be.” He looked to the thumb over his lip. “People go around touching others while they are asleep.” Namjoon retracted his hand. Staring at his palm.
“How have you been today?”
“I’m fine.” He nodded, only for Seokjin to bite his upper lip.
“Have you eaten?” Seokjin didn’t like small talk with this guy. It was as if he was acting like this- the whole thing was normal. Seokjin refused to allow any of this to seem normal.
“Yes.” He leered at him, “Have you?” He gave him a firm nod. Again the silenes encompassed the dark room. Namjoon moved a hand up to his hair, running it through. He was weird to be around, it seemed like he- was a creep. Or a very awkward man to say the least.
“Y-you’re reading medical books?” Seokjin caught sight of his book- over on the night table. He was sure he didn’t put it there. His eyes moved from the book and back to Namjoon. He seemed so odd like he was tired. Was that why he seemed so passive?
“I have nothing better to do.” He smiled.
“Then you should have asked. Just write down which books you’d like- I’ll send someone to buy whatever you want.” Seokjin felt like had sick to the stomach it was as if he had a weird type of sugar daddy offering to buy him things.
“I’ll do that then.” Namjoon smiled,
“Stop looking so on guard. I won’t hurt you.” Seokjin met his eyes.
“You’d be on guard if you were my position.” Namjoon smiled,
“I bet I would be.” He cupped Seokjin’s face. The man stared at him- and didn’t cower. “As long as you do everything I say, I won’t hurt you Seokjin.”



He sighed as he came into his room,
“You’re home?” Taehyung was on his bed, legs crossed.
“I am.”
“I finished the deal with Suho. The first shipment is going to be sent next Monday.” Namjoon turned back to look at him.
“Good job.” He turned back going to the entrance of his closet. “Thanks for that.” He pulled away from his tie.
“I wanted to speak to you about something?” Namjoon was beyond hearing him complain.
“Say it quick then.” Taehyung stood up, going over- and helping him unbutton his shirt.
“Min Yoongi is working for us again.”
“Is he?”
“We made a lot of money from one move today. I already spoke with him- and I am sure he’s back to running his business.” He stared at Namjoon. “I assume he is over his grudge.”
“Good.” He was very quiet. “Have you sent over their pay yet?” Taehyung stood up, moving to him.
“I was going to do it tomorrow?” Namjoon pulled away from his shirt, letting Taehyung take it- and taking up his pajamas.
“I’ll leave you in charge of that then?” Taehyung nodded, passing him his clothes.
“I will.” He gave him a smile.
“This weekend, you and I should go out.” Taehyung smiled, he was- offering to take him somewhere.
“Yeah.” He nodded. “Lets?”



Hoseok was on some heavy medication. But he was certain of one thing. Kim Seokjin was alive. The door to his hospital room opened and in entered two familiar faces.
“Hobi?” He looked to them,
“Any news on the body?” Jackson shook his head.
“D.M.E stole it back well.” Hoseok nodded,
“Then- I should be getting released in a few days.”
“We’ve already spoken with the higher-ups- they said you’re fine to take a while off. And have paid for a new apartment to move you to.” He smiled pressing his eyes closed.
“Kim Seokin isn’t dead.”
“We know.” Baekhyun let out, “The higher up aren’t too… happy about that either.” He moved closer to the side of the bed. “We will have to open up a homicide investigation now.” He lowered his head,
“They still want him dead?” Jackson spoke up.
“Well… D.M.E has him now. What for-we don’t know but. He should be safe for now Hoseok.” Hoseok moved a hand to his eyes- rubbing the tears away.
“The mob wants him dead, the police wants him dead. How safe can he be?” Baekhyun leaned over to Hoseok placing a hand over his shoulder.
“It’s not your fault.” Hoseok shook his head.
“It is. I sent to kill him.”
“We sent to kill him, Hoseok. You are just caught up in all of this.” He looked up to the man.
“Let’s just be happy you are okay and he is alive as well.” Hoseok shook his head,
“C-can both of you leave me.” They both stood up, nodding.
“We’ll be back in a few days then?” Jackson lowered his head to him. “Keep your head up Hoseok.”
The door closed, leaving Hoseok in memory of his friend’s face. He- was beaten right in front of him. Even after he almost exposed him. He did all that- after finding out he was the one who ordered for him to die. Hoseok let out awful sounds from his lips, as he slumped back in the bed. He had never felt this much pain before- his chest felt like it was being suffocated.



Jungkook smiled as he stared at the light in the bar.
“We cleaned well Hyung?”
“Yeah-” Shownu turned to him, “I’m gonna go order some pizza is that all right?” Jungkook nodded.
“Yeah-” He picked up his phone, “It’s kinda getting late?” Shownu looked back to him,
“Well… they were probably caught up in another-” The door to the bar opened, seeing all three men walk in looking disheveled.
“Don’t say another word Jungkook!” He walked slowly, having Jooheon and Wonho both propping him in their own grips.
“Did everything go well?” Yoongi looked to Shownu.
“Who the hell is selling shotguns to the Kon?” Jungkook looked to Shownu both shrugging. They lowered Yoongi down to a stool- finally, the other two fell to the ground.
“Okay? So did we fail?” Jooheon looked to Shownu,
“If we failed would we be here?”
“So you finished the job- but looked like the losers-”
“We ended up throwing a grenade!” Wonho brushed a hand through his hair, letting crumbles of wall debris fall on the ground. Shownu stared at him.
“Hyung?! You said you didn’t order any grenades!” He looked to Jungkook.
“I said not a word!” Jungkook pulled back, going behind Shownu.
“Well… I’m going to go order Pizza is that alright?” Yoongi waved him off,
“Tomorrow that drug dealer’s coming here.” Jungkook rose his head,
“Suho?” Yoongi nodded,
“So- someone calls all the other men. I don’t want him to know I was flung at a wall.” They all looked at him.
“Um... Hyung-”
“Jungkook, I swear I just said you aren’t allowed to speak!” He looked away slightly. He did not want Suho to be anywhere around here. He saw him at Taehyung’s brothel… before Jungkook came to speak with Yoongi about working with Namjoon. If he found out that he- was with that man the night before… It’ll look very suspicious. And more than anything piss off Min Yoongi. Who in all honesty is as angry as ever with Namjoon. Jungkook stared at Yoongi. What was he going to do- he could prevent this meeting. But any mention of him… meeting a prostitute- in cahoots with Kim Namjoon.
“Hyung!" Jungkook's chest pocked out, "I have something to tell you!” He turned his head slightly.
“What?” His eyes did not look like he was in the mood to listen to him.
“Nevermind.” He lowered his head. “It’s nothing.”



Jimin sat at the lounge, keeping his head between his knees.
“Jimin?” He drew his head up, “I brought you something to eat.” He wiped his tears quickly seeing the small framed woman. She held up a bag,
“Thank you, Irene.” She nodded, she sat down behind the table- setting up his meal. Taking out a small box of rice and a bowl of Chinese food.
“I ordered beef.” She took off the lid. “I hope that’s alright?” He nodded.
“It’s fine.” She smiled at him. He moved forward, taking up the plate of food. He took a bite. She seemingly waited for him to so as she finally came to ease.
“Is it getting easier?” He swallowed hard, staring at her.
“No.” She nodded.
“It’s understandable.” She pulled her legs closer to her body on the ground. “You… were purchased?” He nodded.
“Were you?” She shook her head.
“No.” She smiled at him, “I- I took the job up… on my own.”
“Why? T-there are so many things you could do-”
“I had to take the job when I- was young.” His eyes grew large.
“How young?” She looked down.
“Fifteen.” She pressed her eyes, “I was an orphan.” He stared at her, “I have a little sister, so I needed to work to keep us both fed.” He didn’t know how to react to that. “No one comes into this line of business voluntary.”
“W-why haven’t you left?” She smiled at him.
“I’m grateful to Master Taehyung. I don’t know how to repay him-”
“So you’re going to work for him?” She nodded.
“It’s like that for most of us here. He’s a kind man who offered us help when we needed it the most.” Jimin stared at her.
“H-he took me out of a room-”
“Master Taehyung will never force you to work… It’s all based on how you feel.”
“He- doesn't force you all to work-”
“No. He doesn’t truly care for the money.” She smiled. “He earns quite a bit of money when he works…regardless we are allowed to work when we want to- and he pays us for our time here as well.”
“He’s like a saint?” Jimin let out. “But it seems like he is never here.” Jimin had only seen him that one night. “Is he’s plotting something-”
“He isn’t.” She was quick to defend him. “He works a lot of business deals elsewhere… But he comes by every Wednesday.”
“He works somewhere else?”
“Yes.” She dropped her head to her joined knees. “Master Taehyung works with a group.”
“A group?”
“D. M. E.” He was confused.
“Is- that like a-” She sighed,
“Mister Jimin, how clouded was your life before this?” She let out a small chuckle, “D.M.E is the most powerful mafia group around.”
“So- he’s sleeping with the boss?” She nodded.
“No one talks about it. Since no one knows who it is but-”
“Isn’t it just him-” She shook her head.
“No.” He pondered for a moment.
“Can I ask you a question?” She nodded.
“As long as I know the answer.”
“The night I was purchased- did… was the auction some sort of mafia event?” She nodded.
“Yes.” He took in a deep breath. Remembering the eyes he met that night. The mouthing of an apology. Was Kim Seokjin apart of the mafia? His face grew pale.
“Can I ask you something else?”


Chapter Text

“So, you want me to deliver things as well?” Suho nodded.
“I have another deal that will require my men to move things. But they aren’t the best at… moving.”
“They don’t know how to win in a gunfight?” He shook his head.
“I’d rather not force them to go through such things.” His eyes lifted staring at Jungkook. “Besides we don’t have him.”
“He’s not a hulk.” Yoongi shook his head to the man. “He’s a normal guy who just happens to be good at getting rid of people.” Suho nodded,
“He is good at what he does.” He gave him a large grin. “As long as he doesn't fall for the person am I right?” Yoongi did not humor him.
“You think that was funny?” Suho nodded.
“One of the best nights I’ve had in a while, yes.” He smiled. “But he seems over it right?” His eyes met with Jungkook, winking. Jungkook knew what he was insinuating. The night he saw him at the brothel.
“I am over this conversation.”
“Then, I should get going?” Suho stood up, making Yoongi follow him up. They both shook hands, only for him to pull back and reach out to Jungkook. He eyed the man, before shaking it as well.
“Nice seeing you Jungkook.”
“Yeah. Nice seeing you too.” Yoongi pulled back his jacket, eyeing the man still holding Jungkook.
“Stop trying to seduce him.” Suho drew back, offering a small chuckle.
“Not my type.” He moved away, leaving. His men fell back, all falling him. When the door closed, this allowed for all of them to relax. Yoongi lowered himself into his seat.
“I don’t like him.” Jungkook placed his hands over Yoongi’s shoulders.
“Don’t ever let him touch you again, okay?” Jungkook nodded.
“Should we even work with him?” Yoongi sighed,
“For a while. Let’s see how this goes- and then we’ll decide.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Yoongi, holding him. “Okay?”



Seokjin watched as the maid came into the room, holding up a large pile of books in her arms.
“Thanks for-” She slammed it down next to him.
“I will go fetch you your lunch?” He nodded. Seeing her quickly leave. He slid his arm over- holding up a book. He really did keep his end of his promise. Seokjin looked around- the room was filled with books. He asked for a few- but instead, the shelves were filled. He had given a short list- first volumes of a few books but someone got all the volumes, and even some he hadn’t asked for. He couldn’t reach any of them, but the stack next to him… would keep him well entertained for a while. He didn’t know what else to do, besides reading- and eat. His mind had started to wonder. When his mobility was back- what would happen to him? He was going to be interrogated without a doubt but what after- kill him? Would that man spend ten million just to kill him? No. That is something stupid people did. It seems like he had something better at mind- bursting into his room at the dead of night. He touched his- no. There was no way this guy wanted- to… actually… Taehyung’s words rung in his head.
“When will he be able to participate in sexual activities?” He knew that man best- and without question was probably right. Was he going to become some sort of sex slave? His mouth opened slightly at the thought. There was no-oh no. He was, wasn’t he?
“I’ve brought you your lunch-” Seokjin looked at the maid.
“Is Taehyung-”
“Master Taehyung left with Mr. Kim this morning. They both will not be back for a while.” Seokjin was alone in this place then? “Do not worry though. They left four armed guards outside of your room. For your protection.” More like in case he tried to make a break for it.
“Is Dr. Sejin coming-”
“Then… it’s me and you?” She shook her head.
“Most of Mr. Kim’s men are working here today.” She brought over his tray, placing it over him. “Let me know what you want for dinner soon-”
“Hey… Umm… You wouldn’t happen to know-” He paused staring at her. “If your boss likes-”
“Men?” She nodded. “Almost exclusively.” Shit. This was going downhill- quickly.
“But- isn’t he with that Taehyung-”
“Are you perhaps confused as to why you are here Master Seokjin?” Seokjin nodded.
“You were purchased by Mr. Kim. He did the same with Master Taehyung many years before.” So he was going to become a prostitute for- a long time. He- “But, I would ask Mr. Kim as to what he plans to do with you before you panic.” He looked to her, finally hearing the heart rate monitor. It was beeping quickly. He took in a deep breath.
“C-can you get me an aspirin?” She nodded.
“Yes, Sir.”



“I’m going to keep him.” He held his phone on his shoulder. “What do you mean until when?”
Taehyung lifted his head to him. “I want to keep him. I’ll get rid of him when I please-”
“Namjoon?” He shook his hand to him.
“I mean you can say that he’s dead. He shouldn’t ever leave my side.” He groaned. “I am paying you people so I won’t get interrogated. Why are you calling me-” He rolled his eyes, “Then pronounce him dead? What's the big deal?" He grunted loudly in frustration. "I don’t want to hear another word about this. Okay, Jackson?” He opened his mouth slightly, taking up the phone and hanging up.
“Who was that?”
“Police.” Taehyung rose his brow,
“What did they want?” Namjoon looked to him,
“Why is everyone asking me questions?” Taehyung pressed his lips,
“You are right.” He stretched an arm out to Namjoon. “We are on vacation. Let’s ditch all thoughts of work?” Namjoon nodded, placing an arm around his waist.
“Come on- let’s check in.”



“They buried the body?”
“We gave him back ashes. To bury alongside his mother.” Hoseok stared at Jackson. “They cannot conduct an autopsy.”
“Are they human ashes?” He nodded.
“We gave him someone's grandma I think?” He ran his hand through his hair. “I spoke with Namjoon.”
“What did he say?”
“He’s set on keeping him.” Hoseok lowered his head. “For what we don’t know?” Jackson sighed,
“D-did you at least find out where Jimin-” He cut him off.
“About Jimin… Whoever has him… He’s better off there.” Hoseok shook his head,
“ What?! No! He’s probably in a sex-”
“Hoseok someone has to take the blame.” He eyed him.
“We’re gonna plant it on him-”
“He has the biggest reason to have him dead. And the one with the most suspicion.”
“So that’s it? We’ll plant it on him- and hope he just never turns up?” He nodded. “What happens if he does turn up?”
“Then we’ll blame him for everything. Knowing Seokjin’s father- he’ll get a death sentence or something.” Hoseok stared at him.
“Is that alright with you?”
“Hoseok none of this is alright. We just have to hope he stays where he is.” Jackson placed an arm over Hoseok’s shoulder.
“You should head to the office- I have work to do-”
“Doctor said you shouldn't be moving too much-”
“I won’t.” He rose a hand to him. “I swear.” Jackson smiled,
“Order out. Don’t cook- ummm… if you need help- call Baekhyun.”
“I’m fine. Just go-” He waved him off. Jackson gave him a grim smile.
“Don’t worry too much it’ll get better.” Hoseok nodded. Jackson left him in his living room. Hoseok turned his wheelchair, pushing forward.
“Seokjin.” The name rang in his mind. Why? He was as good as dead where he was now. There was no escaping where he was, not that place. Hoseok knew he shouldn't worry his mind with him anymore because why would he escape? Escape to what? His mother was dead and his friend was sold off to who even knows. Also, he knew that Hoseok was the one who ordered the hit on him. This would have been avoidable, only if he were a good son and listen to what his parents told him. Seokjin should have worked with his father. He could have had a nice and easy life- working after his father. Instead, he was caught up in hell. Hoseok didn’t know if he could recover. Yes, his wounds would heal but would those who he hurt heal? Jimin? Lord only knows where he was. A prostitute most likely? That boy- who was involved in none of this. Seokjin was selfish, for showing him pity and jumping on that stage that night. He should have let him die. He could have left that place, and just- lived his life. Seokjin was the selfish one.


Jimin leaned over the counter- seeing Irene cleaning.
“Yeah?” She lowered her rag,
“What do you want for dinner?” He shrugged,
“Whatever is easiest?” She gave him a thin smile.
“You are like the most perfect man I’ve ever met.” He gave her a slight grin.
“Really?” She nodded. “Ahh…. You guys spoil me.” She shook her head, hearing the back door open and close quickly. She paused,
“Hello?” No one responded, causing her to cross the bar- until she saw a familiar face. “Ah! Respond when I call!” Joy offered them a shrug. Pulling away from a headphone from one of her ears.
“Sorry- I had my headphones on?” She pulled up a shopping bag. “I went out and got Jiminie some clothes!” His eyes grew to her.
“No.” Jimin shook his head to her, “Don’t buy me-”
“We can’t have you wearing the same thing over and over again Jimin!” He lowered his head to her.
“Go try it on ay?” She handed it to him. He held his breath, feeling Irene place a hand over his back.
“Go try it on Jimin.” He listened to her, hopping from his seat and going upstairs.



Jimin pulled at the choker. Joy had a kinky style, he moved slowly- leading to the hall. He was here for almost a week, crying was still daily but- lessening when he could speak with Irene. She was calming, and Joy was spunky- both of them stayed with him all day. Comforting him, and making this entire situation bearable. He walked into the bar, catching the shiny metal on a gun.
“Irene?” He saw the gun pointed to her head and her tears.
“Leave.” She mouthed. Jimin looked to the man, he knew who it was. It was the man who had taken him a few nights before. Joy was pushed on the counter. She wasn’t moving. He hadn’t heard a gunshot, so he could only hope she was knocked out. He looked back at the man,
“It’s you?” He tilted his head to him, turning back to Irene. “I am going to ask you one more time- where is Taehyung?!” He pulled her hair. Jimin stared at him, he was hurting her.
“He’s not here-” He moved the gun from Irene’s head and to Jimin’s.
“As rude as always.” He wasn’t joking. Jimin stared at him,
“Why are you looking for him, sir?” He smiled.
“I’ll take him.” Irene’s eyes grew large at this.
“No- no he’s not for-” He pulled the gun to her,
“He’s not for what?” Jimin felt his palms begin to sweat. He had to do it.
“How much would you pay for me?” The man smiled at him.
“As much as it’ll take.”



His eyes stung as he made himself smaller at the side of the bed. The man was up, putting on pants.
“Not bad. Taehyung’s better- but he isn’t here.” He held a cigarette in his mouth, “He only works once a week so I guess I’ll be buying you more often?” He didn’t respond. “I’m just happy you didn’t bite this time.” Jimin was covered in sweat and sticky semen. “You should wash up.” Jimin didn’t cry. He couldn’t feel the tears anymore. “Money’s on the counter sweetheart.” And with that, he left. Jimin’s breathing became corse and rapid, feeling his chest almost burst.. He- he had just sold himself.



He took the scrub, rubbing it against his skin. It felt raw, and hurt- but he just didn’t feel clean. The door opened, showing him Irene.
“Jiminie?” His eyes grew large. “He left.” He nodded, turning away from her. She moved closer to him, kneeling next to him. She ran her hand through his wet hair. “I am sorry.”
“Don’t be. I chose to do it.” She moved a hand to his chest, pulling him into a tight hug.
“Don’t ever stand up for me. Or Joy-” He turned to her.
“How is Joy?” She pressed her eyes closed.
“She’s fine. He just hit her with the butt of his gun.” He sighed in relief.
“Thank god.”
“Jimine?” He poked his head up to her.
“I’m sorry.” He let out a huff,
“I told you.” He brought up a hand to her head. “I made that choice.” She didn’t let go of him, even as he soaked her. She held onto him. He didn’t cry. He felt as if he had forgotten how to.


Taehyung held Namjoon, who shuffled staring out to the ocean.
“Busan is really nice.” Namjoon nodded. “I think we should get out more often?” He nodded.
“It’s nice to get away.”
“When are we going back?”
“Me and you.” He sighed, “The old me and you.”
“I know.” He pulled Namjoon closer as they watched the sunrise. “You’ll find someone of high status and marry them-”
“Taehyung!” He stopped rambling looking to him. “I haven’t changed at all. It’s you who’s filled your mind with- these idiotic thoughts?”
“Even if you leave me Namjoon just know-” Namjoon placed his lips over Taehyung’s. This silenced the troubled man, as he pulled back.
“I will never get rid of you. You are mine.” Taehyung smiled,
“You’re lying.” Namjoon shook his head.
“Why would I lie?” He pressed his eyes, looking back at the rushing waves from the patio of their hotel.
“I’m happy we came here.” He pulled a blanket closer him. “Autumn is almost over.”
“I’ll bring you back in the summer.” He nodded letting out a small chuckle.
“You should bring Seokjin with you next time?” Namjoon sighed,
“Are you jealous or something?”
“I want to know why you want to keep him?” Namjoon pressed his eyes closed.
“Don’t lie to me!” Namjoon stared at him.
“When will you listen to me?” He shook his head. “I am keeping him for fun Taehyung. Nothing. More.”
He stood up, staring at the man on the ground. “Now get over yourself. I hate it when you’re like this.”
Namjoon walked away, as Taehyung continued to watch the sun move overhead. He heard the door shut behind him.


Their peaceful weekend was over, as they entered the house again.
“Take our things up to our room.” Taehyung already held up his phone, beginning to make calls.
Namjoon only moved away, starting for the stairs. Taehyung only guessed where he was going to. Namjoon pushed the door open, seeing a sleeping man on the bed. He moved into the room, hearing his soft breathing and the constant sound of the heart rate monitor. He knew better than to touch him. He would wake up. He let out a scoff, remembering the awkwardness from last time. This guy was something odd to him. He didn’t like him… No, but he didn't feel the way he did with Taehyung. Maybe it was due to the fact that everyone brought him up, but he wasn’t able to take this man’s face out of his mind the entire trip. Whenever he felt relaxed, his face would appear again. Why? He had better things to think of- yet his face kept reappearing. Seokjin moved, letting out a large groan.
“Oww-ahh-oww…” He sounded as if he was in so much pain. Namjoon moved closer to him, fidgeting slightly. What could be done? He looked back at the door.
“Where’s his doctor?” The door opened, allowing him to see his maid. She held a cup in her hand, eyes meeting up with him.
“Oh- Mr. Kim?” He rose a hand to his lip, telling her to be silent. He leered at the door, making way outside. He closed the door behind both of them, sighing in relief that they did not wake him up. He turned back to her,
“Where’s Sejin?” She lowered her head.
“He went home an hour ago.” He pressed his eyes closed.
“Call him up.” Ran his hand through his hair. “He’s in pain-”
“Mr. Kim if I may interrupt. I am going to wake him to give him his pain medication.” He nodded.
“Okay- uh… Go do that.” She smiled, moving around him and going into the room. He was a bit nervous, moving away.
“Worried about him?” It was Taehyung.
“I thought you hired the doctor to stay here 24/7?”
“He’s on call 24/7. You call him and he gets here.” He crossed his arms, “Did you pay attention when I told you that?”
“Miscommunication.” Taehyung smiled,
“That’s common for us no?” He looked back at the door, “Miscommunication.”
“Did you get off your phone?”
“I called our men. They sent two supply runs to T.S.D, and Eight to EXO.” He stared at him, “They should be finished by Wednesday.”
“Why are you telling me-”
“Well, while I am moving your-”
“Don’t start this with me again.” Taehyung nodded,
“I work for you night and day and you push me away.” He moved forward, touching Namjoon’s chest. “I think it’s time you start choosing who you really want to keep.” His eyes moved to the room, “Just so you know- he’s already broken a man’s heart. I haven’t.”


“Hyung!” Yoongi rubbed his face at the voice.
“What?” Jungkook peeked his head through the door,
“You okay?” He pushed the door open, moving into the room. He entered, looking around the dark room.
“You should get a lamp- or open the shades?” He smiled, “I could get you a nightlight?”
“What do you want?”
“Nothing…” He pushed his lips up a bit, “Want to just spend time with you?” Yoongi nodded.
“I’m a bit busy.”
“With?” Yoongi paused,
“Well- D.M.E just called and we have two supply runs.” Jungkook brow rose.
“Not hard-”
“By Wednesday.”
“Well that sucks- but we can get it done-”
“Let me finish brat.” He offered him a shake of his head. “EXO also called, and now we have to move 10.”
“All by Wednesday?” He nodded.
“Well- I’ll take up three?” He nodded.
“Get on it. I’ll do four. I can get Hyungwon and the other boys to move the rest.” Jungkook smiled.
“Then? Why worry?” Yoongi shook his head.
“We still have to move our own things.” This made Jungkook press his eyes closed.
“We should hire new guys?”
“Yup.” They both let out deep sighs at the thought.


Chapter Text

The flowers Namjoon had brought him had died that Monday. With them went his bandages that same Wednesday.
“Lift your arms please?” He did as he was told, but felt his face pale at the sharp pain. “It still hurts?" He pulled a bit lighter. "Endure please?” He nodded, doing as he was instructed. The scissors made their way through the thick gauze, finally exposing his skin underneath. It felt as if his skin could finally breathe. He let out a long breath. He knew waiting was important, having the man examine him properly but-
“Can I stand up please?” Dr. Sejin gave him a slight smile.
“Miss the ol’ legs huh?” He nodded, “Go ahead. Try and stand for me?” He ran his legs along the bed, placing them down on the ground. A pained expression was shone on his face as he tried to put his weight over them.
“Ah-!” Dr. Sejin took him by his hands, helping him back down to the bed.
“You are too sudden. You haven’t used your legs in three weeks. They are pretty much- not used to moving-”
“I have to endure the pain. I may fall- but that’s what happens. I will get up.” He reassured the other doctor. He lifted a brow to him,
“Seokjin- I think we can delay the movement-” He shook his head.
“I’ve been trapped on that bed for too long.” He offered the man a smile, “No wonder patients get rowdy, it’s not a good place for someone with a heavy mind to be.”
“It’s better to be in bed Seokjin-” He shook his head.
“I will manage with whatever they want. I just want to be able to move on my own.” He nodded, moving his seat back. Seokjin used his hands as support, pulling himself up. He wobbled lightly, as he tried to regain balance to a tired body. He placed a hand to his stomach- keeping it over his belly button. It helped him stabilize. Now taking the first step would be his second challenge. Dr. Sejin stood up at his side- pulling up a cane.
“This may not be as convenient but the cane would help a lot?” He took it, pressing his weight over it. It was shameful but he was so grateful for this. It eased him, as he lifted his leg- lowering and then taking his next leg. He was a bit wobbly- and every here and there he was sure he was going to stumble but he managed to maintain.
“It did help. Thank you.” He nodded to him, “I think I can hold myself up for a while-” The door opened, allowing sight of the blonde individual.
“Oh?” Taehyung’s lips curled. “Walking now aren’t we?” He looked to the man. “Mr. Kim just left though.” His eyes turned to Dr. Sejin. “He can move on his own now?” The doctor remained silent, as Taehyung’s lip grew into a thin line.
“I want to speak to him.” His brow lifted at the man- for not moving. “Alone.” The man nodded, leaving them.



They sat across from each other.
“I am going to be putting further guards to watch your room-”
“Go ahead.” Seokjin could move, and for the first time seemed to gain a bit of confidence when he spoke to these people. “I’ve already figured out I’m not leaving this place alive.” He rose his brow to the man.
“Then… What do you plan to do?”
“I am going to tell your boss what I know. What else?” He smiled.
“After that?” Seokjin was beginning to understand why this man was so hostile to him.
“Whatever he wants of me.” Seokjin shrugged, “Have no choice really?”
“I am sure you don’t like him. Not in the least.”
“Too nice. I despise the lot of you.” Seokjin pressed in a venomous tone. “I hope to see the day where you all go to jail.” He mocked his own thoughts. “I doubt that’ll happen though. No matter how much I pray sadly.”
“You’re pretty. And smart. I like that. Deceive everyone with good lucks-”
“Both of us huh?” He nodded.
“I presume that if we had met under different circumstances, we would be friends?”
“Too bad.” Their stares could pierce through the ice.
“I have Jimin working for me.” Seokjin knew this. “He was raped while I left.” His voice left him. “I feel bad about it.”
“You have feelings?” Taehyung ran his hand through his now short hair. His mullet gone.
“Sadly.” He smiled, “I was considering allowing him to leave- though… I have become attached to him.”
“There’s a place for people like you in hell?” He smiled at him.
“It’s the throne.” He batted his lashes before continuing. “I am far too loyal to Kim Namjoon to leave him- even with such a whore at his side.”
“That’s the pot calling the kettle black?” Taehyung pressed his lips together. “Why are you telling me this- I said I was going to do what he asked of me. Not fall for him?”
“Are you worried about maintaining him?” Seokjin let out a cackle. “Don’t worry. The last thing I want is to steal someone else's garbage.” His look became cold.
“I am going to ask you to keep filth from your mouth. I will strike you if you ever utter another insult towards Nam-” He stopped himself. “Mr. Kim.”
“You should tell him you want to call him by his first name. It’s annoying to see you stumble over it.”
“Mind your own business.”
“I am. Besides that… when can I meet with this guy- I want to finish this stupid chat that is bound to happen?” Taehyung stared at him.
“He’s gone. Went on a business trip.”
“Then it’s just you and me here?” He nodded.
“Remember that guest I said I was bringing?” Seokjin remember. He was praying for him to come. For him to meet with Hoseok. He wanted to speak to him. He wanted to know why. Why had he done this to him? Maybe ask him to end it as well, save him. An unlikely thing but- it was the only person he knew. He swallowed. 
“I remember.”
“Well… He’ll be here soon.”
“How soon-”
“Late at night. I don’t need Dr. Sejin or the maids reporting to anyone.”
“This is against your boss’s orders huh?”
“If he knew- he’d probably kill me.” His voice was barely audible.
“Scary huh?” Seokjin shook his head. “So… I could use this against you?” Seokjin smiled.
“Try it and the blonde kid get's thrown into the ocean.” Taehyung lost all remorse in his voice as he spoke. “Keep quiet and I will reward you.”
“With?” He squinted his eyes at him.
“The visit should be more than enough- but tell me what you want?” Seokjin didn’t hesitate.
“Release Jimin.”
“No can do. He’s mine.”
“Then my tongue may slip.” Taehyung tapped his hand over the table between them.
“I’m doing him a favor by keeping him. You know he’s wanted by police in suspicion with your death.”
“By keeping him as a prostitute? You just told me he was-” He swallowed. “Defiled.”
“I can make some arrangements. But he will not be leaving my brothel.”
“Then- can you at least make sure he never-”
“I will make sure he is never sold.” Taehyung stared at Seokjin. “A word out of your mouth though and I swear he will be in pieces.” Seokjin couldn’t ask for a better deal.



Jungkook held his arm up,
“It looks bruised…”
“I was gonna shoot this guy in the head- so he decided to claw my arm!” Yoongi nodded.
“Understandable.” Jungkook groaned in annoyance. “Can you head out Jungkook. I have to finish the moves.”
“I can do one more Hyung-” He shook his head,
“No. You’re as tired as ever.” He looked to Yoongi.
“You did four moves yesterday. You- who hates doing a single one!”
“I’ve done far more than four moves a day kid.” He sighed, “Head out and have a night out. You’re still young- can’t keep you cooped out in this place for too long-”
“You are literally four years older than me.” He glanced at him.
“And I deserve so much respect. Now leave. I’ll call if I need your help.” Jungkook shrugged.
“That makes me think you’ll call me when you run out of options-”
“And you are correct. Now go.” Jungkook growled, hearing his phone ring.
He brought his phone up, staring at the number. He ended the call, getting a worry look from the man ahead of him.
“Answer your phone kid. That could be something important-”
“Nah. It’s spam.” Yoongi didn’t seem to care as he didn’t push further.
“Have it your way.” Jungkook lowered his head to him,
“I’ll see you tomorrow then, Hyung?”
“Yeah. I’ll take you out for lamb skewers when I finish these last four moves today.” Jungkook nodded,
“Don’t work too hard Hyung. It’ll be bad for your old age.”
“Behave!” He called as Jungkook left.



Jimin stared at Wendy.
“So- do you feel bad after what you do?” She shook her head to him.
“I guess I’ve lost the shameful feeling.” She shrugged, “It gets easier. I promise.”
“I-I-” Words couldn’t escape his mouth. Irene placed a hand over him,
“You don’t have to answer. We understand.” Wendy nodded,
“It’s different for everyone. I think it’s best you take your time.” There was a bit of warmth spreading through the room.
“Thanks.” Irene leaned her head over him,
“Let’s start on supper. Master Taehyung will want to see you fed before he arrives?” He lightened at the name. That man… from all talk was the same man who saved him before. He felt his stomach knot slightly. He was enlightened to meet with him again.
“Yeah. Lets.”


Seokjin sat up in bed, still feeling the sharp pain from sudden movements. He was managing this pain through him, and without fail his mind wandered to the man he was to meet. Hoseok was sure to be it. He felt it in his stomach though- troubling pain. It didn’t feel right- perhaps it was a warning of what was to come.
“Master Seokjin?” This was the name he was called around here.
“Yes?” The Doctor retracted his arm.
“I am leaving for tonight. Please-”
“Call the maid if I feel discomfort?” He nodded. “I get it. Have a nice night.” The man waved back to him, closing the door. He was waiting in anticipation.


Taehyung entered Seokjin’s room.
“He is outside.” He felt more pain through his stomach. “I can’t protect you if anything happens- is that alright?” Hoseok wouldn’t hurt him. He wouldn’t. He was lying to himself again. Something he has grown quite used to these past few weeks.
“It’s fine.” He nodded.
“Remember your end of the deal. I will keep mine.” Seokjin smiled at him.
“I can’t forget it.” Both gave each other corresponding nods. As Taehyung slipped himself out of the room.
He waited, feeling his palms grow slightly sweaty despite the cool weather that had begun to spur. And with that, the door was opened. He saw him step inside, already calling for him.
“Hoseo-” He stopped knowing the body was incorrect. Knowing the face wasn’t the same. “Jungkook.” The man stared at him, unmoving.
“Hyun-s-” He stopped himself, “Seokjin?” He only nodded.
“What- why are you here?” The boy's mouth had seemingly run dry at their encounter.
“I’m here to see you Hyung.” They were both silenced by those words. “If that’s alright with you?” He was cornered. Like he had the chance to say no.
“Can we do it at the table-” Jungkook nodded, going forward to assist the man. Seokjin moved his hand up quickly.
“It’s fine- I-I can manage.”Jungkook bit his bottom lip at this. Nodding. Seokjin pushed his legs forward, grabbing hold of his cane- and slowly pulling himself up. His face must have looked unpleasant as Jungkook avoided making eye contact. He must have felt bad for doing this. Seokjin thought, not trying to cause the boy to feel more guilt. He used his might, making it the table all on his own. Something that requires much assistance a few hours earlier. He took his seat, feeling sweat beginning to trickle down his face. He used his sleeve to quickly hide his tiredness. Then again it began the awkward silence.
“You have a lot to say no?” Seokjin took in a deep breath, “But first I would like to apologize to you.” He lowered his head, feeling pain. He fought it though, “I mislead you- even if I was just trying to do my job.” He pulled his head up, to see a confused face.
“Y-You- shouldn’t apologize. I did just as much wrong-” He lowered his gaze, “I hurt you. I-I-”
“You were upset with me for lying.” He shook his head, “I was expecting it.” He let out a smile. “Though I wish you would have finished me then and there.” He let out a small gasp. “My death would have been justified… but now- it’s all muddy.” Their eyes locked.
“I was trying to kill you.” Seokjin coughed up, feeling a painful smile come onto his face.
“Why didn’t you?” Jungkook eyed the man.
“I-I…” His words were cut off as he seemingly choked. “I-I wanted nothing more than to- finish you then and there. If it was with anyone else-”
“You don’t have to explain to me.” He looked at him, “Ask me what you want to know. I’m an open book now.” Jungkook’s mind rushed at everything he could ask him. Why he lied? Who was he- really? How did he fake his death- but it was all covered with one thought.
“What was fake?” He lifted his head to Seokjin, “Between us? What was fake?” Seokjin didn’t want this question. He swallowed, trying to be compliant with his previous statement. Open Book, Seokjin.
“I-” Seokjin shook his head. “I didn’t want… to have anything to do with you- romantically.” He held his head low, “I told you that-”
“Then it was all fake?” Seokjin lifted his sight.
“At the beginning. It was all fake. I was pained- to be with you… a criminal.” This seemed like a closed cut chapter. “Until- we went out together.” Jungkook lifted his head. “I started to feel- something.” He let out a sigh, “I don’t know- if it was from our sloppy lust-” Both let out a small chuckle at their nightly routines. “But it wasn’t painful at that point- it felt like- with you, Yoongi and the other men… Like I was with my family.” He shook his head, “I knew it was stupid. You were all so accepting of me.”
“You lied.”
“I didn’t.” Seokjin shook his head. “Well… at the start I did. I didn’t work for a company- I was a private detective. I was told to go to the bar- so I planned accordingly. Took a fake I.D.” He pressed his eyes closed remembering the foggy night. “I didn’t want to get shot in the head, so I went with what you and Jooheon had said.”
“So we helped the lie?” Seokjin nodded.
“You- got me out of there… And we went to my old apartment.” He had to spill it all out, it was feeling as if he was finally relaying his pain. “I figured that night that you all knew that a cop was there- so you were tipped off. I assumed there was a dirty cop and deduced that if I came forward it would end unwell for me- and the police.”
“So you stayed with me because of that?”
“You insisted that Yoongi give me a job. He did- and he sent me with you to that first drop off. That’s when I heard that I was suspected of killing myself.” He offered Jungkook another uneasy smile. “A suicide and things were found and identified as mine.”
“Why didn’t you go and claim you were alive then?” He felt his eyes swell slightly.
“I-I thought I could still solve the case.” He was a bit taken aback, “ I thought I could find the rat and put you all into jail… but-”
“When you stole the DNA- you knew that it wasn’t you?” He nodded.
“I destroyed it. I even got a friend to help me break in-”
“Park Jimin?” He nodded, this was causing him to breathe heavily.
“He- wasn’t involved in it- until I asked for help-” He felt shame. “I dragged him into this-”
“You know he’s wanted right?” Seokjin nodded.
“I-I left our date that day- it was on the news- and now he’s with Taehyung’s-” Seokjin was now full on sobbing.
“I can’t tell you how he is but- Taehyung isn’t the worst thing in the world.” Seokjin didn’t believe that for even a moment.
“I-I- went to that stupid auction.” he paused remembering what that night was also. “I’m sorry- It was also- your birthday.”
“Worst one I’ve ever had.” Jungkook lifted his head to him.
“You ran away when Park Jimin was sold?”
“I couldn't face him.” His voice was so low. “I got back and thought I could just pretend. Like I used to but-” He buffered with his speech. “I saw him on stage.”
“Hoseok?” Jungkook scoffed, “You were calling for him earlier-”
“He- He was a special friend to me-”
“You jumped in. You knew he was the dirty cop-” Seokjin pressed his lips together, “You defended the man who wanted you dead?” Seokjin nodded.
“I-I don’t know what happened. I-” He lifted his hand, seeing the bandaged wound he received from Yoongi. “I couldn’t watch. Not anymore- after seeing Jimin being sold. My body- it moved on its own.” He was ashamed of what he was announcing.
“You threw away you're only chance to leave by saving the rat?” His stare was intense. “You knew him well?” Seokjin nodded.
“H-he was always so devoted to his work. I-I knew something was wrong with all of it. I should have known. All- all the signs pointed to him… And only him.” He knew it, that deep in his heart Hoseok was the one. Baekhyun making him take the job was the beginning, his promised steak dinner- was the giving away in his book though. Hoseok, never expected him to return which is why he told him sweet nothings to the end. He just refused to make the ties connect in his mind. It was painful.
“What was he to you?” Seokjin was hurt by the question.
“Hoseok and I-” He whimpered at the thought, “We were-” He couldn’t help himself, not when words refused to escape his mouth. “I wanted to protect him. He- is someone... I thought I knew well-”
“And still you defend him?” Seokjin shook his head.
“I-I…” He lifted his gaze to meet Jungkook. “I fall for the wrong people don’t I?” The boy stared at him, he looked just as hurt. This is when he caught himself. Had he confessed his feelings-
“Did you fall for me?” His mouth was let open as he spoke. Seokjin didn’t expect him to catch that- only the fact that he was in love. With Hoseok.
“Hyung- did you fall for me?” His eyes held something behind them. Seokjin was at a loss for words.
“I fell for you.”
“Why-” He felt his chest pound a bit, “Why didn’t you tell me then-” He shook his head, “I-I could have figured out something for you-”
“I am a detective Jungkook. What help would that bring- you would know I was lying- and tell the rest of them- and -and…” He didn’t know what would happen. “I was scared.”
“Of me?” He shook his head quickly.
“I’ve never been afraid of you.” He felt his stomach twist. “I was afraid of falling for a criminal I was trying to put behind bars.” Seokjin lifted his hand to the table, showing him the bandage. “When I confessed who I really was- I was hoping that you would put an end to me. Finish me.” He huffed, “I hate myself.”
“For loving a criminal?” He moved a hand up to his lips, over the horrid sounds he released.
“F-for loving you… For thinking- that you and the rest of the guys- were-were my family.” He lips quivered. “I- I thought that if I died telling you all the truth that- I wouldn’t feel guilty anymore.”
“So you stood up- and asked for all of us to kill you?” Jungkook looked stunned, “You made me almost murder you?” He didn’t sound pleased at his resolution. “Because you felt guilty about lying?” Seokjin nodded. “I almost killed the man I love because you wanted to save a man who wanted you dead? Because you wanted to confess a lie that had everyone convinced?” His eyes grew large. “I almost killed you. Because you-” He shook his head, feeling a tear run down his own cheek. “Felt bad about lying?”
“I- you didn’t even know my name Jungkook-”
“I didn’t have to know it. I didn’t have to know who you were before that- I-” He wiped away his stray tears, his red eyes bearing pain. “I didn't have to know you worked for the police- or whoever. I didn’t care Seokjin.” He was feeling the pressure of both their emotions. “No one cared- no one suspected you- not for a single moment but you decide to almost ruin me- with such a selfish decision?” He didn’t know what to say.
“I’m horrible. I’m a horrible man.”
“Yes.” Jungkook rubbed his face, “You are the worst.” Jungkook moved forward- this did make Seokjin jump back slightly. He was sure he was going to receive another hit.“That’s why I fell for you.” Instead, their lips pressed against each other. It was bittersweet. He was finally feeling a touch. A human touch. He pressed himself gingerly until his stomach moved against the table. Causing him to pull back, he was still in pain- rocking back and forth lightly.
“I’m sorry for hurting you and almost killed you…” Jungkook looked down, Seokjin shook his head.
“Only be sorry you didn’t do it.” He was huffing lightly. “I mean- I wouldn’t feel any of this anymore-”
“Love?” He nodded, pressing his lips together he gained some strength he faced Jungkook.
“I wouldn’t feel pain, love, or fear.” Jungkook held those words.
“You’re trapped here aren’t you?” Seokjin nodded.
“I don’t think I’m ever leaving this place.” He forced a smile, “Jungkook- can-” He looked at the man. “Can you kill me?” The man didn’t hesitate to answer.
“No.” He shook his head, “You are going to have to live through your decisions like everyone else Seokjin.” When did this kid turn into an adult?
“I want an easy way out-”
“I’m not sure there is one. Not here.” Seokjin had already given up, but someone else reaffirming his conclusion was excruciating to listen to.
“I know.” He felt himself compose. “I am at fault for saving a man who didn’t care for me. It’s my fault I thought I could do anything on my own-”
“It is.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, “T.S.D has killed every single cop that’s ever caught sight of us.”
“I guess I should consider what I received as a blessing then.”
“Yeah- doubt Yoongi Hyung’s done with you though?” Seokjin met his eyes.
“Tell him I am ready for his judgment at any time?” Jungkook pressed his eyes closed, as he crossed his arms.
“Seokjin, I don’t think asking for death will bring it?”
“I know.” He sighed, “Everyone’s been keeping me alive to see how much I can suffer.” He reached to his chest, pulling at his shirt. “When I was a surgeon. I hated when families kept their loved ones on life support- even when they had clearly asked not to be on it.” He looked to Jungkook. “I thought it was easier to just let go. Just let go and get over it.”
“I was a surgeon. Before all this shit. I was good too- really good. Nationally recognized but then I thought to myself, I was bored.” He shook his head. “I’ve made so many mistakes, I think this was all planned the moment I displeased my parents. The moment I choose to do everything I have done.” He looked to Jungkook. “I quit after I smoked six packs of cigarettes after a brain operation.”
“Hoseok had contacted me the year before- offering me a position as a personal detective.” He let out a sigh. “If I knew that all this would happen I would have at least called my parents- told them I was sorry I disappointed them. I was hopeless from day one and that they should live on without me.”
“Be happy you have parents.” Seokjin shook his head- finally allowing the tears to run down his face.
“I-I can’t… My mother killed herself.” He let out a laugh, “Can you believe it? I didn't kill myself- then my mother went and killed herself.” He wiped his tears away messily. “I didn’t think any of them would even care if I fell off the face of the planet-”
“Seokjin. You are blaming yourself for things you have no control over.”
“If I had been a good and compliant son. I would have a mother, I would have a father. I wouldn’t be here- waiting to be raped by-by some man I don’t even know.” Jungkook’s eyes shone lightly.
“I can’t save you Seokjin.” He stared at Seokjin. “I can’t protect you from what that guy will do- or whatever he chooses to do with you.”
“I can’t protect myself Jungkook.” Seokjin smiled. “But I will manage. I can’t lose now- not after all this.”
“What would you do if you escaped?” Everyone wanted to know this. What Seokjin would do if he manages to evade. And for the millionth time, it seemed.
“I don’t know.” He wasn’t going to turn to the police. What would someone in his position say? Hi, I was dead- but like not anymore?! Just undercover? No. He had no proof, these people knew who he was- and Hoseok was still out in the real world. He would discredit him within moments. Jungkook eyes moved around him.
“You’ve got to figure out what you would do. It’ll give you a goal. Something to help your troubled mind.”
“I’m tired of goals. Of plans- they’ve all failed me.” He sighed, “I want to leave yeah- but to what I have not the most single clue. Maybe to something better or worse?”
“Then- use that.”
“The thought of making goals. Keep that as a goal.” Seokjin thought his medication was strong because those words sounded ridiculous.
“You want me to escape- and find goals?”
“Well… You were a surgeon, a private detective, and a mobster- an impressive resume if I do say so myself… but I do believe you aren’t finished in those line of careers?”
“Which one?”
“All of them.” Seokjin stared at him,
“Namjoon paid ten million on you.” He sighed, “He either wants you- or he’ll want a return on his money. Taehyung did it with his line of business- you seem to have other ways-”
“Are you telling me to ask the man for a job?”
“I’m not saying you have to but- not fucking him is something I am sure you want?”
“What should I tell him Jungkook? I am a surgeon- need a kidney? I am a detective so I can solve puzzles? Hey- I also managed to steal DNA from a research lab?”
“Those aren’t normal trades sure- but Namjoon isn’t a normal man. He might find a use for a doctor- or someone to snoop or someone who can… you know murder?”
“I am not sure you understand what you are saying to me-”
“I’m telling you to fight your way out- but not literally. No- no they will shoot you down…” That was not pleasant to hear. “Use your brain. You’ve made it this far- and I am sure it’s not all just divine intervention.”
“It’s been me lying-”
“Then lie more!” His eyes were dark, “Stop moping! You're not the one to do that- You are the one to try to solve it! You got yourself here! Get yourself out!” His words, although they stung did bring back something inside of him. He has never- been dependent on anyone. Not his parents, not Hoseok, not the mob- no one. Seokjin smiled, shaking his head.
“You’re right.”
“So stop asking to die- wait- what?” He paused.
“You’re right.” He blinked for a moment, “You are absolutely right Jungkook.” Seokjin smiled at him.
“Yeah. I know I’m right!” He prompted. “Can we clarify though that I am right about-”
“If I plan on ever leaving this place it’s up to me.” Jungkook leaned his head slowly.
“Well- that’s a given. Can’t be captive unless you want to be?”
“No, I think that's Stockholm syndrome?” Jungkook nodded.
“Yeah, you’re captive.” He shrugged, “Still- I don’t need you to be too dramatic. So, I will be trying my best to find you a way out-”
“Don’t.” Seokjin smiled. “I will handle my own escape. It’ll be like a grand escape!”
“You sure you don't need a hero?” Seokjin nodded.
“I’m my own hero at this point.” Jungkook smiled.
“Then keep your head up- cause I’ll be doing what I can to help.” He sighed. “Even if you getting out means you would probably put me in jail?”
“I haven’t decided on that yet.” Jungkook smiled,
“Even if you turn me in. I think I’ll be alright.” Seokjin took in a deep breath. “I love you Seokjin.” How. How- could he say he loved him. He knew he had lied- he knew that he wasn’t who he said he was. He still told him this though, he told him he loved him. “You don’t have to respond to me-”
“I love you too.” Seokjin looked him in the eye. “I love you Jungkook.” This brought some blush to his face,
“When you get out. Let’s leave this?” Leave what? “Let’s leave behind the past and start over Seokjin?” Seokjin only had thought about returning to his life before- to what he knew was normal. But now at the question, he considered for a moment.
“I’ll run away with you.” Seokjin reached his hand out, as Jungkook took it. He pulled it up to his lips, kissing it.
“Times up-” Taehyung entered the room, his eyes falling to the couple at the center of the room. “Well… look what we have here?” His brow lifted. “It would be sweet if not for the fact that you’re kissing my boss's property.” Jungkook drew his head up to him.
“Taehyung. Can I have another-”
“No.” Seokjin looked at the blonde man. “Namjoon’s men are going to be coming soon- I have to leave as well.” Taehyung crossed his arms. It was time for a farewell. Seokjin pulled his hand back- offering Jungkook a warm look.
“You should leave. I don’t need you to get hurt.” He stared at Seokjin.
“Keep your promise?”
“Promise? What promise-”
“To yourself.” He stood up, crossing over to the other side of the table. He placed his hand over Seokjin’s head. He pulled his head over to him, keeping it on his waist. Seokjin knew what he wanted. He ran his uninjured arm over his waist keeping him close. His scent was familiar. It smelled like the bar- like Jungkook, and unlike this place. He looked up to meet his gaze.
“I love you.” Jungkook eyes closed hearing this.
“I love you too,”



After Jungkook left. Seokjin resolution came back to mind. He- had saved Jimin. Meeting and speaking with this man had saved Jimin. This lets his troubled mind finally take a break, he had to do what he promised himself. He was going to find a way to leave this place. He had to retain hope- hope to leave and find a new meaning. However small it would be, he was going to leave this place- and he was going to run away. With the man, he confessed to. He was determined.



Namjoon held his head low, staring at his phone. His front door being opened ahead of him. He was greeted accordingly hearing Taehyung speak up.
“Welcome home Mr. Kim!” He gazed up smiling at him. He was surprised for the first time though, alongside his partner stood a tall individual. His hair was blonde, and unmistakably- he was being held up using a cane. He was slender, matching Taehyung. He would have mistaken them for twins almost if he didn’t look properly at the worn face. The bruise at his nose remained, but his swollen eyes were gone. His lips full, and the split remained. And something completely different was that he was, well… Standing. He caught his attention, as he rose his head. He quickly gave him a slight smile. And could hear him say it.
“Welcome home Namjoon.”


Chapter Text

“So… How was the trip, Mr. Kim?” Namjoon’s eyes were glazed over at the thought of work.
“Usual.” He wasn’t fixated on that at all, instead, he lingered his gaze at the man next to him. He- was just eating normally. How long did he leave? They seemed to be on good terms.
“Seokjin, are you enjoying the meal?” Seokjin lifted his head,
“Very much.” His plate was almost empty, and he hadn’t reached for water at all.
“He’s-he’s blonde now?” Taehyung tilted his head to him.
“Do you not like it? I prepared it for you?” Namjoon was beyond confused.
“You prepared him?” Seokjin faced Namjoon.
“For our talk.” He didn’t seem terrified at all anymore. “You know the one you said we were going to have?”
“I remember.”
“Then, when are we going to have it?”
“As soon-” He looked to Taehyung, who didn’t seem at all angry. “As we can.”
“After dinner then?” Taehyung insisted. “It will be perfect. I have to run some errands- so you’ll have him all to yourself!” This wasn’t normal. Not in Namjoon’s head. He- knew something was up.



Taehyung had left, and they were now seated in his office. His eyes shifted to the man, and back at a document he had at hand.
“Seokjin?” He smiled hearing his name.
“Yes, Namjoon?” He used his real name.
“What happened while I was gone-”
“Taehyung and I have become good friends.” He doubted that. “Why?”
“It’s odd to see him… close with another man.” He brushed his hand over his mouth, “Especially one- who looks-”
“Like what?” He didn’t hesitate to stop himself.
“Pretty. He avoids standing near them.”
“Why?” Namjoon knew why. He had a fear of losing him.
“Besides the point.” He coughed lightly, “Just tell me what you know so I can head to bed-” Seokjin rose a hand to his cheek, holding it there for a moment.
“I think it would be more efficient if you were to ask me what I know. I can’t seem to think of anything you’d want to know.” This guy was sly.
“How many men work for Min Yoongi?”
“Over 80.” He rose his head up, peering lightly.
“Only 80?” He nodded.
“I thought he would have more-”
“He only uses a small number of men at any given time though, no more than four or five.” Namjoon soften hearing this.
“Jungkook is one of them?” Seokjin nodded.
“Almost always.”
“What do they sell?”
“I’ve seen drugs, firearms… manly just taking people out.”
“Those are his main sources of income?” He shrugged,
“I do believe so.”
“You believe-”
“I only worked for them for a short period of time Namjoon, before the auction.”
“How long-”
“About half a month.”
“Still they let you go the auction-”
“I was invited by Min Yoongi to join Jungkook. If not for that I would have remained in secret.” Namjoon smiled at hearing this.
“So- you decided to jump in front of Hoseok-”
“Hoseok was a police officer I worked with. I couldn’t sit there listening to his cries as if I were not human.”
“This world’s different from what you are used to huh?”
“I’m beginning to quickly grasp it.”
“How did you make it past them-”
“I’ve said it before. I had a fake I.D that I received from the police, it worked and they killed some drunk guy in my place-”
“That doesn't sound too human to me?”
“It wasn’t.” Seokjin took in a deep breath. “But he tried to stab me- so I didn’t really mind seeing him get shot in the head instead of me.”
“Is that why the face was hard to confirm?” He pressed his hand over his face. “You made a fool of me- of T.S.D.”
“I didn’t mean to do that. I only meant to have you all thrown into jail.” He smirked hearing that.
“And how did that end for you?”
“I clearly am not thriving am I?” Seokjin snarked,
"Did you deface the head that was given to me?”
“You kept that thing?” He pressed his eyes at the memory of it sitting on Yoongi’s desk. “I didn’t know you were into necromancy?” He shrugged, “But no- I didn’t even touch it.”
“You dropped it off though?”
“You were there that day though-” He paused,
“The day you and that shit-” He stopped himself, “You dropped coffee on me?”
“While we are here would you like to apologize?”
“For what? You were the one who threw it at me-” Seokjin smiled. “No. I won’t.”
“I think me buying you made up for that.”
“I didn’t ask you to buy me.” He nodded. “Besides- why did you buy me?”
“Seemed like you were trying to die in front of all the people- thought it would end to easily.”
“So it’s was for your pleasure-”
“But of course.” He rolled his eyes hearing him. “Why else would I buy someone so-” He let out a scoff, “Seemingly useless?”
“You found it amusing to use me-” Seokjin pressed his lips together. “I have a question to ask you?” Namjoon was enlightened to hear him wanting to ask him something.
“And what is it?”
“What are you going to do with me after we are finished here?” Namjoon did not look amused to hear this at all.
“The number of people who have asked me that question is becoming ridiculous?” He leered at the man, “I’m going to do whatever I want. Whether that be using you or-” He paused. “What was your job when you worked for Min Yoongi?”
“I-I-” He shrugged, “Did a lot of moves.”
“Is that it?” Was he considering giving him a position in something?
“I was the one who stole the DNA for T.S.D.” He offered him a smile.
“It was you huh?” He shook his head, “I have half a mind of just killing you-” He sighed, “But spending ten million just to do that seems stupid?” He wasn’t sure what was going on through this man’s head. “So, I guess finding a use for someone like you-”
“You aren’t an idiot are you?” He looked at Seokjin.
“Why do you believe I am not a fool?”
“You are trying to find a use for me?”’ Seokjin shook his head. “I can get you back the ten million.”
“And how do you suppose you can do that Seokjin?”
“Let me work for you.” He let out a laugh, before turning to see Seokjin’s seriousness.
“No, you... no, you can’t even… you aren’t joking huh?” Seokjin shook his head. Forcing Namjoon to sigh, “You would manage to fuck up my group. Even worse, you’d be loose-”
“Then what do you propose? For me to become a prostitute as you did with my friend?” He shook his head.
“I’ve said it before. You are mine.” Those words didn’t sound sweet. “I don’t like my things touched by others.”
“Then are you going to keep me in this place-”
“Locked away?” He nodded. “This is your new home, I’d advise you get used to it.”
“So I’m going to be your personal whore?”
“If you’d like to think that way. Sure.” He flipped over a sheet of paper, reading over some document.
“How will that pay back the ten-”
“It won’t. You’ll be in debt to me forever.” Seokjin leaned on the table.
“Don’t you want to at least know what I’m capable of before pushing me aside?” Namjoon shook his head.
“I have all my men. They work for me just fine.” He pulled up another paper, reading it. “You are just something I will be using to pass time.”
“So- I will just be waiting for you to find an urge?” His face was growing warm at the insanity he was hearing.
“I was told I would have to wait at least three months before we can do anything. ” He did buy him for what he thought. “I won’t trap you in your room. You can wander through the gardens- lounge at the pool… just make sure someone knows where you are at all times. I have an order to shoot you down if otherwise.” He wasn’t even looking up to him anymore. “I have already asked for your things to be moved to a new bedroom. I will share that bed with you in due time.”
“Are you crazy?” He smiled hearing that.
“A little.”
“You said you would give me everything I wanted-” He looked up to Seokjin.
“Are you asking me for something?”
“I asked you for a job.” Namjoon only smirked,
“If I were to give you a job,” He had caught his attention again. “What would you do? Move things?” He shook his head, “I pay four other groups to move things for me. Taehyung manages my men, and I have a group specifically sent to kill people who oppose me. Tell me Seokjin, where would you fall in?” He froze, not knowing himself. He wasn’t a good leader, he wasn’t the best to move things, in fact, he only ever drove.
“I don’t...I don’t know.”
“Then you don’t know what you want?” He was back to reading his forms. “Come back and ask when you know what you want.” Seokjin stared at the man, as he went back to his work. What was he going to do?



His new room was light. Dark wooden flooring, opposing the bright pale walls. With large shelves built into the three walls. His books from his previous room had already been placed here. A maid stayed behind him,
“Master Seokjin, we hope everything is to your liking-” He nodded,
“It’s good.” He moved forward, his cane helping him. “W-where is the bathroom?” He maid paused,
“It is at the far right-” She pointed to a hall in the room, “Door to the left.” He nodded. “Are you in need of assistance for a bath?” He shook his head.
“I should be able to do that on my own-” He nodded. “I am just curious… where is Mr. Kim’s room?” She smiled.
“His room is at the other end of the house, Master Seokjin.” He took in a deep breath. “If you will be bathing shall I prepare your clothing?” He stared at her.
“Please.” She lowered her head to him, leaving him alone.



Jungkook leaned his head over the bar,
“What’s wrong, Jungkook?” He turned upwards at the voice.
“Nothing… Just… waiting for Yoongi to get back.” Shownu walked around the counter, taking up a bottle.
“He’s out on a move.”
“He’s been working a lot?”
“Yeah…” Shownu served himself, “We all have been running back and forth haven’t we?”
“Shownu, you’re married huh?” He paused hearing these words.
“You and Kihyun… have you ever not seen eye to eye?” He let out a small chuckle.
“Eye to eye is an understatement.” He shrugged at the thought, “But we love each other enough to get through it.”
“Can I tell you something?” He paused,
“Is it going to make Yoongi angry if he finds out?” Jungkook nodded. Shownu tipped back his drink, sighing.
“Go ahead?”
“I met with Seokjin yesterday.” Shownu pressed his eyes together, sighing.
“I thought you killed a whore or something?”
“It’s not that bad huh-”
“Oh no, the whore would be easy to clean up. Yoongi murdering you will not be.” Jungkook shook at the thought. “So, come out with it. What did you say to him?”
“I-I was just trying to find out… why he did what he did.”
“Why he joined us and turned out to be a rat?”
“Well… he wasn’t a rat. He was a private detective… and just went with what we were talking about that night.”
“So, you are siding with him now-”
“Hyung… He said that he started to like us- a lot…”
“When he jumped up on that stage he sealed his fate with T.S.D and Yoongi, Jungkook.”
“We were going to kill his friend… we would have done the same thing.” Shownu took up the bottle again, serving himself. “He told me he wanted to die that night.”
“And you were going to kill him Jungkook.”
“I know.” He lowered his head in shame. “H..he said he was in love with me Hyung.” Shownu took a shot, coughing. He lowered the drink, looking at Jungkook.
“And..and what did you say?”
“I love him back.” He looked bewildered at his confession.
“Jungkook- you can’t be in love with him. He betrayed us- and is Namjoon’s property now-”
“I know that.” Jungkook pulled up his own drinks. “He knows that too.”
“Then, why are telling me?”
“I wanted to know if I should tell Yoongi-” Shownu reached over the counter, covering his mouth.
“No.” He shook his head. “Never tell him. I don’t care if that guy was telling the truth. The last thing we are ever going to do is tell him.”
“Hy-” He shook his head.
“I know you liked him. I know, but it’s impossible for you two to ever be together.” He lowered his hand. “It’s best to forget him.”
“I can’t.”
“Well… how about I take you somewhere- where you can forget all your worries?”
“We’re at a strip club already, Hyung.” He shook his head,
“Come on, kid?" He gave him a look of disgust. " I meant let’s go get something to eat.”



Seokjin tightened his robe over his waist, entering the bedroom. On the bed, was laid out silk pajamas. He smiled, feeling the silk over his skin. He slipped on the clothing, noting that the dark blue made his skin sand out. He thought back to his conversation with that man. He was mean and disgusting. Never looking at him for more than a second at a time. What was his problem? Seokjin could only assume, he was a madman. He sure as hell wasn’t just going to keep his head low, and wait for him to just have his way with him. He needed to prove his worth. In some way, then- a job might be a possibility. He just couldn’t rack his brain around what to do though? Seducing him could work- it did work for Jungkook but… even if he wanted to his body wasn’t in any working conditions to do anything. The man clearly worked, in an office setting. His office was nicely kept. Maid's must have had a hand in that? What could someone with limited mobility do? He was good with his hands. He- could cook?! That seems like something a housewife would say… He huffed in frustration.
“What can I do?” He pressed his eyes closed, before remembering. He was no longer confined inside a single room. He took his cane and the robe at his side leaving his room.



Taehyung shuffled into the brothel, hearing it noisier than usual. He sighed, knowing all too well- it was Friday. He just didn’t want to be home. Not while Namjoon was with that man. He was quickly greeted by large eyes.
“Hello, Master Taehyung?” He rose his hand.
“No need Jimin.” Jimin nodded, “Are all the girlies busy?” Jimin again confirmed.
“Irene said she should be out in half an hour?”
“She’s sold for most nights.” Taehyung waved him off, “Has anyone come here looking for me?” He shook his head.
“Only Mr. Suho from Wednesday?” He nodded.
“I’m looking for some new clients-” A tall man moved into the brothel behind them, Jimin’s face grew slightly pale. Taehyung knew from his face that it was him. He spun around. Smile large.
“Hello, JB?”
“Hello, Taehyung.” He was surrounded by three other men. Taehyung knew them as well, clients of his own. He waved.
“Hello, Yugyeom, Jinyoung and Youngjae?” They all waved back to him. Much to JB’s disappointment...
“Have all my boys come to see you?” Taehyung shrugged,
“Bambam likes the girlies a bit more.” He pouted. “Shall we go have a drink?” Jb took a step forward, leading his group with him. This is when Taehyung turned to Jimin.
“You are going to serve us drinks. Nothing to worry about.” He said seeing his face grow in worry. “They aren’t mean. Just mean looking.”



Seokjin stared at the night sky from the terrace. The maid was behind him,
“I’m sorry for keeping you up-” She waved him off.
“I am just happy to see you smile. Master Seokjin.” He turned back to her.
“Namjoon. He’s a scary person huh?” She shook her head.
“He’s a nice boy. Just has a lot on his plate all of the time.” He stared at the older woman.
“He seems like a fuse waiting to erupt.”
“He’s always working.” Seokjin could believe that he had dark circles for weeks. “When he has a day off- and I mean a real day off… he is a kind man.” Seokjin grumbled at that thought, how could that man be anywhere near kind? “He’s taken quite the liking to you, Master Seokjin?”
“Nope.” He was quick-witted to respond.
“He has placed you in his favorite hall of rooms, Master Seokjin.” He turned to her,
“Why would he put me in that- large room. It’s like it’s-”
“It’s a master bedroom.” He didn’t know why he would put him there- besides wanting to fuck him. “It was his parent’s old bedroom.” Seokjin turned to the woman.
“Why would he put me there?” She shrugged.
“I believe he likes Master Seokjin?” He shook his head,
“He doesn’t trust me.” He sighed, turning back to stare at the stars. “What does he like?”
“Mr. Kim?” Seokjin hummed lightly. “He likes peace. Crabs? He’s not much of a talker so… I wouldn’t really know?” Crabs? He must really like seafood?
“What time does he head to work?” She placed a hand on his shoulder.
“How early?”
“Wakes up at five.” He shuddered at the thought. How long had it been since he was awake at that time? “So, do you think I could prepare him breakfast?” The maid lowered her head.
“If it is what Master Seokjin wants. So be it?” He nodded. He finally seemed to have a standing, somewhere. Food is always the way to get people to open up!



“So, you saw the fuss that was made the night of the auction-”
“Min Yoongi’s group has suffered greatly from that right?” Taehyung shook his head.
“No.” Taehyung crossed his leg, “We are actually on great terms with them.” He smiled, “Though we did lose our cop for a while.”
“Didn’t he buy Seokjin?’ Jb asked,
“Mr. Kim bought him for entertainment. We need someone who- isn’t on anyone's killing list. I just happen to know that-”
“Jackson is apart of G7?” Taehyung nodded.
“I was hoping he could help us out as well…”
“Isn’t he Namjoon’s friend?” Youngjin asked.
“He is.” Jb rose his brow answering.
“I want permission from his leader. I don’t like sprawling over members you see-”
“It’s up to him if he wants to work with you and us. Ask him.” Jimin poked his head through the door, holding up a tray with drinks. Eyes turned to him, as he ducked his head entering.
“He’s that boy from the auction isn’t he?” Yugyeom asked. “Is he for sale-” Taehyung was quick to respond.
“He isn’t.” Jb smiled.
“Isn’t he the one wanted for Seokjin’s murder?” Jimin almost collapsed hearing that name. W-was Seokjin murdered?
“He is.” Taehyung shook his head, “That is why he is here.”
“Then why not sell him for-”
“He isn’t for sale.” Taehyung, stood- taking the drinks from Jimin. He brought them back to the men, who leered at him. “He’s cute. I’m keeping him for myself.” Jb didn’t look amused,
“If you want us to speak with Jackson, I do believe a favor is at hand for us?”
“Anything. Except-” He pointed at where Jimin stood. “Him.”



Seokjin was bright and early. Before even the sun had the chance to shine. He got changed into the first thing he saw- a light blue dress shirt and matching slacks with black shoes, taking his cane and making his way through the top floor to the stairs. He spent a good thirty minutes trying to lower himself until finally, he reached the floor below. He moved quicker now, going to the kitchen in only a few minutes. This place was large, but he had lived somewhere where you would have barely any interaction with your family. He shrugged at the thought until he came to the kitchen. This was familiar. The smell of food. He was delighted to already see the kitchen staff hard at work. He rustled lightly but entered. His maid turned back to him,
“Master Seokjin?” She looked surprised to see his face. “You’re up?” He nodded.
“I’m here to work!” She smiled, taking up a pile of green beans. Showing them to him.
“Want to help me snap them?” He gave her a gummy smile.



Namjoon dragged himself from the bed, wiping his sleep away. Taehyung wasn’t home yet? He moved a hand to his stomach, feeling hunger coming on. He had already settled in his mind before but perhaps eating before work wasn’t foolish? He sat up, going to his bathroom. Namjoon washed his face- well he threw water at it. His eyes were barely visible as he hovered over brushing his teeth. He spits out his mouthwash, washing his mouth out. He felt as if his body was really wearing down, to the point where he was sore. All over. He stripped quickly, turning the water on in his shower. Beginning his morning routine once again.



Taehyung pushed open the door, smelling something through the air.
“Mmmm…” It smelled so nice. W-what could it be? His mind wandered for a moment before it dawned on him. It was unmistakably the smell of seafood.



Namjoon entered the dining room, seeing Seokjin serving where he sat.
“You came to serve me Tae-” He looked up allowing for him to closely look at the face, scared before realizing it was him and not Taehyung. He looked calm at his face.
“Making myself useful.” He nodded, pulling back his seat. Namjoon pulled up his napkin, taking his seat.
“What are you going to be doing today?” He shrugged,
“Reading.” Namjoon nodded,
“In my room. There is a large library of books you can choose from. Feel free to read them?” He leaned his head over his arm.
“I will do that. Thank you/” Namjoon smiled at his poutful answer, finally taking up his spoon to dig into his breakfast.
“Wait!” Taehyung rushed into the room. He looked tired, he must have run here. He was wearing what he left in last night. Tight ripped white jeans, with an oversized jean jacket- with a simple black shirt underneath. He looked as if he hadn't rested all night. “D-don’t eat!” He was out of breath. “S..seafood!” Namjoon looked down at his bowl and back at Taehyung.
“I’m eating oatmeal.” His eyes grew large,
“I..I smelled seafood-”
“I made some snow crab, for me.” Seokjin let out. They turned to him.
“You’re eating crab?” He nodded. Taehyung almost collapsed. “Thank god.” He huffed. Seokjin was completely confused, looking all about.
“I am allergic to shellfish.” Namjoon finally lets out. “Though I don’t appreciate you eating crabs in front of me-” He shook his head. “I used to own a hermit crab as a child.” Seokjin lowered his eyes.
“It’s fine.” He shuffled his hair a bit, “Just don’t make a habit of it?” He nodded. Only for Namjoon to eye the seats next to him. “Now come both of you. Let’s have breakfast?”



Namjoon walked forward, as Taehyung waved him off. After the door closed he turned to look at Seokjin.
“You almost killed him!”
“I wasn’t going to feed it to him.” He was. “Besides… I am a doctor... I would have handled it.” He swung his head back.
“You are hopeless are you not?” He made a tired face, “I’m heading to bed. Try not to kill anyone else, okay?” Seokjin pulled his lips together,
“He wouldn’t have died.”
“What?” He drew back at Taehyung's anger.
“You should tell people if someone is allergic to something so common. I think it’s partially your fault.”
“I like to think a lot of things are my fault. You almost killing our boss isn’t one of them, Seokjin.” He shook his head.
“I would have handled it.” Taehyung limped lightly, moving away.


Yoongi had lost all of his energy, only meekly smoking. He had been at it with these guys for over fourteen hours.
“How many rounds do these fuckers have?” Hyungwon asked turning back to Yoongi.
“I think they cracked into the supplies?” He rubbed his head. “Did anyone bring another grenade?” They all looked at him. “I’ll take that as a no?” He shook his head. Hearing a bit of silence, just as Jooheon and Hyungwon pulled back their machine guns. Shooting hundreds of rounds at the people ahead. Yoongi only saw the room light up with the fiery weapons. “Again, who gave these guys machine guns!” Yoongi was tired of all these moves.

He picked his phone up, answering.
“What?” He paused, “So… When did this happen?”
The only sound he could truly hear were the empty shells colliding onto the ground. “Tell G7 to handle that. I refuse to have to kill that old man- yeah no. Call them.” He heard more gibberish. “He likes blondes. Tell them he likes blondes… tell JB he likes-” He lowered the phone.
Ahhhhh! Someone was hit. He rolled his eyes, pulling up his handgun and firing in the dark at the direction of the yells. His gun rang, and then silence. He pulled back behind the giant pillar.
“Like I was saying. I can send support- but I refuse to find a blonde guy. There are brothels for that. I don’t know, ask someone!” He pulled back his phone, switching it off. He turned to his men, “No seriously, anyone got that grenade?”



Jimin slumped over his seat. Feeling his head aching.
“Jiminie? Are you feeling unwell?” Irene placed a hand over him. He shuddered,
“I am not feeling well…” She lowered herself to the ground, forcing him to face her.
“Is it your tummy? Where does it hurt?” She looked him over causing him to lift his hands up to her.
“Not in p… I am not in physical pain.” She drew near him, holding him.
“It is not good to bottle up. Tell me what plagues your mind?” He shook his head.
“It something stupid.” She knew it was something now. She pried his small arms away from his body, she looked small but she was stronger than him.
“Nothing is stupid.” She shook her head, “Tell me?” He broke at that moment. His tears beginning to roll down his face.
“I...Ughh… I think...” How could these words form? He can still remember his pleading look at the night of his auction. “My...My best…..My best friend died.”



Namjoon felt his head full. He wasn’t as tired leaving today. Odd, still as the day wore out he felt it coming on. He was tired but he had to keep to his schedule even if it only allowed him a ten-minute lunch. He was hungry, tired and most of all- he was missing his two blonde men. They were on good terms, thankfully. He was sure it was going to be hard to maintain both of them- but rather than that it seemed as if it would be simple-
Ring! He took up his phone answering with a bit of a smirk.
“Yes, Tae?” The man sounded out of breath. He almost let out a laugh at what he was hearing. “Who?” He shook his head. “That’s G7’s problem-” He pressed his eyes, “Jackson called in a favor?” He leered at the name. “Fine. Call the meeting.” The man behind the phone was speaking quietly. “Fine call every group it involves-” He heard the name ring out. “Then call T.S.D, they gotta help us too!” There was a bit of a conflict of exchange. “Call it for tomorrow. Give us time to get Seokjin a bulletproof vest or something?” He didn’t want those two under any building- especially since he always brought that muscle twerp. The last thing he needed was his man being pummeled beyond recognition again. He hummed at what to do- move him? Where? His home was the safest place to be. Especially for someone wanted to like him. Still, he didn’t like the sound of all these men gathering at his home. The peace he has managed to keep between them all could crumble at the turn of a pen after all. “Call all my men. We’ll need them all tomorrow.” He heard Taehyung agree. “Okay, see you at home. Bye.” He was beyond annoyed. This could truly insinuate war between all of them, this is why he doesn't’ keep friends around. They ask for favors and favors always cost him more than what he asked for. He couldn’t gather his thoughts now, not while this was looming over him. How could he just-
“Mr. Kim?” His assistant brought him back.
“The meeting is starting in ten minutes-” He stood from his seat, a bit flustered.
“I’m...uh... I’m sorry…. I fazed out for a bit.” He rose his hand to her. “I’ll head there on my own. Thank you.”



Seokjin leaned over, picking up some dandelions adding more to the bunches in his other hand.
“Seokjin!” He sat up at his name swiveling his head in the direction of the call, seeing the long man coming balling towards him. His eyes grew large, had he done something wrong? Like in a finger snap, he was pushed into the flowerbed. He rocked slightly, as the other man held him down. Did he do something wrong? Surely it wasn’t intentional? He peered into his dark eyes, seeing a glint of light.
“You’re on my ribs-!!” Taehyung's eyes grew to the size of saucers, pulling himself off of him.
“Ohh… I forgot-” Seokjin rocked on his side, feeling radiating pain circulating around him. His face turned purple, knowing all the air had left him. As he grunted, slightly thrashing in frustration.
“Ahh!” He was bound to stop, right? He shook his head until the maid helped him up.
“Master Taehyung, you know about his condition!” Taehyung lip’s quivered.
“I-I was excited. Sorry.” He waved at Seokjin. “I..I’m sorry Seokjin-” Seokjin brushed him off,
“You... Call me Hyung….” Taehyung stared at him in disbelief.
“Ahhh!” Taehyung obliged quickly.
“I am so sorry Hyung.” He seemed a bit satisfied. Looking at the maid,
“Get me the pain meds near my bed please?” She nodded, quickly rushing away and into the house. He was still in real pain, feeling every move a sharp and bearing. “You know… Ughh... I think you broke me.” His eyes were teary as he said this.
“Well- you better unbreak real quick. I think I can get you a job!” Seokjin pressed his eyes to him.
“It involves me getting hurt huh?” His eyes lit up,
”It may?” He huffed a long breath.
“I guess.” He rested his uninjured arm over his waist. “I’ll take it.”



Namjoon arrived home, head still filled with office work. He had a lot to do- his trip has disrupted his schedule. Now he had this new conflict to worry about. His door was opened, and he entered his home. It was the usual.
“Mr. Kim.” Taehyung greeted him. He waved him off, seeing Seokjin doing the same.
“Both of you ate dinner right?” Taehyung shook his head,
“Of course not! We both waited for you.”
“I’ll skip it tonight. Both of you- go on I have to go up and finish some work.” Taehyung sighed in annoyance.
“If that is what you want, then so be it.” He swung his head back starting to make his way towards the dining room. Seokjin stared at him. He looked as if he had been run under a car. His eyes strained, but he gave a smile to Seokjin.
“Go on.” Seokjin felt Taehyung grip his hand, and yank him along. Still, he never turned- still seeing Namjoon standing there hand resting over his mouth. After a minute of literal dragging, Seokjin turned to Taehyung.
“I think he’s tired.”
“He ought to be. He woke up at five and is just getting home. They probably had him running back and forth all day too.” He stopped his pulling, crossing his arms allowing for Seokjin to slowly follow him.
“I thought he was in a high-”
“He’s the CEO.”
“They’re running him around because he’s young?” Taehyung nodded.
“I figure. He never complains about it, but he’s obviously tired.” He shrugged, “How do you know they are running him around cause he’s young?” Seokjin’s mind filled with his brother. During his youth, how he was pushed and moved around despite a high position. How he would return home with their father, life drained yet he still entertained him. Seokjin was next in line for that as well but his brother excused him- as he entered medical school.
“That’s how businesses are run.”
“Well… it’s best to leave him when he’s like that. He probably has a butt load to read over.” Seokjin thought back at their talk, how he barely paid mind to him. He was overworking himself. “Taehyung. Where is his office?” Taehyung sighed,
“Next to your old bedroom. I’m telling you though- best to just leave him as it is. He gets a bit rabid when you interrupt.”
“Thank you.” Seokjin nodded, taking off in a different direction.
“Wait- Am I having dinner alone!?” Seokjin turned back to him,
“Hyung will join you in a bit!”



He was leaning a bit, walking slowly tray in hand. He had to take breaks here and there because walking with a cane and a tray filled with food wasn’t the best idea he had had in a long time. He sloped on to the closed door. It was next to his old room. He used the tip of his cane- tapping on the door awkwardly.
“Come in.” He really didn’t think this through, he used his elbow, pushing down on the clamp- having then to use his body’s weight to push the door forward. He managed thankfully. Then he sat up and wobbled into the office. It wasn’t so neat anymore, papers and spreadsheets everywhere.
“Hi.” He didn’t trail away, going to his desk. The man didn’t bother to look up.
“I said I wasn’t hungry.”
“I know.” Seokjin slumped the tray down- over what he was reading. This made him turn up to look at him. “Eat. The papers will still be there when you are finished.”
“I don’t have time-”
“When a company says that you have to have it done by the next day it means the next week.” Seokjin moved the tray forward to him. “Besides, a weak man reading over papers isn’t good. Eat, it’ll get your energy up.” He shook his head.
“I said I wasn’t hungry-” His voice was rising.
“And I said eat.” Seokjin finished, “Then I’ll leave you to finish.” He stared at Seokjin steam escaping his nose. Seokjin didn’t fear it, “Listen to me.” He narrowed his eyes at Namjoon. “Your bickering is wasting time. If you eat I will leave.” Namjoon shook his head, turning to the plate of food. Mouthwatering steak with a generous heap of mashed potatoes with a stem of rosemary on top. He could smell the butter on it- but the gravy boat at the side really got him to feel the urge to eat. Seokjin must have noticed where his eyes were as he took up the gravy, smothering the potatoes in it. Namjoon hesitated but took up his utensils. Seokjin seemed satisfied at the sight, as he rose his hand.
“Four bites and I will leave.” Namjoon hated this. He hadn’t been told to take a few bites since he was like four and his mother begged him to eat his broccoli. He sighed but dug his knife into the meat- cutting off a good chunk before dipping it into the mashed potatoes and gravy. He placed it into his mouth smiling at the first real meal he had. It was warm and delicious. Not something he asked an assistant to pick up from a convenience store- or quick Chinese takeout order. The meat seemed to melt in his mouth, this had Seokjin shining. As he took another bite. He was just watching him, arms crossed- so again he took a bite of his potatoes. Looking over, he found a glass- already filled with red wine, and a cup of water at its side. He took up the water, feeling himself let out a sigh. He was really hungry. Seokjin remained in his place, tilting his head. Namjoon cursed himself for being so stubborn. He only had one bite left. He began cutting the beef, only to see the man ahead of him lower his head.
“I think I’ve left Taehyung for far too long?” He turned away,
“Wait! What about the food-” He waved him off,
“I’ll tell the maids to pick it up.” And with that he left him in his office, he felt relief cover him. As he took another bite.



Taehyung dug his fork into the meat on his plate- finally catching a view of the blonde man.
“You’re back?” He nodded his head, “Got an earful huh?” Seokjin nodded.
“Hard man to get to relax.” Taehyung smiled,
“Come on Hyung, food will get cold!” He whined. Seokjin obliged taking his seat next to him. “Hyung tomorrow won’t be a fun day.”
“I already know that.”
“All the men will be arriving in an hour. I will be handling them, but you must remember when they are here- you are Namjoon’s.” Seokjin nodded.
“I thought his men would have more respect for him-”
“They have a lot of respect for me. Because I look great… They don’t like taking orders from him.” Taehyung sighed, “They are scared of him though. So that works out.”
“Do you need help-”
“The upper ranked guys saw that you were with T.S.D. I doubt they will take a liking to you.” He took up his glass of wine. “Besides, no one likes dealing with a lot of killers-”
“You guys kill people too?” Taehyung shook his head.
“We moved to hire others to carry out those deeds… I believe that is what first angered them?” Taehyung read the confusion on Seokjin’s face. “Ah... I haven’t explained have I?” Seokjin shook his head. “Well… uhh… Namjoon inherited his group. From his mother.” His mother? “She used to run the group- he used to like it. I mean- he wanted to take over it- but his mother didn’t like the idea. Told him to go and start his own way in the world.”
“She did?”
“His father wanted the same. For him to be different than the type of people we are- so he did.”
“He did?”
“He’s the CEO to a marketing and tech company. Second largest in Korea actually.” Seokjin’s brow moved at this. Second? “His mother and father were killed, and he inherited this.” He waved his arm around towards the room. “The group as well. He doesn’t hate it, but he just doesn't have the time to run it and his company. So, he bought me and figured out I knew my way around things like this.”
“He bought you?”
“Yeah. You aren't the only one. Though… I was only worth half a million at the time?” Was he comparing their prices? “I agreed to help. So, I run it along with my brothel.”
“Why doesn’t he just get rid of the group- seems like a huge bother to have to keep up with both-”
“It reminds him of his family.”
“Does he knew who killed-” Taehyung drew his eyes closed.
“All the other groups in Seoul got together and decided to kill the couple. They thought they were too mighty.”
“What did he do?”
“He took over,” Taehyung said. “What else could he do?” He seemed a bit sad with those words. “He pulled them back together- and made them the strongest group in Korea.”
“So?” Seokjin didn’t understand why his group wouldn’t love a leader like that? Perhaps he was cruel? Unsavory with his methods? “Why are they so angry?”
“He’s good at what he does. He is but...” He held a small frown. “It’s that they feel a bit neglected to have his whore taking over and all?” Seokjin watched him.
“Then why don’t you just marry him-”
“I am a prostitute Seokjin. His business will suffer if they were ever to find out that.” He shrugged, “Besides, he wants to keep both of us now- how can either of us ever just marry him?” He smiled, “If you weren’t dead I am more than sure you’d be his husband. Seems like you come from a good family, and you’re a doctor?”
“Your profession isn’t something you should be ashamed of-”
“I’m not.” He took in a deep breath. “Though I feel as if he does?” Seokjin shook his head.
“I’d leave his ass.” Taehyung looked at him.
“I don't need love advice from you.” Seokjin took up his wine, nodding. “Should you be drinking?” Seokjin held eye contact.
“Nope.” He said as he tipped back his drink.


Chapter Text

Taehyung headed up the stairs with him, due to the fact that he probably still felt bad about hurting him. Sekjin led them back to his new room, having him step in with the other man. Taehyung pressed the door closed behind them, as Seokjin took a seat at the table. Taehyung turned back looking around at the room.
“You got an upgrade huh?”
“I guess…” Seokjin poked his head up, “Where is your room?” He shrugged,
“Namjoon’s.” He rolled his eyes. “I don’t actually live here…” He shrugged. “Just spend the nights- so I never saw the need to ask for a proper room.”
“Why not ask for one now-”
“Why should I?” He bit back.
“Well… Namjoon’s always at work- you seem to be the only person who-”
“You can speak to?” He let out a sigh, “Just cause we are sharing the same man, doesn't mean we should be buddy buddy you know?” He stared at him before looking away. “I’ll see if I can make arrangements.” This boy was soft and compliant.
“Really?!” He nodded.
“I don’t need you alone with him for too long.” Seokjin perked a smile. “Don’t smile at me!” He retorted.
“We aren’t friends.” Seokjin could barely contain his excitement. “Now- I guess I can spend the night here?” Seokjin nodded.
“As long as you don’t get on top of me again?” He let out a sigh.
“Again… I’m sorry.” He moved away, going to taking the seat in front of Seokjin. “But we need to talk about what is going to happen tomorrow.” He tilted his head forward,
“What about it?”
“I’m going to get you a job you- hyung.” He held his tongue. “I need to at least do that?”
“I’d appreciate it.”
“A good way to show that is to do exactly what I say,” He sighed, “Maybe with you working- Namjoon can finally see how utterly horrible it is having two men?” Seokjin smiled.
“How long do you think that’ll take-”
“Long enough for you and me to both claw at each other out for his attention.” Taehyung let out.
“Not yet.” He shook his head. “He has a way with people. Trust me, I didn’t like him at first either.” Seokjin stared at him.
“I won’t fall for him. I’m not into guys like him…” He snarked.
“He’s a successful man, smart, he’s handsome and most of all he doesn’t pay attention to anyone.” He sighed with those words.
“You’re into some weird shit aren’t you?” Taehyung nodded with a sly smirk.
“He is. Trust me.” He pressed his lips together.
“I’ll take your word.” Seokjin pressed his eyes closed. “Aren’t you worried I’m going to escape if I get the chance-”
“You don’t have much to return too... The police won’t believe you, your family would be in tatters… and I believe that you know you are safest here. You know that at least right?” Seokjin refused to leave his new goal. He was going to leave, but he was right. This was the place to keep him safe. Keep Jimin safe, and this is where he could begin to figure out what he was going to do next.
“All of you have seemed to have taken me in as one of your own. Forgetting I was working with the police-”
“We aren’t afraid of the police, Hyung. Not now, not ever.” He crossed his arms. “Besides all that mess, we still have yet to talk about how you are going to fall into what we are going to be doing tomorrow.”
“What are we going to do-”
“Like I said. You just have to follow me around. Don’t speak. After some time Namjoon should agree. I’ll make sure of it.” He stared at the man and his weird plan.
“What am I going to be attending.”
“There is a meeting happening. Between a few groups- I will be joining Namjoon and you will be going as well.”
“Does he know?” Taehyung pressed his eyes together,
“If he knew do you think I’d be sneaking around organizing to keep you safe?”
“It won’t be safe-”
“Safe enough?” He shrugged, “You won’t get shot is what I mean safe.” Seokjin lowered his gaze,
“I don’t think my ribs were shot-”
“Yeah. If they come after you like that- that’ll be a bigger issue?” He looked at his face. “Your face is an issue too.” Seokjin pressed his eyes closed.
“Tae. If you call me a pig again I swear-”
“No!” He groaned, “You still look like someone beat the shit out of you.”
“Well, someone did.” Taehyung leaned over the table. Lips puckered.
“It hurt huh?” He touched Seokjin nose,
“Did you mean what you said to him?” Seokjin looked at the younger man.
“You said you loved him. Do you?”
“You were listening?” He pulled back his hand, nodding.
“Just wanted to make sure he didn’t kill you.” He crossed his arms clearly waiting for an answer.
“I don’t know… I don’t…. I don’t know what I feel anymore.”
“Then you don’t love him?” He shook his head.
“I love him.” He nodded, “I… I just don’t know if I should-”
“You love him. There doesn’t need to be a reason.” Taehyung offered him a smile. “He’s going to be there tomorrow too.”
“Yoongi might really kill me then?” Taehyung nodded.
“If all goes as planned though- Namjoon should be in front and I doubt he’d really like to go at it with other groups watching.” He pulled up his legs on the chair holding them close to his chest. “A good portion of our men are here as well-”
“How many guys do you have?”
“Over seven hundred.” Seokjin’s eyes grew large at the number.
“Largest in Korea, Hyung. Don’t look too surprised.”
“I thought that organized crime was small-”
“Those are old ways. Ahhh… how nice it must be to be old?” He shook his head to him. “We have men everywhere we can.” He sighed, “I only called for 100 though- I can’t have the whole house full.” He was tired.
“And Namjoon isn’t going to work?” He shook his head.
“No. He took the day off.” His lips were in a frown, “I thought he would use it to get rest… but he’s back in his office?”
“Well…” Seokjin gave the boy a thin smile, “Let’s head to bed- I don’t want us being tired.” Taehyung nodded.
“Do you want to shower first- or should I?” Seokjin shrugged,
“Go ahead. I took mine before dinner.” He nodded. “Besides, I have to change some bandages on me.” Taehyung stood from his seat, pulling away his shirt tossing it aside and going into Seokjin’s bathroom. He stared at the closed door for a moment, before standing and leaving his room.



He made it down the stairs in record time- only to go to the other stairs. He went up to them, turning to the right. He moved through the hall. Finding the room. He smiled, without having to enter he saw it. An empty tray. He went to it, picking it up and taking it down to the kitchen. Eyes were drawn to him, as they saw the empty tray.
“I had seconds.” He told the staff, who didn’t even question him. Taking the old plates and replacing it with two glasses of milk and a tray of warm cookies. He gave them all a small nod. Leaving. He stepped out of the kitchen only to almost run into someone. He held his breath as he steadied himself with his cane. He almost spilled milk. He sighed in relief, looking up to meet a pair of eyes.
“Hello?” He wasn’t apart of the staff, his eyes were dark. His face held it’s a tired look.
“You should return to your bedroom.” Was all he let out, before turning around him. This is when Seokjin saw the small bundle of men behind him. Seokjin nodded, seeing them all make their way past him and up the stairs leading to Namjoon’s office. He could only assume those were his men. He looked down at the tray. Feeling a sigh coming on. How was that man supposed to relax with someone disturbing him this late at night?! He bit back the urge to run up there, and tell them all off- knowing it would be better to do as told and return to his room.



“Ahh… Hyung you got us snacks?” Seokjin bent back, head tilted in shame as he already began eating.
“I thought you’d want some milk after a warm shower?” Taehyung nodded, sliding into the seat next to Seokjin. “I ran into your men.”
“Outside?” Seokjin nodded. Taehyung took up a cookie and milk. Sighing, “I have to head out before they take it on themselves to go disturb-”
Both men looked to each other,
“They went to go speak to Namjoon I think?” He let out a steam of air from his nose.
“Well… guess someone was shot?” He took his cookie dipping it into the milk. Seokjin did the same not bothering to worry. “Aren’t you worried-”
“I was worried when I ran into them. Namjoon can handle them.” Taehyung nodded.
“Good. You learn quick.” He took a sip of his milk, still eating. “I’m gonna have to call someone to clean up the body.”
“Can’t you do that after we eat?” Taehyung nodded.
“Can’t help someone already dead.”



Seokjin felt someone move in the bed, feeling a weight on the other side of the mattress. Taehyung was back, he could smell him. His soft rosy scent. He didn’t move, feeling him pull back the covers and tuck himself in. He let out a small huff, turning his back to Seokjin. He gave a small scoff, causing Seokjin to shut his eyes. He felt him turn over on the bed, and look at him. He stayed still, not wanting to let the other know he was still awake.
“You look handsome. You pig.” He bit back the urge to smack him, feeling him move closer wrapping a stringy arm over him. The weight did hurt, but it was okay. If he wanted to cuddle while they slept, then it was okay. He would bear the pain. He seemed to sleep easily with this, and Seokjin heard the light breathing from him in a few seconds. He peeked his eyes opened, seeing him. He really did look like an angel. Seokjin wondered, how he came to this- how all the circumstances put him here. In a bed with another person, who looked as soft as he did. He must have had a rough time, being a prostitute. But… he sounded proud of his profession, Namjoon, on the other hand, seemed to abhor it. He called himself a whore. He didn’t seem to like that word as he spat it out at him, but it seemed as if he had received that as a title. He looked young, like Jungkook. Namjoon bought him. At what age? Was he already a prostitute back then as well? Was he forced into doing what he did? Seokjin couldn’t imagine it. Taehyung… was something strange. He seemed hurt to mention Namjoon by his name. When he regarded himself and him he always ensures they are separate. He always spoke as if ownership was everything. We are going to be sharing a man? Was that how he put it? He wants to show Namjoon why having two men is bad? He was raised into a world where everything and everyone is owned by someone else. He must have had that as a philosophy instilled on him. Seokjin couldn’t imagine what kind of life led them both here. In this bed together. A few days ago, they both hated each other's guts. Now he was comfortable enough to share a bed with him? He was trusting of him. He knew this boy loved Namjoon. He always defended him, even as Seokjin battered. Now, they were sharing that man. He said it was only a matter of time before they were both going to claw each other. He didn’t want that. In this hell, he was a sort of light. He was witty and quick to call someone out. He liked that, he was the one who called him a pig. No one had ever referred to Seokjin like that. No one. Though it did make him a bit annoyed he thought the boy was cute. He never wanted to fight with him- over a good for nothing man. He lifted a hand rusting it through his hair.
“You can have the idiot. Let’s just not fight okay?”



Seokjin felt a hand over his thigh, pulling him awake.
“Hyung. We have to get ready. They should be here soon.” Seokjin’s eyes lit up, as he grumbled.
“Why?” He shook his leg,
“We have to make you look as good as me Hyung.” Seokjin waved him off,
“Can we just both look like a mess-” Taehyung placed a hand on his stomach, rubbing it.
“No. We have to look, really- really good.” He pulled up his head. Scratching it.
“I already look good-” He pulled himself on his side. “Just need to smell-” Taehyung kicked him off the bed, causing a small screech to leave the older man’s mouth.
“Up yet?” Seokjin rolled on the ground, his face bright red.


Yoongi looked over to Jungkook.
“Why are you fidgeting?” Jungkook’s eyes grew large, as he slowly glanced at Yoongi.
“I’m nervous.”
“Why?” He shrugged.
“We’re just going to have a meeting?” He yawned lightly, as he pulled on his jacket. “Let’s just head over and get it over with-”
“Hyung?” Yoongi’s brow strung up at this,
“Wha- what if we see Seokjin?” He paused at the name.
“I don’t know.” He turned his head back. “We see him?” His sarcasm was still alive.
“Are you planning on-”
“I’m not planning anything Jungkook. We shouldn’t pick a fight in front of the others- to be on your best behavior.”
‘We'll both be on our best behavior?” Yoongi gave him a gummy smile.
“You’ll be on your best behavior.”



Taehyung pulled his head back, squinting lightly at Seokjin.
“Why are we wearing matching clothes?” He looked into the mirror ahead of both of them. Taehyung was dressed in a white dress shirt, a blue jacket over him. His pants black, with silver shoes, while he wore a black choker. His hair was split slightly to the right, exposing his forehead. Seokjin was wearing the same white shirt, with a pastel pink jacket over him. Black pants, and gold dress shoes. His choker was black, and his hair styled the same way Taehyung was. He chose their clothes. Styled their hair and now he was working on their makeup. He dabbed his face with a makeup brush, biting his lower lip.
“Do you think we look alike?” He moved back slightly, showing him his own reflection in the mirror. Seokjin squinted.
“I guess… If you don’t look too hard-” He shook his head.
“No. We look alike.” He said with confidence. Smiling at his work. “And look-” He smiled pointing at Seokjin’s face. “I even managed to make you look good!”
“That’s natural.” Taehyung tilted his head to him.
“That’s called Taehyung’s miracle work.” Taehyung smiled down to the man in the chair. Seokjin pressed his eyes closed. “We should head out?” Seokjin nodded.


Namjoon sat down in the full room. At his right went in line. EXO, G7, Kon, Vixx. To his left, was B.P, BL. B and lastly T.D.S. Everyone had brought a person with them sitting at their leader's side. Namjoon didn’t care to look around, keeping his eyes down to his watch. Where was Taehyung?
“When are we starting this-” Hanbin sat up eyeing Namjoon. “I have things to do.” Namjoon sighed. He would just have to start without him. He brushed his hand over his face,
“Okay? Let’s begin.” Namjoon looked around the room. “I’m sure we all know why I’ve called a meeting?” Eyes were lifted,
“JYP is getting out of control,” Jisoo spoke up, covering the entire room with her soft voice. “He killed two of my men.”
“He killed them or did they get caught trying to steal?” Hanbin asked. Jisoo narrowed her eyes to him,
“I’m sure she didn’t steal. I asked for two of her gunmen to be sent out and he took out several of my members.” Zico bit back.
“He’s getting out of line,” J.B announced. “I’m tired of having bodies dumped on my grounds and having to dispose of them. If I get accused by anyone-”
“Calm down. You have a cop- you won’t get caught.” Suho spat at him.
“You saw what happened to Namjoon’s cop. I don’t need that happening to Jackson.” All eyes moved to Namjoon. Waiting for him to respond to their childish argument. He stared at them all,
“I think we should all agree to keep our hands off each other's men. This is causing idiotic arguments between us.” Eyes moved to Yoongi, who was leaning back in his seat.
“Or maybe we should just keep cops out our line of business?” He snarled. Namjoon didn’t seem to even mind.
“You run your group the way you want.” Namjoon closed his eyes. “I’ll do the same.”
“You run your group?” N said. “Wait- I thought that whore-” The door opened behind them, Namjoon didn’t look back already knowing who it was. Late as always. Eyes grew large at sight of him, a little too large for his comfort though.



Seokjin held up his cane, getting ready to walk into the room. Taehyung swiveled back grabbing the cane and chucking it away. Seokjin stared at him,
“How am I going to walk-” He shook his head.
“You look weak walking into the room with that.”
“Again how am I supposed to walk?!” He drew close to Seokjin,
“We gotta hold hands.” Seokjin’s brow lifted. “Okay?”



Namjoon turned his head behind him, catching a view of two very nicely dressed men. The first man’s jacket was light blue and the other man who he held hands with was another man dressed in a blush pink jacket with a white shirt boy. Both of them blonde. Namjoon swallowed at the sight. He didn’t know how one of them was walking without his cane, and why the other one was bringing him here. They didn’t bother to pay attention to the looks they received. Keeping their gaze to the two seats behind him. The room was silent as they took their place. Namjoon felt a vein in his head show but remained calm. He didn’t need to start something in front of all these people. Taehyung tilted his head at the room’s silence.
“Sorry, we are late.” Was all he let out, “What did we miss?” Namjoon sighed,
“Nothing much. Just childish bickering.” He heard Taehyung’s smile.
“Have you all begun to discuss who will take care of him?” Eyes again were drawn to Taehyung.
“We were before you and that-” Yoongi eyed him. “Rat walked in,” Taehyung answered without hesitation.
“He looks exactly like me. If you refer to him as such- are you calling me a rat Mr. Min?” His brow lifted, crossing his arm.
“We were talking about working with the police- and why it's a bad choice,” Jisoo spoke up.
“That’s stupid.” Taehyung huffed. “We are here because someone has to kill JYP. We all have issues with him, and that’s why we are all here.” Jisoo narrowed her eyes to him.
“Taehyung is right.” Suho let out, smiling to him. “I think we should head back to where the conversation needs to be.”
“Well…” Namjoon nodded. “Who wants to volunteer to send in someone?” Everyone lifted a hand. Namjoon looked at them for a moment.
“I’d let Bobby handle it,” Hanbin called,
“Lisa,” Jisoo said.
“I’d send Bambam.”
“D.O,” Suho announced.
“Leo,” N said lowly.
“Taeil.” They all announced some worthy hit men from their groups. Yoongi lowered his hand.
“Jungkook.” Most of them grumbled at the name.
“The boy fucked up killing-” They all turned to Seokjin. Namjoon didn’t like their gazes. “We can’t just trust him to kill someone so-”
“His kill record may no longer be at 100 but rest assured he still better than all of your best hitmen.” Yoongi looked to Namjoon. “So, who will you be sending?” Namjoon took in a deep breath.
“I’d send my head of security-”
“So you don’t even have a worthy hitman?” Hanbin shook his head turning his attention to the two blondes behind Namjoon. “Hey, you-" His voice was pointed to Taehyung. "Whore who would you send-” Taehyung pressed his lips at the name. Seokjin knew he didn’t like that name. Everyone referred to him as such, and Namjoon didn’t even want to defend him. He looked back at the man. Knowing his face. He had read on him, on everyone in this room. He swallowed, knowing that Taehyung asked him to just do as he was told but holding his tongue nowadays was something that he wasn’t good at.
“Your hitman was caught over ten times in the last year. Do you think that’s something to be proud of?” Jisoo smiled.
“He’s a smart one.” She covered her mouth. Namjoon let out a huff, while Taehyung’s grip over Seokjin’s hand became tighter.
“Keep your whores in line Namjoon.” His voice was a low grumble.
“Maybe you’ve never been with someone properly but rest assured neither of us are whores.” Seokjin smiled.
“He’s a prostitute.” Zico let out, “We’ve all been with him.” Everyone at the table nods at this,
“Does it matter?” Suho let out, “He’s a whore and he knows it.” Seokjin didn’t like that tone. It was condescending towards him.
“Trash.” Seokjin scoffed, causing the man to raise a brow at him.
“What did he call me?”
“TRASH!” He repeated louder. This made a lot of men turn to him.
“Namjoon watch that one-” Namjoon tilted his head at them.
“They speak however they want to.” He rubbed his face. “Nothing any of you can do about it.” Jisoo pocked her head up.
“I think he should be punished. He is property no?”
“Forget it.” Suho waved him off, “He’s fucking both of them. They’re like his twin whores?” Seokjin felt his stomach boil.
“I paid for them.” He stared at Suho, “Do you think I shouldn’t do what I want with them?” Seokjin didn’t know how Taehyung could just sit here why these people talked a lot of shit. About them- as if they weren’t just sitting here. He wasn’t about to continue to listen.
“He was a cop a few weeks ago-”
“You’re afraid of the police?” Seokjin eyes locked with him.
“You want to die don’t you?” Seokjin tilted his head. Seeing Yoongi glare. He held a nightmarish gaze towards him. “Huh, Seokjin?” His voice was low. Seokjin saw Jungkook holding back his arm.
“I’m already dead in the books.” He shrugged. “If you think you can go for it.” The room grew silent. As Taehyung spoke up.
“You are all continuing something foolish. We are here to discuss how to rid ourselves of JYP not who is sleeping with me.” He placed a hand on Seokjin’s chest, “You’ve all offered to send someone in but we all know that JYP isn’t that easy to get to.” Zico lifted his brow.
“I was told someone knew he liked-”
“He likes blondes. With fat asses.” Yoongi spat out.
“Men.” He pressed his eyes. “Taehyung do you have any blondes who work for you-”
“I don’t.” He smiled, “Don’t like them very much.” Their glares moved to him. He was most certainly blonde.
“I’m not sending him.” Namjoon let out at them.
“Why not- you’d finally be using one of your men-”
“I’ll go.” Taehyung smiled,
“I’ll go too,” Seokjin added. Eyes moved to both of them.
“I don’t trust letting that one free-” Yoongi pointed to Seokjin.
“Why not let them go?” The only female voice spoke. “I heard he had Jungkook and Yoongi fooled for him for weeks?” Yoongi turned to Jisoo. Their exchange didn’t look pleasant. “If he can do that- why not let him go?” They all turned from her to Namjoon. He didn’t seem to be even considering what they asked. Holding a solemn look in place.
“You’d send them?” Namjoon took in a deep breath.
“I don’t see why not.” His shoulders lowered, as he spoke of the people behind him. “I trust them enough to be sent alone.”
“I refuse to let those two idiots go alone!” Yoongi spat before smirking lightly. “I’ll only approve if they take Jungkook.” Namjoon looked at Yoongi. This drew all side conversations to an end.
“Stop arguing over something so petty.” Hanbin sat back in his seat,
“Just ask Jungkook not to murder that blonde guy. With that we should be good-” Everyone turned to Jungkook. He held no particular emotion through this entire meeting.
“I won’t kill him.” Zico turned back to look at the group,
“It’s settled then? We’ll send those three. Our other men will supervise and go in once JYP is dead. We kill all their members and return to you your two blonde toys?” Seokjin wasn’t really liking this whole conversation. They spoke about them as if they literally weren’t sitting right behind them.
“If anything happens to either of them, I hope you all know you will be taking responsibility with your own lives?” Namjoon looked at all the people sitting down. “Got that?” The room grew silent, everyone was cautious as to their next words.
“You have two.” He held a bit of humor behind his voice. “One going missing won’t change much?” Yoongi spat. This was beginning to raise tension through the room.
“If anything happens to them, I will kill every single one of you but now I’ll start with Yoongi.” He gave him a smile.
“I’d love to see you try?” Yoongi pushed back his jacket, eyeing him. Namjoon wasn’t even intimidated.
“Then is that it?” He turned back, eyes flashing for a moment. It was Seokjin, he meant to look at Taehyung. Seokjin offered him a raised brow.
“That’s it,” Taehyung called from his other side. He untangled his hand from Seokjin’s standing up. “We have prepared lunch for everyone downstairs in the dining room. Please feel free to have a good time.” People stood up, grouchy movements as all began for the door- their lackeys following behind closely. This left them in the room. All five of them. Min Yoongi had yet to move.
“Aren’t you going to go have some food-” Yoongi waved Taehyung off.
“I want to have a talk.” His stare was simply held to Seokjin.
“I won’t allow it.” Namjoon stood from his seat going to Seokjin, placing a hand over his shoulder. “Head out to have lunch, Seokjin-”
“I want to speak with you Namjoon.” His gaze turned to Taehyung. “Get out Taehyung.” Namjoon held his glance as if this was already their fight.
“Taehyung take Seokjin with you and go have lunch.” His voice held no sympathy. Taehyung reached out, taking Seokjin into his grip, pulling him up.
“Come on Hyung? Let’s leave them.” Seokjin swallowed hard, Yoongi never looking away from him. He didn’t know what to do in this type of situation. He could only mouth something. He felt his whisper very small. I’m sorry. He was. He had toyed with everyone. He knew that Yoongi- was the one who was the most suspicious of him. He didn’t take him in as well as the others did. He had to work hard, but that man seemed to open up to him. It wasn’t enough to just apologize, Seokjin knew the only thing that would be an apology for him would probably be Seokjin actually dying. He waved back to Jungkook.
“Taehyung!” He called, “Take Jungkook with you.” He gripped the boy's hoodie behind him, pushing him from his chair. “Go air out your feelings kid.”
“That’s not what we agreed on?” Namjoon voice was low, as he looked at Jungkook.
“You are going to have a chat with me. He’s going to have a chat with the guy he used to fuck.” Yoongi smiled, “That’s why you should have agreed with me speaking with him.” He waved Jungkook off. “Don’t kill him, Jungkook!” Jungkook smiled at Namjoon.
“I won’t.”



Taehyung strung Seokjin over his shoulder- Jungkook closing the door behind them. Taehyung turned back lips pursed lightly.
“Help me with him will you?” Jungkook moved forward, holding up Seokjin bridal style.
“Thank you.” Seokjin let out. He smiled looking back at his voice, going in and kissing Seokjin. He pressed his eyes closed before feeling a hand swipe between them.
“No! No. Too many people around here.” Jungkook pulled himself back, nodding lightly.
“Sorry…” Seokjin let out a small huff.
“I think it’s best we take Seokjin to his room?” Taehyung smiled at them. “Come on.”



They entered Seokjin’s room, taking him to his table. Jungkook sat him down, staring at him.
“Stop looking at him like he’s’ meat!” Taehyung let out, closing the door behind them. He looked to Seokjin. “Both of you know better than to do that-” He balled his fist. “If anyone tells Namjoon that-”
“What’s he gonna do?”
“Do you want to start a war between our groups, you idiot? That’s what will happen.” He looked to Seokjin.
“Tell him? You already heard his speech… You know he doesn’t like sharing.” Seokjin held his head low.
“He’s right Jungkook. You and I shouldn’t do those… kind of things.” He pulled his head to look at him. “You might get hurt and I don’t want that.” Jungkook leaned closer, holding his face in his hands.
“I know.” His gaze was passionate. “I just couldn’t stop myself.” Taehyung held his hands to his waist.
“Jungkook. You should head downstairs and have lunch.” He stood in front of them, “Seokjin will be in a world of trouble if we are discovered.” He sighed,
“Taehyung. Can’t- can’t we just have some time alone-” Seokjin shook his head.
“If Namjoon was to find out. He would be livid, more than he is sure to be now.” Seokjin placed his hand over the younger one's cheek. “Head downstairs. I don’t want to cause you or Taehyung any more problems.” He let out a small whimper, moving forward and placing a small peck over his lips. Turning up, and standing.
“I’ll go have lunch then?” He scratched the back of his head,
“Wait-!” Taehyung called, having the boy spin around quickly. “Min Yoongi- he doesn’t have bad intentions, right?” Jungkook shrugged,
“He was fine seeing Namjoon… not too happy to be face to face with Hyung.” He shrugged, “I’m sure he would have shot him if he was the one speaking with him.” Taehyung’s eyes grew large hearing this.
“Did he bring a gun?” Jungkook nodded.
“He wouldn’t just shoot him Taehyung-” Taehyung’s eyes were large, and it appears as if he was going to have a nervous breakdown.
“They’ve both been shot at each other before.” The all silenced at the revelation.
“Yoongi almost shot Namjoon- when-when…. When the police found whoever's body…” He lowered his head. “I don’t think being alone is good.” Jungkook met Taehyung’s gaze. “We should go check on them?” Seokjin watched as Jungkook nods.
“We should wait outside, we can both break it off before they shoot something important.” Seokjin was a surgeon and would like to argue that everything is important on the body- but this was no time for his sarcasm. They both nodded in accordance.
“Seokjin- make it downstairs on your own-”
“You yeeted my cane.” Taehyung looked at him.
“I think he just quoted an old vine and made it past tense?” Jungkook let out whispering the newly created word to himself, “Yeeted?”
“Well… ask a guard-” He stopped himself. “You know something Jinnie just eat here?”
“Did you just call me ‘jinnie’?” His eyes grew large,
“I did.” Taehyung looked back at Jungkook. “Wait someone has to go downstairs-” He ran his hand over his face. “They’ll think two of us are doing something if someone doesn’t appear downstairs.” Taehyung points at Seokjin. “You!”
“Don’t finish your thoughts in your head, say the whole thing out loud!” Seokjin demands,
“You go downstairs-”
“With what cane smartass?” He looked over to Jungkook.
“Seokjin can you fly-” Taehyung smacked the back of his head.
“Both of you are idiots.” He shook his head, “Hyung… you can walk enough right?”
“I have no idea what enough means?”
“I think he’s asking if you think you can at least make it to the stairs?” Eyes turned to Taehyung again.
“Jungkook. Take him downstairs, we have to cut through there to get to the office anyways- then you take him into the dining room. Let him go before anyone sees the two of you linked. Then both of you sit your asses down-”
“Wait!” Jungkook pauses.
“What about my boss-” Taehyung looks at him.
“You’re worried about him?” Jungkook nods,
“You’re worried about your bosses?” Seokjin grimaces at them. They seemed to be ignoring him.
“I think they are both grown men.” Seokjin sits up, balancing himself slightly to his feet. “If they fight- I can tend to their wounds.” Both Taehyung and Jungkook turn to him.
“What kind of crazy talk is that?” Taehyung asks.
“Yeah, they both aim to kill,” Jungkook adds. Seokjin presses his eyes.
“The fight is about keeping me alive right? I’m out of sight- it seems stupid for two men to fight over that.” Seokjin pressed his eyes closed. “We should all head downstairs. Those other idiots are waiting to hear a gunshot. Or anything at all. Both your bosses should know that by now. They just want to make them fight and then pick a side.”
“They aren’t stupid. Or at least I hope they aren’t?” Seokjin moved his hand away from the table, impressed he manages to keep himself steady. “Let’s head down-”
“What if they kill each other-”
“If they didn’t kill each other the first time, I am sure- they are like friends… sick friends that I wouldn’t want to have but needless to say, friends. Men in this line of work don’t just let others out with their lives.” Seokjin said firmly. “The both of you lack trust in them. They’ve made it here with their wits and brains, now let them figure their shit out.”
“What if they kill each other?” Taehyung whispers,
“Well… I’ll try my best to keep them alive.”



Namjoon stares at the door, as Jungkook follows both of them. It took him a moment to process the sight, swallowing hard.
“Are you going to stare at the door forever?” He sighed, moving his gaze to the man ahead of him. He was small but intimidating. Namjoon knows fighting isn’t the way to settle anything, but that smile on his face isn’t helping anyone's case here.
“What do you want?” He smiled,
“I want you to kill Seokjin.” Namjoon laughed, seeing his brow straighten quickly.
“He’s my property now. You have not a single say in what I do with him.” Namjoon opened up his jacket, taking the seat behind him.
“Then sell him back to me-”
“All sales are final. No returns or exchanges is what I heard at the auction?” Yoongi smiled at him.
“Then is that a no?” He shook his head.
“I’m keeping him.” Yoongi takes a pause.
“He’s handsome. No doubt you’ve fallen for him- but isn’t Taehyung enough or is being rich and alone hard?”
“I don’t know. You seem to have Jungkook around a lot?” He rose his brow at the boy's name.
“You know Jungkook fell for that-” He pointed back at the door. “Fucked him too.” Namjoon shook his head to him.
“You think I have him here to just fuck?” He scoffed, “Doesn’t your head work?”
“What do you mean?”
“The boy managed to get the rest of the people to think we were about to start a war. That’s why they are all still downstairs right now.”
“Those idiots think one of us is going to tick the other off, hence starting a war. Me having Seokjin around is probably what they bet we'll fight over.”
“They aren’t wrong.”
“Well, let’s fight over it some other time. When we don’t have to kill someone together?” Yoongi nodded.
“So, how are we going to settle it?” He smiled, “Killing JYP I mean?” He shrugged,
“That guy killed some of my men when they were dropping off your supplies.” He let out a sigh,
“I haven’t lost a single one,” Yoongi said.
“Have you noticed how dropping off has become more difficult?” He nodded.
“Someone’s been upgrading weapons. I thought it was you-” He shook his head,
“I spoke with my men yesterday. They said they haven’t released anything me and Taehyung haven’t approved of.”
“Well, Kon has gotten new machine guns, and the weapon drops I’ve been given are getting harder to do with the number of people I have.”
“80?” He smirked,
“Seokjin told you?” He nods, “What else did he say?”
“Nothing important I don’t already know. I feel like you didn’t trust him huh?” He shook his head.
“Not at all. Jungkook and I agreed he was like a miracle. Stole his own DNA sample from a hospital and incriminated someone else in the process.” His smile faded. “If he didn’t jump on that stage- he would have gotten enough shit on me and turned me into the police.”
“Wouldn’t have worked.”
“Yeah, mostly cause the entire police is fucking corrupt.” He shrugged, “He pissed me off and embarrassed me in front of my guests.”
“No cares. They think we’ve both grown weak.” Namjoon covered his face with his hand. “Let’s agree not to fight? Huh, Min Yoongi?”
“Well, after we kill JYP I guess we should work out what we are going to do?” He stood up, walking over to him. “Sure. Let’s not fight.” He took out his hand. Namjoon stood up, taking the hand.
“Let’s go have a drink?” He nodded.



Seokjin held Taehyung’s hand, going into the room it growing silent. Eyes turned to them, everyone was standing in small groups and speaking with each other. Jungkook had walked ahead and was sitting alone in the far corner of the room. He was holding up his phone, eyes lingering on Seokjin lightly. Taehyung didn’t skip a beat moving him to where the only woman was.
“Hello, Jisoo?” She lowered her head to him lightly.
“Taehyung, how are you- and your new twin?” Seokjin pressed his eyes closed.
“I have a name.” She smiled.
“Seokjin.” She sighed, “I like you. You’re cute.” He didn’t mind compliments. “Better than that- you're smart.” Seokjin nodded. “What’s it like working for the police?” She asked.
“Sucks.” He let out,
“Working here?” He shrugged,
“It’s the same.” She lifted her cup of champagne.
“I figured.” She turned to Taehyung,
“And you? How’s sharing a man going?” He shrugged.
“I was a prostitute. Nothing I’m not used to.” He smiled at her, “How’s married life?”
“Jennie’s perfect.” She smiled, looking at Seokjin. “But you are so handsome-”
“I’m not into sleeping with you.” Seokjin let out.
“We’d make great children?” She looked at him, up and down. “Wouldn’t we Taehyung?”
“You’re going to ask Mr. Kim for his sperm donation?” She retracted her lips, looking at Taehyung.
“Do you have to bring him up whenever you hear a joke?” She squinted at him.
“I didn’t think you were joking.” He shrugged, “Beyond that, why are you standing alone?” She drew back lightly.
“Lisa went to eat.” She pointed to the girl near the table, “I also don’t want to talk to Mr. slaughter back there.” She looked to Jungkook who honestly just looked lost. “Your boss still upstairs?”
“Are you going to ask him for sperm?” She let out a small sniffle.
“No.” Seokjin froze as he felt a touch on his shoulder and a face appears in front of him.
“Taehyung?” He paused groaning. “Oh? It’s you...” Seokjin pulled back his shoulder,
“Don’t touch me.” He spat, looking him down. It was the guy from the meeting. Suho. He was touching him.
“Hate to break up this new duo but can I steal Taehyung?” Seokjin looked at Taehyung. He let out a sigh.
“If it’s about business, can it wait till Wednesday?” He shook his head.
“It’s about the moves you passed to me this week?” At this, he nodded.
“Lead the way.” He released his fingers from Seokjin. Moving away. This left him to stand alone, in pain. He didn’t know how to continue a conversation with this girl.
“So, how’s married-”
“How are they holding you here?” She was quick to ask questions.
“Not being held. Kinda like it here.” He lied, she didn’t seem at all convinced.
“So, do you have different days? Or does he take both of you at the same-”
“Jisoo?” Someone had come up to them, holding a glass of what smelled like whiskey. Seokjin was surprised. It was still only brunch hour. The man pointed back, “Jisoo, JB is looking for you.” She sighed.
“Tell him to handle it.” She sizzled, “I am having a conversation with him.” She rolled her eyes,
“He says it concerns the moves from the day before.” She sighed.
“Excuse me.” She leaves Seokjin with this other person. His eyes are dark and brown as he crosses over to her position.
“What is your name?” He stares at the man,
“Seokjin.” He smiled.
“It’s a nice name.” He nods.
“Thanks.” He reaches his hand out, Seokjin takes it shaking it. He turns over Seokjin’s hand.
“I saw you get shot the other day.” He intertwined their fingers. “You looked amazing on the stage.” Seokjin was creeped out.
“Thanks?” He pulled back his hand. “I don’t recall your-”
“N.” He tilted his head. “Do you remember my face?” Seokjin’s eyes grew slightly.
“Have we met before- were you a patient of mine?”’ He shook his head.
“No.” He observed his face for a moment. “You look as beautiful as ever-” Seokjin’s smiled largely seeing the two men walk into the dining room.
“Namjoon!” He gasped out, the man’s eyes quickly led to him. He moved away from the man at his side, slipping past more people. He came to Seokjin’s side, seeing N drop his hand at his appearance. Seokjin pressed himself on him, taking in a deep breath of relief. He wasn’t alone.
“N?” The man lifted a brow.
“Just looking at the damage Jungkook caused.” He shrugged, “Looks like having two is fun?” Namjoon pulled Seokjin closer. Seokjin let out a small moan. Causing both of the other men to react,
“What do you think?” Seokjin leaned his head back slightly holding his mouth closed. His grip over him was too strong. Painful. Maybe he should have stayed in his room. Now he was here, moaning in pain- causing them both discomfort.
“I guess I’ll leave you both alone?” He swirled his drink in his hand. “See you Seokjin?” Seokjin nodded, seeing him turn back and leave both of them two alone. Namjoon stayed silent for a moment.
“I don’t suppose you’d be in a good mood-” He leaned to Seokjin’s face pressing his nose to his cheek.
“I’ll deal with you and-” He looked around for a moment. “Where is he?” Seokjin spoke lowly.
“This guy asked to speak to him about a move.” He sighed,
“Did you speak with that savage?” Seokjin lifted his brow. Assuming who it was.
“Jungkook?” He rose his brow at the use of the boy's name.
“No. I don’t think I’d be in very good condition if he wanted to speak with me?” He nodded. Pulling back his grip.
“I’d tell you to go eat or something but you can’t walk very much on your own can you?” Seokjin shook his head. “Why didn’t Taehyung leave you in your room?” His voice was the only thing that expressed how truly annoyed he was. He was holding back the emotions in his face. “I’m very upset, you understand that right?” He could hear the anger beginning to boil.
“If it’s means anything. I am sorry-”
“It means nothing.” He looked around the room. “Avoid Yoongi and his brat. Wobble to the seat, and don’t interact any further.” He looked into his eyes, “Got it?” He nodded.



“We can’t-”
“Why not?” Suho bit back, looking at the disheveled man. “We’ve done it in here before?”
“There are guards here. Namjoon’s here-”
“I thought you ran yourself?” He pushed him back.
“We aren’t at the brothel. Let’s not continue this before someone-” The door pops open, seeing a confused face in the boy in the doorway.
“Oh shit… this isn't the bathroom?” Jungkook moved a hand up to cover his eyes. Suho pulled himself off of Taehyung. Eyeing him,
“Wednesday. Don’t forget.” His voice was hoarse, as he pushed Jungkook leaving the office. Taehyung let out a long breath, adjusting his clothing.
“Sorry-” He lifted his drink to him.
“You shouldn’t let him drag you around? Even if you’re a prostitute, don’t let him drag you around.”
“What, were you following me?” He shook his head,
“Thought there was a bathroom in this hall, but I saw him toss you into the room. So, I thought I’d help you out?”
“I didn’t ask for help.” He tilted his head up.
“I thought I’d be nice you know? Help you out?” He shrugged, “Doesn’t matter.” Taehyung looked down to the floor in shame. “So how’d you end up with Mr. Pretty drug pusher?”
“I-” Taehyung lowered his head. “It was for work. Thought he’d be easier to handle?” He shook his head. “He’s not afraid of being found with me though.” He let out a sigh, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with him anymore-”
“Drop him.” Taehyung smiled.
“You see a prostitute doesn’t drop a client…” He stood up, pulling his jacket over him. Buttoning the top of his shirt. “They either drop dead, or I do.”
“Sounds simple?” He shrugged, “Just kill ‘im.” Taehyung looked at Jungkook.
“Does murdering solve everything for you?” He nodded.
“Can’t try shit if they’re underground.” He shook his head.
“He’s a leader of a group. Him dying will cause a giant power vacuum hole and allow another group to take over. Besides that, if anyone finds out it’s connected to D.M.E- we’d have a war at our hands.”
“Some things are worth risking?” Taehyung’s look softened.
“Some things aren’t.” Jungkook brought his drink up passing it over to Taehyung. He took it, taking a sip before looking at him.
“It’s orange juice?”
“Yeah. Everyone else is over there drinking their asses off at 11 in the morning? Alcoholics man...” He shrugged,
“Let’s get back?” Taehyung shook his head.
“Go on without me. I have to fix myself before going downstairs.” Jungkook nodded.
“Okay.” He closed the door, leaving Taehyung in the dark room. He waited until he knew he was completely alone sinking to his knees.



The guest had left and with them the noise and stress leaving something else to fill the air. Fear. Seokjin was afraid of the man who had stepped out for a bit. Seokjin finally caught views of Taehyung as he walked out from the back, coming into the room. He gave him a slight wave, causing him to snap out of his trance-like walk. He looked a bit dazed, seeing the room empty his head drew up.
“Where is everyone?”
“Namjoon came back downstairs intact. They seemed bored and all decided to bail.” He let out a huff.
“So you were right Hyung?” Seokjin shrugged.
“You okay?” Taehyung offered his large smile at the question.
“Of course!” He exclaimed taking the seat next to him. “Who moved you here?”
“Oh… well, we know we were gonna get screamed at before starting this…” He pulled at the fabric on the table. “Can’t be helped.” He shrugged, seeing Seokjin turn to him.
“You sure you’re alright?” He nodded waving him off,
“Fine!” He said, a bit pushier. “So where is our man?” Seokjin pointed back towards the french door that led to the patio area.
“Went out to smoke with Yoongi before he left.” Taehyung’s brow rose.
“They’re on good terms now?” He shrugged,
“It appears so.” He nodded. Taehyung felt a grip on his hand, turning his head up to Seokjin.
“You can tell me- you know… if something’s wrong-”
“I’m fine hyung.” He shook him off. “Just a bit famished-” His eyes grew large,
“Let’s have dinner before Namjoon gets back, huh?!” He gave Seokjin a weak smile.
“Yeah.” He felt his head throb slightly. “Lets.”


Chapter Text

Seokjin held his head low, as the other man loomed over them.
“Who do you both think you are?” His voice was not loud but the anger behind it was. Taehyung wasn’t even holding his head up. His voice trembled lowly.
“It’s….It’s my fault. I… I didn’t want him- I didn’t want him to be here any longer-” Namjoon stared at him.
“Do you think I’m stupid?” He looked between the both of them. “I have half a mind hanging both of you-” He looked to Seokjin.
“I asked him to do this-”
“I did it on my own. Mr. Kim-” Namjoon tilted his head, a smirk coming upon his lips.
“Shut up.” Bitterness rolled off his tongue. “Both of you shut up.” Seokjin took in a deep breath.
“I told you before I wanted a job. I want-” Namjoon stood up, hand sweeping across the desk that was a barrier between them. He cleared it completely, throwing the glass objects off causing a loud crash. Seokjin pressed his eyes closed at the sound.
“Shut up.” His breathing had become rabid. “Don’t open that mouth again-” He pushed back from behind the desk, making his way across. His eyes lashed out to Taehyung, as he moved to him- pulling him to his feet by his shirt. Seokjin saw the look of terror on his face, at the proximity the other man had taken in such a short moment.
“Nam-” He was whimpering as he called the others name.
“Do you think it’s funny to embarrass me-”
“He didn’t do a single thing!” Seokjin let out, Namjoon didn’t deter from his anger. Pulling him closer.
“He can barely walk and you want to send him out to kill JYP? Are you fucking insane-” Tears welled up in Taehyung’s eyes.
“I-I’m… I’m sorry…” He wasn’t going to sit there and see him get battered by the bigger man. He knew it was his own fault.
“Why are you so fucking jealous of-” Seokjin stood to his feet, using the desk as his cane. He placed his hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. He felt his body poised in a manner that let him know he would actually hurt him.
“I told you before. This had nothing to do with him- it’s between me and you. Let. Him. Go.” He knew he didn’t sound at all threatening. Namjoon pulled his head back to look at him.
“Get your hand off me.” His hiss scared him, but he only shook his head. Namjoon’s grip over Taehyung loosened tossing him to the ground. He set himself between them, holding up a single hand out.
“If you want to hit anyone. Hit me.” He wasn’t fazed at the angered filled man ahead of him.
“Get out.” He looked down to Taehyung, the boy was still shaken. His eyes were large. “Get out!” His mouth opened in an attempt to say something.
“Go Tae. It’s alright.” Namjoon broke the space between them. Taking hold of Seokjin’s collar.
“It’s not.” He pulled Seokjin closer to his face. Their noses touching. “I’ll deal with you later.” He heard the man scramble lightly. “GO!” He heard the door behind them shut, leaving both of them face to face. “Do you think it’s funny to disobey me?”
“I don’t.” His eyes didn’t move, just as Namjoon grew closer. His breath was boiling his skin. “I asked you before for the job. You left me no-” His eyes shrunk as he pushed Seokjin back. His legs buckled causing him to land on his back.
CRASH! He lifted his head, seeing Namjoon kick a hole at the side of his wooden desk. What? What was wrong with this man? It seemed that wasn’t the end of his tantrum as he gripped the desk. He was sure it weighed more than 200 lb still he tossed to the wall behind Seokjin. He ducked barely missing the hurdling object. The wood split as he felt debris hit his back. Namjoon took hold of his chair tossing it to the side. Running his hands through his hair after. He moved his attention back to Seokjin.
“I tried being a nice person with you.” He wasn’t sounding like the tired man who Seokjin spoke with before. “I tried being nice- does that not work with you?”
“You asked me to ask for what I wanted. I wanted a job.” Seokjin felt his voice fail him. It trembled much like him, he was scared. He was horrified by the man in front of him.
“You are going to die.” He let out a deep breath. “Is that what you want? Huh? TO DIE?!” He neared Seokjin, pulling him up to his feet. He couldn’t steady himself, his legs were too weak at this moment. “You can’t walk- you almost got that fucker Yoongi to shoot you right in front of me!” His voice was booming in Seokjin’s head. “If he had killed you there- I would have had to start a war! A WAR YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” He was huffing. “I WOULD HAVE LOST YOU!” Seokjin’s words couldn’t leave his mouth. “You could have died. I paid for you. You are my property- why doesn’t that get into your head?!” Seokjin was heaving, he couldn’t seem to breathe. “You aren’t free to die- you aren’t free to speak- YOU ARE MINE!” Seokjin pulled his hand back to his chest. It was pounding hard, he felt mouth dry at those words.
“I-I-... I’m sorry…” He moved his hands up, holding him by his face. His grip was painful, but he couldn’t speak. Words had begun to fail him.
“Do you want to die?” His words held no emotion. “If that’s what you want- tell me now. I’ll shoot you in the head.” Seokjin felt himself shiver, he wasn’t sure. Wanting to die? Was he offering him an escape- and escape to all this? “Tell me now.” Seokjin’s tears fell from his eyes and onto Namjoon’s hand.
“I-I…” He wanted to die. More than anything Seokjin wanted to let this all go, his anguish, his pain. He was afraid of everything that the man who held him right now was offering him what he has been searching for. “I don’t want to die.” He couldn’t take an easy way out of this. He was bound to suffer, and death was the easiest way out. He reached a hand up to Namjoon’s grip. “I’m sorry for- I’m sorry for disobeying you.” He felt more tears trickle their way down his cheek. “I- I am sorry.” He bit his upper lip, “Namjoon- I’m sorry-” The man looked at him for a moment. A true moment, both their gazes to each other. “I won’t disobey you ever again.” Namjoon’s eyes held something behind their anger. Something Seokjin knew matched his own. Fear. Fear of what was beyond him. “Forgive me… forgive me Namjoon.” His look softened. He didn’t see the blazing anger any longer. This look of ease brought him to tears. “I-I-” He began to ball, a heavy stream of water leaving his eyes. “Forgive me-” Namjoon dropped him on the ground, not bothering to shudder at the sound of his pain.
“Never do that again.” Those were his words. He sped past him, throwing open the door and leaving. Seokjin tried to regain himself, taking in a deep breath. T-that man was crazy.



Seokjin pushed open his door, seeing Taehyung huddled on the chair. His eyes grew large as he sprang up moving to help him. He pulled Seokjin into the room, closing the door quickly. He led Seokjin to his seat, lowering him down.
“He was angrier than I could have imagined?” Seokjin let out, Taehyung brought a hand up to his face.
“Well… he was angry- you got him angrier though-”
“How did I do anything-” Taehyung took in a deep breath.
“During the meeting, you should have stayed silent… Your comments nearly had Yoongi shoot you.” Seokjin looked at him.
“They were being rude to you-”
“It didn’t matter Hyung. I would have handled it-”
“No.” He shook his head. “You don’t like getting called a whore. I’m not just going to sit there while they disrespect you.” He didn’t hesitate to take Taehyung’s hand. “If that asshole isn’t going to say something then I will.”
“Namjoon doesn't speak up because-”
“Don’t give him a reason not to. He should be the one speaking up. He wants to act like he’s the powerful one. Then he shouldn’t let people speak about his partner in that manner. Don’t just take it Taehyung. He’s the one in the wrong-” Taehyung placed a hand on his cheek. A small pitiful smile,
“Thank you for that. It was incredibly stupid… but thank you for defending me Hyung.” Seokjin shook his head.
“Don’t thank me.” Seokjin moved a hand up to Taehyung’s cheek. “You shouldn’t let those fuckers talk down to you. I don’t care if you suck dick for money, they kill people and act like it’s something to be proud of.”
“What am I going to do with you Hyung?” He pulled back shaking his head. “We’ve stressed him out more.” He pulled himself up, “I don’t know if I should go speak with him-” Seokjin grabbed his hand, holding him back.
“No… He could hurt you-” Taehyung shook his head.
“Namjoon has never hurt me. Never.” He leaned back resting a hand on Seokjin’s head. “He’s just worried about us Hyung… He’s afraid we’ll both die.”
“That doesn’t excuse him almost hitting you-”
“He won’t hurt us Hyung. He… He’s not like that.” Seokjin’s mind wandered back to the office. He had held him, asked him if he wanted to die. Offering to do it himself.
“Don’t go.” His look strained on the boy. He shook his head resilient,
“I have to go make sure he’s alright.”
“Tae-” He gave him a smile.
“I’ll be back soon.” He assured him. “I’ll be back to sleep in here again, okay?” Seokjin nodded.
“If he does anything- don’t try to-”
“I will be fine,” Taehyung reassured him. He moved away leaving Seokjin alone in his room.



Namjoon had pretty much-thrown everything in his room. Going as far as to break the mirror on his vanity. A small knock came to his door.
“WHAT?!” He was angry, he was infuriated. Still, the door opened showing him the man from before. “What do you want Taehyung?” His eyes were small, as he took in the sight around him.
“Mr. Kim-” He didn’t want to hear that name, going back and kicking the bed stand. He seemed to let out a small squeak at his action. “Namjoon… stop you’ll hurt yourself.” He moved forward, taking hold of his fist. “We are both sorry- we shouldn’t have done what we did-” He looked back at him.
“I can’t protect you or him when you are there.” His breathing was rough and rigid.
“I know.” He moved forward, pulling him into his grip. He felt his tense body, not easing even in his arms. “We were both stupid for doing what we did.” He nestled his head in the crook of his neck. “We just want to be useful.”
“You could have started a war.”
“We are both so sorry.” He pulled him closer, finally feeling his tense body easing into him. It was slow as he felt a single hand over him, then the second tightening quickly. Their embrace was tight, and Taehyung knew he was upset. “We won’t ever go against you again Namjoon, never again.” He pulled his head back, staring at him. He didn’t look angry anymore. No, the sudden sight of tiredness encompassed that, along with his worries. He knew he had done wrong. Namjoon had enough stress as it was, now the possibility of losing him… and Seokjin was weighing more than anything in this man’s head. “What can I do to make you feel better?” Namjoon pulled back shaking his head to him.
“Go home.” Taehyung felt his chest hurt at that. “Just...go home…”
“Please…” He held his head in his hands. “Just go home.” Taehyung stared at him,
“If that is what you want… I will leave.” He let a hand cross over his chest. “Goodbye Namjoon.”



Seokjin waited at the table, keeping his head low. It was well past midnight. Taehyung had yet to return. He was worried. That man looked as if he was truly going to hurt them. He- he was like a monster. Seokjin knew he was in the wrong, coming here- invading his meeting and forcing him to give him a job… but he would handle himself, he was his own person. Him giving him a job as a stepping stone to allowing him to move out of this place. He knew to force his way through… wasn’t good but what other choice did he have? Wait until he had his way with him? Wait until Taehyung didn’t like him anymore? He didn’t want that. He looked back at the clock that hung over his bed.
“Where is he?”



Morning came and Seokjin had stayed up waiting for the boy to arrive, but he didn’t come leaving him sore and strained on the chair. He wasn’t feeling good, maybe it was the exertion but it seemed as if his chest pains had returned. He now knew what it meant though, his stress- elevation he would be having another heart attack if he doesn’t calm down and take some medication. How could he though, relaxing called for his mind to be cleared?
He stood up, pushing himself with his own feet. He had to make it to the bed at least. Just there. He willed, and with great pain, he moved to it. Landing face first on the soft mattress. His face was consumed with nothing else but the smell of the bed and Taehyung’s rosy scent.



“What made you change your mind?” Taehyung sat up from the bedside, buttoning on his shirt from the day before.
“Namjoon doesn't want me anymore.”
“He told you that? Damn….” Suho shook his head, pulling the cigarette from his mouth. “It’s that fucking Seokjin’s-”
“It’s not Hyung’s fault.” He lowered his gaze, “It’s Namjoon for falling for him.” He took in a deep breath smiling at the man in his bed. “I trust you know how to let yourself out? I have a business to run.” He flattened his clothing.
“So, you still gonna stick to his side?” He turned his head back to him.
“Of course I will.” He pressed his eyes closed. “Besides, I want to make it clear. You and I aren’t a thing. Never will be.” He drew up a jacket placing it over him. “I just like fucking you.” With that he left the other man on his bed, still smoking.



Hoseok lifted his head from his work, how long had he been confined to this chair?
“Hey Hobi!” He leered at the voice.
“What do you want Baekhyun?” A hand was placed on his shoulder.
“My leader wants to speak with you?” He grumbled lightly at this,
“Finishing off Seokjin.” He turned to the boy, still in his police attire.
“He wants to kill him?” He shrugged,
“I am sure he just wants to finish off Namjoon-”
“I’m still working for him.” Baekhyun smiled,
“Are you always so grouchy when it comes to jokes?! I’m joking obviously!” He smiled lightly.
“It wasn’t very funny.” He nodded.
“I want to see you happy… and not- moping.” He looked at him,
“Did you bring the documents I asked for?” Baekhyun nodded, passing over the papers.
“Don’t know why’d you want papers on Jungkook though…. The boy isn’t running or anything…”
“He works with Yoongi. I saw him almost kill Seokjin.” He lifted his brow to him,
“Did he?” Hoseok nodded, opening the folders. “I am going to be taking my leave then?” Hoseok nodded.
“Thanks again.” He waved back at the sweetly smiling man.



Seokjin sat down at the dining table, seeing a maid enter the room. She served him his breakfast quickly, leaving him to speak slowly.
“Where is Taehyung?” She pressed her lips lightly.
“Master Taehyung left last night Master Seokjin.” He stared at her.
“And Namjoon?”
“Mr. Kim left for work without breakfast.” Seokjin nodded.
“I’m alone then?” She nodded. With a small bow, she left him alone.



Jungkook sat down staring at the man behind the bar.
“You feeling better with voicing out your feelings kid?”
“I am.” Yoongi smiled, pulling the cigarette from his mouth handing it to Jungkook. “Pass.” He simply said. Yoongi shrugged placing it in his mouth again, as he served himself up some scotch.
“Well… you didn’t murder him. So, I asked Jooheon to get you something. It’s upstairs, take it when you want.”
“I don’t want another bazooka Hyung.”
“Well… It’s not a bazooka.”
“Or a grenade.”
“Why would I get you that?” His eyes pressed almost closed. “If you are curious you just have to go up and get it-”
“Hyung?” Yoongi paused looking at him.
“What is it?” He didn’t sound pleased to be interrupted.
“When are we going to kill JYP?” He shrugged,
“Few days. Most likely Wednesday?”
“I’ll be the only one there with them right-”
“Are you afraid you’ll end up killing him?” He wasn’t concerned. “You shouldn’t do that yet-” He was like this again.
“Hyung I don’t want to kill him.” Yoongi smiled at him,
“I think you’re getting better at controlling yourself-”
“Hyung. I didn’t mean that I mean-”

Yoongi rolled his eyes at the phone.
“Give me a minute.” He lifted his phone answering it. “What do you want?” He pulled back from behind the bar- and leading off to the stage leaving Jungkook alone. His mind was finally able to come to his senses. He wasn’t going to tell him about Seokjin. He wouldn’t react well. Not at all. He was finally back to being their grumpy leader, with him pressing the news that he was in love with the man who betrayed his group he was sure there would be a fight. One he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish on his own.
“Hey, I gotta go meet up with a client?”
“Do you want me to go with-” He shook his head.
“Nope.” He shook his head. “I’ll handle it. Just make sure to have something for dinner alright?” Jungkook nodded, seeing him reach over for his pack of cigarettes.
“Isn’t it about time you quit?” He heard the man swear under his breath.
“I’ll do it when I get married.” He smiled at his words. Jungkook shook his head,
“I hope you find someone soon then?” Yoongi pressed his eyes closed.
“As long as I don’t find people like you do.” They both snickered before Yoongi leans close to him. “You’ll find someone soon kid.” He pulled back giving his famous gummy smile to the younger boy. “Bye.”



Taehyung wasn’t operating from Namjoon’s home, so he had to run things through his brothel. Which was if nothing else annoying. Namjoon’s men avoided this place like the plague and asking them down here only offered him nervous yeses. He had been calling people down for a long time now, and only one person responded to his call. Someone who has never visited his brothel.
“Master Taehyung?” He lifted his head at the voice, the boy smiling lightly at him.
“What is it Jimin?” Jimin leaned forward lips pursed.
“Irene made us some lunch- would you like for me to join you?” He looked at him nodding.
“Yeah. Let’s eat.”



He held the fork in his mouth feeling the meat melt in his mouth.
“What does that woman do to cook so well?” Jimin nodded at him,
“She says she uses all her love!” They both nod at this, continuing for some time. Before a head pokes up from the walls.
“Joy?” Taehyung asks, seeing the girls eyes large.
“Someone is here to see you.” He nods already knowing who it was.
“Let him in.” Jimin sat back still chewing.
“Who is it?” His head perched at the bright-haired man as he walked into the room. Eyes slightly dull,
“This is Min Yoongi,” Taehyung repeated standing and taking his hand out for him to shake. He did so, eyes moving down to the boy next to Taehyung. He looked familiar. Still, he sat across from them.
“I’m here to talk to you about killing JYP.” The small boy next to him moved his eyes up to him. Taehyung must have noticed placing a hand on Jimin’s knee.
“Well… it will be done soon, so out with it? What are your concerns?”
“Jungkook killing that other twink.” Taehyung rolled his eyes, moving his head to Jimin. He paused seeing his eyes. “Sorry, is that like some kind of slur for prostitutes?” Taehyung shook his head.
“Killing isn’t something we talk about in this business.” His eyes moved to the blonde boy next to him.
“He’s blonde?” Taehyung whipped his head back to Yoongi.
“You said you didn’t hire blondes. You lied.” He leered lightly at Jimin. “Stand up and turn for me will you?” Jimin looked as if he had asked the most outlandish question on this face of the planet. Still, he looked between them- standing before the grip over his wrist became apparent. It was Taehyung holding him back.
“Sit down.” Jimin did as he was told, keeping his knees pressed together.
“He has a fat ass doesn’t he?” Yoongi shook his head at them, “Why are you hiding him Taehyung?”
“He’s not for sale. He’s mine.” Yoongi paused,
“You like taking them as well huh?” He shrugged, “Well… he would have traded places well with- you know?” He nodded.
“He would have but I won’t allow it.” Yoongi looked at him.
“You want to get rid of him just as much as I do huh?” Taehyung stared straight at him.
“No,” Yoongi smirked.
“Don’t lie.” He shook his head, “He’s taking away Namjoon from you. You know it, I know everyone in that room knew it.”
“He slept with Jungkook. My Jungkook, and now he’s coming for your boss-”
“Yoongi.” His voice was trembling.
“I think it’s not nice of you to be speaking like that to him.” Jimin stared at the man ahead of him. “If he says something then I believe you shouldn’t continue to pester.”
“So they speak too?” He looked to Taehyung. “I’m right. Your boss knows it, pretty boy.”
“I like hyung.”
“You hate him. He’s stealing Namjoon- and soon you’ll be put up on the curb.” He took in a deep breath.
“What does this have to do with JYP?”
“The point I’m making is you want to kill that rat. So, you want to pin this out on Jungkook huh?”
“Why would I pin this one on that-”
“You know Jungkook is uncontrollable at some point. You want it to happen huh?” He let out a sigh,
“That would cause a war. I’m sure you and Namjoon both know how bad that would be for both of us.”
“Then why are you putting him in the line of danger?” Taehyung's eyes grew slightly.
“You don’t have a reason. You just want him to die, don’t you?” Jimin leaned forward.
“I don’t mean to interrupt but why did you come here?” Yoongi looked at the boy, seeing his plump face. Yoongi leaned closer over the table. Taking the boy’s face in his hands.
“Let go of him.” Taehyung held his wrist as he squished the boys face in his grip.
“He’s cute.” He tilted his head, “How much?”
“Not for sale.” Yoongi tilted his head at him.
“No huh?” Yoongi let go sliding back in his seat. “Make an appointment with Namjoon. I want to speak with him regarding you and Jungkook.”
“I want you and him to trade places.” Taehyung stared at him,
“What?” Taehyung strung forward.
“Make him reconsider not having you around. He doesn’t run his group- you do. Consider it? Maybe he’ll come back and appreciate you.”
“I don’t want to work for you-”
“No one does. But hey, I need you for something.”
“I don’t just sleep around for-”
“Listen. I’m not stupid.” He shook his head, “I know about Jungkook’s meeting with... him.” Taehyung’s eyes grew large.
“You do?” He nods.
“He told me he voiced all his opinions. And he didn’t kill him.” He shrugged, “So I think he can stay with him for a while. You and I will tend to some loose ends on my side and you know... Let Jungkook get under Namjoon’s skin?”
“Why would I help you do that to my boss?”
“You want to be with him huh? The only one no?” Taehyung shook his head to him.
“It would never work.”
“It will. As long as you agree with our meeting.” He smiled at Jimin. “Wouldn’t it?” Taehyung paused.
“I’ll see if I can make an appointment with Namjoon then.” He nodded in satisfaction.
“If all goes right you should get Namjoon back to his old self, and I will get what I want.” Taehyung looked at him.
“Are you sure this is what Jungkook would want- I mean living with Namjoon, him and Hyung being together-”
“He’ll be fine. I know he’s getting stronger and better.” Taehyung shook his head,
“What’s bringing this on Yoongi?” He shrugged,
“I want the kid to be happy is all?” He moved his hand forward, “Deal?” Taehyung took it.



“Hello. I’m Taehyung, leave a message for Mr. Kim, tell him he has a meeting tomorrow with Mr. Min. It’s to talk about a settlement. No, No- I don’t want to speak with him. Just leave him the message is that alright?” He sat back in his seat, feeling his stomach pains. He told Seokjin before no, that he would claw for Namjoon’s attention. Now, he was doing so. It was for the best, Seokjin hated Namjoon. He would be doing him a favor helping Yoongi out, and he would even get to be with Jungkook- and he actually loved him. He was doing what was right. Still, everything inside of him was telling him otherwise. He was betraying Namjoon’s trust just like that- to get rid of Seokjin. To be his only. Why was that so hard, for him to just be at his full attention. Why did he stare at him when he was right there at his side as well. When they looked exactly the same. When they were in the same status. What was so great about him? Why couldn’t Taehyung compete with him?
“Master Taehyung?” He looked up to Jimin, his eyes large.
“It’s almost opening time-” He nodded standing up,
“Is it?” He turned over his phone staring at the time. “It’s so late.” He gasped, “I- I have to get back to-”
“To?” Jimin repeated, seeing the glimmer in the other man dissipate.
“Nevermind.” He shrugged, “I’ll be the face of the house tonight. You can run off and… rest.” He tilted his head to him,
“Are you sure?” He nodded.
“I’m here full time until I am called upon again.”



Seokjin picked at his vegetables on his plate, his legs over his chest. He couldn't eat. Not while he was all alone. The room was silent, he hadn’t spoken to anyone all day. Maids turned their glares away. They must have known he had done something bad.
“Huh…” He slumped back, almost sliding from his seat if not for his planted feet on the chair. He got Taehyung in trouble, he has only been causing trouble. He knew that wasn’t any matter for him to leave this place. What could he do to slide things over and make amends? He knew Namjoon wouldn’t want to see him in the least. Taehyung was… God knows where. He slumped his head, where was he? Where was the boyish man who had been keeping him company, who he looked after like a small brother? Where was he?


Namjoon smothered his head in his hands.
“When is my next meeting?”
“In three minutes, sir.” He nodded to his secretary. “Should I push it to five?” He shook his head,
“I just have to call home. Let them know to eat without me.” She offered her boss a smile,
“Calling the ol’ husband huh?” He looked at her,
“Of sorts.” He spat, moving away he dialed quickly. Hearing someone pick up.
“Mr. Kim?”
“Hey- umm… let them both know I won’t be home tonight. I’ll be staying at my office.” He heard the maid shuffle slightly, and he wondered if she would pass the phone over to one of the two. “Of course, sir.” He deflated at her voice.
“Okay. Then goodbye.” He hung up, moving away from behind the secluded hall and back to his secretaries side. “Okay. Let’s head to the next meeting?”


His eyes grew large at the name.
“Come again?” Jungkook leaned on the chained fence in the back.
“You hate him, no?”
“He broke your heart didn’t he?” Jungkook stared at the man before him. He was small, eyes large with a friendly smile.
“Who are you?” He shrugged lightly.
“I’m someone who works for a certain person. I think we both know it’s not good to ask too much about bosses.”
“You’re asking me to kill a boss's plaything? It could cause a war.”
“But…” The man leered lightly, “He was your plaything first no?” Jungkook nestled his fingers through the holes of the fence.
“Tell me who wants him dead? I’ll consider it then?” The boy smiled.
“Our boss doesn’t simply expose himself. This, as you said, could cause a war-”
“Then tell him to stick it up his ass. If he wants me to ever even consider something like a killing he’ll have to come here by himself and not send his…” He looked him down. “Boy scout.”
“I am sad we have not seen eye to eye.” He bowed, “I will see you around then, Jungkook?” He nodded before a thought spurred in his head.
“Tell him I’ll do it if he shows me his face.” The man turned back to look at him.
“I will consult with my boss then? Please expect a response?” He nodded. Finally, he was out of earshot. He lowered his head, someone was trying to kill Seokjin? Why was he being targeted, by someone who knew they had a relationship nonetheless? He had to find them and put a quick bullet into their heads. He took in a deep breath, wondering how long it would take for a response.


He took his medicine, feeling quite tired after. He was drained and happily welcoming the numbness. He was still waiting, for Taehyung to come back and join him in his bed. Night had come and he laid awake in bed. Nestled in the faint rosy scent the boy had left. It was fleeting, and he knew it would soon come to smell of nothing besides himself. He was battling in his mind, to either allow the numbness to consume him or to let his mind wander. To speculate as to where Taehyung was, or where Namjoon was. He didn't like being this alone. Him being bedridden was the only thing that kept him down back then, now- he just couldn’t contain himself.
“Ohhh…” He sat up, looking around his dimly lit room. What could someone as restless as him do at this time of night? He poked his head up, looking at the T.V in his room. No. He shouldn’t. Watching T.V.... wasn’t good. Nothing good has ever come from his watching television. He thought about pulling up a book on his shelf. Nothing seemed to interest him. Nothing at all. He stood up, remembering a library he was allowed to venture into. Well… he was allowed to but… maybe but circumstances had changed. because he wasn’t here he could borrow a book?



Seokjin pushed open the door peering into the room. He saw the room untouched, and quiet. He entered turning the light on. His eyes moved around… Seeing a room. A weird room. Well, it was- there was a collection of Ryan toys on this man's bed. He turned his head, facing a wall. He was not seeing this. This guy, the CEO of a company- leader of a mafia group had a plushie collection of orange lions? He let out a small scoff, ahh… even the craziest of people have a quirk huh? He thought, moving forward- taking up a doll. He pulled at the arms, knowing he shouldn’t be even venturing into his room let alone playing with one of his precious plushies. He thought about it for a moment, setting it back on the top of the bed. He passed the bedroom knowing he must have had an office in his room as well. He walked down the hall, pushing open the first door. His eyes grew slightly, seeing a large expansion of shelves. He smiled pulling into the room. He looked around, seeing a well-stocked library. He went to the first shelf, eyeing the books. Alexander the great, greatest achievements in history. He shook his head at this, what a nerd. He had this organized by alphabetical order huh? He looked around, seeing more shelves lined up leading up to a backspace. He followed the structure of the room, going to the rear. He found a desk, books scattered on the tabletop. This was nothing like how clean he had first seen his office, this place looked as if was well worked in. A scatter of some books that remind him of college, The Catcher in the Rye, Damien, and Odyssey. He remembered reading them, not for fun but for papers he had to write. He shook his head at this, knowing he was really just being held by a nerd who collects Ryan toys and reads books that strained his head back in the days. He took up Damien, opening up the first page. Something slipping from the book. He pulled it up, slightly afraid of what had come down. He slipped down to the ground, reaching under the desk trying to get the small piece of paper. He bent over stretching, his eyes catching sight of the small white paper. He took it up, smiling that he could reach it from the back of the desk. He drew back, holding it up. He stared at the small paper, eyeing it. It had some words on it, he read it.
Namjoon, age 4. He scoffed. Was he conceited enough to use his own baby photos as a bookmark? He turned it back, being greeted by a toothy smile. He smiled at the image. Knowing this was probably him, at age 4- the thing he didn’t know was the two people holding the small child in their hands. Those two must have been his parents. He looked at the woman, she was the one who held the group he was now controlling? Looked like a nice lady, pretty too. Taehyung had said she wanted the best for her son and asked for him not to continue the business. It was sad he continued this group, in order to keep up his mother's memory in his mind. Still, he was a better son then Seokjin ever was. He was doing his mom proud in a way. Seokjin didn’t even want to consider being a CEO, not working for his company not working for his family. Maybe he shouldn’t judge this man, he was actually doing something for carrying his family's legacy. What was he doing? Being kidnaped because he couldn’t just live a mundane life and choose to work in an office setting. He took the photo up, turning it around again. The letters were curled lightly, looking very neat. Seokjin’s handwriting was questionable at best, he was a doctor. If you handed him a prescription he wrote earlier, well he wasn’t going to be able to read it to you even if he tried. He took the photo, placing it back into the book.

Seokjin paused, knowing in fact that he had heard something. He turned his head back, seeing the small white dog perched on a pillow on the ground. He tilted his head at it.
Wooff! He smiled, moving towards it. The small dog's eyes seemed to grow large at his approach, standing up on his own- tail wagging. Seokjin sighed in relief, he was a good boy. He opened up his palm, allowing him to smell the bandaged hand. He did, moving a bit closer to his hand. Seokjin complied, offering a well-deserved scratch behind the ears of such a sweet puper. He wriggled at his touch allowing Seokjin to moved to rub his head.
“I didn’t know there was a dog here?” The dog sat down waiting patiently. He was polite too?! Seokjin sat up, feeling his abdomen hurt as his foolish decision to lower himself. He looked back around the room. He was all alone. His brow lifted at the thought. Was he his dog? He was sitting in Namjoon’s room. In his study nonetheless, maybe- he was lonely too. His owner wasn’t home. He tilted his head at the dog. “Want to join me in a quest of loneliness pup?” The dog’s head tilted to the right and then to the left. He took it as an answer. Looking at the shelves, he could pick a few out. Read them, then return the dogo. He smiled at his idea, lowering himself again. The dog didn’t seem to hesitate, leaping into his grip. Seokjin didn’t mind. His ribs did, but what blame does this precious dog have in human matters? Not a single shred of it is what.



Seokjin offered him a slice of bacon he had sneaked from his plate from a quick sandwich he asked for. The maids weren’t too watchful of him, and the dog hiding in his closet. He flipped the page in his book, he was nestled on his bed. A king sized bed, with a lot of throw pillows. He didn’t mind, and apparently, his new friend didn’t either. While he was resting on the pillows, the dog had decided to nestle his head over Seokjin’s page-turning hand. So, he had to do what he had to do to turn the pages without disturbing the actual work of art next to him. He’d feed him, and he’d raise his head up taking in the meat offerings. He was like a god, Seokjin had to comply by feeding him slivers of delicious pig fat. He blew on the book, turning the page and again adjusting his hand over the book. Was it tedious? Yes. But having someone around was better than sitting in bed and waiting for sleep to hit. It didn’t happen last night, and it had not begun to even delude his alertness right now- was it really late or really early? He didn’t know. What he did know was that reading helps calm him, though his mind couldn’t truly focus on the narrative of the book solely the comical puns that were made in the tempest. He didn’t like reading Shakespeare but hey- Namjoon’s personal book collection didn’t offer the magical works of Dr. Seuss’s classic green eggs and ham or The Rainbow Fish. So, he made do with what he thought would be at least partially entertaining. It kinda was, besides the guy who was enslaved because of who he was born from and not understanding basic physical needs which causes him to almost rape a girl, and that the girl, Miranda is like 15 and literally in tears at a love proposal. Besides that yeah- it was a laughing riot. Okay, maybe it was more of a tragedy than a comedy?
Seokjin let the book flop to his chest. Turning his head to the side to stare at the dog. He had dug his head further between his side. Seokjin knew now, he couldn’t move anymore. Disturbing this dogo would truly damn him to hell. If his past actions hadn't on their own. He reached slightly. Turning off the lamp next to him. Maybe drifting to sleep wasn’t the worst thing he could do? He let out a sigh, adjusting himself finally getting a grasp of the side of the bed. He tossed a blanket over himself and the dog- with one hand impressively. Both seem to get closer. And then, with more than 24 hours of unrest did Kim Seokjin finally sleep.



A wet snout found its way to his face, causing him to instinctively push it away.
“Don’t lick me Jungkook-” Again another lick came to his face. He knew it wasn’t human at this point. He peeked an eye open, face being overcome with the dog’s snout. He pushed it back lightly, nodding. “I’m awake. I’m awake!” He proclaimed, the dog bouncing hearing his voice. He smiled, rustling his own head. “Guess I have to walk-” The dog jumped off the bed. Providing him with his answer. Yes, he had to walk him.



Seokjin moved outside, slipping lightly away as he pressed the door closed. He didn’t need anyone finding out he was awake this early and walking this dog he knew nothing about until the night before. Could he be shot down? Yes. He doubted it though. He was informed he was all alone. If that was the case, him being in his room wouldn’t be any more different than the last day. Just had to make sure to get back before anyone asked him if he wanted to eat. Well, the sun still wasn't out again. He looked overhead, grumpy at the muggy weather. When was the sun going to come back?
Woof! His head turned up, seeing the white dog rush past him and into the flower bed.
“Oh no.” He whispered, moving ahead- trying to stop the digging through the tulips. He bit back, pulling him up. He sighed, the once pristine white pup was a now covered in mud. “Why are like this?” He asked receiving nothing except a tail wag. He held the dog a good arm distance, shaking his head. “What happens if your owner gets mad?” He was kept inside, and very clean. Was he perhaps an indoor dog? Who was only walked in the front- or somewhere where he couldn’t get dirty? He knew he would have to clean him up on his own. “Let’s go back inside-” His own voice was cut off, as he heard voices behind him. He ducked down quickly behind bushes, keeping low to the ground.
“When is he getting here?” It was Namjoon.
“Soon. I called. He said he would be here in a little bit Mr. Kim.” Oh no. He poked his head lightly, seeing the two. Namjoon already sitting down, smoking- while Taehyung stood behind him resting his hands over his shoulders. He wasn’t supposed to be out, especially not alone. He needed to hide. Hide somewhere and then get back inside- nope impossible. They were covering his only entrance to the house. Shit. So much for him being lowkey and behaving. He was sure that that guy was still upset with him, maybe he was forcing Taehyung away from him.
“Did you make sure to call the men. Tell them to stock up on ammunition until this whole thing is sorted out?”
“I did.”
“Good.” Seokjin could hear them, they were either screaming or he was just too close. Too close for any comfort. His stomach was actually in pain. “Get someone to make us some breakfast?”
“Should I tell them to prepare for Seokjin?” Taehyung’s voice was low as he asked.
“Let him eat upstairs.” Oh, he sounded angry. That was just by the mentioning of just his name alone. “I don’t need him intervening in any more deals.” Seokjin gritted his teeth, someone was going to be looking for him soon. Oh no.
“Mr. Kim, Master Taehyung- Mr. Min has arrived.” Ah shit. Why could nothing go his way? Why couldn’t someone who didn’t want to kill him come here?
“Send him here.”
“Yes, sir.” Seokjin would just have to sit here. Then, he could sneak back inside. Yup, he was going sit in the damp dirt until these men decided to move inside. Or just leave? That would be nice, you know? Everyone had left him the day before but now that he decided to get some fresh air they want to come back? For what a meeting? They had a meeting two days ago! At this point it would just be an email- well maybe an email from a mob wasn’t too common, but you know what was? A fucking phone call. Why must everything be face to face? Seokjin didn’t like where any of this was going. He just had to stay still, maybe act dead if anyone noticed. Yup, that worked on bears and probably no one else. His mind couldn’t focus on what to do. His entrance was blocked, and he just couldn’t walk around and go through the front door. There were guards posted there. The last thing he needs to do is get shot for trying to get back in where he was being held. He just had to endure, endure the soaking of his pajamas and stay hidden.
He heard the chairs move back as he peeked through the leaves he saw the now red-haired man. It was like two days and now his hair had changed… Wow, he worked fast...
“Namjoon.” He lifted his head to him as a greeting.
“Hello, Mr. Min.” Yoongi didn’t linger taking the seat in front of him- that is when he caught the boy behind him. Jungkook was there too? What is going on? Namjoon stood up, leering at the boy.
“What is this monster doing here?” The small yeep almost made him pee himself. In his arms, the small brown stained dog had made a sound. Namjoon paused from his speaking looking up. He ducked down further into the mud, clasping his hand over the dog's mouth.
“Shhhh…” He said, barely audible.
“Namjoon?” Taehyung tilted his head to him, “Is something wrong?”
“I… I think I just heard Rap Mon-”
Bark! Seokjin turned to the dog.
“I fed you bacon, you traitor!” The dog wasn’t sitting still anymore, hyper as he tried to pull away from Seokjin’s grip. Namjoon moved off the patio, lowering himself from the stairs down to the path that led to the flowers.
“Rap Mon?!” He was getting closer, and the dog in his grip was growing further impatient. Seokjin felt truly bad, he tossed the dog to the side. He didn’t seem to mind, tail wagging eagerly as he broke the bushes exposing himself to the people.
This dog was now dead to Seokjin. He rushed to his owner, going and placing his paws over his leg. The tall man cracked a smile.
“Who let my dog out, Taehyung?” Taehyung looked around for a moment.
“I was sure he was in your study. It was raining all day yesterday....” He leaned over, plucking the dog into his grip. He was carrying the dirty dog now named Rap Mon. Seokjin held his breath, as he spun around looking out to the garden. The small dog licked him, as he rustled his head.
“Taehyung… let me go put him in my study. Tell a maid to wash him-” He turned to Yoongi, “Have you had breakfast yet?” The man shook his head,
“Not yet.” He nodded.
“Good. Taehyung, take them to the dining room and have them served.”
“Yes, Mr. Kim.” He brought his face closer to the dog, placing a kiss on its head. He looked back once more, Seokjin not even trusting himself to breathe. He turned back, going into the home one more. The other three men seemed silent for a moment.
“Shall we go?” Yoongi nodded,
“Yeah.” He sat up, Jungkook following both backs into the home. Seokjin gasped. Letting his lungs fill with air. How long had he held his breath? He didn’t know, but that dog- that dog was a god sent gift. Seokjin swore he would never eat his bacon again, nope it was all a sacrifice to that humble dog that saved him from being caught behind bushes. He waited for a bit of time before he thought it was a good while. He sprang forward, going to the french door. He peeked in, seeing no one Seokjin opened it. Slipping inside. He was safe. He looked around for a moment, before making a break for it to the stairs to his room.


Chapter Text

Namjoon stared at the man in front of him, offering him a small chuckle.
“What?” Yoongi did not laugh at all.
“What’s funny about what I said.”
“Y...You aren’t joking?” He shook his head, “What goes on in your fucking head? Why the hell would I give Taehyung to you?” His voice grew low, as the other man sighed.
“I need him. He would help me finish up some work.”
“No.” He forbade it. Yoongi offered him a smirk.
“Let’s ask Taehyung huh?” He stared a hole into his head as he said this.
“Taehyung?” Namjoon called.
“I don’t have an issue with going.” Namjoon swung his head back, looking at the man standing behind him. “I think it’s a great way to show other groups that we are getting along. Most of them are starting to pick sides. If I work with Yoongi, it would show our groups friendship.” Namjoon gritted his teeth at this turning back to Yoongi.
“What would I get in return?” Yoongi didn’t bat a lash,
“You said you wanted Jungkook? You can have him while I keep Taehyung-” Jungkook’s eyes grew large,
“What?!” Jungkook looked at Yoongi in complete confusion.
“Shut up kid.” He moved his eyes back to Namjoon.
“He’ll kill what you want, and I get to use Taehyung that’s the deal.” Namjoon looked at the boy in the back almost frantic.
“He doesn’t even want to work for me-”
“He’ll do it if I tell him to.” Namjoon stared at the boy.
“I don’t trust him near Seokjin.” Taehyung bit his upper lip,
“They are going to be working on killing JYP together. If he wanted to kill him wouldn’t it be- somewhere not around you? Also, I am sure he will get your men together. Teach them how to be a real group and not just bodyguards.”
“They are a real group-”
“Let’s not lie. They don’t know how to kill people, they don’t even know how to move things on their own. It’ll help you be less reliant on other groups.”
“I think he’s right Namjoon.” He was in shock, what-what the hell was this? A switch?
“I need him. He runs my group-”
“Jungkook’s ran my group before. He can manage-”
“I don’t trust him-”
“He won’t fuck up. I’ll have Taehyung-”
“He doesn’t care about Taehyung and he hates Seokjin. Why would I ever allow him into my home? Into my group?”
“It shows our friendship. Besides, I need Taehyung… Jungkook and you will get along well enough. Hell, if he fucks up I’ll let you shoot me in the head-”
“Hyung!” Jungkook spoke up.
“The kid doesn't want to work for me-”
“I told you. He will do as I tell him, now do we have a deal or not?”
“What kind of a deal is this-” He looked at Jungkook, hoping that the boy would at least be against what was going on. He looked wide-eyed, but not offering much help.
“I need Taehyung for JYP-”
“He’ll be with me. Jungkook will be with you-” He turned back to look at Jungkook. “You listen to him from now on, whatever he asks you to do- make it so that it’s like me alright?” Jungkook sighed, pressing his eyes closed.
“Yes.” Namjoon shook his head.
“What is wrong with all of you?”
“Do we have a deal or not?” Namjoon sighed, running a hand over his face.
“I’ll do it.” Yoongi was smothered at how easy this was. “But I have one condition.” Yoongi looked at him,
“What is it?”
“If that-” He points at Jungkook, “Goes out of control. What do I do?”
“He doesn’t go out of control. God, you all act like he just goes all berserker-”
“He does.” Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“If I go out of control you can shoot me. Is that good enough?” Namjoon looked at him,
“When do we switch?”
“Well… I and Taehyung need to get to work soon… I can agree with keeping him until-”
“Let me tell you something-” Namjoon waved Taehyung away. “Go outside.”
“You too Jungkook.” Both the men standing behind them huffed, leaving the room. Yoongi sat back,
“Speak your mind?”
“If you so much as think you can fuck-”
“I’m not gonna fuck him. He’s too much like…” He scrunched his nose. “He looks like Seokjin. I don’t like your type.” Namjoon nodded.
“Don’t like your guy either.” Yoongi smiled.
“So, should we let others know we are doing this?”
“But it would make our friendship look better-”
“I like finding out who would be on my side.” Yoongi nodded.
“I’ll keep your blonde boy a secret then?”
“Do that.”
“Keep Jungkook well. He can handle himself, but works too hard-”
“I have my own job to worry about.” Yoongi stared at him,
“That makes two of us.” He sighed, “When do we switch?”
“We can start tomorrow.”



Seokjin stripped quickly, tossing aside his shirt. He looked down at his dirty clothing. He was a mess, he moved forward- pulling the knob turning on the shower. He moved into it slowly, only to realize that the water was boiling hot. He jumped back, to the end of the shower hiding in the corner.
“Ah! Fuck!” He dashed turning the knob in the opposite direction, instantly feeling relief as the water began to cool off. He washed his body quickly, rubbing the mud off from his face. He was dripping mud, watching the drain as the dirt fell from his body. He needed to be clean if they decide to come to check up on him.
Seokjin pushed back his hair, he was dripping- leaving the shower looking around for a towel. He hasn’t lived here long enough to know how the shower works, or where they were keeping these fucking towels. He was soaking and walking around holding onto the wall. He found two small hand towels, regretfully he used them to pat himself partially dry.
“Master Seokjin?” He froze at his name.
“Yes?!” Someone knocked on the bathroom door, causing him to almost cry out.
“Are you bathing? We have brought up your breakfast?” He bit his lip,
“Leave it on the table- I-I… gotta moisturize?!” He pressed his eyes closed at the thought.
“Is that so?” He was beyond himself at this point.
“Yeah. You know- it’s cold and rainy. I don’t like it when… my skin is ashy?”
“Okay. Towels are in the closet by the way-”



Seokjin was in a robe, entering his room- body sore, and in complete pain.
His breakfast was served. He sighed, looking at the full meal set up.
He was suddenly not hungry. He swallowed hard, moving to his bed- falling over it. He nestled into the pillows slowly sinking into sleep.


“Hyung?” Yoongi turned back to look at Jungkook.
“You know- giving me up to-”
“I’m not giving you up. I’m trying to fix things alright?” Jungkook shook his head at him.
“The last thing we’re gonna do is to fix anything like this- others will get mad-”
“Let them.” He turned back, opening the car door. “I could care less.” Jungkook sat down, seeing Yoongi smile up at him. “As long as we get what we need, the rest of these idiots can go straight to hell.”



Jimin looked around the brothel, he had gone into all but two rooms in this place. The first was the basement, and the second was Taehyung’s room.
“What are you thinking about Jiminie?” He turned his head up to Irene, who was stirring a pot, which was their dinner.
“Does Master Taehyung live here?” She turned back to look at him for a moment.
“Sometimes? He usually stays with his boss though.”
“His boss?” She nodded.
“Is he mean to him?” She shrugged,
“He works hard for him… maybe too hard?”
“What does that mean?” She laid down the ladle. Lips pursed slightly,
“He never seems to get anything out of it. It’s kinda like he’s paying back a… big debt.”
“Master Taehyung used to be a wondering prostitute.” Jimin’s eyes grew large,
“In this day and age?”
“You’d be surprised.” She shrugged, “He was in trouble with a boss- I can’t recall him… but Namjoon bought him from that man. He’s been working his butt off ever since.”
“How do you know this?” She took in a deep breath,
“Word spreads quick, he still isn’t respected.”
“But- he’s so…” The word nice almost slipped out of his tongue.
“Master Taehyung’s heart melts at the thought of others suffering.” He thought back to how easily he signed up to kill that other man. How they had even come to an agreement that they would kill another soon.
“I bet.”



Seokjin heard the knock at his door, pulling his head up to see the face of the old maid.
“Master Seokjin… Mr. Kim wants to speak with you.” His eyes lit up, that man… wants to speak to him? After not speaking for days? After almost murdering him?
“I-I’m not feeling in any condition to move around-” He wasn’t. He had crawled through the mud this morning, and now- he was here suffering in bed with counter painkillers.
“Shall I bring the wheelchair?” He looked at her for a moment.
“It’s fine. I’ll… go- just find me my cane?” She nodded, leaving the room. He sighed as the door closed, now he was going to have to deal with this?


He stood outside the door, his stomach wanting to quite literally erupt. He had missed seeing Taehyung’s face. Only Taehyung. This other man was still evil in his book. He moved down the stairs slowly, hearing a small commotion from below.
“I don’t want him being in my house-”
“He won’t hurt Seokjin.” He could make out Taehyung, leaning over Namjoon stroking his head. “You haven’t slept again huh?”
“The both of you have caused my work to stack up...” Taehyung rested his head in the crook of his neck.
“I’m sorry. I’ll only be gone a little bit-” Gone? Seokjin paused on the stairs. “When I get back- it’ll be back to normal alright?”
“What does Min Yoongi want you for anyways?”
“I’m sure it’s something stupid, like seducing someone’s boss into telling me the combination to a safe in Norway or something?” Namjoon chuckled lightly,
“Norway?” Seokjin had never heard him laugh like that. When he did hear that man laughing it was because he had hurt someone. But it was like… a human laugh. Kinda loud and drowsy but a laugh nonetheless. “Let’s take a trip there?”
“You might lose your passport again?”
“That’s alright.” He sighed, “It’s worth it if I’m with you-” Seokjin’s eyebrow moved up as he heard a familiar sound. It was his saviors.
Bark! He turned back on the stairs seeing him rushing him. Shit... Seokjin moved down further- almost losing his standing as the dog pushed at his legs from behind.
“Rap Mon?” His ears perked up, and he sped past Seokjin and rushed down the stairs. Seokjin was amazed at the loyalty that dog showed. He now began to lower himself down the stairs, kinda happy the dog interrupted their conversation. They seemed to break apart from their former positions. Eyes moving up to him.
“You should put him on a leash- he almost threw me off the stairs.” Seokjin let out, as the dog fussed in his grip.
“He’s been acting up since this morning? Maybe he missed me?” Namjoon lowered the dog to the ground and without hesitation, he rushed Seokjin. Yapping at the end of the cane. He swears this dog is either a blessing or a curse. He can’t decide yet, because his paws were pattering lightly on the ground.
“Maybe he’s in heat?” Seokjin turned his head up to Taehyung.
“Did you just imply I’m a bitch?” Taehyung shook his head quickly,
“N-no hyung! I-I only meant… he’s acting-”
“I’m just pulling your leg.” Seokjin shrugged, “He’s just attracted to me because of my amazing charm.” And bacon. He looked up at the two men seated down on the couch. “So… like- what do you want?”
“Let’s have dinner?” Namjoon’s words were surprisingly cheerful, maybe the sight of his dog made him this way? Or was it that Taehyung had held him so close earlier?
“Yeah…” His voice was sheepish.



Seokjin stared at the man ahead of him,
“Hey, Tae?” He gave him a smile.
“Hello, Hyung.” His voice wasn’t the usual mocking deep tone. It was light- and held something behind it.
“Seokjin.” His head tilted at his name.
“Look at me?” Seokjin honestly just didn’t want to. His plate of broccoli honestly looked like the most pleasing thing in this world at this moment. “Seokjin.” His voice was more of a warning now than anything. Seokjin appeased him, lifting his sight to him. “Taehyung is leaving.”
“Like… okay?” He shrugged, “Is he going to the store or-”
“He is going to go work for someone else-”
“Just for a bit.” Taehyung broke in, “Hyung will be safe here.” Seokjin looked back at Namjoon.
“Y-You just said the other day that you refused for anything to happen to us-”
“I make exceptions.”
“And what is that exception-”
“Taehyung knows how to protect himself. You don’t.” His stare didn’t stop even as the other man became incredibly demanding.
“H-how long?”
“Not too long…”
“That isn’t the part that concerns you. What does it…” His eyes drifted to Taehyung, who shrugged.
“We are trading him for Jungkook.” Seokjin took a momentary pause. Were they bringing in his ex-lover? His eyes moved to Taehyung. His gaze was telling him to respond.
“WHAT?!” Namjoon only smothered his lips tight.
“It’s only for a bit… I will keep you safe, so there is nothing to worry yourself over.” He knew that, but like…
“Do you promise?” He had to keep up this act, Namjoon placed a hand over his chest.
“I promise. You and Taehyung will never be in harm's way.”



Seokjin sat in his room, staring at Taehyung.
“Hyung?” He gave him a faint smile,
“Yeah?” He tilted his head slightly, trying to make eye contact with Taehyung. He was acting a tad bit strange.
“Will you be alright with Mr. Kim alone?” Seokjin nodded.
“I’ll be fine.” His voice was low, “You on the other hand- with Min Yoongi? That’s what worries me.” Taehyung gave him a small smile,
“Don’t worry about me… I’ve taken care of myself for my entire life.” Seokjin shook his head.
“That just means you're overdue for someone to take care of you.” He smiled, “I’m here if anything happens you know that right?”
"Won't you prefer to be around Jungkook- isn’t that better?” Seokjin shook his head without hesitation.
“Not if it means you leave.” Taehyung gave him a toothy smile.
“I won’t leave for good. Just for a bit-” Seokjin moved his pinky up, Taehyung stared at it.
“Pinky swear me okay?” He looked slightly confused. “What’s wrong?” His eyes grew large but quickly Seokjin only giggled. “Wrap your pinky with mine?” He moved his pinky up, and Seokjin finished it with holding him- he then pulled his thumb up. “Now touch my thumb.” He did as he said. “There. Now you can’t take it back.”
“I can’t?” Seokjin shook his head,
“No. If you do you’ll lose your pinky.” Taehyung’s eyes grew large,
“I’m joking. Or am I?” Seokjin chuckled lightly, “Now let’s go to bed?” Taehyung nod
“You can’t leave this place Hyung.”
“Much more of a reason for me to take care of you. Here.” He shook his head,
“I promise you. Min Yoongi is not a bad man-”
“Listen, I worked with him… He’s not the worst thing that comes to mind sure, but he is the type to hurt you for being close to someone like me-”
“I can take care of myself Hyung.” His voice was low, his eyes growing a bit hazy. “Please do not concern yourself with me.”
“I didn’t mean it like that-” Taehyung took in a deep breath,
“I’m sorry Hyung…” His voice grew low, “I’m just a bit tired… Please, just rest?"
"Okay. Let's head to bed then?" Taehyung stood up and pulled away from his shirt. Seokjin followed after him turning off the lights and going to the bed, pulling the cover and sliding into the bed. He felt the warmth spread as Taehyung entered underneath the covers. His nose was filled with his rosy scent, consuming his own scent quickly. He smiled, feeling Taehyung wrap his arms around him.
“Goodnight Hyung.” Seokjin felt him nestle closer, he allowed himself to wrap his own arms around him- regardless of the pain he felt the warmth this boy brought, out-did everything he felt.


Chapter Text

Seokjin’s arms were left wrapped around a pillow, his head moving up to see he was alone in bed. Seokjin sat up, looking at the side of the bed. There was a note on the pillow, Seokjin took it up reading over it.

Taehyung had left him, said he had an early call to do. He was left alone in this room, he didn’t know what else to do, so he got up out of bed. What was he too-
He tilted his head at the door,
“Yes?” He answered.
“Master Seokjin?” He heard the maid call for him,
“What is it?”
“Mr. Kim would like to see you in his office for breakfast!” She called over the door. Seokjin didn’t want to be in a room with him. Taehyung wasn't here. Taehyung had kept him from mouthing off too much, protected him for a long time actually. Now, what is he supposed to do? Go and have breakfast with the man who bought him? That is exactly what he was going to do actually. He stood up straighter, letting out a puff of warm air.


He pulled his cardigan over his body, using his cane to move down the hall. Namjoon had called him into his office, allowing for him to move somewhere else than his usual dining and bedroom combo. He reached the door, he took in a deep breath readying himself to enter the room.
“Come in.” Seokjin pulled the door open, catching the sight of Namjoon seated at his desk. He had a cup of coffee in hand eyes moving down a paper. Seokjin came into the room, shutting the door behind him.
“You called for me?”
“Sit down will you?” Namjoon wasn’t even looking up, he was reading. Seokjin could tell, he never would really look up at him. So, he took it upon himself to take the seat that was empty in front of him. Breakfast was served, and Namjoon didn’t seem to want to touch it at all. So, who was Seokjin to not eat? He moved forward, picking at a muffin. “You were hungry?”
“You called me for breakfast.” He began to look around the paper. “Kinda implied I would want to eat no?” Namjoon snuffled a laugh, “So, what did you call me for?” Namjoon looked up at him, “I mean- it’s nice of you to want to invite me to eat with you and all-”
“Are you frightened by me?” To say Seokjin wasn’t was a lie. This man had him in tears the day before. Begging for forgiveness.
“Yeah.” Namjoon’s brow moved up at that, “You’re a scary man.”
“Am I?” He teeth shown at hearing that, he finally seemed to snap out of his papers. “How?”
“You bought me off of a black mart auction-” He shook his head,
“I saved you.” He corrected, “You were going to be murdered in front of some other scum bags… I showed mercy for you and saved you from Min Yoongi that night.” He was pushing himself forward, “Or did I not?”
“You did.” Seokjin swallowed hard,
“Then how am I a scary man?” Seokjin stared hard at him,
“I wanted to die that night.” Namjoon nodded,
“And did I not offer you that as well?” Seokjin looked down at the muffin, “Did I not Seokjin?”
“You did.”
“Then look at me?” He didn’t want to meet his gaze. “Seokjin?” Seokjin gave in, eyes moving to meet Namjoon’s dark stare.
“What do you honestly want from me?”
“You’re mine.” Namjoon smiled, “I want everything from you.” This wasn’t the first time Namjoon had said this to him.
“What does that mean?” Seokjin placed the muffin down on the tray, “I can’t understand what everything means. Tell me what it means-”
“I want you to myself Seokjin.” Namjoon tilted his head, “Your body, your mind,” Namjoon stared into Seokjin. “everything.” Seokjin took in a deep breath,
“You want me to be your whore then?” Namjoon’s eyes narrowed,
“A whore is with a lot of men. You- will be mine only,” He smiled, “I don’t like my men being tainted by others.”
“I was with Jungkook.”
“That you were.” He sighed, his tongue seemed to poke his cheek. “That was in the past, just like Taehyung being a prostitute was. You both will only tend to me-”
“Isn’t it hypocritical for you to tell me and him not to sleep around while you keep two men in your bed?” He shrugged,
“I like your face, I like his body.” Seokjin wasn’t getting anywhere. “But you want me all to yourself?” Seokjin didn’t understand why so many men were delusional.
“If I wanted you for myself don’t you think I would be on my knees already?” Namjoon’s laugh sounded almost as if it was a snarl,
“Your bodies more fucked up than I’d care to fuck you.” He shrugged, “And let’s not forget- I didn’t do that to you.” He tilted his head, “But- that kid did.” He offered Seokjin a smile, “Did he not?”
“I betrayed him.”
“You betrayed me too, I didn’t go and almost kill you now did I?”
“You offered to kill me.”
“And you declined. So I didn’t continue.” Seokjin narrows his eyes at him, “You see? You were in danger in their home- but with me… I will always protect you Seokjin.”
“Is that why you invited Jungkook to come back here?” Namjoon stared at Seokjin for a moment, shaking his head.
“No.” He sighed, “I didn’t invite him. He’s going to be working for me…”
“You have someone you want dead then?” Namjoon’s mouth opened slightly,
“No. Not particularly.” Seokjin nodded, resting back on the chair. “He won’t go near you. I will make sure of that.”
“Alright.” Seokjin pressed his lips tightly, “Is that all you called me here for?” Namjoon only sighed,
“You still don’t understand do you?”
“Understand what?”
“That you’re mine, Seokjin.” Seokjin took in a deep breath,
“What does that mean?” Seokjin moved forward in his seat, leaning over the desk. Namjoon seemed a bit startled at this action. “Tell me so I know what to do, Namjoon.” He pressed his lips together.
“That night… before you did what you did. The way you looked at Jungkook. That’s what I want.” Seokjin smiled,
“That requires for me to actually like you.”
“Is that hard for you?” Seokjin didn’t know what was going through this man’s head.
“You bought me in an auction, you are holding me here against my will. And I’m sure you are waiting for my knees to be a bit stronger before you want me on them sucking your cock.”
“You don’t get out much do you?” Seokjin nodded, “Look… I’m going, to be frank with you. I will never develop feelings for you, not now- not when I can finally suck you off.” Namjoon looked as if he was going to say something, “ I will do it, so there’s no reason to threaten me.”
“I wasn’t going to threaten you.”
“Oh? No?” Seokjin smiled, “Then I won’t have to fuck-”
“I didn’t say that.” Seokjin retracted his glee,
“But you just said you wouldn’t threaten me?” Namjoon nodded,
“I won’t.” Seokjin pressed his eyes closed, “I’m not like that other guy…” Namjoon shrugged, “But when I want you, you’ll-”
“Have to do as you say?” Seokjin cut off, “Yeah. I get that.” Seokjin huffed, “I did cost a lot.”
“Not much.” Seokjin lifted his brow,
“Ten mill. Is a lot. Even for someone as perfect as me.” Namjoon smiled,
“You’re of that value.” He sighed, “Though damaged goods should be half off.” Seokjin lowered his glare,
“I’m not damaged-”
“Your ribs were broken, your nose- was fractured.”
“But not broken. I should be good as new soon-”
“Great. Then when your back to perfect come see me.” Seokjin lifted his head,
“You’re heads filled with only you huh?” Namjoon lifted his gaze,
“You’re wrong. Right now, in fact, I’m worried about your well being.”
“Are you?” Namjoon nodded,
“I am, but I wonder when you’ll recover or if that psycho ex of yours will ruin you when he-”
Namjoon’s mouth opened slightly,
“Wait!” He rolled his eyes turning back to Seokjin. “Let’s continue this-”
A vein popped out of Namjoon’s head,
“What the hell do you want?!” Seokjin sighed, hearing the door open. Namjoon grew silent and pale. Seokjin was curious at what caused this,
“What’s wrong Namjoo-”
“I’m here for my first day.” Seokjin knew that voice. Namjoon pressed his lips together,
“Who let you in-”
“It wasn’t like any of your guards were going to stop me.” He scoffed, “Even if they tried.” Seokjin turned his head back. It was him. Jungkook. His eyes darted down to him, “Seok-”
“Don’t speak to him.” Seokjin nodded, quickly standing up.
“Yeah… I’ll leave you both to-” Seokjin moved his eyes back to Namjoon. “I’ll leave.” Namjoon shook his head,
“No. You don’t have to leave Seokjin.” Namjoon smiled up to him, “Sit down will you?” Namjoon’s brow moved up. Seokjin got the message just from that look, he took his seat again. “What are you here for Jungkook?” The boy scratched his head,
“I’m here for orders.” Namjoon’s jaw clenched at hearing that.
“What?” Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“Orders. You know, when you tell someone what to do?”
“I know what orders are-”
“Then…” He crossed his arms, “What are mine?” Namjoon stared hard at the man.
“I don’t need anything done-”
“Which means you hired someone to do all of your groups work right?” Jungkook sighed, “Just fire those workers. I can handle a moving job with two of your best men.” Namjoon pressed his eyes shut.
“Why would I risk the lives of men who work for me-”
“You’re not risking their lives. They would be doing the job you hired them for.” Jungkook smiled, “I can promise you. I’ll bring them back… alive.”
“I want them back in one piece-”
“I’d take alive better. I’ve sent people back in one piece but not alive before.” Jungkook shrugged, “Can I go now?” Namjoon waved him off,
“I have to go introduce you to the men.” Jungkook nodded, “Seokjin. Can you make it back to your room on your own?” Seokjin brushed his hair back with a hand.
“Perfectly.” Namjoon stared at him, pushing back his seat. He crossed his desk, coming to a halt in front of Seokjin. Seokjin didn’t know if he had said something wrong. The look in his eyes showed his anger. He held Seokjin’s face in his hand, smiling at the concerned stare that was returned. He smirked, lowering himself. He pressed his lips over Seokjin.
It was odd to be kissed by him, his lips were plump but it wasn’t inviting to Seokjin. He knew why Namjoon was doing this though. It was due to the fact that Jungkook was standing in the doorway watching. Seokjin turned his head away, allowing for a trail of saliva to split there kiss. Namjoon let go of him,
“I’ll see you later then?” Seokjin nodded, pulling his arms closer to his body. Seokjin didn’t answer, hearing the door click behind them.



Jimin perked his head up, smiling largely as Irene served him breakfast.
“You are happy today are you not?” Jimin nodded,
“Your food is the best!” She sighed,
“If only the other girls thought that as well…” She shrugged, taking the seat in front of him. She let her arm fall on the table, resting her head on it. Jimin stopped his chewing as he saw the purple bruises on her wrist. She really did sleep with men….
“Irene?” Her eyes fluttered open, smiling brightly at him.
“Yeah, hun?” He tilted his head,
“Why do you work here?” Her teeth showed in a weak smile,
"That is a long story honey..." She took in a deep breath, “I… I-I was in an all-girls orphanage.” She pressed her eyes closed, “With a few of the girls here.”
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?” She sat up, shrugging. “Never had parents. So I’m not missing anyone.” Jimin could see that logic. He missed his family every moment of every day now. “I didn’t just start sleeping with men for money. They sold a lot of us back at the orphanage.”
“That’s illegal-”
“Yeah. It is.” She nodded, “When I turned fifteen I took four girls with me and left.” Irene sighed, “We were poor, and- I decided I needed to work for a living.”
“I worked the streets… and met someone.” She smiled, “He was like me. He had no one.” She took in a deep breath, “He always told me… he was going to make things easier for us. He promised that our lives weren’t going to be like that forever.”
“Was that Master Taehyung?” She nodded,
“Then he disappeared.” Her mouth opened, “I thought he had died. It wasn’t uncommon… diseases you know?” Jimin nodded, “To my surprise, he came back- and offered me and my girls a place to stay.” She waved behind her, “He told us. We didn’t have to continue working… what we did. Yeri didn't, I forbade for a while… then she decided, however, it was her decision.”
“Have you thought of quitting? Of leaving and going and leading a normal life-”
“Jimin.” She gave him a soft look. “This is my normal life.” Irene placed a hand over his,
“It’s odd. I know.” She rubbed his knuckles, “I don’t know what I’d be if I didn’t have this place- if I didn’t have Taehyung.”
“You care for him?” She nodded,
“More than anything.” Irene bit her upper lip,
“Irene… can-can I sell myself?” Her eyes opened largely at that,
“No.” She shook her head, “You-you can’t be sold.” He stared at her,
“Why not?” His eyes grew small, lowering his head. “Is it because I am wanted for murder?”
“Jiminie…” Irene sighed, “It’s complicated.”
“Is he protecting me? Is Master Taehyung protecting me from being arrested?” Her eyes grew glossy,
“I- Jiminie... I don’t know.” She shook her head, “We just… we shouldn’t sell you.”
“Why?” He felt his voice grow soft, “If you have to sell your body- to a bunch of good for nothings… then why can’t I?”
“Jimin-” He shook his head,
“What are you hiding from me?”

Taehyung strung his head back,
“So, what do you do for Namjoon?” Taehyung smiled,
“I practically… run everything.” Yoongi leered at him from his chair beyond the bar. “I can do it here too… You’ll just have to give me the word?”
“You think my group wants you meddling your little head-”
“I run the most successful group in Seoul. I think it’s wise to listen to me.” Taehyung shrugged, “Even if I am just a prostitute.”
“Don’t you have to run that place?”
“I hire smart people. People who know how to handle themselves while I am gone.” Yoongi nodded,
“Yeah.” Taehyung lowered his drink, pressing his lips together. “So, what are we planning on doing here?”
“I am waiting on a client.” Taehyung’s brow moved up,
“The one I’m to seduce?”
“I doubt you’ll get through to her.”
“Her?” Taehyung’s brow moved up, “You’d be surprised…”
“She'll shoot you if you try anything.” Taehyung sighed, “She’s coming over to talk about… an issue she’s been having with her territory.”
“Oh? So she’s here to ask for help?”
“Not necessarily…” Taehyung didn’t know what that meant,
“We have to get rid of them.” Oh. Taehyung had forgotten, this group were the ones who did that kind of work. The kind that turned most grey and weary, they did it.
“And what will I be doing?” Yoongi sighed,
“You will be listening.” He didn’t know what use that would bring.
“Listening? Like… sitting there and just listening?” Yoongi nodded,
“Can an airhead like you do that?” Taehyung took in a deep breath,
“You know… You calling me an idiot is quite a compliment.” Yoongi scoffed,
“Good. I would hate to hurt your feelings.” He waved him off, “We shouldn’t have an issue. It’s a straight come and goes topic, and easy.”
“If you say so.”

Namjoon stared at the boy at his side, he kept a bored expression over his face. Namjoon wondered what went through his head, what he wanted. When he would break. Namjoon lowered himself from the stairs, hearing him following. What did this kid have with Seokjin? He was sure… that this was comedic in a way. That Seokjin had no idea what this beast was capable of. How much Jungkook walked on tightropes to not murder those around him. He was a rabid dog on a leash only Min Yoongi could handle. In his living room, a group of twenty were waiting for them. Namjoon pressed his eyes closed.
“Who let this man in?” A man took a step forward,
“It is my fault-” Namjoon moved his gun up, shooting point blank. “No one should ever enter my home like that again. Do I make myself clear?” A union of yeses came out. Namjoon turned his head back to Jungkook.
“You shot him.” Jungkook let out,
“I did. And it’s your fault.” Jungkook tilted his head, looking at the pool of blood on the ground,
“I’m pretty sure it’s yours.” He flashed Namjoon a smile, “They don’t know what to do when someone scary comes through the door.” He shrugged, “I’ll be sure to teach them.” Namjoon scoffed,
“Everyone. This is Jungkook.” Bows came to him, “He’ll be taking over for Taehyung… for a short time.” Namjoon looked around, “Listen to him. He is going-”
“I am going to fix your group.” Jungkook looked around the men, “So you can all protect your leader properly.” He waved, “I’m Jungkook.” He eyed the group, before turning to Namjoon once again. “Who’s the best out of this group?” Namjoon shrugged,
“Why would I know that?” Jungkook shook his head,
“Then…” He turned to the men, “Who’s the best out of all of you?” One man moved forward,
“He was.” He pointed to the dead man, Jungkook pressed his eyes closed.
“Since you had the balls to speak up, I think you’re the next in line.” He smiled, “Pick someone. We’re gonna go on a move.” The man lifted his brow,
“A move?”
“Yup.” Jungkook nodded, “I’m gonna teach you all how to be useful.” All the men turned to stare at Namjoon.
“Do as he says-?” The man nodded,
“Taeyong.” The brown-haired man let out.
“But if it goes against my orders, you shoot him down.” Namjoon let out bitterly, The man in the front nodded,
“Yes, sir.” Jungkook didn’t look worried at all, looking away.
“Hurry it up. We don’t have all day.”

“Yoongi.” His dark look moved up, catching a view of the blonde woman entering the room. He didn’t particularly like her but she sure as hell was intimidating.
“Hyuna.” She smiled, taking the seat in front of Yoongi. Her eyes drifted to the man at his side, her brow moving up.
“Why is Namjoon’s slut here?” Taehyung smiled. He knew Hyuna. She was a...a competitor of Namjoon’s. Taehyung didn’t care much for her either.
“Nice to see you too Hyuna.” She lifted her hand,
“That didn’t answer my question. What. Is. He. Doing. Here.” She grumbled,
“He works for me.”
“Little boy Joon won’t be happy about that.” She drifted her eyes down Yoongi, “You fuck him too?”
“Why would I-”
“What else would you have him around for? Seducing people?” Yoongi shrugged,
“Company.” She smiled,
“He may be a prostitute but remember, Namjoon doesn’t share his men.” She shrugged, “I’d hate to be in your conflict with him.”
“There won’t be.” She smirked,
“You’re right. Knowing him, he’d already have shot us just for having him here.” She looked back at Taehyung, “Make yourself useful, and go grab me and Yoongi a drink?” Taehyung didn’t say a word, leaving the room. Hyuna leaned closer to Yoongi,
“Now, tell me… why on earth is that walking glory hole here with you?” Yoongi shrugged,
“As I said before, he’s working with me.” She smiled,
“Really? I heard he bought another one… that- Kim Seokjin?” She took in a deep breath, “Must have traded up I see? Got tired of fucking the most fucked person around?”
“We are here to talk about something else.” She nodded,
“We are. It’s just that seeing… something like- him connected to someone as dangerous as Namjoon is troubling. Us conspiring could be considered as a sign of war?”
“It could. Is that something that worries you?” She shook her head,
“You kids are new. I’ve seen scarier.” She smiled, “Now-”
“Here’s your drink.” Taehyung placed it in front of her, moving back behind Yoongi. Hyuna rolled her eyes, choosing to continue.
“There’s been a high case of people selling drugs in my area. I hate drugs.” She pressed her red lips together, “I’ve killed a few of the junkies who’ve been selling- but that’s not the issue. It’s insulting to me to have this occurring when I clearly leave boundaries for you men to follow.”
“They weren’t my men.”
“No.” She closed her eyes, “I would have this issue nipped into a bud, but… I don’t want my group to be affiliated with the action.” She smiled, “ So, that’s where T.S.D would come in handy.” She leaned forward, “You take out their main office.”
“Easy enough.” She nodded,
“Good. Then, how does 2 million sound?” Yoongi shrugged,
“Sounds like a big payment for a small job-” She shook her head,
“A sign of good faith between us.” She waved her hand, one of her men coming forward with a briefcase. Opening it and showing Yoongi the bills. “How does that sound?”
“It’s a-”
“No.” Taehyung shook his head, “He refuses.” Yoongi looked back behind him, hearing the blonde speak up. Hyuna’s mouth closed at him speaking,
“This is a deal between me and her Taehyung-” Taehyung shook his head,
“Is that so?” He snickered, “She thinks you’re an idiot Yoongi.” Yoongi tilted his head,
“Are you just going to let him interrupt our-”
“I want to hear him out.” Yoongi drew his head back to the man. “Go on.” Taehyung smiled,
“You think she’s just nice enough to give you 2 million?” He scoffed, “No one is that nice. This job is a 2 hundred thousand kind of job.” He waved off the man holding the briefcase. “Even if she does want to be a generous fairy- that leaves out that she knows who is selling the drugs. She doesn't want to tell you- because that will make this job more expensive.” Hyuna smirked,
“Smart boy you got there. Traded him for the bloodthirsty one huh?” She sighed, “Smart.”
“He’s right then?”
“Of course he is.” She waved her arm off, “10 million.” She let out, “How about that?” Yoongi looked back up at Taehyung.
“That’s a steep price.” He smiled, Hyuna nodded.
“Will you accept?”
“He won’t.” Taehyung stared at her, “Not until you say who those men we have to kill belong to, and why you are afraid of killing them?” Hyuna sighed.
“I don’t want to be involved-”
“So that if things go bad- it can’t be pointed back to you huh?” Taehyung shook his head, “The only people selling drugs right now are E.X.O. Like hell, we’d pick a fight with them.” Taehyung steadied himself, “Your problem is that they asked to sell in your area and you- don’t want to be the one to tell them to move.” She rolled her eyes,
“The whore knows.” She shrugged, “I don’t want them ruing my business-”
“So, you’d cause T.S.D to go to war?” Taehyung shook his head, “That would be the end of your group if Suho ever got wind of this.” Hyuna sighed,
“Are you threatening me-”
“I know Suho well... “ Taehyung crossed his arms, “Wouldn’t want it to just slip you know?”
“What do you want?” Taehyung’s eyes moved to the briefcase beside her.
“We’ll take that.”
“Two million-”
“My mouth’s expensive.” Taehyung smiled, “Only top bidders can get it to open-” He winked, “or in your case close.” She lifted her hand.
“Leave it for them.” She stood from her seat. “This meeting never happened.” She pressed her lips, “Goodbye Yoongi, Slut.” Taehyung smiled, waving her off.
“Tell your man I said he owes for last weeks visit!” She scoffed, leaving. Taehyung shrugged,
“Sorry for speaking up.” Yoongi shook his head,
“Thanks for that…” Taehyung shook his head,
“It’s alright. It’s what I’m here for.” Yoongi looked at him in disbelief,
“How’d you know-”
“Suho told me where he sells.” Yoongi stared at him,
“When you both-”
“Yes, Yoongi. Men love to talk after fucking!” Taehyung shook his head, “That doesn't matter. The issue is that this isn’t the last time this issue will be out here.” He pointed at the money, “She isn’t much to sit down and be insulted-”
“Is that why you called out her partner… Is E’Dawn-”
“No.” He shrugged, “But she is protecting of him… and I love stirring trouble.” He smiled. “Besides that… are you going to just take that? She almost caused you to start a war?”
“I can forget it.” Taehyung shook his head,
“I wouldn’t.” Yoongi looked back at him,
“And why not?”
“This was the first time you caught her lying. Who knows how many times she’s done it before- and to who else.” Yoongi took in a deep breath,
“You call me scary.” Taehyung moved a hand up to his cheek,
“It’s business.” Yoongi agreed, “Besides, she really did try to fuck you over?”
“She’s a scary woman.” Taehyung shrugged,
“I’ve met worse.” He sighed, “What’s next boss?” Yoongi looked back at him.
“My next move.” He corrected. “I’m going out on a move.”
“A move?” He lifted his brow, “Oh?! That’s right… you do those?” Yoongi nodded,
“I’ll be back soon enough. You can stay here.” Taehyung stayed in his spot, “I’ll leave you in charge until I get back then?”
“You’re going to what?!” He jumped up,
“I’m leaving you in charge. Tell the men I said so.” Yoongi slipped on his coat, “Keep them busy, alright?” Taehyung took his arm,
“Why are you leaving me-”
“You just proved your worth.” Yoongi looked Taehyung down, “So, do what you do best.” Taehyung stared as Yoongi left him in his office.
“He’s insane.”


Jungkook lowered his gaze,
“Listen here Taeyeong hyung.” He was wearing a black suit. Why? “Take the jacket off.” His brow moved up,
“Just do it.” Taeyeong did as he was told, looking to his side- the other boy following the same expressions.
“Now-” Jungkook took both in hand, tossing them behind them.
“You won’t need them. They’ll slow you down.” He looked over at the smaller boy,
“What’s your name kid?” He paused,
“Mark.” Jungkook smiled,
“Alright, Mark and hyung… I am going to walk in there and shoot the two people standing in the front.” Taeyeong tilted his head, “You walk in after me hyung and shoot the four that will come after. Mark, you stay behind outside until we kill those people. Then you come inside.” Mark nodded, “There is a big shipment of weapons in there. I plan on taking it with us.”
“But nothing.” Jungkook smiled, “We are going to do it. And then we shoot everyone else in here.” He smiled, “Alright?” Both of the men looked at each other, before turning back to look at Jungkook.
“Are you sure-”
“I am more than sure.” He gave them firm nods, “Ok.” Jungkook tossed up a pistol to Taeyeong. “Let’s get it!”

“Hello?” Jungkook rolled his eyes at the phone, “Listen… Boss, I can’t-”
“What was that Jungkook?” Jungkook turned his head to Mark. The boy looked lost, like a deer in headlights. Jungkook wonders if that’s what Yoongi meant with don’t just stand there and look stupid.
“It- you know. Friendly fire?” He winced, another round of shots going off.
“I need you to head back here soon. I have a deal with-”
“Look. I can’t just get up from where I am-” Taeyeong sat up on the wooden boxes, shooting a few of his own rounds. “I am busy.”
“When do you think you’ll be finished with that?” Jungkook peered over there protection. Grunting, at the blood-soaked- everything. He could make out how many of them were left. “Like- you know a few hours?” He heard a grunt,
“I need you to handle a meeting with a business partner. I’m stuck at work-” Jungkook sighed,
“I- Send me their number. I’ll handle it.” Jungkook rested his head over his shoulder. He needed to finish this up quickly. He had to go handle that afterward.



He had nothing to do without Taehyung. He had read through his books in mere hours, the television in his room played nothing interesting. He didn’t think he would ever feel this dead. He lifted his hand to his lips. That man kissed him.
He did it for no other reason than to cause alarm to Jungkook as well.
Jungkook didn’t seem at all angry at that- perhaps he was good at holding back his emotions? Who knows. But with nothing to do, his mind began to wander to different things. He wonders how his father is doing. How his big brother was fairing. How everything was back at home… He wondered, where he went wrong in life. How- how he couldn’t have just settle for what he had. How he couldn’t have just been happy with what he had. He had a good life.
Now he was someone's plaything- not even that though. He was too… in Namjoon’s own words ‘broken’. He didn’t know who to direct his anger to. Hoseok was a good contender. High up there too, but were these events all caused by him? Hoseok… Hadn’t given that name a thought in a while. Seokjin hoped he didn’t die. Namjoon hadn’t given him much of an update- just said he was hospitalized. He wanted to speak to him. Hear out his explanation. Why, such a devoted police officer- no why such a devoted man…. Such a good friend of his sold him off with little concern. Why?
Did he have a good reason? Sure, he never seemed to hold hatred towards him- but did he? Was he angry at him for some reason? Was it Seokjin’s own fault for taking the case? Hoseok already said it, cops had died over this. Was it his choice to send him in? Was it his superiors? Were they corrupt as well? Or was it a single act of Hoseok. He wasn’t beyond selling him out last minute either. Back at the auction… be was going to shout who he was. Reveal it. That was proof. He was the one who tipped them off about the cop- but he wasn’t a cop. Seokjin was just a doctor, who was good at finding stuff out. Who claimed they had sent a cop? That was a mystery. In turn, how did this entire situation come to this? He was reflecting so much. He couldn’t even cry anymore. He felt like an empty husk of the man once called Seokjin. How could he fix this? How could he ever repair everything he has ruined. Seokjin wondered, where all this was leading to. How long. How long would this continue?

Seokjin sat up from his bed, peering out at the door.
“I’m not hungry.” He called lightly,
“What?!” The door creaked open, and his eyes grew large at the sight of him. “Jungkook-” The boy closed the door behind him. Smiling back on Seokjin,
“Hey.” His voice was cool, as he smiled down to Seokjin. Seokjin felt himself almost scream out in joy. Seeing him there was more than just a blessing. He shook his head off, trying to get himself off of his bed- “No.” Jungkook moved his hand up, crossing the room. “Don’t stand up.” He lowered himself, kneeling beside the bedside. Seokjin was elated, only now noticing he had been holding his breath. “You alright?” Seokjin nodded,
“I-I… I’m sorry.” He was choked up, feeling himself almost lose his voice. Jungkook’s hand moved up to his face, pushing back strands of his hair.
“Why?” Jungkook tilted his head,
“Y-You… you saw him kiss me.” He pressed his eyes closed,
“I did.” He shrugged, “But you didn’t want to kiss him right?” Seokjin stared into his eyes,
“Of course.” His smile grew,
“Then I don’t care.” Seokjin felt his chest almost burst as he launched himself on to him. Jungkook had no trouble catching him in his arms. Holding him tightly. Jungkook ran his arms over his back, soothing him.
“It’s alright.” His voice was steady and dark, “I am here for you Seokjin.”


Seokjin pulled his head up, using a blanket to cover himself as he watched Jungkook buttoning up his pants.
“He left you in charge of handling a business partner?” He nodded,
“Guess his other job is more important than worrying about his group?” Jungkook shrugged, turning away. Seokjin did recall… Namjoon was always busy. He did run a large company. He barely spent time here.
“Do you know how to handle that?” Jungkook shrugged,
“It’s the same as always right?” Seokjin opened his mouth,
“No.” He shook his head, “Taehyung runs this business very… directly.” Jungkook shrugged, “Jungkook. Don’t just shrug it off-” Seokjin began his nagging, “You know it’s not the same as it was with Yoongi.” Jungkook nodded,
“Trust me. I know that.” Seokjin sat up, reaching over the bed for his underwear. “What are you doing?” Seokjin pressed his eyes closed.
“I’m going with you to make sure you don’t mess this up.” Seokjin smiled, “I wouldn’t want to give him a reason to scream at you.” Jungkook sighed,
“I guess.”

Chapter Text

Hoseok leaned over his desk, extending his hand to reach for a folder that was placed at the edge of his desk. After a bit of a struggle, he had it in his hand. He brought it back with him, leaning backward in his seat. He flipped it open.

“He’s an orphan.” Bakehyun smiled. “Yoongi legally adopted him apparently.”

“Yoongi?” Bakehyun nodded,

“My boss says that he’s like Yoongi’s personal dog. He goes after anything that ticks off that small man-” Hoseok’s brow moved up at that,

“Isn’t your boss super short-” Bakehyun sat up from his seat. “And so are you?”

“He almost killed you, and you're defending him?!” Hoseok shook his head,

“I’m not defending him. I’m trying to see- where it’ll hurt the most…” Bakehyun smiled at hearing that.

“He certainly does love that boy. He was the one who beat the shit out Seokjin- remember?”

“I remember,” Hoseok growled.

“Wow. Hoseok’s going to the dark side- I like.” Bakehyun swung his seat over, looking at Hoseok. “Wanna go-”

“You are married.”

“What Chanyeol doesn’t know won’t hurt-”

“Listen. I’m done with relationships. For good.” Bakehyun waved his arm into the air.

“I wasn’t asking to be in a relationship.” He snarled, “But all to you. Mr. no-good-at-finding-someone.”

“Bakehyun?” The boy perked at his name.

“Can I get your boss’s number?” He smiled,

“Wanna take out a certain boy?” Hoseok moved up the folder, slamming it onto his desk.

“I think I found where it would hurt the most.”


Namjoon hadn’t felt this angry in a while. Taehyung was gone. Everything was in disorder, not just at home- but at work as well. He didn’t know what would happen next- what meetings he had etc. He knew his day was full.




Namjoon drew his head up, staring at the door.

“What?” Namjoon secretary smiled at him,

“Our next client arrived.” She lifted up a portfolio. Namjoon drew his head down, deflated. Her eyes grew large at that,“CEO Kim?” He waved his hand up to her,

“Did Taehyung ever leave a list of my day?” Her eyes grew large, nodding. She lifted a finger,

“He did!” She exclaimed, “Give me a moment- please?” She rushed out of the room, before dashing back in with a thick stack of papers. She approached Namjoon placing it down on his desk. “He labeled them by day-and meetings.” Namjoon nodded, he flipped through the pages, his eyes brushing over his Rolex. It was still early barley twelve. His eyes scanned the page, down to the time.

12 p.m. Meeting with Japanese business partners. At home meeting with Vixx.

Namjoon tilted his head reading this. W-who was going to his home? Namjoon pulled out of his chair, eyes moving to his secretary.

“Cancel my meeting today.” Her brow moved up at that,


“Cancel. Apologize on my behave- and tell them I will pay for accommodations.” His secretary was concerned. Namjoon after all, rain or shine- never canceled a meeting. He buttoned up his shirt.

“Where are you going, CEO Kim-”



Jungkook tapped his foot, as the man ahead of him stared him down.

“Master Taehyung had agreed to speak with us-”

“Well does he look like he’s here?” Seokjin stared at the man’s back. Jungkook had no patience. Not in the slightest, and right now- they were dealing with someone of enourmas priority. Seokjin moved forward, extending a hand out to the man. The man looked oddly familiar.

“Good afternoon,” Seokjin spoke lowly. The man stared at Seokjin for a moment, before taking the hand. He smiled at Seokjin, “Mr-?” He liked Seokjin a lot.

“N.” Seokjin swallowed hard at the name. He was the man at the party. He was the creepy one. The one he moaned in front of.

“Yes, sorry- names faze me.” Seokjin knew he didn’t want to be near him. Not in the least. Still, he had to help Jungkook. He knew nothing about this type of business but he did know that he would do a hell of a lot better than Jungkook would do on his own. Seokjin’s eyes scanned the men behind him, his eyes picking out another person. He looked like someone Seokjin knew. He didn’t allow for Seokjin to get a good peak of his face, N moving forward and placing a hand over his shoulder.

“Let’s get to the meeting, no?” Seokjin nodded, pointing up the stairs to the meeting room.



Taehyung stared at the men in front of him.

“So what you guys do- when you aren’t… moving things?” A bulky man stared at him,

“We wait for Yoongi to tell us what to do.” Taehyung nodded. “We also run the bar.”

“It’s noon-” The other man pressed his lips together. “So, working for Min Yoongi-”

“Boss.” Shownu corrected. He sighed, “Why did Boss leave you in charge?”

“Because I am just as cunning as I am beautiful!” He proclaimed. He garnered some stares, letting him know- they did not want to joke with him. “Alright.” He nodded, “How about you all bring me the papers for moves you have today?” Shownu tilted his head,

“What?” Taehyung stared at him.

“Your schedules? Where are they?” Shownu shook his head,

“Boss doesn't use those types of things.” Taehyung stared at him,

“H-how do you know when you have a move then?” Shownu gave Taehyung a look- one that said, isn’t it obvious?

“We don’t need them. Boss tells us what to do when we have to do it.” That wasn’t good. If Yoongi wasn’t here 24/7 then… how would his group be able to operate?  

“Does Y-” He earned a glare, “Bossman have a list of work for him to remember?” Shownu nodded,

“In his office.” Taehyung spun out of his stool, making his way for the stairs. “Where are you going?” He waved his hand behind him to Shownu,

“I’m going to go make schedules. So we can operate without the bossman!”


Seokjin crossed his leg, he didn’t like where he was sitting. Namjoon’s seat always looked better- from the other side of the room. It was big, it was uncomfortable and it reminded him of the man. Though at this moment, he was sure he’d rather have to deal with him- instead of this other man. Wh-what did he just think? Seokjin shook his head, feeling a hand placed over his shoulder.

“You alright, Seokjin?” Seokjin nodded,

“Fine. Sorry- something came to mind.” Jungkook nodded, stepping back behind the chair.

“Seokjin… I didn’t know that you also knew how to do Taehyung’s job?” N smiled, “You truly are special are you not?” Seokjin smiled at the compliment.

“I am.” Seokjin remarked, “Though I do enjoy compliments- should we not get to the meeting?” N tilted his head up,

‘Well… I would love to.” N looked back at Jungkook. “But I don’t feel comfortable with him here,” He smiled, “For your sake. I’d hate to see him strangle you again.”

“I appreciate your concern.” Seokjin shot back, “But I don’t think he’ll be bothering us. Namjoon wants him to be here for this meeting.”

“Did he?” He nodded, “I understand that-” He sighed, “But I want to speak with you, Seokjin.” His eyes flicked back to Jungkook. “Would you leave us?”

“Fat chance bastard-” Seokjin turned his head back to Jungkook.

“He’s right.” Seokjin nodded, “Go stand outside.” Jungkook’s face contorted to disbelief. “Please, Jungkook?” He shook his head,

“No. Like hell, I’m going to leave you with-”

The door behind them burst open. Namjoon huffing to catch his breath. He looked back at Jungkook, moving down to Seokjin. N turned his head to see him, smiling.

“Glad you could join us, Namjoon?” His face was red, glaring at the men ahead of him. He took a step into the room, Seokjin quickly getting up from his seat. Did it hurt his leg? Yes. But that didn’t matter- he was terrified of Namjoon.

“Jungkook.” Jungkook crossed his arm at hearing his own name. “Were you handling this well?”

“Ah… I was a bit uncomfortable Namjoon.” N spoke up, “I was unsure of how to speak with him- after all, he did try to hurt your-” Seokjin opened his mouth,

“I’m going to go wait outside-” Seokjin passed in front of Namjoon.

“Wait.” Seokjin held in his breath, stopping directly in front of him.

“Yeah?” Seokjin turned to Namjoon. They had gained an audience. N’s men. N. Jungkook. Namjoon opened his arms up, Seokjin’s brow moved up at that, wondering what that meant. Why would someone open- Did he want a hug? Seokjin wasn’t too sure, but he saw Namjoon’s temple almost give rise to a strained vein and decided to risk it. It was an awkward movement since he wrapped himself against Namjoon. He knew there were some looks going around. The other men staring at Seokjin’s distance to Namjoon. Seokjin faced upwards, hoping for an approving look- one that let him know it was over- no. Namjoon took it upon himself to place his lips over Seokjin’s. It was like a small static shock, Seokjin trembled lightly- Namjoon pulling him closer- Seokjin didn’t know what to do. Namjoon was just kissing him. He knew better than to pull away, who knows what he would do- but still… Should he kiss him back? Well- he wasn’t given much of an option. Namjoon’s hands trailed down his back- and down to his ass. He squeezed his bum, causing Seokjin to jump up- opening his mouth to Namjoon. This wasn’t the end of it, no. That would be too easy on Seokjin’s life. No- what came out of his mouth the moment Namjoon grabbed him will make Seokjin hang his head low, for a long time.

“Ahh…” The room was silent. Shit. They all heard. Pleased, Namjoon let out a small growl into Seokjin’s mouth, pulling his head back. Seokjin took in a deep breath, Namjoon’s arms still intertwined around himself. Seokjin buried his face into his chest, whispering. “I should leave.”

“Why?” Namjoon asked, “I want you to stay with me.” Namjoon looked over at the other men, “None of you would mind, right? If my lover were to stay with me right?” N moved his hand up,

“I would never say no to seeing such a handsome face.” Namjoon smiled at him, before letting his hands move away from Seokjin’s behind. Thank god. Namjoon, however, kept his hands over his hips as Seokjin turned around. Namjoon led them back to the chair behind his desk. He sat down, and Seokjin- was prepared to stand. But with an obvious look, Namjoon gave him, he more than did what he expected. He sat down on Namjoon’s lap, keeping his hands tucked into his own lap. Namjoon kept a lazy arm around Seokjin’s waist, smiling back at the other men. Seokjin felt uncomfortable. Seokjin wanted to leave- and honestly, never look anyone in the eyes again.

“Now, what deal did we have in the works N?” N smiled,

“Well… I hoped your other-” N’s eyes stayed on Seokjin’s face, “lover would have told you.” Namjoon nodded,

“He did. But I want to hear it repeated from your own mouth.” He shrugged, “If any deal is to go on.” N nodded.

“I want to deal my hand properly.” N smiled, “No much to add to it. I just know someone who wants in yours and mines business..” Namjoon smiled at that,

“Where’s is he?” N’s smile faded at that. Still, he cleared his throat.

“I wanted to keep him out of this if possible-” Namjoon shook his head,

“Not possible.” N nodded.

“Alright.” He sighed, “Ken, come out here will you?” Seokjin tilted his head at the name. K-ken? A man from his group moved to the front. Seokjin gasped at the man, he almost slipped from Namjoon’s lap- his eyes large.

“Ken!” Seokjin turned to Namjoon, squirming a little bit. Namjoon just gave him a puzzled expression- but oddly letting go of him. The other man didn’t look taken aback by Seokjin’s sight. What did take everyone back was the fact that Seokjin practically leaped on him, his arms tightening around the man. This tensed the room. The man moved his arms around Seokjin, holding him steady.

“Hey, Jinnie.” Everyone in the room was left dumbfounded. Seokjin drew back from his hug,

“H-” He shook his head, “Why are you here?” He smiled lightly down to Seokjin,

“My Dad’s idea. Want the business to expand- in more ways.” Seokjin tilted his head,

“But it was doing just fine?” His voice drew in worry for the other man, Ken nodded.

“It was-” Seokjin’s eyes grew large. Wait. Ken was someone who knew him- who knew his family-

“Babe-” He heard two men behind him rustle at the name. Oh shit. Seokjin shook his head, “How-”

“Seokjin.” It was Namjoon’s voice. Seokjin turned his head back to him, taking in a deep breath. His eyes were dark, far scarier than before. Shit. “You can have your conversation with-” The other man finally let go of Seokjin, turning on his own to Namjoon.

“Ken.” He moved forward, extending his hand. Jungkook took a step forward at that, staring at him. Namjoon allowed for him to do so, “Oh…” Ken took a step back. “I came here on behalf of my own company.” Seokjin looked back at Namjoon, his eyes lingering on Seokjin.

“Seokjin. Go back to your room.” Seokjin looked at him, and then back at Ken. “Do as I say.” Seokjin hesitated, shaking his head up at Namjoon.

“Wait- Joon-” Seokjin didn’t like the look in his eyes. Not one bit- not from him or Jungkook. Both of them held a similar expression to Ken. It didn’t fit well in Seokjin’s stomach- he- he couldn’t just- Namjoon could just kill him- just for knowing who Seokjin was. Seokjin tried his best not show his alarm, instead of replacing it with a look of need. To Namjoon. “Babe…” He tried, “I need your help with something-”

“Get a maid to help you.” Oh no. Seokjin drew back his arms to cross over his chest. Taehyung had definitely not prepared him for this. He, however, wasn’t trying to get Ken killed. So, settling down to what was happening would be the worst thing he could do. He had to get Namjoon alone. Just for a moment.

“I don’t think they can.” He tried his voice, making it more pleading than anything else. “Just for a bit.” Namjoon stared up at him. His brow creased before he looked back at Ken and N.

“Would you both give me a moment?” N shook his head,

“Go with him.” He smiled, “He needs you desperately now.” N sat back in his seat. Namjoon stood from his seat moving around his desk and to Seokjin- taking him by his waist and out of the room. He didn’t push Seokjin, no he just leads him out of the door- closing it behind him. Seokjin turned to him,


“Not here.” His voice was commanding. Seokjin just shut his mouth, giving him a curt nod. Namjoon walked past him, Seokjin stared at his back for a moment before following behind him. He took him to a room, opening the door for Seokjin- who entered. Namjoon came in after him, shutting the door. Seokjin sighed, now feeling a little at ease it just being the two of them. Namjoon turned his head back to him, crossing his arms.

“What do you need help with?” Seokjin’s eyes moved back to the door,

“You know me and him-”

“Who?” Namjoon’s brow moved up. Seokjin tilted his head up at him,

“Ken.” Namjoon nodded, allowing him to continue. “We were just friends.”

“Alright.” He shrugged, “What do I care?” Seokjin felt like he was stupid. Why did he not just get it?

“You know-”

“I don’t.” Namjoon shook his head, “What do you want?” Seokjin sighed,

“Don’t hurt Ken.” Namjoon moved forward,

“Are you telling me what to do?” Seokjin took in a huff of air, stepping back.

“No-” Namjoon continued to come into Seokjin’s space- forcing him back to hit the wall. “I didn’t mean to tell you-”

“Why should I let him live, now that you think you can tell me what to do?” Namjoon smirked, “Tell me why I shouldn’t just go make Jungkook rip him-” Seokjin took hold of his arm, shaking his head.

“Please…” He pleaded. “Don’t.” Namjoon looked down at his arm, Seokjin trembled as he held it. “For me. Please… don’t hurt him.” Namjoon moved a hand up to Seokjin’s face. Seokjin shut his eyes, afraid Namjoon would strike him- however, it never came. Namjoon just kept his hand over Seokjin’s cheek. Seokjin let a tear fall down his cheek,

“Why are you crying?” Namjoon’s thumb ran over his cheek, wiping away the tear. “Seokjin?” He shook his head,

“Please don’t hurt him!” Namjoon scoffed,

“Why does it even matter-”

“He’s important Namjoon!” Seokjin’s grip over his arm grew, “Please…” Seokjin begged, “Don’t hurt him.” Namjoon sighed, pressing his lips together for a moment.

“I think you need time to rest.” His hand caressed Seokjin’s face. Seokjin shook his head,

“No- I’m fine- Namjoon-” Namjoon drew closer to him, so close Seokjin could feel his breath.

“I will do what I see fit.’ Seokjin couldn’t take that as an answer. He took hold of Namjoon’s hand- holding it with all his might.

“Namjoon-” He spoke slowly, “You promised me- you would give me anything I wanted.” Namjoon’s expression hardened.

“Is that what you want?” Seokjin’s eyes fluttered open. He nodded quickly,

“Yes. Yes-” Namjoon leaned back, grunting.

“Fine.” He let out, “I won’t do a thing to him.” Seokjin sighed in relief. His hand loosening its iron hold on Namjoon.

“Thank-” Namjoon slammed Seokjin’s shoulders onto the back wall. Seokjin was shocked, eyes large at the man ahead of him.

“Don’t ever look at anyone like you did to him.” Seokjin’s breath was taken away from him, “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Namjoon nodded, letting go of him. He turned away, letting Seokjin stare at his back.

“This is my room.” He spoke to the door. “You should rest. You’ve been on your feet- for too long no?” Seokjin looked down to his legs. He had forgotten- until.

“Oww…” He ached. Namjoon spun around.

“Always worried about others don’t you?” Namjoon nagged, “Lucky for you this time- I won’t kill you.” He moved to Seokjin, pulling him up in an easy movement. Seokjin didn’t even try to fight it, his legs hurt. Namjoon led him to the bed, climbing on it- before laying Seokjin down gently. Namjoon sat up, staring at the man below.

“Get some sleep. I’ll be over after I’m finished.” Seokjin looked around,

“B-but this is your-”

“My room?” He nodded, “Just sleep.” Namjoon waved Seokjin off, “Once I’m done- I’ll take you back to your own room. Alright?” Seokjin nodded,

“Okay.” Namjoon smothered a smile on his lips,

“Namjoon-” He looked back at Seokjin, “Thank you.” Namjoon only scoffed,

“What for?” Namjoon smiled, “When you behave with me- I’ll give you what you want.” Seokjin tilted his head at this,

“What did I do?” Namjoon placed his hand over Seokjin’s lap,

“Your moan alone bought you anything you wanted.” He spoke slowly, “Sitting on my lap was extra- which means you can get something else.” He shrugged, “Leave that up to you to decide what you want though?” So, this was like bribery- for him doing something that pleases him?

“Is that how it will work?” Namjoon looked back at him.

“Yes.” He sneered, “When you please me, I’ll do things in return for you.” Seokjin nodded,

“So… what kind of things do I have to do for you?” Seokjin asked, “Just in public- or-”

“I won’t force you.” Namjoon spoke up, “But I do award properly.”

“So… do I have to have-”

“Sex?” He shrugged, “That’s up to you.” Namjoon leered forward, “But… I don’t want to fuck you while you’re broken.”

“Thanks.” Seokjin let out bitterly. Namjoon let out a chuckle,

“Go to sleep. You’re tired.” Seokjin nodded. Namjoon stood up, going to the door.

“Joon?” He stopped at the name, “Can I call you that?”

“You can.” He didn’t turn back to look at Seokjin. So, Seokjin further slumped in bed.

“Thank you.” Seokjin called out, “Really… thank you.”

“Get some rest.” Namjoon left the room, closing the door and leaving Seokjin in the dark.



Namjoon sighed, fixing his coat. He moved back down the hall, entering the room. Eyes moved to him, from all over. Jungkook, N, Ken. They all were just staring straight at him.

“Sorry, that took so long.” N waved him off,

“It’s fine. He is an expensive piece of yours isn’t he?” Namjoon nodded. “You must love to pamper him?”

“You have no idea.” Namjoon stared back at Ken.

“So, tell me what kind of business you want to work with me about?”


Jimin tilted his head at the window.

“Hey, hun how you holding up?” Jimin turned his head back to the door, Irene grinned down at him. “Is laundry too hard- I could always get a different girl do it-’

“It’s fine.” He insisted. “It gives me something to do. Besides sitting and eating.” Irene stepped into the room, running her arms over him.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” He huffed, “I just can’t stand not doing stuff.” She pressed her head over his back.

“Should we-”

“Ahhh!” Both of them turned back to the doorway hearing Joy scream. They shared a troubling look. They both rushed out to the front of the shop- both stopping as they caught a view of what was before their eyes. That man from before, the one Taehyung had handled. It was Suho.

“Where is he?” She pulled at her hair, trying her best to loosen his grip on her hair.

“H-he’s away on-” He yanked up hard, “Oww!” Irene moved forward hands up to calm him.

“Mr. Suho-” He backhanded her, causing her to fall to the floor. Oh no, Jimin moved ahead- hands up.

“Hey- I’m sorry. They have nothing to do with Taehyung not-”

“Oh?” He was drunk, “It’s you?” Jimin stayed put, “How much do you-” Irene’s eyes grew large, standing up in front of him.

“H-he’s not for sale-” Suho took a step forward, again readying to hit her-

“Stop!” Jimin screamed, “Don-don’t hit her.” He moved forward, “I’m for sale. I-I’m for sale…” He repeated. Irene shook her head to him, Jimin pulled her behind him- swallowing hard. “Don’t hurt them.” He felt contempt with himself. Jimin was finally standing up for someone. “I’ll sleep with you- so don’t hurt them.”


Chapter Text

Vixx had left. Leaving Namjoon rubbing at his temple,

“What gives with you not ordering to having me kill that one guy?” Namjoon swallowed hard,

“Seokjin didn’t want that.” Namjoon turned to face the other man. “Why would I kill someone he knows?” Jungkook pulled his arms over his chest, narrowing his eyes at Namjoon.

“Why wouldn’t you? Don’t you think he’s connected to Seokjin outside of this place? What if goes and tells someone that you have him? What he if tries to come here and take him?”

“The police can’t do anything against me. The world can’t do anything against me.” Namjoon let out a deep sigh, “No one is capable of taking him away from me.” Jungkook’s jaw tensed.

“Then why did you go to the other room with him?”

“Is that any of your business?” Namjoon peeked his eye at Jungkook, “You hate him, so stop worrying about what I do and don’t do for him.” Jungkook’s mouth opened,

“Can I leave?” Namjoon stared at him,

“Yeah. It’s best you head out. I don’t want you in my home longer than it needs to be.” Jungkook turned away, not before pausing in front of the door. He turned back, staring at Namjoon. He dug in his pocket, pulling out bloodsoaked keys. He tossed them back to Namjoon’s desk a loud clank sound coming from them.

“I forgot to say… your group isn’t as useless as I thought.” With that, he left Namjoon alone. Namjoon stared at the keys. They were soiling his desk.

Seokjin rustled from his sleep feeling a dent in the bed at his side. He peeked his eyes open,

“Joon?” He stared out, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

“No. It’s me.” Seokjin’s eyes grew large, sitting up.

“Jungkook?” The boy’s mouth opened, moving forward- pushing his lips over Seokjin. He was shocked, sleep still over him. Still, he moved into his grip growing closer to the younger man. Seokjin pulled away, suddenly remembering where they were. His face was flushed, as he looked to his side.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” Seokjin’s mouth opened, as he let out a deep sigh.

“We can’t. H-he’s home.” Jungkook moved forward, taking hold of Seokjin’s chin forcing Seokjin to look him in the eye.

“Why did you do that in front of me?” Seokjin looked confused,

“Do what?” Seokjin asked,

“Why did you look at him-”

“I was pretending-”

“Not him.” Jungkook shook his head, “That other guy- Ken or whatever- why did you call him babe?” Seokjin stared at Jungkook. “SEOKJIN!” He trembled at his name.

“I-I dated him when I was younger.” Jungkook pressed his lips together at that,

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t I tell you what- it was a long time ago-” Jungkook shook his head,

“You could have told me. I-I would have done the meeting alone-”

“I didn’t have a problem seeing him.” Seokjin spat back, “What he and I had was in the past-”

“Is that why you still look so fondly at him?”

“Fondly?” Jungkook swallowed hard,

“Yeah. You ran to him- as if he was going to protect you from all the bad in this world.” Jungkook stared at Seokjin, “Do you love him?”

“I don’t think that matters-”

“It does to me.” Seokjin stared at him,

“Get out.” Jungkook was taken aback by his words.


“I said get out. I don’t want to speak with you when you are like this-”

“When I am what? Worried about you-”

“When you’re acting jealous.” Seokjin looked back at the door, “Leave. Namjoon should be back soon and I don’t want to have to deal with that headache as well-”

“I’m a headache.”

“You’re giving me one, yes.” Jungkook pressed his lips together, “Get out Jungkook.” Jungkook stood from the bed, looking down at Seokjin.

“You are really-”

“Goodbye Jungkook.”

Taehyung looked around the room,

“Why are you nervous?”

“Me? Nervous?” Taehyung laughed, “I haven’t been nervous since I was 13.” Yoongi smiled back at him,

“That must have been a rough year.”

“It was.” Taehyung nodded, “But you get over things like that. You can only grow from them.”

“I’ve planned out what you and that blond idiot will be doing.”

“Is that where you were all day?” Yoongi nodded,

“The car is ready. I just need to call Namjoon and make sure your twin is all set to go in a few days.” Taehyung smiled,

“I’m sure he and I will do fine-”

“Well… in a few days, he’ll be as good as dead.” Taehyung smile faded slightly, “Then I will have Jungkook back- and you will be Namjoon’s one and only.” Taehyung nodded,

“Yeah.” Yoongi pushed forward a drink across the bar,

“Let’s drink to that?” Taehyung took up the glass,

“Yeah.” He clanked his glass with Yoongi both of them drawing silent as they drank.

Namjoon stepped into his room, kicking off his shoes. He pressed the door closed behind him, he has to be silent. Seokjin must still be sleeping in his room- Namjoon pauses. He-he heard a whimper. Namjoon didn’t quite know what to make of it. He peered into the room, tilting his head- was he awake? Another whimper rang through, this time he was sure he heard it, his hand feeling around the wall before finding the switch. He turned it on, the room lighting up.

“TURN IT OFF!” Namjoon jumped at the voice, turning the lighting back off as he was told. Namjoon was stunned hearing Seokjin’s loud voice. He stayed put, not knowing what to do. Still, he heard him sobbing. What-what could he do? It took a moment, but his eyes adjusted to the darkness, seeing Seokjin in his bed. His legs pulled to his chest, as he hid his face in them. Namjoon looked around, wondering what he could do. S-standing here wasn’t helping. He took a step forward, inching closer to the bed. Soon, he was standing over him- staring down at him. Seokjin never seemed small, he had broad shoulder, looked strong, and sturdy… but right now- he was cowering under his blankets. In his bed, weeping. What could he do? Namjoon wasn’t one to comfort. He never did this. H-he had people to do that. Taehyung would comfort him when he needed it. That was it. That was all he knew about this.

“W-why are you crying?” Namjoon didn’t want him to cry. Namjoon wanted him to stop. “Is there something you want?” Seokjin lifted his head, using his sleeve to rub away his tears, giving Namjoon a bitter look.

“I’m fine.” He took in a deep breath, “J-just leave me alone...” He was in Namjoon’s bed. How could he just ask for Namjoon to just leave him alone? Namjoon swallowed hard,

“You were crying. What happened?” Seokjin didn’t answer, only pressing his eyes closed. Namjoon knew he was upset and if he were to do as he asked, then he would only continue to cry. Yes, it was easier for him to just leave him. To let him sort it out on his own- yet… Namjoon couldn’t find it in himself to just leave Seokjin here in his bed. Well, it was his bed. He couldn’t just leave- right? Seokjin was in his bed. He could leave, and then Namjoon would get his room back. So, the best way to get to that- was to talk to him. Well, that was the best option in Namjoon’s head.

“Nothing.” Seokjin defended.

“If it was nothing- then you wouldn’t just-” Seokjin looked back at him,

“You have me locked up in your house. I can’t see my family. I can’t leave. I think I have enough reason to be upset, Namjoon.” Namjoon’s mouth opened at what he heard. Seokjin instantly regretting what he said, closed his eyes. “I-I’m… I’m sorry I snapped at you.” Namjoon’s eyes were large,

“It’s fine. You are upset so…” Namjoon cleared his throat, “I’ll look past it for you.” Seokjin nodded,

“Thanks.” Namjoon bit his bottom lip, not knowing where to take this conversation now.

“D-do you wanna talk about it-”

“No.” Seokjin snapped, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Namjoon nodded,

“Are you sure-”

“I’m sure.” Seokjin nodded, wiping away his eyes again. “I-It was nothing. Just foolish-”

“It was something I did, right?” Seokjin paused, staring at Namjoon.


“Then why are you upset?” Namjoon tilted his head, “Is there something you want?” Seokjin shook his head,

“No. I don’t want anything.” Namjoon had no idea what to do then. If Seokjin didn’t want something, then why was he crying? “I-I just want to… get some sleep.” Namjoon nodded before Seokjin seemed to realize something. “I-I’m in your room.” Seokjin closed his eyes, “Sorry- I’ll leave.” Seokjin pushed away from the blankets, wobbling up to his feet- feeling a hand grip his wrist.

“Y...Y-You…” Namjoon cleared his voice, “don’t have to leave.” Namjoon nodded, “If you don’t want to.” Seokjin tilted his head back at him, “We can talk-”


“Whatever- if you want… nothing if you don’t.” Seokjin let out a deep breath, letting his body rest and place his weight over his feet. He bit his upper lip, his throat raw from crying. Seokjin took a step back, letting himself take a seat at the edge of the bed at the side of Namjoon. Namjoon smiled at him, his teeth shining at seeing the boy at his side.

“Alright.” Seokjin gave Namjoon a faint smile, “Joon?” Namjoon stiffened at his name, “Do you remember when you told me I could ask for one more thing?” Namjoon’s smile faded at what he heard,

“Yes.” Seokjin nodded, moving his hands on top of Namjoon’s. Namjoon’s eyes moved down to his grip, his eyes running up to meet Seokjin’s eyes. “What do you want?” Seokjin took in a deep breath, hesitating.

“I-I…” Seokjin lowered his head,

“If you are going to ask me to let you go- I won’t-”

“No!” Seokjin shook his head, “That’s not what I wanted…” Seokjin’s grip grew over his hands, “No… I know that’s off that table-”

“Is it for your friend?” Seokjin stared at him, “He is Taehyung’s- so no- I can’t-”

“No! Not Jimin either…” Seokjin dropped his head low, looking away from Namjoon. Seokjin let out a pitiful laugh, “Funny huh? I want neither of those things right now…” Seokjin let out a deep breath,

“What is it then?” Namjoon asked, a bit more pushy then he meant for it to sound. “Tell me Seokjin?” Seokjin swallowed hard, looking at Namjoon.

“C-can you give me some liquor?” Namjoon’s brow moved up,

“Pardon me?”

“I-I feel terrible…” Seokjin rubbed Namjoon’s hands, “Please…”

“But-” Namjoon paused, “Your medicine-”

“It’s fine.” Seokjin nodded, “I won’t be driving- I-I just need to forget-” Namjoon placed his hand over Seokjin,

“I’ll have them bring you up as much as you want.” A glimmer ran over Seokjin’s eyes. He looked as if he was almost in tears, “I-I’ll leave you to it then-”

“No!” Seokjin shook his head. Namjoon’s brow moved up at that, “Stay… please?” Namjoon let out a deep sigh,

“Is that what you want?” Seokjin let out a deep sigh,




Jimin lowered the glass in his hand, smiling at the woman behind the bar.

“You’re a beautiful Irene.” She gave him a small smile, her broken lips still a fresh wound.

“So are you Jimin.” Jimin nodded, looking back down at his glass.

“Jimin?!” He plucked his head up, hearing Wendy’s voice ring- “WAIT- NO YOU AREN’T ALLOWED IN THERE SIR-” A man came forward, his dark hair soaking wet.

“You’re Jimin?” Irene looked back up at him,

“Jimin is not for sale-” He looked back up at her,

“I don’t want him for that.” The boy growled, “I need to speak with him.” Jimin looked at his clenched fist, frightened Jimin spoke up.

“Let’s talk then.” He swallowed hard, “It’s alright Irene… Just leave us here for a bit.” Irene hesitated but nodded.

“I will be in the other room.” She snarled at Jungkook. “So, just-just…” She lowered her head, “Don’t do anything to him,” Irene left the room, Jimin turning in his seat.

“Come with me- I like sitting in the booths.” Jimin let out before he stood up, Jungkook watched him- as he limped forward. He was Seokjin’s friend… wasn’t he? Jungkook followed, seeing him lower himself into the seat. Jungkook sat across from him, as he scratched the back of his neck.

“They really breaking you in, aren’t they?” Jungkook offered, instantly knowing that it was in bad taste. “Sorry…” He shook his head, “Y-you just-”

“I look like shit?” Jimin nodded, “I have a mirror. I can see.” Jungkook nodded,

“Y-you were friends with Seokjin?” Jimin lowered his head at the name,

“I was his friend.” His lips pursed together, “I was…” Jungkook didn’t understand what that meant. Was that a reference to that auction- to seeing Seokjin let him be sold off?

“D-Did you know he was with someone named… Ken?” Jimin nodded,

“It was his ex-boyfriend.” Jungkook swallowed hard at that,

“Were they close?”

“They liked each other a lot… If that is what you’re asking.” Jungkook’s jaw grew stiff,

“D-did they love each other?”

“When they were together?” Jimin nodded, “Very much so.” Jimin paused, “But- Seokjin left a lot of his life when he quit being a doctor.” He nodded, “They were both engaged actually… But then- Seokjin met someone else.”

“Someone else?” Jungkook asked,

“A policeman. The one who was with me when I was sold.” Jungkook stared at him,


“Yes,” Jimin nodded, “Seokjin loved him… a lot. Even though it wasn’t reciprocated…” Jimin shook his head, “Seokjin was a kind man.”

“He was.” Jungkook let out a deep sigh, “He left you here-”

“If Seokjin could do anything for me… I am sure he would do his best to get me out of here.” Jimin pressed his eyes closed.

“I am sure he would too.” Jungkook stood from his seat, staring down at Jimin. “I’m sorry that you were sold off to-”

“To be a prostitute.” Jimin smiled up at him, “It’s fine. I don’t care.” Jimin looked around the place, “This place… it’s like a family to me at this point.”

“In any case… know I feel for you.” He nodded, “You got mixed up in all this by accident.”

“Doesn’t matter much now.” Jimin smiled, “It’s all the same.” Jimin shook his head, “It was nice meeting you-”


“Nice to meet you Jungkook.” Jimin stood from his seat, hand stretched out, Jungkook shook it looking Jimin down once.

“Goodbye Jimin.” Jimin nodded,




Namjoon felt Seokjin lean forward, tipping his head on his chest.

“Seokjin… I think you’ve had enough-” Seokjin leaned back, shaking his head.

“No.” He slurred, “I-I am fine.” He smiled back up at Namjoon.

“You are leaning over me.” Seokjin pushed himself off, his legs fumbling back- giving up and letting him fall to the ground. He groaned in pain.

“Ow…” Namjoon let out a deep sigh, standing up- he moved to his side, pulling Seokjin’s arm over his shoulder. With a haul, he pulled Seokjin up with ease, holding him tight. Seokjin fell over Namjoon’s ear. “Thanks for helping me up,” Seokjin whispered. “I-I needed it.” Namjoon helped Seokjin back to the bed, letting him down on the bed. Namjoon sat down at his side, Seokjin letting out a small giggle.

“Anytime.” Seokjin nodded,

“I’m-I’m…” Seokjin bit his bottom lip, “Kinda hungry.” Namjoon let out a deep breath,

“Should I go get you something to eat-” Seokjin shook his head,

“No.” Seokjin shook his head, “I-I just wanted to test something out.” Namjoon’s brow moved up,

“What was that?” Seokjin gave Namjoon a large smile,

“Y-you’re like- like… a sugar daddy.” Seokjin smiled, “Always giving me things.” Seokjin drew closer to Namjoon’s face, “Why?”

“Why else would you do things for me?” Seokjin let out a deep breath,

“I’m sure Taehyung doesn’t do things for you… for material goods.” He nods to himself, “Y-your first instinct is to always give me something.” Seokjin let out a huff of air, “Why?”

“It’s beneficial for both of us.”

“Is it?” Seokjin asked, “Just seems like a way to hide the fact that there might be feelings behind it.” Namjoon stared at Seokjin. “For Taehyung anyways.” Seokjin sat back, allowing for Namjoon to breathe. The closeness had made him uncomfortable. Staring into Seokjin’s dark brown eyes. Seeing him as close as he was. “D-do you have a cigarette?” Seokjin asked,

“Your lungs were hurt-”

“Fuck that.” Seokjin smiled, “You told me you’d give me something if I-”

“You asked for a drink. I gave you that.” Seokjin turned his head back to Namjoon, his eyes large in confusion.

“So… I have to do something else?” Namjoon opened his mouth to answer but- Seokjin pushed him back, crawling on to his lap. He plopped himself down, causing Namjoon to stiffen, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand. Seokjin drew closer to his face, close enough Namjoon felt the warmth of his breath.

“Seokjin-” Namjoon spoke up, “You’re-you’re drunk-”

“I want a cigarette-” His lips were plump and so close to Namjoon’s.

“I’ll give it to you-” Namjoon’s voice was shaky, “J-just- stop-”

“Then it’s not beneficial for both of us,” Seokjin spoke lowly, his eyes lowering to look at Namjoon’s mouth.

“Seokjin- let’s not do this-”

“Do what?” Seokjin asked, his hand moving up to Namjoon’s face taking hold of it. “I-I’m just… doing something I want to do.” His lips curled up to a smile, “Is that bad?”

“You don’t want this-” Seokjin didn’t let him finish, his lips pressing over Namjoon’s. Namjoon’s hands pushed between them both, “Seokjin- stop…” Seokjin sat up on his chest, eyeing him down.

“What?” Seokjin whimpered, “You don’t want me now?”

“No.” Namjoon shook his head, “I-I… you’re drunk.” Seokjin let out a small chuckle,


“You aren’t doing this because you want to-” Seokjin smirked,

“Who said that?” Namjoon pulled himself up on his elbows,

“Seokjin-” Seokjin pushed him back onto the bed, smiling.

“I want to do this.” Seokjin spoke lowly, “You said you wouldn’t say no to me?”


“I want to do it Namjoon.” Seokjin smiled, “I want to have sex with you.” Namjoon didn’t have time to react, Seokjin lowering himself over Namjoon. He pressed Namjoon down, biting down on his lip, pulling it back with a smile. “Can I?” Seokjin whispered.


Chapter Text

Seokjin woke up. The first thing that was setting in, was the fact that his head felt as if it would explode. It was painful. He could feel his head banging in from the insides. He stirred a little. A strong grip was over him. Seokjin was tightly in someone's arms. Jungkook’s? His nose told him otherwise. His skin was pressed against his. He could feel it. He was warm- he was different. Seokjin’s eye’s opened. A bang seemed to set in his stomach as he stared at the man. No-No-no-no- Seokjin tried to sit up- but was dragged back down into this man’s vice grip. What was happening- how-how-

“Morning.” His voice was husk, as Seokjin laid on top of him. He stared up at Seokjin, a curve in his smile, “You feel alright?” Seokjin’s breathing was harsh. What was he doing here? Why was he in bed with him? Seokjin swallowed hard,

“Did-did we?” Namjoon’s hand stroked Seokjin’s back, moving down his spine to his-

“Ahh-” Namjoon smiled,

“You were amazing.” Well. Seokjin couldn’t recall. Not for a moment. “And to say- everyone thought I overpaid for you.” Namjoon pulled his head up, lips puckered for Seokjin. W-what was happening? Seokjin didn’t want him to touch him at all. He drew his head to the side, allowing for Namjoon to place his kiss on his cheek. Namjoon growled lightly, Seokjin facing him again. “Are you acting up again?” Namjoon smiled, “Because you know you’ll get away with it all?” Seokjin trembled in his grip,

“I-I-” Seokjin gave a faint smile, “I should go shower-I’m all dirty…” Namjoon only sighed,

“You look all good and clean to me,” Namjoon’s eyes ran down Seokjin’s face, “How about we go shower together? Then we can have breakfast before I head to work?” Seokjin shook his head,

“I-I can’t just shower with you- I’d be-” Seokjin bites his lower lip, “Exposed and-”

“I’ve already seen it all.” Namjoon scoffs, “Don’t need to be shy about it now,” Seokjin nods,

“I know- it’s just… My clothes are in my room- so I should go back.” Namjoon moves his hand up to Seokjin’s face, taking hold of him. Seokjin never wanted this. Not with him.

“Alright,” Namjoon smiles, his grip over his back finally releasing Seokjin. Seokjin wanted nothing more than to get up right then and there- and sprint out of the room. To go clean himself. To rid himself of anything he’d done with this man. Seokjin moved off of him, holding the sheets tightly over his body. Not wanting to expose an inch of skin. He looked around a little trying to find his clothing- it was on the far side of the room- thrown. He gasped at the sight. He’d have no choice but to go get them. He let the blanket slip away, as his legs touched the ground. His weight shifted over them, he instantly regretted it. His eyes grew large, as he winced,

“Ow-” An arm wrapped around Seokjin’s bare waist, taking him back onto the bed.

“Are you alright? Where is it hurting?” Namjoon laid him back on the bed, “I knew it was too soon for your body-” Seokjin took in a deep breath, his hands moving down to cover himself.

“It’s fine- It-it was just sudden and I forgot about it- I’ll be fine.” Seokjin nodded to himself, “I just need to get back to my room-” Namjoon looked back at him,

“You don’t.” Namjoon shook his head, “Just wear something of mine. That should be enough, right?” Seokjin stared at him,


“This will be our room. I don’t want you walking around.” He looked back at him, “Understand?”

“I-I can’t be in here…” Seokjin shook his head,

“Why not?” Namjoon asked, Seokjin suddenly seemed to snap back into his attention, remembering his place.

“I-I…” Seokjin took in a deep breath, “Won’t Taehyung be upset when he returns and finds that we are now sharing a bed?” Namjoon grazed over him. His hand moved to Seokjin’s leg, placing his large hand on it. Seokjin shivered at the touch. He was warm.

“I suppose you are correct,” He stared at Seokjin for a moment, “Should I carry you to your room then?” Seokjin shook his head,

“No-I can walk myself back,” He smiled,

“I don’t want you walking around anymore.” He took in a deep breath, “Stay here for the day- maybe it hurts because…” Namjoon looked down, “I was too rough with you last night.” He looked over Seokjin’s face, his hand holding his chin. “I’m sorry.” Seokjin blinked hard. What the hell was going on? Was he still drunk or something? “I didn’t want for you to be in any pain.” Namjoon’s hand slipped away, “I’ll make it up to you.” He nodded to himself, “Anything you want- name it and it’s yours.” Seokjin stared at him.

“J-joon?” His voice cracked. Namjoon smiled at the call of his name,

“Yeah?” How could he say never touch him again? How could he tell him to get his disgusting hand away? All without upsetting this man?

“Shouldn’t you get going? You go to work early no?” Namjoon’s smile faded slightly.

“Y-yeah.” He nodded, “I’m gonna head to get ready right now.” He let out a small deep breath, “Do-do you want to join me for breakfast?” Seokjin shook his head,

“No-no…” He spoke slowly, “I-I’m afraid… my body still aches- I think I’ll need to just rest- for a while.” Namjoon paused for a moment, before nodding.

“Y-yeah. Yeah… that-that’s for the best.” He gave Seokjin a faint smile, “I’ll have someone bring you something up here?” Seokjin nodded,

“I won’t move.” Namjoon gave him a faint smile, “So-go get ready.” Namjoon nodded.



Namjoon had left, giving Seokjin a kiss on the forehead before heading out. What the hell was happening? Seokjin’s head was throbbing… so was his lower back. Fuck. H-he had-with that… with that man. Seokjin swore that he would never- but here he was in this man’s bed- after what he assumed was a fuck. He closed his eyes at the thought. H-had he really? Had he really fucked his captor? Was this some fucked up story? H-how could this have happened? Why? He-he had been drinking- and feeling a little upset but- nothing to the capacity to actually fuck- No. His eyes grew large at the sores on his body. He had done it. With him. He stared at the bruises down his chest- to his stomach and down. No. Hi-his body was tainted. How could he have actually fucked Namjoon? He took in a deep breath,  he-he was… he was so stupid. How could he ever sleep with him- to- what was going on in his mind?! He pulled at his hair, shaking his head. How could this ever happen? How could he have done this? How could he have slept with a criminal, with a man who would snap his neck if he made the wrong move? With a man he hated.

Namjoon rubbed his chin,

“CEO Kim?” His head moved up at the call of his name,

“Yes?” His secretary smiled up at him,

“Your meeting is in a few minutes,” He nodded to her, smiling lightly. “You should get ready, no?” Namjoon nodded, standing up. “CEO Kim?” He looked back at her, “Has something good happened?” Namjoon’s brow moved up at that,

“Can you tell?” She nodded,

“You have a certain aura to you,” Namjoon nodded, “I will go get you your coffee-”

“Can you order me roses?” Her eyes grew large,

“Of course, when and where should I have them delivered?” Namjoon smiled, “To my house in the next hour.” She nodded,

“Doable.” He took in a deep breath,

“Good. I want as much as they can get me. I want him to feel pampered.” Her brow moved up at that,

“Will do, Sir.” Namjoon pushed back his jacket, her eyes glossed over his neck- blinking hard. “D-did he do that?” Namjoon smiled at her question,



Jungkook stare remained on the stairs,

“Has he come out at all?” The maid shook her head,

“No.” She folded her arms over her chest, “He was ordered to stay in his room all day,” She shrugged,

“All day?” Jungkook’s brow moved up, “Why?”

“He’s hurt. Mr. Kim wants him to stay put.” Jungkook turned back to her,

“So, he’s just in his room?” She shook her head,

“I assume. I haven’t been up myself…” She shrugged, “He put guards to watch the door, “To make sure he does as he was told.” Jungkook nodded lightly, “He should be fine. Mr. Kim asked us to tend to his every need- so I doubt he’s in any big trouble.” Jungkook nodded,

“I have to head out- to go finish a job then.” She nodded,

“Good luck Mr. Jungkook.”



Seokjin hated being in bed. Being in bed was what caused him so many problems lately. Still, Namjoon had sent guards to make sure he stayed to his word and didn’t move. That was fine. Walking hurt so, he would stay put for now- but was it necessary to fill the room with red roses? Seokjin’s nose itches at the smell. He didn’t care for roses. He didn’t care for anything Namjoon could give him right now. He wanted to forget everything. Everything he did. His hangover was setting in good, and here he was- wondering what he did with that man. Right now, he wanted to curl into a ball and die. Maybe he would- he was starting to think the amount of pollen all over would be enough to suffocate him. God knows that was all he needed now. To die. He felt regret over him. He felt many things. He was horrified, scared, and ashamed. How could he- just… with someone like Namjoon? Did he have no morals? He had showered. Which was a hassle. He just sat under hot water. He scrubbed. Everything. The issue was- he was in his room. He was still in Namjoon’s room. He wanted to get out. He would rather be in his room- to cry out his entire meaning of life rather than staring at expensive artwork, being surrounded by Namjoon’s scent and by god- every single fucking rose in this world. His eyes were seeing so much red- he was sure he’d lose his actual fucking mind. He wanted out. Of all this. He- he was supposed to pretend to be in love- not actually sleep with him. His skin crawled. He was disgusting, wasn’t he?



Yoongi looked up, from his cup of coffee.

“Taehyung?” Taehyung smiled,


“Have you called Namjoon- to set up our appointment?” Taehyung nodded,

“For Friday. We should be all set,” Yoongi smiled,

“Good.” Taehyung nodded,

“I’m gonna be gone for the night,” Yoongi’s brow moved up,

“And why is that?” Taehyung stood up, pausing.

“I’m heading to my brothel.” Yoongi nodded, “I have to check up on it every once in a while,”

“You have a lot of issues there?” Taehyung shook his head,

“No.” He sighed, “It’s typically calm.” Yoongi thought for a moment,

“Don’t you have that- that guy that’s being accused of killing Seokjin?” Taehyung stared at him at the mention of the other man, “What was his name?”

“Jimin.” Yoongi nodded, taking in a deep breath,

“How much is he for sale?” Taehyung’s mouth opened at that,

“Have a crush on a cute boy do we?” Yoongi’s eyes glazed over,

“How much is he?” Taehyung sighed,

“Not for sale. I like-”

“I want to buy him for the night.” Taehyung shook his head,

“As I said- he isn’t for sale.” Taehyung shrugged, “I can get you a pretty girl-”

“I want him.” Taehyung’s brow moved up,

“Why? I know it wouldn’t be what other men would do with it…” Taehyung’s voice was flat, “What would you want him for?”

“He knows Seokjin. What better bait to use against him than bringing him around when we head over to their place?” Taehyung opened his mouth,

“That seems cruel to this man… H-he hasn’t done anything to us-”

“What do you care- it’ll make sure he goes through everything. We can use him to make sure he does what we tell him to do. We’ll have Seokjin dead for sure.”

“No.” Taehyung shook his head, “I bought that kid for myself-”

“I’ll give him back to you with no harm.” Yoongi  grinned, “You’ll let have back, I swear.”

“I don’t want him involved Yoongi-”

“I do.” Yoongi spoke up, “I’ll pay for him.”

“I don’t want him in any danger-”

“I can promise you that he’ll be fine.” Yoongi smiled, “Friday. I’ll want him there, alright?” Taehyung blinked hard.



Taehyung entered the building.

“Welcome- Master Taehyung?” Joy smiled at him, “It’s been a while?” He nods,

“It has been,” He takes in a deep breath, “Where is Jimin?” She pauses,

“Jimin?” Her eyes were large, “H-he’s upstairs.”

“Why?” Taehyung placed a hand on his hip, confused,

“Master Taehyung-” She pressed her eyes closed, “Suho has taken a liking to him-” Taehyung’s eyes grew large,

“Wha-what?” He blinked hard, “H-he?” Taehyung shook his head, “Why?” His voice was stern, “Why is he-”

“He wanted to.” Joy spoke lowly, “Suho… wanted to be with you- and since you have been gone- he has become aggressive with us girls.” Taehyung shuddered at the thought.

“So-so he volunteered himself?” Joy lowered her head,

“Yes.” Taehyung placed his hands together in front of him,

“G-go get him down here… I-I have something I must discuss with him.” Taehyung spoke up, “Bring him to the bar. I-I will be waiting.” Taehyung went to the bar, sitting down on the stool.

“Master Taehyung?” Taehyung drew his head up, staring back at the small man.  “You are here-” Taehyung’s eyes moved down to his hands. They were purple. Jimin caught his gaze, moving his sleeves down. Taehyung stood from his spot moving to him. He placed a hand on Jimin’s cheek.

“I’m sorry this happened to you.” Jimin shook his head,

“It’s fine.” He smiled lightly, “It was to protect the girls. I would do it all over again if I had to.” Taehyung pressed his eyes closed.

“I won’t let anyone do that to you- ever again.” Taehyung shook his head, “I-It’s almost over.” He nodded, “I-I’ll have you moved into my bosses home when it’s all done. T-then I can protect you the way I promised him.” Taehyung held him, “Forgive me,”

“Nothing to forgive master Taehyung. You’ve helped me enough- it was only necessary that I repay you for- keeping me away from the police. From everything.” Taehyung was a bad man.

“I-I’ll get you out of here.” Taehyung gave him a slight smile, “Friday. I-I need you to get ready. We’ll be having dinner, alright?” Jimin nodded. Taehyung let go of him, “Go get cleaned up, alright?” Jimin smiled back at him,

“Yeah.” Taehyung turned away,

He waited. For a while, before he heard someone from behind him. “Jimin?” An arm wrapped around his waist.

“Hello.” It wasn’t him. “Where have you been?” Taehyung stiffened at the touch,

“Somewhere.” He heard a low grumble in his ear,

“Feisty as always, huh?” Taehyung tilted his head,

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to try out that cute blondie you had.”

“He wasn’t for sale.” Taehyung pushed the man off of himself, turning in his seat- to face him, “What have you been doing to my girls, threatening them?”

“It was a joke-”

“I don’t joke.” Taehyung spoke up, “I never want you back here,” Suho rolled his eyes,

“Now that you work for Yoongi- you want to come here and stand up to me?” Taehyung narrowed his eyes to him. How did he know who he was working for? “Calm down… soon, you’ll be all mine.” He drew into his pocket, taking out a large mound of money- he tossed it to the bar behind him, “Bye.” Suho left the bar, a crashing sound was heard before the door in the front was thrown closed.

“Joy?! Are you alright?” Taehyung called,

“I’m fine!” He sighed. Thank god. He lowered his head. He was a liar. He couldn’t even keep Jimin safe for Seokjin.

Seokjin staggered up, too tired to care about ruining the roses spread through the room. They could die for all he cared. That would be great actually, then he wouldn’t have to smell the potent scent. He needed to go to just- at least attempt to leave the room. Well, the guards outside were a sure way of keeping him in. He could only turn to the restroom. Seokjin entered the bathroom, his eyes looking at the sink counter. Right there, once again a vase of roses. Why was Namjoon teasing him? Making him remember the mistake he made? He already hated himself.

“Seokjin hyung?” Seokjin froze in his spot, turning his head back to Jungkook. “I was looking for you in your room.” Seokjin took a step back. H-he forgot about him. He forgot about Jungkook. He pulled his shirt tighter to his body. “Why are you in Namjoon’s room?”

“M-my legs were hurt last time- so he brought me here.” Seokjin stuttered out, “You should leave- there are guards outside and it’s almost time for Namjoon to be back.” Jungkook moved to Seokjin,

“I-I wanted to speak with you.” Seokjin took in a deep breath,

“What about?” Jungkook tilted his head,

“About yesterday- about me getting so angry,” He sighed, “I was out of line. W-who you were with before me shouldn’t be any concern of mine.” Seokjin’s stomach rattled as he moved forward, taking hold of Seokjin’s hand. “You are with me now, so- I shouldn’t be upset over anything.” Seokjin blinked hard. Holy shit. He forgot. Jungkook. “I’m sorry-” Jungkook’s hand moved up to his chin holding him, “Forgive me?” Seokjin stared at him, his eyes swelling. H-he felt incredibly and horribly guilty. Seokjin-was the one who needed to be forgiven. Jungkook’s hand moved down to his collar, tugging at his turtleneck- Seokjin slapped away his hand on instinct. They were both shocked at his action, staring hard at his hand. Seokjin took a step back, clearing his throat.

“As I said before- Namjoon will be home soon- you should leave.” Jungkook stared at him,

“A-are you still upset?” Jungkook placed a hand on his chest, “I swear I will never behave like that ever again-”

“I-I don’t want to speak with you.” Seokjin looked to the side, “Leave-”

“Seokjin hyung- I’m sorry- I’m sorry I overreacted last time-” He took hold of Seokjin’s hand, “I won’t do it again-” Seokjin ripped his hand away, looking away.

“Go away.” Jungkook stared at him,


“Go away… I-I want to be alone.” He needed to be alone. After what he’d done- he felt dirty. “I’m no good.”

“Seokjin hyung-”

“Jungkook I need to be alone. To think,” Jungkook’s breath was taken away,

“About us?” Jungkook’s hand fiddled in front of his body, “I understand. I-I understand…” He nodded, “I-I’ll leave.” Seokjin nodded,

“Please.” Jungkook moved up, trying to give Seokjin a kiss- only for him to turn away from it. “No- I-I don’t want to.” Jungkook let go of him, staring at him.



Namjoon smiled as he entered his room. On his bed, curled into a ball was Seokjin. He had stayed put. He placed down his briefcase, pulling his tie off. He had planned to carry him downstairs to enjoy a candlelight dinner, but right now- staring at him sleeping, that was so much better. Namjoon took off his jacket, tossing it onto a chair. He didn’t even want to have dinner now. He kicked off his shoes, going to his closet, picking up a change of leisure clothing. He came back to the bed, seeing Seokjin stirring in bed.

“U-ughh…” Namjoon tilted his head at his sound,

“Seokjin?” Seokjin shot up at his name, eyes large. He was breathing rough, as he looked around, trying to find the source of the person who called him. His eyes finally looked at Namjoon, “Are you alright?” Seokjin placed a hand on his chest, nodding.

“I’m fine.” He wasn’t. “Are you going to go have dinner?” Namjoon stared at Seokjin,

“Are you hungry?” Seokjin shook his head,

“Not particularly.” Namjoon smiled, looking around the floor at the roses,

“Did you like my gift?”

“A bit much,” Seokjin answered, “But they are lovely.” He hated them. “How was work?” Namjoon took in a deep breath,

“Annoying.” Seokjin pulled his legs close to his chest, tilting his head,


“You weren’t there,” What? Namjoon sat down on the corner of the bed, smiling at Seokjin, “How was your day?”

“Boring.” Namjoon’s brow moved up,

“That’s not good.” Seokjin nodded, “Why?”

“You had guards posted. I couldn’t even walk through the gardens.” Namjoon took in a deep breath,

“I don’t want you walking around. Y-you were really in pain this morning.” What did he care? He said he never wanted anything broken. “Are you feeling better?”

“Again, I’m fine.” Namjoon nodded, “Are you going to go have dinner?”

“I’m fine.” Seokjin rubbed his leg,

“Are you going to send me back to my room-”

“No.” Namjoon stare was as if had asked the most idiotic thing ever. He paused, before explaining himself. “I-I don’t want you walking… I’d feel horrible if you were in pain.” Seokjin was stuck here with him. “I-I can sleep somewhere else if that’d make you feel better?”

“I-I’m in your room.” Seokjin shook his head, “I can’t take your bed like that.”

“Should I carry you to your room?” What? “Then you’d be back in your bed, right?” Seokjin took in a deep breath,

“Yeah-yeah, that sounds great.” Seokjin smiled, “Please?”


Namjoon brought Seokjin back to his room, opening the door. It was like some sick joke- a well-planned joke. White roses littered the room. If Namjoon’s room was a sea- then this was a fucking ocean.

“I made them put some here too,” Seokjin nodded,

“I can see.” Namjoon placed him on his bed, sitting back.

“I bought you a few more things… they-they are in your closet.” Seokjin’s brow moved up, “I had someone guess your size. If they are wrong tell the maid- they’ll have someone find a better one.” Seokjin nodded. God knows what he’d find in there. “But…” He gave Seokjin a faint smile, “Can I give you something?” No.


“For what you did last night… I want to give it to you,” That’s right. It was a job. He was just doing what he had to do. “I know- you said you didn’t want anymore gift but…” He grinned, “I couldn’t help myself,” Seokjin’s brow moved up, “You talked about it last night… so I went and got it.” What the fuck did his drunk ass ask for? What did his drunk ass say? Namjoon looked back to the bookshelf, “There filled with the manga’s you told me about.” His nerd ass hold him he read manga? Well… that was better than him telling him how he liked- nevermind that thought- this wasn’t too much of a gift- “And…” Namjoon reaching into his back pocket. Holy crap. He was holding a small box, not for a ring. Thank god. He opened it, showing it to Seokjin. “A bracelet.” This was expensive. He could tell that. “Hand,” That was a command. Seokjin listened, doing as he was told. Namjoon clipped it into place, fixing it to face upwards. Seokjin couldn’t really say much about it. He didn’t want it on him, that was about it.

“T-thank you.”

“No need. You deserve it.” That was right. Seokjin did what he had to. Namjoon doesn’t have feelings- so why was he spent on this? Namjoon would have done this for any slut who did this for him. He-he wasn’t doing this because of anything other than that. He did something for him, now he was getting his reward. Namjoon wasn’t complicated. H-he was just straight forward like that. No need to feel awkward as he did. It-it wasn’t like that with this man. “So… are you feeling better?” Oh no.

“A-a bit tired is all.” Seokjin nodded, “I-I should just get some sleep.” Namjoon nodded,

“Yeah… Yeah-umm…” He stayed there at the corner of his bed rubbing his neck, “I-I’ll be on my way then?” Seokjin blinked hard, staring at his neck.

“Y-you have a huge bruise there.” He pointed at his neck, Namjoon’s eyes moved to where he was pointing.

“Yeah… I had to dodge a few questions about it today at work.” Seokjin’s brow moved up,

“Why?” Namjoon shook his head as he scoffed,

“You gave it to me,” Seokjin blinked. H-he what? “Did you find the ones I left on you?” Seokjin wanted anything but to have this type of conversation, especially with him. Namjoon chuckled, standing up from his spot. “I’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast?” Seokjin nodded lightly,

“Yeah,” Namjoon moved around the bed and to Seokjin. Seokjin stayed frozen at his action, as he lowered himself. Namjoon stared at his face, seemingly waiting. “I-is there something on my face?” Namjoon chuckled,

“You are beautiful.” He stood up, “Goodnight.” He left the room, Seokjin staring up at where he had been. This was alright. Namjoon- he had two men. Namjoon had not a single feeling towards Seokjin, no- not in the slightest.


Morning came. Seokjin hadn’t slept. It was horrible, he tossed and turned in bed. He finally gave up and started to read. He was woken up by a maid, telling him breakfast was happening soon- and he should get ready. He did. Making his way down. He went to the dining room. Namjoon was already there, phone in hand.

“Morning.” Seokjin’s voice was low, Namjoon peering up at him.

“Morning,” He gave Seokjin a small smile. “Did you sleep alright?” Seokjin’s stomach rumbled at that,

“I’m starving.” He responded. Seokjin sat down on the chair farthest from Namjoon. They brought in his food, serving him.

“Seokjin?” He looked up from his plate, “Friday. That’s the day we are going to plan it out.”

“Plan it out?” Namjoon nodded,

“Taehyung will be back.” Seokjin nodded at that,

“I’ve missed him,” Namjoon nodded,

“As have I.” A maid came in from the kitchen,

“Mr. Kim, your car is here.” Namjoon nodded to her,

“I have to leave.” Namjoon stood from his seat,

“Have a good day.” Namjoon huffed a breath, moving around the table to Seokjin. He stared down at him,

“What?” Seokjin asked Namjoon lowered himself to Seokjin’s eye level. He stared into his eyes.

“I’ll miss you.” With that, he took Seokjin’s hand- pressing a kiss on it. Seokjin didn’t know how to react. Namjoon stood up and left. Seokjin couldn’t help but wonder what that was about. Why would he miss him?


Chapter Text


Seokjin wasn’t a whore. He knew that would be the death of him, but right now- a specific man was holding him. Captive and literally. 

“How was work?” His dark eyes flickered up to Seokjin. His hand moved down his side, 

“Why are you asking about that?” Namjoon’s voice was low,

“I want to know,” Seokjin wasn’t allowed out of his room- no, but he was allowed, one guest. That guest, of course, being Namjoon. He was the only one allowed in. Good. Seokjin couldn’t face Jungkook like this. If he was angry before about him being with another man in the past- imagine his dismay when he found out he was fucking Kim Namjoon. Why was he doing it? Because Seokjin wanted things. Small things. A few bottles of specific wine. Some cigarettes- books- more medicine. Stuff he could get if he just puckered his lips a little. 

“Do you?” Namjoon’s voice was husky, as Seokjin’s own fingers began to pull at Namjoon’s shirt. “Well… I had three meetings. One with an asshole who doesn’t want to give up his company.” Seokjin’s brow moved up,

“Should I make a call with your men? To fix it-”

“Not that type of business I’m afraid.” Namjoon’s hand moved up holding onto Seokjin’s chin. “I am becoming more feared in the streets though. Having Jungkook around seems to be doing the trick.” Seokjin swallowed hard, his hands pushing off Namjoon’s face. He got up, moving away. “What?” Seokjin stared at Namjoon,

“Nothing…” Seokjin cleaned his mouth, “I just don’t like him.”

“You don’t like him? I’ve told you before that I can protect you from him-” 

“I don’t like him.” Seokjin loved him. He wanted him out of here- so he wouldn’t see Seokjin like this. In this man’s presence- doing as he is told to get stuff. It’s worked in a weird way. He sleeps with him- no more. His feelings were never there- never. Seokjin refused to ever let that happen. So, when he hears Jungkook’s name- his chest swells, his nostrils flare and all he can think about is how much he’d rather be fucking him- than this man. “When are you going to send him away?”

“This Friday.” Namjoon smiled, “It’ll be over and you will be rid of him.” Seokjin crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Why not send him away?” Seokjin stared up at him, “I want him gone.” Namjoon’s brow moved up, “I want that.”

“For fuck’s sake Seokjin,” Namjoon smiled, “I’ve sent him to do jobs away from here but he will be here for Friday.” Seokjin shook his head,

“Why?” His eyes stared at him, “I don’t want him here.” Namjoon opened his arms up,

“Come here,” Seokjin stared at him, “Come here I said,” Seokjin’s feet moved to him, staring at him as he sat down. “Sit, Seokjin.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Seokjin,” He had a warning tone. Seokjin had learned around that, it was all bark and no bite.

“I don’t want him here.” Seokjin spoke softly, “I want him gone.”


“Have fun sleeping alone.” 

“Seokjin don’t be like-”



“Master Taehyung?” Taehyung’s head moved up at the mention of his name, “Someone is here to see you,” He sat up, 


“He says you and him have a business.” Irene crossed her arms over her chest, “He’s in the bar.” Taehyung stood from his office, coming down the hall- stopping as he caught a glimpse of the man seated on the stool. Taehyung moved his finger up to Joy, she already began making him his drink as he took a seat.

“What are you doing here Jungkook?” Taehyung asked, staring at the boy.

“He told me to leave him,” Jungkook spoke lowly, “And now Namjoon is only giving me work away from his home.” Taehyung stiffened at the name,


“Namjoon himself has been picking out jobs- all the jobs that require me to be far from his fucking manner.” Taehyung stared at him, “Seokjin’s doing I assume?” Taehyung sat down, 

“It is. Namjoon doesn’t care for his group. I was the only one in control of that.” His voice was low. 

“What’s going on?” Taehyung took up his glass, holding it near his face.

“Something that I need to deal with.” Jungkook’s eyes moved to him,

“Is what I am thinking going on?” Taehyung’s gaze grew dull, “Taehyung? Is what I am thinking going on-”

“It can’t be.” Taehyung shook his head, “He swore to me-”

“Then we are wrong?” Jungkook looked over at him, “Seokjin isn’t the type to do that-”

“He’s not.” Taehyung took in a deep breath, “Namjoon is though. Namjoon is the type to send you away to get rid of you- for him.”

“So… It’s all Namjoon’s doing? For him to keep me away from Seokjin?” Taehyung leered in front of him. 

“I don’t know.” Jungkook looked over at him,

“What?” Jungkook shook his head, “No-No this can’t be happening-”

“It isn’t.” Taehyung nodded, “Don’t worry- Hyung… hyung promised me that he would never see him-”

“But is your boss looming over him?” Taehyung looked over at Jungkook, his eyes red.

“I don’t know.” He took in a deep breath, “They shouldn’t though…” Taehyung swallowed hard, “Namjoon- he isn’t the type and neither is Hyung.” Taehyung gave a small smile to Jungkook, “Maybe we are just wrong.” He nodded, “Maybe we are just wrong?” He sounded as if he was asking himself.

“Are you ever wrong Taehyung?” Taehyung stared at his hands.

“I don’t know anymore.”


Seokjin felt the bed dip behind him, an arm wrap around him. 

“I’ll send him away,” Namjoon whispered into his ear, “If that’s what you want?” Seokjin turned back, facing him. The dark room helped. He could pretend it wasn’t him. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” Namjoon’s hand moved up Seokjin’s shirt, feeling his warm skin with his cool hands. 

“Then no more being cold with me?” Seokjin dug closer to him,

“No.” Namjoon smiled. Seokjin could see that, “How about we have a drink? Before anything else?” Namjoon chuckled, his hand moving to hold Seokjin’s face.

“I want to have you sober. For the first time.” Seokjin didn’t. Not even a little. “I can have someone bring up some food for you- and then I can get to eat you-”

“I want a drink Joon.” Seokjin had come to do this more and more. He had made him give him drinks. More like demanded. He needed to be drunk- his morals were too high for him to lay with him. With this man who owned him. He took in a deep breath, feeling Namjoon grow stiff, “No?” Seokjin asked,

“I’ll have someone bring you a drink as well.” Namjoon’s hand ran over Seokjin’s cheek, “Whatever you want… I will give you whatever you want.” This was good. Nothing was emotional. Everything was a transaction. “Okay?” 



Yoongi shifted in his seat, his hands in his pocket.

“Alright.” He smiled, “Friday is the big day boys.” His men stared at him. “After we send the two off together- they will arrive at the location I’ve already disclosed. Once they finish the job they are given- I want Seokjin dead. You can do whatever you want boys- but I want to make sure he suffers.” Yoongi smiled, “So much- I want  it to be painful.”

“Boss- are you sure- he still is property to-”

“I want him dead.” Yoongi nodded, “This will be our victory boys. Well have him dead and all will be back to normal.”  He licked his bottom lip, “Jungkook will be with us again soon- and all will be right in this world.” He looked over the men, “Kim Seokjin will finally be dead.”


The days had ticked down to it. Thursday night. Seokjin sat up from the bed, his body bitten and raw as Namjoon smiled up to him.

“Where are you going?” Seokjin scoffed,

“To my room.” Namjoon looked over at him, his eyes lingering on his body.

“Why?” Seokjin’s brows moved up,

“I want to get some sleep.” Namjoon sat up on the bed, staring at Seokjin as he pulled a robe over his body. “I won’t get any if I stay here with you.” Namjoon gave a small chuckle,

“I won’t tease you anymore,” He moved over on the bed, “Now come lay with me?” Seokjin wobbled as he stood.

“Why?” Seokjin giggled. Namjoon licked his top teeth,

“Because I just fucked you- typically after people do that they like to hold each other to sleep.” Seokjin opened his mouth, his head tilting. “Now come here,” Namjoon’s arms opened up. Seokjin shook his head.

“I’m plenty drunk.” He mumbled, “I don’t need to sleep with you anymore.” Namjoon stared at him, “Besides,” He took in a deep breath, “We aren’t normal people Namjoon,” Namjoon pressed his eyes closed,

“Stop being a pester and come lay with me, Seokjin.”

“Our business deal is done.” Seokjin croaked, “No need for me to come back to you tonight.” 

“Seokjin, what are you talking about-”

“I don’t need anything from you right now,” Seokjin smiled at him, his finger moving to his face, “Nothing from you.” He took a step forward, “So, I am going back to my room.” Seokjin stared at Namjoon, “Alone.” 



Seokjin drew out of his bathroom, a robe over his soaking body.

“You look good right now.” Seokjin didn’t bother turning around he knew his voice.

“What is it Joon? I am about to get ready for tonight.”

“For me?” Seokjin turned back facing him. “Or for Taehyung? Yoongi perhaps? Or do you want something else from me?” He swallowed hard, “Huh?” Seokjin turned to face him,

“Why are you upset?” 

“Because you are using me.” Namjoon stared at him, “I’ve been with whores- with the worst of the worst Seokjin but here you are- triumphing them all.”  He shook his head, “Is that all I’ve been to you? Some man you sleep with to get things from?” Seokjin stared at him. For a long while. 

“Isn’t that what it’s been?” Seokjin asked, “Me blowing you to get drunk?” Seokjin moved forward, “Why do you want another one?” Namjoon stood up, staring at Seokjin. 

“You’re worse than Taehyung.” Seokjin nodded,

“I could have told you that.” Seokjin smiled up at him, Namjoon chest pressing against his. “Taehyung is the better man- for one he actually can stand being by you.” Seokjin smiled, “He loves you- maybe that’s the difference?” Seokjin stared him down, “That I can see through the type of man you are and he chooses to overlook that.”

“You choose to overlook that last night-”

“That was the whiskey.” Seokjin smiled, “Nothing else.” His face drew close to Namjoon’s, “I felt nothing.” 

“You’re the worst.” Seokjin nodded,

“I know that.” His face was close to Namjoon, their noses touching each other. “You know that.” Seokjin’s moved down to his lips, “But here we are,” 

“Here we are.” Namjoon stiffened. “Get ready for tonight. I want everyone to see the thing I paid so much money for.” Namjoon’s hand moved up, holding Seokjin’s face. “You know I would ruin this pretty face of yours- and then not another soul would want it.”

“I don’t want it.” Seokjin smiled, “Maybe if you did that you would finally leave me be?”

“The moment I grow tired I would either kill you or sell you off to some whore house.”

“Which would it be?” Seokjin asked, “I’d prefer either then to be with you.”

“Then so be the punishment.” Namjoon huffed, “I’m cursed to have you here.” Namjoon shook his head, “I’ll let you go when I fucking die.”

“So help me god I hope it’s soon,”

“I’m an atheist.” Namjoon let out, his hand moving away from Seokjin’s face. “Finish up. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Jimin held onto Taehyung’s hand. This was the first time he had left the brothel. The first time in months he had felt the crisp air outside. It wasn’t cold- no humid, sticky and raining. It seemed as if he had never left. The rains had never left. Taehyung placed his hands over Jimin’s soothing him, as they rode in the dark car- the man from before there. The man Taehyung had planned a murder with.

“Tonight will just be a fun affair Taehyung. Don’t get too attached to Namjoon- even if you open your legs to him-  we leave by midnight, understand?” Taehyung stared at him.

“Yes.” Jimin stayed silent, “We will certainly be having a good evening. Let us be kind Yoongi- for it shall be the last of these events?” 

“Alright.” Yoongi nodded, his head moving down to stare at Taehyung and Jimin. “Let’s be on our best behaviors.” He smiled, “Let’s have a nice time.”



Seokjin was led down the stairs, for the first time in a long time. It was like he was a hen in a coop. Trapped. His eyes moved up to the man at his side. He was trapped, here in his arms. 

“They are downstairs.” Seokjin felt his arms drop, 

“Then let go of me. Taehyung will see-” Namjoon took hold of his arms, 

“Let him see. What issue will it be to me- it will be your issue will it not? Taehyung will be wary of you- at your very throat no?” Seokjin’s was being moved by him, “Not my problem.” Seokjin straightens up as he came downstairs. They came to the landing, staring at each other. Taehyung’s smile dropped instantly seeing Namjoon and Seokjin. Seokjin on the other hand- almost pushed the man off of him- the boy at Yoongi’s side quickly taking up all his attention. Seokjin felt his chest clammer up, his hand slipping away from Namjoon- his own legs finally getting his entire weight. Seokjin felt his hands turn to liquid dropping to his side, the other man in shock at the sight of him.

“J-Ji-” Jimin seem to move away from Yoongi’s side. “Jimin?” He-he was alright. He reached him, both of them staring at each other. 

“Hyung-” Seokjin jumped him, both of them turning as they embraced. Their hug was tight, a small chuckle leaving Seokjin’s lips. How was this possible- how were they in the same room. Jimin moved to Seokjin’s ear, whispering. “I thought you were dead.” Seokjin was. His grip over Jimin tightening. 

“I’ve missed you terribly.” Seokjin drew back from their hug, swallowing hard. “So much,” Namjoon cleared his throat,

“Good. I love reunions,” He looked back at Yoongi, “let’s have dinner shall we?” Seokjin’s hand moved to Jimin, holding it tightly. He would never let go- his hand would have to be taken off instead. He swore that on all that was holy. Taehyung stepped forward, taking hold of Namjoon’s arm. His eyes moving up to him,

“Let’s give them a moment- how about we pop into the other room- discuss business- away from them?” Namjoon took in a deep breath, 

“Fine. One drink.” Namjoon was lead away by Taehyung- Yoongi at his side. Seokjin watched them leave. He quickly turned to Jimin, coming close to his ear.

“I’m so sorry.” He was hushed, “For everything I have done- that is why we are here right now. Why we are both trapped.” Jimin pushed him away with his hands.

“Don’t speak like that.” Jimin shook his head, “Seokjin,” Seokjin shook his head, before Jimin grasped his face in his hands, “You and I are smart. This isn’t the fucking end-” His eyes were dark, “In no way is it over.” He shook his head, “We are going to get out of this, and we are going to live happy lives alright? This isn’t over.” Seokjin felt his headache, “We are going to get out of this- me and you. We are going to go back to our old lives. We are.”


“No.” Jimin stared at him, “Stop being a chicken. You are strong. I am strong. We are going to get out of here-”


“They are going to kill-”

“Gentlemen?” Jimin stopped his words, quickly his eyes moving to man standing at the door. Namjoon was staring at them. “Dinner is starting.” Jimin smiled back at him, 

“Yes, we are on our way.” Jimin laced his fingers between Seokjin, “On we go, Jinnie.” 

“Give me and him a moment Jimin?” Jimin stared at Seokjin, eyes large. “Dining room’s down the hall, go on- we will be right there.” Jimin let go of Seokjin’s hand, giving him a small smile- before he left the room. Seokjin lifted a hand up, wiping away his tears. 

“Di-did you bring him here?” Namjoon stared at Seokjin, “Thank you…” He stared at Namjoon, “F-for brining him… Thank you.” Namjoon moved forward, his hand moving up to Seokjin’s face clearing the tears. 

“Stop crying. What will Yoongi think if he sees you like this?” He used his thumb, his hands over Seokjin’s face. “Don’t cry.”


Jimin was seated at Seokjin’s side, Taehyung on Namjoon’s lap- Yoongi on a chair facing them, glass in hand.

“So, what was this about you and Seokjin? You were friends?”

“Since I was a small child,” Seokjin took in a deep breath, “I see him more like my brother,” Yoongi’s brow moved up,

“You were that close?” Yoongi’s smirk came back onto his lips, “Despite that he saw you sell at an auction like cattle?” Jimin nodded,

“With reason.”

“He’s given you that reason?” Yoongi asked, “Because as far as I know- he came up for some cop and not you.” Jimin nodded,

“Seokjin and he were dating.” He smiled, “For a while-” Namjoon’s smile faded away, staring at Seokjin,

“So he gives his life up for a man he dated for a while and not someone he considers his brother?” Namjoon asked. Jimin wasn’t deterred. 

“I am far more capable then meets the eyes.” Jimin let out, “Besides, I never asked for help.” Jimin smiled his hand onto of Seokjin’s. “I’ve never needed help.” Taehyung took in a deep breath,

“What did you used to do Jimin?” Jimin looked down at his shoes,

“I was a nurse in delivery rooms.” Jimin smiled, “I’ve dealt with women giving birth.” He stared at Namjoon, “I’m not afraid of anything.” Namjoon gave him a wave of his hand,

“Worked in a hospital. Now a whore?” Seokjin took in a deep breath,

“What’s wrong with being a fucking whore?” Seokjin spoke loudly, “Huh?” Seokjin stared at Yoongi. “It’s not worse than being a murder is it?”

“If I am not wrong- you’ve slept with a murder huh?” Yoongi smiled, “Where is he by the way- where is Jungkook?” 

“He’s outside right now.” Namjoon answered, “Why- do you want to see him?” Seokjin shifted his head to Namjoon.


“This is like a small reunion, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we all be here?” Namjoon lifted his head, “CALL IN JUNGKOOK!?” It took a moment, steady footsteps entering the room. He walked into the room, arms on his side- staring at Seokjin.

“Hey.” Seokjin swallowed hard, lowering his head.

“Hi,” Seokjin responded. Jimin seemed to sense his discomfort, 

“Boy trouble.” Jimin murmured, “So, how about we all have a drink?”



Seokjin was attached to Jimin, unwilling to let him go- despite the circumstances. Taehyung had been in Namjoon’s arms. Taehyung lowly whispering his goodbyes. Seokjin felt his skin crawling, three pairs of eyes on him. Yoongi’s, Namjoon’s and Jungkook’s. It was uncomfortable, he fell into Jimin’s arms finally feeling alright. 

“You alright?” Seokjin heard Jimin’s voice low, “I am going to have to leave- but you will be alright,”

“Jimin, Taehyung- it’s time to head back.” Seokjin’s grip over Jimin’s hands grew. “Say your goodbyes,” Seokjin felt a smile grow over his lips. 

“Eat Seokjin.” Jimin smiled at him, “You look horrible.”

“I’ll buy you that meal I promised you,” Jimin nodded,

“Yeah.” Jimin swallowed hard, letting his hands drop to his side. “I’ll see you.” Seokjin nodded, Jimin moving away to Taehyung’s side. Taehyung noticed taking a step back, his hands lacing with the boy. He nodded to Seokjin, 

“I guess this will be it for tonight. What we discussed tonight- will be enough. Until tomorrow Hyung?” Seokjin covered his mouth, nodding.

“Yes.” Taehyung took in a deep breath, “Alright-” 

BOOM! A loud clank came from behind them, all of them turning to the door. As the dust cleared, everyone was confused- as a black masked man appeared. He slid a strap over his shoulder, revealing his gun. It was sudden, 

“E.X.O send’s their condolences Min Yoongi.” A flash came from his gun, Namjoon grabbed Seokjin- flinging him behind himself. Yoongi scooted back- pushing Taehyung and Jimin behind him as he pulled a gun from the side of his shirt, and without a moment’s hesitation began firing. More men moved into from outside, Jungkook and Namjoon both pulling out guns. They moved back- all beginning to shoot at men entering. Seokjin held his hands over his head, keeping low as the other’s fired at the other men. He looked over seeing Jimin crawling to him. They reached each other, both of them taking hold of each other- as they kept their heads low. Taehyung appeared at their side,

“Out- we need to get to the next room-” He grabbed Seokjin and Jimin by their collars, “COME ON!” He leads them away, all three of them sprinting to the next room. Taehyung stuck his head out for a moment, before pulling his head back into the room, “Okay- stay down.” Jimin pulled Seokjin by his arm both of them down to the floor. “God.” Taehyung lowered himself, speaking slowly. “I-I don’t know what’s happening.” Jimin stares at Taehyung,

“You planned this. W-with him-”

“No.” Taehyung shook his head, “I didn’t Jimin.” He turned his head back, “Not this- not tonight.” More rounds sounded, before outside silenced.

“Holy shit,” Jimin replied. “W-we’re next-” 

“God-” Seokjin placed his hand over both of the man’s mouths. 

“Calm down.” He whispered. “Both of you right now- calm down.” Seokjin lifted his head, 

“Yoongi? Jungkook? You won right?!” 

“It’s safe!” Seokjin sighed, moving his hands away from Jimin and Taehyung’s mouths. Seokjin stared at them both, 

“It’s fine,” Seokjin spoke lowly, both of them calm down. Seokjin stepped outside of the room, blood covering the wooden floors. Seokjin closed his eyes for a moment, 

“God,” An arm moved up to him, pulling him.

“Are you alright?” Seokjin opened his eyes, Namjoon’s brow creased staring at him. “Seokjin-”

“I’m fine.” Seokjin nodded, “I’m-”

“KIM NAMJOON-” One last man appeared, a gun drawn- he lifted it to him. Seokjin didn’t know what he was doing- pushing Namjoon aside- He was expecting to feel the bullet. Seokjin peeked his eyes open, seeing a different man in front of him. Jungkook’s back was facing him. Seokjin gasped, hearing two more shots. 

“SHIT!” Jungkook’s legs gave out, slumping to the ground. The man lifted his gun, firing at Namjoon. Namjoon moved his arm up, wincing for a moment- before shooting him directly in the center of his head, his eyes moved to the back of his head falling back onto the ground. Seokjin dropped to his knees, blinking hard.



Chapter Text

Seokjin stared at his face. Pained, his eyes moving down to his chest. Blood. He was bleeding. Seokjin looked down at his wound. It was close to his sternum. Seokjin blinked as he registered what was happening.

“H-hyung-” Seokjin felt a rush hit him, as he stared down at the man.

“Ju-jungkook?” Seokjin took in a deep breath. Jungkook looked as if he was tired- his eyes dropping. “Jungkook?!” His voice rose, “Stay with me- stay with me -” Jungkook’s eyes shut closed. Seokjin holding his breath,

“T-they killed him?” Yoongi’s voice was loud, as he kneeled at Seokjin side. Yoongi took hold of Jungkook’s shoulder- shaking him lightly- “KOOK!” Seokjin’s eyes moved up to him,

“Don’t touch him,” Seokjin growled. “Move-” Seokjin instructed, as he lifted himself to kneel above Jungkook. He moved his hand to his neck, holding it there for a moment. He felt a pulse, and his mind began to race. Seokjin took hold of the bottom of Jungkook’s shirt- ripping it open- exposing his chest. Blood covered his entire chest, to the point where Seokjin was having trouble seeing how bad the wound was. Seokjin looked himself over, quickly removing his shirt. He looked him over, trying to find all his injuries. Another bullet wound was at his arm. Seokjin had to put pressure on it. Both his wounds. 

“Oh god?!” Jimin’s voice was above him, he stared straight down at Seokjin. A familiar look crossing over his face. “What do I do doctor?” Seokjin didn’t hesitate, his tone rising.

“I need to clean the wound- I need to see how bad they are. Go find what alcohol or something to clean this-” Jimin nodded, leaving the room quickly. “I need to keep pressure on both of the wounds.” Seokjin looked up at Yoongi, “I’m going to need you to-” He wasn’t listening to Seokjin. Not at all. “YOONGI!” He shouted. The man shook his head, standing up. 

“I’m going to kill them. All of them.” He spun around and left the room. Seokjin didn’t dwindle on him- looking back up. Taehyung. 

“Come here-” Taehyung’s eyes were small, “COME HERE!” Seokjin shouted, the man seemed frightened but did as he was told. Taehyung kneeled at Jungkook’s side, eyes moving up to him. “Put some pressure on his arm.” Seokjin ripped his shirt in half, handing it to Taehyung. Taehyung held the fabric in his hand, his eyes moving to Jungkook’s arm. Seokjin had already begun to press over his abdomen, looking over to see what Taehyung was doing. “Taehyung- put pressure on his arm!” Taehyung’s eyes moved up to Seokjin, he was trembling. 

“I-I can’t-”

“He will bleed out if you don’t. Listen to me- just put some pressure on it. Okay?” Seokjin asked, “Just do that-” Taehyung looked down at the wound. “Taehyung!” Seokjin shouted, “He is going to die if you don’t help me. Put your weight on the wound right now.” His voice was scary. It was. But it seemed to shake him more than the blood that was covering Jungkook. Taehyung’s hand took the fabric, folding it lightly- as he placed it over his wound. 

“Ow-” Taehyung pulled back as Jungkook let out a small groan of pain. 

“Don’t you dare stop Taehyung-”

“It-it’s hurting him-”

“I’d rather he hurt then die!” Seokjin shouted, “Now shut up and do what I am telling you to do.” Taehyung bit his lower lip, settling in place as he held himself over Jungkook. 

“Jungkook?” Seokjin voice was low, “You’re gonna be fine.” He voice was reassuring, Taehyung gazing up at him. He wasn’t shaking. He wasn’t put off. He was confident as he watched the fabric in his hand soak up the blood. “Stay with me okay? Can you hear me?”

“I-I…” Jungkook was muttering, Taehyung looking up at both of them. “I love you.” Jungkook gave a faint smile to Seokjin. “More than anything. I love you.” Jungkook’s eyes moved open, gazing up at Seokjin. “I wanted to be with you- forever-”

“We can still be together, Jungkook.” Seokjin smiled down at him, “You’re going to be fine. Listen to me when I’m telling you this-”

“Hyung…” He was losing consciousness, “I love you.” He slumped his head back, Seokjin eyes moving up to around the room. He was searching for someone-

“NURSE!” Jimin peered out of the kitchen, a bowl in his hand, filled with what Seokjin knew were supplies for him. 

“I’m here doctor.” Jimin moved to Taehyung’s side, smiling at him. “Good job.” He nodded to Taehyung, his own hands moving to take over. “You did a good job.” Taehyung moved back, he stared at them both. They seemed so normal here. “He lost consciousness?”

“Yes,” Seokjin responded, his eyes moving up to bowl. “Pass me a towel.” Jimin, used one hand- taking it up and passing it over. Seokjin took it, “Alcohol?” Jimin undid the top of the bottle handing it over. Seokjin took in a deep breath, he pulled back his shirt. He stared at the wound. “I need to flip him- to make sure it didn’t exit his body.” Jimin gazed up at him. 

“We need to get him to a bed. Then we can inspect properly.” Jimin nodded, 

“Yeah, yeah- is there somewhere we can take him?” Seokjin thought back. To the room where Namjoon kept him. There were medical supplies there. Seokjin looked back at Jimin. 

“I know somewhere. Move- I’m going to carry him there.” Jimin stepped aside, Seokjin standing up- taking hold of Jungkook. He held him gently as he put the other man over his shoulder. He wanted to be as delicate as he could. He wasn’t going to die. Seokjin would make sure of that.


Namjoon pinches his eyes shut, his arm was stinging. His eyes fell on Seokjin- was he alright? He- he pushed him out of the way. Seokjin was on the ground, eyes large as he stared at the man on the ground. It was Jungkook. Seokjin was at his side in a moment, hands traveling over to his neck. He seemed tense, quickly ripping away Namjoon’s shirt. Seokjin steadied himself on his feet, examining his body. Namjoon stared at him. He had sent Jimin- to go look for something. God only knows what.

“Jungkook?” Namjoon took a step closer to him, seeing Yoongi storm out. Seokjin was at his side, offering the man on the ground a soft, gentle smile. Namjoon had never seen that look. Seokjin never had that face when Namjoon spoke to him. Seokjin moved a hand up to his face, “Stay with me. Stay with me-” Seokjin ripped open Jungkook’s shirt. Namjoon felt pain in his chest, seeing the amount of blood splattered everywhere. Seokjin didn’t care, pulling off his shirt. He didn’t hesitate to rip it in half, looking back up. “YOONGI!” Yoongi was gone. He was going to do something stupid. Namjoon was sure of that. Seokjin scanned the room- his eyes running right past Namjoon and to the man standing off to the side. Taehyung. “Come here-” Seokjin looked back down, beginning to work over his body again. Taehyung didn’t move. Seokjin looked back up, “COME HERE!” Seokjin’s nostrils flared, “TAEHYUNG! Come put pressure on his arm.” Seokjin never stopped his work, only noticing that Taehyung wasn’t moving.

“I-I can’t.” His eyes grew in seriousness.

“He’s going to bleed out if you don’t!” Taehyung walked slowly, trembling in place. Taehyung sat down at his side, staring at Jungkook.“Listen to me- all you need to do is put some pressure on his wound.” Seokjin ripped his shirt in half, tossing it over to Taehyung.  “He’s going to die if you don’t.” Seokjin stared down at him. “Put your weight on the wound!” His voice was rash. It seemed to shake Taehyung, his hand moving to the Jungkook’s arm. He held his weight onto him. 

“Ow-” He jumped back slightly,

“DON’T YOU DARE STOP TAEHYUNG!” Seokjin was placing his weight onto his chest. His eyes moving back up to Jungkook’s face.

“He’s hurting.”

“I’d rather him hurt then die.” His words seem to reach Namjoon in the back. It was a tone- he had heard once. His mother’s voice when she spoke to him. It was filled with something so foreign to Namjoon. Something he knew he’d never hear. Something he told himself didn’t exist. “Now shut up and do what I am telling to do!” Taehyung rocked on his feet, lowering his head as he did as he was told. Seokjin seemed so level-headed. “Jungkook?” His voice was soft, “You’re gonna be fine.” No. It didn’t look like he was. “Stay with me okay? Can you hear me?” Jungkook seemed to mutter, 

“I-I-” Namjoon didn’t like the smile that came over Seokjin’s face. “I love you.” That was it. That was what Namjoon heard in Seokjin’s voice- the same thing that was leaving this other man’s mouth. “More than anything. I love you.”

“We can still be together.” Seokjin stared him in the eye. “You’re going to be fine. Listen to me when I’m telling you this-” Jungkook’s eyes seemed to be fading.

“Hyung- I love you.” He slumped back, his eyes shutting. Seokjin swallowed hard, his eyes moving over the room again. He grazed Namjoon, but it never stayed there.

“NURSE!” Jimin scrambled back into the room.

“I’m here Doctor.” Jimin took over Taehyung, who scooted back. Moving back, watching the other two work. Seokjin lifted his eyes to JImin,

“We need to move him. So, I can treat him properly.” Jimin nodded,

“Do you know where we can take him?” 

“I do.” Seokjin stood up, taking hold of Jungkook. He was hurt. Namjoon knew he was- yesterday- his waist hurt so much- he could barely walk. Now here he was, lifting this other man without hesitation. Namjoon watched him. He knew where he was taking him. To the room, Namjoon kept him while he had first came here. He left the room, leaving Namjoon there. Not once did he turn to look at him.

Namjoon knew why. Why he didn’t want Jungkook here anymore. He knew why now. Why he was reluctant to sleep with Namjoon. To be with him only when he was drunk. Namjoon swallowed hard, feeling a hand over him. He turned his head to the side, seeing Taehyung. His eyes large at Namjoon’s arm.

“You were shot-” Namjoon ripped his arm away, shaking his head.

“Don’t touch me.” He was huffing his eyes scanning the other man. “This has to do with E.X.O.” Namjoon shook his head, “I’m going to kill them all.” Namjoon turned away leaving the room. Taehyung looked down to his palms, blood covering him. Namjoon wasn’t right. Something was off- he knew it. It had to do with watching Seokjin help Jungkook.  Had to do with the fact that he was most certainly in love with Jungkook, and not with Namjoon. Namjoon knew now- it was all in his eyes. He knew he was being played.

Seokjin rocked back in place, staring at Jungkook. He was resting. He had performed a makeshift surgery. Makeshift in the fact that he- got the bleeding to stop- but… he didn’t have everything he needed. He needed more supplies. Jimin was on the other end of the room, slipping away his gloves into a ziplock bag. 

“We stopped the bleeding.” He was speaking to Seokjin, “But we need to fix up what it damaged before he gets worse.” Seokjin rubbed his head, 

“I know.” He looked up, “I need to speak with Joon. I’m sure- that if… if I do something he’ll give me what I need?” Jimin looked back at him nodding.

“That sounds good.” Jimin agreed, “He’ll be alright. I have to go clean this up so just- go on.”




Both the men turned to the door, Seokjin speaking up.

“Come in.” The door opened, Taehyung entering. His eyes moved to Jungkook, resting his gaze on him.

“Is-is he alright?” Seokijn sighed,

“As alright as one can be after being shot.” Seokjin answered, “He’s stable. For now.” 

“Now?” Taehyung asked,

“Yes- I need to perform another surgery- to fix what was ruptured inside of him.” He took in a deep breath, “I need blood too.” He looked back up, “I-I don’t know what type he is.”

“I think he’s A.” Taehyung responded, “I can call- I can call Yoongi- or someone in his group and ask them to check?” Seokjin nodded, 

“If that’s the case-” He looked back up at Jimin, “You up for donating?” Jimin took in a deep breath, nodding. 

“I-I drank.” Seokjin sighed.

“We need to wait a few hours then?” Taehyung looked back at Seokjin, 

“C-can we speak?” Seokjin leered at him, 

“Yeah- but- I need to speak with you- I need you to go to Namjoon and ask for some tools-”

“I can’t,” Taehyung answered. “He-he doesn't want to see me. He doesn’t want to see anyone.” Seokjin tilted his head, 


“I need you to go check on him.” Seokjin brow moved up at that, “Can you go do that?” Seokjin stared at him,

“Yeah- yeah…” Seokjin stood up from his seat, “Jimin- can you watch-”

“I can watch him.” Taehyung smiled back at Seokjin, “He-he should get some rest right? He worked through the night.” Seokjin looked back up at him,

“He’s right.” Seokjin nodded, “Head up to my room, Jimin- get some sleep. I’ll need you later.” Jimin stared at Seokjin,

“I don’t know-” Seokjin placed a hand on Jimin’s shoulder, 

“It’ll be alright.” He nodded, “Taehyung will watch him well for us.” Jimin looked back up at Taehyung. 

“Alright.” He stared at Taehyung, “If anything happens, wake me up Hyung.” Seokjin smiled, wrapping his arm around him. 

“I’ll leave it up to you Tae.” Taehyung gave him a small smile,

“Yeah. Yeah- hyung.” 



Jimin had his arms wrapped around Seokjin’s,

“I don’t trust him.” Seokjin looked back at him,

“Why not? He’s a nice person.” Seokjin was reassuring, “He’s only been a help to me here.”

“I wouldn’t trust him though.” Jimin’s voice was low, “I know what he’s like-”

“So do I.” Seokjin nodded, “He’s like a brother to me-”

“Aren’t you both fighting over the same guy? That Namjoon guy?” Seokjin stared at him, shaking his head.

“I don’t like that man,” Seokjin responded. “Not even in the least- I’m only with him for- for things.”

“Does he know that?”

“Taehyung? Yeah- I wouldn’t want to be with him like-”

“Not him,” Jimin responded. “Namjoon. Does he know you aren’t with him because you want to be but because you want things?” Seokjin stayed silent for a moment. 

“Of course he knows.” Seokjin’s voice was low, “He bought me. I’m more of a plaything than a human to him.”

“I saw it from the other room.” Jimin looked back at him, “You jumped in front of him. You were going to get shot if it wasn’t for-” He looked back, “That other man jumping in front for you.”

“I-I wasn’t thinking properly.” Seokjin smiled back at him, “I’d never jump in front of him- not if I had thought it through. Him dead means we are both free, Jimin.” Seokjin nodded.

“I think you were thinking.” Jimin spoke lowly, “Your body moved on its own right?” Seokjin stared at him. “You need to watch your action more. That other guy loves you.” Seokjin nodded,

“Jungkook does-”

“Not just him.” Jimin’s voice was low, “You have that other guy wrapped around your finger. Trust me- I can see it. He was staring at you. The entire time you tried to help Jungkook.” Seokjin cracked a smile,

“That’s funny.” He shook his head, “I’m sure Namjoon knows where we stand.”

“I’m not sure he does.” Jimin’s looked back at him, “You might think you know- but I don’t think he knows. I don’t think that other guy knows either.”

“Taehyung?” Seokjin asked, “He knows- Namjoon and me-”

“I don’t think he does. I don’t think you know where you stand with any of these people. How far you’ve become wrapped up in all of this life.” Jimin paused in place, just before the first staircase. “I think you’re in trouble here. You aren’t safe- and if more people don’t come here to kill all of you- I’m sure Taehyung or that Yoongi guy will kill you first.” Seokjin paused in place,


“They were planning something. I overheard- that’s why when- when we were getting shot at- I was sure it was them. I was there when they planned it out. They both want you dead.”


“You’re with Namjoon.” Jimin nodded, “You’re in Taehyung’s way. He wants you gone.” Seokjin shook his head,

“You must have heard wrong-”

“Namjoon is in love with you. I’m sure of it. This man thinks you can steal him from him. He knows- that you can do that. He wants you dead Hyung.”

“No- I-I know him-”

“You know me more.” Jimin responded, “Trust me. Don’t trust him anymore. I don’t want you dead. I almost lost it when I thought you were dead- if you were to really to die-” Jimin paused, “I wouldn’t be able to go through what I am anymore. Not without the possibility of escaping with you.” Jimin moved his hand up, holding onto Seokjin’s shoulder. “Be safe alright?”

“I will.” Jimin started up the stairs going to where Seokjin told him to. Seokjin didn’t feel right anymore. His stomach was hurting, at the thought of what was going on. W-was Taehyung really- really going to kill him? With Yoongi? He could see Yoongi plan it out- but Taehyung? He thought they were friends. He thought he wasn’t a bad person… yet- Seokjin couldn’t trust anyone anymore. Jimin told him this. Jimin was the one person from his real-life- he had trusted him. He had to trust him.

Seokjin knocked on the door. There wasn’t an answer, Seokjin knocked again- a little louder this time-

“I will shoot you if you don’t go away!” Seokjin was hesitant as he heard his voice. He wouldn’t hurt him. Seokjin swallowed hard, turning the door handle- throwing the door open. He instantly regretted it- a gun pointed straight up at him. Seokjin’s mouth opened at the sight,

“J-Joon?” Namjoon held a dark look in his eyes. The look that scared Seokjin. Seokjin shouldn’t be afraid of him. Namjoon wouldn’t hurt him- over the past week- he’d acted like a spoiled child- and Namjoon hadn’t once done anything against him. The look over him right now though- “Joon?” His voice was soft, seeing the other man- not lowering the weapon. “It’s me-”

“Leave. I don’t want to see anyone right now.” Seokjin swallowed hard, his eyes moving down him. His shirt was off- and Seokjin’s eyes shifted to his arm. Seokjin’s eyes grew small, he was hurt. Seokjin didn’t waver, entering the room quickly, lowering himself at his side. His hands moved to take hold of Namjoon, 

“You’re hurt-” Namjoon took in a deep breath, pulling his arm away.

“Why do you care?” Namjoon was breathing hard, tossing his gun onto his desk, “Go back to the guy who tried to kill you. He needs you more right? Go back to him.” Namjoon swallowed hard. Seokjin’s finger’s moved back to his forearm, holding him.

“You could have told me you were hurt. You didn’t say a thing-”

“Well- you were preoccupied with that boy who loves you no?” He heard all that? Seokjin’s eyes moved up to him.

“What does that matter?” Seokjin answered, “I need to have a look at this right away-” Namjoon pushed Seokjin back, letting him land on his back. 

“Don’t touch me.” Seokjin stared back at him. “Just leave.” Seokjin was breathing hard,

“You’re hurt-”

“So?!” Namjoon shouted,” Forget about me! Ju-just leave!” Seokjin sat up, shaking his head.

“I can’t- I can’t…”

“Why? Is there something else you want? Need to suck my dick for it?” Seokjin took in a deep breath. 

“What’s wrong with you?”

“The fact that you are in love with someone who tried to kill you! Go- go be with him!” Seokjin’s brow moved up,

“Are you jealous or something?” Namjoon did not want to hear those words. Not in the least. He stood from his seat, pulling Seokjin to his feet. He pushed him to the wall, pinning him there. 

“Yes.” His face drew closer to Seokjin, “I am fucking jealous- is that what you want to hear? I’m jealous that you are head-over-heels for some-some fucking crazy guy!”

“You think you’re better for me?” Seokjin spoke up, “Do you think me being with you is any better Namjoon, honestly? Do you?” Namjoon’s face drew closer to Seokjin, feeling him breathing on him. 

“Why’d you come here? Huh? Cause I know it’s not to check up on me?” Seokjin swallowed hard,

“I need to get supplies-”

“Ahhh?!” Namjoon scoffed, “To keep him alive right?” Namjoon smirked, “Hell no. Let him die for all I care.” Seokjin reacted to his words. His hand moved back, slapping him straight in the face. Seokjin stared back at his hand. Namjoon eyes were open, in shock before he turned back to Seokjin.

“I-I’m sorry-” Namjoon slammed Seokjin harder into the wall, eyes large. “Namjoon- Namjoon I’m sorry! I didn’t mean-”

“You’re in love with him aren’t you?” Seokjin stayed silent, Namjoon taking that as the answer. “Let him die.” Seokjin’s hand took hold of his hand, holding it tightly. 

“Namjoon-Joon-” Seokjin’s voice was low, as he pulled his head closer to Namjoon, “Please- for me- I need him alive-”

“Why? So you can fuck him while I’m gone?” Namjoon shook his head, “He’s better off dead-”

“Don’t speak like that- Namjoon-” Seokjin’s voice was pleading, “Please- I’ll do anything- anything just- help me-”

“No.” Namjoon stared at him, “I help him- so you can run off with him-”

“I won’t run away.” Seokjin stared at him. “I won’t. I won’t ever leave you. Please- please just-” Namjoon moved his face closer to Seokjin,

“You don’t even know what you're saying? You’re just speaking like this because you’re afraid-”

“I am. I am afraid of losing him.” Seokjin nodded, “But I will keep my word. Anything you want. I’ll be indebted to you forever.” Seokjin’s nose touched Namjoon, “Anything and I will do it. I swear.” Namjoon drew Seokjin’s chin up.

“Then marry me.” Namjoon held his face up, “If you marry me- I’ll consider helping him.”