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“So, you want me to deliver things as well?” Suho nodded.
“I have another deal that will require my men to move things. But they aren’t the best at… moving.”
“They don’t know how to win in a gunfight?” He shook his head.
“I’d rather not force them to go through such things.” His eyes lifted staring at Jungkook. “Besides we don’t have him.”
“He’s not a hulk.” Yoongi shook his head to the man. “He’s a normal guy who just happens to be good at getting rid of people.” Suho nodded,
“He is good at what he does.” He gave him a large grin. “As long as he doesn't fall for the person am I right?” Yoongi did not humor him.
“You think that was funny?” Suho nodded.
“One of the best nights I’ve had in a while, yes.” He smiled. “But he seems over it right?” His eyes met with Jungkook, winking. Jungkook knew what he was insinuating. The night he saw him at the brothel.
“I am over this conversation.”
“Then, I should get going?” Suho stood up, making Yoongi follow him up. They both shook hands, only for him to pull back and reach out to Jungkook. He eyed the man, before shaking it as well.
“Nice seeing you Jungkook.”
“Yeah. Nice seeing you too.” Yoongi pulled back his jacket, eyeing the man still holding Jungkook.
“Stop trying to seduce him.” Suho drew back, offering a small chuckle.
“Not my type.” He moved away, leaving. His men fell back, all falling him. When the door closed, this allowed for all of them to relax. Yoongi lowered himself into his seat.
“I don’t like him.” Jungkook placed his hands over Yoongi’s shoulders.
“Don’t ever let him touch you again, okay?” Jungkook nodded.
“Should we even work with him?” Yoongi sighed,
“For a while. Let’s see how this goes- and then we’ll decide.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Yoongi, holding him. “Okay?”



Seokjin watched as the maid came into the room, holding up a large pile of books in her arms.
“Thanks for-” She slammed it down next to him.
“I will go fetch you your lunch?” He nodded. Seeing her quickly leave. He slid his arm over- holding up a book. He really did keep his end of his promise. Seokjin looked around- the room was filled with books. He asked for a few- but instead, the shelves were filled. He had given a short list- first volumes of a few books but someone got all the volumes, and even some he hadn’t asked for. He couldn’t reach any of them, but the stack next to him… would keep him well entertained for a while. He didn’t know what else to do, besides reading- and eat. His mind had started to wonder. When his mobility was back- what would happen to him? He was going to be interrogated without a doubt but what after- kill him? Would that man spend ten million just to kill him? No. That is something stupid people did. It seems like he had something better at mind- bursting into his room at the dead of night. He touched his- no. There was no way this guy wanted- to… actually… Taehyung’s words rung in his head.
“When will he be able to participate in sexual activities?” He knew that man best- and without question was probably right. Was he going to become some sort of sex slave? His mouth opened slightly at the thought. There was no-oh no. He was, wasn’t he?
“I’ve brought you your lunch-” Seokjin looked at the maid.
“Is Taehyung-”
“Master Taehyung left with Mr. Kim this morning. They both will not be back for a while.” Seokjin was alone in this place then? “Do not worry though. They left four armed guards outside of your room. For your protection.” More like in case he tried to make a break for it.
“Is Dr. Sejin coming-”
“Then… it’s me and you?” She shook her head.
“Most of Mr. Kim’s men are working here today.” She brought over his tray, placing it over him. “Let me know what you want for dinner soon-”
“Hey… Umm… You wouldn’t happen to know-” He paused staring at her. “If your boss likes-”
“Men?” She nodded. “Almost exclusively.” Shit. This was going downhill- quickly.
“But- isn’t he with that Taehyung-”
“Are you perhaps confused as to why you are here Master Seokjin?” Seokjin nodded.
“You were purchased by Mr. Kim. He did the same with Master Taehyung many years before.” So he was going to become a prostitute for- a long time. He- “But, I would ask Mr. Kim as to what he plans to do with you before you panic.” He looked to her, finally hearing the heart rate monitor. It was beeping quickly. He took in a deep breath.
“C-can you get me an aspirin?” She nodded.
“Yes, Sir.”



“I’m going to keep him.” He held his phone on his shoulder. “What do you mean until when?”
Taehyung lifted his head to him. “I want to keep him. I’ll get rid of him when I please-”
“Namjoon?” He shook his hand to him.
“I mean you can say that he’s dead. He shouldn’t ever leave my side.” He groaned. “I am paying you people so I won’t get interrogated. Why are you calling me-” He rolled his eyes, “Then pronounce him dead? What's the big deal?" He grunted loudly in frustration. "I don’t want to hear another word about this. Okay, Jackson?” He opened his mouth slightly, taking up the phone and hanging up.
“Who was that?”
“Police.” Taehyung rose his brow,
“What did they want?” Namjoon looked to him,
“Why is everyone asking me questions?” Taehyung pressed his lips,
“You are right.” He stretched an arm out to Namjoon. “We are on vacation. Let’s ditch all thoughts of work?” Namjoon nodded, placing an arm around his waist.
“Come on- let’s check in.”



“They buried the body?”
“We gave him back ashes. To bury alongside his mother.” Hoseok stared at Jackson. “They cannot conduct an autopsy.”
“Are they human ashes?” He nodded.
“We gave him someone's grandma I think?” He ran his hand through his hair. “I spoke with Namjoon.”
“What did he say?”
“He’s set on keeping him.” Hoseok lowered his head. “For what we don’t know?” Jackson sighed,
“D-did you at least find out where Jimin-” He cut him off.
“About Jimin… Whoever has him… He’s better off there.” Hoseok shook his head,
“ What?! No! He’s probably in a sex-”
“Hoseok someone has to take the blame.” He eyed him.
“We’re gonna plant it on him-”
“He has the biggest reason to have him dead. And the one with the most suspicion.”
“So that’s it? We’ll plant it on him- and hope he just never turns up?” He nodded. “What happens if he does turn up?”
“Then we’ll blame him for everything. Knowing Seokjin’s father- he’ll get a death sentence or something.” Hoseok stared at him.
“Is that alright with you?”
“Hoseok none of this is alright. We just have to hope he stays where he is.” Jackson placed an arm over Hoseok’s shoulder.
“You should head to the office- I have work to do-”
“Doctor said you shouldn't be moving too much-”
“I won’t.” He rose a hand to him. “I swear.” Jackson smiled,
“Order out. Don’t cook- ummm… if you need help- call Baekhyun.”
“I’m fine. Just go-” He waved him off. Jackson gave him a grim smile.
“Don’t worry too much it’ll get better.” Hoseok nodded. Jackson left him in his living room. Hoseok turned his wheelchair, pushing forward.
“Seokjin.” The name rang in his mind. Why? He was as good as dead where he was now. There was no escaping where he was, not that place. Hoseok knew he shouldn't worry his mind with him anymore because why would he escape? Escape to what? His mother was dead and his friend was sold off to who even knows. Also, he knew that Hoseok was the one who ordered the hit on him. This would have been avoidable, only if he were a good son and listen to what his parents told him. Seokjin should have worked with his father. He could have had a nice and easy life- working after his father. Instead, he was caught up in hell. Hoseok didn’t know if he could recover. Yes, his wounds would heal but would those who he hurt heal? Jimin? Lord only knows where he was. A prostitute most likely? That boy- who was involved in none of this. Seokjin was selfish, for showing him pity and jumping on that stage that night. He should have let him die. He could have left that place, and just- lived his life. Seokjin was the selfish one.


Jimin leaned over the counter- seeing Irene cleaning.
“Yeah?” She lowered her rag,
“What do you want for dinner?” He shrugged,
“Whatever is easiest?” She gave him a thin smile.
“You are like the most perfect man I’ve ever met.” He gave her a slight grin.
“Really?” She nodded. “Ahh…. You guys spoil me.” She shook her head, hearing the back door open and close quickly. She paused,
“Hello?” No one responded, causing her to cross the bar- until she saw a familiar face. “Ah! Respond when I call!” Joy offered them a shrug. Pulling away from a headphone from one of her ears.
“Sorry- I had my headphones on?” She pulled up a shopping bag. “I went out and got Jiminie some clothes!” His eyes grew to her.
“No.” Jimin shook his head to her, “Don’t buy me-”
“We can’t have you wearing the same thing over and over again Jimin!” He lowered his head to her.
“Go try it on ay?” She handed it to him. He held his breath, feeling Irene place a hand over his back.
“Go try it on Jimin.” He listened to her, hopping from his seat and going upstairs.



Jimin pulled at the choker. Joy had a kinky style, he moved slowly- leading to the hall. He was here for almost a week, crying was still daily but- lessening when he could speak with Irene. She was calming, and Joy was spunky- both of them stayed with him all day. Comforting him, and making this entire situation bearable. He walked into the bar, catching the shiny metal on a gun.
“Irene?” He saw the gun pointed to her head and her tears.
“Leave.” She mouthed. Jimin looked to the man, he knew who it was. It was the man who had taken him a few nights before. Joy was pushed on the counter. She wasn’t moving. He hadn’t heard a gunshot, so he could only hope she was knocked out. He looked back at the man,
“It’s you?” He tilted his head to him, turning back to Irene. “I am going to ask you one more time- where is Taehyung?!” He pulled her hair. Jimin stared at him, he was hurting her.
“He’s not here-” He moved the gun from Irene’s head and to Jimin’s.
“As rude as always.” He wasn’t joking. Jimin stared at him,
“Why are you looking for him, sir?” He smiled.
“I’ll take him.” Irene’s eyes grew large at this.
“No- no he’s not for-” He pulled the gun to her,
“He’s not for what?” Jimin felt his palms begin to sweat. He had to do it.
“How much would you pay for me?” The man smiled at him.
“As much as it’ll take.”



His eyes stung as he made himself smaller at the side of the bed. The man was up, putting on pants.
“Not bad. Taehyung’s better- but he isn’t here.” He held a cigarette in his mouth, “He only works once a week so I guess I’ll be buying you more often?” He didn’t respond. “I’m just happy you didn’t bite this time.” Jimin was covered in sweat and sticky semen. “You should wash up.” Jimin didn’t cry. He couldn’t feel the tears anymore. “Money’s on the counter sweetheart.” And with that, he left. Jimin’s breathing became corse and rapid, feeling his chest almost burst.. He- he had just sold himself.



He took the scrub, rubbing it against his skin. It felt raw, and hurt- but he just didn’t feel clean. The door opened, showing him Irene.
“Jiminie?” His eyes grew large. “He left.” He nodded, turning away from her. She moved closer to him, kneeling next to him. She ran her hand through his wet hair. “I am sorry.”
“Don’t be. I chose to do it.” She moved a hand to his chest, pulling him into a tight hug.
“Don’t ever stand up for me. Or Joy-” He turned to her.
“How is Joy?” She pressed her eyes closed.
“She’s fine. He just hit her with the butt of his gun.” He sighed in relief.
“Thank god.”
“Jimine?” He poked his head up to her.
“I’m sorry.” He let out a huff,
“I told you.” He brought up a hand to her head. “I made that choice.” She didn’t let go of him, even as he soaked her. She held onto him. He didn’t cry. He felt as if he had forgotten how to.


Taehyung held Namjoon, who shuffled staring out to the ocean.
“Busan is really nice.” Namjoon nodded. “I think we should get out more often?” He nodded.
“It’s nice to get away.”
“When are we going back?”
“Me and you.” He sighed, “The old me and you.”
“I know.” He pulled Namjoon closer as they watched the sunrise. “You’ll find someone of high status and marry them-”
“Taehyung!” He stopped rambling looking to him. “I haven’t changed at all. It’s you who’s filled your mind with- these idiotic thoughts?”
“Even if you leave me Namjoon just know-” Namjoon placed his lips over Taehyung’s. This silenced the troubled man, as he pulled back.
“I will never get rid of you. You are mine.” Taehyung smiled,
“You’re lying.” Namjoon shook his head.
“Why would I lie?” He pressed his eyes, looking back at the rushing waves from the patio of their hotel.
“I’m happy we came here.” He pulled a blanket closer him. “Autumn is almost over.”
“I’ll bring you back in the summer.” He nodded letting out a small chuckle.
“You should bring Seokjin with you next time?” Namjoon sighed,
“Are you jealous or something?”
“I want to know why you want to keep him?” Namjoon pressed his eyes closed.
“Don’t lie to me!” Namjoon stared at him.
“When will you listen to me?” He shook his head. “I am keeping him for fun Taehyung. Nothing. More.”
He stood up, staring at the man on the ground. “Now get over yourself. I hate it when you’re like this.”
Namjoon walked away, as Taehyung continued to watch the sun move overhead. He heard the door shut behind him.


Their peaceful weekend was over, as they entered the house again.
“Take our things up to our room.” Taehyung already held up his phone, beginning to make calls.
Namjoon only moved away, starting for the stairs. Taehyung only guessed where he was going to. Namjoon pushed the door open, seeing a sleeping man on the bed. He moved into the room, hearing his soft breathing and the constant sound of the heart rate monitor. He knew better than to touch him. He would wake up. He let out a scoff, remembering the awkwardness from last time. This guy was something odd to him. He didn’t like him… No, but he didn't feel the way he did with Taehyung. Maybe it was due to the fact that everyone brought him up, but he wasn’t able to take this man’s face out of his mind the entire trip. Whenever he felt relaxed, his face would appear again. Why? He had better things to think of- yet his face kept reappearing. Seokjin moved, letting out a large groan.
“Oww-ahh-oww…” He sounded as if he was in so much pain. Namjoon moved closer to him, fidgeting slightly. What could be done? He looked back at the door.
“Where’s his doctor?” The door opened, allowing him to see his maid. She held a cup in her hand, eyes meeting up with him.
“Oh- Mr. Kim?” He rose a hand to his lip, telling her to be silent. He leered at the door, making way outside. He closed the door behind both of them, sighing in relief that they did not wake him up. He turned back to her,
“Where’s Sejin?” She lowered her head.
“He went home an hour ago.” He pressed his eyes closed.
“Call him up.” Ran his hand through his hair. “He’s in pain-”
“Mr. Kim if I may interrupt. I am going to wake him to give him his pain medication.” He nodded.
“Okay- uh… Go do that.” She smiled, moving around him and going into the room. He was a bit nervous, moving away.
“Worried about him?” It was Taehyung.
“I thought you hired the doctor to stay here 24/7?”
“He’s on call 24/7. You call him and he gets here.” He crossed his arms, “Did you pay attention when I told you that?”
“Miscommunication.” Taehyung smiled,
“That’s common for us no?” He looked back at the door, “Miscommunication.”
“Did you get off your phone?”
“I called our men. They sent two supply runs to T.S.D, and Eight to EXO.” He stared at him, “They should be finished by Wednesday.”
“Why are you telling me-”
“Well, while I am moving your-”
“Don’t start this with me again.” Taehyung nodded,
“I work for you night and day and you push me away.” He moved forward, touching Namjoon’s chest. “I think it’s time you start choosing who you really want to keep.” His eyes moved to the room, “Just so you know- he’s already broken a man’s heart. I haven’t.”


“Hyung!” Yoongi rubbed his face at the voice.
“What?” Jungkook peeked his head through the door,
“You okay?” He pushed the door open, moving into the room. He entered, looking around the dark room.
“You should get a lamp- or open the shades?” He smiled, “I could get you a nightlight?”
“What do you want?”
“Nothing…” He pushed his lips up a bit, “Want to just spend time with you?” Yoongi nodded.
“I’m a bit busy.”
“With?” Yoongi paused,
“Well- D.M.E just called and we have two supply runs.” Jungkook brow rose.
“Not hard-”
“By Wednesday.”
“Well that sucks- but we can get it done-”
“Let me finish brat.” He offered him a shake of his head. “EXO also called, and now we have to move 10.”
“All by Wednesday?” He nodded.
“Well- I’ll take up three?” He nodded.
“Get on it. I’ll do four. I can get Hyungwon and the other boys to move the rest.” Jungkook smiled.
“Then? Why worry?” Yoongi shook his head.
“We still have to move our own things.” This made Jungkook press his eyes closed.
“We should hire new guys?”
“Yup.” They both let out deep sighs at the thought.