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The Lay Over

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 Have you ever had one of those days where in one moment your entire life was turned upside down and you couldn't decide whether it was for the best or not?That’s what happened to the young and adventurous twenty-two-year-old orphaned flight attendant, Rey Andor, two months ago when she met the mysterious Ben Solo at work. Rey had been torturing herself with countless questions since that fateful day. Questions she'd wished she'd cared about then. He might not have been an ass like she originally thought upon meeting, but was he a good man? Would she ever see him again?


Two Months Ago 


“Shit, shit, shit,” she muttered under her breath as she half jogged, half power walked through the airport, dragging her luggage behind her.

Her phone rang.

“Hey,” she answered calmly. Almost as if she wasn’t currently speeding down a long hallway lined with floor to ceiling windows, maneuvering the crowds while attempting to avoid twisting her ankle in her absurdly high heels. She regretted wearing them the second she left her apartment.

“Where are you?” her friend hissed into the phone.

“I’m almost at the gate. I promise,” Rey mumbled as she started to run. “Long story – really bad night and I overslept. I’ll tell you on flight.”

“Okay, fine. Just get here. People are already boarding and Poe is getting pissed.”

Rey groaned into the phone and after another promise to be there in a minute she hung up.

While speeding up, she looked down to throw her phone in her leather handbag, someone came out of the blue and bumped into her. Her bag was knocked out of her hands, the contents of it spread across the floor, and she very nearly fell down in the process. She caught herself. However, her ankle wasn’t as lucky. It was already starting to burn. She wanted to scream as she hurriedly gathered her things, not bothering to look at her attacker.

“Fuck,” the man grumbled. “Look where you’re going next time!” he yelled.

She froze and glared up at the stranger who towered over her. He held his phone and a coffee in the other hand, which appeared to have spilled.

Anger boiled in her veins. She didn’t have time for this. And anyways, he knocked into her, not the other way around.

“Excuse me,” she hissed, throwing the last few things into her bag. “You knocked into me!”

He glared back at her. “You were running and looking at your phone. How would you know?” 

She gritted her teeth and looked at her phone, cursing again. “Fuck off, asshole,” she spat  as she grabbed her things and ran off in the direction of the gate, refusing to waste another second on the rude asshole.

She had ten minutes at most. She didn’t have time for giants, even if they were well muscled. Once she made it to the gate she calmed down, slowing her pace substantially, untying her red scarf and easing out of her black wool knee length coat, revealing her uniform of a black blazer and pencil skirt.

Katie, another flight attendant she sometimes flied with was standing at the gate desk and ushered her past the barrier. She made it onto the plane and put her things into the overhead compartment before the majority of the passengers were allowed on board.

“Where the hell were you?” Jessica whispered, walking out of the cockpit.

Rey refreshed a coat of her red lipstick. “I’ve had the worst morning,” she muttered out of the corner of her mouth as she smiled at the passengers struggling to store their luggage in the overhead compartments.

“Clearly,” Jessika hummed.

Poe walked out of the cockpit to greet passengers like he did every flight.

“Morning,” Rey whispered politely.

“Glad to see you could make it,” Poe said with a tight grin.

She nodded in reply, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from replying. Poe took his job seriously and she understood why. They usually got along, but when she was late – possibly throwing off his flight schedule – he wasn’t pleased. Another reason to be grateful she made it on time.

More passengers started boarding, so all three of them stood to the side, smiling politely and wishing people good morning in between speaking in low whispers about their weekends. Rey covered her mouth as she yawned, her bones still fatigued from the long night and little sleep; Not to mention, in the rush this morning she forgot her latte. Rey hated early morning flights, but she didn’t have a choice. She'd only been a flight attendant for two years, so she got almost last pick for her work schedule every month. Thus, she stood here waiting to take off on an early morning international flight. On a Sunday.

The majority of the plane was now boarded. Poe was back in the cockpit and most passengers were safely in their seats, so she started to relax. She liked her routines, and at this point in a flight it’s all routine. She’d gone through the steps too many times to count. She could assist people on a flight in her sleep. She checked her watch; only five minutes until they closed the doors and pulled out of the gate.

Being a nice friend, who knew she had a rough twenty-four hours, Jess took the annoying job and was currently walking up and down the aisle assisting people with their luggage. All she had to do was stand in the doorway and look reasonably amiable. She could do that. At least she thought she could.

She was checking her phone one last time when someone approached the airplane door. She lifted her eyes, a smile plastered on her face, assuming Katie had come to say goodbye and was instantly startled by the sight of the massively tall man with jet black hair and a scowl on his face. The same man, who not fifteen minutes ago she’d told to fuck off.

They locked eyes and he froze, his eyes widening in shock, one foot in the plane and one hand holding his phone up to his ear.

“Good morning, Sir,” she said politely, her face turning as red as her lipstick. Her voice seemingly shook him out of his thoughts.

He nodded in response and walked past her, turning into the curtained off section and sitting down in his seat without a second look in her direction.

“I just boarded the plane and the bitch I was just telling you about works on the flight,” he ground out, clearly thinking himself out of earshot. “Yeah, Yeah. I know… I’ll talk to you later.”

She ground her teeth together and her knuckles turned white as she clutched her fists, anger welling up within her at his comment. Who the fuck does he think he is to call me a bitch? She envisioned running over to him, punching his nose and then grabbing his head and repeatedly bashing it against the seat in front of him. It gave her some satisfaction but not enough. Instead, she took a deep breath and walked away after closing the airlock. Getting as far away from him as she could.

Great, she thought to herself, a first-class dipshit on a ten-hour flight. Just my luck.