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Moana's Last Resort

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It's been a couple of months since the Great Thaw. Elsa is doing her Queenly duties and Anna wanders through the palace. Sure, she thought, we're reunited and I have a boyfriend. But somehow it often doesn't feel that way. My sister is busy in her office. My boyfriend is up in the mountains at work, only visiting in the weekends yet he seems to be using those weekends to catch up on sleeping. Sometimes, my sister joins me for dinner, but far too often she's having dinner in her office. If there is only a way for us to spend some time together. You know, to finally get to know each other bet--

"Your highness, excuse me, the mail has arrived" Anna heard behind her. Halted in her pondering, she turned around to see Gerda standing, holding a platter with a small stack of envelopes.
"Isn't my sister usually the one to open the mail?" Anna asked.
"Certainly your highness, but her majesty is presently far too busy to be disturbed, and these are addressed to the castle instead of her majesty's office." Gerda answered.
Well, at least it kills the boredom, Anna thought as she picked the stack from the platter.

"Leaflets, leaflets, cut your monthly costs on castle insurance.. oh well, these will help starting the fire in the hearth." Anna mumbled while she went through what mostly seemed advertising. She was about to toss it all in the bin, when her eye fell upon one of the leaflets.
"In dire need of some serious time off? Need bonding with your significant other (or estranged family member)? The cold keeps bothering you? The tropical beaches of Motunui are calling you!" Anna read. She looked at the drawings on the leaflet, featuring palm trees, a happy sun, and canoes on the sea. A smile formed on her face while she was picturing herself in the sun, with a cold drink, bonding with her sister (who could finally have some relaxation), getting some serious alone time with Kristoff. She knew she had to do this, but how could she get the both of them to agree? She pondered for a while, until suddenly...


A couple of weeks later, Anna barged into Elsa's room, just before the alarm on Elsa's nightstand went off. "Wakey, wakey sister dear!" Anna yelled.
Elsa groaned and slowly opened her eyes. "What is it? Have I overslept?" Elsa groaned.
"Oh no, sister of mine.." Anna grinned "..we're going on vacation, and the boat is leaving in a couple of hours! Surprise!".
Elsa sat up in her bed with a puzzled look "Vacation? I have lot's of appointments today, I have to discuss--" Elsa asked.
Anna laughed "Yes, I know, but I've plotted this with your ministers and secretaries. They said you should take a couple of weeks off. They'll hold the fort, don't worry".
Elsa's eyes grew larger when the realisation sunk in "Vacation, I've heard of that. It's outside, and something with beaches and cold drinks, right?".
Anna sighed "Yes, exactly that! I've already packed your bags." Elsa figured that there would be no way out of it and stepped out of bed, swiftly using her icepowers to change from a thin nightgown to her usual blue dress. "Alright, but breakfast first" Elsa said.

An hour later, they arrived in the harbor where Kristoff was already busy hauling the suitcases from his carriage. "Anna! What did you pack? These are heavy!" he yelled, as he saw Anna approaching.
"Oh, just the usuals, clothes, swimming wear, towels, evening dresses, just the essentials" Anna answered impish. Elsa and Kristoff looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
Kristoff turned to Sven and pettet him "Now be good while I'm gone, it'll only be for a--" but he was interrupted by a loud flapping noise. The four of them looked up, and saw a giant bird approaching carrying a small ship that looked like a basket with a cabin on the aft and one on the bow. The bird gracefully landed the ship in the water near the four who were too stunned to speak.
"Party of three, reserved by one Princess Anna?" the bird spoke.
"Woah, the bird spoke!" yelled Anna in surprise.
Elsa rolled her eyes and mumbled "yeah, we've got talking rocks, talking snowmen and whathaveyou, but a talking bird surprises you?".


The next day, Elsa woke up in her cabin. She looked outside to see the sea from a great height. Ever since her parents died, she always had a fear to board a boat, let alone sail one. But flying seems nice. Judging from the fact that it was quite warm already, she concluded that they were already quite a way south. Her nightgown seemed too warm even, and she dispersed it halfway through the night. She pondered whether she would weave her usual dress, but changed her mind and made something more suitable to the weather. The same blue dress but quite a bit thinner and without the cape. She stepped outside and blinked at the morning sun. "Ehmm.. Excuse me, Mr. Bird?" she began.
"Maui!" the bird answerred.
"Yes?" Elsa said.
"My name is Maui, nice to meet you" the bird said.
Of course, he's got a name, Elsa thought, while internally slapping herself for not asking earlier. "Do you know when we arrive?" Elsa asked.
"Oh, just before noon" Maui answered. Elsa heard a creaking noise, and turned around to see her sister stepping out of Kristoff and her's cabin on the aft.
"Good morning, sis" Anna said, while staring at her sister's dress "looks like you're already looking forward to the weather" she commented.
"Well, you seem to be looking forward as well" Elsa said as she smiled seeing her sister wearing a white and green summer dress.
"Urgh! This stuff is itchy!" Anna and Elsa turned around to see Kristoff stepping out of the cabin as well, wearing a linen shirt and khaki pants.
"It's called summer wear, dear" Anna said with a broad smile.
While they were giggling about Kristoff's first experience with thin clothing, Maui suddenly announced "Look over the bow, we're almost there!".

The three of them scrambled to the handrail and peered over the bow. Amidst a blue ocean, a dot of green was to be seen on the horizon. The dot of green became larger and larger, and appeared to be a green mountain in the middle of a lush green island. "Wow" Elsa sighed "it looks better than I have imagined". Anna and Kristoff silently nodded.


The boat landed softly on the beach, and Elsa and Anna stepped off while leaving the luggage-hauling to Kristoff. Just on the edge of the beach, between the palmtrees stood a hut, with a large sign on top of it. "Ah, that must be the reception, let's check in" Anna pointed.
Elsa stared at the sign and read it out loud "Welcome to Moana's Last Nudist Resort... erh".
Before she could show her surprise, a girl stepped out of the hut "Aloha! You must be the Arendelle party" she said. Kristoff dropped the suitcases as he saw the young woman walking towards them was wearing nothing but a thin red hip-wrap.
Elsa's mouth fell open, and Anna pinched both Kristoff and Elsa in their arms as she whispered "Don't stare, it's rude."
The girl held her hand out, and greeted Anna "Welcome to Motonui, my name is Moana, and this is my happy resort".
"Ah, yes" Anna shook her hand " name is Anna, and please forgive my sister Elsa and my boyfriend Kristoff, they seem to be.. surprised".
Moana laughed and said "Oh yeah, that happens.. That's why I usually dress up to meet the guests".
"Ah.." Anna proclaimed, while noting how 'dressed up' Moana was " this is your last resort?" she asked.
"Oh, that.." Moana looked at her feet "..the other attempts weren't so succesful, so I started a nudist one" she smiled.
"This one is doing better?" Anna asked.
"Oh yes! much better" Moana laughed "you're the first guests this year, and next week another guest will arrive as well". Anna smiled awkwardly. "But let's not talk business on the beach" Moana proclaimed "you must be exhausted from your journey, let's get you to your cabins first!". Anna and Elsa nodded vigorously.
"Wait!" yelled Kristoff "this means we don't have to wear clothes here?!" while tugging at his shirt.
Anna sighed, so much for having him wear something nice for a change "yes, that's right.. It's like being at Oaken's Sauna, but without the sauna". Kristoff jumped up in joy and proceeded to unbutton his shirt. Anna turned to Elsa "Elsa, could you help me then, loosen my bodice?" she asked.
"Sure" Elsa said, and with a wave of her hand, she changed her blue summer dress to an ice-blue thin hip-wrap and a chain of ice crystals around her waist.
Moana stared in awe "Those are some awesome powers you've got there" she said, while looking up and down.
Elsa blushed, and turned towards loosening the knots on the back of her sister's dress "Yeah, they're quite handy, actually".
"Waitaminute" Kristoff said as he narrowed his eyes "does that mean you're actually walking around naked whenever you wear the ice dress?".
Elsa's blush became an even deeper red. "The cold never bothered her anyway" Anna said, while she stepped out of her dress.


Finally, relaxation time! Elsa thought as she sat down in the beach chair in front of her cabin. It has been a couple of hours, and after Moana showed them their cabins (Elsa had a cabin just a couple of hundred yards from the reception building and Anna and Kristoff had one in the other direction) they went swimming for a bit, and then Elsa decided to have some alone-time, and Anna and Kristoff needed some couple-time. Elsa wagered that her cabin was similar to theirs, a double bed under a mosquito net, a mini-fridge stocked with drinks, and a small bathroom that didn't seem to include a shower as the shower was outside. Small, but at least better than being at home in their palace with the piles of work she'd be doing. Much better. She could get used to this. The sea, the beach, the warm breeze on her body. And the young woman who ran this island was pretty too. Elsa thought about her, her curly hair, her bronze skin, her perky breasts, her stomach, all the way down.. Elsa closed her eyes and unconsciously moved her right hand over her stomach to her left breast and then downwards as well.

"Hello?!" Elsa jumped up in surprise. A woman was standing next to her. Elsa looked up and gasped. The woman standing next to her was a tall, muscular bronze skinned woman with long, waving dark hair and a purple shawl tied around her waist and a gold chain hung loosely over that shawl. Her abs seemed to glisten in the setting sun.
Elsa stood up, wiped her right hand on her leg and held her hand out "Hi, I'm Elsa".
The woman smirked "I'm Esmeralda" she said, and closed the distance between them before giving Elsa a kiss on each cheek "..where I'm from, we greet each other with kisses". Elsa blushed furiously and vowed that when this Esmeralda person is gone, she would go inside her cabin, lock the door and not get out until she rubbed out at least a handful of orgasms.
"So erhm, how can I help you?" Elsa stammered.
Esmeralda laughed and said "Oh, no dear. I'm here to help you. I'm the masseur of Moana's resort, and your sister put in a reservation for you. She said that you were really stressed before you arrived here, and you are in dire need of relaxation".
Elsa blinked and said "What great foresight of my sister".
"Indeed it was" Esmaralda said as her eyes went to Elsa's right hand, seemingly still moist from earlier "so, shall we go inside?" she said, as she put her hand on Elsa's hip as she guided her inside.

Before Elsa could protest, Esmeralda already closed the door of the cabin, put out a large towel on the bed and was busy with bottles of oil and a bowl of fragnant herbs. Elsa stood in a corner, watching her busy not quite sure what was happening now "Erhmm.." she stammered.
Esmeralda looked up and pointed to the towel "Lay down on your stomach, dear". Elsa hesitated but did as she told, while Esmeralda untied the scarf around her waist and sat down next to Elsa. "Just relax, dear" Esmaralda said as she poured a bit of warm oil on Elsa's back. Esmeralda started to spread the oil around Elsa's back and massaging her back as well. Elsa relaxed under Esmeralda's touch and sighed deeply. Esmeralda slowly worked on Elsa's shoulders "You're really tense there, you sure built up a lot of stress" she remarked.
Elsa sighed "Yeah, you have no idea."
Esmeralda smiled and slowly worked her way down "Maybe you should come to the yoga session tomorrow morning, at the waterfall".
"Nghh, maybe I will" groaned Elsa as she felt Esmeralda's hand starting on her buttocks. Elsa felt the warm feelings from earlier returning and pooling in her stomach and downwards. Esmeralda's hands went down over Elsa's legs and Elsa relaxed somewhat. Right until Esmaralda's hands went up again. Esmaralda's thumbs were rubbing the inside of Elsa's tighs and Elsa burried her flushed face in her pillow as she prayed the fingers wouldn't go higher and accidentally discovering how wet she already was. But just when Esmeralda's fingers were just a hair away from Elsa's wetness, she pulled her fingers back. Elsa sighed in relief.
"You can turn around now" Esmeralda said.
Elsa blinked "Wait, what?".
Esmeralda smiled to her and said "Well, I need to massage your front as well". Elsa hesitated but turned around nonetheless, hoping Esmeralda didn't notice the wetness that has been trickling for some time now. Esmeralda poured some oil on Elsa's stomach and started to rub it in. Higher, between her breasts. Over her collarbone, and then subtly over her breasts, Elsa felt her nipples harden instantly.
Please, Elsa thought, don't linger too much there, or I'd cream on the spot. Much to Elsa's relief, Esmeralda didn't stay there, but moved lower over Elsa's upper legs, down to her ankles. Elsa felt the tips of Esmeralda's ample breasts touch her upper legs, and blushed while biting on her lower lip. Suddenly, Esmeralda stopped.
"You know.." Esmeralda said as she turned to face Elsa's flushed face "..your sister reserved the bonus package, not knowing what it was. But it includes a happy ending".
Elsa looked at her questioningly "A happy what?".
"A happy ending.." Esmeralda whispered as her face got closer to Elsa's face "..means the massage ends with you having an orgasm".
Elsa's eyes went wide, and she gulped as her mouth became dry. "Sure" left Elsa's mouth before she even realised.

Esmeralda sat up and grabbed her oil, and poured it liberally over her breasts. Elsa licked her lips as she stared at the sight of Esmeralda rubbing the oil over her breasts. Then she bent down and pushed breasts on Elsa's upper legs to move higher and higher until their breasts were touching each other and Esmeralda's face was hovering over Elsa's. Elsa didn't know what to do, as she felt Esmeralda pushing her leg between hers. Esmeralda gave her a kiss on her lips and Elsa melted at the feelings suddenly rushing through her body.
"You like that?" whispered Esmeralda. Elsa nodded before Esmeralda closed the distance between their lips again. This time, the kiss was longer and Elsa felt Esmeralda's tongue pushing against her lips. Elsa opened her mouth a little, to grant entrance to Esmeralda's tongue. Elsa's tongue was hesitant at first, but seconds later their tongues danced and entwined. Elsa moaned as Esmeralda proceeded to suck on Elsa's lower lip before moving lower. Kissing her neck. Kissing her collarbone. And then kissing her nipple. Elsa moaned loudly at this undiscovered feeling. Meanwhile, Esmeralda moved her hand over Elsa's hip towards her soaking inner tigh. As Elsa felt Esmeralda's lips sucking on and then licking her nipple, Esmeralda's fingers reached Elsa's wet core. That blew the top of Elsa's head off and she arched her back as she reached her first orgasm. Panting, she grabbed Esmeralda's head and pulled her towards her for a sloppy, horny kiss.
"That was fast" whispered Esmeralda.
"Yeah" panted Elsa "that was building up for a while.. Normally, I do this with myself, but I've never done this with someone else" she admitted.
"Oh?" Esmeralda arched her eyebrow "..but we're not done yet" she smirked as she pushed her upper leg against Elsa's wetness before leaning in for another deep kiss. Elsa whimpered but then surrendered herself to the feelings of Esmeralda rubbing her leg against Elsa's crotch while riding on Elsa's other leg. As Esmeralda grabbed Elsa's breast she felt another climax coming. And when she pinched and tug on her nipple, Elsa started shaking uncontrollably which set off Esmeralda's own orgasm as well. After riding out their orgasms, Esmaralda rolled to the side and grabbed Elsa in a hug. "Was it good?" Esmeralda asked as she gave Elsa a small kiss on her lips. Elsa could only nod, right before she fell in a deep sleep.