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You Are My Sunshine

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  Jimin is squished into the couch next to Jungkook and Taehyung, who are loudly fighting over a bag of potato chips. Jin shushes them from the loveseat but they both promptly ignore him and proceed to start throwing chips at each other until Jimin gets annoyed and elbows Taehyung sharply in the ribs.

  “Ow!” His best friends wails, turning to Jimin with a wounded expression. “What was that for?”

  “Stop fooling around,” Jimin replies with a glare, flicking a potato chip out of his lap.

  “Do you three ever shut up?” A cold voice drawls, and Jimin’s head snaps around to see Yoongi watching them from the other loveseat, his face twisted in annoyance.

  Jimin immediately wilts and shrinks into the couch, feeling Yoongi’s reprimand like a smack to the face. His cheeks turn red and he looks down at his lap, fiddling with his fingers to avoid Yoongi’s gaze.

  “Sorry, hyung,” Jungkook mutters, throwing a dirty look at Jimin as if getting yelled at was his fault.

  Namjoon and Hoseok enter the living room then, each carrying a bowl of popcorn that they pass off to the others. “Okay,” Namjoon begins, and they all quiet down to listen. “We’ve gotten reports of a rogue witch in the area who has apparently been turning people into chipmunks.”

  Jungkook snorts and Taehyung shoves at his leg roughly to shut him up. Yoongi is giving them another annoyed look so Jimin folds into himself, trying to become as small as possible. He hates disappointing Yoongi more than anything and it happens so often that Jimin lives in a near constant state of embarrassment and worry.

  “The witch doesn’t kill,” Yoongi continues from his seat, and Jimin tries not to stare at his pouting lips too much while he talks. “But it’s been discovered that if the curse can’t be broken in eight days that the humans will remain chipmunks forever.”

  Jin clicks his tongue unhappily. “How many reported cases are there so far?”

  “Nine,” Namjoon says, looking at a piece of crumpled up paper. “Two beginner hunters discovered the pattern and tracked it back to the witch, but they’re still pretty inexperienced and requested that we step in.”

  Jimin buzzes with excitement like he always does when they get a new case. He, along with Taehyung and Jungkook, are fairly new to the hunting game and they still find it riveting.

  “We’ll leave in an hour,” Namjoon says, drawing Jimin’s attention back. “We’ll take two separate cars. Yoongi, you’ll take the maknaes, and the others are with me.” Yoongi opens his mouth to protest, looking furious, but Namjoon holds up his hand to halt him. “Play nice,” Namjoon says with a shit eating grin, and Yoongi scowls at him in anger.

  Jimin tries to bury the sting of hurt he feels at Yoongi’s reaction to having to drive with him. He knows Yoongi doesn’t like him, but the thought does nothing to quell his raging crush on the experienced hunter, much to Jimin’s dissatisfaction. It had been instant the second Hoseok had introduced him to Yoongi, and his crush has only grown in the year that they’ve known each other. Yoongi is strong and serious and silent, and a damn good hunter, one of the best, and Jimin greatly admires him and aspires to be like him someday.

  “Fine,” Yoongi grumbles, standing from his seat and heading into the kitchen of Namjoon and Jin’s house.

  Taehyung and Jungkook are whispering excitedly to each other. “Do you think we’ll have to kill her?” Jungkook asks with a wide smile that’s just a little bit disturbing.

  “Kook,” Hoseok says sharply, overhearing his younger brother. “You know we don’t kill unless we have to.”

  Jungkook shrinks under Hoseok’s stern gaze and nods meekly. “Sorry, hyung.”

  Jimin and Taehyung snicker at the reprimanded expression on Jungkook’s face, earning them a glare from both of the brothers.

  An hour later they’re heading out, the trunks of both of the cars filled with weapons and hunting supplies in case they need them. Jimin doesn’t even need to call shotgun because Taehyung and Jungkook slide into the backseat of Yoongi’s old car with mischievous smiles at Jimin. They both know about his crush and like to subtly tease him about it. Jimin glares at the two of them over his shoulder as Yoongi starts up the car and pulls out of the long dirt driveway.

  It's about a two hour drive and Yoongi rolls down the windows as he follows behind Namjoon and the others on the long stretch of forested road that’ll go on for miles. The warm air streams through the windows and ruffles through Jimin’s wavy blonde hair. Its feels so nice and the view is so peaceful that Jimin leans his head against the seat and gazes outside.

  Taehyung and Jungkook are teasing each other in the backseat but eventually fall quiet as they drive. Jimin can’t help but keep glancing at Yoongi driving. He has his left arm resting against the open window and the other hand on the wheel, looking the picture of quiet confidence. His black t-shirt highlights his broad shoulders and the paleness of his skin, and his raven black hair is ruffling in the breeze flowing into the car. His side profile is so attractive and his pale pink lips are pouted unconsciously as he drives.

  “What do you keep looking at?” Yoongi finally asks without looking away from the road, startling Jimin. Taehyung and Jungkook snicker in the backseat and Jimin turns bright red at being caught staring.

  “O-oh, um…” Jimin gulps, searching frantically for an excuse. “You have lint on your shoulder!” He blurts out, and Yoongi’s eyes flick to him for a second, a frown on his mouth.

  “Oh,” he says with a furrow of his brows. “Can you get it off?”

  Jimin licks his dry lips and leans across the center console towards Yoongi, his heart pounding in his chest. He grabs the fake lint between his fingers and makes a show of quickly throwing it out the open window. “There,” he squeaks before retreating back to his seat, cheeks aflame.

  “Thanks,” Yoongi grunts, and Jimin nods quickly. Behind him, Taehyung and Jungkook are somehow just barely containing their laughter at his pain, and Jimin vows to sacrifice them to the witch when they find her.

  After that everyone sort of quiets down. Taehyung and Jungkook fall asleep against each other and Jimin dozes a little, the motion of the car and the monotonous rumble of the engine very soothing to him. They drive for what feels like ages but Jimin doesn’t mind, content with the wind blowing through his hair and Yoongi beside him.

  By the time Yoongi pulls off the road behind Namjoon and the others at a heavily forested turn off, the sun is sinking below the horizon. Taehyung and Jungkook startle awake when Yoongi gets out of the car and slams his door closed behind him, and Jimin snickers when his friends jerk in surprise and smack their heads together with a dull thud.

  Jimin climbs out of the car and stretches his numb legs and rolls his stiff neck with a sigh. He likes car rides but it would have been nice if they had stopped to stretch their legs at least once. Namjoon, Jin, and Hoseok are all getting out of their car and walking over to them. Namjoon is looking down at his phone and nodding.

  “So the coordinates they sent us are about two miles into the woods that way,” he points into the dense trees next to them. “They didn’t have one specific spot where she is but apparently she kind of hangs around in a general area.”

  Yoongi opens his trunk and hands out a flashlight to each of them, before equipping himself and Hoseok with a handgun, Jin with a link of heavy iron chains, and Namjoon with a huge leatherbound book that looks ancient. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung haven’t been allowed to handle any weapons since a few months ago when they were on the trail of a rogue werewolf and the maknaes had somehow managed to blow up an entire barn with just a shotgun, silver powder, and brass knuckles. Yoongi had been furious and the older hunters had all decided that they weren’t allowed weapons for the foreseeable future. Jimin hasn’t quite lived the embarrassment of that down yet.

  “Let’s get going,” Yoongi says gruffly, and they all follow him into the treeline.

  While both Yoongi and Namjoon are equal leaders of their group, Yoongi is more skilled at the physical side of hunting, while Namjoon is better at the intellectual side; researching and planning and gathering information.

  It had started out with just the two of them at first, eight years ago when they’d met in high school. They had hit it off immediately and both quickly realized they’d come from long lines of hunters. They’d started going on missions and learned how good they worked together, like a well oiled machine. They’d been hunting side-by-side for two years when Namjoon met Jin, and it was love at first sight. It took a long time for him to work up the courage to tell Jin what he did for a living, and an even longer time for Jin to finally come to terms and accept the idea. After that, Yoongi and Namjoon had slowly integrated Jin into the hunting lifestyle, and while though he complained about it constantly, how fighting monsters wasn’t good for the complexion, he was actually quite skilled.

  It remained the three of them for a long time until two years ago when they had met Hoseok on the campus of his school where they’d been investigating a murderous succubus attending the university. Something about Hoseok had drawn Yoongi and Namjoon to him, and they’d spent a few days both hunting for the succubus and observing Hoseok.

  They were forced into action though when Hoseok was the next victim of the succubus and they’d had to rescue him. She had dragged him into the bowels of the university and was about to prey on him when they’d found him, in a sort of paralyzed, zombie-like state. They had tried everything, shotguns with silver, iron, gold and copper bullets, knives, flames, wooden stakes, but nothing had stopped the raging succubus coming after them.

  Finally, Jin had pulled out a small handheld mirror and the succubus had become so enamored with her reflection that she’d been trapped inside it, and Jin had quickly smashed it on the ground and glass had shattered everywhere, effectively banishing her spirit.

  After that, Hoseok had slowly regained the function of his limbs and they’d explained to him what happened. Instead of being scared and horrified, he’d been amazed, asking question after question that had amused Yoongi and Namjoon. They’d offered to train him and he’d jumped at the opportunity.

  Hoseok had been a hunter for a year before Jungkook, his younger brother, had found out by accidentally overhearing one of his calls with Yoongi when Hoseok had been home visiting. This had led Jungkook to interrogate Hoseok, who reluctantly told him his secret.

  Of course this had led to Jungkook running to his best friends, Jimin and Taehyung, and gushing to them excitedly that his brother is a badass hunter. And somehow they’d gotten it in their minds that since Hoseok is the epitome of cool, then being a hunter must be just as cool, so all they of them had demanded to become hunters as well.

  Yoongi, of course, had been absolutely against it, smoke practically spilling from his ears when they’d asked, but Namjoon thought that they might possibly have some potential and should be taken under their wings. Unfortunately, Jin and, surprisingly, Hoseok, had agreed, so a fuming Yoongi had been overruled and forced to work with what he calls “immature, reckless rookies”.

  The first time Jimin had met Yoongi on the day he, Jungkook, and Taehyung had demanded to become hunters, he’d fallen hard and fast for the stoic and cold black-haired man, and it's just been downhill ever since.

  As he walks, Jimin has to focus down where his flashlight is illuminating the forest floor and not ahead at Yoongi so he doesn’t trip over a root and make a fool of himself. Again. Whenever he’s in Yoongi’s presence, his clumsiness and awkwardness amplifies times a thousand and he’s always embarrassing himself.

  Now, Jimin tries to stay as quiet as possible as he treads after the others through the dark woods. The moon overhead is blotted out by the branches and casts them in shadows, and a little shiver of unease runs up Jimin’s spine when he notices how deathly silent it is. There’s no crickets chirping or owls hooting, there’s not even the sound of the breeze ruffling the leaves. All Jimin can hear is their crunching footsteps, and he picks up his pace a little until he’s walking between Namjoon and Jungkook, his tummy tingling strangely.

  Jimin doesn’t really know how Yoongi can tell where they’re going, but he does have years and years of experience of tracking, so Jimin just decides to trust him and go with it. They trudge along, the beams of their flashlights scanning the pitch black forest ahead of them, keeping an eye out in case anything sneaks up on them.

  They keep walking in silence until suddenly the temperature dips around them and Yoongi holds up his fist to halt their movements. The air feels charged around them and the hairs on the back of Jimin’s neck stand up as they all shine their flashlights in front of them.

  Out of the shadows steps a young woman. She’s wearing a billowing black cloak and has long dark hair, and there’s an invisible energy radiating around her body like an aura. Jimin can feel the raw power emanating off of her, and he presses closer to Jungkook’s side in fear.

  “Hello, gentlemen,” she says with a sly smile, her oddly echoing voice sending a shiver through Jimin.

  “Namjoon!” Yoongi hisses as both he and Hoseok aim their guns at her. Namjoon rushes forward and opens the big leather book, shining his flashlight down so he can read the pages.

  Namjoon begins to chant in Latin, a sort of exorcism that Jimin knows is supposed to banish a dark creature’s soul to the otherworld without actually killing them. His deep voice is steady and unwavering, but he barely gets five words in before the witch is laughing, bright and amused.

  “That’s not going to work on me, handsome,” she says with a grin, cutting off Namjoon’s chanting. “I’m not a dark soul.”

  Namjoon frowns at her in confusion as Yoongi and Hoseok keep their guns trained on her cautiously. “’ve been cursing people.”

  With all their flashlights shining on her, they can see her roll her eyes. “Only men. Specifically, men who have rejected me,” she says with a shrug.

  They’re silent for a few beats until Jin speaks up. “Do you mean rejected you...romantically?”

  The witch nods and they all glance around at each other in disbelief. This definitely wasn’t what they were expecting.

  When they don’t say anything, she continues. “I know you’re probably surprised that so many guys have rejected me, right? I mean, look at me. I’m beautiful,” she gestures to herself with a flourish. “But I guess there’s just something about my presence that puts men off. I think they can sense my magic and on some instinctual level, it makes them weary. Do you know I’ve been alive for almost two hundred years and yet I’ve never had a boyfriend?”

  Jimin and Taehyung share a look, and Jimin can see his best friend trying to keep a straight face as the witch rants. The guns are still pointed at her and Namjoon is clutching at his book with wide eyes.

  Jin adjusts his grip on the chains, looking a little awkward. “Have you always turned them into chipmunks if they reject you?”

  The witch waves her hand dismissively. “No, I only started doing that recently. A girl’s gotta have her limits, you know? And I think I finally just got so fed up with it that I decided to do something about it,” she says with a shrug before a mischievous smile blooms on her face. “Now they’re really gonna regret not giving me their number when they had the chance.”

  It’s silent for a few moments because none of them have any idea what to say about that. The witch doesn’t seem like a threat so Jimin assumes Namjoon will ask her to stop turning men into animals, and he only hope she cooperates without any issues.

  Then, Yoongi lowers his gun just a little, and Jimin can see the rage on his face, they way his eyes are blazing and the way his mouth is twisted in anger.

  “So, you’re telling me that you’ve been turning men into woodland creatures because they, what? Wouldn’t go on a date with you?” His voice is biting and harsh, and Jimin gulps when he sees the witch’s eyes narrow at him. “Are you serious? Your poor feelings got so hurt that you decided to turn them into animals with no hope of a cure?”

  Namjoon nudges at Yoongi to get him to shut up, a look of growing panic on his face when the witch’s lips tightens, but Yoongi is on a roll. “Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? The poor little witch going around cursing men because her heart was spurned?”

  “Hyung,” Hoseok and Namjoon both hiss at him in warning as the energy around the witch seems to swell, making the air around them crackle. Even though there’s no breeze in the forest at the moment, her dark hair begins to whip around like there’s a silent wind.

  Yoongi shakes off the hand Namjoon places on his shoulder, taking a step closer to the woman and pointing harshly at her. “Maybe if you toned it down with the dramatics, you’d actually find a guy who wants to date you, you big baby.”

  Jimin sucks in a breath, wanting to yell at Yoongi to stop talking. The witch’s jaw clenches and a gleam flashes in her eyes. “I’m the baby, you say?” She says, her voice quiet and deathly calm. “Me? I guess we’ll see about that.”

  All the hairs on Jimin’s body stands up as the witch’s power swells to a point. Then, there’s a loud crack, an explosion of smoke that blinds the others, and a flash of light.

  Jimin coughs and tries to wave the smoke away, searching around for Yoongi. “Is everyone okay?” Namjoon calls as the smoke begins to dissipate.

  “What the hell was that?” Jungkook exclaims, wiping at his watering eyes.

  The first thing they notice is that the witch has disappeared. The second thing is that Yoongi is gone as well, and in the place he’d been standing is a baby, sitting on the leaf-covered forest floor.

  A small, chubby baby with a mass of black hair wearing nothing but a diaper, staring up at them in confusion.

  “What the fuck?” Taehyung gasps as they all gape down at it.

  “Where’s Yoongi? Why’s there a baby? ” Hoseok half-yells in panic.

  The baby babbles loudly, waving it’s fists around, and a sudden, horrible realization settles over Jimin. “Oh my god,” he breathes, kneeling down next to it. “Yoongi hyung?”

  The baby looks at him, and yes, Jimin can see it. The same button nose and annoyed pout, the same dark, intelligent eyes-much too intelligent and aware for a regular seven month old baby. His cheeks are super chubby and his body is basically a bunch of fat rolls, and he’s glaring at Jimin with tiny little eyebrows.

  “Oh shit,” Namjoon says, clapping a hand over his mouth.

  “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Jin groans, rubbing at his temples tiredly.

  The baby-Yoongi- babbles again, louder this time and with more frustration. Jimin can hear the demand and confusion in his voice and his heart breaks. “Hyung,” he says gently, and Yoongi looks at him again. “The witch...she turned you into a baby.”

  Yoongi stares at him with big, dark eyes for a moment before he looks up at all of them. Then he tips back his head and lets out a loud, shrieking wail. Jimin winces and goes to soothe him, but stops just short of touching Yoongi and kind of hovers his hands around him uselessly. He doesn’t think Yoongi would take kindly to Jimin petting his head or rubbing his back.

  “Calm down, hyung, we’ll fix this,” Jimin says, the sight of tears in Yoongi’s eyes making his chest hurt.

  A cold wind picks up then, and a violent shudder passes through Yoongi’s tiny body. Jimin realizes with a jolt that he’s sitting on the dirty forest floor in nothing but a diaper and that he’s probably freezing. Jimin bites his lip, debating for a moment before he thinks, ‘fuck it,’ and unzips his jacket. The others are talking rapidly and loudly behind them but Jimin doesn’t pay them any mind.

  “I’m...I’m gonna pick you up, okay?” Jimin says nervously, and Yoongi pauses in his crying to look at him. Yoongi’s expression darkens and Jimin can almost hear him saying, “Don’t you fucking dare.”

  Jimin decides that Yoongi’s health and safety is more important right now than the lashing he’ll get when Yoongi is an adult again, so he ignores the look on the baby’s face and scoops him up quickly. Yoongi lets out a cute little squeal of surprise and squirms violently in Jimin’s arms, kicking his little hands and feet in rage.

  “Hyung, knock it off,” Jimin snaps at him when Yoongi almost slips out of his grasp, and Yoongi stops struggling and stares at Jimin with wide eyes. “I’m just trying to help you, okay?”

  Yoongi glares at him again, but the effect is sort of ruined by his fat cheeks and puckered rosebud lips. He stops moving though, and Jimin presses him against his chest before zipping the jacket back up over his body. He leaves Yoongi’s head free and supports him with an arm under his bottom as he turns to face the others.

  Namjoon is trying to calm the chaos of yelling. “Listen, we should have-Taehyung, shut up-we should have about eight days to figure out how to break the curse, if we’re going by the other instances that witch has done this before.”

  “But that’s just when she was turning guys into chipmunks!” Hoseok cries, pulling at his hair.

  “Yeah, how do we know it’ll be the same time frame?” Jungkook adds shrilly.

  “We don’t know for sure but it’s all we have,” Namjoon replies, turning to face Jimin and Yoongi. He starts speaking extra loudly and slowly, and both Jimin and Yoongi wince. “Hyung, we’re going to figure out how to break this curse, okay? We won’t let you stay trapped like this forever.”

  “Hyung, he’s a baby, he’s not deaf,” Jimin says, and Namjoon grins apologetically.

  “Sorry,” he says, turning back to the others. “So, how are we going to do this? Who's gonna look after Yoongi while we figure out what to do?”

  “I will,” Jimin blurts out, and Yoongi squirms against his chest to stare darkly up at him. “I used to work at a daycare so I know how to take care of babies.”

  Namjoon nods and picks Yoongi’s fallen gun off the ground. “Okay. Let’s drop you two back at your place and then everyone else will meet at mine to start working this out.”

  “We have to stop at the store first to get a few things,” Jimin says, hiking Yoongi higher against his chest when he starts slipping a little. “We can get more stuff later but he definitely needs diapers and baby food tonight.”

  Namjoon nods and begins leading them back to the cars. “Good idea.”



  Hoseok drives Yoongi’s car back while Jimin cradles him in the passenger seat. A fussy Yoongi had actually fallen asleep a few minutes after they’d gotten back on the main road, and now he’s slumbering peacefully against Jimin, still cocooned in his jacket with his chubby cheek squished against Jimin’s chest. Jimin figures the night’s events have exhausted him.

  “This is so fucking weird,” Taehyung whispers from the back seat, leaning forward to peer at Yoongi over Jimin’s shoulder.

  “I just can’t believe he’s letting Jimin hold him,” Jungkook says quietly from next to him. “We should get a picture so we can remember this moment and tease him about it forever.”

  Jimin whips his head around to glare at them. “Knock it off,” he hisses under his breath so he doesn’t wake Yoongi. His friends sink back into their seats at Jimin’s sharp tone, looking rightly reprimanded, and Jimin’s checks to make sure his movements didn’t wake Yoongi up.

  Namjoon and Jin will meet the others back at their place while they head to the grocery store. They pull into the parking lot and Jimin’s lists off the things he’ll need. “Two packages of diapers, aged six or seven months, about ten jars of assorted flavors of baby food, a pack or two of onesies, and baby wipes,” Jimin pauses, thinking if he needs anything else. “Oh, also get a bib and a pacifier in case he needs it.”

  Jungkook and Taehyung snicker at the pacifier but add it to their list before they get out of the car. Hoseok leaves it running and follows them inside while Jimin subtly readjusts his hold on Yoongi. The baby stirs a little and Jimin holds his breath, but Yoongi just lets out a sigh and goes limp again, making cute little huffing noises in his sleep. Yoongi is a warm weight against his chest and Jimin gently runs a finger across his soft, fuzzy black hair.

  About fifteen minutes later they return with Jimin’s requested items, and Hoseok drives them back to Jimin’s apartment. Taehyung takes the shopping bags while Jimin carefully carries Yoongi inside. Yoongi finally blinks awake when Jimin turns the lights on and Taehyung sets the bags down on the kitchen table. He fusses a little bit, squirming in Jimin’s jacket, who pats his back soothingly to calm him.

  “Do you need me to stay? I can spend the night,” Taehyung asks, but Jimin shakes his head.

  “We need everyone working on how to break this curse. You go with the others, I’ll be fine.”

  Taehyung nods and wishes Jimin luck before he departs, leaving Jimin and Yoongi alone. He unzips his jacket and pulls Yoongi out, and the first thing he does is lifts him up to his nose to smell his diaper, making Yoongi shriek in outrage and try to kick at him.

  Suspicions confirmed, Jimin hikes Yoongi against his hip and pulls out a dish towel from under the kitchen cabinets. “You have a dirty diaper,” Jimin tells Yoongi as he grabs the diapers and wipes from the plastic bag and takes Yoongi into the living room. “I have to change it.”

  Yoongi let’s out an ear splitting screech and struggles violently against Jimin’s hold. He almost wiggles out of Jimin’s arms but he somehow manages to keep a hold on him.

  “Hyung, stop!” Jimin demands loudly, laying a thrashing Yoongi onto the couch on top of the towel. “Do you want to fester in a dirty diaper? It’s gonna start burning if you don’t let me change it.”  

  Jimin tried to smooth his hand over Yoongi’s forehead to calm him, but Yoongi bites his hand. Actually bites him! Granted, it doesn’t hurt since Yoongi has no teeth, but Jimin still jerks back in surprise. “Hey!” Jimin scolds sternly. “No biting! You really are acting like a baby right now.”

  Yoongi glares up at him, murder in his eyes. Jimin takes a deep breath and smooths his blonde hair back. “Let’s try this again, okay? I’m gonna change your diaper, because if I don’t you’re really gonna regret it. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards, alright?”

  Yoongi huffs loudly and balls his tiny little fists, his mouth puckered in an extreme pout. Jimin sighs and pats Yoongi’s fat belly. “Listen, I’ve changed hundreds of babies’ diapers before, okay? I’ll be super fast and I’ll try not to look as much as possible.”

  Jimin has no idea if Yoongi can truly understand him, but he sure hopes so. He pats Yoongi’s soft belly and Yoongi angrily kicks his hand away. Jimin narrows his eyes down at him and uses his firm voice. “Listen, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. I’ve changed lots of babies whose tantrums would give you a run for your money.”

  Yoongi gazes up at Jimin darkly and he squirms again, but a look of utter discomfort crosses his face and suddenly tears are welling in his eyes. His little face starts turning red and he kicks his legs violently, a bubbling cry getting stuck in his throat.

  “It doesn’t feel good, does it?” Jimin asks, tapping at the diaper. Before Yoongi can react, Jimin quickly undoes the diaper and pulls it off. Yoongi screams in surprise and tries to curl his legs over himself, but Jimin grabs them to stop him. Yoongi’s cheeks turn pink and he rolls his head to the side, refusing to look at Jimin in the eyes.

  True to his word, Jimin cleans him up and fits his with a fresh diaper in just over under two minutes. “All better now, see?” Jimin asks as he secures the diaper in place. Yoongi pointedly ignores him and glares at the couch cushions.

  Jimin grabs the trio of onesies Taehyung picked out and chooses the white one with a picture of a bicycle on it that says “this is how I roll” below it. Yoongi surprisingly doesn’t put up a fight when Jimin gently pulls it over his head and snaps the fasteners closed.

  “There,” Jimin smiles down at him. “All nice and cozy.”

  Jimin tucks a few pillows around Yoongi so he doesn’t fall off the couch while Jimin goes and fishes around in the hallway closet. He finally pulls out what he’s searching for, the old high chair he’d used back when he use to babysit his little cousins. He sets it up at the kitchen table and retrieves Yoongi, setting him down in it and buckling him in, then attaching the bib around his neck to protect his new onesie.

  “Who’s hungry?” Jimin asks as he opens a jar of turkey and gravy flavored baby food. He scoops some out with a spoon and presses it against Yoongi’s cute puckered lips. “Open up.”

  Yoongi turns his face away and ends up getting a splotch of the mushy food on his cheek. Jimin wrinkles his nose and uses the edge of the bib to clean of the smear. “Come on, you have to eat. You’re probably starving.”

  Yoongi slams his chubby hands against the tray of the high chair in anger, and Jimin sighs. “You’re a huge pain in the ass, you know that?”

  Yoongi turns to glare at him and Jimin takes that chance to shove a spoonful of the food into his mouth. Yoongi gags and tries to spit it out, but Jimin holds his mouth shut until he’s forced to swallow. Yoongi starts crying in frustration and Jimin shushes him gently, rubbing his soft head. “I know it sucks, but grown up food will hurt your tummy. You have to eat this.”

  Yoongi continues wailing, his face bright red and scrunched up and Jimin feels so bad for his current situation. “Come on, just try to eat a little bit,” Jimin coaxes, holding the spoon up again, but Yoongi smacks it out of his hand and it clatters onto the kitchen floor.

  Jimin sighs and sits back in his chair. “Okay, we’ll try again in the morning,” he finally says, and Yoongi’s crying quiets down a little. “I just hope you don’t get too hungry during the night.”

  Jimin, on the other hand, is hungry, so he leaves Yoongi in the high chair while he prepares himself a quick dinner. He pops a container of frozen macaroni and cheese into the microwave for the instructed time. Not very healthy, but Jimin is tired and doesn’t feel like making anything elaborate.

  After the macaroni is done, he sticks a spoon in it and sets it on the table before turning around to get a capri sun pouch out of the fridge. When he turns back to the table, Yoongi has somehow managed to stretch across his tray and grab the spoon out of the container and is hungrily gulping down a spoonful of macaroni and cheese.

  “No!” Jimin cries, rushing forward and snatching the spoon from Yoongi, who shrieks in outrage and grabs at it. “No, this will hurt your tummy!”

  Yoongi bangs his fists on the tray and starts crying again, his little face puckering up in frustration. “Look, I’m sorry, but this really is for your own good,” Jimin says with a sigh, sitting down in the chair next to Yoongi and raking his hands through his hair. “We’ll get you some cheerios and baby safe snacks tomorrow, okay?”

  Yoongi continues crying for a bit while Jimin eats his dinner, until his whines taper off and he’s rubbing at his droopy eyes. “Tired?” Jimin asks as he gets up from the chair once he’s done eating. Yoongi makes a little gurgling sound as Jimin unbuckles him from the high chair and carries him into his bedroom, leaving the cleanup for tomorrow.

  Jimin pulls back the sheets of his bed and lays Yoongi down in the middle. He tucks a few pillows around his body so he won’t roll of the bed in the middle of the night, and quickly changes into his pajamas. It’s been a long day and Jimin is beat, but it’s probably nothing compared to how Yoongi feels. Jimin climbs in next to him and turns off his bedside light, casting the room into darkness. “I’ll be right here if you need anything, okay?” He says into the quiet room.

  Yoongi stirs and kicks a little, but Jimin just assumes he’s trying to get comfortable. Within a few moments, Yoongi’s falls still and his breathing evens out, and Jimin drifts off to sleep a few moments later.



  Yoongi awakens to painful cramping in his stomach.

  The first thing he does it let out a loud, gurgling wail into the dark room before quickly freezing, because what was that?

  Then he remembers. Oh yeah. He’s been turned into a fucking baby. He’s currently lying in Park Jimin’s bed after getting his diaper changed by him. Yoongi can feel his face turning red hot at the very thought and groans to himself.

  Then his stomach clenches again and Yoongi cries out in pain, tears springing to his eyes. Jimin stirs next to him and sits up in bed, blinking groggily. “What’s wrong?” He murmurs, his voice heavy with sleep. Yoongi finds himself kicking the air and thrashing his fists as the pain of his stomach sweeps through him. “Do you need your diaper changed?” Jimin asks, and Yoongi groans in frustration.

  "It’s my stomach,” Yoongi says, but it just comes out as a series of watery babbles. “My stomach is killing me.”

  Jimin places his hand on Yoongi’s forehead to take his temperature as Yoongi tries to get his point across. He splays his chubby hands over his fat belly and taps incessantly. Jimin seems to get it because his eyes widen and he places a warm hand on Yoongi’s roiling stomach.

  “Do you have a tummy ache?” He asks, and Yoongi whines an affirmative. “I told you that grown up food would hurt your tummy.”

  “Yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious,” Yoongi growls at him angrily, finding a little bit of relief in Jimin’s warm hand on his stomach.

  Jimin clucks his tongue softly and picks Yoongi up, using his hand to support the back of his head. “I don’t have any medicine that’s safe for babies,” Jimin says regretfully as he cradles Yoongi against his chest. “And there’s no stores that are open right now that would sell anything.”

  Yoongi hates that Jimin is picking him up, but he’s also in so much pain that he can’t find it in himself to really care. Jimin stands up from the bed and begins slowly pacing the room, bouncing Yoongi softly and rubbing his back soothingly as he cries weakly. He can’t seem to control the sounds and they just keep slipping out, the only outlet he has to express his emotions.

  Jimin starts humming to him softly as they walk and bounce, trying to calm him down. They pace and pace the room for what feels like forever until Jimin lays him back down on the bed and curls in next to him. He places his hand on Yoongi’s tummy and starts rubbing up and down, over and over as he hums. It helps the pain a little and Yoongi’s crying calms down a bit.

  Jimin has already been awake with Yoongi for a few hours but he doesn’t seem to mind. He massages Yoongi’s stomach patiently until at some point, his humming turns into quiet singing.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
you make me happy, when skies are grey,”

  And, wow, Jimin has a really beautiful voice. It’s high and clear and soft, and even though his tummy is still killing him, Yoongi finds himself falling silent to listen.

“You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,
please don’t take my sunshine away.”

  Yoongi stares at Jimin with wide eyes as the younger (Older? Yoongi doesn’t even know anymore) boy continues to sing quietly and rub his tummy. After awhile, the pain starts to fade under the soothing motion of Jimin’s warm hand.

  The sky outside is beginning to lighten by the time the pain goes away completely, in which Jimin rubs and sings the whole time. Yoongi can’t believe Jimin stayed up all night singing to him, and as blessed sleep finally creeps over him again to the sound of Jimin’s voice, his chest feels a little warm.



   When Yoongi wakes up again it’s a few hours later and the sun in shining in through the curtains. He turns his head to the side and sees Jimin fast asleep, his blonde hair mussed up and his lips puckered open against the pillow.

  He looks to peaceful and Yoongi would prefer to let him sleep after keeping him up most of the night, but his tummy starts rumbling with hunger and before he can stop himself he lets out a loud whine.

  Yoongi watches as Jimin slowly blinks awake and peers blearily at him. “Good morning,” he says, voice rough and groggy from sleep. He sits up in bed and rubs his tired eyes before placing his hand on Yoongi’s chubby belly and rubbing softly. “Does your tummy feel better?”

  Yoongi coos an affirmation and Jimin smiles, bright and happy, and Yoongi is momentarily blinded by the sight. Huh.

  “Let’s get your diaper changed and then we can get you something to eat, okay? You’re probably hungry.”

  The mention of the diaper draws attention to the very stinky and very uncomfortable situation down below. It’s absolutely nasty and Yoongi shivers in disgust at the way his body has betrayed him like this.

  Jimin changes his diaper quickly while Yoongi blushes furiously, his body burning in mortification. When he’s an adult again he’s never, ever going to be able to live this down.

  After that Jimin carries him into the kitchen and sets him up in the high chair again, velcroing the bib around his neck. “Are you gonna cooperate this time?” Jimin asks, fixing Yoongi with a stern look.

  “As long as you don’t try to feed me that nasty turkey shit again,” Yoongi gripes back, but it just comes out as annoyed gurgling.

  Jimin pulls out a jew different jars of baby food from the grocery bags still on the table. “Maybe we should try a different flavor,” Jimin muses, talking more to himself than Yoongi.

  “Thank you!” Yoongi gasps in relief as Jimin lines three different jars up on his tray. Apple, sweet potato, and carrot flavors.

  Yoongi immediately picks the apple, tapping his fist insistently on the lid. Jimin giggles and picks up Yoongi’s chosen baby food, cracking the lid. “Apple it is.”

  Jimin spoon feeds him the mushy substance, and even though it's much better than that turkey and gravy shit, it’s still nasty. Jimin keeps laughing at the disgusted faces Yoongi makes as he reluctantly lets Jimin slide the stuff into his mouth. He’s never really noticed before, but Jimin has a nice laugh. It’s cute and squeaky and reminds Yoongi of a mouse.

  Once Yoongi is done eating, Jimin eats a quick bowl of cereal and throws on some clothes. Jimin picks Yoongi up out of the high chair and settles him against his chest. “We can go shopping for some more supplies now, I just have to ask my neighbor if I can borrow her baby sling.”

  Yoongi wraps his small, chubby arms around Jimin’s neck for leverage and tries to ignore how Jimin is supporting his weight under his butt. Jimin locks up his apartment behind him and carries Yoongi a few doors down and knocks on the door.

  While they wait for the neighbor to answer, Yoongi catches a whiff of Jimin’s scent. It’s soft and warm and nice, much stronger to his baby senses than Yoongi would have expected. He assumes that it's true that babies rely greatly on their sense of smell to survive. Jimin is rubbing his back absentmindedly and Yoongi slowly relaxes into him. He hasn’t had this much attention focused on him in years, and he has to admit it's kind of nice, even under the circumstances.

  The door finally swings open to reveal a middle aged woman in pajamas. “Jimin-ah, good morning!” She greets him with a smile, and Jimin gives her a little bow. “Oh, who is this cutie?” She gasps, reaching out a hand to try to tickle Yoongi’s cheek.

  “Whoa, fuck off!” He squeals in outrage, slapping her hand away and pressing closer Jimin.

  “Omo, what a feisty little guy,” she laughs gleefully, and Yoongi glares at her in outrage.

  Jimin smooths his hand over Yoongi’s hair to calm him, and he relaxes a little at his touch. “This is my little cousin,” Jimin says, tucking Yoongi’s head into his neck. “I’m going to be watching him for a few days, and I was wondering if I could borrow one of your baby slings?”

  “Oh, of course! Give me one second,” she exclaims, disappearing back into her apartment.

  “Stupid bitch,” Yoongi babbles angrily at Jimin. “What gives her the right to think she can touch me?”

  “Shhh,” Jimin soothes him, placing a kiss on Yoongi’s head.

  Yoongi freezes. Did Jimin just kiss him?

  His thought are interrupted by the neighbor coming back to the door. “Come inside, Jimin-ah, I’ll help you put it on.”

  Jimin follows her inside and reluctantly hands Yoongi to her while he slips the sling onto his front. The second Yoongi is in her arms, she starts cooing and tickling him and making gross kissy faces, and Yoongi starts screaming in outrage. She doesn’t smell right and it puts his stress levels through the roof. It doesn’t feel good and he doesn’t like it. “Let me go! Don’t fucking touch me!”

  Yoongi wails loudly while Jimin attaches the sling, panic making his movements jerky and inaccurate. The second he has it on, he basically scoops Yoongi out of the woman’s grip with a quick, “I can take him now.”

  Yoongi reaches his arms out for Jimin and wraps them around his neck, his cries quieting and his tears stemming as Jimin holds him close and shushes his softly, rubbing his back comfortingly. Jimin smells much nicer than that lady and it helps to calm Yoongi as he presses his cheek against Jimin’s collarbones, his breathing harsh and watery with tears.

  “You’ve always had such a way with babies,” the woman croons as Yoongi calms down.

  He doesn’t put up a fight when Jimin lifts him up and slips him into the sling, securing him inside. His legs dangle out the bottom but it’s surprisingly comfortable, and he’s able to rest his head against Jimin’ chest.

  “Thanks for the sling, Misun-ssi,” Jimin says as he holds Yoongi’s bare feet in his hands. “I’ll bring it back when I’m done with it.”

  “Use it for as long as you need, Jimin-ah,” Misun smiles at him, walking them to the door.

  Jimin carries Yoongi down a few flights of stairs until they come out onto the street outside Jimin’s apartment building. The sun is out and it's warm but not too hot, Yoongi’s favorite kind of weather. Despite what everyone thinks, he actually quite enjoys the sun. Jimin walks him down the block to the bus stop, the rhythmic movements of his steps making Yoongi sleepy.

  Jimin starts humming to himself again as they wait for the bus, and Yoongi stirs awake to blink up at him. The sun is illuminating Jimin’s wavy blonde hair and turning it a brilliant gold, and the red sweater he’s wearing is bringing out the red in his cheeks. Jimin notices Yoongi looking at him and smiles down at him.

  “What do you think, you want to do some clothes shopping?” Jimin asks, booping the tip of Yoongi’s nose with his finger. Yoongi snorts and moves his head away. He can’t believe Jimin has the gall to boop his nose.

  When the bus arrives, Jimin takes a seat in the back and leans back so Yoongi can sit comfortably in his lap. As if being a baby is some sort of magnet, an old lady immediately sits down next to them and coos at Yoongi.

  “Aigooo, what a precious little baby,” she croaks, reaching out to try to take Yoongi’s hand. He shrieks furiously and squirms away, his hands fisting in Jimin sweater. Why do people keep trying to touch him?!

  “Uh, sorry,” Jimin says, subtly shifting away from the old woman to shield Yoongi. “He doesn’t really like being touched.”

  Yoongi glares at her from the safety of Jimin’s arms when the old lady just clucks her tongue, as if she’s actually annoyed about that.

  They get off a few stops later and Yoongi would flip the old lady off as they get off the bus if he could, but that might be just a little suspicious. Jimin walks them down the street to a large baby store, grabs a cart, and heads straight for the clothing section.

  Jimin browses through the racks for a moment until he pulls out a grey onesie that says “poop, there it is” with an arrow pointing down. Jimin snickers and shows it to Yoongi. “I kind of like this one. What do you think?”

  “Fuck you,” Yoongi bites in annoyance, knocking it right out of Jimin’s hand and onto the floor.

  Jimin grumbles and picks it up. “Fine, I guess that’s a no.”

  Yoongi is looking around in boredom when he suddenly feels something warm and wet seep into his diaper, and he looks down in horror. Did he just fucking piss himself? He grunts in disgust and tries to squirm away from the feeling, to no avail. Jimin doesn’t seem to notice Yoongi’s internal struggle as he looks through the clothes, and Yoongi tries not to focus on it. Maybe if he ignores it, it’ll go away.

  The next onesie Jimin pulls out says “future smartass” with an angry looking baby smoking a cigar under it. “Oh, we’re definitely getting this one,” Jimin says with a grin, and yeah, okay, Yoongi has to admit that one is kind of funny. Jimin puts it in the cart and and pushes it onto the next section of clothes.

  Jimin adds a light blue onesie with little red race cars printed all over it when Yoongi doesn’t find it too offensive. Jimin finds a dark grey two piece set that comes with pants and a long sleeve shirt. It has big white polar bears printed all over it and doesn’t look that stupid, so Yoongi lets Jimin put it in the cart.

  The next one Jimin pulls out is another onesie that says “I like big boobies and I cannot lie”. Jimin giggles and shows it to him. “What about this one?”

  Yoongi levels Jimin a dark look. “I’m seriously going to kick your ass.”

  Jimin laughs at the look on his face but thankfully puts it back on the rack. Yoongi rejects a few more outfits until Jimin finds a full-bodied cow onesie. It even had a hood with ears and giant cow feet. Yoongi shrieks loudly the second he sees it and tries to swat it out of Jimin’s hand, but Jimin just moves it out of the way.

  “Oh, we’re so getting this,” Jimin cackles, dropping it into the cart.

  “Jimin, I swear to god if you put me in that I’m going to murder you,” Yoongi yells, his shrill screams causing a few other shoppers to look at them. Jimin just taps his finger against Yoongi’s lips and shushes him.

  Yoongi pouts mightily while Jimin continues to browse, adding a few hats and a pack of little socks to their pile. Jimin also finds a panda onesie, again with a hood with ears and even a puffy little tail. The outside is fuzzy and soft, like what stuffed animals are made of, making it so bulky that it looks for like a winter coat than a onesie.

  “Oh my god, this is so cute,” Jimin gasps, but Yoongi just glares at him. “Oh come on, it’ll probably be so warm and soft,” he tries to convince him, but Yoongi just huffs and turns away. Jimin chuckles and adds it to the cart before they finally leave the clothing section.

  Jimin picks up a few more packs of diapers, some baby safe snacks that don’t look too disgusting, a baby monitor, and also a bottle of baby shampoo. For what, Yoongi has no idea. On their way to the registers, they pass by a sale rack of super soft, downy baby blankets, and even Yoongi coos when Jimin takes one and rubs it against his arm gently to test it out. Jimin picks a yellow one and and adds it to their cart before checking out.

  The journey back to Jimin’s apartment is slower with all the bags Jimin has to juggle, and by the time they get back, Yoongi is shifting restlessly in the sling, feeling a little fussy even as his eyes start drooping. “Does someone need a nap?” Jimin asks gently as he takes Yoongi out of the sling and sets him on the bed.

  A nap sounds pretty fucking good, and he doesn’t even struggle too much when Jimin changes his diaper, just relieved that he feels clean again. Jimin draws the curtains to darken the room and builds the pillows around Yoongi so he doesn’t fall off the bed. He sets up the baby monitor on the bedside table, tucks the soft new yellow blanket around him, and leans in to kiss Yoongi on the forehead.

  Yoongi is almost fully asleep and barely registers it before he drifts off.



   While Yoongi is napping, Jimin gets a call from Taehyung. “Any news?” He asks when he answers the phone.

  “Namjoon thinks he might have found a few things we can try to break the curse. One is a ritual that requires a lot of weird ingredients that we’re gonna have to find,” Taehyung tells him from the other line. “Do you have any idea where to find the heart of an Icelandic Glow Worm?”

  “Uh, no I don’t, sorry,” Jimin says, and he hears Taehyung sigh.

  “Yeah, I didn’t think you would. How’s Yoongi?”

  Jimin glances at the baby monitor he’s set on the kitchen table, but all is silent. “He’s doing okay, he’s taking a nap right now.”

  Taehyung snickers on the other end. “Have you had to, you know...change his diaper?”

  “Tae, if you bring that up to him when he’s an adult again I’m going to kill you, got it?”

  “Oh my god, you have!” Taehyung bursts out laughing. “This is gold. I can’t wait to tell Jungkook.”

  Jimin growls in frustration and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Just keep me updated, okay?”

  Taehyung just giggles in response and says that he will before hanging up. Jimin rolls his eyes because if Taehyung goes around telling everyone that Jimin has changed Yoongi’s diaper, Yoongi will hunt Taehyung down to the ends of the earth in revenge.

  While Yoongi sleeps, Jimin catches up on the laundry and dishes which he hasn’t had a chance to do because he’s always out with the guys lately, either hanging out or on a hunting mission. Jimin has to admit that while he likes hunting, he’s not very good at it, and it feels nice to have some time to himself again instead of trying to keep up with the others.

  Jimin is folding the last of his laundry on the couch when static comes through the baby monitor and he can hear Yoongi’s gurgling grunts as he wakes up. Jimin walks in to greet him, his heart going soft at the sight of a bleary-eyed Yoongi gumming on his thumb. “Did you have a nice nap?” Jimin asks as he scoops up Yoongi in his arms. Yoongi coos cutely and rubs at his eyes with his little fists, pulling at Jimin’s heart strings.

  Night is falling and Jimin is getting hungry, so he puts Yoongi in the high chair and pours out some of the yogurt drops he’d gotten at the store onto his tray. Yoongi takes one between his chubby fingers and sniffs at it suspiciously before starting to lick at it hesitantly. Seeming to like it, Yoongi lets out a pleased hum and begins gumming on it and bouncing in his seat.

  Jimin pulls out his rice cooker and adds in enough rice for one person, then takes some meat out of the fridge and chops it in to slices. He sets it too cook in a pan on the stove and chops up a few vegetables to add in with it later. He sets his phone on the counter and puts it on shuffle so he has something to listen to while he works.

  He sings along to the songs and dances a little while he works, bobbing his head and swaying his hips to the beat of the music as he slices an onion. A shrill little giggle has him spinning around to see Yoongi grinning at him, a wide, toothless thing that melts Jimin’s heart.

  Jimin walks over to him and cups his chubby cheeks. “Are you laughing at my dancing?” He asks, trying to sound stern. Yoongi giggles again and taps his hands on the tray. “That’s not very nice, you know,” Jimin pretends to pout, earning a pat on his cheek from Yoongi’s little hand as if to apologize.

  Jimin plants a kiss on Yoongi’s squishy cheek, because he really can’t help himself when it comes to babies. Yoongi stares at him with wide eyes but doesn’t move when Jimin smacks a kiss on his other cheek as well before heading to the stove to check on the meat.

  Once his food is ready, he feeds Yoongi spoonfuls of banana flavored baby food between each of his own bites. Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind the flavor that much and eats most of it without a fuss. Jimin talks while they eat to fill the silence.

  “Do you remember that time you made bulgogi for dinner at Namjoon and Jin’s? That was probably the best bulgogi I ever had,” Jimin says dreamily as he thinks back to that night a few months ago. “I wanted to ask you for the recipe but that was right after the time I accidentally released a hobgoblin into traffic in front of all those civilians and you were still really pissed at me.”

  Yoongi cocks his head at Jimin, his dark eyes intent as he accepts another spoonful of baby food. “You’re so good at everything,” Jimin continues with a sigh. “Hunting and fixing things and cooking, and even playing the piano. Hobi showed me a video of it one time. I’d love to hear it in person sometime but I’ve always been too afraid to ask.”

  Yoongi grunts and wiggles a little in his chair as Jimin moves a carrot slice around on his plate sadly. Yoongi reaches out his arms towards Jimin, making grabby hand, and Jimin stands and slides him out of the high chair. Yoongi places both of his hands on Jimin’s cheeks and pats them, cooing wetly. Jimin can’t help but smile, leaning in to rub their noses together. Yoongi rears back a little and gives Jimin an annoyed look, making him laugh.

  They chill out for a little bit on the couch, flipping through channels while Yoongi slobbers on a a few biscuits they gotten today, gumming at them while he hums. Jimin props him up in his lap with Yoongi’s back against his stomach so he can see the tv. He doesn’t whine in complaint when Jimin lands on an old crime show, so he leaves it there so Yoongi can watch it. Jimin scrolls through his phone and finds a few texts from Taehyung and Hoseok saying they’ve gathered all the ingredients for the ritual and now have to wait until midnight tomorrow to perform it. Jimin really hopes it works because he knows how much Yoongi must hate being stuck like this.

  About an hour later, Jimin gets them both into bed and and tucks Yoongi’s yellow blanket around his body. He lays down in his spot and closes his eyes, but Yoongi keeps fussing and kicking his legs, making little displeased grunts. Jimin sighs and strokes Yoongi’s downy soft hair as he begins singing “You Are My Sunshine” again like he did last night.

  Almost immediately, Yoongi calms down and stops making noise, falling silent to listen to Jimin. He’s halfway through the song a second time when Yoongi’s breathing evens out and he goes still under Jimin’s touch with a soft little sigh. Jimin kisses him on the temple, inhaling that beautiful baby powder and milk smell all babies have that Jimin loves, before he drifts off to sleep himself.



   Jimin lets Yoongi have cheerios after his breakfast of pea flavored baby food, and he sits at his high chair gumming angrily on them, annoyed that he doesn’t have teeth and instead has to turn them into mush if he wants to eat then. He’s been dressed in the grey two piece outfit today and is watching Jimin mix up cookie batter at the counter.

  Even from where he’s sitting, Yoongi can smell the batter and it makes his mouth water. He knows Jimin won’t let him have any of the cookies once they’re baked and he pouts even harder. In his rage, he picks up a handful of cheerios and throws them onto the floor with force.

  Jimin turns to look at the commotion with a frown, noting the cheerios on the tile and Yoongi’s sour expression. “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, didn’t they?”

  “Fuck off,” Yoongi growls at him as Jimin walks over and reaches out to squish his cheeks.

  “Oh, come on, turn that frown upside down,” Jimin says, dipping in and kissing Yoongi’s nose.

  Yoongi grunts and tries to shake him off, but Jimin does it again and again, making little growling sounds every time he swoops in, until Yoongi’s tummy is swirling and he finds himself giggling despite himself, face hot.

  “There we go!” Jimin beams at him, and Yoongi’s chest feels warm at the sight. “Look at that gummy smile! It’s even cuter with no teeth.”

  Yoongi flushes and doesn’t fight it when Jimin smacks another kiss on his cheek before heading back to the cookie batter. Yoongi sticks another cheerio in his mouth and sucks at it thoughtfully. Is Jimin saying that he’s always thought Yoongi has had a cute smile, even when he was an adult? Or that all smiles would be even cuter without any teeth?

  Yoongi mulls this over while Jimin balls up the cookie batter and lines them up on a baking sheet. Soon, the smell of baking cookies in filling the apartment and Yoongi is salivating. Quite literally. He has drool all over his mouth and chin and fingers from where he’d been sticking cheerios into his mouth. He grunts in disgust and tries to wipe it away, but only succeeds in smearing it even more.

  He whines in frustration and Jimin comes up to him again. “Uh oh,” he coos, grabbing a corner of Yoongi’s bib and wiping him clean with it. “Someone made a mess.”

  Once his face is clean, Yoongi holds out his arms so that Jimin will pick him up. Jimin just giggles and obeys, carrying Yoongi into the living room and setting him down on the floor, his back propped against the couch. “Do you have Netflix? I’ve been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and I need to know what happens to McSteamy,” Yoongi asks, but Jimin doesn’t understand his babbling.

  Jimin produces a pacifier from somewhere and presents it to Yoongi, who stares at it in disbelief. “No fucking way are you putting that thing in my mou-

  He’s interrupted by Jimin popping the thing into his mouth while he’s talking. He grunts and goes to spit it out, but his mouth betrays him and starts sucking on it instead. What the fuck?

  “There you go,” Jimin smiles in satisfaction and then turns on the tv for him before he leaves Yoongi to return to the kitchen

  Yoongi sucks on the pacifier and absentmindedly watches an infomercial playing on the tv. He can hear Jimin banging around in the kitchen and singing quietly to himself, and Yoongi finds himself wishing he had stayed in the kitchen so he could listen. He really likes the sound of Jimin’s pretty voice and can’t help but think it would sound great accompanying a piano.

  There’s a knock at the door and Jimin walks into the living room, picking Yoongi up and propping him against his hip while he goes to answer it.

  It’s Misun, Jimin’s annoying neighbor, and she’s carrying a weird, oddly-shaped plastic container. “Jimin-ah, I thought you might like to use this to give him a bath,” she says, smiling down at Yoongi, who glares back at her.

  “Oh, wow, thank you,” Jimin says, opening the door to allow her in. “You can just set it on the table.”

  Misun does as he says and sets it down on the kitchen table. “Just bring it back when you’re finished with it,” she tells him with a smile before reaching out to try to touch Yoongi’s hand.

  Yoongi cries out around the pacifier and tries to kick at her, and Jimin quickly spins him away from her touch. “Sorry, he gets a little fussy when people try to touch him,” he smiles a little awkwardly.

  Misun waves him off good naturedly. “Don’t worry about it. Little ones are usually pretty finicky around this age.”

  Yoongi rolls his eyes and sucks harder at the pacifier, his arms wrapped around Jimin’s torso while he and Minsun chat for a moment. Finally she leaves with an air kiss to Yoongi, who scowls back at her in anger. Once she’s gone, Jimin sighs and sits then down on the couch, settling Yoongi in his lap and gently taking his hands, giving him room to snatch them away if he wants. Instead, Yoongi wraps his fingers around Jimin’s thumbs and holds tight, his tummy going all tingly when Jimin smiles down at him.

  Jimin lifts Yoongi up against his chest and nuzzles his nose against his fat cheek, making soft little cooing sounds. It tickles and Yoongi giggles around the pacifier, goosebump rising on his skin from Jimin’s nose. Jimin digs his nose into the fat rolls of Yoongi’s neck, and Yoongi squeals in laughter, the pacifier falling from his mouth.

  “Jimin, quit it,” he laughs, trying to squirm away when Jimin starts planting wet kisses all over his cheeks.

  Jimin’s plump lips are soft and pleasant against his face, and Yoongi can’t bring himself to hate it. Yoongi inhales Jimin soft, warm scent, and he feels so safe and happy, carefree like he hasn’t felt maybe ever in his life. He nuzzles his face into Jimin’s neck to get even closer to the smell, like fresh laundry and peaches.

  Jimin cuddles him for awhile until the timer for the oven goes off, and he hoists Yoongi up in one arm and uses the other to pull the tray out of the oven to cool. Then Jimin grabs the plastic container off the table and positions it in the sink. It has a perfect baby-shaped indent sloped down at an angle like a recliner.

  “How about a bath?” Jimin asks him, pulling out the baby shampoo he’d bought at the store.

  “Whoa, no way are you giving me a fucking bath,” Yoongi says, trying to struggle out of his grip.

  Jimin just kisses the top of his head runs the tap, adjusting the water temperature. “Come on,” Jimin coaxes sweetly. “It’ll feel so nice and warm, and you’ll get to be all clean and cozy afterwards.”

  Yoongi has to admit it sounds nice. He’s always loved the water and it feels like he hasn’t showered in ages, and it would feel really nice to be extra clean again. Jimin seems to sense his decision and smiles happily, taking him back into the bedroom to undress him. Yoongi blushes furiously and refuses to look at Jimin, reminding himself that it's not actually him that Jimin is undressing, just a cute baby.

  After that, Jimin wraps him in a towel and takes him back into the kitchen. He sets Yoongi in the tub and lets the warm water run over him, adding soap into it until it starts bubbling in the water. It feels so good and Yoongi sighs when Jimin gently pours water over his head to wet his hair, being careful not to drip any down his face.

  His eyes flutter shut when Jimin pours some of the baby shampoo into his hands and begins soaping his hair up. Jimin’s fingers feel like heaven against his scalp and Yoongi lets his body go lax in the warm, soapy water.

  Jimin takes his time shampooing Yoongi’s hair, working the ultra-fine, super soft strands gently with his fingertips. When Jimin starts humming “You Are My Sunshine” under his breath, Yoongi’s eyes blink open and he stares up at him.

  Jimin’s blonde hair is wavy and still a little messy from when he woke up, his chubby cheeks are flushed a light pink from the heat of the oven when he pulled the cookies out, and he’s absently biting at his plump bottom lip, exposing a cute chipped front tooth. His skin is tan and looks so incredibly soft to the touch, and his oversized, cream colored sweater is rolled up to his elbows so he doesn’t get them wet. Something about him is just bright, like the sunshine he likes to sing about, and Yoongi’s chest blooms with warmth as he gazes at him.

  Jimin is breathtaking. Yoongi doesn’t know how he never noticed before. He has a kind heart and a gentle personality and takes such good care of Yoongi without asking for anything in return.

  “Beautiful,” Yoongi breathes as he gazes up at him.

  Jimin glances at his face at the soft coo of Yoongi’s words and smiles at him. “Does that feel good?”

  Yoongi’s heart skips a beat and he finds himself smiling back, wide and toothless. Jimin grins and bends down to plant a kiss on Yoongi’s wet cheek, and he finds himself blushing again. He leans into Jimin’s lips and savors the feeling of them, plush and warm and soft, trying to follow them when Jimin pulls away.

  Jimin washes the shampoo out of Yoongi’s hair and gets a sponge to wipe down his body. Jimin really has to work the sponge between all his fat rolls to get him sufficiently soaped up. “Someone’s a little porker,” Jimin says with a fond smile as he pokes Yoongi’s fat belly, and Yoongi blushes. He doesn’t ever remember looking this fat in his baby pictures, and he decides he’ll have to investigate when he’s an adult again.

  Jimin runs fresh water into the tub and rinses Yoongi off a few times until all traces of soap are gone. He turns off the sink and pulls Yoongi out of the tub, immediately wrapping him up in the warm, fluffy towel. Completely burritoed, Jimin carries Yoongi into the bedroom and towel dries his hair until it's a fluffy poof.

  Jimin holds up the fuzzy panda onesie he had bought, and Yoongi glares at it. “You’re not putting that on me,” he growls, but Jimin pays him no mind and whips the towel off. Yoongi shrieks and tries to shield his dignity, in his desperation allowing Jimin to quickly put a diaper on him. Then Jimin maneuvers his arms and legs inside the sleeves and zips the atrocious thing up, even pulling the panda face hood over his head. Jimin laughs gleefully at him and bends down to kiss Yoongi’s cheeks.

  “You look so cute, oh my god.”

  Yoongi feels absolutely fucking ridiculous, but the inside of the outfit is incredibly soft and warm and he kind of feels like he’s cocooned in a cloud. Plus, the way Jimin is beaming at him and kissing his face, Yoongi thinks maybe it’s not so bad.



   Later that night Yoongi and Jimin are watching tv on the couch when Jimin’s phone pings with a text alert.

  “Oh, the guys just parked outside and are coming up. Apparently they need something for the ritual tonight,” Jimin says, standing up and heading to the door.

  “Wait, what?” Yoongi squawks, trying to turn his head towards Jimin but the panda hood gets in his way. “Jimin, put me in different clothes, they can’t see me wearing this!”

  “Aw, are you excited to see your friends again?” Jimin smiles back at him, mistaking Yoongi’s frantic babbling.

  “Sunshine, please, they’ll never let me live this down if they see-”

  He’s interrupted by a loud knocking on the door. “We come bearing food,” Taehyung announces loudly when Jimin swings it open, holding up plastic bags of takeout. The others file in after him, and Jungkook is the first one to see Yoongi on the couch.

  “Oh my god,” he exclaims. “Look at what he’s wearing!”

  Jungkook, Taehyung, and Hoseok crowd into his space, laughing their asses off and poking at the panda outfit. “Hyung, you actually let Jimin put you in this?” Jungkook gasps through his guffaws.

  “Look how red his cheeks are!” Hoseok cackles, trying to pinch at Yoongi’s cheek, but Yoongi slaps him away.

  “What a cutie patootie,” Jungkook coos, making kissy faces at Yoongi. “Don’t you just want to eat him up?”

  Taehyung pulls out his phone and aims it at Yoongi. “Oh my god, he’s so cute I have to capture this moment forever.”

  Yoongi feels frustration and mortification well up inside him as his so-called friends leer down at him, laughing and joking at his expense. Water wells up in his eyes and before he can stop himself, he bursts into tears. The three of them back away, startled at Yoongi’s sudden shrill wailing. Tears stream down his face and he balls his fists up, his whole body on fire as he lets out his frustrations in the only way he can.

  Then Jimin is there, shooing Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok away sharply. He picks Yoongi up and cradles him against his chest, rubbing his back and shushing him softly. Jimin’s comforting scent washes over Yoongi, enveloping him with a sense of safety and home, and his crying starts to quiet down. He hides his face in Jimin’s neck and holds on tight, feeling his tears stop flowing as Jimin holds him close. Yoongi sniffles into Jimin’s neck, glad that his hood is shielding him so that the guys can’t see him. Jimin bounces him softly and continues to rub his back until Yoongi finally sighs and goes lax against him, his eyes closing.

  “Don’t make fun of him like that,” Jimin’s voice is harsh when he addresses the three culprits. “This isn’t easy for him.”

  “Sorry, hyung,” comes Jungkook’s mumble from somewhere behind them.

  “Why are you guys here? What did you need?” Jimin asks, still sounding annoyed.

  “The ritual we’re performing at midnight requires a lock of hair from the cursed individual,” it’s Namjoon who speaks. “We just need to take a little of Yoongi’s hair.”

  Yoongi can practically hear Jimin’s thoughts mulling it over. “Just a little bit,” he finally says.

  Yoongi grumbles unhappily when Jimin pulls his hood down so Namjoon can quickly snip off a piece of his hair with scissors. He puts it in a tiny plastic bag and sticks it in his pocket while Jimin pulls Yoongi’s hood back up.

  “I’m starving,” Jin suddenly announces, having been quiet this whole time. “Who wants to eat?”

  Jimin places Yoongi in his high chair while Jin and Hoseok set up the food. It’s Chinese and it smells so damn good that Yoongi’s stomach begins rumbling. He whines loudly and bangs his fists against the tray, hoping that he can convince Jimin to give him some rice.

  ‘What’s he doing?” Namjoon asks, watching Yoongi in confusion.

  “It’s dinner time for him too, I need to feed him,” Jimin replies, grabbing a jar of baby food from the cupboard.

  “It’s okay, Jimin, you eat. I’ll feed him,” Namjoon says, and both Yoongi and Jimin throw him a look.

  “Uh, are you sure?” Jimin frowns, but Namjoon just snatches the jar from Jimin hand with a beaming smile.

  “Of course.”

  It’s a disaster. Yoongi absolutely refuses to let Namjoon spoon feed him, keeping his jaws clamped firmly shut, and Namjoon keeps clumsily smearing sweet potato mush all over his mouth. It drips down his chin and onto his bib and makes a mess everywhere, and Yoongi keeps moving his head back and forth in annoyance when Namjoon keeps prodding at his lips with the spoon.

  “Hyung, are you serious?” Namjoon grunts in annoyance when he gets a glob of food on Yoongi’s cheek. “We’ve been friends for eight years and you’re seriously not gonna let me feed you?”

  Jimin finally comes up to check on Namjoon’s progress after he’s done eating and gasps when he sees the state Yoongi is in. “What did you do?” Jimin exclaims, crowding Namjoon out of the chair and taking the spoon from him.

  He wipes up the mess on Yoongi’s face and ignores Namjoon’s spluttering protests. Jimin holds out a spoonful of food to Yoongi and he obediently opens his mouth wide for it, causing Namjoon to squawk in outrage.

  “Are you serious? You’ll let Jimin feed you but not me?”

  Yoongi glares at Namjoon as he opens his mouth for another bite, earning a giggle from Jimin that melts Yoongi’s heart. His eyes go from Namjoon back to Jimin, who is smiling as he feeds Yoongi, his cheeks flushed pink with a little smudge of sweet and sour sauce at the corner of his mouth. Yoongi really has the urge to kiss it away.

  Jimin finishes feeding Yoongi without any further incidents and slides him out of the high chair. Jin cleans up the kitchen while Jimin takes Yoongi into the bedroom and shuts the door to change his diaper in privacy.

  “Just ignore them,” Jimin says as he secures on a new diaper. He bends down and kisses at Yoongi’s fat, bare belly. Yoongi squeals in laughter when Jimin starts blowing raspberries and making little growling sounds on his tummy.

  “Sunshine, stop, that tickles!” Yoongi shrieks through his giggles, kicking his arms and legs wildly.

  Finally, Jimin shows him mercy and halts his attack, laughing cutely as he zips Yoongi’s panda onesie back up. When they head back out, the guys are gathering up to leave. “We’re performing the ritual at midnight, so if it works Yoongi should be back to normal tonight,” Namjoon tells him, and a surge of hope runs through Yoongi at his words.

  Jimin wishes them luck and locks the door behind them with a tired sigh. It’s nine at night, approaching their usual bedtime, and Yoongi yawns widely, feeling sleepiness starting to creep over him. “Tired?” Jimin asks him, and Yoongi coos, reaching out a hand to touch his face. Jimin kisses his fingers with a smile and takes him back into the bedroom to go to sleep.

  Yoongi fusses on the bed, squirming around like a worm until Jimin sits down next to him and places a hand on his belly. “Sing to me,” Yoongi whines, his eyelids growing heavy even while he refuses to sleep until he’s heard his lullaby.

  Jimin smiles at him and starts to sing softly.


“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
you make me happy, when skies are grey,
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,
please don’t take my sunshine away.”


  Yoongi sighs happily and lets his eyes fall closed as Jimin sings the whole song to him. He drifts off to sleep with Jimin’s warm hand on his belly and his beautiful voice in his ears.



  Jimin lays on the bed next to Yoongi as he sleeps, his eyes darting to the bedside clock every few seconds. It’s 11:56 pm and they should be performing the ritual any minute. Jimin sits up and gazes down at Yoongi, who has the yellow blanket fisted tightly in his hands and his little lips puckered in his sleep. He looks so small and peaceful and Jimin realizes he’s going to miss him when he’s an adult again. Jimin has been having fun with baby Yoongi, who seems to like him, and he’s sad that things are going to go back to the way they used to be when the curse is broken.

  Jimin watches the clock until it strikes midnight, and his gaze flashes to the sleeping baby in his bed. Nothing happens. Jimin looks at the clock again, then back to Yoongi, over and over until it’s five past and Yoongi is still a baby. Maybe they haven’t done the ritual yet?

  Then Jimin’s phone starts ringing and he snatches it off the bedside table before it can wake Yoongi. “Did it work?” Namjoon asks immediately from the other end, and Jimin wilts.

  “No,” Jimin sighs, looking down at Yoongi when he grunts and stretches in his sleep. “He’s still a baby.”

  “Shit!” Namjoon curses, and Jimin can hear the guys talking over themselves in the background. “Damn, okay, we have to figure this out and then I’ll let you know what’s going on. Get some sleep.”

  Jimin hangs up his phone with a tired sigh and lies back down next to Yoongi’s pillow barricade. He’s sure Namjoon will come up with another idea on how to break the curse, but Jimin just hopes he’s fast. They’re running out of time.



  The next day Jimin puts on the sling and slips Yoongi inside so they can go do some grocery shopping since Jimin is running out of adult food. As Jimin walks them to the bus stop, Yoongi can’t help but gaze up at him with a small smile. Jimin looks extra beautiful in the sunlight, with his hair glowing gold and his tanned skin lit up from within, cheeks always dusted with pink. Obviously the ritual last night didn’t work, but Yoongi finds he doesn’t mind much since he can gaze on Jimin like this.

  Jimin glances down and sees Yoongi looking at him with heart eyes. “Someone’s in a good mood today,” Jimin smiles, and Yoongi grins at him, gummy and toothless as he fists his hands in Jimin’s shirt.

  When they get to the grocery store, Jimin pops Yoongi’s pacifier into his mouth, grabs a cart and begins wheeling it down the aisles, consulting a piece of paper with his shopping list on it. They are down the cereal aisle and Jimin is trying to decide between Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms when Yoongi sees a guy across from them keep glancing at Jimin. He’s young, probably about Yoongi’s age, with wide shoulders and a snapback over his dark hair. Yoongi sees the guy eyeing an oblivious Jimin up and down and his blood starts boiling.

  When the guy walks up to them and says, “Hey, there,” to Jimin, Yoongi feels rage start to build in his body and he sucks even harder at his pacifier in anger.

  Jimin looks up at the guy and gives him a friendly smile. “Hello.”

  The guy leans against the shelf and smirks at Jimin. “I’m Sunghoon,” he says. “And you are?”

  Yoongi pulls the pacifier out of his mouth. “Don’t you dare tell him your name, Jimin.”

  “I’m Jimin.”

  “Nice to meet you, Jimin,” Sunghoon says as he smiles widely, causing the weirdly tight skin of his face to wrinkle up around his mouth. He looks like a fucking dried prune and Yoongi snorts derisively. Sunghoon’s gaze drops to Yoongi, who is glaring in rage at him. “Who’s the little guy?”

  “I’ll show you ‘little guy’, you fucking prune head,” Yoongi growls at him, his grip tightening around his pacifier. “Leave Jimin alone.”

  “This is Yoongi,” JImin says happily, holding Yoongi’s feet in his hands.

  “Cute,” Sunghoon forces a smile before looking back up at Jimin. “Would you maybe want to grab dinner sometime?”

  Oh hell no.

  Yoongi fucking loses it. He sucks in a deep, mighty breath and starts screaming at the very top of his lungs, deafening even himself. He shrieks and wails shrilly, tears streaming down his face as Sunghoon rears back in shock. “Get away from my Jimin, you degenerate capitalist!” Yoongi screams at him, flinging his slobbery pacifier and nailing the guy right in his pruney face.

  “Yoongi!” Jimin gasps, trying desperately to calm him as they attract the attention of other shoppers.

  “Get out of here before I beat your ugly ass!” Yoongi screeches, his face bright with exertion and frustration. “How dare you try to flirt with Jimin!”

  “Oh my god, I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” Jimin is saying over his screaming, the panic evident on his face as he tries anything to calm Yoongi down.

  Yoongi continues wailing at the top of his lungs, trying to kick his feet at Sunghoon in an attempt to get at him. “Jimin is mine, you asshole, stay away from him or I’ll kill you!”

  “I’m so sorry,” Jimin giggles hysterically, not sure how to handle the situation. “I should probably go.”

  Then he wheels the cart around and hurries down the aisle with Yoongi screaming his head off the whole way. The second they turn the corner down the baking section and the guy is out of sight, Yoongi falls silent.

  Jimin gapes down at him, mouth hanging open. “What the hell was that?”

  Face still red and wet with tears and nose smeared with snot, Yoongi just smiles up at him and coos softly. He reaches up his arms and grabs for Jimin, who slips him out of the sling and cradles him close. Yoongi nuzzles into Jimin’s neck and sighs softly, his arms wrapped tight around him as he breathes in Jimin’s comforting scent.

  “You’re such a little shit, you know that?” Jimin sighs in defeat, his hand beginning to rub circles on Yoongi’s back. Yoongi makes a soft sound and mouths at Jimin’s jaw in an attempt to give him a kiss, though it's more like wet slobbering.

  Jimin chuckles to himself and kisses the top of Yoongi’s head. “Don’t do that again, okay?”

  “Don’t let any other dumbasses flirt with you,” Yoongi gripes back, his grip tightening on Jimin possessively.

  Jimin puts him back in the sling and they finish up their shopping quickly. At one point they catch a glimpse of Sunghoon and Yoongi starts to cry again but Jimin swerves and dives into the frozen aisle before Sunghoon even sees them.

  When they get home, Jimin puts Yoongi in that accursed cow onesie as punishment for his tantrum today. But Yoongi can’t even find it in himself to be annoyed with the way Jimin is giggling cutely at him and kissing his cheeks.

  Later that night, Yoongi listens in on a call between Jimin and Namjoon. Apparently the guys tried a spell earlier to break the curse but that didn’t work either, so now they’re on their way to the countryside to meet an old shaman who might be able to help them.

  Jimin hangs up and sighs, laying down on his bed and pulling Yoongi onto his chest. “What am I going to do if you stay a baby forever?” Jimin says miserably. “You know, I was really planning on one day confessing to you.”

  Yoongi freezes in pulling at the neckline of Jimin’s shirt and stares at his face. Did he just hear correctly? Did Jimin say he wanted to Yoongi?

  “I know you’ve never liked me and are still mad at me for basically forcing you to train us as hunters, but I always held out the hope that maybe you’d like me back some day.”

  Heart racing, Yoongi gulps thickly and sits up on Jimin’s chest, reaching down and grabbing at his cheeks firmly so they’re looking each other in the eyes. “Jimin,” Yoongi begins sternly. “Sunshine. Listen to me. I like you too. I more than like you. I don’t know how I’ve never noticed before, but you’re kind and gentle and so caring, and you have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard and you make me feel so safe and happy. When I’m an adult again I’m going to kiss you silly and never let you feel unappreciated again.”

  Jimin listens to Yoongi’s stern babbling with an amused smile. Jimin squeezes Yoongi’s feet affectionately. “Someone’s talkative right now.”

  Yoongi groans in frustration and leans in to try to kiss Jimin’s chin, wet and slobbery until Jimin is giggling and trying to squirm away. “Why can’t you understand me, dammit, I’m trying to confess to you.”

  Jimin rolls him over on the bed and attacks Yoongi’s face and neck with growling kisses, making him squeal with laughter.

  After Jimin sings him to sleep, Yoongi keeps his chubby hand wrapped tight around Jimin’s finger all night.



  With only a few days left to break the curse, Jimin is beginning to grow scared. Attempting to use the shaman to break the curse hadn’t worked, and she’d told Namjoon and the others that the only thing that c an break a curse like this is the witch who cast it. Now, it’s a mad dash to try to find the witch again, who has seemingly disappeared, and convince her to break the curse.

  Jimin feels helpless stuck at home and not being able to help, but everytime he looks at Yoongi gumming on some cheerios or grinning toothlessly and Jimin, he feels better. The look of adoration in Yoongi’s eyes makes Jimin feel so warm and happy, even if he knows the adult Yoongi would never look at him like that.

  Jimin is sitting on the couch when Yoongi crawls into his lap and pats at his cheeks with a slobbery smile. Jimin grins and kisses the tip of his nose, over and over, until Yoongi is laughing wildly and collapses into Jimin’s chest with a squeal. Jimin laughs and hugs him close, loving Yoongi’s soft baby powder smell. God, he’s going to miss this cutie when Yoongi becomes an adult again. If he does.

  The next few days pass by in a blur of Yoongi getting even needier and clingier and the guys grow desperate in their search for the witch. Jungkook told him they’d spread out and been searching the forest they’d encountered her in for the last two days, to no avail.

  Yoongi has refused to let Jimin out of his sight, needing to be with him constantly or he starts crying. Jimin spends his days cuddling and singing to him, hoping Yoongi doesn’t pick up on his growing worry. He seems to know time is running out though, because sometimes he stares up at Jimin with big sad eyes that break Jimin’s heart. Often times, he seems to be trying to communicate something to Jimin, babbling fiercely and waving his fists for emphasis. Jimin wishes he could understand him.



  Finally, there’s only a day remaining to break the curse, and as Yoongi sits on the couch while Jimin gets him some cheerios, the realization that the guys won’t be able to break the curse in time washes over him.

  He’s going to be a baby forever.

  All the fear and frustration wells up inside him until he’s crying again, a shrill sound that’s awful even to his ears, but he can’t stop himself. He’s never going to be an adult again. He’s never going to be able to tell Jimin how he feels.

  Jimin rushes into the living room to see a red-faced and squalling Yoongi crying his eyes out, his gaping, stuttery inhales making his chest heave each time he sucks in a breath to keep going. He’s so angry and terrified and sad that this is happening and that there’s nothing he can do about it.

  “Shhh, I know,” Jimin drops to his knees next to the couch, pulling Yoongi into a hug. “I know you’re scared. I am too.”

  Yoongi clings tight to Jimin, who simply holds him and kisses his head while he cries. Eventually, his shrill sobs quiet until he’s hiccuping weakly into Jimin’s shirt, eyes red and nose smeared with snot. When he finally pulls back, he’s horrified to see that Jimin is crying too.

  “Jiminie,” Yoongi gasps, reaching out to touch Jimin’s cheeks. “Please don’t cry too, I can’t stand it.”

  Jimin leans in and kisses his forehead even as tears slide down his cheeks. “I don’t want you to stay like this forever,” Jimin says miserably. “I can’t bear the thought of never seeing you as an adult again.”

  Yoongi tries to wipe away his tears with his chubby fingers, his heart breaking at the sight in front of him. “But just think, if this hadn’t have happened I probably never would have fallen in love with you,” Yoongi says, trying to make Jimin feels better. He pulls Jimin closer and mouths wetly at his cheek in a kiss. “My sunshine. Thank you for everything.”



  With just a few hours left until Yoongi becomes a baby permanently, Jimin gets a call from Namjoon.

  “Jimin!” He shouts when Jimin answers the phone, making him wince. “We tracked her down! We know where the witch is!”  

  Jimin drops the banana he’d been peeling on the kitchen floor, and Yoongi looks over at him sharply from his high chair. “Y-you did? Where is she?”

  “We’ve been keeping our ears open for anything, keeping track of keywords online and on social media, ‘witch’ and ‘chipmunk’ and stuff like that. Jungkook was checking them on twitter and he saw someone post that they just witnessed a guy turn into a chipmunk right in front of her eyes. She had her location tagged and it was in a park across town. We’re on our way now.”

  Jimin’s knees suddenly turn a little weak and he has to sit down at the table. “How are you going to get her to break the curse? What are you going to do?”

  “Anything we have to,” Namjoon says darkly, and Jimin gulps.

  They talk for a minute longer before hanging up, and Yoongi immediately bangs his fists on the tray to get Jimin’s attention. Jimin looks at him and blinks a little dazedly. “They...found the witch.”

  Yoongi’s eyes widen and he lets out a loud yell of what Jimin hopes it happiness. “Don’t get too excited yet,” Jimin sighs, rubbing his face. “They still have to convince her to break the curse.”

  When Yoongi’s naptime rolls around, he’s too excited, babbling and chattering animatedly, and Jimin sighs in fond exasperation. “Listen, you,” he says, laying Yoongi down and tucking his yellow blanket around him. “I know you’re excited but if you don’t take your nap you’re going to be all grumpy later.”

  Yoongi pretty much ignores him, but when Jimin starts singing “You Are My Sunshine” like usual, he finally quiets down. Within three minutes, he’s fast asleep, and Jimin, who usually takes a nap with him at this time too, lays down next to him and closes his eyes. He doesn’t think sleep will find him with the way his nerves are so on edge, but before he knows it, he’s drifting off to sleep to the sound of Yoongi’s gentle breathing.



  Namjoon is standing surveying the park with Jungkook, their time quickly running out. They’d almost gotten pulled over with how fast they’d driven across town to get here, but thankfully they’d slowed down just in time to avoid the cop car.

  “Hyung, look,” Jungkook hisses, pointing across the park.

  There, sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons, is the witch. She’s wearing normal clothes this time, jeans and a green sweater, and her hair is pulled up into a high ponytail. “Come on,” Namjoon says, catching the attention of the others and motioning to the witch.

  They all converge on her slowly, and she looks up at them with a frown. “How did you find me?”

  “Turning people into chipmunks will usually do that,” Namjoon says, and she sighs.

  “So what, are you here to kill me?”

  Namjoon sees Hoseok reach for the gun hidden in his waistband, but he shakes his head to stop him. “No, we’re not here to kill you.”

  She quirks a brow at him. “Then what?”

  Namjoon takes a deep breath and prays that this works. “It’s about our friend, Yoongi. You turned him into a baby.”

  The witch scoffs and throws more crumbs to the birds on the ground. “You mean the rude one? Yeah, I remember.”

  “We need you to break the curse and change him back.”

  She glares at Namjoon and crosses her arms. “Why should I?”

  Namjoon looks for Jin, at a loss. Jin takes a step forward and pulls his best puppy eyes. “Please, he can’t stay a baby forever. If you promise to change him back, we’ll leave you alone from now on.”

  The witch regards them with an unreadable expression on her face, rubbing at her chin while she thinks. “Okay, I’ll change him back,” she finally says, and they all let out a sigh of relief. “If,” she continues, and they freeze. “You go on a date with me.”

  She’s looking directly at Namjoon. Beside him, Jin squawks loudly in outrage. “No way!”

  Namjoon places a hand on his boyfriend’s arm to calm him. Turning back to the witch, he tries to keep the look of displeasure off his face. He’d rather die than go on a date with her, but if it’ll save Yoongi, he’ll do anything.

  “Just one date?” He asks, and she nods. “Fine. You have a deal.”

  The witch beams at him and jumps to her feet, rubbing her hands together. “Let’s break a curse, shall we?”



  Jimin is slowly pulled from his sleep by the feeling of fingers gently stroking his cheek.

  When Jimin’s eyes flutter open, the first thing he sees is Yoongi. An adult Yoongi. An adult Yoongi who is laying on his side facing Jimin, tenderly tracing the lines of his cheek and jaw with his long fingers. The expression on his face is so soft and tender as he gazes at Jimin, and if Jimin didn’t know any better he’d almost think it was loving.

  “Hyung,” Jimin breathes as he scrambles into a sitting position on the bed, staring at Yoongi with wide eyes. “The’s broken?”

  Yoongi sits up as well, and Jimin notes that he’s wearing the same clothes he’d been in when the witch cursed him. “It looks like it,” Yoongi says, and Jimin shivers at the sound of his deep, raspy timbre, feeling like he hasn’t heard it in years.

  A laugh bursts past Jimin lips and joy swells in his chest. Yoongi is back!

  Overwhelmed with happiness, Jimin goes in for a hug but freezes when he remembers that Yoongi doesn’t like him. “Sorry,” he mumbles in embarrassment, dropping his arms to his sides and looking up at Yoongi nervously.

  Yoongi is smiling at him softly, and Jimin squeaks when he reaches out and cups Jimin’s cheeks in his hands. Before Jimin knows what’s happening, Yoongi leans in and kisses him.

  Jimin’s brain completely short circuits. Is Yoongi...kissing him?

  He remains frozen, unsure what’s happening, his heart threatening to beat out of his chest, but Yoongi keeps kissing him, soft little pecks of plump, warm lips, until Jimin lets out a sigh and starts kissing back. He melts into Yoongi, the kiss turning deeper and more intense but its still so full of gentle tenderness that Jimin feels like he’s floating.

  He grips at Yoongi’s shirt, needing something to do with his hands as Yoongi tilts Jimin’s head back and deepens the kiss, his fingers splayed across Jimin’s jaw. Yoongi’s lips are so soft and plush and pliant and Jimin can’t get enough. His heart feels like its about to give out from the speed it’s beating in his chest, his body feels overly warm, and his head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton.

  Finally, Yoongi pulls away from Jimin’s lips with a soft gasp. It’s takes a moment for Jimin’s eyes to open, still dazed and confused at what just happened, and when they do, he sees Yoongi smiling at him with so much love Jimin’s chest aches.

  “Hello, sunshine,” Yoongi murmurs gently, his thumbs tracing Jimin’s cheekbones.

  Jimin swallows thickly and licks his swollen lips, noticing the way Yoongi’s eyes track the motion. “W-what was that?”

  Yoongi leans in again and kisses Jimin’s forehead, then the tip of his nose, then his chin. “I should explain.”

  Yoongi takes Jimin’s hands and weaves their fingers together, and Jimin goes all fuzzy at how perfectly they fit together. “E-explain?” Jimin breathes, staring down at their hands. “Explain what?” Then a terrible thought crosses Jimin’s mind and he stares up at Yoongi horror. “Were you...aware?”

  Yoongi smiles apologetically and squeezes his fingers. “Completely.”

  Jimin suddenly feels weak and sick. If Yoongi was completely aware, then that means…

  “Did...” Jimin takes a deep breath and forces himself to meet Yoongi’s eyes. “Did you hear me...confess?”

  Yoongi nods slowly and Jimin definitely wants to die. His face turns flaming red and he would hide in his hands if Yoongi weren’t holding them. “Oh god,” Jimin moans in mortification. “This is so embarrassing.”

  Yoongi releases Jimin’s hands and cups his face again, startling the blonde. “Sunshine, listen to me,” he says sternly, and Jimin gulps at his tone. “It’s true, I never exactly, uh, liked you,” Yoongi winces and Jimin tries not to let the hurt show on his face. “But then I got turned into a baby and you volunteered to care for me without question. I know I was a pain in the ass. I threw tantrums and didn’t cooperate, but you were always so patient and kind with me. You made me feel safe even when it felt like everything was falling apart.”

  Jimin’s heart starts racing at Yoongi’s words and he feels a little lightheaded. “Hyung-”

  “Shhh, don’t interrupt me,” Yoongi says, and Jimin falls silent. Yoongi’s thumbs stroke across his cheekbones and he leans into the touch. “The longer I was a baby and the more I got to know you, the more I fell for you. I thought that maybe staying a baby wouldn’t be so bad if I got to be with you.”

  Jimin feels a little faint. Is Yoongi truly saying what he thinks he’s saying?

  “I even tried confessing to you but you couldn’t understand me,” Yoongi chuckles, leaning in an placing a feather light peck against Jimin’s lips that has his heart stuttering. “I fell in love with you and I thought I’d never be able to tell you.”

  Jimin doesn’t realize he’s crying until Yoongi is wiping away his tears and shushing him softly. “My sunshine,” he whispers, kissing Jimin gently again.

  “S-sunshine?” Jimin croaks over the wild beating of his heart in his ears. Yoongi actually returns his feelings?

  Yoongi smiles tenderly at him. “The song,” he says, and Jimin blinks at him in realization. “You are my sunshine.”

  Jimin laughs wetly, his whole body singing with happiness and joy. “Does this mean you were aware when I had to change your diapers?”

  Yoongi growls and squeezes Jimin’s cheeks with his fingers. “Don’t ever mention that again.”

  Jimin’s gleeful giggle is cut off by Yoongi pulling him into another deep kiss.



  Namjoon races up the stairs to the third floor behind Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jin, Hoseok hot on his heels. After the witch had broken the curse with the promise of dinner with Namjoon next week, they’d burned rubber back across town to Jimin’s to make sure it had actually worked.

  Taehyung reaches Jimin’s door first, slamming it open as they all tumble inside. There’s no one in the kitchen or living room, so they trip of each other down the hall and and fling Jimin’s bedroom door.

  The sight that greets them has them screaming.

  A fully grown Yoongi has Jimin pinned to his bed and they’re making out. Passionately. Jimin’s shirt it pushed up and hands are wandering places Namjoon never wanted to see.

  At the sound of multiple grown men screeching and yelling, “Oh god, my eyes!” Yoongi and Jimin break apart with a gasp. Jimin’s entire face turns alarmingly red and he lets out a horrified squeak, bringing up his hands to shield his face and turning away to hide in Yoongi’s shoulder.

  Yoongi, on the other hand, is smiling smugly, his hand tugging Jimin’s shirt back down to hide his dignity. “Hey, guys,” he says nonchalantly, one arm cradling the back of Jimin’s head.

  “H-hyung, you…” Jungkook sputters, looking from Yoongi to Jimin. “Adult...and Jimin-you two...what?”

  That about sums up exactly what Namjoon is feeling. Yoongi just shrugs and presses his cheek to the top of Jimin’s head. “Am I not allowed to kiss my sunshine?”

  “Your what?” Taehyung squawks.

  It’s going to be a long night of explaining.



  Three weeks later finds Jimin and Yoongi happily dating. Yoongi spends most nights at Jimin’s apartment, and it’s one such night where Jimin wakes up in the middle of the night to find his bed empty. He sits up and blinks around, wondering where Yoongi is, since they went to sleep at the same time. Jimin gets out of bed and glances in the dark bathroom before padding down the hall into the kitchen.

  When he rounds the corner, he comes across an odd sight.

  Yoongi, standing in the pitch black kitchen, the only source of light coming from the open refrigerator, eating a jar of baby food with a spoon.

  It takes a moment for Jimin to process what he’s seeing, and when he finally does he simply stares. Yoongi takes bite after bite, his movements slow and mechanical as he stares blankly into the fridge. A laugh bubbles up in Jimin’s throat and he clamps a hand over his mouth to stop the noise from coming out.

  Finally, it becomes too much and a snicker leaks past Jimin’s lips. “Uh, hyung...what are you doing?”

  Yoongi slowly turns around in the dark and looks at him, a scowl crossing his face. “You don’t understand,” he says gruffly. “Ever since I turned back I’ve been craving baby food and I don’t know why.”

  Jimin laughs harder and Yoongi angrily flips him off. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

  Yoongi glares at him harder and scoops out the last spoonful of baby food from the empty jar. “Uh, cause it’s weird? Not to mention embarrassing.”

  A sudden realization hits Jimin. “ that where all the baby food has disappeared to?”

  Even in the dark Jimin can see the blush that paints Yoongi’s cheeks. He just laughs and shakes his head. “When you’re done with that, come back to bed.”

  Five minutes later when Jimin is curled up back in bed, Yoongi slinks into the dark room. He crawls in under the sheets next to him and places his head on Jimin’s chest, wrapping his arms around the blonde’s waist and squeezes his yellow baby blanket in his hand. “Sing.”

  Jimin rolls his eyes at Yoongi’s pouty demand but begins singing anyway.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
you make me happy, when skies are grey,
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,
please don’t take my sunshine away.”


  Yoongi joins in with him, his voice deep and rumbly and quiet compared to Jimin’s, and it makes his heart swell. He cards his fingers through Yoongi’s hair as they sing, until they reach the end of the song and they’re both drifting off to slumber.

  “Love you,” Jimin murmurs tiredly as his eyelids close.

  “I love you, my sunshine,” is the last thing Jimin hears before he falls asleep.