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Trouble Not Over

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Chapter 1: Nine Months, Stomach Pain And WHAT?

It has been nine months since their trip to China. It had been a nightmare but Kai didn’t care anymore. He had a little girl crawling on the floor happily. She was playing with her toys which Kai had bought over the last months.

Time was 4pm and Kai was making dinner to himself now. Nine-month-year old baby Kiara still ate baby food but she had tasted some so-called adult food couple of times. Just he was stirring his sauce when his phone rang.

‘Huh? Ray?’ Kai wondered out loud as he pressed answer button.

‘Hello. What’s going on?’ Kai asked while stirring. After few months ago, he and Ray had started dating.

‘Do I need a reason to call my boyfriend?’ Ray chuckled.

‘Sorry about that but I’m making dinner now. You did call a wrong time,’ Kai lowered the gas on the stove. Glancing back to Kiara and see she was doing fine Kai turned back to his task.

‘Sorry. I know it’s 4pm already but would you come to Tyson’s place? We were thinking of hanging out a bit,’ Ray asked. Kai could pick a begging sound in his voice.

‘Alright but only for a moment,’ Kai said before hanging up. In two minutes his dinner was ready. Next, Kai took a small baby food bottle from the food closet and put it in the microwave. As it was heating Kai went to Kiara and picked her up.

‘Time to eat and then we go see daddy,’ Kai said poking Kiara’s nose slightly. She always laughed when Kai did that. Putting her on her baby seat Kai put her food from the bottle to a plate, took his own food and made to a table. He didn’t know where she got her behaviour. She always ate without fighting. Time to time Kai had to feed her since her concentration went back to her toys.

‘Your concentration might be even worse than Tyson’s,’ Kai stated smiling. She laughed like she understood him or something. Kai chuckled when he suddenly felt sick in his stomach again.

‘Ugh,’ Kai pressed his hand over to it and rubbed it. He felt like he was about to throw up. This wasn’t the first time. Couple weeks and maybe even months Kai had stomach pain sometime during the day, not every day but it was annoying. Kai pushed it aside and ate the rest of the food. After cleaning the dishes, he took Kiara, put more clothes on her to cover her pale skin, took his phone, keys and Dranzer before leaving the apartment. Kiara had one of her favourite toy with her, a small stuffed animal, a cat.

Every time Kai walked outside with Kiara people were giving him a look. Some were smiling and others, not so much but Kai didn’t care. He just walked towards his destination every time.

Tyson’s dojo wasn’t close but not far away not to walk there. As Kai walked past a toy store Kiara began to point her hands to it. She had learned where to get new toys.

‘Let’s go later. Okay?’ Kai said and walked past it. Kira didn’t like it at all. She started to cry. Kai tried to calm her while walking but no use. Fastening his pace Kai arrived at the dojo and saw Ray at the gate.

‘You didn’t have to wait,’ Kai said and tried to hold Kiara who was still crying and twisting around.

‘Did something happen?’ Ray asked worried.

‘Nothing really. She just wanted another toy. I’m going there after this though,’ Kai explained.

‘Heh, she is a stubborn one. Just like you,’ Ray chuckled.

‘Ha-ha, very funny,’ Kai said and showed Kiara’s cat toy to her if she would like it, no.

‘Come here little pumpkin,’ Ray said and took Kiara but she still cried.

‘Where is the store?’ Ray asked.

‘It’s that way. Just go straight but why?’ Kai watched Ray walk past him.

‘I’ll be right back. I’m going to buy her something this time. Go inside, others are waiting,’ Ray answered and left before Kai could protest or anything. Shaking his head Kai turned to the dojo and went in. Inside was a mess and noisy. Tyson and Max ran right in front of him at the same time he opened the door.

‘Come back here Max!’ Tyson yelled after Max who was laughing.

‘Catch me!’ Max laughed and they disappeared to the other room.

‘Hey Kai. Glad you came,’ Kenny appeared with a plate and a spoon.

‘What are they doing?’ Kai pointed at two boys who were on top of each other.

‘Max took Tyson’s cake piece and this is the result,’ Kenny pointed Tyson with spoon before taking a bite of his own cake piece from the plate he was carrying, ’Where is Kiara?’ Kenny added.

‘Ray took her to the toy store. She is really stubborn,’ Kai replied before sitting on the couch. There was a lot of snacks and movies.

‘So, it’s this kind of hanging out,’ Kai smirked. He didn’t remember the last time he watched any kind of movie.

After half an hour Ray came back with happy Kiara. Ray had bought her a stuff red bird.

‘Hey! That looks like Dranzer,’ Tyson noticed.

‘Oh yeah, I didn’t notice,’ Ray said smiling.

‘Right,’ Tyson narrowed his eyes smirking. Ray looked like he didn’t know what Tyson meant.

‘Come on Ray. Say it. You wanted it to buy that because of Kai,’ Tyson teased. Ray gave Kiara to Kai before turning and put arm around Tyson’s neck and rub Tyson’s head with the other one.

‘What if I did? He’s my boyfriend and I know you have a crush too,’ Ray revealed.

‘Ou, I didn’t know about this. Who is she?’ Max asked.

‘No one,’ Tyson said but Ray rubbed harder.

‘I know her and I saw her! I can always tell them if you want,’ Ray smirked.

‘Okay, okay! Her name is Briana Jane. We are same age,’ Tyson spoke.

‘I know her! She is beautiful,’ Kenny blushed.

‘That’s awesome. Are you going to ask her for a date?’ Max winked.

‘I want to but I’m scared,’ Tyson said while pulling himself free. He glanced at Ray and Kai.

‘Which one of you said it first?’

‘Said what?’ Kai asked.

‘A date. Which one said it first?’ Tyson cleared.

‘Ray did and he also admitted first to me,’ Kai said before standing up. He had to change Kiara’s diaper.

‘Okay… That helps… not,’ Tyson pulled his hair. He didn’t know what to do.

‘Just go to her tomorrow and ask her out. Just be yourself,’ Ray patted Tyson on the back.

‘Do you expect me to go alone?’ Ray wondered.

‘Of course. She might say no if there are too many of us,’ Max stated. Tyson sighed.

‘Alright. I’ll do it,’ he said.

‘You are unbelievable Tyson,’ Kai sighed after coming back from the bedroom. He had a dirty diaper in his other hand.

‘What did you say?’ Tyson snarled.

‘Watch it, unless you want this to your face,’ Kai brought the diaper up. Tyson waved hands in front of him in denial.

‘No, I’m good,’ he said as Ray took the diaper from Kai and took it outside as Max walked to closer to Kai.

‘Um Kai?’ he asked quietly.

‘What?’ Kai narrowed his eyes. Why was Max almost whispering?

‘Can I hold her?’ Max bent down.

‘You don’t have to bent over Max,’ Kai said and gave Kiara to Max.

‘Don’t drop her dude,’ Tyson said.

‘Of course not,’ Max blunted and moved like a wave back and forth. Kai smiled a bit when stomach ache hit again.

‘Ugh!’ Kai cramped and grabbed his stomach.

‘What’s wrong Kai?’ Tyson bolted next to him.

‘Nothing,’ Kai said but it was a big fat lie. He was about to throw up. Not able to take it Kai ran to the bathroom and kneeled before the toilet just before throwing up.

‘What is it? Are you sick?’ Tyson asked. Max and Kenny followed him and were standing behind Tyson.

‘I’m fine,’ Kai stated just as Ray came back.

‘What happened?’ Ray pushed past others next to Kai.

‘Kai threw up and he says he’s fine,’ Max said Kiara in his hands watched Kai and others too.

‘Kai. Be honest with me. How long have you feeling this way?’ Ray asked. Kai could hear seriousness in his voice.

‘… A while, it started a couple months ago, maybe but last week has been the worst,’ Kai said before throwing up again.

‘Why haven’t you said anything? It could be a serious flu or something worse,’ Ray said, ‘You will stay here until you are fine and we know what’s wrong with you,’ he added.

‘I… fine,’ Kai knew when he couldn’t win against Ray. Ray leaded Tyson to a bedroom and laid him down.

‘We will take care of Kiara while you rest. I’m going to call Tao now,’ Ray said before taking his phone out.

‘Why?’ Kai asked.

‘I know you don’t like doctors but maybe Tao is an exception and he’s visiting us this time,’ Ray said and dialed Tao’s number. Tao had come to Japan to check Kai’s health and tomorrow was another visit.

Kai didn’t listen Ray’s phone call and closed his eyes. He was still feeling sick.


-Next Day-

Master Tao arrived with a big smile and a bag. Ray greeted him at the door.

‘Hello. He’s still resting in the bedroom,’ he explained.

‘Did you tell him to rest?’ Tao asked and walked past Ray.

‘I didn’t allow him to leave,’ Ray said as they arrived at the bedroom. Kai was leaning against headboard, Tyson, Max and Kenny were sitting on the bed with Kiara.

‘How are you doing today Kai?’ Tao asked and put his bag on the night table.

‘Just fine,’ Kai replied.

‘How is your stomach?’ Tao asked and put his hand on top of it. Kai flinched a little bit but didn’t say anything.

‘Better, why?’ Kai questioned.

‘What do you mean by that?’ Tao asked.

‘You look like you know something about what’s wring with me,’ Kai frowned at Tao.

‘Is that true?’ Ray asked shocked.

‘Well… We know what happened nine months ago… According to Ray you started to feel sick couple of months ago…’ Tao started.

‘Yeah,’ Kai replied. Others listened the conversation closely.

‘Well… I’m so sorry but I think you might be… pregnant,’ Tao dropped the bomb.

‘WHAT?!’ everyone yelled. Kiara started to cry from the loud noise.

‘What did you say?!’ Kai said growling after taking Kiara to his hands.

‘I’m sorry Tao but I don’t believe it either. Last time I checked, you would have to have sex in order to get pregnant. We haven’t done that since the… last time,’ Ray said.

‘That’s another you and White Tigers haven’t been told about. Male pregnancy works differently than woman’s. You know that but I’m going to explain this part since Kai has been a pregnant before. Male can only get pregnant second time after nine months. After that it’s about the same as with a woman but… if carrier is claimed, he can get pregnant after nine months even if last time when sex was done nine months ago,’ Tao explained. All colours left Kai’s face.

‘No… If… that’s true then, I’m…’ Kai began to shiver. He began to hug Kiara tightly. Others were also mouth open and shocked.

‘Kai’s pregnant with… Mark’s child,’ Tyson ended Kai’s sentence.

‘No… NO! I don’t believe you!’ Kai shook his head. Kiara’s crying brought him back from his own thoughts.

‘I’m sorry but I’m not. I think that’s the reason why Mark let you go so easily in China. Since he claimed you, he knew you would get pregnant if he went in heat at the same time,’ Tao took a bottle and some herbs out. He also but a note next to them.

‘It’s same thing as before. I’ve written here what do with the herbs,’ Tao said sadly.

‘By same thing you mean that… Kai can’t get abortion?’ Max asked to be sure.

‘Yes. Call me if you need something else,’ Tao was about to leave when Kai stopped him.

‘What about Mark? Will he… know about it?’ Kai asked.

‘Unfortunately. Claim Mark’s tells him everything he wishes to know. He just has to… close his eyes,’ Tao replied.

‘Are you saying that Mark can find Kai just like that and come here if he wants to?’ Ray asked angrily.

‘… Yes,’ Tao answered. Kai bolted up from the bed and ran out of the door.

‘Kai! Wait!’ they yelled after him but Kai was long gone.


-With Kai-

Kai ignored people’s complains and any other words as he ran back to his apartment with Kiara.

‘No… I won’t believe it!’ Kai thought as he opened the front door and shut it right after him. Quickly he put Kiara on the floor next to her toys and began to lock the windows, front and balcony door. His apartment was on the fifth floor and he still felt like it was needed to lock the windows.

After locking everything he sank on the ground head against the door. Everything came back into his mind and tear appeared on his face but he quickly wiped it away. He heard Kiara behind him and turned around. She had crawled to him and demanded to be taken in arms. Slowly Kai took her and sat on the ground.

‘What do I do now?’ Kai thought desperately while hugging Kiara.