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Phineas' Revenge: The rude, crude, but still lewd parody

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It was one fine day in Danville.  Ferb and his dad were planning a trip to England, and were getting ready to leave that day.  Phineas on the other hand was walking home after busting a major nut in Isabella.

“Oh man, that nut was amazing!  It’s a good thing she can’t get pregnant yet, or else she’d definitely be knocked up by now!” Phineas stated out loud, not caring who heard him.

An old man sat on his front porch, in hearing distance of Phineas.

“Comments like that used to horrify me, but now…  now I think I’m dead on the inside.” The old man said, with a PTSD look on his face.

Phineas finally arrived home, seeing something rather strange upon walking to the driveway.

“Hey, dad’s car is gone! I wonder if they left already.” Phineas said to himself, still out loud.

Phineas walked inside expecting to get some rest, but was met with a shocking sight.

“Mom?!  Candace!?  Ferb?!? What the heck are they doing?!?!”   Phineas thought to himself.

He backed away slowly as he watched the three have passionate, rough sex. They didn’t notice him, as they were too busy with the sex.

Phineas ran upstairs to get away from the three, but suddenly got an idea.

“Wait a second! If I can get this on video, I can prove to dad that they had sex!”

But out of the blue, Phineas’ idea turned evil.

“Wait a second… if I get them on video, I can blackmail them into doing whatever I want!”

With his evil plan in motion, Phineas ran back downstairs, hiding behind the couch as his brother, sister and mother did lewd things in the middle of the living room.  Phineas began to feel turned on by the situation he was in, and pulled his cock out to masturbate while recording footage.

“Oh man, my sister and mom look so hot right now!  But not Ferb, that would be gay.” Phineas said to himself.

After a few minutes of furiously masturbate, Phineas came all over the back of the couch.

Oh wow!  I didn’t think I would bust two nuts in one day!  But then again, Isabella sure wanted me to!

Realizing that he finally had enough footage, Phineas ran back up to his room.

“Oh man, this is going to be great! I can’t wait to make my mom and sister into my love slaves for life!”   Phineas thought to himself, his brain and cock equally about to explode with excitement.

Just as Phineas was about to start watching the video, he heard the front door down stairs open.

Im home everyone!  Come Along Ferb, I got everything we need for our trip!

Phineas looked down stairs, and saw that Ferb, Candace and his mom were no longer having sex.  Ferb quickly ran outside to his dad's car.

“Have fun you two!”  Their mom said, while waving goodbye to them.

As soon as their dad closed the door, Candace and their mom sighed in relief.

Wow, that was a close one. ”  Candace commented.

Ya, he almost caught us.

Phineas stifled maniacal laughter, as he thought to himself what he would do to them.  He went back to his work desk to furiously masturbate to the footage some more, but upon starting the tape, he realized that it was too shaky, and useless.

“Oh no! The recording got messed up!  Oh well, I’ll just make my own!”

As Phineas started work on the fake recording, he heard a small knocking on his window. He looked outside to see a limping Isabella, who was now curious as to what he was doing.

“Oh, hi Isabella!” Phineas greeted.

“Hi, Phineas! I finally got my legs to move again, so I was wondering if you were up for another passionate rough fucking!” Isabella replied.

“Nah, I’m busy right now!” Phineas answered.

“You are? Watcha dooooin’?” Isabella asked.

“Oh, I got horny while recording a video of my mom, step-brother and sister having sex, and jacked off to it, so the video came out all shaky! So I decided to make a fake video of them in order to exploit them for lewd stuff!” Phineas answered again.

“Ohhhh, okay! Hey, can I help?” Isabella asked.

“Sure! I even made a costume for you to use in the fake video! It looks just like Candace too!” Phineas answered.

“Awesome! Wait, who’s gonna be your mom?” Isabella asked again

“Oh, I have a blow-up doll for that! I made sure to get the one with EXTRA-fake boobs too!” Phineas replied enthusiastically.

The two then got to work, eager to exploit Phineas's mom and sister for sex.  After a long, joyous, song-filled effort, the two finally finished the equipment for their devious plan.

“Well, it’s finally done!  We have finished the Amateur Porn Shooting Set 9000™!”

“High-five!” Phineas and Isabella said at once as they high-fived each other.  The two then fucked again to record the video. After Phineas busted another nut inside Isabella, she borrowed a spare pair of crutches and limped home.

“Man, what a day! I nutted inside Isabella twice, and masturbated once too!  That makes three nuts! I should probably get some sleep now, I’m gonna need all the energy I can get for when I blackmail mom and Candace! Good night Perry!” Phineas stated.

Perry purred nervously.  He didn’t like where this was going.