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Break your spirit

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He doesn't really remember how he got kidnapped once again. He is still weak since he let his guard down. He knows his naked and his body hurts everywhere. He can't think properly or move properly. He knows that he is currently on a bed, he knows that he can't really feel his arms that are currently tied up, he is also aware that he got an anti-quirk collar around his neck and he knows that nobody can find him here. He doesn't have any clue how many days have been since he was gone.


It's a normal saturday jog day.

Bakugou wakes up early for his jogging and take the same route he usually take but some circumstances happen when he hears a scream from the distance. He already got his license so he can fight if he needs too.

He runs to where the voice is coming from, deep in his mind he knows that he should probably calls for back up but his pride can't seem to care at the moment. His pride won again

"Fucking scream ruining my peace. Fucking morning" he curses all the way.

When he arrives at the area, he suddenly feel chills coming to his body when he sees no one's around. His instinct immediately kick in and uses his quirk to flew but those mere seconds of hesitation brought the enemy the time they needed.

Dabi is on his side, his eyes grew at recognition and raise his hands to blow up the stupid face but he felt a stab on his neck. He glance to his left and sees an injection plants on his neck. He immediately feels dizzy and the last thought he thinks before he lost conscious was he screwed up again.

End of Flashback

"Die, Die, Die you all" he can't breathe properly, his whole being is hurting really badly but they wouldn't break his spirit. He will still become the number one hero.

"ahhh. Dabiiii you didn't break him yet" Toga sing song.

Dabi just smirk.

"Don't worry I'm not yet done with him yet" he licks his lips and eyed the beauty on the bed that keeps cursing at them. They still haven't touch him despite him being naked. They only cut him a little too much and Dabi knows that he's bleeding prettily. It's like watching a maiden or an artifact waiting for the right time to touch.

"Toga give me some of your aphrodisiac drug"

The girl grins at him. She throws a red capsule at him.

"Enjoy" with that word she turns and walks away.

The door shuts and the only noise that can be heard is Bakugou's heavy breathing and pain gasps.

"It will so much fun to break a spirit that is so pure and bright such as yours kid" he lazely scans the tan, lean and expose body before him.

He climbs on the bed, his legs are either side of the blonde teen's body. He grips the chin too tightly for comfort because the kid is refusing to open his mouth.

'The kid is sure is smart to know what happen next' he grins maniacally.

"Too bad kid, this day is your unlucky day" with those words he open his own mouth and raise his right hand and let the red capsule fall into his mouth, he then kiss the boy and shove the capsule into the other's mouth. He brings his left hand to the thin neck and squeeze a little as a warning and brought his right hand to cover the teen's nose.

Bakugou has no choice but to swallow the thing that shoves into his mouth.

The villain let a gleeful smirk when he notice the teen swallow the aphrodisiac. He will wait for a couple of minutes, let the drug takes over the hero's body. He can't wait to mark him.

Bakugou on the other hand is panicking. He wish that he waits for Todoroki and Kirishima at that morning. He wish that he answered Deku's phone call before he starts his morning ran. He wish they were here. He wish that he needs to swallow his damn pride and let others be close to him.

He is afraid for what will happpen next. He is a afraid that this fucking shit will break him and can never recover. He is afraid that after this is done, he can't be a hero again. He doesn't want that. He still have his dreams to become the number one hero, a dream to be the best among the rest and he will not let this perverted shit to take away his dreams. He won't let him.

He let out a hurt moan and feels his body burn like never before.

'This can't be happening' his eyes grew wide when Dabi starts to undress little by little.

The fire user smirks at him and said

"Time to break your spirit Kat-su-ki" a tongue brushes his bloody cheeks.

The teen mustered a grin

"Go to hell"

Dabi narrowed his eyes with a hint of amusement. He will certainly break him slowly and surely.

"We will go together kid"

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Nightmares engulfs him whether he was awake or at sleep. He can't feel anymore other than the hallow feeling. He feels empty. He thought no one can shattered him but here he was into an unknown area.

Alone, naked and battered. He gives an involuntary shiver from the past days he experience. The worst time of his life. His pride and ego have been shattered and put in a dust bin. He can't help but swallow his cry of hopelessness.

They made him beg. They made him beg for his life...

Even though he shines brighter than the rest. He is just still a kid that wants to live.

He beg them everything.

"Just kill me" he whimpers out while the body above him continues to thrust in him.

The fucker make sure that he hits the teen's prostrate.

He was disgusted himself. He wants to hurl but the villain keep his left hand grips his neck. It feels like a warning not to vomit right then and now.

"Whore. Do you like pain?" The bastard asked while keeping his pace strong and slow.

The hand tighten.

"" he gasps out.

Bakugou can feel the black haired smirking.

"Oh.. Really? I think you like pain since everytime I do this" a hard thurst directly to his prostrate "you tighten so good"

"F-fuck y-you"

"Ah. still good" the hint of amusement gone and the very room turns cold even though Dabi's quirk is fire.

"Let me feel you more Katsuki" The violent torture renewed again.

That damn perverted monster just........ He can't continue anymore the overwhelming grief that settled upon him. That Dabi and that freak bastard with a hand on his face continues to torture and use his body as they pleases.

The words that they drilled on his mind sinks in and he never feels alone like he feels now.

He whimpers in pain. At least the bastard untied him and leave him alone in the room.

A sudden noise makes him hyper aware of the surroundings and suddenly the door breaks with force that his ears stings from the impact.

"Kaachan!" a voice calls.

A voice that he longs to hear. A voice that gives him false hope everytime because he only hears that in his dreams.

"Kaachan!" that voice again.

A pair of strong yet gentle hands handles him with care like he was a treasure but he knows that he was not a treasure but a trash that needs to be gone. Then suddenly he feels warms, there's a coat that wraps around his body and he feels that someone lifted him up and carry him bridal style.

He feels so drain that he didn't care what will happen to him or this is just another cruel dream that slaps him on the face everytime he wakes up.

"I got you Kaachan. I got you" that voice again that feels like a lullaby that lulled him into sleep.

'please don't let me wake up' that was his last thought before he lost conscious.


2 weeks ago, Midoriya Izuku has a bad feeling when he calls Kaachan for ten times now. It's already 6pm and there's still no sign for the explosion user.

"Todoroki-kun have you seen Kaachan?"

The half and half user just shakes his head.

"I went into his room at 7am but he was not there when I knocked. It was my fault that I wake up too late for our jogging exercise. I look for him all day but can't find him. "
They both starts to worry when Kirishima shouted at them if they have seen Bakugou.

"All Might. Please let me be a part of the rescure mission" Midoriya pleaded. He wants to be there when he rescue Kaachan. They were in a conference room with a few of selected heroes that joins with the search and rescue of Bakugou Katsuki.

Kaachan is the one who gives him determination to become a hero. He is the main reason why he wants to improve himself so that he can be worthy for his beloved.

He knows that when he was a child he fell in loved with a boy who was so arrogant, a boy who bullies him because he was useless for not having a quirk, a boy that shines like a sun, a boy who pretends to be tough but was a very fragile being and a boy that was his first friend and accepts him for who he was until he becomes a prat.

"Please" he practically beg not only All Might but all the Pro heroes that let him do this.

All Might gives him a grieve stare like he wants to argue with him. It was a long and hard stare but Midoriya just stares back with dedication and strength in them.

With a long suffering sigh.

"Can't be help kid." All Might turns to his co-pro-heroes

"You heard the kid. We should let him be a part with it to avoid what happen last year" He emphasize the last year when Bakugou was kidnapped.

Now, the kid was kidnapped again but with the worst case scenario since they haven't any clue where the villains kept him. There was a murmur between the Pro heroes but Midoriya held his ground.

"Pardon sir" another but familiar voice can be heard tat the room.

There are two men at the back with hoddies that covers their hair. They removed their hoddie and reveals their faces.

"Todoroki-kun and Kirishima-kun?" Midoriya stammers the names.

"We also want to be a part of it" Kirishima said with finality in his voice.

Todoroki's and Kirishima's eyes held with sincerely and dedication. They really want to rescue Bakugou. They feel strongly for Bakugou. That adorable and tsundere kid became very special for them.

They want to save him again and show him that they care. They love the little fire cracker.

All Might just let out a tired sigh.

"Can't be help"

"All Might" Midnight uttered his name.

"They are still kids, we can't let them be a part of this dangerous situation"

"Midnight you are aware the last time they are not a part of it" This time Aizawa voiced out.

Midnight and the other pro-heroes just grimace at those words.

They know that Aizawa is right. They can't help but let the three be on the team.

"Now that we can finally begin the search and rescue of Bakugou Katsuki" All Might announced.

Everyone seems to be alive and yelled with approval but there are three men that stays silent but they are angry and frustrated. They want to get Katsuki to safety as soon as possible. They also want revenge for the villains. Katsuki should be unharm because if not. Hell would pay for the villains. They will see it for themselves.

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It's been a week since Bakugou Katsuki was brought to the hospital. The bruises are starting to heal but after the heroes saved the youngster. Bakugou went into coma, doctor's says that his body just shut down due the physical and mental trauma he suffers but they assured the parents and friends that he will wake up sooner.

Midoriya, Todoroki and Kirishima barely leave the blonde's side, the other 1-A students always visit the hospital for the past week especially the bakusquad.

They are all worried about the firecracker and without him around them seems dull and boring. Even though people view him as arrogant and noisy, his classmates and teachers view him as a person who can't seem to handle his feelings well and a person who wants to be a hero. They all knew how hard Katsuki pushes himself beyond the limit as long as he can get strong.

Kirishima closes his eyes and remembers.

It's too quiet. There's no sign of villains or anything. No Dabi. No Shigaraki or even Toga. It's too quiet but all of the heroes can feel that there is something wrong with the atmosphere.

"aren't we going to move?" Kirishima whispered, he can't wait to see Bakugou. Every part of his body tells him to moved and save the person he likes. Bakugou is the number 1 person he admire, he admire his classmate more than the crimson riot he idolize since he was a kid.

Bakugou is the reason why he works so hard to be a hero since he doesn't want to be left behind and he wants to be beside the young teen even though he knows the other boy doesn't like him more than a friend.

"Kirishima shounen. We have to wait for the right time to enter" All Might answered. He understands the young boy's feeling to save his friend but any wrong move can lead into destruction and he doesn't want that to happen. He doesn't want to happen what happen back then.

He thought one for all gonna leave him into nothing but here he is now. The torch is still burning. Barely burning but still the light is still there, waiting for the right and best time to be extinguished. He have a small notion, if the time comes the light will fade, he won't be here to see his students to be a great heroes they can be.

"I promise that we will save young Bakugou today" he gave them the best assuring smile he can give to them. He looks at the three of them and sees a whirlwind of emotions in their bright eyes.

Aften half an hour they found out that no one is around but the broken boy they leave in a room. The heroes expression and feelings were divided but they all agreed on one thing and it is the feeling of disgust. They all see what state the young blonde was in. The bruises and blood and there's no mistaken the evidence of rape was clearly visible on Bakugou's body. The bite marks, hand imprints and the dry blood inside his thighs.

Midoriya quickly carried Bakugou in a bridal style while Todoroki quickly removed his coat and carefully covers the battered naked body of the blonde. Kirishima not far behind. All might can see the grave expression of his students and the hatred in their eyes.

He too wants to smash something or someone but he can't do that, not in front of his students. Even though every one of them wants some blood of the villains, they all know that Katsuki's well being comes first.

He didn't realize he was fisting his hands so hard that it bleeds until a soft voice reach into his ears.

"Kirishima-kun, your hand" Midoriya whispered. The green haired teen looks exhausted as him. His hair became much messy, his clothes wrinkled and his eyes are bloodshed. As if the owner didn't have enough sleep which is the truth. All of them including Katsuki's parents didn't have enough sleep for the past weeks that includes the days he went missing.

The blonde teen's mother and father cried their hearts out when the doctor brief them the diagnostic of Katsuki's situation.

Rape. Physical trauma. Mental trauma. Bruises everywhere. Lost of lots of blood. Dehydration. Lack of food.

All of them cried that night.

After that Midoriya excuse himself and Todoroki just disappear after an hour. The red head knew that the two were gone because they want their frustration and sorrow to let out. He can't blame them. He too wants to destroy someone. He swore to himself he will be a good hero that can save many and a hero that can stand beside Bakugou. He is a hero but why does it feel like he wants to kill the people who hurt Bakugou. He always good on keeping his temper into minimal because its his job to keep the the hot blooded blonde temper cool which is hard.

The red head chuckled at the fond memories when he always keep the explosion teen to calm down.

He miss him.

A lone tear drops into the floor and followed by many.

He thought all his tears are gone.

He misses him so badly. He knew he like Bakugou but at first he like him as a man because he is too manly. Then each time he knew something new about the blonde, there's a flutter in his stomach which he mistakenly concluded as a stomach ache at first but it never fades away.

Now he knows.

He loves him.

He wants to protect the blonde and be his shield.

What's the use of his quirk if he can't protect the person that matters the most.

He really regret that he woke up late at that time. He regret at lot of things but he will make it right. When Bakugou wakes up, he promise he will protect him to anyone even if it is nightmares. He promise that to himself and as man he will never break his promise.


Midoriya can't calm himself. After hearing all of the suffering that Bakugou received. He can't contain himself and excuse himself. He went in to a remote beach near by the hospital and smash some things. He smash and smash and smash until both of his hands bleed. There is a huge hole beneath the waters but he won't tell anyone he was the one who made that.

He feels so empty and useless and for the first time in a long time he feels like a deku. He may have save a lots of people and people who suffers like Eri but he can't even save the person who gives him the reason to be a hero in the first place.

He cried himself to sleep at that night and after that night he never left Kaachan's side.

He stares at the bloody fist of Kirishima. He must have curled it to hard for it to bleed.

"It's nothing Midoriya" the red head muttered in a soft voice.

The greed haired just let out a tired sighed.

He looks at the beauty sleeping on the bed. Kaachan looks so peaceful and beautiful when asleep. He bit his lips at that thought. He will never forgive the villains who use Kaachan as if he was a doll. They have no right of Kaachan. No right at all. He can feel his power starts to surface but he will control it. He will release it all by the time he knows who touched Kaachan. They will regret it. He will make sure that he will take his time for the culprits and he will make them wished they were never been born until he finished with them.

"Kaachan" he sighs.

He still remembers the day when they rescue Katsuki. The boy he knew all his life lay into his arms broken and small. Thanks to One for All quirk he gets taller and now he was so sure that his height and the blonde are very much the same.

Kaachan might always swears and says bad things about him. Kaachan is still his childhood friend and he still considers him as his bestfriend still.

He probably loves the other teen more than as a friend and he embrace that feelings after he made that huge hole beneath the ocean.

He swears to himself that he will never leave the blonde's side after this even if the other curses him and throw punches or explodes him. He will never ever leave him again. He will make sure that he will always be with Katsuki's side after this.


The first time he met Bakugou he thought he was just an arrogant asshole just like his father but as time goes by. He feels like Bakugou is different than his father and to be exact the blonde is so much a better person than his father or him.

He considers Midoriya as his closest friend and Kirishima a friend but Bakugou is different than them. He is special. He brings the different side of Todoroki that he never imagine he has.

They both failed the license exam and both retake it and passed it. Bakugou was the one who punches his old man and yells at the number 1 hero that he was too hard of his son and he should just change because he had a family that needs him.

"A real strong hero loves his family and people more than being just a hero " the explosion quirk user shouted at the stunned number 1. Eyes brimming with determination and passion. "That's what All Might taught me and you should start do that too for your sake"

After that day, he sees the other teen a different light.

He knows that Bakugou is special but he didn't plan to fall from the boisterous teen. His father from that day tries to be a father for the first time of his life. He even visit his mother to prove a point that he is willing to be a good dad and a hero as long as his children and wife are willing to accept him again.

His mother well being improved so good that the hospital is willing to discharge his mother. Fuyumi cries for the first time in a long time, Endeavor even shed a tear or two and apologize for all the things he done.

Of course he can't still forgive his father but he can see that his dad is trying to be a better person and it all thanks to the sleeping beauty that is currently confined in a hospital bed.

He frowns. He wants to be around the teen that's why he always wake up early to be with him in that morning run along with Kirishima but that day he woke up late since his mother calls him a night ago about the good news that Endeavor asked her a date. He was happy that his family starts to feel like a real family.

It never feels right without his constant sun and that is Bakugou Katsuki. He may have a potty mouth but he can see that was part of his charm. He wonders if....


He have to be strong for Katsuki.

He wants to be a top hero someday along with him and his friends.

He will make sure that those people who are responsible for this crime will be punished by his fire and he will make sure those people will feel his rage.

From now on. Katsuki is the main priority of his time and no one will take it from him. Not even his father or mother.


It is dark yet so warm.

"Katsuki son. Please wake up. We are here. We won't leave you. Just please open your eyes. " a familiar voice sobs at him. It sounds like his mother but it so wrong because his mother wouldn't cry just like that.

"I love you Katsuki please wake up." that sound like his father but it sounded so broken and tired.

He wants to wake up but he feels so weak and sleepy.

So he sleeps.

He wakes up again at the sound of soft machines besides him. He turn his head to the right and sees his parents on a couch near by the window. They look uncomfortable in their sleep and they look exhausted judging by their sunken face, eye bags and wrinkled clothes.

"K... Ka..kaachan?" a familiar gasp in his left side.

He turns his head in the direction of the voice and found a pair of two relieved green eyes. He can see Kirishima and Todoroki besides the door sleeping uncomfortably. While Midoriya is sitting at the chair besides his bed staring at him like he sees a ghost.

He wants to speak but can't.

What had happen?

Something is wrong he can feel that.

Then his body just froze itself. He starts to remember once again and he fails to hear the panic voice of Midoriya.

The last thing he remembers was the feeling of helplessness and the laugh that will haunt him forever before he succumb of the sleepiness of his body.