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This is the Rebellion

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8:00 pm Leia created group Exclusive Territory

Leia: Hey everyone

Leia: Made this so we can vent a little. Also I want ONE group without that annoying douche.

Leia: Who's in?


Sabine: I get the feeling we don't really have a choice

Leia: As if you aren't sick of him.

Sabine: who, Han? He's fun. Everyone likes him. Even jyn likes him and she's a social reject

Jyn: Excuse me?


Jyn: f you I have a life

Leia: Hey wait a minute.

Leia: Come back.


Leia: I thought she was bluffing when she said she had a life.

Sabine: jyn? no life whatsoever.

Sabine: it says she's online.

Leia: Ugh, why is she like this?

Leia: Omg she's probably texting Cassian.

Leia: Ha!

Sabine: you have 0 proof good luck with that

Leia: I hate you.

Sabine: got a customer bye love

Leia: Bye.

Leia: Boring conversation anyway.

Private Chat: Jyn, Cassian

Jyn: Sabine just said I have no life I hate how right she is

Cassian: Lol

Cassian: That's probably because of the course you're taking.

Jyn: you didn't even deny it I feel so betrayed

Cassian: Sorry. It's just that we don't even get to hang out.


Jyn: Awwh is someone feeling neglected?

Jyn: do you want me to come over and give you a hug? Cuddle for a whole night maybe?

Cassian: Ffs jyn

Jyn: Lol love you too

Jyn: K gotta go. Bye! Hugs and kisses lool

Cassian: Bye :)

Private Chat: Luke, Bodhi

Bodhi: Luke, can I ask a favour?


Luke: Sure, what's up?

Bodhi: Leia created this group, I thinks it's only for the girls? I think I got added by accident can you ask her to remove me please

Luke: Why don't you just ask her??

Bodhi: sorry

Bodhi: she's just...kind of scary

Luke: Come one she's not that scary

Bodhi: have you seen her yell at Han it's terrifying

Luke: haha okay I'll mention it. We're meeting up for dinner. Wanna come?

Bodhi: if I'm there how will you mention it

Luke: Oh for God's sake

Luke: K. Won't forget. Bye!

Bodhi: THANK YOU and byee

Bodhi: Oh I forgot

Bodhi: Han's hosting movie night

Luke: Shikes leia was actually looking forward to movie night this time

Bodhi: think she'll skip?

Luke: Nah. I'll just slide it to her though. I'll say there'll be good food.

Bodhi: okay cool. Good luck!

Luke: C'mon she doesn't hate him or anything

Bodhi: yeah I can believe that. Yeah.

Luke: Han is a REALLY great guy once you get past the smug exterior. She'll realize. Eventually.

Bodhi: I'm going to feel a lot of stress leave me when that day comes

Luke: GTG, she's calling. Bye!