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20 Years On

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An ear-splitting crash resounded from deep within the steel factory, followed by startled gasps and screams from the crowd that had gathered around the police line.

“Everyone, please stand back!” an officer yelled. Of course, no one really complied, too awestruck by the smoke pouring from the building and the dozens of heroes working to evacuate the workers. Sirens blared as the fire brigade finally arrived to the scene. They took action immediately, frantically working to extinguish flames that were growing so tall they seemed to lick the sky.

Inside the smoking factory, Bakugou placed his hand on a wall of fallen rubble and set off a carefully controlled explosion, clearing the passageway into the assembly room. He squinted, trying to get a better look through the smoke. It was a massive space reaching hundreds of meters high, machinery and sheets of metal scattered across criss-crossing suspended platforms.


A group of about a dozen steel workers stood huddled under an overhang that looked like it had prevented most of the debris from crushing them, but every ten seconds or so another piece of heavy steel would crash to the ground from above, forcing them to stay put. They looked a little bruised up and shaken, but otherwise unharmed.

Bakugou heard gasps and excited murmuring when he leapt over the rubble into the room.

“Oh my god, is that Centurion? The explosion hero?”

“Hey, I think you’re right! I’d recognize that voice anywhere.”

“I heard him say Deku, is he coming too?”

There was some weak laughter. “Hah, holy shit, Deku? The number one hero?! Jesus, they got all the top pros to come help us!

Just then, a giant sheet of metal plowed into the ground only a few meters away from where the civilians were standing. They screamed, scared out of their minds. One person started sobbing.

“HEY, you’re gonna be alright! Just stay where you are!” Bakugou shouted. He turned to look over his shoulder. At least the path he’d come through was still clear. Where the hell was Deku? Christ, he was behind him a second ago. Bakugou needed his speed right now, or this could go very bad, very quickly. He pressed a finger to his ear comm.

“Deku, where did you go?! I got civilians on the northeast side of the factory, ground floor. This whole area is going to shit.”

A few seconds later, he heard the hum of Midoriya’s voice. “I’ll be there in a minute!” There was a crashing noise, the telltale crackle of One for All, then the audio cut out.

“Goddammit...” Bakugou groaned. With a quick glance upward to watch for any falling debris, he propelled himself the fifty or so meters to the area covered by the overhang with a few quick bursts from his hands. He was received with gasps from the crowd, some muttering about how fast he was. He suppressed a smirk.

Putting on the most reassuring voice he could muster (which was still difficult to do without sounding unintentionally insincere, even after all these years), he said “I’m getting all of you out of here. Is anyone injured?”

One cleared his throat and spoke up. “I think my arm’s broken…”

“Anyone else?”

There were head shakes and questioning glances, but no one else seemed to be hurt too badly. Thank god.

“Alright then. You.” He pointed to one of the younger looking workers. She pointed a finger at herself questioningly. “Yeah, you,” Bakugou repeated. “Get on my back, and don’t let go.” She looked a bit starstruck, but nodded and approached him. Bakugou turned and she climbed on, holding him tightly around the neck and waist with her limbs.

“Get ready to fly,” Bakugou said.

“Wait, what? AAAAAAHHHH!

Bakugou flung himself back across the room with another set of short bursts, avoiding the falling debris with precise timing and maneuvering. She was screaming the whole way, and Bakugou had to hold back a laugh. He always had way too much fun when it came to this shit.

He set her down again once they were clear of the unstable area, attempting at gentleness despite what just happened. The woman stumbled, then righted herself, dazed. Bakugou spoke quickly into his comm and turned back to the woman.

He pointed to the nearby open window. “Go. There’s firemen on standby to help you down.”

She nodded. “Thank you… Centurion.”

“You’re welcome. Now go. Get out of here.”

She blinked and nodded again, then dashed over to the window. Bakugou heard the voices of firemen shouting commands to her from a ladder, followed by another loud bang from deeper within the building.

Shit,” Bakugou hissed, sprinting back toward the previous room.

But as soon as he got close to the cleared entryway, he saw a flash of green fly past him back the way he came.

“OI, DEKU,” he growled.

“Be right there!” came his distant voice. Bakugou rolled his eyes, impatient.

A few seconds later, the green rushed at him again and came to a quick stop, finally revealing Midoriya. He was panting slightly as the glow of One for All dissipated a bit and he beamed his hero’s smile.

“I got a few more of the civilians out of the assembly floor. We have to move quickly,” Midoriya said.

“Yeah, no shit,” Bakugou sighed. They both turned and took off running.

“Sorry about the wait, I was uh… caught up.”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just hurry before we’re buried alive.”

Midoriya nodded.

When they were back at the assembly room, Midoriya looked around and surveyed the pattern of falling debris. It was getting worse, with sheets of razor-sharp metal and giant slabs of concrete coming down even more often now, making the floor rumble and shake violently. They’d have to be careful, but they were running out of time and neither of them were at their top maneuverability when they were stuck carrying extra weight.

“I can only safely evacuate one person at a time on my back,” Bakugou said. “I’m not gonna risk getting crushed because my hands aren’t free.”

“Right,” Midoriya agreed. “I can do two, three if I’m careful. That way we can get four people out each trip.”

“Let’s do it then.”

Together, they moved like clockwork. Bakugou got hold of another person while Midoriya handled the man with the broken arm gingerly, advising him to brace it against his chest as they fled. He nodded, eyes wide with relief and admiration.

As the workers awaited directions, they were equally awestruck but a lot less intimidated by Midoriya than Bakugou (although that was nothing new). Bakugou had long since resigned that the damn nerd would always have better people skills than him. Figures.

Midoriya grabbed hold of two more, and they were off again.

They were able to make two trips before another loud rumble resounded from above and the whole building shook. Bakugou looked up, his face contorting into a grimace. Sunlight suddenly poured into the factory as a giant chunk of the ceiling plummeted toward them. It was crumbling on its way down, but still way too thick to dodge effectively. Shit, that was gonna hurt if he didn’t do something .

Midoriya shot him an expectant look. Bakugou grinned back, a devious glint in his eyes.

“Brace yourself!” Bakugou yelled at the man clinging to his back, who tightened his grip obediently. He stopped in his tracks. Taking careful aim, he pointed his right gauntlet skyward, hooked an index finger around the pin, and pulled. Flames erupted from the barrel with a deafening BOOM, flooding the room with searing heat and light. His arm nearly buckled with the force of it.

Bakugou couldn’t hold back his wicked laughter this time as he watched the debris become engulfed in fire and disintegrate into ash, the remains falling harmlessly to the ground. He’d been saving that one up for a while so the kickback was especially nasty. Already, he felt his shoulder bruising but it had definitely been worth it.

As he smiled at his handiwork, he didn’t notice Midoriya staring at him in awe.

“Oh my god, you’re insane!” the man on his back shouted. He couldn’t tell if it was a compliment or an insult, but Bakugou just laughed again.

Damn, he loved his job.

Finally, the last of the civilians were climbing the ladder down to stable ground. The building still rumbled and shook as Bakugou and Midoriya did one last sweep of their designated rescue area, then made their way outside to join the other heroes. They were greeted by a chorus of cheers from the observing crowd, to which they both automatically responded with waves and smiles.

Bakugou didn’t see Midoriya watching him when Bakugou rolled his shoulders idly in the aftermath.

The fires were nearly put out, earth elemental hero types working on finally stabilizing the building with support beams.

Midoriya was soon swarmed by a crowd of at least...holy shit, thirty other civilians, rushing in to shake his hand and thank him, tears in their eyes. Those were the assholes he was so busy saving earlier. Midoriya graciously accepted their praise, as always, his smile shining like a goddamn beacon through the smoke.

Bakugou rolled his eyes. Overachiever.

But then again, he couldn’t help but feel proud of how fucking amazing Midoriya was at being a pro hero, how happy he was to be such an unyielding force of good in the world. Not that Bakugou would ever say that to his face.

All the previous chaos quieted down at the scene. As the injured were shoveled into ambulances, heroes were stopped to answer endless questions from the press. Midoriya especially. He was always too nice . Journalists always acted like heroes had all the time in the world, like they didn’t have better places to be after a job. Sure, Bakugou would humor one or two so he didn’t seem like an asshole, but after that he wanted to go the fuck home.

Midoriya was surrounded again, this time by a horde of reporters holding microphones too close to his face. He smiled, polite and soft-spoken as always, but Bakugou could tell he was reaching his limit on patience.

Bakugou came up behind him and slapped Midoriya on the shoulder. He jumped, startled.

“Well, that was a job well done, wouldn’t you say Deku?”

Before Midoriya could respond, one man was quick to shove a microphone in Bakugou’s face.

“Centurion! Would you mind answering a couple of questions for our network?” he asked, overly chipper. Bakugou resisted the urge to grab the mic and blow it up. Instead, he put on a smile with too much teeth.

“I’d love to, but Mr. Number One Hero and I gotta head back to our agency for a briefing.”

“Ah, that’s right, thank you for reminding me,” Midoriya responded quickly, sounding relieved. The reporter frowned in disappointment. “If you would excuse me,” Midoriya said.

He followed Bakugou away from the crowd.

When they were out of earshot, Midoriya turned to Bakugou. “We don’t really have a briefing do we?”


“Oh, thank god,” Midoriya sighed. “I don’t know how All Might kept his patience all the time. Some of those reporters…”

Bakugou laughed. “You don’t have to talk to all of them, moron. And All Might would just laugh and run away if they got too annoying.”

“I know, I’m still working on being able to say no.” Midoriya ran a hand down his face, exasperated.

Bakugou wrapped an arm around Midoriya’s shoulders. “Baby steps, Deku. Come on, let’s head back to my place.”

“R-right…” Midoriya replied. He turned his head, hiding his face from Bakugou as they walked.

On the train back to Bakugou’s apartment, neither of them spoke. That was fine. They’d had a long ass day and he wasn’t exactly jazzed at the thought of making pointless small talk. He did catch Midoriya staring at him when he thought he wasn’t watching, but Bakugou didn’t say anything about it.




Bakugou had barely set down his keys when Midoriya stepped around to place a hand on his sternum.

“Kacchan,” he said.


Midoriya kissed him, calloused hands cradling his face. Bakugou startled, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to question a good thing. So he closed his eyes and sank into the kiss, reaching out to wrap his arms around him.

He moved restlessly, refusing to break contact even for a moment to breathe properly. He sighed through his nose and threaded his fingers into Bakugou’s hair as he finally opened his mouth. His tongue slid inside, hot and deep. Bakugou nearly shivered. Woah. Midoriya usually wasn’t so forward but hey, he’d take it.

After a moment, Midoriya broke the kiss and leaned back, panting.

“Sorry, I just— I’ve been wanting to do that all day,” Midoriya murmured. His thumb stroked across Bakugou’s cheek.

Bakugou laughed, bringing a hand up to curl it around Midoriya’s. “What, did I do something hot? More than usual, I mean.”

Midoriya looked down, somehow avoiding eye contact despite still being so close to his face. “Hah, well… Yeah, actually.”

Oh. He hadn’t expected him to answer that so honestly. Bakugou grabbed Midoriya’s arms and stared him down with fire in his eyes.

“Tell me.”

Midoriya gave a shy smile. “It’s kind of embarrassing.”

He rolled his eyes before leaning closer to whisper in his ear. “C’mon, Deku, tell me.”

Midoriya shivered. It was another moment before he finally answered. “It was, uh… earlier today in the factory, when you.... oh,” he trailed off, because Bakugou was kissing his way down Midoriya’s neck.

“Keep going,” Bakugou murmured, before resuming his path toward Midoriya’s collarbone.

Midoriya huffed a breath. “Y-your gauntlet. I, uh... I haven’t seen you use your quirk like that in a long time,” he said.

Bakugou paused to chuckle against Midoriya’s skin. “Well I don’t really get the opportunity that often.”

“I know. It made me think about the first time I saw you do it. Back then…”


Bakugou drew back slowly, loosening his grip. It wasn’t exactly a happy memory. Thinking about their early days at UA always made his skin crawl.

He remembered… adrenaline. Fire. Windows shattering. Midoriya screaming .

Bakugou cleared his throat. “Yeah, that was, uh… not the best way I could have debuted that move.” His voice came out quiet, heavy with things he wanted to say but… he couldn’t ever find the right words.

Midoriya just gave him a soft smile. He knew exactly what what going through Bakugou’s head. “It’s okay,” Midoriya reassured him. “It was a long time ago.” He felt along Bakugou’s arm until he got to his hand, bringing the palm up to his lips to place gentle kiss there, forgiving. Then he looked up, his fucking gorgeous green eyes peering at him in a way that was … man. That one look said so much, meant so much.

Bakugou had to shut his eyes as his chest swelled with emotion, afraid to look too long at Midoriya’s face then. He felt Midoriya run his thumb over the palm before his other joined the first, enveloping Bakugou’s hand.

“A lot has changed since then, huh?” he said with a small laugh. “I just... seeing you today…” Midoriya squeezed his hand tighter, voice wavering slightly. “It reminded me how happy I am now that I’m a hero alongside you.”

Bakugou didn’t know how to respond. There were too many thoughts running through his head about what he should say, but the words were stuck in his throat. He’d lost track of how many times they’d had conversations like this one, but every time Midoriya was too forgiving, too accepting; every time, it was more than he deserved. His eyes stung.

“And,” Midoriya continued, clearing his throat, “I’m glad I can finally look at you, a-and not be afraid to… want you. Like I do now.”

Bakugou’s eyes shot open.

“Are you serious?”

Midoriya’s face was turning tomato-red, but he looked up to meet his eyes. “Yeah, I am.”

God, talk about a fucking mood shift, Bakugou thought, staring at him. They’d already been dating for two months but this was still very, very new territory. He swallowed, throat suddenly dry, and brought his hands up to grip Midoriya’s shoulders. “Deku, are you sure?”

“Yes,” Midoriya nodded, blushing even fiercer now.

Jesus,” Bakugou groaned. He leaned his forehead against Midoriya’s chest. “Moron… you think you could’ve brought this up a better way than reminding me how much of an ass I was?” He was half-joking. But only half.

Midoriya laughed weakly. “Sorry,” he offered. “I’m just trying to be honest.”

Bakugou groaned again. Deku really was a moron sometimes. He lifted his head, attempting to shake off the old feelings of regret and guilt stewing around in his gut.

“Seriously though? Me using my gauntlets turns you on?” he asked, anxious to change the subject back.

Kacchan, don’t make me say it again,” Midoriya sighed. He averted his eyes.

“I’ll have to find some excuses to use them more often then.”

“Oh my god…” Midoriya groaned.

Bakugou chuckled, leaning in to capture Midoriya’s lips again. They kissed, slow and heavy for a moment before Bakugou’s hands started wandering down Midoriya’s back, his waist, lower… Midoriya broke away again, panting.

“W-wait, you wanna do this now?”

Bakugou pressed another kiss to Midoriya’s jaw. He spoke against his pulse. “Hmm, yeah, now. Now seems like a good time.”

Midoriya giggled breathlessly. “But I just brought it up. We can do it later, you know. It’s fine.”

“I don’t want to wait.”

Midoriya laughed again. “So impatient…” he sighed, before tilting his head up for another kiss.

Bakugou’s burning hands wandered underneath the hem of Midoriya’s shirt and up his freckled back, feeling the smooth skin there and earning a shiver. Bakugou hummed. Angling his head, he licked deeper into Midoriya’s mouth, tasting him. Midoriya smelled of smoke, of sweat. Little reminders of the day clinging to his skin.

He couldn’t help himself. Now that he’d been given the green-light he just wanted to take, as much as Midoriya would let him. His fingers hooked into Midoriya's belt loops and yanked, bodies pulled flush together. Midoriya gasped, breaking the kiss. His expression was shocked and strangely open for a long moment. It was impossible to resist cracking a smirk at Midoriya’s reaction. But then he saw Midoriya’s eyes turn dark, the shock on his face melting away into something knowing. Determined.

Bakugou could only blink when Midoriya wrapped his arms around his back and slowly, decisively, grinded their hips together.

A soft, needy sound reached Bakugou’s ears. He only realized half a second later that it had come from his own throat.

What the FUCK, that was me?! Bakugou thought frantically. Clearly he still wasn’t used to Midoriya being so unapologetically forward when it came to this shit. His eyes fluttered closed at the flashes of pleasure that shot through his body all the way down his limbs. He didn’t know where this whole thing was going exactly but he was definitely okay with this.

He tried regaining his concentration but quickly gave up once Midoriya started rocking against him in slow, hard waves, making Bakugou almost choke on his own spit. Bakugou’s eyes cracked open again, his own red meeting Midoriya’s green. His expression was so focused, determined. It wrenched at his heart in a way that he was only recently learning how to deal with.

Quickly, it all became too much. Bakugou let his head fall back to break the eye contact as he began to grind his hips in turn with Midoriya’s movements, trying to focus on the pleasure rather than the weirdly intense fluttering in his gut. Midoriya dipped his head to kiss and suck at the pale expanse of Bakugou’s neck, happening to thrust into just the right place at the same time.

God,” Bakugou groaned. His hands clutched abandonedly at Midoriya's waist.

“Kacchan…” Midoriya whispered against his throat. He kissed his way along the hollow of Bakugou’s neck, up his jaw. Then he felt teeth nip at his earlobe, hard. Chills radiated from that spot straight to his cock and made him twitch.

F-fuck,” Bakugou cursed under his breath.

Midoriya chuckled. He took the earlobe into his mouth and sucked at it before leaning back in for another kiss.

Midoriya had already learned which turn-on buttons to push from the times they’d made out before, which should have pissed Bakugou off but he couldn’t be bothered at the moment. His lips were bruising, the touch of his hips torturous. Every movement drove Bakugou insane , every shiver, every breath, every quiet moan that vibrated into his mouth.

Desperate for more leverage, Bakugou pushed until he could press Midoriya hard up against the wall. His hands trailed down from Midoriya’s hips to grip his ass, kneading the flesh as he rutted into him with a heightened need. A moan with the hint of Bakugou’s name fell on Midoriya’s lips as his head knocked back and hit the wall with a clunk. Bakugou smiled. He ducked down to put his mouth right by Midoriya’s ear. He knew which buttons to push, too.

“Do you like that?” he whispered. “What about this?” He let his teeth graze the shell of his ear before biting down, mimicking what Midoriya had done to him before. Midoriya released a shaky sigh and clutched harder at Bakugou’s arms.

Yes,” Midoriya breathed.

God, that word. He wanted to hear it tumble from Midoriya’s lips over and over until his throat went raw, hear him moan Bakugou’s name in that same low voice.

The thought flipped some kind of switch in Bakugou’s brain because suddenly he was fumbling at the clasp of Midoriya’s belt like mad, his senses clouded with nothing but the heat of the man pressed against him. He undid the fastenings of his pants as quickly as his fingers could move and tugged them down to mid-thigh before going to work on his own. Once he’d freed himself down to his boxers, he pressed in flush with Midoriya again, this time able to feel the hardness and warmth of the other man’s erection against his own with only thin layers of cotton separating them.

A low, gravelly growl rumbled from Bakugou’s throat at the new sensation.

Ah… ” Midoriya panted heavily in his ear, digging his nails into Bakugou’s shoulders.

Bakugou leaned down to capture Midoriya’s mouth again. He slotted their lips together and slid his tongue inside, running it along the bottom of Midoriya’s teeth. Fingers immediately dove into Bakugou’s hair and Midoriya was kissing back with ruthless intensity, tongues meeting somewhere in the middle.

Suddenly, Midoriya pulled back a centimeter, and when Bakugou leaned further to reconnect their lips, Midoriya only drew back again, keeping himself distressingly out of reach for a long moment.

Hah. Fucking tease .

With half-lidded eyes, Midoriya brought a hand up and ran his thumb over Bakugou’s cheekbone, panting breaths washing over his face, before he leaned in again to suck and bite at Bakugou’s swollen lips again, dirty suction sounds tickling his ears. He flicked his tongue skillfully inside Bakugou’s mouth, drawing out gravely sounds from deep in his chest.

Holy shit, Bakugou thought dazedly. The longer they kissed, Bakugou’s thoughts became strangely hyperfocused on every one of Midoriya’s movements, each little caress and gasp and pull of friction. He was completely engulfed in Midoriya’s fierce grip, the feel of the smooth skin of his back under his fingertips, the warmth of his body so close to him. Both gasped for air in those spare moments their lips broke apart before they were back to devouring each other.

In the back of his mind, Bakugou vaguely registered the thrill of the give and take between them. Whenever Bakugou got more aggressive or impatient, Midoriya met him at that level and even surpassed it, clutching him closer and egging him on with relentless force, just like they usually did when they made out but with the extra, fantastic bonus of grinding thrown in. It was more like a spar than anything else, and it felt damn good.

As their movements became more and more heated, Bakugou’s hands eventually worked their way down Midoriya’s chest. His fingers began to dip under the waistband at the front of Midoriya’s boxers.

Suddenly, Midoriya stilled Bakugou’s hand by taking his wrist in a firm grip, halting the buildup of whatever the fuck it was they were doing.

“Wait, Kacchan,” Midoriya said, panting with the effort of getting the words out.

Why was he stopping now? He almost growled in frustration. He wanted skin and friction and his cock was so hard he was aching .

But Bakugou really, really didn’t want to fuck this up. So he forced himself to back off, huffing a breath as he released his hold and took a half-step back despite the his body’s protest. Midoriya stared up at him with those huge goddamn eyes of his, brow furrowed.

Jesus, why was he looking at him like that so much? Bakugou got impatient.

“What?” Bakugou barked, though the question was more from confusion rather than accusation for once, the sting of it significantly reduced because of how much his chest was heaving.

As Midoriya took a long breath in and let it out slowly through his nose, his expression relaxed. He held onto Bakugou’s waist with both hands, then slowly lowered himself to his knees.

Bakugou nearly stopped breathing as Midoriya reached up to hook his fingers around the waistband of his boxers.

“Can I?” he asked. Bakugou blinked in disbelief as Midoriya waited patiently for a response. After taking a moment to will his heart to stop pounding so fucking hard in his chest, Bakugou gave a short nod, not trusting himself to speak for fear of his voice cracking accidentally and embarrassing the everloving shit out of him. With that, Midoriya slid Bakugou’s boxers down to his ankles.

Shallow breaths warmed his cock with each of Midoriya’s exhales and Bakugou felt himself twitch, trying desperately not to think about how close he was to him. Thumbs dug into the hollows of his hips before Midoriya trailed his right hand lower, and his fingers wrapped carefully around the base of Bakugou’s shaft. He held his breath.

After a moment of torturous anticipation, Midoriya gave two slow pumps. Bakugou exhaled shakily, biting the inside of his cheek at the euphoria rushing over him.

Midoriya looked up at him again, his face ironically innocent as he continued his hand’s gentle sliding motions. He increased the pressure ever so slightly before relaxing it again, building him up but not with nearly enough friction to fully satisfy. His hands ghosted up toward the head and his thumb traced over the tip to catch a drip of precum leaking from the slit. Midoriya’s teeth dug into his bottom lip, making Bakugou’s heart thud even more out of control.

Fuck, was he trying to kill him?

“Hah… I didn’t take you as— ngh… such a goddamn tease, Deku,” Bakugou panted, trying to maintain some composure in his voice.

“I’m not trying to tease you,” he replied simply. Then his eyes drifted back to his task with a gleam of determination. "I just want to do this right.” With that, he tightened his grip and Bakugou had to swallow a moan.

Midoriya leaned in closer. “Can I use my mouth?”

“Oh my god,” Bakugou choked.

Yeah, he was definitely trying to kill him. Bastard.

He felt Midoriya’s breath as he laughed, hand still stroking. “Is that a yes?”

“Fucking— yes, just stop… ah... fucking around already!”

“Alright, alright,” Midoriya resigned, laughing quietly to himself again. He paused for another torturous moment. Bakugou was about to drag him up by his collar so he could tease the shit out of him back until he felt him press a slow kiss to the tip of his cock.

Bakugou groaned, low and hoarse. Then Midoriya was pressing open-mouthed kisses down the underside of the shaft, sucking gently as he went. He took his time, seeming to savor each of Bakugou’s wordless reactions to his touch. When he reached the base, he licked a slow trail all the way back up with the flat of his tongue. Bakugou swore, his hips bucking involuntarily.

There was another softer kiss to the tip, then Midoriya’s lips parted as drew him into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the head before giving it a hard suck, and Bakugou moaned, burying his fingers into the thick curls of Midoriya’s hair.

Midoriya hummed at his reaction, taking him in a little further before drawing back completely and meeting his eyes again, one hand still happily pumping away.

“You like that?” he echoed Bakugou’s earlier taunt.

“Deku, I swear to god, I’m going to kill you,” he hissed behind clenched teeth.

“No you’re not,” Midoriya said. Then he took Bakugou’s length back into his mouth and began to gently bob his head, pulling him in further and further with each motion.

Bakugou’s fingers clenched into fists of their own volition and tugged hard at Midoriya’s hair. The drench and the heat of Midoriya’s mouth was so fucking good, the feeling completely swallowed him. He squeezed his eyes shut and grit his teeth as a pleasure-stained moan dragged out of his throat. Midoriya hummed and took him in a little further, obviously satisfied with the effect he was having on him. He hollowed his cheeks, sucking more enthusiastically at Bakugou’s sensitive flesh.

Holy shit,” Bakugou gasped, knees buckling slightly. He freed one hand from Midoriya’s hair to brace himself against the wall, head falling forward and panting with shaky breaths. Bakugou’s eyes creaked back open when Midoriya’s left hand slid up the inside of his thigh, squeezing the muscle soothingly when he reached the junction of his hip. The touch stabilized him somehow, so he decided to focus on that rather than letting his thoughts become overwhelmed by the addicting wet heat that surrounded him. That was easier said than done though. Midoriya was merciless, barely giving Bakugou time to breathe or even think.

Suddenly, Midoriya drew off him completely with a pop from the released suction, one hand still wrapped around the base. Bakugou looked down and found that Midoriya was murmuring under his breath.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, but he was sort of glad for the break so he could finally breathe again and get some much-needed blood back into his brain.

“Oi, you alright down there?” he panted, knocking lightly on Midoriya’s skull to get his attention.

Midoriya startled. “What? Oh, sorry, I was wondering if I could try something…”

Before Bakugou could ask what, Midoriya was drawing him back into his mouth again, and Bakugou watched with wide eyes as Midoriya’s kiss-bitten lips stretched into a perfect ‘o’ around his cock and kept going. He sank deeper and deeper before he felt himself glance the back of Midoriya’s throat, and it took every ounce of his self control not to buck his hips.

A-ah…! Fuck ...” Bakugou sputtered, his fingers digging hard into Midoriya’s scalp.

Bakugou couldn’t help but stare in absolute awe, his brain still not entirely caught up with his body. He felt himself hit the back of Midoriya’s throat with each bob of his head, and the sensation dragged him so close to the edge that he had to stuff a fist in his own mouth and rip his eyes away to keep from coming right there.

Thankfully, Midoriya couldn’t maintain taking him in that far for very long. He pulled back a bit, but still kept that same pace with his hand, timing the movements with those of his mouth. Bakugou exhaled hard, trying to keep some composure as he looked down at Midoriya again.

Dark eyelashes fanned over his freckled cheeks, his brow furrowed in concentration on his task. The sight made his chest ache. Before Bakugou even realized what he was doing, he reached down and brushed back the stray curls that hung over his eyes. Midoriya hummed, leaning slightly into Bakugou’s touch.

After a moment, Midoriya pulled off again to catch his breath, wiping the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand as he looked up at Bakugou with those huge goddamn eyes of his, dark with too many emotions to even try to pick apart.

Bakugou couldn’t breathe. He actually couldn’t breathe. Midoriya was… He was so

He was so fucking beautiful.

The next thing he knew, Bakugou was dragging Midoriya up by the collar of his shirt and pulling him into a hot, desperate kiss. Midoriya let out a surprised yelp into his mouth and their tongues slid together automatically. Bakugou ran his hands under Midoriya’s shirt and scraped at the heated skin, dug his fingers into the hard muscles of Midoriya’s back. He needed him closer , as close as was physically possible.

Bakugou broke the kiss, their breaths mingling in the small space between their bodies. His hands drifted down until they stopped at Midoriya’s waistband again.

“You got your turn,” Bakugou rasped. “Now let me touch you.” His tone was more of a question rather than an actual demand. Midoriya had stopped his advances earlier, so he knew better this time to ask first.

He couldn’t let himself fuck this up. Not now.

Midoriya was panting, his eyes glazed over yet still so alert, so focused on him. He took Bakugou’s wrist and guided his hand under the fabric of his boxers.

Yes,” Midoriya breathed, and Bakugou huffed out a sigh of relief. He angled his head and kissed Midoriya again, taking his time to make it real fuckin’ thorough. Then he pulled back and allowed his eyes to wander downward as he carefully grasped Midoriya’s erection. At the touch, Midoriya huffed, his hand tensing its grip on Bakugou’s wrist. He gave a slow pump, using the precome dripping from the head of his erection to ease the slide.

Midoriya’s frame curled closer around him. He kissed sensually at the junction of Bakugou’s neck and shoulder and, despite being on the giving end of pleasure at the moment, Bakugou shivered. Midoriya was so damn responsive, he couldn’t even understand it.

Bakugou tightened his fingers, increasing the pressure in an effort to make Midoriya turn to jelly in his arms.

“Mmm , that feels good…” he murmured, kissing Bakugou’s neck. Jesus, how did Midoriya sound so fucking hot right now, what the fuck. He was almost tempted to take Midoriya with his mouth to really make him fall apart, but he could think of better things to do with his lips...

His left hand crawled up Midoriya’s side and dug into his hair before pulling slightly to coax his neck to arch. Bakugou kissed at Midoriya’s collarbone, leaving little nips as he made his way up the neck to the underside of his jaw, sucking and pulling at the skin.

He felt the vibrations from Midoriya’s throat when he hummed his approval, Bakugou’s other hand never ceasing its movements on Midoriya’s cock. He would tighten his grip each time he slid closer to the head before relaxing it on the way down, building up the pace slowly just as Midoriya had done to him. On one upstroke, Bakugou stilled his motions to run the pad of his thumb over the tip.

Kacchan,” Midoriya moaned. He buried his fingers into Bakugou’s hair and pulled him in close, pressing their foreheads together.

Oh, god . How many times had he heard that word in his lifetime? But hell, hearing his childhood name, rough and low out of Midoriya’s mouth as he was coming apart under Bakugou’s touch… he felt like his chest was going to fucking explode.

“Say it again,” he rasped, twisting his wrist. He hardly recognized his own voice. It was demanding and pleading all at once.

Midoriya shivered, his grip on Bakugou’s hair tightening. “Kacchan…

Bakugou could practically hear his hindbrain purr. Why the hell did that affect him so much? He tried not to read into it, ignoring the voice in the back of his mind that wanted to ask him to say it a third time.

“That’s it,” Bakugou whispered instead, encouraging. He pressed a wet kiss at the skin under Midoriya’s ear.

Midoriya hummed, but toward the end of his breath it morphed into another quiet moan. His hips rocked into Bakugou’s hand, silently asking him to quicken his pace. Bakugou obliged with devious grin before ducking down to suck at Midoriya’s pulse point, his head tipping back to allow him access. When Bakugou drew back again, he saw Midoriya’s face contorted in pleasure, his mouth open, his breaths shaky and deep. Bakugou unwittingly took a million mental pictures of the sight. Suddenly, he wanted to see that face fall apart completely, hear the sounds he would make when he finally spilled over his hand...

“Come on, Deku,” Bakugou growled. “Come for me.”

Midoriya’s eyes opened lazily, a barely-there smile spreading across his face as he reached between Bakugou’s legs, one hand dragging up the inside of his thigh before gripping his length. Bakugou inhaled sharply with a hiss, feeling himself twitch just at that one touch.

“Only if… you do too,” Midoriya panted. And Bakugou grinned.

They worked each other at a devastating pace, Bakugou slightly faster than Midoriya to exact revenge for all the fucking teasing from before. Their mouths occasionally met for a breathless kiss, pants and moans and growls filling the space between them. Bakugou felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge, but he was determined to hold out as long as possible, make this last. Fuck, he never wanted it to end. He also maybe possibly wanted to prove that he had more stamina than Midoriya because dammit he was not going to let himself get beat, especially at this.

Suddenly Midoriya’s panting became deeper, more focused.

Mm fuck... I’m close…” he murmured.

Bakugou bit his lip. He definitely did not expect Midoriya cursing to be that hot.

“Then do it. I wanna see your face when you come,” Bakugou said, tightening his grip. He twisted his wrist as he stroked and Midoriya clutched at him with his free hand.

Kacchan… oh … ohmygod,” Midoriya gasped, and then Bakugou felt hot splashes of come on his hand.

Finally .

Midoriya broke into an expression of pained ecstasy, eyes squeezed shut, furious blush in his cheeks, mouth open as a staccato moan left his throat. Bakugou drank in the sight greedily. He was the one that had made Midoriya this look this way, feel this way. It was so fucking satisfying.

Midoriya’s hand had slowed to a stop on Bakugou’s length though it all, but as he shivered through the tail end of his orgasm he picked up the pace again, that same determined look on his face from before. Bakugou gasped and grit his teeth at the feeling. Midoriya leaned forward and kissed him, hot and kind of sloppy but very, very welcome. He was so close, he just needed Midoriya to keep up the pace a little longer, just like that...

Finally, Bakugou let himself tip over the edge, breaking the kiss and burying his face into Midoriya’s shoulder as he came. He gasped and groaned as his cock spilled in Midoriya’s hand, waves of white-hot heat flashing behind his eyelids and licking down his limbs. Midoriya coaxed him through his orgasm, slowing down but never ceasing his movements even as he shuddered through the aftershocks. He heard Midoriya whisper his name, reverent.

After a long moment, their death-grip on each other loosened into more of a tight embrace. Midoriya’s free hand ran soothingly through Bakugou’s hair. Bakugou huffed and tried to slow his breathing as they cooled down. Fuck, he’d come so hard his ears were ringing.

When he’d finally relaxed enough to take in air like a normal human being, he felt a kiss on his temple before Midoriya gently untangled himself from Bakugou’s arms and padded away. Bakugou blearily opened his eyes and heard the sound of running water from the kitchen. A minute later Midoriya returned with his pants back on and a damp washcloth. He started wiping it over Bakugou’s soiled hands with methodical motions. The gesture was actually really damn thoughtful, exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from Midoriya. Not that he’d ever say that out loud. Still, he made a mental note to himself not to take shit like that for granted.

“Thanks,” Bakugou murmured. At least he could say that, finally.

Midoriya glanced up at him for a second, mouth quirked into a smile. “You’re welcome.”

Once he was done, Midoriya brought the washcloth back to the kitchen and returned to find Bakugou dressed again, sprawled lazily across the couch. He paused and fidgeted, seeming unsure of what to do next. Granted, they really didn’t have any kind of protocol for this sort of thing yet.

Bakugou sighed. “C’mere, nerd,” he said, raising his arm in invitation. Midoriya smiled and obliged. He settled himself belly-down across his chest and Bakugou immediately brought a hand up to bury his fingers into his hair, their legs tangling together.

It was quiet for a long while. Bakugou started dozing off, ready to fall asleep there with the heat of Midoriya’s body pressed against him. He felt Midoriya nuzzle his cheek further into his chest and let out a long, satisfied sigh, making Bakugou’s heart lurch again for the millionth time that night. He held Midoriya a little tighter and ducked his chin down so he could press a kiss to the top of his head.



“You know, you’re really sweet when you want to be.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and smacked the back of Midoriya’s shoulder. “Shut up.”

Midoriya smacked him back. “Come on. It’s a good thing, idiot.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever Deku.”

Midoriya chuckled. He turned his head so he could kiss Bakugou’s chest before resting his chin on it. He eyed Bakugou knowingly.

“What?” Bakugou asked, his voice low from drowsiness.

“You like it when I say your name, right? I’ll have to remember that for next time.”

Bakugou glared daggers into him. “I’m going to drop-kick you off this couch.”

Midoriya snorted. “No you’re not.” Then he grinned and shifted his body up so he could peck Bakugou on the mouth. A smile threatened to crack Bakugou’s angry stare, but he resisted. So Midoriya did it again; once, twice, and the third time the kiss turned into something deeper, coaxing. Bakugou had to give in after that, clutching the back of Midoriya’s head to pull him closer.

Their lips broke apart with a quiet, but very satisfying little noise. He ran his fingers up and down Midoriya’s back.

“In all seriousness, Kacchan, thank you.”

Bakugou scoffed. “For what?”

“For doing that with me.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes again. “You don’t have to thank me for getting you off, moron. If anything I should be thanking you for that fuckin’ stunt you pulled when you were giving me head.”

Midoriya’s eyes widened for a brief second, then his brow furrowed. He was quiet far too long for Bakugou’s liking.

“Oh my god, WHAT? ” Bakugou demanded.

“I can’t tell if you’re messing with me or if that was a genuine compliment.”

Bakugou tugged on his hair, teasing. “You figure it out.”

Midoriya chuckled and pressed his forehead against Bakugou’s chest. They fell asleep there eventually, tangled together on the couch. And Bakugou wouldn't have wanted it any other way.