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If You'll Show Me Yours

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Tony sets his glasses down on the desk, rubbing his eyes, trying to get them to uncross. Finally, he was done preparing his exams, and just in time because he was just about ready to just pass everyone to get it over with. He leans back in his chair, sighing as he massages his shoulder, feeling stiff all over, trying to remember why he still loves his job.

He moves over to the couch, propping his feet up as he flips open his laptop with a small smile. He types in a familiar address and is immediately welcomes with a relaxing sight. He types in a few choice words and is given a page full of preview images to scroll through, each changing every few seconds to update. He recognizes some of the names and he almost clicks on one of them until he sees something that catches his eye.

What was just an image of a smooth, toned chest had updated and the sight had Tony licking his lips- A pretty pink cock in a pair of lacy, white panties. It's a closed show and there's only one spot left to view, so he doesn't hesitate to click the link, not caring what the per-minute price is. It takes a moment for the video to buffer, but by the time he does, the boy's turned around, revealing a tiny bow on the back of the lingerie, hand rubbing his ass through the underwear and Tony is already groaning.

Tony watches as he slips a hand inside, rubbing it over his crack before he bends forward, one hand sliding the panties to the side while the other digs its fingers into his cheek, spreading himself open, exposing his smooth, tight hole. Tony's already got his hand on the front of his pants, rubbing his growing erection with a soft groan.

“Hi, guys!” With the entry to the show locked after Tony's entrance, the boy greets his eager audience as they type away in the comment box on the side. He turns around, running a finger over over the tip of his cock and when it twitches a little, so does Tony's.

Tony stands, dropping his pants and briefs to the floor, wanting to be comfortable by the time the performance gets started for real. He checks the corner of the website as he strokes himself slowly, smiling when he sees the icons that indicate that the boy takes requests and allows for one-on-one shows for a price that Tony thinks is definitely reasonable.

“I see we have a few new people tonight.” The boy steps back from the computer, smiling coyly at the screen as he sits on the edge of the bed and Tony's eyes widen as he slams his computer shut with a loud snap, shoving the computer off of his lap like it's suddenly on fire.

Oh fuck.

He knows that kid.

That kid is one of his students..

A perfectly legal nineteen year old student..

Tony runs a hand through his hair as he considers his options. As long as he stays professional at school, Peter will never know he's watching, right? As long as he stays anonymous, it should be okay.. At least that's what he tells himself as he slowly opens the computer again, pressing a button before the show is back on the screen. In the time he'd been gone, Peter had pushed the panties down, exposing his perfect little cock, stroking is softly as he converses with the small group.

“Welcome back, IronMan.. I thought we lost you for a minute.” Peter smiles as he reads the alert that Tony's back and for some reason, he feels like he owes the kid an explanation.

IronMan: Sorry, computer glitch.

Peter simple smiles, biting his lip a little and Tony's hand is back on his dick with only a tiny pang of guilt as he shivers.

“So, what do you want to see tonight?” Peter played with himself as the chat went wild with everything from a simple jerk off request to incredibly explicit things that they wanted to do to him. It's not a large group, only ten people, and most of the men are clearly regulars, referring to things that they like that he's done in the past with their requests.

Tony wants to see all of it, so he doesn't say anything until Peter calls him out.

“You're awfully quiet, IronMan..” He licks his lips. “What do you want?”

Maybe it's because he's new and Peter wants to make sure he stays interested, or maybe the universe is just torturing him. Either way, he finds himself typing without even realizing.

IronMan: I want to see you finger yourself open.

When Peter grins and turns around, he starts to push the panties down, but Tony types again.

IronMan: Keep the panties on.

“Yes, sir.” Peter smiles wider as he tugs them back up into place as he bends forward, resting his shoulders on the bed, ass on display and fuck, it goes right to his dick when Peter calls him 'sir'.

Peter reaches up from between his legs, fingers slipping under the lace to massage the outside of his hole. “Is this how you like it?” He teases as the tip of his finger starts to slide inside, the view only barely obstructed by the sheer fabric.

IronMan: Yes.

The boy keeps pushing forward and he lets out a soft moan as his finger disappears completely before pulling it out and back in again. He pulls back again, running his palm across his balls with a small groan before sliding the underwear to the side, letting them slip out of the restrictive garment.

Tony's not sure he's ever seen such a pretty sack, hell he didn't think there was such a thing, but Peter's is soft and smooth and pale and god, it's perfect and he wants his mouth on it. He spends a few more moments gently rubbing himself, hands stroking up and down his inner thighs, kneading his ass and just generally teasing his audience before he sits up, reaching for a squirt bottle of lubricant.

He coats his fingers, this time sitting propped up on his knees as he reaches around the back, sliding past the delicate bow, whining a little as he pushes two fingers inside of himself. He twists his upper body so that the viewers can watch as he tweaks a nipple with his other hand, lips parting with a heavy sigh and the lighting is just good enough that Tony can see the blush spreading across his cheeks.

Before long, Peter is rocking back against his hand, making all sorts of sweet noises, groaning a little as he removes his fingers, spreading his cheeks to show them all how open he is, his hole fluttering as it slowly contracts.

Tony's jerking himself in earnest now, imagining how badly he wants to come on Peter's ass, smearing it around with his cock before pushing it back into him, fucking him until he's so sensitive he can't stand it.

When Peter moves over to the screen, adjusting it downward, Tony is a little disappointed with the view until he drops into view holding a long, thick dildo, licking the base before sticking the suction cup to the side of his desk. Peter looks up into the camera with a small smile as he kisses the tip and fuck, it's the perfect angle for Tony to imagine that Peter is sucking him off as he wraps his lips around the peach-colored toy.

Tony smears the leaking pre-come around his dick, watching Peter intently as he takes the dildo into his mouth, closing his eyes as his mouth falls out of frame. When he pulls back, it's shiny and wet and as Peter adjusts the camera, Tony realizes just how long it really is. He fists himself faster as Peter takes it down again, all the way to the base without gagging and he's as impressed as he is turned on.

Peter slides the dick out of his mouth, using his hand to angle it upward, resting it against his face as he catches his breath, rubbing it over his cheek, spreading his own saliva across his skin.

“Do you wanna fuck me?” Peter asks as he looks up at the camera, his brown eyes dark and heavy, cheeks and ears flushed, lips wet and reddened- He looks too good to be true. The chat blows up and Tony can't help but join in because yes, he wants to fuck Peter.

IronMan: More than I've ever wanted anything.

Peter reaches up to adjust the zoom on the camera, widening so that they can see more of the room and Jesus Christ, his physics book is sitting right there on the desk as if Tony needed a reminder that he's watching a goddamned student of his.

Before he can beat himself up too much, Peter tightens the view, angling it so that the base of the dildo and the desk are cut off, reaching behind himself to tug the panties just far enough out of the way to line the toy up with his ass. He drizzles lube onto his as and backs up, the fake cock sliding between his cheeks, spreading the liquid before he grabs it, holding it still as he pushes back.

Peter's still so tight it doesn't breach him at first, but when it does, Peter's hole sucks it in eagerly. His hands are holding his cheeks open, so Tony can see every millimeter as it slides in, every tug and twitch of the boy's soft skin and he tightens the grip on his own aching hard-on to mimic how tight he imagines that perfect ass must be.

Peter arches his back as he settles all the way back, gasping at the fullness. He stays with the dick buried deep in his ass as he rolls his hips in little circles, letting out a shameless moan, fingers gripping the edge of the desk so tight his knuckles are white.

“You feel so good..” He peers over his shoulder and into the lens. “So big..” He whines as he moves almost all the way off before slamming his hips back in a single hard, fast motion. “Fuc-” His curse is cut off with a whimper as he lets his head fall back.

Tony can't rip his eyes away as Peter fucks himself on the toy, moaning filthy, raunchy things with complete abandon. He's not going to last much longer..

“Want you to come in me..” Peter groans as he picks up the pace and the camera shakes from the motion of the desk being moved. “Please, come inside me..”

IronMan: Call me daddy.

Peter reaches back to separate the dildo from the desk, tugging the underwear back into place to keep it in him as he turns to grab the camera and Tony thinks his message must not have been seen. Peter drops down onto the bed on his back, holding the camera above him with one hand while the other reaches into his panties to stroke himself.

“I'm so close..” He moans as he jerks himself off, chest flushes and heaving. “Please, can I come?” The chat goes wild and he begs again. “Please, daddy..”

Tony's orgasm hits him before he can even begin to think about pulling away, come streaking across his laptop keyboard and all over his screen. All over Peter..

Peter comes while Tony is still riding out his spasms, milking himself as the boy moves the camera closer to his cock, showing him the come seeping through the lace, wetting the fabric until it's completely see through. When he's done, Peter brings the camera back up to his face and if Tony hadn't just come, that sight alone would have done it for him.

“I hope you guys had fun..” He voice is breathy as he sits up, moving back over to stand in front of the desk, biting his lip coyly as he addresses the crowd. “I'll see you next Wednesday. The auction clock as already started, so if you want these..” He uses his finger to smear the come across the lace. “Put in your bid.”

Tony watches as the bids tick higher and higher, but the number he's focused on is the “2” in the corner signifying the open one-on-one sessions Peter has available for the following week. He clicks hastily, not sure how quickly they sell out and it's only a moment before he gets an alert for a private message coming through.

Prodigy: Did you have fun, daddy?

Tony groans. How the hell is he supposed to look Peter in the eye after this?

IronMan: You have no idea.

Prodigy: I'm glad to hear it. I can't wait for our one-on-one.

Peter sends him a link to his calendar so that he can pick a time that works for both of them. He chooses Monday evening, the earliest available time and he has trouble convincing himself that he's not desperate.

Prodigy: Do you have any special requests?

IronMan: Can I send you something to wear?

Prodigy: Of course. Do I get to know what it is or is it a surprise?

IronMan: You'll see when it get there.

Tony already has another tab open, searching for just the right thing.. When he finds it, he chooses the overnight shipping even though it's twice as expensive as the item itself.