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Dreaming About You

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Majima's gloved hands wandered on Kiryu's half-exposed body. He palmed at his tensed abdomen and Kiryu gasped. Majima let out a laugh at that – a breathy sound that echoed in Kiryu's ears in an exhilarating manner. He said something, but Kiryu couldn't make out the words coming out of his mouth. Majima didn't seem to care – he squeezed at the front of Kiryu's tented pants, making the younger man let out a hiss. Kiryu wanted to do something about the situation he somehow found himself in – the situation that somehow felt so right. But Majima's hand pressed hard against his crotch and his lips pressed on his -  so forceful – seemed to steal him of his strength-  

Kiryu woke up with a jolt. He felt disoriented, staring at the ceiling of the cramped room he currently resided in. He had to blink, slowly, before he realized what was going on. 

A dream, huh

Consider how much of his time Kiryu spent pounding Majima in the ground with his fists, it was no wonder the man was forcing his way in his dreams too. Honestly, Kiryu was more surprised it hadn't happened before with how persistently the older man followed him around, looking to fight him. 


What the hell kind of dream was that supposed to be? 

The events of his dream flashed through Kiryu's mind. Suddenly, he could feel it very clearly – the way Majima had touched him, the way his cock had throbbed against the older man's gloved hand. 

The way his lips had felt against Kiryu's. 


Kiryu was now painfully aware of the persistent way his dick pressed at the front of his boxers. He closed his eyes. His eyebrows knit together when he couldn't shake off the snippets from his dream, assaulting his brain and going straight to his cock. He sighed in resignation, moving a hand to attend his aching erection. 

Even when he tried his best to keep his thoughts off  Majima, the other always found a way to his pleasure hazed mind. 

Kiryu really hoped coming to the thought of Majima jerking him off instead of himself wasn't going to make their next fight too awkward. 






Walking around the busy streets of Kamurocho was an ordeal as usual to Kiryu Kazuma. Some punks followed him around, wanting to get their ass kicked. Of course, they weren't near as annoying after Kiryu had smashed their faces in which a nearby motorcycle.  

He ran into three separate people being harassed. All three of them thanked him after he had polished the ground with the street thugs (who really should get something better to occupy their time with), and Kiryu now carried a gold plate, a swiss watch and a battered energy drink in his pocket. From which two were absolutely useless to him.  

A homeless man told Kiryu that he was cold, and that he could use a new jacket. Kiryu couldn't make any promises, but he'd keep an eye out for one. 

Getting anywhere around this town was near impossible with all the interruptions Kiryu had.  

And the only interruption missing from his usual ones was – from which Kiryu was grateful for – was--  


Hold up

Was that.... 

Kiryu stopped on his tracks when he noticed the large traffic cone in the side of the road. He watched the unnatural way it shook, and he felt his eyebrows draw together. He sighed. 

He could just. He could just walk past. No, that's exactly what he should do. Kiryu was ready to walk away from the cone, and he took a step forward. 

"Wait, fuck", Kiryu heard a muffled, familiar voice from the traffic cone. 


Kiryu still very much wanted to walk away. And he still could have, though Majima would most definitely come after him.  

It would probably be less bother to deal with the Mad Dog before he'd need to run away from him. 

Kiryu watched quietly in place as Majima managed to – with some trouble – appear from the big traffic cone.  

"You weren't tryinna sneak past me, were ya?"  

Kiryu's eyes scanned over the other's body. He saw what was exposed of Majima's torso twist with his movements, and he felt... weird. His stomach twisted in a strange way, and he could feel his fists besides his body. He realized, for the better or worse, that he needed to stop... looking.  

"The eye's up here, Kiryu-chan." 

Kiryu could feel his face flush, and he quickly lifted his eyes to meet the one Majima had left. He could see the other was, amused. Shit. From all his encounters with the older man, this was already the worst one Kiryu had had. 

"Sorry... I got lost in thought", Kiryu said. He gulped, when the other arched his dark eyebrow with a grin. Kiryu hoped he managed to keep a straight face. 

"Can't say there ain't a lot to get lost in", Majima said, gesturing to his lean body. He blinked conspicuously, and Kiryu had to wonder if it was intended to be a wink. Kiryu felt hot and he had to force himself to not look away from the other. 

"What do you want, Majima-san?" Kiryu asked even though he already knew what Majima wanted. He always wanted the same thing; that's why he kept coming up with these obnoxious ways to surprise him. 

"You hafta ask?" Majima barked a laugh. "Ya took yer sweet time findin' me an' my body's all stiff from bein' there so long", he said, stretching his arms high above his head and keeping his eye on Kiryu. "A good li'l fight with ya should warm me up nicely, don'tcha think?"  

Kiryu watched the other take a fighting stance and his body stopped momentarily. He didn't think he had too many choices. He raised his fists, ready to clash them with Majima's.  

When Kiryu's knuckles met wherever he managed to hit with them Kiryu couldn't really focus to make any actual damage. Snippets of his dream came into his mind every time the two were close enough for physical contact – meaning, he could hardly stop thinking about it. Just looking at Majima's gloved hands reminded him of the pleasure they had made him feel in his dream. And worse than that, in his imagination, right after. 

Cursing under his breath, Kiryu managed to successfully block a bat – when did he take that out? - coming for his face with his arms. 

This was not going well. 






Kiryu had to lean against a nearby building when he finally took the Mad Dog down. It had taken more effort than usual, and not only because the older man was holding back his strength less and less with every fight they fought. 

Majima was breathing heavily on the ground. Kiryu looked over at him, busy catching his own breath. He could see Majima frown at the grey sky hanging over their heads. 

"The fuck's wrong with you?" 

Majima sat up, looking at Kiryu with a displeased face. 

"I know yer out of shape but shit, man." 

Kiryu shrugged, trying his hardest not to avert his eyes from Majima's. 

"Sorry. Had my mind on something else", Kiryu frowned, not knowing why he felt necessary to apologize. 

Majima clicked his tongue, not trying to hide his irritation in the slightest. 

"When I'm fighting ya", Majima started, getting on his feet with one, fluid movement, "I expect yer full attention 'n' nothin' less." 

Majima was was close, too close for Kiryu's comfort all the sudden. His words were a low growl when he stood in front of Kiryu, slightly taller, trapping him between himself and the wall behind him. Kiryu said nothing – his eyes dropped to peak at the older man's lips. Suddenly, his throat felt very dry. 

Majima let out a loud sigh; Kiryu could smell the tobacco in his breath. 

"Fightin' ya's never a waste of time but try to make it worth my while, will ya?" 

Kiryu nodded, quiet. With the other's body so close to him, he was distracted in the worst of ways. 

"Get your head outta yer ass next time, Kiryu-chan", Majima patted Kiryu's cheek with a leather-clad hand. 

With that, Majima was off. Kiryu watched him walk down the street, whistling and dragging the bat that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere during their brawl with him. 

Unconsciously, Kiryu raised his hand to where Majima's had been only moments before. A warmth spread on his cheek, and a confused scowl came upon his features. 

He really should get on with his day, now when that's gotten over with. Hopefully, by their next fight, Kiryu's dream would be long forgotten. 






Kiryu  leaned against a wall of a narrow alley. He could hear people talk in the distance, blurred out and echoing without actually managing to hear the words they were speaking. It was irrelevant. In this moment, all that mattered to  Kiryu  was the-- 

"Fuck", he hissed between his teeth. His hands clenched harder in the black hair as he looked down, seeing his hard cock disappear in the other's warm mouth. He watched his cock slide slowly out of the mouth in a way that made him gasp. 

" Ya  like that,  Kiryu-chan ?" 

Kiryu  felt frustrated when  Majima  licked along his length, not taking him back in his mouth. His fingers tangled in his hair that was becoming a mess, and he let out a moan as the older man  nibbled  softly at the head of his hard, leaking dick. His hands clenched again, pulling the other's hair when he felt teeth.  Kiryu  looked down, alert. 

" Don't... do that again." 

Majima  kissed where he had let his teeth graze  Kiryu's  skin. 

"Aww,  you can't say  ya  weren't into it",  Majima  said with a grin that  Kiryu , for the first time, found attractive. 

Still, he looked down at the man on his knees with a stern face. 

"Geez, I got it." 

A tongue darted out to lick at the precum leaking form  Kiryu's  hard cock.  Kiryu's  hips jumped at the sensation, and he felt himself  twitch  against the other's tongue.  Majima  gave the head of his dick a kiss before he took him back into his mouth. 

Kiryu  moaned again, breathless.  Majima's  mouth sucked hard on the head of his erection. It was hot, wonderfully so, and yet  Kiryu  craved more of the  breath-taking  sensation of it. 

" Majima -san... d-deeper",  Kiryu  breathed out, his voice almost pleading. 

Majima  paused, taking  Kiryu's  hardness out of his mouth for a moment.  

"If  ya  want  somethin' you should just take it,  y'know ." 

When he went back to sucking him off,  Kiryu  did just that. He pulled, softly first,  Majima  closer, thrusting deeper into his tight throat. He had to bite down a choked sound when he felt the older man swallow around him, making his cock throb.  

Kiryu  fucked  Majima's  throat with slow, hard thrusts, and  Majima  seemed to appreciate it, if his muffled moans and gasps were of any indication. 

The fact that  Majima  looked like he enjoyed getting his throat fucked sore on a public alleyway – combined with the  way  his hot, wet throat felt around him – made  Kiryu  come cock buried inside of him, a low  groan  leaving his lips. 

" Ain't  nothin' better than a guy takin' what he wants",  Majima  said, sounding oddly satisfied. 

Kiryu  looked down at the other. 

"You're hard", he noticed himself saying out loud. 

Majima  sat back, spreading his legs and shooting  Kiryu  a challenging smirk. 

"Then come down here 'n' do  somethin' about it." 

Kiryu  descended to his knees, joining the other, and--- 

When Kiryu woke up, he squinted at the ceiling of the backroom of Serena. He tried to kill the bang of disappointment he could feel for not getting to finish his dream. He could also feel the urgency of his cock standing stiff against the fabric of his pants. 

Grudgingly, Kiryu reached to tend to his erection. 

Seeing more than one wet dream of a person – and Majima, from all the people – probably couldn't mean anything good. 

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Kiryu stood behind Serena, a cigarette between his lips. The smoke in his lungs calmed him down, grounded him if only for a moment, and it gave him time to clear his head. 

Lately, he had been awfully distracted. He could feel his face pull into a frown when he thought about it again – the way Majima's convulsing throat had felt around his cock. His face felt hot, and he sucked in another lungful of smoke.  

How long had Kiryu known Majima? When he thought about it, it had probably been over fifteen years. He could remember it; it hadn't been too long after the incident concerning the Empty Lot. It had been so many years ago. Kiryu felt like an eternity had passed since then. 

So. That made Kiryu wonder. Why was it that he was now seeing these dreams? It wasn't like the two had only just met. Though they hadn't quite fought in the past like they constantly did now. And, it hadn't been too long since Kiryu's release.  

Maybe... Maybe it was just the fact that Majima was the only one Kiryu had had any proper physical contact after getting out. The only one whom with Kiryu also interacted outside of fighting. And it had been a long time since Kiryu had... blown off some steam. He hadn't been able to do so in jail after all, so maybe it couldn't be helped that he was going to have those kinds of dreams. Maybe it was logical it was Majima he dreamed about, when the man had basically made it his personal mission to appear from the most unconventional places, just to fight him. And sometimes they didn't even fight; on an occasion or two Kiryu had tried to spend a calm moment to himself only to run into Majima and ending up playing a game of darts with him. 

Like one would on a date, he supposed. 

Kiryu took his cigarette, putting it out on the handrail he had been leaning on with his elbows. Where the hell did the word date come into his mind? A knot formed into his stomach and the more he dwelled into it, the tighter the knot became.  


Kiryu hadn't heard Haruka open the door. He turned to look at the small figure peaking from the half-opened door.  

"Haruka. You're awake", Kiryu started, glad to have the train of his thoughts so abruptly derailed. 

"Date-san came back." 

"Oh", Kiryu remembered the man had had some business with the Florist. He hoped Date's visit had gone smoothly, and hopefully he'd have some new information about Mizuki's or Yumi's possible whereabouts. "Got it. I'll be inside in a minute." 

Kiryu didn't move. He knew he'd need to get in, but he liked the moment of peace before he had to try to piece together the mystery surrounding the two women and the stolen ten billion yen. Haruka didn't move either. The girl looked like she had something on her mind, like she wanted to say something. Kiryu stayed quiet, waiting for Haruka to speak her mind. He wasn't sure if she expected him to say something. 

Finally, she spoke out, if a tad shyly. 

"Mister, are you okay?" 

Kiryu stared at her for a moment. The question threw him off – what a curious thing to ask him, considering the situation they were in.   

"Yeah", he finally said. "Sorry for worrying you." 

Haruka shook her small head, her short brown hair swaying with the movement. She looked like she was thinking hard about something, but Kiryu didn't stop to ask. 

"Let's go in", he said, bracing himself to hear whatever it was that Date had been able to find out. 






Kiryu walked around the town, feeling defeated. This whole time he had spent back in town had forced him to feel powerless again and again, and he was starting to get tired of the feeling. The cool December air sent a chill to his body.  

Date hadn't been able to find out anything of help, and the situation was starting to weigh down at Kiryu. He walked aimlessly around town, barely even noticing all the people who he had to beat up just to get his peaceful walk.  

He should really get back to Serena, Kiryu thought, turning to walk through Tenkaichi Alley. He couldn't help but intervene upon seeing a group of young men gang up on some lady. After he bashed a trash can over their heads and kicked them in the face, the lady, grateful, gave him a stun gun. Kiryu wondered, as he walked towards the Tenkaichi street, why the people he had to help out never used these stun guns they seemed to have for no apparent reason. 

He started to make his way to the convenience store – he could bring something to eat with him to Haruka – when a man shoved pocket tissues to his hands.  

Getting some peace was impossible in this town. 

Entering the Poppo, Kiryu picked some bento boxes he could bring back with him. He paid for his purchases, when the cashier asked him. 

"Would ya like it warmed up?" 


He probably meant the bento, Kiryu realized. Well, he could have one of them warmed up before returning to Serena.  

"Yeah, sure." 

"'S that so!? Then let's take it outside!" 

Kiryu only now turned to really look at the supposed cashier, and-- 


Of course it was. 

Kiryu hadn't met with the subject of his dreams since their last fight, that had barely been enough to sate Majima's seemingly endless hunger for fight. He should have expected him to appear, one way or another. But he still hadn't expected him to just – pop out at him like this in a convenience store. What had he done with the cashier? 

"I was gettin' so bored an' cold. But a fight with you would warm me right up, Kiryu-chan!" 

"If you're cold, put some clothes on for once. You don't need to fight me to... warm up." Kiryu didn't know why he paused, but he did. As usual, Majima's phrasing was weird, and all the other things Kiryu could do to 'warm him up' flashed through his mind. 


Kiryu could feel his body heat up in an uncomfortable way. Majima let out a disappointed sound. 

"But you said ya want it warm!" He changed his tone to a low purr that sent the hairs in Kiryu's nape stand. "So won't ya gimme some of that heat action already." 

Kiryu felt that he was sweating. Had. Had Majima always sounded so... So weirdly suggestive? Or was it just his dreams influencing him? 

This was getting ridiculous... 

"Fine. I'll... warm you up or whatever", Kiryu gave in. Majima raised an eyebrow and hummed. 

"What", Kiryu more said than asked. 

"Oh, nothin'", Majima said, jumping over the counter and making his way to the door. "Get yer ass out here already so ya can get me all nice 'n' warm, Kiryu-chan!" 

Kiryu stood in the store, trying not to think the things Majima's words brought to his mind. He shook his head, taking his bento boxes and following Majima outside.  

Kiryu just hoped the fight would go more smoothly, this time. 






It didn't. 

To Kiryu's avail, fighting Majima seemed even more difficult than last time. Now really wasn't the time to notice any of the things that Kiryu did, yet his mind rushed to make all these small connections. When Majima moved, his jacket moved with him – exposing just a little more of his bare torso, letting Kiryu sneak a peak of the front of his tattoo. When he managed to crush him to the ground with a bike, he noted how the sounds leaving the older man were awfully similar to the ones he made in his dreams.  

Kiryu got kicked in the face with those silver-toed shoes a few more times than he'd like to admit. Majima was awfully crafty when he had his legs spinning in the air, and it was hard not to get distracted. 

Their fights felt, more often than not, like dances. Not the slow-paced, romantic ones; they pushed and pushed each other and Majima made sure the pace was erratic and that it left them out of breath.  

And still, Kiryu was reminded of a dance.  

...That came to an abrupt stop when Kiryu successfully pinned the other against a wall and drove his fist right in the middle of his face with a loud crunch

That... couldn't be good. 

"Ow shit--!" 

Majima was too exhausted to fight against Kiryu's hold – just as Kiryu was too exhausted to keep him there if he'd try really try to struggle – but he brought his gloved hand to the bloody mess that was his nose.  

Kiryu felt compelled to apologize when the other looked at the blood that stuck on his black glove with a bizarre look of bafflement. 

"You broke my nose." 


"Does that mean ya like me, Kiryu-chan?" 

The sudden change in Majima's tone threw Kiryu off. His sole eye gleamed with many things and only few of them Kiryu recognized – delight, excitement and something dangerous that made Kiryu's skin crawl. 

Kiryu felt his breath come out in a short exhale. His heart was still beating hard from their fight and maybe from something else, and his clothes felt uncomfortably tight around his body.  

In one, short moment, every rational thought Kiryu had faded somewhere deep within. It was almost like he was watching someone else control his body, watching someone else grab a fistful on Majima's hair and smash their lips together so violently the other hit his head against the wall behind him. 

It was over as suddenly as it had started. Kiryu felt how hot his skin was, and he tasted blood on his lips.  

Majima let out a long whistle. 

"Well, look at that. Didn't know ya had it in ya." 

Majima was grinning – not his full grin that exposed all of his teeth and stretched his features and was more maniacal than a smile. His eye held something unreadable. Kiryu had to look away; all his rational thoughts seemed to return at once, and he quickly realized that he should not have done that. He took a step back, letting Majima free of his grip. He tried to ignore the way his senses screamed, the way he knew Majima was looking at him. 

"Did that... warm you up, Majima-san?" Kiryu tried to keep his voice level. 

"Haw?" Majima was still leaning against the wall, eyebrows momentarily knitting together in his confusion. "Oh, right", he muttered as he remembered what ridiculous trick he had used this time to get a fight out of his beloved Dragon of Dojima. 

Majima took a step towards Kiryu, and Kiryu felt trapped in the narrow side alley. 

"Dunno", he hummed with a smirk, blood still gushing out of his freshly broken nose. "I think I'd need somethin' a l'il more thorough to really get there." 

"No", Kiryu said strictly, swallowing. "I already gave you your fight." 

"Stingy", Majima said under his breath, visibly disappointed. Kiryu wondered if he'd need to fight him again – it was impossible to know what his next move would be. 

"But, yer right!"  

Majima said it so suddenly, Kiryu almost flinched. He let the older man close, let his lips graze the shell of his ear. 

"So ya better be ready for me the next time." 

Kiryu's breath stuck in his throat. 

"See ya 'round, Kiryu-chan!" 

Kiryu watched as Majima started walking away, ever so cheerfully. Suddenly, his dreams didn't seem all that detached from reality. 

He started to make his way to Serena, only to notice he had lost the bento boxes that got him into a fight in the first place.






"Fuck... harder,  Kiryu-chan —fuck me like  ya  mean it--"  

Majima  gasped under  Kiryu , and  Kiryu  could feel his heels dig into his back. The other was tight around his girth, and sweat drops rolled down his back with the heat that burned his body. He did as  Majima  told him, speeding his thrusts up into a frantic pace that made loud moans drop from  Majima's  lips, vibrating in  Kiryu's  ear with a deafening volume. 

The older man was loud – of course he was, of course  Majima  would be so loud, so unrestrained, so wild writhing against his body in pleasure.  Majima's  nails dragged at  Kiryu's back, eliciting a pained grunt out of the man. 

It wasn't unpleasant; quite the  contrary. The sharp pain in his back only worked to highlight  Kiryu's  own quickly building pleasure. 

Kiryu  liked looking at  Majima's  face when he fucked him.  Majima  was stripped to nothing else than the wild animal he was and would always be. Most of all, he looked like he needed  Kiryu  – needed him to fuck him harder, needed him to touch him, needed him to look at him. 

And  Kiryu  did. 

Majima's eye screwed shut with pleasure, and he cursed through his teeth before gasping loudly as  Kiryu's  thick cock hit his throbbing walls in just the right way. Kiryu's  eyes traveled on the other's body, stopping at the man's tattoo. 

The lines were blurred, shifting and moving on the other's skin. He watched the two snakes slither in their places, jaws opening and shutting as the cherry petals fluttered in their places.  Kiryu  should have thought the way the ink moved curious. He didn't – he couldn't, when it all felt so normal. When there were other things he needed to focus on. 

" Ohh  fuckin' fuck---" 

Majima  let out a choked sound when  Kiryu  moved his hand towards where the two were connected. He gripped  Majima's  hard dick that ground against his stomach, leaking precum in between them. It was hot in his hand, twitching in tandem with the tightness around  Kiryu's  erection.  Kiryu  moaned, burying his cock deeper into the other with every thrust. He moved his hand slowly, feeling the erection jerk in his hand. 

"Faster—Oh, shit, just like that, don't stop—don't you dare to stop--" 

His hips slammed at  Kiryu's in  an erratic pace and his moans became louder. And then – he  gasped, body arching against  him, cock releasing the pleasure build up in of his body with white stripes. 

Kiryu  watched, entranced. 

And then  Majima  squirmed under him, urging him to keep moving. 

"Didn't tell  ya  to stop", he said, out of breath.  Kiryu  thrust into him, fucking him slow and hard and the pleasure made him see white spots in his vision.  Majima's  lips brushed at the shell of  Kiryu's  ear in a familiar way. 

"I  wanna see ya cum inside of me, Kiryu -chan." 

Majima's whisper made  Kiryu  groan. He sunk deep inside the other, releasing his come in his depths.  Majima  hissed through his teeth at the sensation.  

" Majima-san",  Kiryu  said, voice low. He pressed his lips at  Majima's 

It was soft, too soft. 

"Always one for the romantic shit, ain't  ya ?" 

Kiryu  chuckled at that. 

He wasn't going to deny it. 

Chapter Text

"What is it, really?" 

Kiryu put down the glass of Yamazaki 12 year in his hand. He reluctantly met Reina's worried gaze and his eyebrows knit together tightly. Or, well, more tightly than usual. 

Date had taken Haruka out for a small walk. It was good for her to get some fresh air, though Kiryu couldn't help but worry – half of the town were still out to get the girl. And Kiryu couldn't shake the feeling that the two went out with some influence from Reina. 

"Nothing", Kiryu said, continuing when Reina's look told him she didn't believe him. "Just, didn't think I'd find myself in this situation after getting out." 

Technically, that wasn't a lie. Kiryu didn't know what he had expected, but it wasn't... this. He hadn't expected that Yumi was missing. He hadn't expected that Nishiki would seem to hate him, for reasons he had yet to figure out. He hadn't expected that Yumi had a sister who he now desperately needed to find for the sake of Haruka and his own goal of finding Yumi.  

He hadn't expected that Majima – right after Reina - would be the closest thing he could call a friend. 

Reina seemed to realize that he wasn't telling everything – she had always been like that, had always been able to see right through both him and Nishiki. 

"Something else is bothering you", she said, and Kiryu stared at his empty glass. Reina didn't continue, and Kiryu knew that she wouldn't force him to talk about things he didn't want to talk about. Maybe it was the fact that it hadn't been his first glass, but before he could think about it too deeply, his lips moved.     

"I've being seeing these... dreams." 

Reina didn't hurry him. Kiryu averted his gaze, back to his empty glass. He felt like he needed another drink – he had felt that enough times for the last few days. Ever since getting out. Still, he didn't ask for another one. He didn't want to be drunk when Date brought Haruka back. His mouth felt dry when his lips moved again.  

"And they're always about the same person."  He wasn't going to go into detail. He didn't know why he was so damn bothered about it, anyways. He was probably – no, definitely – just sexually frustrated, he knew that. But still, out of every people... why the hell did it have to be Majima? And why the hell was he talking about this. Reina didn't need to know about his constant wet dreams about a guy who probably got off from getting his ass kicked. 

Briefly, Kiryu stuck into that line of thought. Did... Did he, though? Get off on it. He knew the enjoyment Majima got out of fighting him was... abnormal, but he didn't quite know the extent of it. And, well, he wouldn't put it past the guy. The pure glee that reflected from the glint in his mad eye every time the two clashed fists (and whatever they found lying about).  

Majima's wide eye, pleased at his broken nose flashed through his mind. And the contact of their lips, though fleeting--  

Still, it couldn't mean...? 

"It could mean something", Reina pondered, out loud. Kiryu was brought back to the conversation with her voice. Probably a good thing, considering the line of thought his mind was trying to follow. 

"Like what?" 

"Like maybe you're just influenced by this person", she said, eyeing Kiryu's thoughtful face.  

Well, Kiryu certainly was influenced by him. He could rarely even smoke in peace without getting ambushed by the damn guy. But it wasn't like he wasn't being influenced by other people too – why had his subconsciousness decided that Majima was somehow more influential? 

Than Reina, Yumi, Nishiki... 

And still, what was up with the nature of the dreams? 

"Or maybe it's a crush." 

Reina's voice was light, and Kiryu knew she wasn't serious. Still, he would have choked if his glass hadn't been emptied for a while now.  

"What", was the only thing he managed to huff out.  

"Oh, come on, it's a joke. No need to get so serious", Reina laughed upon seeing the way the corners of Kiryu's mouth tugged downwards, frown deepening. The usually stone-faced man looked very close to offended, and she couldn't hold back her laughter. 

Kiryu felt hot. It prickled on his skin, made him uncomfortable. He had only had two crushes in his life and the neither of them had really ended well for him. And he knew this wasn't a crush, it wasn't, it couldn't be. 

"….I need a smoke", he muttered, getting up a little too fast from his seat. He avoided Reina's gaze as he made his escape.  

The small room of her bar had felt suddenly very small. 







Things hadn't been going exactly well for Kiryu, the past few days. He hadn't been able to talk with Kazama-san after he had gotten shot and he was still recovering. In addition to finding more about the situation that had the whole Kamurocho on the edge, Kiryu had found himself tangled in his associates' personal lives. Not that he minded sorting out a family matter or two – both Date and the Florist had been a great help in the mystery surrounding Haruka, Yumi and the ten billion yen. 

Aching for a break from everything that was going on, Kiryu found himself in front of bar Vincent. He shrugged, stepping in to the establishment. A game of pool could prove itself a good distraction, and a distraction seemed to be just what he needed for the moment. He looked around. A few customers sat at the bar table, their backs turned to him. He was grateful that no one seemed to be playing for the moment. He approached the table, glancing at his blurred reflection on the shiny floor. And that's when he heard it. 

"Found ya, Kiryu-chan!" 

His eyes fell shut for a moment. Of course. Of course he had follow him here too. He sighed under his breath, briefly considering his options, not that there were many. There never were, when it was him involved. The way his pulse picked up was alarming.  

"Oh, Majima-san", he turned around to meet the other. Majima looked at him, head cocked and eye narrowed in a manner that made an unsettling feeling creep up Kiryu's spine. He struggled to maintain eye contact at Majima's predatory glee. His eyes briefly skimmed over his nose; it held no trace of having been broken just a few days earlier.

"Hey, don't go gettin' all defensive. I ain't here to pick a fight with ya", he huffed, still keeping his eye on Kiryu. He grinned. "This time." 

Kiryu couldn't stop his eyes from darting to his lips. He could still remember the way they had crashed against Kiryu's on the street in some violent form of a kiss. Before his mind would start to wonder how it would feel to really kiss – to fit their lips together, to feel him close, to really taste him, he dropped his gaze. Dangerous thoughts were running through his mind. Kiryu forced words out of his mind, trying to keep himself from just combusting on the spot.  

"Really? The way you're holding that pool stick looks kind of threatening", he said, hoping that Majima wouldn't notice how bothered he suddenly felt. The dream he'd seen a couple nights back didn't help. At all. Hell, he could still remember Majima's voice, whiny with need. And how he'd hung onto Kiryu, desperate. And the way he had felt around his cock.  

"C'mon, a guy's gotta have his occasional date between all the fights. Not that fightin' ya's ever a bother", Majima said with a wide grin.  

Kiryu stared. God fuck, he hoped he wasn't blushing because he sure as hell felt like he was. Majima's smile was full of teeth as he moved to the pool table.  

"Date?" Kiryu grunted, face scrunched up in a way that told his displeasure with the word. Except, it wasn't quite 'displeasure' he was feeling but whatever it was, it didn't feel good. His body felt weird. His chest felt tight and for a moment Kiryu wondered if he was going to have his first heart attack despite not being that old. 

"You in or not?" 

Against his better judgement, Kiryu grabbed a pool stick, joining the older man. It would be the easiest way to shut him up.  

And it wasn't a date. 








Obviously, Kiryu had played pool many times in his life. A game of eight-ball with Majima didn't hurt, in theory.  

In practice? 

Kiryu blamed his dreams. He blamed them when he couldn't tear his eyes away from Majima's ass, hugged with those impossibly tight leather pants when he leaned over the table to get his shot. He blamed them when he couldn't focus on aiming his shots properly because he could feel the other's gaze on him. He blamed them when his eyes were drawn to the exposed skin of his lean torso like a god damn magnet. 

He didn't blame everything on them. He very much accused the fact that he had kissed Majima the other day for constantly wanting to do that again.  

It wasn't the only thing he wanted to do. If he was going to be honest – and he really, really wasn't – he wanted nothing more than pin Majima down on the pool table and just... take him. Right there, right then. 


His brows twitched as he tapped the cue ball with the pool stick, watching it connect with a six. Hearing it roll over the smooth surface of the table and drop in a socket with a thud. He heard Majima hum, impressed, at his side. Alright, he could do this. As long as he kept his eyes on the table and blocked out the thoughts of the other, he could find a little peace of mind. He managed to tap a few more low balls in the sockets before he missed.  

And then it was Majima again. 

Kiryu watched the older man get into position, lining his pool stick with the cue ball. He liked to think he had a decent amount of self-control, but still his dark eyes refused to look anywhere but the man before him. 

First of all. Majima couldn't take his shot like a normal fucking person. Kiryu shouldn't be surprised about this – anything else the man did wasn't normal either, so why would playing pool be any different? He squirmed to practically lay on the table – adamant on how 'it isn't cheatin' if I've got one leg on the floor' - arching his back in a weirdly suggestive way. Making sure that Kiryu could get a good eyeful of his behind. Leather pants that tight sure as hell had to be a crime. Kiryu didn't know if Majima was actually trying to mess with him – he felt himself get distracted by the subtle way his hips swayed – or if this was just how he was. With Majima Goro it was impossible to tell. 

Except when Kiryu finally looked somewhere else than his ass he could see Majima grin at him. Like he'd just caught him red handed fantasizing about pushing him against the table, hitting his head at it and pressing his lips at the back of his neck.  

Kiryu definitely hadn't been doing that.  

But now he was more than sure that Majima was, in fact, just fucking with him. He felt hot, unable to breathe. He felt like he needed to escape the older man's teasing eye and lively eyebrows.  

"Bathroom", Kiryu heard himself mumble intelligently as he walked away from the pool table. As he entered the fairly clean space, he couldn't help but regret that he hadn't just left the bar.  

He stepped in front of the mirror, glad that he was the only one in the bathroom. He was grateful that he didn't look quite as – flustered – as he felt, letting out a quiet sigh. How the hell was a goddamn game of pool turning him into a-  horny teenager?  

"Or maybe it's a crush." 

Reina's words echoed in his mind, and Kiryu let out a frustrated groan. He rinsed off his face, letting the cool water calm him. His life had never been exactly neat, but for the moment it felt messier than in years. He sighed again.  At least jail had been simple. 

He dried off his face, trying not to think so much about everything. To clear his mind. His head snapped at the door as he heard it creak open. 

"The fuck's takin' so long?" 

Kiryu looked at the figure entering the bathroom, and he knew there were multiple ways this could go.  

"Almost thought ya came here to bust a nut without me", Majima said, and clicked his tongue when Kiryu chose to ignore that. Because why the fuck would he say that.  

Or, well, he knew as much already. Probably.  

Kiryu opened a door to a stall and before Majima could complain about being ignored he turned his stern gaze on the other. 

"Get in." 

Kiryu had made a decision. He was pretty sure it was a wrong one, but he didn't feel like dealing with the consequences right now. Majima hummed at him, one eye fixed to him with fascination.  

"What're ya gonna do if I don't?" 

Kiryu breathed out through his nose. Everything was like this with Majima.  

If it was how he'd want it, then... 

That was how he'd give it to him. 

Kiryu moved quickly to the other man, not giving him the possibility to dodge. And then again, maybe he didn't want to. He made no move when Kiryu's hand flew to his throat.  

"Oh?" Majima's eye narrowed, lips curling into a smirk. A smirk saying that he got him now and Kiryu didn't deny it. He dragged the older man with him, throwing him in the empty bathroom stall.  

He stepped inside with, closing the bathroom stall. What was one wrong decision more compared to the pile of the ones he had already made? 

Chapter Text

Kiryu didn’t want to consider what he felt towards Majima as a crush. 

During the 37 years of his life, he had had two of what people would consider as crushes. Kiryu didn’t like to think them as such; the feelings he harbored went beyond just crushing on someone. It was like a bond – a bond he didn’t mind or even desired to expand and explore with those two people. 

Unfortunately for him, the crushes he had had hadn’t exactly come to fruition. 

First there was Nishiki. Kiryu’s oath brother in almost every sense of the word. Nishiki had always been with him, had always stood by his side. And Kiryu had experienced many, many things with the man – together they had burned their first cigarettes, kissed and fooled around for more than once. They had gone to hell and back and never once had his oath brother left Kiryu’s side. 

Until one fateful night when everything went to hell. 

The second instance was... different to Nishiki. Kiryu had known Yumi for as long as he could remember. Just like with Nishiki, they were childhood friends – they shared not only years together, but the same childhood house. The three of them had quickly become friends and despite the fact that Kiryu wasn’t the most social kid, he’d become used to them. Close to them. 

It went beyond a simple crush with both of them. 

And Majima... It wasn’t a crush – it was something messier, something more violent. Something feral. Kiryu didn’t want to put a label to it, he didn’t want to give it a name to call it and make it more real.  

"So we finally doing this?" 

Kiryu held Majima against the door of the stall, arm pressed at his throat. He looked at his one, darkened eye and the grin that split his face – he was expecting him to do something, Kiryu could tell. And Kiryu wanted to do something, he had for the whole damn evening.  

"Was wonderin' when you'd--" 

Majima wouldn't have complained even if he could have when Kiryu cut him off by joining their lips. Kiryu savoured it, this time. His lips moved against Majima's, nipping at kissing at the other, needy. And Majima eagerly answered – constantly trying to turn it into something more aggressive, using his teeth and groaning into the kiss. Not that Kiryu minded, but he had to work to keep it – not quite gentle, civil. 

He licked over Majima's lips, a low moan leaving him when the other's lips parted for him, compliant. Their tongues connected, and Kiryu was flooded with the taste of the other. Tobacco. Booze. Majima. He groaned, tongue rubbing at the older man's. Kiryu's unoccupied hand shifted on the door, next to Majima's head. Majima’s tongue was working hard to overpower his and the way their tongues danced around each other, attacking and clashing and Kiryu was instantly reminded of their fights.  

Kiryu pulled back, resting his forehead against Majima’s. He felt out of breath and he could see Majima was too. He looked deep into that one wild eye, unable to avert his eyes. 

“Yer just gonna stand there? Gimme a kiss and act all soft an’ shit?” 

“Majima-san”, Kiryu said, without thinking. He had no idea what he was doing, no idea how he had let things escalate to this point.  With his next words, he let them escalate further.  

“Turn around.” 

Just like with everything, Majima couldn’t simply do as he was told. And maybe – maybe – Kiryu had if only the tiniest bit, been anticipating the grin that took over his features, the playful defiance that reflected from his single eye. 

“Make me.” 

 Kiryu refused to admit that it made his blood boil with excitement. He groaned, unaware of the way the corner of his lip tugged upwards. Kiryu knew Majima struggled only for show as he turned the other around with harsh movements, fisting his hand in his black hair. He smashed the older man's head against the wall of the stall and pinned his hands with one hand above his head. The way Majima groaned told him he very much appreciated the way Kiryu treated him.  

 "Well, fuck, fucking finally", he said against the wall. Kiryu didn't move away when he felt Majima press against him. He knew Majima could feel that he was hard. “Thought you’d just keep starin’ at my ass with that dumb look on yer face.”   

Kiryu stood behind Majima, unmoving. He knew Majima wasn’t oblivious, and he knew he was more observant than he seemed. Still, Kiryu had hoped he hadn’t been quite that obvious. 

But, they were here now – not in some fantasy or dream but in the very same real world that had treated Kiryu with nothing but kindness. 

“You gonna fuck me or not”, Majima brought Kiryu back from his thoughts, he’d taken too long. 

He fought against the urge to grind his front against Majima's leather clad ass. He felt hot and again a doubt was crawling in his gut, making a nervousness settle in his veins with the frown that graced his features. 

It’d be the first time Kiryu would have done anything for himself after getting out. And Kiryu found the thought of indulging himself so goddamn tempting. 

 "Do you want me to?" His voice came out in a low growl, and he could see – feel – Majima shiver against his own body. He pressed harder at him, pushing Majima at the wall with his own mass. 

Majima turned his head breathy laughter. While he couldn't make out the other's expression - Majima turned the left side of his head, right side smashed against the wall - he was sure the other was rolling his eye. 

 "Well what'd you fuckin' think."  

 Kiryu said nothing, taking in a breath. He allowed himself to press his nose against Majima's nape. Majima let out a snort at that, joined with an impatient voice when Kiryu brought his lips to where his obnoxiously flashy jacket didn't cover skin, letting his teeth play at it with soft nibs. Majima grinded his ass against Kiryu's erection with a groan. 

 "C'mon, you can do better than that." 

For a moment, Kiryu didn't know how to react, but then it clicked. Of course; Kiryu bit down on Majima's skin, hard, and the man shuddered against his body with a profanity on his lips. 

Of course that'd be what Majima would enjoy, Kiry should have known. He enjoyed the beatings the two engaged in an irregular pattern, so why wouldn’t he enjoy it when Kiryu gripped harder at his wrists, with enough force to bruise and buried his teeth in his flesh? And Kiryu wanted to say he wasn’t as affected as Majima was - that he didn’t enjoy the violence, the harshness of it all.  

The way heat settled inside his body, coiled deep in his core made it harder to lie to himself.  

Kiryu was rocking his hips against Majima with slow, shallow thrusts and- and he wanted more. But, he had no idea how to proceed. His thoughts merged into one, big cluttered blur and instinct shone through, the only clarity in his mind.  

He wanted to touch Majima. 

Kiryu’s free hand moved in between Majima and the wall. He could feel his own heart thrumming in his ears as he briefly felt the other’s chest, his stomach, the slender curve of his waist, movements uncharacteristically hasty. There was so many things Kiryu wanted to commit to memory, to do to properly feel him, and this was hardly the right place for it.  

As much as he wanted to do it properly – whatever that meant – his hand also found its way lower on the other’s body, stuttering as he felt a hard heat meet his touch. Majima’s hips gravitated into is hand and Kiryu felt himself hold his breath. He felt himself swallow and he pressed the heel of his palm at Majima’s erection. 

Majima hissed through his teeth at the contact. Kiryu committed to his memory the way the older man moaned when he palmed at him, feeling his cock twitch against his hand.  

Briefly, Kiryu thought how glad he was that there hadn’t been too many customers at the bar. 

He moved to work Majima’s pants open, listening to the appreciative sigh the other let when skin met skin. Because apparently Majima didn’t bother to wear underwear – which didn’t really surprise Kiryu. He gripped at the other’s length, feeling the weight of it in his hand. He could feel it throb with Majima’s heartbeat and it made him swallow down the noise in his throat. He pressed harder against Majima’s ass and he wasn’t quite enough far gone to not feel embarrassed about how close to coming he felt just from this. Turns out just some very frequent jerking off doesn’t make you come slower. 

As expected, Majima didn’t bother to hold back his voice. Kiryu would have let himself enjoy the way his voice - those gasps, those high-pitched moans - went straight to his dick, making it twitch with every sound that escaped the other. Now, however. They were in a public place and in addition to the fact that literally anyone could walk in Kiryu didn’t need anyone come in to complain about the noise.  

 “Hey”, Kiryu said very smartly. Majima made a questioning hum-turned-moan because maybe the fact that Kiryu didn’t stop the slow jerking of his hand was intentional. “I’m gonna let your hands go. Can you--” not instantly try to maul and/or kill me before we’re done? “--be good?” 

“Anything for you, Kiryu-chan", Majima said, laughter in his voice. Didn’t exactly make Kiryu trust the guy, but at this point he was thinking more with his dick than not.  

Cautious, he let Majima’s hands go. The man braced his hands against the wall, obedient. Kiryu let out a small breath. His grip on Majima’s cock moved faster, and he found himself reveling in the way the other fucked into his fist with erratic movements. He grinded against him in time of his hand, burying his nose at the base of Majima’s neck, where bruises of his bitemarks were already forming. Something possessive Kiryu didn’t know existed shuddered down his spine. He could smell the tobacco, booze and sweat from the other man and it made his head spin.  

Kiryu regretted only for a moment that he needed to muffle the other’s sounds, that he wasn’t able to completely appreciate them. He brought his now-free-hand to Majima’s mouth, sealing his moans of pleasure.  

Except. Majima couldn’t simply let him do that. His leather clad hand joined Kiryu’s on his mouth, angling it a little differently and-- 

Kiryu let out a low moan when he felt Majima direct two of his fingers into his mouth. He could feel Majima’s tongue lave against his fingers, enveloping them in the wet warmth of his mouth. Kiryu groaned and he didn’t know what it told about him that that made him feel so close. He thrusted his fingers deeper inside his mouth, feeling him suck around them.  He couldn’t help but imagine how that mouth would feel around other parts of his body – one part in particular – outside of his dreams.  

His brow furrowed and the staccato of his hips came to a still as Kiryu felt the pleasure tip him over the edge. He bit down in Majima’s neck again, riding out his orgasm, enjoying the blankness of his mind. No thoughts of what he should and what he shouldn’t do. What he might or might not regret.  

What would happen after this and what would not. 

Just Kiryu, Majima, the soft buzz of pleasure that still tingled on this body. The haze that fell on his thoughts like a soft, heavy curtain. 

“Don’t stop, don’t fuckin’ stop now.” 

Kiryu could feel Majima’s hand wrap around his – the one still on his dick – and move. And Kiryu resumed his movements, feeling his cheeks heat up as he pushed his fingers back into Majima’s mouth. His cock was slick with precum and Kiryu’s hand moved smoothly on the soft, velvety skin of it. He swiped his thumb over the head of Majima’s cock and he felt the other shudder against him, gasps muffled against his fingers. He dipped his thumb against the slit, rubbing hard.  

“Ohh-- fuck--”, Majima breathed out through Kiryu’s fingers. Kiryu felt his teeth bite down at the digits, almost painful, as his body stilled between Kiryu’s body and the wall. 

Kiryu felt a sticky wetness coat his fingers and he milked the cock in his hand with slow, strong strokes. A long moan escaped Majima’s throat as he rode out his orgasm. Kiryu found himself entranced with the way cum dribbled onto his hand with every pump.  

Until it didn’t.  

Majima was quick to catch his breath and Kiryu hadn’t noticed he had stopped breathing at some point.  He didn’t move – his brain might or might not have been short-circuiting by the weight of what had happened. Because even if he on some level – on many unexplored levels – Kiryu had wanted this it was going to change everything. The thought of the one constant he’d had on his time out of the jail made his skin crawl, an unpleasant coldness prickle on his palms and it was paralyzing 

“Never thought you’d be so quick to blow the load – didn’t get much action at the joint or what?” 

Kiryu made a face at that, watching as Majima spun around and leaned his back against the wall, tucking his spent dick in his leather pants. 

“Wasn’t exactly the place for that.” 

Majima let out a humming noise through his nose. 

“So what unlucky bastard got the whole sexual frustration on themselves after yer time on the clink?”  

Kiryu could feel his cheeks heat up again and he noticed in the way Majima’s eye widened as a grin stretched his features that he didn’t need to say it.  Which in itself was a good thing, but he also didn’t like the look Majima had. 

“No, you bein’ serious? Shit, if I’d known I’d done somethin’ a l’il more special than a quickie in a stall.” 

If asked, Kiryu couldn’t tell what it was that possessed him to answer what he did. 

“You still could.” 

Kiryu was starting to feel really fucking stupid with how little he had control over his own actions, his own words. The way Majima seemed downright giddy didn’t help.  

“Not now, though. I’ve got things to take care off”, he said before Majima could jump him again. Who knew what the other man was capable of – if he fucked any way close to the way he fought, Kiryu wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d be up for a second round already.  

Kiryu wasn’t, though. He’d come to here unwind and maybe he had gotten that, in a way, but he also felt like things had gotten a lot more complicated. He didn’t like complicated – Kiryu had managed far in his life by punching his problems away and ‘complicated’ he couldn’t punch.  

Or well, most of the times he could if it was Majima he was thinking about. But it wouldn’t really help the situation. 

“Oh?” Majima’s eye narrowed, just slightly. “Well, you do you. Not like we ain’t gonna run into each other again.” 

That was something Kiryu could agree on with the other.  

“Next time I sure as hell am plannin’ on some real fun. So keep that in yer mind, yeah?” 

The fact that Majima confirmed that there would indeed be a next time sent shivers through Kiryu’s spine. He watched the other leave and wanted to feel his lips on his again, but he didn’t move. Kiryu wondered why exactly it was that he felt it would be an indulgence he would not be allowed. 

Left alone, Kiryu still had an awfully obvious stain on his crotch to take care of.  He sighed. Next time he’d have to make sure he at least got his pants off.  

The thought echoed in his mind. 

Next time. 


Chapter Text

Majima buzzed in Kiryu’s thoughts with everything he did. The man really was everywhere – soaked in the layers of his mind. Even as his thoughts numbed when Kiryu saw the picture of Mizuki’s - no, they hadn’t confirmed that yet – the body found in the river. He recognized the signature of the tattoo immediately, but of course it turned out to be a forgery. Nothing was easy in this situation they were in, so he’d only need to expect he wasn’t going to get his answers without having to beat someone up. 

Getting the dragon in his back touched up was relaxing. The pricking pain of the needle sinking into the layers of his skin lulled him into a relaxed state of mind, even as Utabori talked about their tattoos. It gave him a small break when his life didn’t. 

His dragon. Nishiki’s carp. 

And briefly, Kiryu wondered what kind of tattoo was inked into Majima’s back. He’d only ever seen the edges of it, on his front. Did Utabori do his tattoo? Where else did it reach from his back than his chest?  

Would Kiryu ever see it? 

If he thought about their last encounter, Kiryu wouldn’t wonder if the moment came rather sooner than later. 

Did Kiryu want to see it? He couldn’t help but admit that he was curious. Was it really just curiosity? Did he want that kind of closeness with The Mad Dog of Shimano? 

Kiryu was almost grateful of Nishiki’s phone call- that he didn’t have to think about it, right now. 


Speaking with the person who used to be his kyoudai set something cold in the pit of his stomach. Kiryu had to wonder again; what happened to Nishiki when he was away? How could he have changed so drastically over that time? Kiryu felt like his time had stopped behind the bars but that didn’t mean the world didn’t move on.  Everything had changed, for better or for worse. 

Well, everything except one thing. 

For one reason or another, Majima looked just the same he had looked the day Kiryu got arrested. Right down to his hair, clothes and that manic grin on his face. Still coming after him, chasing after that fight. 

For the first time in his life, Kiryu stopped to consider if fight had always been all Majima had been after. 

Kiryu sat on his stool at the bar. He felt riled up – a pounding in his ears that beating up random thugs or smoking a cigarette didn’t ease. He was looking for silence for the noise in his brain from the bottom of his drink, but found none. He ordered another one. 

As much as pressed it – Mizuki, the everything – made him feel, he absolutely should not have hit Haruka.  

Kiryu sighed. He hoped that he could have been better than that. Haruka didn’t have it easy and she needed Kiryu to be strong enough to help her. To be there for her support. How could he manage that when nothing made sense to him anymore, in this too different world he had returned to? 

Kiryu thought about the one time he had allowed something he had wanted for himself – few days back. In the bathroom stall. With Majima. He had wanted it, he had succumbed to it, he had enjoyed it. Maybe he shouldn’t have but he had and that was a fact there was no changing. It didn’t make more sense than anything else in Kiryu’s life but unlike the other things in it, it hadn’t left Kiryu with a bad taste in his mouth. Unsure. A little confused. But surprisingly, not bad at all. 

Maybe the dreams Kiryu had been suffering of had tried to tell Kiryu what it was that he needed, right now. 

The thought made Kiryu’s chest feel tight. He took a gulp of his drink, hoping it’d ease the frown on his face. He certainly hadn’t been able to predict this’d be the road he’d be taking a week ago. 

“Ain’t that a familiar face”, Kiryu heard before a man flopped on the empty stool on his right. He didn’t need to turn his head to know who it was, but he did anyways.  


The man ordered a drink and turned to look at Kiryu with raised eyebrows, a smile tugging at his lips. Kiryu struggled to keep his eyes on his face and not let them wander to the edges of his tattoo that he knew peeked from under his jacket.  

“Are you sure you didn’t just follow me here, Majima-san?” Kiryu wanted to say it was the alcohol that pulled at the corners of his lips. He turned away from Majima’s one-eyed gaze.  

“Ya think I have that kinda free time on my hands?” 

“You’re saying you don’t?” 

Majima didn’t respond, taking a sip of his drink. There was a glint in his good eye and Kiryu was convinced that the man probably knew his every move, all the time.  

This is a bad idea, flashed somewhere in his mind. Kiryu for once, ignored it. 

“How long have you wanted to...” The words rolled from Kiryu’s mouth and he stopped, realizing what he was saying. He stared at his drink, focusing on ignoring the way he felt Majima’s eye fixed on him. He hated that he could feel his face burn. He hoped Majima wouldn’t notice.  

“You mean how long’ve I wanted to get dicked down by you?” 

Kiryu was glad he hadn’t decided to take a sip from his drink right then.  

“Would’ve gotten on it way back in the 90s if ya hadn’t hit the clink.” 

Kiryu turned to look at the other, who took a sip of his drink. He couldn’t properly see his face – only the eyepatch, from this side. Was Majima being serious? Kiryu never knew with the guy. Because if he was, that was a long time. But then again, that’s how long Majima had wanted to fight him – and to him, it seemed, it was all connected. Fighting and sex – different sides of the same coin. 

Why was it that Kiryu didn’t find the thought appalling? 

Their fights flashed through Kiryu’s mind. Their heated movements against each other, the adrenaline that only Majima managed to get running through Kiryu’s veins, the involuntary smiles that made their way to his lips. The charge of something – Kiryu knew what it was, he knew – that always lingered even after they had finished pounding each other senseless. Always unresolved, between them.  

Kiryu wondered if he really hadn’t noticed it before now, or if he had just chosen not to. Maybe those dreams of his didn’t come from nowhere after all... 

Kiryu finished his drink. He had already taken a step to that road, so why not take another? Kiryu didn’t know what it was that he had felt that day in Vincent’s with Majima; hot from the edges and so awfully warm on the inside.  

It had been near the best thing he had felt since regaining his freedom and could you blame a man for wanting more? 

“Did you want to go somewhere, Majima-san?” 

The words fell from his mouth, awkward and weird. They didn’t fit. Kiryu felt dumb for saying anything at all. He didn’t have time for this. He should be taking care of Haruka’s safety. Making sure she was somewhere secure, instead of making suggestions to Majima, of all people.  

Because he knew exactly what he was saying and so did Majima too, probably. 

“Couldn’t get enough of me the last time?” 

Kiryu’s mouth was dry. 

“You’re saying you did?” 

“Hell no”, Majima finished the remains of his drink and turned to Kiryu. Kiryu’s eyes lingered on his lips, glimmering in the dim light from the alcohol. Majima hopped off his seat, already making his way out of the bar.  

“Ya comin’ or what?” 

Kiryu didn’t sit still for long. He got off his stool and followed after the snakeskin jacketed man. He felt.... unusually calm. No noise. No heavy pounding in his ears. Only an excited, nervous heat on the pit of his stomach and a tingling warmth on his skin. A fuzzy fluttering inside of him that came to an abrupt stop as reflex raised Kiryu’s hands to block the hit that was coming for his head. 

Majima never pulled any hits, especially when fighting the Dragon of Dojima, so Kiryu was glad to notice that the man hadn’t broken his arms with a swing of his bat.  

“You want to fight? I thought we were going to...?” Kiryu trailed off again. Even when confused, his body took on a fighting stance. 

“C’mon, ya didn’t think I’d miss a chance for some foreplay?” Majima grinned, voice on the edge of manic and a gleam in his eye. His gloved hands gripped the bat tight.  

Kiryu felt... frustrated. He kept his eyes on the other man, preferring not to let Majima catch him off guard and get his head bashed in.  

“Are you being serious right now?”  

“Ain’t never felt more serious”, came Majima’s answer. Kiryu didn’t doubt that.  

This wasn’t at all what he had expected. Yet, Kiryu felt a lot less irritated about it than he should. And a lot more...  

Eager. For that contact fighting provided him to flood his sensors.  

Kiryu didn’t know what to make of that and he was glad it wasn’t what he needed to be focusing right now. Majima lunged at him with a screech, that tall body of his so close along the ground under his feet.  

Kiryu braced himself. Where Majima lacked in pure strength, he made up with speed. Kiryu struggled to keep up with his agility as the battered metal bat swung at him. He managed to dodge the first hit, just fast enough to get a kick in, his foot slamming into Majima’s jaw. He was too slow, however, to get away from the hit that came for him right after. Out of the three swings of Majima’s bat, two connected. 

Distance, he should keep his distance. Majima was dangerous to get close to in a fight, and brute force didn’t work with him. Kiryu ran towards the other man, getting a glance of the wild excitement plastered on his face. 


He ran around him in favour of picking up a traffic cone laying on the ground. Without missing a beat, he used it to crush Majima’s face in. One, two, three hits, a crunching sound, and Majima jumped away from him. Kiryu threw the destroyed cone in his grip away. He watched the way Majima smirked, letting out a grunt as he adjusted his bleeding nose. The bang of guilt Kiryu had felt the last time he had broken Majima’s nose was now just a ghost of an echo of what it had been before. Something in its place clawed at him from the inside – a hunger, a desire. And it wasn’t like it actually bothered Majima – the man looked starstruck, just like the last time. It sent shivers down Kiryu’s spine. He felt the hair at the base of his neck stand up as Majima threw his lithe body at him again, one eye wide open and on him.  

Without noticing, Kiryu smirked. He moved fast to grab a nearby bike.  

Majima seemed to bring out the worst of Kiryu – the thought of pummelling the Mad Dog to ground sent waves of undeniable excitement through his body.  








“Yer damn brutal”, Majima said with a wheeze of a laughter.  

Kiryu was straddling Majima’s thighs on the ground. The man could just keep getting up, no matter how many times Kiryu hit him down – the amount of stamina he had inside of him was insane. The only way Kiryu could actually keep him down was to, well, literally keep him down. His heavy breathing matched Kiryu’s own, and still he didn’t trust the other to stay down if he got up. 

“I fuckin’ love it.” 

Love. Kiryu gripped Majima’s wrists harder, forcing himself to ignore that choice of words. 

“You’re not exactly an easy opponent yourself.” 

“Wouldn’t have been much fun if I was”, Majima said with a bark of a laughter. Kiryu let out a huff of a laughter with his words, agreeing before thinking better of it.   

Because maybe Kiryu had been expecting something else when he stepped outside with the older man, but he wasn’t disappointed. He never was, really, after clashing fists with Majima. Or, well, clashing anything he found lying around the ground in addition to his fists.  

Kiryu looked at Majima’s face, where the bruises from their fight already blossomed. He could feel that he was in no better condition. He could still feel the rush of their fight boil in his veins.  

Majima squirmed under him, shifting his hips pointedly. Kiryu’s gaze, dragging over what was exposed of his torso, fell in between his leather clad legs.  

(As if he hadn’t looked before, like he hadn’t noticed it.)  

He could see how worked up their fight got Majima without difficulty - so prominent in the tight confines of his pants. Foreplay, the word repeated in Kiryu’s mind. It was leading definitely to where Kiryu had originally wanted to land, but suddenly he was so very aware of the way the other man’s body radiated warmth from below him, through their clothes.  

“You’re gonna get a man all hard like this just to stare?” 

Kiryu opened his mouth, almost voicing the question on his lips - “Can I touch you?” – and instead, for once in his life, thought before he spoke.  

“Staring is not the only thing I’m planning to do.” 

It was almost shocking how pleased Kiryu found himself with Majima’s reaction. The older man’s thighs shifted under Kiryu’s weight and he made a noise that treaded a line between a laugh and a gasp.  

“Then fuckin’ get to it already”, Majima’s voice came out breathless.  

And Kiryu did.  

He let Majima’s hands go, meeting the other’s grin with a pointed look. When he was sure Majima wouldn’t lunge at him or try to wrestle him down, he slid down on his body. Majima spread his legs, eager, until Kiryu was laying in between them, facing the bulging leather of his pants. Kiryu could feel his face flush, staring right at his clothed hardness. He looked up briefly, meeting with Majima’s one eye.  

He was watching, eye slightly squinted, expectant. Like he was holding his breath, afraid if he’d let himself breathe the moment would end, the dream would end and he’d wake up alone and impossibly aroused.  

Which was exactly how Kiryu felt.  

Kiryu looked away, quickly. He’d need to get on with this – he really, really wanted to get on with this, he realized. 

With rough, fast movements, Kiryu pulled Majima’s belt open, worked his hardness out of his pants. Kiryu didn’t have time to be surprised of the lack of Majima’s underwear when he was faced with his erection.  

“Fuck”, Majima breathed sharply. Kiryu’s ears were burning. 

He could see up close how his long, flushed dick twitched from arousal, a drop of precum rolling from the slit of it. Maybe ‘delicate’ wasn’t the word you should describe another dude’s dick with, but it was the first that popped into Kiryu’s mind. Not only could he feel his own cock harden from the sight, he was also reminded of the fact that he was terribly inexperienced in the area of... well, pleasuring someone with his mouth. 

Not that he hadn’t before. His memories of the few drunken times he had were just heavily fogged. And well, he supposed it hadn’t been that many times with him in the receiving end either.  

It couldn’t be rocket science, though.  

Kiryu licked his lips, his tongue darting out. Determined, he brought it to the erection in front of his mouth. Majima’s thighs twitched around his body. Kiryu licked a stripe up with the tip of his tongue, carefully tasting the other man.  


His taste flooded his mouth when Kiryu’s tongue came in contact with the swollen tip of his cock. Majima breathed in sharply and Kiryu became bolder with his licks. He licked long stripes, from the shaft of his cock, all the way to the tip of it. His eyebrows burrowed and he revelled in the velvety soft skin of the hard organ, eyes falling shut. He was glad Kamurocho offered many dark alleyways where it was unlikely that anyone would run into the Dragon of Dojima casually sucking dick after a fight.  

Now when he was on the subject of sucking---  

Kiryu kissed at the tip of Majima’s dick, wrapping his lips around the heat of it. Majima, who had been surprisingly quiet through Kiryu’s licks, cursed under his breath. Kiryu looked up, meeting Majima’s gaze focused on him.  

The man, at some point, had lifted his upper body off the ground with his elbows. His eyebrows drew together, lips ajar, focused on the way Kiryu’s lips stretched around his tip.  

Kiryu felt the heat on his face – on his loins, his skin, his entire existence was burning with it. So hot, he was afraid it would burn him away.  

And he lowered his head on Majima’s cock.  

Majima’s hips shot up, meeting Kiryu’s mouth. Kiryu moved lower, trying to take more of the other man inside him. He could feel his cock throb inside him with his heartbeat, and Kiryu found himself letting out a soft grunt. Majima’s hips twitched against Kiryu’s hand.  

Kiryu couldn’t get over his gag reflect – he’d rather not throw up on Majima’s dick. He brought a hand to cover the other’s erection where his mouth didn’t, slowly bobbing his head up and down. It was so obvious – his inexperience with the whole thing. Kiryu was surprised that Majima had yet to comment on it. 

In fact, knowing how the man liked to talk, he was surprised he had kept so quiet.  

He suckled around his cock, licking up the precum that now dribbled in his mouth in a steady pace. He looked up when he felt a hand on his head – a gloved hand that lingered, like it didn’t know how to place itself before it settled on gripping his hair.  

“Teeth”, Majima said suddenly, voice breathy. Kiryu moved to lift his mouth of the other – had he hurt Majima? Though his experience was limited, he had hoped to avoid such a beginner mistake- maybe this had been a mistake, a stupid thing to seek out— 

He frowned when Majima’s hand kept him in place, not letting him off his dick.  

“Not that dumbass—Use yer teeth. “ 

If Majima’s dick had been just a bit deeper in his mouth, Kiryu would have choked. He couldn’t imagine that could be pleasurable... but when it came to Majima, he should’ve seen it coming. More than less, Kiryu supposed. He lifted his eyes to look at Majima again, to meet his good eye. Carefully, he grazed the tip of the cock in his mouth with his molars.  

Majima’s eye fluttered shut, and he inhaled sharply. The hand in Kiryu’s hair tightened its grip before loosening up, fingers treading in his soft hair. Kiryu felt his own cock throb in his pants against the hard ground at his reaction. He sucked hard and Kiryu realized he had never in his life wanted to make another person come so bad. Carefully, feeling encouraged, he let his teeth nibble on the tender flesh.  

“Aw shit—”  

Kiryu watched Majima’s head drop backwards as he gasped, hand gripping in his hair. Abruptly, Kiryu felt the other man pull at his hair, lifting him off his cock.  

“Get—off me, now.” 

For a moment, Kiryu felt the heat inside of him being taken over by a coldness, settling in his stomach. Had that been too much? Was he really that bad at this?  

“Don’t look so fuckin’ miserable”, Majima laughed a breathy laughter after seeing Kiryu’s face. Which probably was a thing to see. “Just didn’t wanna blow my load yet.” 

“.......Oh”, Kiryu said, his brain slowly processing the words coming from the other’s mouth. He sat up, letting the other move. Just to be surprised again as he was manhandled on his back with the speed of light – Majima, in the brink of pleasure, was even less patient than normally. 

Kiryu watched as he straddled his thighs and started to work his pants open. He blinked, owlishly, as he realized the situation where he was in. Or, where it was heading at a formidable speed. It was his turn to get up on his elbows.  


“Yer sayin’ ya don’t wanna? Could’ve fooled me”, Majima grinned, palming over Kiryu’s obvious hardness in the process of freeing it. A soft noise made itself known in the back of Kiryu’s throat.  

Kiryu knew Majima was right, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have any... concerns.  

“I haven’t... done this before. “He shivered, thoughts all over the place when Majima pulled him out of his pants. The direct contact sent his nerves ablaze.  

“What, you’ve never fucked a guy before?” Majima’s hand curled around his length, sizing him up. “Don’t tell me yer a virgin or some shit like that. “ 

“No, not that. I’ve never been the one to... “ Kiryu found it hard to form sentences when Majima’s hand stroked at his dick. He looked at where he touched him, black leather contrasting his own flesh. 

“Get a dick up yer ass?” 

Kiryu made a face at Majima’s choice of words, but he nodded. Not that he had a lot experience in sex in general but being the one ‘receiving’ was definitely a thing he hadn’t done before.  

“Aww, ya ain’t gotta worry about that! ‘Sides, wasn’t what I was plannin’ either”, Majima said and blinked hard at Kiryu. He might be trying to wink at him, the younger man realized. He grunted as he felt Majima’s dick brush against his own.  

“It wasn’t?” Kiryu watched as Majima worked on the complicated process of getting out of his pants. His words from before echoed in Kiryu’s mind - “You mean how long’ve I wanted to get dicked down by you?” - and he had a very clear picture of what it was that Majima was planning. 

“Do you even have any--” 

“Always come prepared, Kiryu-chan", Majima said with a playful click of his tongue, pulling a plastic rectangle from his jacket. Kiryu wondered if it was for the fact that most of his blood seemed to have left his head that he processed everything so slowly. Or maybe it was the overwhelming desire that vibrated under his skin, at his core to be closer, to touch, to feel Majima. 

He had literally dreamed about this, but the reality of it made his brain hazy, focused only on the man in front of him. His hand moved to feel Majima’s now exposed thigh. It occurred to him, that this was the most skin on skin contact Kiryu had yet had with Majima outside of the nightly productions of his mind. He savoured it, wishing he could feel more of the other. Pull his body flush against his, hold him close. Kiryu didn’t want to think why was it that he craved it with Majima so much – he just did. 

He was pulled from his thoughts when he felt Majima’s hands on his dick again. He watched the other man roll the condom in his hands down his length. Kiryu hissed through his teeth. Majima moved fast, not wasting any time. Which, Kiryu found himself preferring, but he raised his eyebrows when Majima spat on his hand, smearing it on Kiryu’s cock. Majima adjusted his position, lining his lower half with Kiryu’s erection. Kiryu’s hands jumped to Majima’s thighs in an attempt to slow the other man down. 


Kiryu wanted to ask about the necessary preparations. He didn’t want to hurt Majima – not like this, anyway – and with his size he knew it could become painful, and fast. He wanted to slowly take care of him, finger him until he was ready for his cock and then slowly, slowly ease into the warmth of his body. 

Kiryu didn’t get to say or do any of what he wanted to as Majima abruptly sat on his dick, cutting him off and effectively stealing his breath away. He moaned out loud as he felt the tip of his cock being engulfed by the tight heat if Majima’s body. 

“Oh, fuck, yer fuckin’ huge you know that”, Majima said with shallow breaths as he sank lower, trying not to slow down. Kiryu fought to focus on talking instead of how good it felt, his hole as it squeezed down on his dick. 

“S-Slow down, you’re going to get hurt”, Kiryu spoke out, voice low. His fingers dug into Majima’s muscled thighs.  

“Have ya seen that slowin’ me down before?” Which, Kiryu supposed was a fair point, but he still thought that maybe that wasn’t the kind of pain he wanted to see the other in-- 

Kiryu’s hips thrusted involuntarily as Majima swallowed down the entirety of him. Kiryu’s eyes were drawn to the other’s face. Majima’s face – eye squeezed shut, mouth ajar – his expression was closer to that of pain than pleasure. Kiryu absentmindedly stroked at his thigh, his other hand moving closer to Majima’s cock. To his surprise, Majima’s hands came to his wrists, pinning them on the ground as he leaned over his body. His hands were tightly gripping Kiryu’s wrists and he groaned as Majima moved on him. Lifting his body off his cock, only to slam back down. The friction sent a burning pleasure through Kiryu’s body, all the way to the tips of his toes. His hands curled into fists under the other man’s grip.  

Kiryu wanted to touch Majima. Wrap his arms around him and pull him closer. Instead, he thrust his hips against the other’s, grinding against him. Majima’s head dropped on his shoulder and he let out a long, pained moan, the sound teetering on the edge of pleasure. It rang in Kiryu’s ears and wanting more, he moved against the other. Majima didn’t hold back his noises, the mix of pain and pleasure becoming louder with every heated, erratic movement. 

He could feel every drag of Majima’s walls around his erection as they moved against each other. The way Majima squeezed and throbbed around him made his dick twitch. The older man squirmed on him, practically howling when Kiryu met his thrusts. Kiryu felt close, close to his climax with every fast movement and he wanted to kiss Majima. His hands struggled in his hold, but Majima kept his grip tight. Kiryu knew he could probably overpower the other, if he tried. In a moment of pure bliss that whited out Kiryu’s vision, he bucked hard against the other, making him curse. His lips were ghosting over the shell of Kiryu’s ear – so that he could hear every shallow breath, every wanton moan, every noise that so effectively replaced rational thought from his mind. 

Majima’s teeth sunk into the soft flesh of his ear lobe, mouth eager to explore Kiryu’s exposed neck. Kiryu’s fists clenched and unclenched when the licks and bites became sloppier, less focused as the hips bouncing on his cock devolved into something more rushed, more erratic. Kiryu gasped when Majima bit down hard with a muffled moan that vibrated against his throat, his body on Kiryu’s own trembling as it came to a still. 

For a moment, Kiryu’s brain went completely quiet. A string of sensations overcame his body in an overwhelming fashion He became aware of the warm, wet feeling that pooled on the fabric of his shirt. Kiryu felt the weight of Majima’s body as he rode out his orgasm, rocking his hips in fast, short movements. His lips replaced the teeth on his throat, hot breath and grunts of bliss pouring against the wounded skin. 

When Kiryu came, it hit him like a bullet in the gut. Raw and harsh, forcing his hips to stutter against the other, to him sheath the entirety of his erection into the warmth of the other. His ears were ringing and he could barely hear Majima’s hum through the mind wiping pleasure of his orgasm. 

“Now that’s a look that--  fit’s ya”, Majima cooed, voice strained as he kept moving in a slow pace. Kiryu groaned at the way he clenched around his dick – like he was trying to squeeze the life out of him through his cock, keep him running on the high of his orgasm. 

It didn’t take too long until it became too much. 

Kiryu tugged at his hands that Majima was still keeping against the ground. 

“Hey. D-don’t move so much”, he gritted through his teeth, oversensitive. Majima sat back up on him, letting his hands finally go free. He stopped moving and tilted his head. Kiryu’s eyes were momentarily glued onto his lips – slightly ajar in a half smile as he looked down at him with his one eye. 

“Aw, yer all fucked out already?” 

Kiryu’s hands went to the other man’s thighs. His breathing was still thick and heavy, the lingering heat in his body disappearing slowly in the cool air licking at his exposed skin. His thumbs slowly stroked at Majima’s thighs without him noticing. 

“You’re not?” 

“Could go for ‘nother round or two”, he said, blinking hard at him again. Winking. “Thought the Dragon of Dojima would’ve a little more stamina than that.” 

Though Kiryu knew Majima was just teasing him, but he found himself averting his gaze before he could stop himself. He did stop himself when he felt a sudden urge to apologize, though.  

“Then help me build up some. Stamina, I mean.” Kiryu realized what had come out of his mouth only when the man still sitting on him let out an excited scream of “Kiryu-chan!” at his words.  

“If ya want me to extend my training to the area of mind blowin’ sex, you’ve got yourself a goddamn deal!” 

“I didn’t--” Majima chose that moment to lift himself from Kiryu’s dick. He grunted at the feeling, hissing at the cold air at his crotch when it wasn’t surrounded by the other’s warmth. Majima leaned down at him, smirking. 

“Sure ya didn’t.” He got up, starting the process of getting back in those ridiculously tight leather pants of his. Kiryu tucked his dick back in his pants, sitting up on the ground. Before he could blink, Majima was squatting in front of him, close enough so he could feel his breath on him. 

Tobacco. Alcohol. Something that reminded Kiryu of takoyaki. 

“Yer life would be a whole lot fun if ya tried bein’ more honest with yerself.” Kiryu felt like Majima was examining him – peering at his face from so close, his features suddenly unreadable. “Try findin’ some of that logic of yours in that, yeah?”   

Majima got up again, leaving Kiryu sitting on the ground. 

“Been’s a real pleasure as always, Kiryu-chan", he said making his leave. He looked at him over his left shoulder and Kiryu could hear the grin in his voice.  “’Till the next time.” 

Watching Majima leave, Kiryu slowly stood up. It hadn’t been as apparent before, but lying on a dirty alleyway wasn’t exactly comfortable. He pulled a cigarette out of his chest pocket, suddenly very much needing one. He felt like his hands were shaking, but they were evenly smooth as he lit his cigarette.  

In addition to the... dreams, this was going in all sorts of directions. Or in a direction, he supposed. Kiryu felt an uneasiness at their parting – what had he signed up for? Was that really something he wanted? 

Yes, he found himself thinking. Had wanted it, still wanted it. 

Kiryu sighed as he felt the first raindrops on his skin. He had other things to focus on, for now.

Chapter Text

Kiryu  didn’t remember when was the last time he had seen so many starts. In jail, his view of the night sky had been limited, and  Kamurocho  had way too much light of its own for the stars to actually show. So he leaned at the wooden rail, gazing up the stars. Shining brighter than he had ever seen, fuzzy around the edges and rapidly moving through the sky in lines and circles. It made him dizzy.  

“Can’t see the stars so clearly back in the city.” 

Kiryu  looked at  Majima , standing beside him. His eye was fixed on the sky, the smoke from his tobacco floating up in thick, dark swirls.  Kiryu  looked down at the water below them. The dark body stood unmoving even as the wooden ship they stood on slowly made its way forward. It reflected none of the countless moving lights above them. Black and still, making  Kiryu  shiver. 

“Where are we going?” 

“Does it matter? Not like we can stop it now”, the man besides him answered.  Kiryu  kept looking at the water. He could see something moving there – fish, he assumed.  

“I...”,  Kiryu  looked harder and he could see the fish clearer. Their red scales shone through the darkness of the water and it made him frown. “I shouldn’t be here.” 

“Tough luck. Sure as hell didn’t make you board this ship with me,  y’know ”,  Majima  huffed, still looking at the sky.  Kiryu  looked at the carps, swimming leisurely around – now when he had noticed them, they were so easy to see in the dark.  

“I guess I did. Yeah”,  Kiryu  said, absent-mindedly. The two stood silently for an undetermined amount of time – moments that dragged on so long they became patched together as one.  

“Hey. I think I like being here with you”,  Kiryu  said, looking back at  Majima . He spared a glance at  Kiryu, humming lowly at his words.  

“’S that right?” 

Kiryu  felt strangely at ease when  Majima  moved closer to lean his head on his shoulder.  

“You  ain’t  the worst company  yerself .” 

He knew they were still circling in the water, but when he looked back up on the sky, the stars didn’t seem quite as dizzyingly bright anymore. 








For one thing, Kiryu was glad not to wake up with a raging boner. For another, he thanked whatever forces kept the world running that he was too busy to even begin to think what his dream meant. If it meant anything – dreams were, more often than not, weird. And maybe that’s all it was. A weird dream.  

Still, it was hard to keep Majima out of his mind. For more reasons than one. The only time the man doesn’t find his way into Kiryu mind is when it’s Snake Flower Triad that’s behind her kidnap this time. It was surprising that Lau Ka Long of all people was after Haruka, too, but it didn’t matter to Kiryu. To him, it was just another person who’s face he needed to punch in. 

And after she was safe again, it was all Majima again. At this point, Kiryu wasn’t sure if he couldn’t get the other out of his mind rather than it was easier to focus on him than the.... everything going on. Majima? Fighting. Now with the added sex. Not what he had expected to happen, but still a fairly simple deal in Kiryu’s opinion. Yumi and her sister stealing ten billion yen from Tojo clan, the whole city after a young girl and his oath brother suddenly shunning him? Not so much. He hoped Kazama would have at least some answers to his questions – until then, he’d punch exactly so many people he needed to. 

For now, Kiryu wasn’t punching anyone’s face in. And there was only one face he was thinking of beating his fist with. Or kissing. Or both, considering Majima’s taste for fighting and how things had gone last time. For a few days Kiryu had had exactly zero run ins with Majima. No messages from Nishida either – complete radio silence. He figured, though, that the other man had actual work to do, if every once in a while. Even the Mad Dog probably couldn’t get away with spending all his time chasing down Kiryu, not with a boss like Shimano. 

Kiryu stared at the screen of his cell phone for the fifth time. Nothing. He closed it with a snap, leaning his weight at the wall outside Serena. 

“You’ve been checking you’re phone the whole day.” 

“Date-san”, Kiryu acknowledged the other’s presence. He offered a cigarette to the other, and he took it with a nod. Kiryu suppressed his instinct to light it up for him. 

“You waiting to hear from someone?” 

Kiryu avoided eye contact. He was painfully aware that he shouldn’t anticipate a message from Majima with how busy he was, but maybe that exactly was the reason he was. He wasn’t about to tell that to Date, though. 

“Not especially.” 

Date hummed at that and Kiryu could feel his gaze on him. He nearly fell over when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Kiryu took it out fast, opening the message he had received: 

The Boss wants to meet at Rouge

A text from Nishida. Finally, a word from Majima. He let out a short breath. He turned to Date, who was lifting his eyebrows at him. 

“Something came up, I’ll have to... deal with this”, Kiryu said, throwing his cigarette at the ground. 

“Oh? You get some information? Anything I should know about?” 

Kiryu wanted to choose his words carefully, but he had no idea what he should tell the other. 

“Something like that, yeah. I just, uh... Do you know where ‘Rouge’ is?” 

Kiryu started to suspect he shouldn’t have said that when Date gave him a funny look. 

“Isn’t that the love hotel on Pink Street? Your contact’s there?” 

Working to keep his face neutral, Kiryu muttered an answer. 

“Yeah, sort of. I’ll catch up with you later.” Kiryu felt bad for letting Date think he was doing something actually important but it wasn’t like he could just... tell that he was going to spend time with Majima. As he started to make his way to Pink Street, Kiryu didn’t even want to deny how much he was looking forward to it. 








As a love hotel, Rouge didn’t pop out on Pink Street. There was a neon sign that drowned in in the see of many others. Majima wasn’t there and for a moment Kiryu felt silly for dropping all his responsibilities to meet up with him in a love hotel. As he waited close to the establishment, he felt like he stood out awfully a lot. Like everyone’s eyes were on him. The question was, what were they looking at? A man in a grey suit waiting close to a love hotel, or the Dragon of Dojima, the ex-yakuza who had killed his own patriarch?  

Kiryu was just glad he had gotten here without any bigger detours.  

Sometimes Kiryu could feel Majima approaching, feel him coming streets ahead before actually running into him. Other times the man made a conscious effort to conceal his presence, jumping at Kiryu from the most ridiculous places. Kiryu jumped when the other appeared from behind him. He had at least been expecting the other, but maybe that was a part of the reason why he had managed to startle Kiryu.  


“Yo, Kiryu-chan", the other man said, not bothering to hide his glee. Kiryu kept his eyes on the other, not sure what approach the other was going to take. He raised his fists, preparing for any blows that might get thrown in his direction. It was more likely than not that the other would want to throw down before they’d... get down to it. 

“As much as I’d love to, ain’t here for that today.” 

“You’re not?” Kiryu lowered his fists, slightly. Majima wouldn’t lie to him about fighting, but you never knew if he had found a new way to surprise him.  

“Wouldn’t have called ya here if I was. ‘Sides, the doc’s been whining about havin’ to fix my nose too many times, told me not to break it for a while.” 

Kiryu felt a little awkward at that – in the course of a week, he had broken Majima’s nose at least twice.  

“Sorry”, Kiryu said, voice way meeker than a man with his demeanour had any right to. Majima waved off his apology. 

“Ain’t nothing to apologize for. Not one person out there I’d rather have my nose broken by”, he stopped to consider for a moment. “Or maybe one, but yer damn high on that list.” 

Majima walked past him to enter the hotel, not giving Kiryu any chance to ask. So he didn’t, following the other man inside instead.  

The last time Kiryu had visited a love hotel had been a decade ago, and even then he hadn’t been a frequent customer. Majima seemed a lot more familiar with the scene; Kiryu let him take care of getting them a room. He worked hard to focus on anything else but the fluttering in his stomach that he had become so familiar with. The interior of the establishment looked a lot less sleazy than he had remembered, at least. A big, plastic plant in the corner next to a vending machine. It wasn’t the worst pick for this kind of thing. 

“Got the key”, Kiryu blinked as Majima showed off the key card in his hand. Kiryu nodded, walking after the other.  

The elevator felt smaller than it actually was. Kiryu watched Majima glance at his key before pressing a button. He leaned at the wall next to Kiryu, folding and unfolding his arms. He restlessly tapped his foot. Kiryu couldn’t help but feel amused at his obvious impatience. Not that he wasn’t feeling eager himself.  

Majima walked off with long strides as soon as the elevator doors opened. He found the number of their room quickly, working it open and stepping in in the matter of seconds. Kiryu stopped in front of the door, not stepping in. He swallowed, involuntarily. Even after coming this far, he still had doubts? Kiryu couldn’t even explain what it was that made him so... scared wasn’t the right word for it. Uneasy? It wasn’t Majima. Not for the most part, anyways. And if it was things getting complicated that he didn’t like, this extra flavour brought to their relationship still kept things fairly simple. Was it because Majima was a guy? That was definitely a can of worms Kiryu weren’t going to open right before he was going to have sex with said guy. Was it simply that he was so bad at taking what he wanted? Because it always, no matter what, seemed to come boiled back to that. 

“What, did ya change your mind?” 

Majima’s voice pulled Kiryu back in the here and now of things. As he did, the answer was clear on his lips. 

“No.” Kiryu stepped over the threshold, shutting the door behind him. 

“Then let’s get right down to it.” 

Despite having had some time to prepare himself, Majima managed to catch Kiryu by surprise when he pushed him against the door. He wouldn’t be Majima if he hadn’t, Kiryu supposed as a tongue was unceremoniously shoved down his throat. He felt teeth clashing at his mouth and responded with nibbles at Majima’s lips. He was coming to appreciate the pattern of Majima’s kisses – rough and sharp, leaving his lips with painful throbs that made his body burn in anticipation. He bit down a harder and Majima welcomed it – he moaned in his mouth, unabashed, body coming flush against Kiryu’s. Kiryu liked the feeling of him.  

Majima’s hands found their way to Kiryu’s chest, pulling his red shirt open. Kiryu grimaced when he heard buttons rip.  

“Hey, careful with that”, he said against the other’s mouth. Majima gave his words no acknowledgement whatsoever, but no more buttons came popping off. He let Majima slide his shirt and jacket off him as his mouth went to explore the bruises and bite marks from the last time still prominent on his neck. He turned his head, closing his eyes as his tongue followed his jugular, teeth sinking in the point where his neck met shoulder. He grunted at the sharp pain, leaning at the door behind him. He opened his eyes when he felt Majima cup his chest with his hands with a sigh. 

“I’ve fuckin’ dreamed of these.” Kiryu felt his cheeks heat up when Majima shoved his face in his chest. It dawned to him at that very moment that no one had really quite appreciated his body like Majima did. He usually focused so hard on the pleasure of his partners, always putting them first and himself second. The fact that Majima was here, fully enjoying his body like this made the heat settling in his stomach more prominent. “What’s man gotta do to get tits like these? Hell, I could probably shove my dick right between these and... y’know what, that ain’t actually such a bad idea.” 

“What isn’t”, he asked, voice breathy as Majima’s palm stroked over his nipple.  

“Givin’ you a good ol’ pearl necklace”, he said, wiggling his eyebrows. Kiryu frowned, suddenly feeling very confused.  

“You want to give me a what?” What did jewellery have to do with anything?  

“Oh you dumbass, it’s a—fuck it, just get on the bed for me, yeah?” 

Kiryu was starting to suspect that either Majima wasn’t making any sense, or that his dictionary had gotten horribly outdated during his time away from the society. He wouldn’t wonder if this was a case of little bit both. Still, obediently, he sat on the edge of the bed, watching as Majima threw off his jacket and snaked out of his pants as quickly as he was able to. Which, actually, wasn’t all that quickly considering they were skin tight leather.  

“Lie on yer back.” 

Kiryu let his eyes wander briefly on the exposed front of Majima’s tattoo before laying down. The snakes coiled down to his upper arms, red flower petals a stark contrast to the dark tone to what he could see of the piece. He was getting more and more curious about his back, but didn’t get a chance to ask before the other was on him, straddling his thighs.  

“Gotta give ‘em some love ‘fore gettin' to it.” 

Kiryu didn’t say anything as Majima’s hands went back to his pecs. He let the older man lean down on him, breath hitching when a tongue slithered out to lap at his chest. His cheeks flushed and he closed his eyes when Majima peppered his chest with kisses that in Kiryu’s opinion had no business being so gentle. A grunt left him when Majima sucked, teeth scraping at his tan skin. With the way he alternated between snugly burying his teeth in the flesh against his mouth and licking at the bruising skin, Kiryu was sure his chest would be a sight to see the next day. Briefly, he hoped they would pass as regular bruises from a fight if the need for him to rip out his shirt would arise in the near future. Kiryu’s eyes shot open when he his nipple being flicked by Majima’s tongue. He let out a surprised moan, biting at his lip to muffle himself when Majima sucked. He rubbed with his tongue and Kiryu brought a hand to his head, pushing him off his chest. 

“Wait, that’s a little too...” Kiryu trailed off, not sure what he wanted to say. Majima met his eyes, rising an eyebrow. 

“Not into that?” 

“No, I just”, Kiryu said, looking away. “Feels kind of weird”, he ended up saying. 

“Good weird or bad weird”, Majima asked, thumb rolling leisurely against the hardened nipple, slick with his saliva. Kiryu shivered before responding. 

“Good weird...?” 

“Then lay back an’ quit complainin’.” Majima emphasised with a pinch to the hardened nub, making Kiryu gasp. “Yer gonna get a big nothing outta life if you’ll keep deprivin’ yourself all the fun, Kiryu-chan.” Majima took Kiryu hand by the wrist, directing it away from his head. Kiryu didn’t fight back. Majima looked at him when he lowered his lips back to his chest, sucking at his nipple.  

It wasn’t like Kiryu hated it, not at all. He was simply unused to it and it felt like awfully a lot. The way Majima’s teeth softly graced at his hardened bud made his skin flush, his hardening dick throbbing with the feeling. He grunted when he felt his other nipple caught between gloved fingers, hips thrusting at the other’s stomach. Majima let out a hiss, sitting back up on his thighs. 

“You really know how to make a guy want it, huh”, Majima’s voice was low, almost pensive.  

You too, Kiryu didn’t say out loud. His eyes were drawn to Majima’s erection as the man moved to straddle his chest. One of his remained on his pec, the other moving to stroke at Kiryu’s bruised throat. Kiryu held his breath, looking up at the man sitting on him. For a moment, their eyes met. Majima’s eye was dark, pupil blown wide with arousal. Kiryu’s heart beat faster with the sight of it. The hand on Kiryu’s throat moved to his hair and he let out a shaky breath.  

Majima bucked his hips, dick sliding between Kiryu’s muscled breasts. Kiryu’s brain drew a blank. 

“What are you doing.” 

“Haw? Ain’t you ever gotten a boobjob?” 

A video Kiryu had seen a while back popped into his mind. Even when he made the connection, that raised another question to his mind. 

“Can you even... do that with a guy?” 

“With tits like these?” Majima gave another thrust between his pecs with a loud moan to make his case. “Why the hell not?”  

Instead of answering, Kiryu brought his hands to the backs of Majima’s thighs, the tips of his fingers ghosting over the flesh of his ass. He pulled Majima closer, feeling the heat on his cheeks as the tip of the other’s dick twitched in front of his eyes. Majima grinned at the invitation, peeling off his gloves in favour of spitting on his hand and using his saliva to slick his erection. As he went back to rutting at his chest, Kiryu found the situation a lot more appealing than he had initially thought. He liked the weight of Majima sitting on his chest. He liked feeling his thighs shift around him with his movements. And the fact that the older man so vocally enjoyed using his body like this for his pleasure made Kiryu’s head spin with arousal. His palms moved to Majima’s ass, fingers digging in the softness of it.  

Kiryu looked up at the man sitting on him when he felt fingers thread into his hair. Majima gave a long thrust and Kiryu opened his mouth, poking his tongue out to lave at the tip of his cock. Majima hummed, pushing the tip of his length to the other’s pliant mouth. Kiryu sucked, revelling in the loud groan that earned him.  

“Has anyone ever told ya how good-- you look with yer mouth full like that”, Majima spoke out, gasps bleeding into his words. Kiryu fought to hold his gaze, inhaling sharply through his noise. His cock strained against his pants, every moan and gasp made by the other man just making him harder. He lapped at the precum, flooding his mouth with its taste. Majima’s mouth twisted into an open-mouthed grin and Kiryu wasn’t sure what it was that he saw in the other’s eye. Something deep in him wanted to call it fondness. Kiryu ignored it, directing his attention every curse, every dirty word that left Majima’s lips. 

“Fuckin’ amazin’, how my dick slips right between ‘em-- ’M so, fuckin’ close--”  

Kiryu couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his hips in the air. For a moment he wondered if Majima could make him reach climax with talking alone – he felt dizzy with arousal with his words alone. He nipped softly at the heated flesh of Majima’s dick, rubbing against his tongue with short, shallow thrusts. He felt fingernails dig into his scalp as a high-pitched noise left the older man pinning him down. Kiryu looked up when Majima took himself out of his mouth, free hand coming to stroke at his shaft. He watched his eye narrow in pleasure, watched his mouth drop open with a choked curse and then he felt it. A few jerks of his hips and stripes of wet and hot, streaking across Kiryu’s chest, collarbones, hitting him in the chin. His hands gripped harder at Majima’s ass, fingers digging in the plumpness of it. Majima’s eye closed as he breathed heavily, and Kiryu’s eyes were glued on his face. The way his cheeks were flushed red, strands of hair falling from its place to his face. The way his brows softened, lips cracked open. Slowly Majima’s eye slid open, heavy-lidded as a grin formed on his chin. His fingers danced lazily on Kiryu’s body, thumb moving to smear the cum on Kiryu’s chin. 

“Heh. Knew it would suit ya.” 

“Hnm?” Kiryu looked at the white decorating his chest, and with the way it glimmered on his collarbones reminded him of-- 

A pearl necklace

“Oh”, he said as realization hit him. Majima took that opportunity to dip his thumb in his mouth. Kiryu’s hips twitched and he closed his eyes, licking the cum off his thumb. He sucked at it when it moved deeper, not noticing any moans that may or may not have left him. His eyes cracked open and he could see a thread of saliva connecting his lips to Majima’s thumb as he withdrew his finger. Their eyes met again and Kiryu could hear himself draw a shaky breath.  

“Majima-san”, Kiryu said with a certain urgency in his voice. His erection was almost getting painful, still trapped in the confines of fabric.  

“What?” Majima said in a sing –song voice, obviously aware of the other’s distress. He leaned back on his body, admiring his handiwork cooling on Kiryu’s skin. 

“Uh”, Kiryu tried to organize his thoughts.  

“C’mon, can’t do anything about it if ya don’t ask for it”, Majima sounded awfully cheerful in Kiryu’s ears. Kiryu glared at him, his expression softened by the red on his cheeks and the way he couldn’t quite keep his hips still. 

“I’m really”, he started, scrapping whatever he was going to say, “I want to... I want it. I want you.” 

Whatever it was that Kiryu saw flicker in Majima’s eye, briefly, was gone before he could even begin to decipher it.  

“That as dirty as you can get? Gotta work on your bedroom talk sometime”, Majima said, moving nevertheless lower on Kiryu’s body. 

“Shut up”, Kiryu grunted in respond, feeling the burn on his ears. He wasn’t sure if it was just the embarrassment of his pathetically inexperienced words, or the prospect of ‘working on his bedroom talk’. 

“’S that a way to talk to the guy who’s about to get you off?” Majima sat between his thighs and Kiryu made room for him. The older man’s hands slowly smoothed over his still clothed thighs, finally working his belt open. He shivered when his pants were pulled to his thighs along with his underwear, gasping as the cool air of the room greeted his erection. He didn’t get time to answer when Majima wrapped his hand around his thickness, giving a few pumps. The friction felt heavenly after the long wait, and Kiryu could sense the heat spreading thorough his body from that one part of him. Majima slowed down his hand, speaking out abruptly.  

“You ever gotten your ass ate?” 

It took a moment before Kiryu’s brain registered the question at all. He was caught up in chasing the pleasure, hips bucking to rut in Majima’s fist. He grunted when he felt the hand around him stop moving and giving his hardness a squeeze. Almost too tightly.  

“Kiryu-chan, you hearin’ me?” 

Kiryu frowned. His braincells were doing their best to work through the haze and focus on the actual words that came out of the mouth that he discovered he’d prefer maybe doing something else than talking. Less a maybe, more a ‘definitely’. Majima obviously liked the sound of his own voice, loved to hear himself talk, and Kiryu wasn’t about to admit he liked it too when Majima could be sucking him off instead.  

“I don’t know what you’re asking me”, Kiryu finally answered, with the absolute urgency of a man who tried very hard to keep his growing impatience out of his voice. He lifted his body on his elbows, making a face at the man between his legs that probably gave away his confusion. Majima laughed through his nose and Kiryu felt stupid again. Like he had felt back in his twenties, trying to figure out what felt good and what didn’t with someone he didn’t really care about (or cared about too much). He made a surprised noise when one of his legs were lifted up. Majima’s hand was warm against his thigh, under his bent knee.  

“Well ain’t this yer lucky day then”, Majima said and he had that grin that Kiryu was starting to find so charming. Somewhere, in a dark corner of his brain, something told Kiryu that probably meant a lot of things he didn’t want to get into. It was a good thing he didn’t have the time to – before he knew it his pants were torn off his legs and Majima went straight down to business. 

He licked a stripe across his cock, and Kiryu let his eyes slip shut. He felt the older man lick down, down his shaft, down over his balls and further down, all the way to— 


Kiryu’s eyes opened in a flash, the leg held up by Majima’s hand twitching. A tongue licked at his hole, the tip of it tracing the rim. And- he was still holding Kiryu’s dick, slowly stroking it. With just that, he felt like his brain could short-circuit. And that was before he felt him suck at his entrance.  

Kiryu’s hand shot to Majima’s black hair in between his legs, head tilting back as he gasped. He didn’t know if he wanted to push Majima away or pull him closer. Or maybe he just felt like he needed something to hold on to.  

His fingers tightened, gripping the other’s hair when he felt the tongue slip in. It felt wet and overall strange – it wasn’t a sensation he was used to. But Kiryu could hardly object to the way the wet muscle rubbed against his walls, squirmed inside of him. Tasting him.   Kiryu moaned, voice tight. His toes curled, the heat gathering in deep in his body, in his gut, finding its way to burn in the tip of his fingers and toes.  

Majima was at least enthusiastic with his mouth, practically fucking Kiryu with his tongue. He jerked at Kiryu’s dripping cock faster and if his movements were sloppier than before, Kiryu took no notice. He was too busy thrusting at the sensations on his lower body; trying to rut against the mouth pleasuring him and thrusting at the hand moving up and down his erection. Not realizing what he was doing, Kiryu pulled Majima’s head against him. He could hear the other let out an appreciative hum, eager in his efforts to work Kiryu with his mouth. Kiryu could feel the sparks of his pleasure bringing him closer, closer to that feeling of rapture he had been chasing so many times lately. Made all the better by the fact that it was it wasn’t a dream, he really was going to come undone from Majima’s touch.  

“I’m not going to” – Kiryu grunted, hips moving faster with his approaching climax – “last—much, longer—ah-“ 

Completely losing his ability to articulate, Kiryu really did feel like his brain was going to short-circuit. Majima pushed Kiryu’s leg further in the seek of better access. His tongue plunged deeper inside Kiryu – which, granted, wasn’t really deep at all but it did have its effect on the younger man.  Kiryu’s breath hitched, mouth opening around a word that never made its way out to reach anyone’s ears. His body spasmed with the strength of his orgasm. 

The hand around his dick pumped slowly through his climax, effectively milking him to the last drop. Kiryu was vaguely aware of the way his cum splattered against his abdomen. He was more acutely aware of how Majima’s tongue was now back to licking at his entrance, only letting the tip of it press in. Majima wasn’t stopping so Kiryu was forced to open his eyes – he didn’t know when he had shut them – and push lightly at his head. Majima got the hint, lifting his head up and meeting his eyes. Kiryu’s eyelashes fluttered as he held the other’s gaze – overstimulated, he felt overstimulated because Majima had gone from jerking to squeezing the softening dick in his hand. Kiryu’s hips moved in an attempt to escape his touch in his growing discomfort.  

“Hey. Stop it”, he said with a grunt when the stimulation became unbearable. He sighed, blinking slowly when Majima had mercy on him, letting go of his spent dick. 

“Not in for ‘nother round, huh?” Kiryu could see it at the edges of Majima’s eye before it was gone, something he struggled to recognize but managed to put a name on that didn’t feel too far off. “Yer stamina’s still shit.” 


Kiryu’s chest felt suddenly very tight and the air got stuck in his throat. 

“In for a shower, maybe”, he said, trying to ground himself. Because there was still cum on him – Majima's and his own – and now when he wasn’t so caught up in the moment it was starting to feel... unpleasant. And now when Majima’s mouth wasn’t against him, he could feel his saliva between his cheeks cool down, leaving him with a sticky feeling. Yep, definitely in for a shower.  

“So how’d ya like that? If ya asked me, seemed pretty into it.” 

Kiryu decided to be honest. 

“It was nice. Felt good.” 

Majima let out one of those high-pitched, shriek-y laughs of his and Kiryu knew he should feel at least a little embarrassed of his straightforward words. Instead, he felt a smile, however small tugging at his lips. Exaggerated as Majima’s laugh was, Kiryu saw something genuine in his smile. 

“You’re the only fucker in Kamurocho who gets his ass ate and calls it ‘nice’.” Majima pressed his lips against Kiryu’s thigh, gracing him with an uncharacteristic gentle kiss. It was soft, and Kiryu wasn’t averse to ‘soft’. “Yer a real gem, Kiryu-chan.”  

Majima dropped his leg and sat back, sparing Kiryu from having to answer him. Kiryu stretched his leg out, easing out the pain of having it been held in the same position for a long time. He sat up abruptly, sitting nose to nose with Majima as the other man didn’t bother to back off. He glanced down on the other’s lips; still glistening wet, reminder of the pleasure he had made Kiryu feel only moments ago. He wasn’t romantic enough to want to kiss Majima after that though – he did want to kiss him, badly, just not on the lips. So, he did the next best thing: leaned in to plant a kiss on the nose he had broken a few times too many. Except, he the kiss never landed. 

“Ain’t you got a shower to take?” 

The arm so suddenly against his chest kept Kiryu at distance. Majima regarded him with a tilt of his head, face disturbingly void of emotion.  

“Right”, Kiryu said in the lack of anything better to say. He didn’t know how to feel – what to think – about the other man pushing him away. Stiffly, he got up from the bed, heading to the bathroom. He turned when he heard shuffling, the older man getting off the bed. He looked over his shoulder. 

“You’re coming along?” 

“Nuh, just gotta wash my face. My mouth tastes like ass an’ it ain’t one of my favourite tastes.” 

“Then what is?” 

Majima pushed past him, not sparing him a look. 

“Yer mom.” 


“Hey, that was just a joke. Dick”, he answered from the sink and Kiryu was pretty sure he was joking but not sure enough to actually think so. “And takoyaki.” Majima ran the water, washing his face. 

Kiryu entered the small bathroom and his eyes lingered on the other man. His hair was messy where Kiryu had gripped it, strands of it deciding against abiding by the laws of gravity. His back was turned to him and now when he thought about, this was the first time Kiryu got a good look of the other’s tattoo. The hannya on his back looked straight at him, even from an angle. Furious, fierce with its yellow eyes and golden teeth. They looked like they could rip him apart and briefly, Kiryu wondered if they’d already started. 

He took note of the fact that even when he was washing his face, Majima still didn’t take off his eyepatch. It raised some questions in his mind, but none that he’d actually want to ask. At least now. He kept silent, stepping in the shower and letting the warm water quiet the many things buzzing in his mind.  








Kiryu was surprised to see that Majima hadn’t left when he stepped out of the bathroom, clean and refreshed. The man had put on his clothes, minus his jacket that was still somewhere on the floor. Majima looked like he was lost in thought, sitting on the edge of the bed with a cigarette hanging from his lips. He didn’t recognize Kiryu’s presence, leg bouncing anxiously. His hair was more in place – still a mess, but now an organized mess instead of the obvious ‘I just had sex’ -look. Kiryu didn’t say anything, collecting his own clothes from the floor. He saw the familiar snakeskin pattern, grabbing the jacket and throwing it at the man who, Kiryu now realized, he had never heard being so quiet for so long. Majima caught the jacket with one hand, still not looking at Kiryu. So Kiryu let him be, pulling on his pants and his red shirt. He frowned at the missing buttons that Majima had ripped of earlier when he heard the other speak. 

“You know what. I don’t care what the doc said”, he stood up and threw his jacket on the bed. He already had his tanto in his hand, ready to go. “Fighting you’s the kinda drug no doc can keep off of my hands.”  

It was all the warning Kiryu got – and needed – before Majima lunged at him. Kiryu, having had a very satisfying fuck and a relaxing shower, felt less than eager to thrash a love hotel room. Didn’t seem like it was up to him, though; Majima moved as fast as a lightning and didn’t give Kiryu much chance of evading his attack. Which Kiryu was confident he could, but didn’t.  

“Haw? C’mon, I know yer better than that.” Quickly he had pinned Kiryu against a wall, the blade of his knife pressed against his throat. It broke skin. Kiryu didn’t wince. 

“I’m not going to fight you in a love hotel.” 

“Spoilsport”, he said with a pout, and Kiryu decided it was ridiculous to see a forty-or-so year old man, honest to god pout.  

“Outside, then.” 

The blade dug deeper into Kiryu’s skin. He doubted that Majima would actually kill him. He could never be sure, not with him. He didn’t do anything to defense himself. He looked Majima in the eye – the eye, as he now noticed that wasn’t gleaming with its usual mania. Though there was something there, something Kiryu wanted to get on top of. 

“Why are you so intent on fighting me all the time?” 

That seemed to catch Majima off guard. The knife against him stuttered, deepening the wound. Kiryu grunted. He was bleeding. Majima’s eye darkened, his tone changing. 

“Yer strong. The strongest there is. Yer the kinda guy who pretends so goddamn hard not to realize the kinda beast he really is”, he leaned in, their noses almost touching. The blade against Kiryu’s neck was still. He was holding his breath. “And I wanna be the first one to truly see it.” 

Kiryu swallowed against the knife. He wasn’t good with words, wasn’t good with verbally expressing himself. This time though it wasn’t a matter of not being able to organize his thoughts in a neat sentence that would communicate what he felt, what he was thinking. This time, his brain felt completely empty of any kind of response he could even begin to build. 

“You an’ me are a lot like, y’know. We’re both beasts in human skin.”  

Kiryu felt oddly cold with Majima’s words. Not because it was true. It wasn’t. He knew it wasn’t and yet... 

Kiryu felt more exposed than anything had made him feel with Majima. And that was a lot said about a man who had made him come by licking at his ass and was currently occupied by holding a knife against his skin. 

A phone rang and Kiryu found himself breathing again. Majima didn’t withdraw his tanto as Kiryu fished out his phone from his pocket. He flipped it open, clumsily, and answered despite the situation he was in. 

“It’s me. Kiryu, something’s come up – there's an information leak, someone’s been keeping tracks of for us for Nishikiyama.” 

Kiryu frowned, the situation he was in momentarily forgotten. 

“Do you know who it is?” 

“We... have an idea. You’d better come down here. To Serena.” 

“Got it.” 

“You done with your contact?” Kiryu didn’t know if he was just being paranoid, or if Date really did sound careful with his question. He chose to ignore it – had to, really. He glanced at Majima, remembering his surroundings. 

“Yeah. I’m on my way.” 

The call ended.  

“Sounds like you got some shit to take care of.” 

The knife was no longer pressed against Kiryu. He hadn’t noticed when Majima had removed it - the pain stung, lingering. 

“Yeah”, Kiryu said and he felt like he was in a trance of some kind. Which he didn’t have time to, there were things he needed to take care of. 

“Catch you another time, then”, Majima said, oddly devoid of the tension that had filled his earlier words. He made a move for his leave, going to his jacket and Kiryu... did nothing to stop him. He stood there, bleeding, knowing that he should also make his leave. But Majima’s words echoed in his mind. 

“You an’ me are a lot like,  y’know . We’re both beasts in human skin.”  

Just like that, Kiryu let Majima leave. Just like that, he located his jacket before heading out. Now more than ever, he needed a smoke.

Chapter Text

Drops of water fell in the grey fabric of Kiryu’s jacket. It soaked through, reaching his red shirt, his skin. How long had it been raining? He couldn’t say for sure.  

It had been a few hours since Kiryu had found out the truth about Yumi and Kazama. More than found out - it felt like he had been hit in the head with a fist-sized rock. A rock that knocked his lights out and left a wound where no one could see it. 

Kiryu opened his phone again. He looked at the message he had gotten, not long after the events on the pier.  

“Kiryu-chan... I heard you and your boys ended Shimano. If ya think that’s an issue...  
It ain’t. 
Shimano’s fights were his own. Even if I avenged him, fact is, he lost to ya, and me killin’ you does nothin’. 
So it’s business as usual for me, and I got my eye on ya. Be ready, Kiryu-can! 
That’s all."

He read it again. Again, carefully looking at every word individually. When he thought about it, it was the first message Kiryu had gotten directly from Majima. Not Nishida, but the Mad Dog himself. It was the first form of contact Kiryu had gotten from the man after their last encounter. Things had changed between them. Changed, and the message was further proof of it. The change seemed like a drastic thing that had happened in one moment of Majima pinning Kiryu against a wall, but maybe it had been more subtle than that. When had it started? Had Kiryu been careless? 

Kiryu had been avoiding Majima, but now he felt like he wanted to see him. He knew why – because Majima could make him feel things. Good things, bad things, dangerous things.  

Anything else than what Kiryu was feeling now. 

The thought brought a quiet terror to his brain. And still, he knew that was what he wanted - what he needed, right now. When had it become a matter of Kiryu needing Majima? It had been a slippery slope ever since those dreams started, and Kiryu had practically ran it down. Majima saw  Kiryu. He saw him for someone  Kiryu  didn’t want to be seen as. Worked to not be seen as.  Didn’t want to think himself as. Kiryu shuddered. 

The question was, did Kiryu really want to let Majima work as the distraction he now so desperately needed? 

Kiryu didn’t even know where he could find the man. 


He took out his phone. Carefully he input the number, thumb clumsy on the number pad. He didn’t have the contact saved – the only numbers he had saved were Date and Nishida – and he had forgotten how to save them despite Date showing him. 

The phone rang. For a moment, Kiryu’s mind almost forgot the loop of misery it had been thrown in. Instead, something akin to anticipation thrummed weakly within the dull beats of his heart. He heard the tell-tale sound of the call being picked up and swallowed. 


The Florist answered. Something made Kiryu think that the man had known to expect Kiryu’s call. 

“Do you know where the Majima family HQ is?” 

Kiryu asked his question without a delay. There was a silence at the other end. It wasn’t a long silence, per se, but it was enough for Kiryu to think about the fact that the Florist had cameras all over Kamurocho. Which meant that the man probably was no stranger to the nature of the relationship between Kiryu and Majima. 

Suddenly Kiryu was very aware of how this sounded like. 

“If it’s the office you’re after, it’s on the Park Boulevard.” 

Kiryu wondered if he should say something. He didn’t really feel like defending himself – his choices might not be the best ones, but they were still his to make. 

“Thank you”, he said, maybe a little too quickly. He wanted to get out of the phone call, fast.  

“He’s in."


“Majima, I mean. He’s currently in the office."

Kiryu frowned lightly. Was Kage... teasing him? Letting him know the obvious, telling him that  he knew  without actually saying the words? Kiryu cleared his throat, thanking the man again. He pressed a button on his phone, ending the call without a word. He didn’t... He didn’t have time for this, right now. Probably didn’t have time to actually go and pay Majima a visit either but here he was, feet already taking him to the direction of his office.  

Park Boulevard. He knew exactly where that was.  








The street looked like any other ordinary street in Kamurocho, as it usually was with family offices. No blood on the door screaming murder or neon signs with details of criminal activity flashing on them. Considering how he felt like standing in the mouth of some stray beast’s cave it seemed underwhelming, to say the least. Yet somehow, he could feel it.  Feel  the presence of the other man  near  him.  His shoulders stiffened. Did he really want to do this? No, it  wasn’t about want , he knew that much already.  

Kiryu’s finger pressed the buzzer next to the door. The words Majima had said the last time they had met echoed in his mind, dark and sinister.  


“Is Majima-san there”, Kiryu said, voice rough.  

“The Boss? Oh, Kiryu-san! The Boss said you’d be around”, the voice said, ever so respectfully. Kiryu recognized now that the voice belonged to Nishida. 

He said that?  Kiryu wanted to ask, but the connection was already cut. He tried the door – it was open. Kiryu looked in the dark hallway, seeing an elevator at the end of it. His lips pulled into a line, Kiryu stepped into the hallway.  








The elevator opened into a room full of people. Kiryu took a look around – Majima’s boys, scattered everywhere, engaging in various activities. One guy was picking up scattered pieces of sandpaper from the ground. A number of guys were watching an foreign looking action film of some kind, talking and cheering loudly at the fighting scenes.  Kiryu was pretty sure a few guys were watching porn in a corner. The air was thick with cigarette smoke, and there was a man lying on the floor in the middle of smashed furniture, bloody and unconscious.  

“Welcome, Kiryu-san!” Said an enthusiastic voice Kiryu had heard many times during the past weeks. Kiryu looked at the source of the voice. A man with a dark buzz cut hair was standing before Kiryu. He was shorter than him – maybe by a head. Somehow he looked exactly how Kiryu had imagined Nishida would look like. Kiryu nodded at the man. 

“Where’s Majima?” 

“The Boss is in, he’s just---” 


Kiryu heard his own name, the “r”s rolling off the man’s tongue like Kiryu had heard many times before.  


Suddenly Kiryu felt his pulse spike. After hours of nothing but fuzzy numbness, he was actually feeling something. 

“How did you know to expect me?” Kiryu asked despite knowing that it didn’t really matter.  

“C’mon, I told ya, didn’t I? That I’d have my eye on ya, 24/7.” 

Kiryu didn’t answer. He also didn’t doubt that, considering that Majima always seemed to know where to find him. 

“Hey Nishida. Why the fuck’s he’s still standing there? This ain’t no way to treat our guests! Kiryu-chan's so nice to visit us an’ he ain’t getting no hospitality? Where’re your manners!?” 

“S-Sorry, Boss!” Nishida apologized instantly, seemingly terrified. 

“Whatever”, Majima said and Nishida seemed relieved that he wasn’t getting a beating. 

“Come on then”, Majima said very suddenly. Kiryu didn’t feel like he was actually following the other person – he felt like he was being pulled towards him, to the wooden door on the other side of the room and all the way through it.  

Majima closed the door behind them. 

This room looked more like an office. There was a leather couch, and a desk with disorganized piles of paper. There were some cabinets filled with alcohol and another door. 

Kiryu just stood by the door, watching Majima get two glasses from one of the cabinets. He took a bottle, squinted at it, and ended up picking another one. He brought the bottle and the glasses on the table in front of the couch and sat down. His angled face looked soft in the light of the neon lights from the window. The way he regarded Kiryu with his one eye made him shift uncomfortably, and Kiryu felt horrendously out of place, all of the sudden.  

“You look like shit.” 

Kiryu didn’t doubt that. He felt like that too. Majima dug out a cigarette, lighting it. He seemed to be in a mood of sorts – so different from how he had acted with Nishida – and Kiryu wondered how much Shimano’s death had affected the man. He shook his head, slightly, his wonders disappearing with the movement.  

“This isn’t... what we do”, Kiryu heard himself say. 

“It isn’t?” Majima said, feigning surprise. “Then what is it that we do?” 

Kiryu didn’t exactly need to think about it, even if he would be able to think clearly. 

“We fight. We... have sex.” 

Majima sucked at his cigarette. A moment of silence. For some reason, Kiryu felt like what he said was wrong. 

“Which one did you come here for tonight?” 

“Would it make a difference?” 

Kiryu didn’t think it would, and he doubted Majima did either. The two things bled to each other, almost becoming one and same. Kiryu looked at Majima, who said nothing. He couldn’t tell at all what the other man was thinking. Majima’s face was void of anything that Kiryu could read. Majima observed him in silence before opening the bottle on the table and pouring some of its contents to the two glasses. 

“You look like ya could use a drink.” 

“Not really in the mood.” 

“Yer refusing an offer from a superior?”  

“.....I’m not yakuza anymore.” 

“You stop acting like yakuza an’ I’ll stop treating you like one. Get yer ass here. And take off yer jacket, don’t want it ruining the couch.” 

Kiryu felt even less like he knew what he was doing. He took off his jacket, still wet from the rain, draping it on a nearby chair. Silently, he joined Majima on the couch, hearing the leather squeak under his weight. He took the glass that the other man so helpfully shoved at him. He glanced at the older man, not able to see his expression from the eyepatch. 

Majima was acting different. This was the first time the man wasn’t trying to jump him. To beat him with a bat, kick him with long, slender legs, to stab at his side with a knife. To grind against him, bite at his lips, feel pleasure bloom from their touches. Things really had changed. Kiryu didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. What they had had before – not for that long, admittedly – had been simple in its complicity, at least.  

He took a sip from his glass. It burned on his tongue and settled inside of him as a warm weight. It wasn’t bad. 

“Had a busy evening, huh”, It was less of a question and more of a statement. Kiryu thought about the message Majima had sent him. 

“You could say that.” he took another sip, almost downing the glass at one go. “What’s the deal with you and Shimano?” Kiryu was honestly curious. He had no idea how deep Majima’s loyalty to the late patriarch ran. He remembered Sera’s funeral, beating all those Tojo clan goons and having a quick spar with Majima. ‘When the boss says jump, I say how high.’ 

“Could ask the same about you and Kazama.”  

Kiryu drank what was left of his drink. Majima instantly filled his glass and it was as if it had never been empty. Kiryu thought for a moment, not sure what he should say. He felt like his ears were still ringing from the explosion.  

When Kiryu was a kid, he had wanted nothing more than to be like Kazama. Kazama had had a nice car. People respected him where ever he went. He was stern but kind, even if the way he smiled had always carried a hint of sadness in it. He had been the ideal man – Kiryu had so much wanted to be able to become like him.  

Kiryu didn’t know how to fit the new information to the existing image of Kazama that he had built over his life. Kazama had always been the closest thing he had ever had to a father. Still was.  

“I have never doubted Kazama”, Kiryu found himself saying. Majima wasn’t looking at him, but Kiryu knew he was listening. He didn’t want to start doubting Kazama now, but he still had some questions, most likely left unanswered now when he was gone. “Now I’m not sure if I ever really knew him at all.” 

Kiryu could feel the man beside him shift, the leather of the couch creaking. Majima reached at the ashtray on the table, tapping his cigarette over it. He sat back, arms on the backrest, looking at Kiryu.  

“So the old man kicked the can an’ you came to the Mad Dog of Shimano to fix yer issues for you?” Majima asked, brows twitching at the name of his boss. Still, he continued, one eye peering at Kiryu. “Can’t get grief kicked – or fucked - out of ya."

“Is that what you’re doing?” Kiryu asked before he could stop himself. Majima kept the eye-contact, huffing out a humourless laugh through his nose.  

“Works well enough for me”, he shrugged. “That’s where we’re different”, he continued, taking a sip of his drink. “Wouldn’t work for you. In the world of yakuza, human life’s worth  shit . If ya can accept that, cool, yer probably doin’ a pretty decent job at it as long as you hold back a bit with the killin’. You, though?” Majima brought a leather-clad hand to Kiryu’s face, fingers ghosting over his cool skin. “You think a human life’s worth more than anything. Hell, I’d bet my ass you think the lives of your friends or whatever are worth more than yours.” 

Kiryu broke the eye-contact, looking down. He felt like he was being pried open, like Majima dug out what lied under the shell of Kiryu’s skin and held it out for the world to see. Majima had a tendency to do that and Kiryu didn’t know what to make of it. In normal circumstances it would make Kiryu feel uncomfortable – make his head throb, his throat tight, his stomach hurt. This wasn’t normal circumstances. Kiryu felt strangely disconnected with his body, hearing Majima speak things about him that might or might not be true. 

“Ya keep living yer life like that an’ it’ll crush you. Ain’t no amount of fightin’ or fuckin’ gonna help with that.”  

Without noticing, Kiryu leaned his face in the hand on his cheek. He could feel Majima’s eye on him as the skin of cheek made contact with the dark leather covering Majima’s hands. The hand twitched before disappearing and Kiryu looked back up with the loss of contact. Majima was looking at him with his lips pursed, head slightly tilted. Kiryu was taken back when his one eye widened, the startings of a grin tugging at his lips.  

“Shit, I know exactly what you need right now”, Majima said and sat up so abruptly that Kiryu almost thought he was going to fight him after all. With that, the atmosphere had changed more back to how it usually was between them.  

Majima walked to the door, practically tearing it open. Kiryu could hear the lively chatter die down almost immediately from the other room.  

“Alright. The first dipshit who gets me an’ my guest Kiryu-chan some takoyaki won’t end up like poor Kawazaki over there.” Kiryu could only assume that the Kawazaki Majima was referring to had been the unconscious, bloody man he had seen lying on the floor upon his arrival. He heard a chorus of 'yes boss'es along with rustling and hurried footsteps.  

“And none of that konbini shit either!” Majima yelled at them before slamming the door shut. He turned back to Kiryu with a grin. “That’ll take ‘em ‘bout ten minutes at most.” 

Kiryu could feel an actual smile form on his lips. A small one, a tired one, but it was still there. He wondered how was it that Majima did it to him.  

“You should treat your men better.” Kiryu wasn’t picking a fight with him, voicing his thoughts. Majima moved back to the cabinet where he kept his alcohol.  

“Nah, ‘s all good”, Majima picked up a bottle, examining it thoughtfully. “They’re my boys. They patch each other up faster than I can beat ‘em.”  

Kiryu said nothing, finishing what was left of his drink.  

Majima took the bottle, putting it on the table next to the first one.  

“So, takoyaki?” Kiryu remembered Majima mentioning takoyaki before.  

“You’ll feel better after eatin’. Ain’t no food like takoyaki to make ya feel less like shit.” 

Kiryu wasn’t awfully convinced.  

“Trust me”, Majima said, pouring Kiryu some from the new bottle. Majima seemed to think before adding, “Or don’t. I wouldn’t.” Majima laughed, finishing his own drink before pouring himself a new one.  

“I do, I guess. Trust you, I mean”, Kiryu said, too honest. He wanted to think that he’d said it by accident but what was the point if it was the truth? Kiryu was still feeling way too heavy and he was tired.  

“Then yer a fuckin’ idiot.” Majima was back sitting next to him.  

“Maybe so.” Maybe he was right. Kiryu hadn’t made that many stellar decisions in his life and so many people he had trusted had betrayed him. And now he felt like he trusted Majima? In a weird way, it made sense.  

“At least you’re honest about wanting to stab me in the kidneys.” Sure, Kiryu had thought about Majima and his motives a lot when their relationship had only been about fighting. The new aspect of sex added in the mix had been like getting that missing piece, getting some kind of explanation for what it was that Majima wanted from him.  

Kiryu didn’t still really know everything that went on inside Majima's head but it did clear up the picture a little.  

“You think I’m only aiming for the kidneys?” 

“I was hoping”, Kiryu joked and Majima laughed a subdued version of that screeching laughter of his.  

What was it in Majima that made Kiryu feel like this? They sat together and Kiryu felt strangely calm. Not better necessarily, but like a fog in his brain was lifting off. He felt surprisingly comfortable with a man who had tried to kill him more than once and even if he hadn’t gotten what he had originally come here for, Kiryu knew it had been the right choice to come here. Whatever it meant to the two of them – what does a relationship based mostly on physical contact become when you added talking about feelings to it?  

A soft knock on the door pulled Kiryu from his head.  

“Boss? We got you the takoyaki.”  

The voice from behind the door was one Kiryu was starting to recognize easily. He wasn’t that surprised that it was Nishida who had gotten through; the guy must be well equipped to meet up with Majima’s whims at this point.  

Majima got up in a smooth motion, opening the door to the guy. Kiryu saw him take what he assumed to be the takoyaki.  

“Now  this  is the good shit! I’m tellin’ ya, this’ll make you feel a li’l less fucked”, Majima said to Kiryu. He turned back to the man at the door, scowling. “The fuck're you still doin’ there? Scram!”  

Kiryu heard the slam of the door drown out an apology from Nishida. Majima looked at the package of takoyaki, talking almost fondly. 

“The kid’s got all my favourite joints down. Dunno what I’d do without the guy”, he threw the food on the table, flopping on the armrest. Kiryu took notice of the physical distance that was suddenly put between them. Majima made a face. “Don’t tell ‘im I said that. C’mon, eat up.” 

Kiryu watched Majima reach for the takoyaki, sticking a wooden stick to a ball of dough. He shoved it into his mouth, almost immediately spitting it out. 

“Fuck! Shit, it’s hot”, the older man cursed, taking another bite. He gestured for Kiryu to take some, so he did. He took a careful bite, not wanting to burn his mouth as Majima had apparently done. With the first bite Kiryu could actually feel his appetite waking from its slumber, lazily rising its head. He took another bite, less wary. The hot steam in his mouth brought tears to his eyes. 

“Good, ain’t it?” 

It was. Kiryu took another one instead of giving an actual answer. They ate in silence, Kiryu too focused on sating his newfound hunger to try to carry out a conversation.  








It had been a long time since  Kiryu  had felt this warm and  cozy. He nuzzled closer to  Majima, the scratch of his stubble strangely vivid.  Majima  said something, but  Kiryu  couldn’t make out what he was saying. He wasn’t even sure if he was talking to him, himself or maybe someone else entirely. There were things that haunted  Kiryu  and he didn’t doubt that  Majima  also had his own ghosts.  

Kiryu  enjoyed the closeness with  Majima. There weren’t many people  Kiryu  had been close to in his life and the amount of the ones he had shared physical intimacy with was even fewer.    

Shit. You  fallin' asleep on me now?”  

It was hard to focus on what  Majima  said, so  Kiryu  didn’t.  He moved closer to the man instead, seeking out his warmth.   

Really  had one rough day, huh ."   

Kiryu   revelled in  the feeling of  Majima  next to him. His body, his presence – stable and so calmly still.  A stark contrast  to his usual jittery energy.  Majima  sighed, sounding defeated.  Kiryu  could feel a soft touch in  his hair, fingers combing  carefully  through  the dark strands of it.   

“ You really bring out  the soft in me y’know ."  

Kiryu  felt lips press at  his temple.  Kiryu   couldn’t remember the last time he had been touched so softly.  He could hear  Majima  swallow  and whisper.   

“Aw, fuck.”  








Kiryu opened his eyes. He blinked sluggishly, taking in his surroundings. It took him a moment to remember where he was - he was still sitting on the leather couch in the Majima family office. Kiryu must have dozed off, he realized, fixing his position. It was still dark outside, so he couldn’t have slept for too long. He saw the empty takoyaki container on the table, accompanied by two bottles and two glasses. One glass empty, the other still half way there. Kiryu got up, slowly. It took him a moment to realize that Majima was no longer in the room. He remembered abruptly a beard scratching against his face, lips pressing against his temple. 

Kiryu swallowed. That must have been another dream. Kiryu was thinking about it before he could stop it – how nice it could be. To share that kind of closeness with Majima. To have those moments without the sharp edges constructed to hurt and keep others away. 

With the vibration in his pocket, Kiryu was taken back to reality. He was suddenly painfully aware of what had brought him here and what kind of responsibilities were waiting for him, urgent. He dug out his phone, taking a look at it. It was a message from Date-san. Kiryu rubbed at his face, feeling exhausted again. Still, he could feel the familiar feeling of determination starting to light up in his core. He got up, taking his jacket and fixing his hair in the process. He opened the message, getting ready to leave the family office.  

Kiryu would finally be able to see Yumi again. Haruka would be able to meet her – not as an aunt but as her mother.  

Kiryu had no doubts that Nishiki would be there too.  

He gave himself a moment to breath, gathering his mind in the dark office.  

It was time to end things.