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Ride (supercorp)

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--"It's the last lap and Danvers is tearing up the tracks once again followed by Lane"--

"What do you think Miss Luthor" spoke one of the chairman from the board.

They were in one if those rooms a large window over looking the track and a flat screen showing the close up of the racers with the side bar showing who's in what place.

"It's exciting I suppose I think it will be a good move for L-corp" She was watching the them from the window with Champaign in her hand and her clutch in the other. She was wearing a dark blue dress with black high heels which made her taller than most of the men in the building.

"Luthor-corp Miss Luthor" the man was annoyed at her by the tone he used and he moved closer.

She turned to look at him "L-corp. I don't need to remind you of my name do I"

"No Miss Luthor" he took a step back.

"My business my rules don't forget who has the power. I'm not easily intimidated so if your going to try you better hope you break me or you will regret it"

Lena moved away from the man and to sat down in one of the chairs to watch the Tv.

--"Danvers steals the race and is now one of the women supporting America in the race!"--

They started to name the other two which were Lane and Jonhs.

"I heard what you said to Nick." Lex moved and sat opposite his sister.

"Well he needs to know I'm the boss and what I say goes" Lena was looking at her glass.

"I know but remember to be smarter than them not harsh otherwise you will just make enemies out of them and trust me rich white men with nothing better to do than to question anything and everything that they don't like or understand can be a really pain in the ass when you piss them off" Lex understood Lenas frustration but he didn't need his sister making enemies even if they were dose bags.

"What if they piss me off" Lena snapped back.

"Then your the boss fire their asses for all I care." He smiled and stood up.

"Now come on we need to go and introduce ourselves to some cute racers" he put out his hand.

"Please don't try and pick up a girl please I've had enough drama for one night I don't need someone slapping you in the face...again" she was serious but smiled at the memory of when they was at a gala event and Lex tired hitting on a waitress but it didn't go well.

"That happened once ok and I don't mean for me" he winked at his younger sister. Lena came out gay over 3 years ago no one knew apart from Lex as she didn't seem the point coming out when she only had a couple of petty relationships.

They got to the hall were all the racers were 50 were racing today but only 20 showed up due to embarrassment probably.

Lex was talking to John's the racer who came 3rd, Lena stopped listening after she stated to flirt with Lex. Lena was looking around when she saw a racer walk in with her helmet on she was wearing a full black racer suit she took off her helmet revealing the golden locks that fell towards her lower shoulder she had piecing blue eyes.

She moved over to the food bar and began to eat.

Lena moved over exsousing herself from Lex and John's.

"No sponsors" Lena questioned the girl.

"No one has really caught my eye" she looked at Lena and smiled.

"I thought racers didn't care as long as they got the money?" She didn't understand this girl eventhough they hadn't spoken for more than 5 seocnds yet but she liked it. Maybe a little but too much.

"Not me I'm in it to show young girls that we can do anything and to be honest being sponsored by a rich guy who cares about me winning or a rich women who doesn't treat me like a women doesn't interest me." Kara took a sip of her drink.

"Well maybe I can help I'm Lena, Lena Luthor I run Luthor-corp soon to be L-corp I won't bore you with a speech how about you come over to the renaming ceremony and I'll give you a tour and have dinner then you can decided what you think"

"I think it's a date. I'm Kara, Kara Danvers by the way" she put out her hand which the younger Luthor took.

"Well Miss Danvers congratulations on the big win" Lena smiled at her.

"Call me Kara and thanks I'll see you tomorrow then Miss Luthor. I'm not into these things much anyways I only came for the food. I would ask if you wanted to grab a drink but I take it that your working?" She asked her.

"Afraid so and it's Lena maybe another time." Kara smirked and walked towards the door and walked out.

"Hey what was that about with Danvers" Nick asked Lex came up next to Lena.

"I got her to come to the ceremony tomorrow and to have dinner to discuss sponsorships" Lena spoke.

"Really? How did you?" He looked confused at what she was saying.

"Honestly I don't see why you guys think this is so hard" Lena finished he drink and walked away leaving Lex who was containing his laughter.