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Always with you

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My name is Max Caulfield, and I live in Arcadia Bay in Oregon with my parents.
My dad got another job, and we change to Seattle. I have not told my best friend yet.

I helped clean up Chloe`s room. I`ll tell him now.

max: Chloe I need say to you something

Chloe: okay what it is?

My parents and I moving to Seattle I wanted to tell you earlier, but we had fun, and I don´t want to change it. We sat on Chloe`s bed my gaze was facing the floor.

Chloe grabbed my hand.

Chloe: five days later right?

Max: How did you know?

Chloe: well our parents are talking to each other. I heard their conversation.

Max: But they said I should tell you.

Chloe: Max it`s okay. Not the end of the world.

Max: yeah we`re going to meet each other and keep in touch.

Chloe: of course I can do some fun.

Max: oh yeah, what`s on your mind?

Chloe: let`s go to the beach to watch the sunset include something to eat and drink.

Max: fuck yes.

Chloe and Max were going to pack up lunch when the front door opened and Joyce price stood in the doorway with the police. Joyce was crying.

Chloe: mom!"

Joyce: your father was in a car accident and died I put my arm around my daughter. And crying too.

Chloe fell on his feet and crying over his mother`s shoulder.

Max: I stood in the kitchen and looked at Chloe and her mother, the kitchen table was picture it was William then it hit I walked to Chloe and Joyce I put my other arm around

Joyce and another Chloe`s shoulder.

Max: nothing will let me leave these two over.

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I called my parents and told the news and asked them to come to Chloe`s home. I sat on the couch Chloe had fallen asleep against my shoulder I did not care
she needs me now. I can not believe how suddenly a day can change into a nightmare.

Joyce: me either if I did not ask for a ride...

max: do not blame yourself you didn't know.

Joyce hmm. Maybe we should go to bed tomorrow is a long day and you have to talk to Vanessa and Ryan.

Max: yeah, I hope that they will let me stay.

Joyce, they will, goodnight Max Joyce went upstairs.

I looked Chloe and sighed I have strong feelings about Chloe and more than friend how can I say it now?"

I gently shook Chloe`s awake to go to bed sleep.

Chloe and max walked upstairs to Chloe`s room and switched over nightclothes. Chloe sat on the edge of the bed and put her feet on the chest and put his head down and cried.

"Hey, Chloe... I sat next to Chloe and put my arm around her and pulled closer, shhh let it out. I rubbed Chloe`s arm up and down it's okay to cry get it all out.

Chloe moved her head to my chest and crying hard and sniffled max?

Yes, Chloe?

Chloe: don`t move please, I.

Shh, I don`t leave you I promise. Go to sleep did you need something?

Chloe: no hold me, please.

"of course Chloe, we went to sleep, and I pulled Chloe closer to me and put my arms around her keeping it tight.

I plugged my eyes shut."

In the morning I wake up when Joyce called for breakfast Chloe was already eating.

"coming" I went downstairs, and I sat down Chloe how are you feeling?

Chloe: a little better I guess.

Good, I smiled and started eating.

Chloe: hey max?

Yes, Chloe?

Chloe: um can we talk?

Yeah of course what it is?

Chloe: not now and not here later..


"My parents arrived I sat on the couch, hey dad hey mom."

Ryan/Vanessa hey darling how are you?

Okay mom, but we have to talk. I don`t leave Chloe.

"Chloe sat next to me, and grabbed my hand."

"mom dad, I want to stay here with Chloe and Joyce...

Vanessa: honey you keep in touch with them.

NO! mom Chloe`s father just died do you think I`ll leave my friend when she needs me."

Ryan: honey we talked about this if max wants to stay she can stay."

"you what?"

Ryan: yes max After the news we could wait for you to want to stay.

Chloe: please Vanessa, I need her right now, and I don`t want to be alone.

Chloe started crying again.

"Hey shh you are not alone Chloe. I was rubbing Chloe`s back up and down, mom please."

I call you I visit you and everything, but please let me stay."

"Vanessa what about Joyce?

"Joyce" she can stay."

silence too silence


Vanessa: okay max you can stay."

Yes yes yes thank you. I jumped up and hugged my mom and dad."

Chloe: I dried my eyes., thank you."

Vanessa/Ryan, when is the funeral?"

"tomorrow mom."

"my parents went to pack the rest of the stuff I sat with Chloe on the couch."

"I moved slowly towards Chloe and pressed our lips together and kissed her slowly. shit I`m sorry shit shit shit

"Chloe" max?

"yes I know, and I`m sorry."

"Chloe: max? I say again giggling."

"you`re not ready for anything like this.... my speech interrupted with Chloe`s lips she kissed me."

"I kissed her back" and pulled back wowser."

Chloe: max of this I wanted to talk about I`m in love with you."

"I`m also with you, but are you sure Chloe?"

Chloe: "yes max I`m sure, I want this... but do you want to be my girlfriend?


Chloe: I was laughing and pressed our lips together one more time. I pulled back and pressed our forehead together. I love you."

"I love you too

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After the funeral, all five went to eat the restaurant. The burial was short and beautiful only among the family and close friends as the William would have liked.

The car was quiet Chloe sat beside max and Joyce drove Vanessa and Ryan followed suit with their vehicle. Joyce parked the car in the parking lot and stepped out

okay, girls, I`m going to book a table for us.

Max: Okay. We are waiting for mom and dad. Joyce went in.

I reached out and intertwined my fingers with max`s hey you.

Max: hey for yourself. How are you feeling?

I stared max`s beautiful blue eyes for a moment, and put my free hand her cheek and stroked it with my thumb max relied on my touch much better, of course, I miss him, but

dad would have wanted me to continue my life forwards.

Max: I smiled I love you Chloe I got up my toes and put a quick and gentle kiss on Chloe`s lips.

I love you too. I leaned down and put our lips together much longer and harder to kiss. I put my hand behind max`s head to deepen the kiss.

I pulled back and put our forehead together..max I want to bring you to date you a date today, after this. and if you want we can tell our parents about us."

Max: I smiled, yeah of course I want, but I`m afraid my mother may not accept me who I am.

Max if something goes wrong we can leave I`m with you all the way to the end

they`re here.

Max and Chloe and Max's parents went in they found the right table and sat down. The waitress came in a few moments and gave the menus.

For a moment everyone knew what they ordered. Max ordered a salad, other ordered hamburger, and fries with lemonade.

The waitress brought orders.

"thank you."

They ate silence.

Max: mom dad and Joyce we should tell you something. I looked Chloe, it smiled and nodded I was nervous because of my mother. But before I tell you, mother, you do not

shout. And listen.

Vanessa: okay I understand

I took Max's hand under the table to give my support.

max: I put my fork down and took a deep breath in and out, Chloe, and I were dating."

Joyce, I KNOW IT

what you know? How?

Joyce: Chloe, I`m mom your... dad, and I realized how you look and behave around max you are adult, and you decide who you see, and yes I accept it.

"i... (blush) thanks, mom.

max: dad?

Ryan: yes max I accept it


Vanessa: I need fresh air. I got up, and I went out the door and took a deep breath. I one cigarette out of cigarette packet and put it between my lips and ignited it.

My daughter is gay?. I took a breath of cigarettes and smoke came out of my nose. I don`t know what I think."


Max is quiet but eating its salad, Chloe spoke with Ryan and her mother.

Max: I`m going to talk to mom.

Vanessa got the cigarette burned and heard a soft voice behind him, mom?"

Vanessa: yes Maxine?

Max: max never Maxine and can we talk?

Vanessa: are you sure you love Chloe? Maybe there is another boy at school.

Max: NO THERE IS NOT IM IN LOVE CHLOE why do you not understand it, I thought you love me.

Vanessa: of course I love you! but-but.


Vanessa: Maxine language

max: I DON`T CARE if you don`t love me... and accept me... I burst into tears and run away.

Vanessa: MAX. WAIT!!

Max did not listen.

Vanessa went back inside and sat down quietly and upset.

Ryan: hey honey are you okay.?

Vanessa: I did not mean anything of this I was confused and wanted to be sure that our daughter is serious. I`m sorry Joyce and Chloe this day was hard for you anyway.

Joyce is okay, Vanessa.. but where is max?.

Vanessa: she runs away we were fighting and max burst into tear and run away what if.

Chloe: you what!. that was max`s biggest fear that you would not accept his shit!

Ryan: I comfort my wife, Chloe calm down.


Ryan: it`s okay.

I`m going to find Max.

Ryan: yeah thank you.

"don`t thank me yet."

I went outside and pulled my phone and called max. It rings twice before max replied.

Babe where are you?

Max: Crying I`m a lighthouse.

Okay, sit tight I`m coming I walked to the lighthouse and found max sitting up against the lighthouse door. Head in hand. oh, max..."

I walked towards and sat down. I put my arm max`s shoulder and pulled him closer to me max put his head against my chest.


max: Chloe why mom hate me?

I lifted max`s head so I could look directly at her eyes. Babe, she does not hate you no one could.

max: but

hey, she is confused and shit, but she loves you everything is okay."

max: I`m sorry

why, you are sorry?

Max: you know why

Yes but it`s okay, time moving on.. max this day was hard. But this day still going on.

max: we should get back

Chloe and Max rose up and walked hand in hand back to the restaurant.

Vanessa: hey max I`m sorry.

Max: No it`s okay. I want you to accept Chloe and me. I love her mom and me...

I  put my arm around max and gave a soft kiss on the cheek ignoring the adults."

Max: please mom. I love you too.

Vanessa: okay if you are sure, then I accept it."

Max: my lips rose to a big smile. And I got up, and I hugged my mom.

It`s time to leave. Joyce asked the waiter for an invoice.

All five walked to their cars Max said goodbye to her mom and dad because they are leaving tomorrow for Seattle.

all: Bye

I went inside the vehicle. Max sat next to me. I love you

max: I love you too."

After while they got home, max and Chloe went upstairs, Chloe`s room. Tired?

Max: yes.

"let`s go to sleep, I lay down next to max and pressed our bodies together. night baby

max: I kissed Chloe... night baby.

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I woke up first, feeling arms wrapper around her and legs intertwined her own. I can up like this everyday max though.

I turned around slowly I put my head against Chloe`s chest and closed my eyes. Dreaming about Chloe. I lifted my head

up and put my hand Chloe`s cheek caressing it I put my weight a little more to right I was lying almost on top of Chloe. I pressed our lips together and

slowly started kissing her. After a while, I felt hand my neck... I put my hand behind Chloe`s neck and deepened my kiss. Chloe`s hand slipped from my neck to my shoulders.

The kiss began to become hot and intense. Chloe pulled back. And breathing heavily. Strain max`s eyes.

CHLOE: I want to wake up every morning this way.

The best way to wake up huh? I said laughing.

CHLOE: yes of course. But we should probably go up and go for breakfast maybe two whales? But before that, I go shower.

"yeah, you are right, two whales. I got out of bed and walked to the wardrobe. I chose clothes and put them on."

Chloe came into the shower and went to the wardrobe I noticed I stared at Chloe`s body. What's going on why here is suddenly really hot. And why I thought Chloe naked.

CHLOE: like what you see max..?

I jump huh.. i ... I mean... shit."

CHLOE: I burst into laughter. Max don`t be embarrassed.

do not laugh at me, but yes I like what I see."

CHLOE: sorry. I kissed max softly on the lips. And put my clothes on. Let `s go.

CHLOE: I picked up my keys and locked the doors and went into the car in the driver`s seat. As soon the passenger door opened, and Max came in.

CHLOE: I started the car and pulled it off the parking lot of the road and towards the diner. Hey, max?

Yes, Chloe.

CHLOE: you, me out today.

"Okay, I smiled and put my hand on Chloe`s leg."

I slipped my head against the window and went into deep thoughts. Would I be willing to take the next step in our relationship? Or is it too soon. maybe it will come out later."

CHLOE: we`re here. I got out of the car and walked to the other side and opened the passenger`s doors after you. I gave small slap max`s butt

" I jumped. Chloe!

CHLOE: (smirk)

"I walked inside the diner and sat down Chloe sat next to me."

Joyce: morning girls what you want?

"Belgian waffle thanks and coffee."

Chloe: same here.

Joyce okay comes soon.

I got a text message and took the phone from my pocket and read it.

"kate" can you come today to visit?"

"me": of course kate.

I put my phone back in my pocket what are we going to do today?"

CHLOE: well I`m planning our date.

I guess I should go to meet our friends Joyce brought our food and I started eating." I saw Chloe staring at me what?"

CHLOE: nothing. I started eating"

"Okay, could you take me kate`s place after being eaten."?

CHLOE: of course I took Max's hand and locked our fingers.

Max and Chloe got to eat Chloe paid for her mother, and they left for the car. Chloe drove to school.

Chloe: Hey I I`ll pick you up at eight o`clock.

"Okay, I leaned towards and put soft kiss Chloe`s lips see you then.

CHLOE: I love you so fucking much.

"dork I love you too. "


I looked when max left the car and walked towards the school doors. I want to make this evening pervert.

Chloe went shopping for dinner supplies and candles lot of candles in a few moments Chloe got the goods picked up and walked towards the cashier and ran into Nathan."

Nathan: HEY sees where you walk."

Shut up"!

Nathan: what you even do."

none of your business!

I paid for the shopping and walked to the car and time to go home.

Even Nathan can`t spoil this evening.

Chloe started to prepare dinner, put everything ready. Walked to the bedroom side and cleaned up the seats and put the candles in place. Hours later everything was available.

Chloe stood at his doorstep and smiled.

I looked at the clock hmm for half an hour before I picked up max. I´m nervous.

Half an hour later Chloe went to pick up the Max.

Max: kate what you do?"! you killed my character oh poor Ellie.

Kate: giggling I`m a sorry max, but that clicker is hidden, and I did not notice that.

Max: I burst into laughter oh man.. this was fun. I played with kate last of us.

max: but I`m afraid Chloe has arrived."

kate: okay have fun *wink*

max: oh my god Kate!" I hugged Kate and went to the parking lot.

Max: soon I noticed Chloe sitting with the hood of the cigarette between her lips. I walked towards her.

"I threw a cigar into the ground, yes I smoke when I`m nervous. I stood directly front of max, hey you... I leaned down and kissed her.

Max: I was happy to answer Chloe`s kiss. I could taste the taste of coffee and cigarettes, but I'm not complaining. Slowly I pulled back.

Ready for our evening?"

Max: Yeah. What have you planned? I turned around and went into the car. And I put door closed.

I went to the driver's bench; it is a surprise. I started the car and drove home. I hope the mother has finished the dinner. And lit candles. I thought.

I Parked the car, and I went out opened the passenger`s door close your eyes.
Max: I close my eyes. don`t let me fall."

"I took max`s arm and guided us inside in front of the kitchen table OK you can open your eyes."

max: I opened my eyes, and my jaw caught open..."

"max why you are crying?"

"max: Chloe i..with joy. I hugged Chloe. I love it already.

Only for the best. I crouched on the chair and pulled it to Max.

max: thank you I sat down."

I opened a bottle of wine and poured it on us. And we started to eat. I reached maxi's hand and caught it.

Max looked up straight to my eyes words were not needed max`s eyes saw love and passion and joy. I love you max you are my light."

Max: Chloe?

Shush let me finish.. when my mom told my dad. It was difficult, and if you had changed, I did not know what I would have done. So are you my light and stone. You give me a

reason to live. I leaned towards, and I put our lips together.

Max: I dry my eyes. I love you too. ugh I`m full

I chuckle. Undoubtedly glad you enjoyed it. do you want to go for a walk to the beach?"

max: with pleasure.

Max and Chloe walked along the beach hand in hand. They laughed and enjoyed each other`s company Chloe sat down in the sand. And looked at the stars and smiling.

Max: I sat next to Chlo.


Max: Chloe?

Yes? I looked into Max's eyes.

Max: I think I'm ready.

I smiled. And I leaned forward, and I slipped our lips together slowly as I started getting kissed. I slid to my hand maxi's hair. and deepened the kiss

Max climbed Chloe's lap and put his hand on Chloe's hair. The kiss was tender soft and slow. Max slipped his hand under the Chloe`s shirt

I whispered my max`s ear maybe we should go back in. I breathed heavily.

Max: Yeah.

A moment to get max and Chloe was in Chloe's room.

I lit candles, and I went to bed. Max came next to me I went closer and began kissing her. I moved my weight a little to the left I was lying on top max. Without breaking the

kiss, I slipped my hand under max`s shirt are you sure?

max: yes I want you."

I started kissing max´s neck and exploring her body

half an hour later, Chloe was lying next to Max's eyes closed how is it`?

Max: perfect

it was whether you want to watch a movie or go to sleep.

max: hmm maybe cuddled and sleep, tomorrow school day jelly (not)

Haha, I feel you. I wrapped my arms around max's and scooter closer... goodnight

Max: night

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i woke up the alarm clock and groaned. shut ut stupid clock i pulled the blanket of and found myself naked. holy.. we really did it. I turn around. and i found an empty bed on Chloe`s side was a note. "
"morning babe I already went to school after a long time to skate with Justin and Trevor, mom left the fridge waffles. eat something. and seen at school ... (heart emoji) -Chloe

i smiled for the message and i threw my foot over the bed and grabbed my clothes and walked to the shower. I locked the door and put the water down and walked in.

a few moments i got washed i put my clothes on and went downstairs. hmm maybe i should change the style maybe punk?" i garb breakfast and started eating.

i decided to put a text message to Chloe.

me: hey babe. i`m leaving school now, i miss you"

i picked up the keys and walked to the bus stop a moment to get school bus arrived i stepped in and went to sit. i thought last night about every touch of Chloe my body.

how they felt good about how my heart racing every touch with Chloe's lips. hmm yeah My thoughts interrupted with a beebbing voice that came form my phone.

I took my phone form my pocket and i read the message.

Chloe: awesome see you then and i miss you too.

a moment later the School bus stopped and i walked out and went to the cafe buy morning coffee before i went skateboarding scene. i sat down and i looked at them three

they look happy, Chloe has always been good at skateboarding. i sip my coffee and enjoyed the sunshine shut my eyes for a moment.

I felt two arms that grabbed me from behind i knew it was Chloe "hey Chloe"

Chloe: hey you i sat down next to max and scooter closer and kissed her, with a passion.

the kiss was soft and gentle.

whistle get a room you two.

"fuck off Justin i laugh." how are you?

Justin : oh fine thanks.. homework skating and friends hmm home party tonight you want to come?

"who is coming there?"

Justin: Trevor and Dana me, you and Chloe, that is, my closest friends.


Justin: "oh yeah" if you are okay with that.


Chloe: what you are?

"yes Chloe, i want live and sometimes fun is allowed. i sip my coffee"

School bells ring and all three went to the classroom. was math.

"ugh i hate substance" i put pen and book on the table and talked to Chloe."

Chloe: i help you, so don`t worry are you really okay with Justin`s idea? i grab max`s hand with my own."

"yeah as i said i want to live and it involves drinking when it happens only rarely and sometimes are you?

Chloe: yeah i smiled."

i put soft kiss Chloe`s lips. soft. lovely. and talented. i said between kisses, and smirk."

Chloe: you ..... ugh!"

" i burst into laughter, i noticed Victoria and her group. what a way to ruin a good feeling"

Victoria: well well."

Go away!"

Victoria: why? oh i know because you want to take selfie (laughing)

"Victoria really stop and right now!"

Victoria: ooh acting rough but new flash You're not, you're just a shy stupid hipster."

i don`t respond anymore Fortunately the moment was interrupted when the teacher came to class. i feel Chloe`s hand with my own as if to say calm down.

teacher: good morning class"

an hour later the school bells rang I packed my stuff and got up and I was leaving the classroom.

Chloe: hey you okay?

"yes, *sigh* i hate Victoria

Chloe: hey babe look at me, don`t care about it. you are not stupid you hear me?"

"chucking yes Chloe i can hear you.

Chloe: good now next class"

The rest of the day went comfortably, class to class. and now Max and Chloe sat in the canteen and ate with Dana.
Dana: ugh what a bitch you need to relax today and forget all.
Chloe: agreed. i put my arm around max`s shoulder. Dana smiled.
"thank you, and maybe you are right.
Chloe: max was still very quiet and upset. i sigh maybe moment with me will help max to relax. hey babe would you come with me?
where we go? i got to Chloe`s hand.
Chloe: my truck we still have a moment before the next class.
okay i followed Chloe to her car.
Chloe and Max went inside the car and locked the doors.
Chloe: I pulled max in my lap. for a moment we were just looking at each others eyes. Max what's the matter with you?. talk to me. Max buried her face against my chest sobbing.
hey... i put my hand max´s back and rubbing it up and down... what`s wrong?"
Chloe... i want tell you something and i`m sorry that I have not told you in the past.
it`s okay max, tell me"
"Victoria has been tempting me for a while and really long. I did not care before but .. now sigh. I do not know what I do anymore. but I'm tired of bullying. and everything"
Chloe: hey everything it`s okay, I hugged tightly. i help you to get over this. I put my finger under max´s jaw and lifted it up slightly and I leaned forward pushing my lips against max`s.
the kiss was much harder than the previous one.
i can feel Chloe`s lips into mine, i feeling my heart racing I moaning against Chloe's lips. I put my hand on Chloe's neck and deepened my kiss. I slid my free hand under her shirt. I can feel, kissing to become more hungrier. feeling Chloe`s hand under my shirt.. i moaned.. our hands examined each others bodies. I moved from Chloe's lip to her neck. Chloe's hands wandered in my back. and the neck.
Chloe: i shut my eyes and enjoyed max`s lips against my neck.. i moaned. i want her so bad....
after while they make out. they broke the kiss breathing heavily.
i put our forehead together if we were not at school....
Chloe: yeah i feel you.. that was totally hot.
indeed it was. i smiled.
"i put one more kiss Chloe`s lips. Chloe leaned forward and started biting my neck, teasing. Chloe stop it... i can´t..
Chloe: what? i teased.
stop. you know what!"
Chloe: okay okay i stop.
"i hear knocking against door window, it was our school guard David madsen
i roll the window down i still sat in Chloe`s lap. what are you staring at do you not ever see lovers?
mr.madsen: ummm... if you could stop and go to class
Well. what about no? i have good time here. Chloe snorted.
Mr: madsen you two stop right now and go to class!
I finally got out of the car and straightened my clothes, out of the way Mr. madsen grabbed my arm ... do not do this the second time...
I got rid of it, Chloe let`s go.
Chloe: babe are you okay hi not hurting you?
"no i smiled and walked towards class"
After the last class i packed my stuff and went to wait for the Chloe. soon i notice my girlfriend and walked towards and hugged him."
Chloe: dam miss me?"
"yes dork"
Chloe and Max drove to Chloe, as soon as they were there and they stepped in, Chloe froze ... David was sitting in the kitchen.
Chloe: what you are doing here!? "
David: Chloe?
Chloe duh... i live here."
David: and her? David pointed to max"
Chloe: what about her?"
David: what she doing here?"
Chloe: listen you ... max is my girlfriend and the right to be here, unlike some. I rubbed my forehead, I and max were really under heavy stress.
David: well i seeing someone, and waiting her.."
Chloe: wait..... no no that not happening get out!!!!"
Joyce: oh hey darling you already met David"
Chloe: yes mom, and why the hell you have not told you that you see someone!"
Joyce: I was telling today
Chloe: FUCK!! this asshole, threatened the max today at the school. and now you telling me that you see it! after....."
"babe calm down i grab Chloe´s hand and guided her to upstairs her room, i shut the door and locked it. i pushed him against the wall and started kissing her more rough and heavier... I took Chloe jacket and threw it into the corner. I slid my hand over Chloe's shirt and started to kiss her neck. I wandered Chloe's back on her hand and bumped on her bra.
Chloe: i moaned max's touch. it feels so fucking good at the moment"
"i opened Chloe`s bra. and dropped to the floor. I took Chloe's shirt and threw it into the corner. I calmed down for a moment and looked at the Chloe up and down.
"you are beautiful we can stop if you want...
Chloe: fuck no!.." i undressed, max`s bra and shirt. I put my hand up against her bare chest. and leaned forward, starting kissing her.. i slid my tongue her mouth. and our tongues danced to their own beat. i slid my hand max`s breast. softly message them..."
MHHHH i moaned" just .....
Chloe: i lost it.. I carried the max to bed and fell on top of it. and smashing our lips together. I kissed her more hungry. max moaned against my lips.
"my heart racing so fast right now i shut my eyes and enjoyed Chloe`s lips and hand my breast"
Chloe: i wandering from max` mouth to her ears and neck biting it.. then down her chest. mmmhhmmh" i started licking max`s pink nipples"
"oh yes keep going Chloe!"
Chloe: i started licking harder.... my free hand pulled towards maxi's jeans"
I pushed my chest more against Chloe's tongue and kicked my pants off.
Chloe: somebody is horny." I pushed my hand slowly down with maxi's body.
Chloe stop teasing! just,.. mmhhhh yeah that"
"i started rubbing max`s clit slowly and licking her breast... mmgmmmm"
"FUCK ahhauuuhhah" i almost screamed when Chloe put her finger inside me."
Chloe: mmmmmmmmmmmmm i started pushing my finger in and out. "
just there UUHAAH i shut my eyes and enjoyed Chloe`s touch... I pushed myself more against Chloe's finger fuck that feels good"
Chloe: mmmhmh you are so hot...
Chloe harder!!" mmg"
"I pushed my finger in and up faster .. and Harder." and moaned
"yes yes oh yes just like that.... hhmhmmh.. feels so so good"
Chloe: enjoyed this?" i leaned forward and kissed max`s hard are you close?"
"MMMHMHM yes. uuho"
Chloe: i pushed in and out, rubbing max`s clit, faster and faster...i can feel max tightening around my fingers"
OHIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i`m cumming"..... i shut my eyes tight.. my whole body is shaking when i reached my climax i smashed against the bed and breathed heavily.
Chloe: you good, I went to lie next to max.
yes.... but your turn, again i said giggling.
Chloe: yeah sorry about that"
"no no no don`t you dare.." I turned around so that I was lying directly on top of Chloe. i cupped her cheek and started kissing her hard and hungrily. mmmhm kissing her neck biting it... i kissing down her chest... mmhhhm i listened Chloe`s moaning. mmhhhmmm.. finally i started licking Chloe`s nipple.."
Chloe: FUCK max yeah...
"licking other nipple.. harder"
Chloe: mmhmmhmh aahhhhh that mmmm
so soft.
my hand went down towards Chloe's pussy.
Chloe: max right now" mmhmmhmh i want you so so bad fuck"
"i biting Chloe`s breast and nipple"
Chloe: ouhfhfKKFJ MAX"
"I pushed one finger slowly Chloe's pussy. so wet mmggmggg" i started pushing in and out."
Chloe: faster!!! put other finger!!!" oohhh yeaahh mmhm" i enjoyed max`s talented fingers.. this was best way stress relieving."
"i put other finger inside and Chloe screamed....."
"I pushed in and out faster and faster, other hand started rubbing her clit...."
"i can feel Chloe tightening around my finger.. you close?" mmmhh"
Chloe: yes!
CHLOE: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH FUCK NOW OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH i literally screamed max`s name... and my body shaking when i came. i don`t give fuck. even though my mother was at home. i breather very very hard".
"i kiss Chloe one more time. i sweated, but i don`t care"
Chloe: come here.... i hug max`s tight i love you. we needed this.
"indeed" Chloe?
Chloe: yes`??
"i want piercing and change my style. about punk.
Chloe: what!?
Chloe: okay if you want. can be taken to the shopping mall before seeing Justin and Trevor.
"yes thanks" I caught my computer and I put the movie to rotate.

Chapter Text


Chloe and max spent many hours at the mall looking for clothes that suit max. half and hour later the real outfit was finally found.  black leather jacket a pair white tops with skull

couples blue ribbed jeans. and beanie.  Now they headed for the coffee and then to the piercing shop. Max was really nervous about to piercing and partly for the party too.

Max has been in a few party earlier and once drank. But still they both want to go and live little, have fun with their friends  and after all the events they even deserve little fun.

"Max are you sure about the piercing?" i sip my coffee and took a bite my sandwich.

Max: yes chlo i`m sure. i´m tired of being the same shy hipster who never does anything "fierce" yes i`m nervous and scared but  you are with me and if you hold

me hand i´m not so scared. i took bite my sandwich"

I took max`s hand and stroking it.  of course i hold you hand. i drinking my coffee"

Max: thanks i received a message from my phone i took the phone off the pocket and read the message.

Joyce: hey max would you come to visit with Chloe at home i would talk with you and Chloe.

Max: Your mom would want to chat with us"

"what about?"

max: i don`t know she texted me and asked if we could come home, but maybe it`s about David?. or something."

"well after this we can go"

me: hey Joyce we will be home when we get everything ready here.

Joyce: okay thank you Max

"i finished my coffee, you ready max?"

Max: yeah yeah let`s do it "

Max stopped directly in front of the movement and took a deep breath.

Hey.. i put my hand max`s cheek and stroking it, i`m right there with you" i leaned down and put soft kiss max`s lips.

Max: i know i`m just nervous.

They went in. and spoke with the piercer.

piercer: okay you can sit down in that chair so i`m going to get the supplies.

Thank you i guided max chair to sit and took her hand intertwined our fingers. and I gave a little squeezed.

piercer: okay you ready this pin slightly..... and ready

Max: huh,  i opened my eyes slowly.  holy.... i had nose piercing a small silver ball.


Max: yes it is, thank you.

piercer no problem.

Chloe and Max went to bay and the piercer gave directions for treatment they walked to the car until Chloe`s phone beebs.

"well shit i took my phone off the pocket and read it."

Justin: yo Chloe would you take a couple of bottles of vodka i forgot to buy it earlier.

"hah typical i muttered"

me: okay more?

Justin: no thanks

me: okay see you later.

I put my phone off  max was already in the car, i walked to the driver`s seat and started the car.

They drove home Joyce and David was already waiting.

" I stood in the hallway and stared at the living room."

Max: i grab Chloe`s hand.. everything`s is okay."

"i smiled yeah i know..., okay mom we here what you wanted to talk about?"  I sit down to the couch next to max.

David glared max."

Joyce: holy..... looking good max.. i wanted to tell you that David and i are dating now. and he moving with us"


Joyce: Chloe i want moving on. you and David can get along.

"yeah as soon he stops threatening my girlfriend in the middle of school.

Joyce: *sigh* Chloe you and max should have been in the class not in the car"

"mom max`s was upset i just wanted to take care of it" something wrong with that?

Joyce: *sigh* of course not.


David: hmm I did not like how max talked to me.

"but it does NOT justify you to threaten anyone and especially to seize them!"  touch you fingertips for my girlfriend again so you fly out until then you get my approval"

David: yeah about that.... i..

Joyce: David they are together and there is nothing wrong with it.

"what the hell is the problem i love her, just same way you love my mom!" I started to be really angry and I knew how my breathing became more difficult."

Max.. hey babe breath just breath in and out.... with me.... in and out..  i rubbed Chloe`s back."

Joyce: look at them... David Chloe accepted your move to us just like that, could not you accept their relationship hmm?"

David: they are woman honey... "

Joyce: no David only love matters

David: *sigh* i`m sorry

max: it´s okay.

"i go with max upstairs mom"

Joyce: okay.

Chloe and Max went upstairs and sat on Chloe's bed.

Max: tickle time!!!"

"don`t you dare max"

Max: I began to tickle Chloe legs because I knew it was itchy from"


max: NEVER!


Max: i fell top of Chloe laughing. I looked into her eyes and I put my hand on her cheek and caressed it i leaned down and slowly kissed her"

"i put my hand max´s neck and kissed her back. my heart was racing.. it`s felt as this was our first kiss. i broke the kiss. and caressed max`s cheek"

max: I rolled over and I started to try my new clothes. how i look?

"my jaw drobber to the floor i looked max up and down... hot "

Max: Hah my phone ring

max: hey mom"

"hey darling how are you

"fine, you and dad?"

"fine thank you... "

max chatted with her mother ... when she stopped Chloe and the max went to Alko.

(continue next chapter)






Chapter Text


Chloe and Max went to liquor store to buy Justin`s bottles. On the way to the car they ran into Victoria. But hey did not care and went inside the car.

Max was however really difficult to breathe and almost got a panic attack. Seeing Victoria all the bullying and harassment to mind.

I noticed max`s difficult condition and i went closer and pressed her head against my chest and gently stroking her hair. I don`t know how long

we were like this but i don`t care but after while Max relaxed and calmed down. Max?

Max lifted his head a little so that our eyes met i leaned down and put my lips against max`s I put one hand on max`s neck and the other on the back.

the kiss was gently and slowly and full of love. Max pulled back for air" but kissed again after while making out they broke apart.

Max: wowser

"i giggle, dork" but also i could have something to help you and i relax before the evening but first we go to our place to be in peace."

Max: yours tough also thanks Chloe i don´t know what wrong with me?"

"Babe is not nothing wrong with you, you are stressed about school and Victoria and also now David" but soon you can relax and forget all.

I drove to landfill and got out of the car Max did the same we walked hand in hand our secret place. i sat in a sofa on the counter and opened small box.

And i took small of grass from them. and my lighter and put them on the table. i started to roll us joint.

Max: i sat next to Chloe and know what she was doing but i don`t care. i do whatever i can to relax for a while .. and i`m not so innocent girl what many people think heh"

"i finished the joint and gave it to Max" i put my own between my lips and ignited it i took long drag and hold it in and breathed out. mmm i needed that"

Max: i smoke my own joint, Chloe are you okay?

"yeah why?"

Max: i don`t know but David's move to you and your mother and her dating i just want you to talk to me i anything is on the mind. I do not want it to be one-sided"

"well yes it is a bit on the mind i mean mom moved quickly. but i want it to be happy, but i still don`t trust David, he threatened you" but don`t worry i tell you if if anything else is in my mind"

"hmm maybe we should keep the party here"

Max: Hmm maybe, I smoke to the end of the joint and threw the rest away, and i moved closer to Chloe, and put my hands i put my hands Chloe`s shoulder and started massage them"

"Oooh i tried to take my phone but i could not move max`s massage feels too good, i closed my eyes"

"I lifted Chloe's shirt off, I get better massages" i put soft kisses her shoulder and neck... just relax"


"At a moment Max got up from Chloe and sat in his lap, and put her lips against Chloe`s The other hand wandered in Chloe's back,
the other hand slipped down towards Chloe's pants

Max: Chloe moaned against my lips, mhhm i pulled back Chloe started pulling my shirt up and kissing my neck"
A moment later Chloe and Max lay their couch naked breathlessly and tired"

Max: holy fucking god that was.... wowser!
"i gently stroking max`s hair, yeah it was.. amazing" you are amazing" i kissed Max`s cheek." but now i call Justin

Justin: Heyyyy sup?"

"are you high" i chuckle"

Justin: mmm maybe little but so are you too"

"oh yes i looked Max grinning"  anyway come to the landfill, you see a yellow car, straight from it. until you see a blue metal piece and brown cottage

i´m with Max there and start already, and yes party is here"

"Justin: whether there is a TV and game console I want to play today?"


Justin: okay we coming soon"

Chloe closed the phone and put on clothes, Max was already dressed and was throwing darts. Chloe joined Max`s company

Chloe and Max were happy and relaxed for long periods time They spent time throwing darts wandering down the landfill smoking and waiting the others

Max went inside the cabin and opened beer in the fridge, and took long sip, Max`s moment was interrupted by phone ringing groaning max`s answered" hello?

silence Max`s spoke again who are you??

silence again    Max closed the phone and threw it into the corner, pulling the rest of the beer and opening the other.

(whoever calls me and then does not talk anything  maybe Victoria or Nathan *sigh not today Max thought*)

Chloe and the other came inside Max threw everyone high five, and sat down on the couch  Justin looked max up and down.

Max: what?

Justin oh nothing your look different"

"oh well.. i wanted to try something new is it bad?"

Justin: "fuck if you had not already taken, I could take you myself."

"hey back off this  girl is mine, i put one arm around max`s shoulder" 

max: *blush stop it* i giggle. and indeed. i put my hand Chloe`s knee.

"okay okay what the evening plan is Justin ask"

"well first of all take this i gave to beer to Justin, and others secondly having fun gaming and later on the bar"

Max: i walked on the stereo and put the music louder and i opened my beer" what game?" 

"hmm maybe singstar?"

Dana: oh fuck yes!"

They launched the game Justin and Trevor started,  The other trio sat on the couch and between shouted.  Dana jumped and bounced in the middle cottage`s room

no one heard Chloe`s phone ringing but no one even cared.  Justin and Trevor stopped and came Dana and Chloe`s turn.   The boys grabber the beer and sat next to Max"

Max began to make a pound and dance to the music and singing girls and laughed"  Max and Justin took a punch their cups and went outside for a while. They talked about school and Chloe and Justin`s love. they laughed every time  when they hear Chloe and Dana`s cheering voices.

it was Max turn to play and singing"  she grabbed her and started singing Chloe's jaw dropped to the floor Max`s song sound was tender and beautiful"

Many beer and many games later the winner decided to go the bar to continue the evening.

Chloe put his arm max`s shoulder and walked to the bar with others.  The bar was not far away the talked on the way. Max also tel the others about Victoria"

They reached the bar  porters stopping them and asked henchmen.  The boys and Dana went inside Chloe and Max stayed out for a while.

"hey babe"

Max: hey i grabbed Chloe`s hand.. everything okay?"

"yeah... i leaned down and put my lips against max`s.. i just wanted to do that"

Max: i put my lips against Chloe`s again, i can taste the taste of alcohol but i don`t care. i love you Chloe form the bottom of my heart"

"i know you dork and i love you too, we should probably go inside."

Max: yeah probably"

They went in and ordered the drinks. Max ordered cola rum Chloe ordered the same.  they took the drinks from the counter and went to the rest of them and sat down.

Dana: Hey Finally.

max: what? what the boys are doing??"

Dana: oh they have spoken only about skating"

Max: SHHH i giggle" or Chloe will also start"

"oh shut up max you love my hobby" also what about skating?"

Max/Dana Groan  hey Max we go to dance floor let them talk about skating"

Max: oh yes thank you Dana bye i laughed and grabbed Dana`s hand and went to the dance floor"

Dana: ooh this is good shit"

"yeah it is"

max: i jumped and dumped the music to pace, i go wild with little but i don`t care"

Dana: i  looked Max dancing and smiled that is the time when that girl has been relaxed."

Max: i go to bathroom"

Dana: okay"

After ten minutes the boys and Chloe joined Dana`s company"

"boys: Hey Dana"

Dana: Hey"

boys: having fun?

Dana: yeah of course. i smiled and took sip my drink"

"where is Max?"

Dana: oh she went in bathroom" ten minutes ago"

Max: oh grab i giggled i can feel to be a bit of a tipsy but  not drunk yet, i got out of the toilet and went to wash my hands."

"Max are you there?"

"max: yeah, i`m coming"

"okay i wait outside"

Max: i washed my hand and dried them and walked out, i sat down next to Chloe, and grabbed her hand"

Max: Okay who wants shots i offer?"

"oohh" my little party animal"

Max: shut up I ordered everyone Shots,  I lifted my glass up, this evening"

"this evening" 

Max: Shots slightly burned my throat, I go with a cigar, do anybody come in?

Dana: i come

"me too"

The trio went to the cigarette Max leaned against the bar wall.

Max. i grabbed Chloe`s free hand, and intertwine our fingers, i running my thumb over her knuckles"

"i put soft kiss max`s lips". and holding her hand"

Dana: Ahem... i giggle.."

max: shut up Dana!"  i took drag from the cigarette and exhaled out of Chloe`s face"

Dana : i giggle never, what you were planning with the boys, i asked Chloe"

"well boys like to go camping a weekend and skate with me somewhere else at school but i don`t want leave Max"

Max: "Chloe if you want to go, then go, i have Dana and Kate  here, and the phone is invented.... i don`t want to hold you to do something that you love"

"i love you"

Max: yes and i know it, but think about  it"

"okay Max"

Dana: awww you two are cute"

max: wait is that David? i pointed about blue car" what hi want" wait here, I was walking towards David, what you want why you are here?"

David: i came to see Chloe she not answering her phone and Joyce get worried"

Max: bullshit! you got worried, Joyce knew we were with friends David you have to trust Chloe and especially me, i would not do anything that would hurt Chloe"

well look, i pointed Chloe who  laughing with Dana"

David: i don`t know you.."

"but Chloe does, and in practice you do not know about Chloe too, i love that girl always have, and almost left it behind me, just please stop and let us live"

David: *sigh*

"David go home with your love, and leave us alone"

Max: i walked towards Chloe and hugged her tightly"

"i hugged max`s back everything okay babe?"

Max: yeah. i smiled.

Dana: what hi want?"

Max: oh see Chloe"

"what why?"

Max: well hi told me that Joyce was worried when you did not answer the phone, but i don`t think so, joyce knew where we are"

Dana: what a asshole, i go to bathroom i will back soon.


Max: Calm down, just forget it" I pushed Chloe against the  wall and I got up on my toes and kissed Chloe slightly aggressively"

"i was surprise max`s kiss but i kissed her back, and put my hand her neck deepened our kiss, i put my other hand around Max`s wrist and pulled her closer"

the duo forgot everything else focused only on each other After several minutes making out against the Wall they pulled apart.

outside was a beautiful evening sky. Max and Chloe looked at the stars for a moment holding hands

"i put my hand Max`s cheek and gently caresses it, and looked her beautiful  blue eyes.. max i.."

max: what Chloe?


"Max: babe you can tell me"

"i want to move together" i am tipsy but i mean that"



max: yeah i`m here, well okay... i smiled."


Max: yeah Really. we can moving my house." my parents did not sell it yet"

"fuck yes!,i shouted"

"max: i laughing , Chloe stop"

The two went back in and ordered the drinks and sat next to others.  They talked about the future and about what everyone would want to do after school.

the bar started karaoke, the music was louder. Boys went to pick songs, Chloe and Max went too. After selecting the songs, the four went back to sit on the corner sofa.

max: Dana is everything okay?"

Dana : yes"

"hey you can tell us"

Dana: *sigh*... i miss Logan" but i don`t want ruin the evening"

"you not ruining, anything the evening is just young"

Max: that`s right"

"i go ordered for us drink"

Max: okay"


max: thanks I took a sip of my drink"

The end of the evening went smoothly laughing at dancing and drinking and singing, After five o'clock at night the five was really drunk and Max was all over Chloe"

Max kissed Chloe's neck and slid her hand under the Chloe`s shirt. biting her ear.. Chloe, of course, enjoyed this, but they were in a public place.

and directly in front of their friends. Chloe stopped Max. They started to leave. they walked home, said goodbye to others.

Chloe and Max headed straight to Chloe's room, switched to nightclothes, and gossip on the bed"

Max: thank you, i cuddled closer to Chloe" and pressing my head about her chest"

"about what, i stroking max`s hair"

Max: for stopping me, and this evening i I had a lot of fun"

"yeah i was also, and i think it is better that being sober while being intimately"

Max: indeed. i love you Chloe"

"i love you too.. night "

max: Night i shut my eyes  and sigh happily.






Chapter Text


I woke up groaning shit my head, i taped the other side to find it empty. Chloe? o heard the shower is on. ah she is shower

I lifted my clothes from the floor and put them on and i sat down on Chloe`s computer to watch my-email. Nothing interest.

I head shower turning off, i walked back the bed, looking at the ceiling.

Chloe: oh you are already awake how you are feeling?.. i walked my wardrobe"

"Like shit i never drink again".. i got up how about you?"

Chloe: well i never drink again too, but I've heard this before"

"i giggled yeah."

Chloe and Max went downstairs to breakfast with Joyce and David. They sat down and began to eat.

Everyone ate in peace and quiet it is nice feeling... Chloe Grabbed Max`s hand. Joyce smiled".

The duo got to eat and went to sit on the couch Max was sitting Chloe`s lap. and kissing her.

after while making out on the couch they broke apart... Chloe and Max spoke yesterday about moving together and it was now when they should talk to Joyce about it.

Chloe: mom?

Joyce yes honey?

Chloe: i want moving with Max"

Joyce. are you sure Chloe, what about rent, or school?"

Chloe: yes mom i`m sure, and and of course we are going to school, i promise."

Joyce why did you grow so fast?

Chloe: mom!! i chuckle"

Joyce: well okay if you are sure. then go"

Chloe Thank yo mom, i love you

Joyce... well i love you too"

Joyce knew he was going to have fight David later but right now she wants Chloe to be happy.

Max helping with Chloe packaging. Two hours later two of them had all Chloe`s stuff in the boxes and carried them to the car.

Max went to pick up the last box when David stopped it although Max did not care to continue but to travel to the car. and went inside.

Chloe started the car and drove into the road. Max did not live far. Chloe parked the car and began to carry moving boxes inside Max helped.

They also unpack the boxes and put Chloe`s clothes max`s wardrobe. Well now their wardrobe  They were hot but it was hot summer day.

When they finished  everything they went to ice-cream" Chloe tried to steal Max`s ice-cream"

"oh uh no way!"

Chloe: buuuttt maaaaax"

"i chuckle nope"I looked at Chloe's  puppy dog look... uhg fine, i let Chloe bake my ice-cream"

Chloe: i knew you love me, evils grin"

"well duh, i chuckle what about movie night today? we can go teather"

Chloe: "okay we totally can, but what to look at?"

"hmm i don`t know maybe we can decide there"?

"okay let`s go then"

Chloe and Max drove the movie to the theater walked hand in hand inside they watched movie list before deciding what to go for.

They decided to go horror in the movie this time, well Chloe decided Max is not tolerate horror movies.

"do i have to?"

Chloe: yes Max everything be fine, and you can snuggle on me every time when you`re scared."

"aha that`s why you choose a scary film"

Chloe: um.. no comment"

"i laughing ok.. dork.. let`s go buy the tickets"

They went buy to tickets to the movie, and at the same time bought a snack and cola.

Max sat beside Chloe and took deep breath Chloe grabbed Max`s hand. and locked their fingers

in the middle of the movie Max was curled up against Chloe.

Chloe kept Max close. after while Max return her seat. Moment later the movie stumbled on Max and Chloe Walked out and toward the parking lot

Chloe, i took one cigarettes from my cigarette packets. and i leaned against the car`s bonnet. i lit my cigarette and took drag.. what you think Max?, it was not bad?"

"i hate you"

Chloe: i chuckle, no you don´t"

"yes i do i grumble... but no it was not bad"

Chloe: okay, will this help.. i leaned down  and put gently kiss max`s lips.

"mmmm maybe.. come back"

Chloe: i kiss max`s again.

"yes that helps"

Chloe: dork"

" i took drag Chloe`s cigarette, but yours" i leaned forward very close and but my hands around Chloe`s wrist".

Chloe, i slid my finger max`s hair, and pulled her closer and began kiss her" Max kisses me back."

Chloe: i pulled back an put my forehead against her.. i love you very much"

"i love you too, let`s go home"

Chloe: mmm home i like that

Chloe drove home, Max chatted with her parents. her mom was crying.  her parents had a fight, Max sighed. it was not the first time.

When they were at home Max went to sit the couch and sighed. Max was worried her mother but did not want to think it now.

started to be late and Max was tired and tomorrow was school day.. heard a new boy start tomorrow.

"Babe i go shower"

Chloe: okay, i go after you"

"i went the bathroom, and stripped down my clothes, and step in the shower"

( i thinking maybe Chloe cloud come with me... i blush that thought.. maybe not yet.)

"i wash my body and hair.. mmmh.." (no no  max stop it )

Max got ready for showering and went into the bedroom. i heard living room lot shouting"

"listening at the door, it was David's voice",  what`s going on here?"

"David:  she come home right now!"

Chloe: i`m home"

David: you are too young. i just want you be happy and safe"


"DAVID: Chlo she is trouble i can tell"

Chloe: nope, you don`t know her, i wish my mom r would never have found you, and   my dad would not have been caught in a fucking accident and died" i strormed upstairs ad slammed the door shut"

"are you happy now David?!" I look at her, and I hope that when I come back you're gone and oh Joyce gets this out you can be sure"

"i went upstairs our bedroom, gently opening the door. and went inside"

Chloe was lying bed  face to pillow and sobbing.. i climbed the bed i put my hand chloe`s back  Chloe?"

she pressed her head against my chest... i gently stroking her hair, and rubbing her arm up and down, but not speaking, i comforting her in privacy"

"we'd been here for some time until Chloe calmed down and leaned up, kissing me... i kissed her back" you okay?

Chloe: yeah sorry, i just lost my temper" i go shower now and then we can go sleep"

"okay if you want"

"For a moment to get to Chloe came back the towel around, i was my computer, and watch my email again, but not new, i turn around" and went to bed *yawn*

Chloe Tired?

"yeah, babe i`m sorry about David"

Chloe, i put my hand max`s cheek don`t be, it`s not your fault".

"i snuggle closer Chloe and shut my eyes"

Chloe: Oh well it was fast i thought" i put kiss max`s forehead and hear her sigh"

"night babe"

Chloe: night"





Chapter Text

- Max
I wake up alarm clock, Chloe`s arm was around me, so i could not get up, However, I moved myself against Chloe's grasp.
Chloe: nooo come back here"
"Chlo, we have to get up and go to school"
Chloe: groaning, fine i slowly opened my eyes and i got up."
"i put soft morning kiss Chloe`s lips".. better?
Chloe: mm-hm
"i chuckle, ok now get up, i started dressing clothes on me and went downstairs to boil and make breakfast for us.
After while Chloe join me. put her arms around me from behind.
"hey breakfast is ready soon"
"Chloe: Thanks babe, i kissed max`s cheek, and grabbed my coffee mug and took coffee and walked to the kitchen table i sat down"
"Chloe: I watched Max cooking, and smiling everything it`s perfect, i want to spend to the rest of my life with that girl. i took sip my coffee.
"Chloe: Soon Max join me, and put two plate on the table. i began to eat.
I started to eat my breakfast.
"Chloe: Max?"
"Chloe: i was thinking about Justin`s offer from the skating on the camp.. i mean i could go."
"oh.. well then go, i smiled"
"Chloe: Max, come with us"
"Chloe: yeah, i grabber Max`s hand, come with us, It would be like a small weekend vacation"
"but... what about boys?"
"Chloe: i ask them"
"okay i go with you and boys"
"Chloe: i leaned forward and pressing my lips against Max`s it is going to be amazing"
"indeed, it is, i sip my coffee" ready for school?
"Chloe: No but we have to"
Chloe and Max began to get ready for school, for once they decided walk to school. they walked hand in hand and went inside.
"well i think this is the moment we get separated, my first class is photography"
"Chloe: yeah.. my is math, but Max.. if anything happens just text me okay?"
"i grab Chloe`s hand.. okay i text you, i promise"
*bells rings*
"Chloe: shit i gotta go i put kiss max`s forehead.. see you after class"
"i walked the classroom, and sit down... i was nervous about Victoria and her group but i don`t care anymore. i have Chloe and everything is okay."
"Kate:" Hey Max" can i sit with you?"
"of course you can, how are you?"
"Kate. Fine thanks, how about you?"
"ooohhh fiine i giggled"
"Kate: i giggled too, Chloe`s has nothing to do with the matter?"
"well.... maybe little"
"Kate: hah! you two are cute together"
"mm-hm you know what, join our company? we hanging out after class and before next class?"
"Kate: "pleasure"
"Kate: what?
"Kate: do not care about her Max you are a great person, kind and caring, she is not"
"i... thanks Kate, Victoria looked me up and down, and my piercing too.... i smirk"
but fortunately our teacher came to the class at least.
Mr. Jefferson Good morning class"
Mark Jefferson, was famous photographer, and teaching Blackwell academy, Jefferson taught the history of photography.
Max gave full focus to the class until her phone vibrated. Max made sure Mr. Jefferson did not look in his direction.
and read the text message it was from max`s mom
Mom: hey max i know you are class right now, but don`t worry about me and you father"
"me: mom of course i`m worried! i love you and dad."
Max put the phone off and focused again on the class.

Mr. Jefferson asked to return the photo to the Everyday hero contest, three weeks time. after that bells rings.

All packed their stuff and headed out Max walked with Kate.

"Which picture you put in context? i asked Kate"

"Kate: well i don`t know yet, you?"

"i don`t know either"

"i opened my locker and took English book, and leaned against the locker and waiting for Chloe with Kate"

"Kate well i`m sure we find a suitable picture"

"yeah maybe"

"Kate. Max no maybe we will!"

"okay okay i giggle"

Kate: "there is spirit, i`m going to get soda from a vending machine you want?"

"yes, thanks Kate, after while Chloe stood front on me, hey babe"

"Chloe. hey yourself, i hugged Max how was class?"

"oh fine.. nothing happened i tell Chloe about Victoria`s look when she see`s me, Chloe burst into laughter"

"Chloe: i try to calmed down"

"Kate: what she laughs?"

"oh i tell her about Victoria Face when she see`s me, it was hilarious"

":Kate indeed it was, also here"


The trio walked to the next class laughing at each other`s jokes.

In the classroom was a brown-haired boy.

"(He`s probably it is a new student i thought)"

"i noticed he was staring me, i became uncomfortable i sat next to Chloe and Kate"

"Chloe: Babe... are you okay?"

"yeah i`m nervous about the essay and that boy he stared at me, it makes me nervous as you know"

"Chloe: yeah, but don`t worry it i talk to him.. i grin also about your essay it`s good Mrs. Smith is definitely happy with it"

"Kate: indeed Max don`t worry too much."

"Chloe: we can relax after school Max if you want"

"what you mean.... oh right... yes"

"Chloe: Okay then"

Mrs. Smith Arrived in class. And started teaching.. and asked the students alternately to read the essay.

Became Max`s turn.

"Mrs. Smith: Max? will come here?"

"Kate: it goes well"

"thanks, i took deep breath and i walked in front, started reading" it told about photography"

a moment to get Max was ready and went back in place
"Chloe: Hella good!"

"Thanks Chloe"

mrs:Smith well wow."

Everyone else went to read their essays.

*bells ring*

"i packed my stuff and walked out with Chloe and Kate"

"you want eat lunch with us?"

"Kate, yeah".

"okay let`s go then, i grab Chloe`s hand and intertwined our fingers"

The trio headed out the fountain and sat down. and started to eat.

They ate in silence and peace.

Victoria: hey Caulfield

"shit... what Victoria?"

Victoria looked Chloe and Kate.... um can we talk private?"

"no we can`t, if you want talk.. then talk but they stay"

Victoria: *sigh*.. fine i`m sorry"

"i blinked few time, Chloe and Kate choked their food"

"really are you?"

Victoria: i rolled my eyes, yes Max really.. i was jealous."

"about what?"

"Victoria: Max you are very skilled to take pictures... and more... and you have lot friends"

"well Victoria, if you do not concentrate on bullying others, then you would have friends too"

Victoria: yeah, i`m sorry again" then Victoria leaves.

"that was surprising"

"Chloe: yeah, it is.. what emotions brought up?, i grab max`s hand and stroking it"

"i don`t know... whether it was serious or not"

"Chloe: yeah, but maybe we are going to see what happens"

"Kate:, what do you have next?

"science I yelled at Chloe at the same time both girls burst into laughter"

Kate: "okay we can see after school then, i have a math"

"okay see you then"

"let`s go"

They went next class.

"i sat down, Chloe put one arm around my shoulder"

Hours later the school ended we walked out and waiting for Kate.

That new boy was walking towards us.. but walked past.

"my phone vibrated oh it`s Kate"

Kate: i`m sorry Max but i have past our meeting my parents want to talk"

me: oh no it`s okay we can see tomorrow then :) "

Kate: yeah see you :) "

"Kate not come"

"Chloe: oh okay, i see Justin skate park, and then we can go"
(continue next chapter)

Chapter Text



They saw Justin`s skate in the park. Trio talked about their weekend holiday, Justin agreed that Max could join maybe Max could take good photos.
Justin promise to book a cottage and everything. they spent the whole afternoon together, smoking and laughing. Now Chloe and Max were at home Max sitting Chloe`s lap. and making out with Chloe.
Their moment was interrupted when someone called the doorbell.
"*sigh. i go" Max moved off my lap and i went opened the door. mom?"
Joyce: Hey honey.
"what are you doing here, is everything okay?"
Joyce: can i come in?"
"yeah of course, i closed the door and went living room and sat down on the couch next to Max."
Joyce: i`m sorry about David. i talk to him.
"mom don`t be it`s not your fault"
Joyce: still, he should leave you and Max alone and not be bumbled all the time, also Chloe what you wanna think if you get a little sister"
"wait what, you...?
"Joyce: no, but i was thinking maybe someday"
"well it would be cool and nice but David must calm down before that.
Joyce: "indeed"
"mom can i talk you for a moment outside?"
"Joyce: yeah of course"
"i shut the door, and sat down mom i.."
"Joyce: Chloe what is it?"
"When would be the right moment to pop the question?"
Joyce: well then it feels right from the heart why?"
"well Max and i are dating next weekend three months and i would ask her then but i don`t know if it`s too soon.. i mean we are still at school , and young and
there is nothing known about the future"
Joyce: well honey, if that`s what you want then do it it`s never too early if you have been dating for months. and nobody knows what future brings"
"yeah right.. maybe i ask her then"
"Joyce: i hugged my daughter, your dad would be proud of you, i am "
"yeah i miss him"
Joyce: "i miss him too. but i have to go work i just wanted to see you and Max"
"okay mom. we went back inside, Max had left somewhere."
Joyce: bye
"i put a text message to Max"
me: babe where you go?"
went only 10 minutes before Max replied
Maxi <3: i went to the store i`m coming back <3"
Me: oh okay"
i went to the backyard for cigarette. i put it between my lips and lit it. mhhmm"
Max came home and walked straight into the kitchen to unpack the shopping bags in the fridge.
i joined Max company
"need help?"
Max) nope, but thanks"
"i walked behind Max and put my arm around her my hand rested Max`s on the stomach, i put kisses everywhere max`s neck and shoulders."
(Max): Chloe.. i breathing heavily, my heart was racing again, Chloe`s lips feels good like always, but now.. it makes me crazy, i turn around now facing Chloe
i looked Chloe`s beautiful eyes." i put my hand around her wrist, and pulled her closer, and smashed my lips against Chloe`s and began kiss more aggressive and hungry"
"i moaned against max`s lips. i lifted Max up and carried Max bride`s style in our bedroom without breaking the kiss. i fell top of Max and started kissing her neck, sliding my other hand under her shirt"
(max). "mhm i closed my eyes i slid my fingers Chloe`s hair.. and moaned her name"
I lifted Max`s shirt slightly up and i put kisses on her bare stomach. i take her shirt off and unclasped her bra off and threw them into the corner. i sat up, and for a moment I stared at Max
(max) i reached up, and putting my lips against`s Chloe`s then neck, and again lips. and lifted her shirt up and off, and bra threw them into the corner Chloe pushing me back"
"i kissed max`s lips more passionately hungrier, at the same time my hand slid towards Max`s jeans i opened her belt, and jeans button slid the zipped down"
"i put my hand between max`s legs and rested my hand her soaked panties. "mm" i was so turned on right now"
(max): i moaned mmhm , i kicking my jeans off "Chloe just..."
"okay enough teasing, i pulled down max`s pants and resting my hand max`s leg sliding it down" at same time, i put kiss max`s lips. and pulled back
"i pressed my one finger against`s max`s clit and circling small circles"
(max) HOLY...... i moaned loud, Fortunately, there are no others here... "keep going"
"i moaned as well.. and started to make a bigger circle, my other hand slid down max`s breast i pressed it hard, stroking her nipple with my thump"
(max) MMHHHMHH JUST THAT.. it`s feel so fucking good, pressing Chloe`s finger more into mine oh fuck!"
"mmhghhm Max... i smashed our lips together, and put my finger inside max`s wet pussy"
"i licking max`s nipple and put second finger inside her, and started pump in and out"
"(max) MHHMMHHHHH".... i pressed Chloe`s head more into my nipple.. keep keep going...mhmhhmh!"
"i love when max`s groans and screamed.... i licking her nipple harder" mmmmhhhmmh"
"my fingers pumping in and out, and find max`s sensitive spot"
"I pumping faster, and harder.. shit i can feel Max tightening around my finger"
(Max:) OIUUHOHUHUUHH NOW AIIHHHHAAHHHH .. i came so hard i breathing very hard, ans shut my eyes tight trying calm my breathing"
"i was sweating, i slid my fingers out max`s and cleaned my fingers... i put soft kiss max`s nose.... are you okay max?
(Max)... Chloe?"
(Max).. i`m okay.. i love you.."
"i love you too.."
(max. You turn, i turned so i was lying top of Chloe, i start kissing her lips then neck, my hand slid towards her jeans"
"i shut my eyes and put my hand behind max`s head",, mmhh"
(Max): i opened jeans button and pulled zipped down, Chloe kicking her jeans off"
"i kissing Chloe`s neck and slid my hands down between her legs
i pressing my finger against her clit, starting rubbing it"
"mmhhmm just .. mhh just fuck"
"i massage Chloe`s breast licking her nipple biting it gently.."
"oh shit Max.... iMHHMH"
(max) i put one finger inside Chloe`s... she literally screamed my name.... pushing it in and out.. mmhhmmm"
"fucking Christ max!" just just FUCK" MHMHMH" JUST RIGHT THERE"
(max:) "mmhhhmm i smashed our lips together, Chloe moaned against my lips... i pulled back and watched her face, and my fingers become faster"
(max) i pushed my fingers harder and faster. and moaned with Chloe"...mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
"MAAAAXXX SHIT SHIT SHIT, I screamed when i reached my climax.. and smashed back against the bed breathing heavily... "
(max) i cleaned my fingers, i press my head against Chloe`s chest"
"i put my arms around Max holding her Close."
They stayed for a while in total silence. maxi's stomach started to make a sound
both girls burst into giggling.
"okay Max let`s go eating i said between laugh"
They put on clothes and went off.
"They went two whales"
Chloe stayed out on the cigar Max instead went inside and sat down in their seats.
That brown haired boy sat in front max`s "hey"
(max) um...hi"
"i`m warren"
(max) : "Max"
(warren:) are you free today?"
(max): well... no"
(warren) : oh.. are you with that friend of yours, with whom you were in school.
(max:) *sigh* yes my state of affairs was really uncomfortable. I noticed Chloe come to inside" she sat next to me and put arm around me"
(warren:) oh...."
(max) 'Chloe. warren .. warren Chloe"
(warren).. um hey"
(max): Warren before you goes too far you need to know something Chloe is not my friend.. she is my.... my speech was interrupted very familiar lips.. Chloe kissed me, of course i kissed her back i pulled back well that probably tell the rest, i`m sorry we can we can be friends but nothing more."
(warren)... um yeah i`m sorry too. i leaving"
"well, now him know"
(max): Yeah i give Chloe another kiss, she put her hand my neck" after while making out, i noticed where we are and blush a bit."
(max:) don`t not a word, oh hey Joyce"
(Joyce) hey yourself what i can get you?"
"me burger and fries and lemonade"
(max) "i can take that too"
(Joyce) "okay, i be back soon"
"i sip my coffee, oh before i forgot Justin want to see us today"
(Max): "okay, i sip my coffee and waiting my food"
Chloe and Max ate their food and paid and went out, they walked towards the beach where they should see Justin and Trevor.
They walked hand in hand along the beach and staring the sunset it`s beautiful evening. They stopped and sat down.
the boys arrived a little late.
(Trevor): "Sorry"
"no it`s okay.. what`s up"?
(Trevor): Max do you still take photos?"
(Max:) um.. yeah why?"
(Trevor:) "well Justin and i thinking maybe we`ll be able to set up "skate club" me Justin Chloe Dana Logan and you, and we always be together"
"hella yes!!"
(max) : and would i take you between the pictures?"
("Trevor): Yeah"
(max): Okay then."
(Trevor) : " I was asked to Kate up but did not want to come"
(max: yeah she is very shy and stuff"
"Justin. yeah, but she definitely can come with our gang"
"this is so fucking cool"
(Trevor): yeah meet us, tomorrow before school and we talk about the weekend, and stuff goodnight"
"night boys, let`s go home"
20 minutes later, Chloe and Max were at home covering the movie on the sofa max had fallen asleep against Chloe's shoulder.
Chloe carried Max bedroom and bed, changed own nightclothes and went under the blanket scooter closer, max and put arm and her legs around her
(max) huh?)
"shh babe, go to sleep... i put kiss max`s lips night
(max:) i snuggle into Chloe.... night"

Chapter Text


I woke up in the sunshine that came through our bedroom window. i yawn a little, i got up form the bed and went to the shower.
i stood under the shower, warm water flowed through my body.
i just wondered about this whole club thing, Justin posted a message and asked to me to talk Kate.
I love my friends, and I love being part of this gang, but i also care about Kate. She was my newsiest friend.
my thoughts interrupted a tender knock on the bathroom door.
"yeah i`m coming, i put my clothes on, and opened the door"
Chloe: morning babe
"morning babe, sorry that it took so long"
(Chloe: no it`s okay, Max.. i can go now"
"okay i smiled. and went downstairs to have breakfast.
i cooked coffee and started frying bacon ans eggs.
After while, Chloe joined max´s company and they ate breakfast and started preparing for the School.
Chloe picked up the car keys and locked the door, Max was waiting for a car.
Chloe opened the doors and they went in, and drove the school. even though there were no real class there today.
The drove was quiet only the music ran on the radio.
After while, Chloe parked the car at the car park.
They walked hand in hand School area and went behind a wall where people usually smoking, and so did Max and Chloe this time.
"i light it my cigarette and took a drag, and smoke came out of my nose, i grab Chloe`s hand with my other hand, she looks down me and locked our fingers"
She leaned down and put him lips into mine, i can taste the taste of morning coffee and cigar, but i don`c care i kissed her back.
The whistle was behind us.
Chloe raised the middle finger and laughed.
"hey Dana i said and took another drag"
(Dana) Hey Max and Chloe"
(Chloe) "yo"
"where is Justin and Trevor?"
(Dana): UGH Late as always"
"hah totally, i laughed, well anyways maybe we can talk without them"
(Dana): yeah, have you talked to Kate yet?"
"no, i`m not have seen him yet but i left a text"
(Dana): Okay, hopefully she joining our club"
"yeah i hope too, but Justin got stuck in the cottage?"
(Dana): yeah"
(Chloe): Hey Are you okay?, i put my hand Dana`s shoulder."
(Dana honestly?.. i don`t know"
(Chloe) well you can talk to me and Max"
The trio walked the fountain and sat down. Max and Chloe, put their hands, Dana`s shoulder.
"talk to us Dana, it helps."
(Dana): it`s this weekend thing i heard Logan is also coming, and i miss her i miss her so fucking much hi not talking to me and let me not explain what happened."
"with the other boy?"
(Dana): yeah nothing happened the boy kisses me, and Logan see`s that.. and well broke with me.. i burst into crying"
(Chloe): i hugged him tightly"
"that`s it!"
(Dana): Max what are you doing?"
"i go talk that asshole! (sorry) it should have let you explain it first before making its own conclusions."
"(Dana: half crying and half laughing"
"i walked towards a football gang where Logan usually hangs. HEY YOU, i shout and pulled Logan with me "
(Logan Max what the hell?"
"i pointed the fountain where Dana crying against Chloe"
Logan) " i looked Dana`s direction.. is she okay i thought).. Max why she is crying?"
"because of YOU!"
(Logan: me? oh.. Max she kissed another boy"
"no Logan if you'd let Dana explain, you'd know it would be the other way round. look at her, you thinks she it would be broken if it did not care."
(Logan) What i see it"
"yes you saw a kiss, but you did not see that Dana did not kiss back... look.. at.. her.. i said again"
(Logan *sigh*)
"go talk to her.. please"
(Logan): "okay"
Max and Logan walked back to the fountain Dana had calmed down slightly. Max sat down Chloe`s lap.
She putting her arms around max, and rested her chin Max`s shoulder.
"Logan you can sit down,, they don`t bite, as you know"
"(Chloe:) Oh uh... are you sure Max?"
"i chuckle yes babe i`m sure"
(Logan): i sat down.. i`m sorry Dana"
(Dana): "hmm you mean it?", i tried weeks to explain but you don`t listening, why?"
(Logan:) "yes i mean it, when i see you with that boy i got jealous and yeah... i`m sorry I did not listen to you" Max tell me what actually happening, is it true?"
(Dana): "what you think?. i`m cryining weeks, for nothing? no no and nope, i love you... you dumpass"
(Logan:) can we go to your room?"
(Dana): "yeah, i turn around and hugged max and Chloe, thanks"
"no problem"
"well that went good"
(Chloe: indeed.... i starving can we go to two whales?"
"hmm i don`t know... too comfy"
(Chloe:) "Max... get up"
"fine... i get up, and started walked towards parking lot"
Chloe drove the diner and opened the door for Max, they went inside and sat down next to each other.
they ordered coffee. Max leaned against Chloe`s shoulder.
They sat like this for a moment. before Max`s phone beeping.
Kate: okay sorry late answer we can talk, but where are you?"
me: Two whales with Chloe.. want come?
Kate: "yeah seen you a bit"
"i put my phone on the table and sip my coffee. Kate is coming"
(Chloe): "okay, what you think about Kate joining?"
"hmm i don`t know, if she don`t want then i`m not force it, i think she is little bit scary about boys and our smoking and stuff"
(Chloe: "yeah maybe.. i put kiss top of max`s head"
"i smiled, i love you"
(Chloe:) love you too"
After while Kate come in, and sat down... Hey"
"hey Kate, how are you?"
(Kate): Fine thanks little bit tired.. i orded coffee and waffles"
(Kate): what you wanted to talk ?"
"about that club think want join?... you would be with friends and not alone?"
(Kate:) i don`t know Max...."
"is it about boys?" They can be little.... strange but they are nice and kind and very good friend when they learn to know"
(Kate:) mm-hm
"hmm... maybe we can Do something together in the evening so you can learn them a bit?"
(Kate) that`s actually good a idea." maybe bowling?"
"but really you could joining I need a photo of a partner, i smiled"
(Kate:) well maybe.. max are you... do you do what boys do sometimes?"
"yeah sometimes.. it is okay?"
(Kate.) : Yes... i..."
"what you want try?, are you sure, it really is okay if you do not want it. we can also "reduce" "
(Chloe:) "indeed"
(Kate:) no no I've been thinking about trying to do it now, but I did not want to do it alone."
"well okay then, i smiled, but not here, i started to eat, Chloe spoke with Justin and Kate ate too.
the trio ate in peace and drove to the landfill Max got out the car with Kate.
They walked around and took different kinds of photos, talked and laughed.
hours later, began to become quite late and the triad decided to go home, Chloe drove Kate, for school..."
(Kate): Thanks I was having fun, and it was nice to see the secret place.
"nope now it was ours" see you tomorrow"
(Kate: yeah bye"
After Kate's departure Chloe drove home. parked the car and walked in with maxi ... they hugged on the couch and looked at the telescope until they fell asleep.
"ten minutes later i woke up .... Chloe?"
(Chloe): huh?.."
"let`s go bed i gigged"
(Chloe): "oh yeah".
so they walked upstairs and climbed to bed next to each other ... and kept each other shut.

Chapter Text

- Chloe

Chloe and Max spent the morning hugging kissing talking about future, one thing was a sure future to be celebrated together.
Now Max rested his head on Chloe`s lap and talked with her mother on the phone. Chloe stroking gently Max`s hair, and hold her hand.
Vanessa tried the Max to come to Seattle .. but just that weekend when Max was skate in the camp.
(max:) "i`m sorry mom, but i already make plans with my friend this weekend"
(Vanessa:) Maxine is not there any other weekend with them, i miss you"
" i miss you too but no is not, also it`s Max"
(Vanessa:) "I just...."
"what mom?", i love you i love dad but also i love my friends, and i`m visiting with you another weekend end of story"
"(Vanessa:) "sigh, okay then"
"mom, you guys always You said that I must have friends and be with them"
(Vanessa: well yeah"
"mom i have to go now, but i love you"
(Vanessa:) "i love you too"
Max closed the phone and covered his eyes with his arm and sighed.
(Max: I put my arm down and opened my eyes, yeah?"
"everything okay?"
"i lifted my hand Chloe`s cheek and caresses it... Chloe leaned in my touch... yeah baby everything is okay... it`s too much sometimes, my mom i mean"
"yeah i believed that i chuckle. and Leander down putting soft kiss max`s lips and nose" ready to go?"
(max:) "yeah" I got up from the couch and walked into the hallway and started to put shoes on my feet.
Chloe drove to a School parking lot to get Kate`s ride. Kate sat next to Max. they drove Back home. and waiting others
At one o'clock in the afternoon the trio had to see the boys, Dana did not get this time. But surely the boys are Late as usual. so Max`s leaned against the truck door"
(Kate): Max can we try?"
(Max): Are you sure?"
Kate), No but i want to I'm too concerned about it"
(Max): Well okay then, but not Here our clubhouse, hah finally I came up with the name"
"oh my god max!" i burst into laughter"
(max) okay okay cut it i chuckle"
"no way!"
the landfill was 20 minutes away so the trio decided to walk there.
Kate knew weed was illegal at this time but still was interested in trying. Kate was nervous but excited a bit
the trio walked to the landfill, the max went to the "club room" and opened a little door so the trio could get in, and sat down on the couch.
Max watched when Kate was exploring the place. Chloe began rolled their joints.
(max) "You can sit down if you want"
(Kate): What`s place this is ?"
(Max): Well that place is been mine and Chloe`s escape site when things have become too heavy and often my photography place, like yesterday and now it`s a our club house"
(Kate:) "Is it safe here?"
)Max:) Kate you were here yesterday, so nothing new .. you were not just here on the inside... and for this purpose there is a door here i pointed the blue metal plastic"
(Max:) "And nothing happened when Chloe and i are here too"
(Kate: "yeah i`m sorry guys i`m nervous and yeah"
"Kate like Max says nothing happened, and there is no need to be sorry"
(Max: i hugged Kate, sit down with us"
Chloe completed the joints and handed them to Max.
(Max:) "thanks babe"
(Max:) "I reached over and garb Kate`s hand.. i handed Kate her joint, lit it and take drag hold it in and breathe out."
Kate did as the max instructor and was choking.
(Max) "i patted Kate`s back and looked when Kate took another drag"
(Max): i lit my own"

(Kate:) ooh just ooh everything is so calm"
"Right? that was also Max`s reaction when she first tried, i put my arm around Max`s shoulder"
(Kate:) When you try it?"
(Max,) "i had bad fight with my parents and i wanted something to help forget the fight and relax for a while, also found this place at the time"
(Kate)... i hugged Max and Chloe, and suddenly burst into laughter.. what?.
"well my friend you are high, i giggled too"
(Max.) "Indeed"
(Kate: "ooh nice, when the others come, i love to see Trevor"
"WHAT!"? are you crush Trevor, Max and I was trying to arrest the laughter."
(Kate:) no.. i ... definitely not.. damn this stuff why you don`t tell me that it gets to recognize things, i laughing again"
(Max::) oh my god Kate! was that why you did not agree to join?" i giggled"
"(Kate: well.... yeah"
(Max:) i calmed down... well then ask her out.: no wait we go out today, ask if they can be your date."
(Kate "i don`t know"
"Hey just ask i know you are nervous, believe me i know i giggled.. Trevor is cool, and also if you want i can ask him to come here?"
(Kate).. Okay then i... "
(Max): "shh,, we are here. i smiled"
"Okay i call him"
Trevor: Yo Chloe what`s up"?
"come to landfill, and you see.."
Trevor. um.. okay then, and sorry about that we`re late"
"don`t worry that.. I got another reservation for us"
Trevor: "oh? well good then, see you a bit"
"yeah bye i hung up. and watched Max and Kate for a while and smiled Trevor is on the way."
(Kate): o-kay"
The trio threw the stitch while waiting for Trevor.
(knock knock)
"come in, i shout the couch Max lying my lap."
(Trevor). I step inside hey"
(Trevor.. i sit down, so what you wanted to talk?"
"oh I did not want to talk but ... i pointed to Kate she wants, and i and Max give you room to chat .. we're in the car"
(Max): yeah i get up.. and walked towards the door.. good luck i say to Kate and walked out"
(Trevor.. i sat next to Kate, what you wanted to talk i smiled"
(Kate.. um i was thinking that maybe we can...... "
(Trevor): i just listened her"
(Kate.. dammit!!! would you go out with me?, i was nervous him answer my hands sweating and heart racer..."
(Trevor:) what's the matter with me and i just sit here Kate just out of me, well it would be awesome, I thought)
(Trevor, Yes it would be awesome"
(Kate:) Really
(Trevor (Really)... c-an i kiss you?"
(Kate:) "yeah"
(Trevor, i was nervous, but i put my hand Kate`s cheek and leaned forward and put my lips against Kate`s"
(Kate:): my heart was racing so fast, my breath become also faster... but i kissed back it`s was awesome, magical and gently. i pulled pack and smiled"
Chloe and Max sat on the car`s bonnet and looked at the sky Chloe leaned against Max`s shoulder.
Max stroking gently Chloe`s arm and hair. knowing what Chloe is thinking. after while Chloe get up.
"what you think how do Trevor and Kate go"
(Max): Hmm good i think, I mean neither has come out of it yet angry or upset"
"yeah you are right they're probably making out right now"
(Max:) i rolled my eyes and chuckle well duh"
"And why you lips are there... i leaned bit forward"
(Max); "i rolled my eyes again and giggled, i leaned forward and put my lips against Chloe`s and started kissing her"
"kissed Max`s back and put my hand her cheek... I slowed my pace a little. and before we know it we making out against my truck hood"
(Max:) i pulled back for air and put our foreheads together... better?"
"very much.. oh look, i pointed to our "clubhouse" Trevor and Kate walked out"
(Max): "Well well what can my eyes see"
(Trevor:) Chloe i hate you!"
"that good huh? i chuckled."
(Trevor): "Well.. yeah"
(Max): i hugged Kate.. I told you"
(Kate): Yeah yeah I never doubt you ever again"
(Max:) "Good"
"well are you two now together then?"
Trevor:) "i grap Kate`s hand. yes"
"Max and i smiled"
"i think we should call Justin and to go to the bowling alley, our time is about a couple of hours"
(Trevor::) "yeah i call him"
"okay, Max and Kate sat inside my truck i walked the driver seat. and I started the car. Trevor you coming or what!?"
(Trevor:) "yeah yeah"
When Trevor was in the car Chloe started driving towards the bowling alley.
the four talked and listening to music.
Chloe Parker the car and the four walked in Chloe went to counter and told them they had time. Chloe paid and the four went to change the shoes"
Justin came too.
They had track ten. The five went to sit on the sofa in front of the track.
Justin started the round Chloe went to others for a drink everyone took a beer even Kate.
Max talked with Justin and Kate, their weekend "vacation".
"here you go, i put five beer on the table"
(Trevor):, "thanks Chloe"
"no problem"
Justin threw the bowl into the chute, both times it`s was Kate`s turn. Kate threw the full throttle.
"wow good throwing"
(Kate): "haha thanks Chloe"
"well it`s my turn, baby wish me luck"
(max:) i put soft kiss Chloe`s cheek... there"
(Justin:) AWWWWW
"shut up you!"
(max:) Kate and i burst into Loyd laughter.
(Max. you have good time?"
(Kate: yeah.. I was wrong Justin is really a relaxed man.. and Trevor...well you know"
(Max:) "i told you, i smirk.. and yes i know.. i watched Chloe.. i love that woman the whole heart of my life. I was really fond of the Chloe for a long time, and when I was upgrading to Seattle I was afraid I would have to leave Chloe completely."
(Kate): "yeah, me too i mean about Trevor, i was affair to tell him.. but now.. I'm glad that you and Chloe gave me a push"
Justin/Trevor Okay now stop"
"(Max)", oh i`m sorry, i chuckle"
Chloe threw the full throttle.
(Justin:) well your lucky kiss seemed to help"
"nope, Justin back off!"
(Justin: i don`t saying anything"
"no but i know you was thinking it, i put my arm around max`s"
(Max) Chloe it`s my turn"
"get up then"
60 minutes went really fast, with good company. they really had fun. they walked towards the car. Chloe drove Home. others will also stay for the night.
(Kate): Thanks guys i have fun"
"no problem."
David): Chloe!:
"groaning WHAT"
David: "why are not answered your phone?"
"well I was spending time with Max and my friends, and i`m not answering your calls! only mom"
David: i can see that David stared at the Max"
"stop that! and leave my girlfriend alone already!.. what you wanted?"
David) Talk and alone"
"*sigh.. i turn to others, baby go inside with others"
(Max): okay, i give quickly peck Chloe`s lips.. i love you"
"i love you too"
"okay now what you want?"
(David): Chloe i`m not you enemy. i care about you"
"pfft accepted then Max"
(David:) maybe."
"not maybe, you accepted her.. or i don`t spoke with you anymore, i`m sick how you treat Max. David i love her why you can`t understand that?"
"mom understand that." you love mom right?"
(David:) yes of course"
"well i love Max just the same way"
David: *sigh i`m sorry Chloe I find it difficult to trust people I do not know. and how the max behaved at school then one day."
"David, she was very upset because Victoria. and really under great pressure. and when you tried to distinguish it from the only person who gets it calm down max exploded"
"she is not such always. she is nice caring, with very good heart." look at her, with her friends does it look like it would hurt them.?, or me "
David looked the window max was playing card with others, and laughing"
"i walked next to David.. well?"
David:) no she`s not, i`m sorry"
"well apology accepted but you also have to apologize to Max" I knocked on the window to get Max's attention I asked her to come out.
(Max:) Yes?"
(David: i`m sorry Max i was a full asshole"
(Max:) But why?"
(David): Because I did not trust you, the way you behaved at me at school ... I thought it was your normal use."
(Max. well it`s not, i was upset"
David) yeah Chloe tells me, i`m sorry"
(Max: well if you if you are really so sorry the request is accepted"
David: Thank you
"i think we go to sleep, and you go home"
David left home, Chloe and Max went inside to spend the rest of the evening with their friends, finally aware that peace is in the country.

Chapter Text

- Chloe

one year later
Max and Chloe have been together for over year now, They still live in Arcadia Bay. Both graduated from school and are currently working. Chloe is Tattoo artist, and Max working photo in the studio with Kate.
their "club" is still up and spending time with their friends as well. Chloe had to pop the question Max last year but changed his mind.
Chloe first wanted to graduate from school and save money for the ring. Joyce and David are still together, and Joyce is waiting for the baby.
Now, Chloe and Max had their second camp, with Justin and others. and today Chloe does it.

Today i ask Max, i was hella nervous, my hands sweating, my heart racing and i was breathing very fast, it was a really familiar feeling, but i love her and i want this, i want to spend with him the end of my life. We were sitting around a campfire. side by side and talking with others.
"I take deeb breath, "Guys"
(Justin: Yes Chloe?"
"i took Max`s hand, Max last year was. Horrible. but it also the best year of my life, when you told about your moving i was scared.
scared about that i would lose you. but when you you agreed to become my girlfriend, i.. i don`t even know. but i was truly happy.
you are my light and rock" it was also rough to you, all that bullying and David's harassment. but i was there for you like you were me."
Max i " I got up and went to one knee.
Max covering her mouth with her hand, and crying.
i opened the ring box, Max Caulfield will you marry me?"
(Max:) "i looked down at Chloe, still crying and hand over my mouth YES YES AND YES. i will marry you"
"i smiled and took Max`s hand and i slipped the ring to Max`s finger, i got up and started kissing her after several minutes, i pulled back putting our forehead together, and put one kiss max`s nose.. i love you"
(Max:) " i love you too, i put one more kiss Chloe`s lips"
(Kate (sniff)
(Max.) i sit down and took Chloe`s hand, intertwined ours finger, Kate are you crying?"
(Kate:): no no my eyes are dirt"
"suure Kate"
(Trevor: ) "awww baby"
Justin: guys raise the cup Chloe and Max"
"to us... i put my arm around max, pulled her closer. "i love you miss price" i whispered max`s ear, and gently biting it" Max`s shimmering, i smirk and biting it again".
(Max: i whimpering Chloe`s biting i love you too... actually your name it sounds really good after my name's name."
"well duh."
the five-man spent hours talking drinking a little skateboarding. even Max and Kate.
Their skateboarding was suspended in a silent voice that came form max`s phone.
(Max:) i answered my phone: hello"?
David: Max it`s David"
"oh is everything okay is Joyce okay?"
David: Yes i think that it gives birth i`m in hospital with her but that can also be a false alarm"
(Max. Holy shit" i hope it is, because we are here and everyone is little bit drunk"
David: yeah i hope too, because It would be too early"
Max: Yeah but calm down, everything is alright, i promise" Joyce needs you right now be with her"
David: yeah i call you if something happens bye "
Max: Bye, i hung up and just sit there and looked nothingness"
"heyyy babyy" i put my arms around Max`s and put soft kiss her cheek... i noticed max`s mood Baby is everything okay?"
(Max): Chloe, i tell her about David`s call"
"holy..., it`s too early!!! fuck i need drink, you want?"
Max) "yeah"
(Max:) "i looked my ring finger and smiled.. it was a silver ring with inside engraved name of Chloe and this date.
"you like it, i sat down"
(Max: of course baby, i love it.. but you also need. can we go tomorrow look at it" i opened my beer which Chloe just brought.
"yeah of course, i opened my beer and took sip, i took max`s hand, and put it against`my lips and kissed it"
(Max: i leaned against Chloe`s shoulder we proplaply need to change Facebook status".
"if you wanted."
(Max:) i took my phone and opened it i went my Facebook information and i change my status engaged with Chloe Price.
"my phone beeps from the announcement, i unlocked my phone I read the announcement that caused me a big smile i accept Max`s request.
"i leaned forward, and gently pushing Max to lie down on the sand falling next to her, i put my hand Max`s cheek and starting kissing her, slowly this time"
(Max: i put my hand Chloe`s neck and i was happy answered her Kiss" it`s slowly and gently like our first time when we kissing.
"i slid my hand under max`s shirt and her back after while making out, i pulled back for air, i took Max` hand and intertwined ours finger, and pressing my lips against Max`s Again but our moment was interrupted.
(Kate): heyyyyyyyy "
(Max: ) Kate Kate are you drunk?"
(Kate. *hick*.. no i`m not.. i giggled"
(Max..) i laugh suuureee i think we are bad influence you"
(Max): "i sit up and took sip my beer"
(Kate:) us.. i mean you and others are best company"
"Thanks Kate, i smiled. you too raise the cup.. us"
(everyone) "us!"
( Justin i need cig:"
(Max.: i come with you, i put quickly peck Chloe`s lips and get up following Justin.
Max): i lit my cigarette, and took drag". Is everything okay Justin?"
(Justin:) yeah Max. i smiled and hugged my friend.
(Max): "okay then"
The duo smoking and talked. and went to back the others.
started to come late. and the five decided to go to bed.
"i lying next to Max and wrapped my legs around her, and scooter closer, putting soft kisses her neck, Goodnight baby"
"(Max): "night Baby"

I woke up to somebody's weight against my chest, it`s max`s head.
I smile and put my hand gently on top of Max`s head, and gently stroking her.
Max started to wake up she slowly opened her eyes"
"Morning beautiful"
(Max:) i looked up into Chloe`s eyes and smiled, morning babe"
"how your feeling?"
(Max: "fine there is not as bad a headache as the last one" you?
"fine too. i leaned down and i gave Max morning kiss"

Chapter Text

- Chloe

Chloe and Max wanted to spend the day just two them, they told others and, of course, others agreed and hoped for a good evening.
Chloe drove the jewelry shop. to buy Chloe's ring. They looked for some time until the right one was found, it was the same as the Max was. Max paid it and the two went out."
They went to a nearby bench to sit down and ice cream. but they ended up eating each others ice creams. After their eating.
(Max: Babe?"
(Max): "i took Chloe`s hand, and the ring from my pocket, i sliding it to the Chloe's finger. and kept holding Chloe`s hand. I noticed that my eyes are slightly watery."
"Babe why you crying?" I dried Max cheeks with my thumb."
(Max: "i just love you so so much and i`m happy finally we can live normally life."
"come here you mushy.. i took Max really tight hug, and pressing my lips against her.. i love you too" what you want to do next? but evening we go at Bar long time by two. and celebrate our engagement"
(Max): "Hmm maybe picnic in the park?"
"let`s go then, i smiled"
They headed for the car and drove to the nearest shop to buy a snack for picnics.
Chloe drove the nearest park and parked the car. they took skirt and food. and sat down over the cover.
they ate and enjoyed each others company, and before you knew making out on top of the blanket.
"i biting Max`s neck and ear"
"Max: i shivering Chloe`s touch.. shit"
"well well"
(Max:) fuck you. you tease."
"well maybe later, i whisperer Max`s ear, and biting it again"
(Max: just ugh!!!!"
"i wandering my hand around Max`s body.. mhhmhm"
(Max.): i want her so so bad right now but... "
"my breather was faster and very heavy i got up and trying calm down a bit"
(Max:) "Chloe? What`s wrong?"
(Max): "what?"
"Babe because you are sexy and hot and i want you so so much right now, but i don`t want to do something so private moment in the middle of the park. and if i to do something i don`t can`t stop anymore"
(Max): well you know i started kissing Chloe`s neck all over, Chloe moaned quiet, we have your car and where you can get your windows covered, and lots of cans with toilets. and i want you too"
"no i don`t want car sex but i need cigarette you come?"
Max: "Yeah" "i leaned against the truck door and lit my cig"
"Max" Mom? i answered my phone" i rested my cig between my fingers"
(Vanessa:) "Max is everything alright?"
(Max: " yeah why?"
(Vanessa: Well this call is fourth time, i was getting worried"
(Max): *sigh mom, no need to be worried. i`m with Chloe (Vanessa:) "Okay then but why you don`t anwered your phone?" Chloe snorted"
Max): "okay mom now stop, you do not have to know everything I do, I'm not a baby anymore. and the industry's frustration"
"Vanessa:) actually i do know i`m your mother"
(Max: ugh i hung up, and threw my phone, inside the car"
"baby Calm down"
(:Max: Sorry"
"Don`t be, i smiled and put soft kiss max`s cheek"
(Max:) "why she is so annoying, and don`t trust me, i took another drag"
"well i don`t know, maybe she is scared or something like that"
(Max.) yeah"
"hey don`t think about it, now i put my arm around max`s want leave?"
(Max: No yet"
Chloe and Max listened to the music and ate a snack and enjoyed each others company and they needed time together. even though they love to be with their friends.
After several hours, they decided to go to Bar. Max was driving this time. Chloe looked at the scenery and briefly closed her eyes.
(:Max) "babe we are here"
"huh i opened my eyes"
("Max) "i giggled come on, let`s go"

(continue next Chapter)

Chapter Text


Me and Max went to the bar and ordered beers and sat down the nook to the couch. I was in a good mood.
we have had with Max a good day so far.
"having fun?" i took Max`s hand and intertwine our finger"
(Max:) "yeah of course, i miss our time i`m sorry baby "
"hey silly don`t be we both are at work and we took time with ours friends however we see each other at home" i put gently kiss, over Max head".
(Max Yeah you`re right, i took sip my beer and listening music"
"Where do you want to keep our wedding?"
(Max:) "Hmm maybe lighthouse??"
"Hmm i like that idea miss price, i put my lips against`s Max`s"
(Max): "i sigh happily against Chloe`s lips, i pulled back and put my head against Chloe`s shoulder, i love you Chloe
"i love you too. you are soon my fife, mom is happy.. I have friends ... work. everything you can hope for in life. suddenly I quit my speech."
(Max: Babe?" i lift my head and noticed that Chloe is crying.. shit I realized she was thinking of her father. i pulled Chloe`s head against my chest, and rubbing her arm.. shh"
"i miss him, Max so so much i.."
(Max:) Shh don`t speak just let it out" i`m here."
"i.. just hope that he would be there"
(Max:) "i know babe i know.... i put soft kiss Chloe`s forehead"
"after while Chloe calmed down. i brush her tears away her cheek, and put her head back my Chest."
(Max: "yeah?"
"Thank you"
(Max: "no babe i`m here for you like you are here for me want another drink?"
(Max): "okay I'm going to order, i put quick peck Chloe`s lips"
(god i love that girl)
(Max: i ordered for us tequila shot i waited for the bartender gets them done"
"here you go i I drew two shots glasses"
(Max: thank you i paid them, and walked back my seat.. here baby"
"thanks babe"
(Max:) Feeling better?"
"yeah David Call me when you were at the counter"
(Max: oh, everything okay?"
"yeah it was false alarm"
(Max:) "okay then" I lifted my glass up. Us?
"i smiled yeah us, i pulled the drink down mmhhh yeah"
"ooh i like this song, let`s go dance"
(Max:) no way! "
no nope, you come that dance floor, i grap Max`s hand and pulled towards dance floor"
(Max. i giggled, and shook my head... fine.. i start moving my body jumping up and down"
"yes, just like that Max"
after while Max and Chloe sat back their seat breathing heavily.."
(Max): Shit that`s is fun"
(Max) "yeah"
"I'm going to get us a drink."
(Max: "okay"
I took my phone and browsed my Facebook, waiting for Chloe. many congratulated. Nathan also had written"
"Why this asshole, is my friend list." I put a message to Kate and asked how they are going"
Kate: Fine you having fun?"
Me: oh yes"
Chloe came back with drinks, and sat next to me, kissing my cheek. Thanks i took sip"
"no problem..."
(Max.. hhmmm i love you"
"i giggled i love you too"
(Max) what you laughing at?"
"you, you are so cute when you are tipsy"
(Max: " oh.. Only then?"
"no you dork, i rubbing our nose`s together"
(Max:) i smiled and watched Chloe`s eyes,.. put my hand Chloe`s cheek, and leaned forward started kissing her"
"i hummed against max`s lips, and kissing her back putting my hand behind Max`s head and deepened my kiss."
(Max): "i pulled back for air.
"i took large sip my drink"
(Max: i go to bathroom i`ll be back"
(Max: "i got up and walked towards the bathroom, i opened door and stepped in"
(Max, i got up, I pulled the toilet bowl and I went to wash my hands.. i dried them. I can feel someone looking at me i shook my head and walked towards my seat,I noticed that Chloe is not there, maybe she is outside for smoke or counter getting a drink. so i waited.
"mom is calling me again groaning i answered hey".
(Vanessa): (crying)
(Max): Mom what`s wrong?" i got little bit worried.
(Vanessa:) "i`m sorry Max"
(Max:) what for?"
(Vanessa): Your father.. cheated on me with another woman for years. she lives in here Seattle"
(Max: What the hell.. wait you mean...?"
(Vanessa): Yes Max our move was an excuse to get close to the other one, i`m sorry but i have to tell you"
(Max. "No it`s okay i`m sorry mom."
(Vanessa: " so I am applying for a divorce"
(Max: yeah can we talk this another time.... i ..."
(Vanessa: Honey it`s okay to cry"
Max) " no i call you later, i hung up and suddenly I burst into tears"
(i hear familiar voice, oh Chloe i started crying even harder but quit"
"hey babe what`s wrong? i`m sorry that I would take a little longer. i pulled Max closer and rubbed max`s arm"
(Max): No no it`s not that.... it... "
"shh Calm down first..."
(Max: "i took deep breath and sip my drink."
"babe What`s wrong?"
(Max: it`s My dad hi has cheated mom for years, and there is no job"
"oh i`m sorry Max"
(Max: and i was moving out, quite unnecessarily.. and we.. i started crying again"
"shh i stroking Max`s hair.. after while i feeling Max`s relaxed.. you okay?"
(Max: yeah... the evening was supposed to be fun and nice. but now ..."
"Hey the evening is just young"
(Max: " i smiled yeah"
"there is that smile, i put my lips against Max`s"
*beeb *beeb*
(Max) Groaning i answered my phone.. when I heard the caller's voice ... I felt just rage and anger"
(Ryan): Max"
(Max): GO TO HELL!"
"i grap Max`s hand and walked with her out, she needs to let everything out ... but preferably in the yard. i hold her hand"
(Ryan: Max listen to me, please?"
Max) YOU how can you do this to me ... what about mom?!"
(Ryan: i`m sorry okay?"
(Max: "yeah right.. if I had moving with you and mom ... I would have left Chloe for no reason!!! so you get to fuck that's a whore and leave us later" i can feel Chloe`s hand my back"
(Ryan:) Max calm down."
(Max): do not tell me what to do .. a lying asshole!"
(Ryan:) It just happens I did not plan it!"
(Max) NO YOU PLANNING IT BECAUSE YOU SAID that you got jobs and therefore needs to be changed YOU lying your own daughter and fife, when I said the last word I looked at Chloe I would never do that."
(Ryan:) "i know that Max and i`m sorry"
(Max: i don`t care, like i said go to hell, and don`t call me anymore.. now Excuse me i will continue my evening with my girlfriend you can go fuck that woman"
"i hung up, and I buried my face in Chloe's shirt"
"shh i stroking Max hair, let`s go for walk and we can go to another bar if you want to "
(Max: ) Chloe have you?.."
(Max: "Can we?" i know I should reduce and change"
"i put my hand Max`s cheek, we can, it`s totally okay, it is only sometimes"
Max and Chloe walked about half an hour before they found their way to another bar.
It was smaller than the previous one, but the duo really did not care Max was much relaxed and no longer thinking about his father the duo closed the phones for the rest of the evening"
"babe what you want?"
(Max:) "ooh surprise me"
"okay then, go sat down"
(Max: "i sat down in the couch"
(Stranger) Hey cutie"
(Max:) not interest"
(stranger) " well maybe we can..."
(Max): " i `m not interest i noticed Chloe.. and smirk... continue the journey".
(Max:) Chloe sat next to me and stared at the man "what you want my baby?"
(stranger): what ... you ... okay i have to go"
(Max): "i burst into laughter"
"okay that was hilarious"
(Max): I can not calm down,I just laugh..."
"hey honey calm down i chuckle"
(Max): my eyes are watery from all laughter.... "i try but that was so so fun"
"indeed, here you drink"
(Max): "thanks babe"
"i go to bathroom"
(Max:) "okay i smiled"
"want come, i wink"
(Max) "CHLOE!!" "i giggled"
"what i smirk"
(Max): shut up and go "
"i giggle, okay i`ll be back soon"
(Max: i took sip my drink and sigh happily, looking my ring finger and smiled ever bigger.
oohh this song, i went dance floor, and dance, pretty wildly ... suddenly I felt two arms around me... initially a little frightened."
"relax babe it`s just me, i danced with Max. the song changed a little bit to hit, I put my hands on max`s neck. and moved our bodies slowly"
"i put our forehead together... i love you"
(Max:) "i love you too, i leaned forward and put my lips against`s Chloe". and pulled pack."
"the song ended and me and max went back our seat"
"Babe where you want go? our honeymoon i mean?" i took sip my drink"
(Max): hmm i don`t know maybe new York or paris?"
(Max): Dork
"but yours, though"
(Max): "yeah all mine.. i start kissing Chloe"
At 4 o'clock in the morning, the comma came to the bar and it was time to go home. Chloe And Max slept almost standing but they were having fun, that's the most important thing. supporting each other Max and Chloe went out to wait for a taxi"
"babe. *hick* i having fun today"
(Max): "me too"
Taxi arrived, both were sitting in the rear seat of Max sat in Chloe's lap. Chloe biting max`s ear.. putting soft kisses her neck. and then the lips."
(Max:) i was happy to return the Kiss.. and just like that they're making out the back seat of a taxi.
soon they were at home and went straight to bed to sleep.
(Max) i scooter closer Chloe, and put soft kiss her lips.. night Babe"
"night babe"

In the morning

"when i woke up, i noticed the other half of the bed was empty. but i heard the shower was on, i get up. and put my clothes on"
i went to boil coffee and have breakfast. Max has done so many times so i wanted to do it and i can swear it has hangover. i have.
when I finished the breakfast I placed it on max`s plate and poured out the cup of coffee and put them on the table.
Max came down and his jaw dropped to the floor ... I walked to Max .. I put my finger under her jaw. lifted it up.. and put soft kiss max`s lips "morning babe"
(Max): Morning i... you what`"
"come on you dork let`s go eat"
they ate in silence and in all tranquility. Max drank coffee when Chloe was printing ... "
Max): would you like some help?"
"No Don`t you dare, you sitting there and drink your coffee"
(Max): "i giggled well okay then, i went sitting on the sofa and took remoter and opened our TV."
"i got the dishes ready and went to sit next to the max.
i put my arm around her, and we watched TV, suddenly i start put small soft kisses her shoulder and neck.
Max turned his head to make our lips go together. she put her tongue into my mouth. i slid my hand under her top, wandering my hand at up her chest"
*beeb beeb*
"no max, i started kissing her again.. and start unbuttoning her jeans"
(Max:) Chloe.. i breather heavily." Chloe was so gently not rough or fast. how the situation usually goes."
"i lifted max`s top up, and take it off, putting kisses`s all over her stomach and chest"
after while, both lying on the couch naked and sweated.. eyes shut.
"that was..."
(Max:) "Best"
"yeah, i smiled i love you so much"
(Max:) I know baby you just show me how much i smirk.."
"yeah we have time to be fierce."
Max): yeah, and i love you too, do you have go to work today?"
"yeah maybe later"
*beeb beeb*
(Max: UGH! hello?"
(Vanessa: Max.. we will be visited"
(Max:) what we?... don`t you dare bring that asshole here!"
(Vanessa: honey he want just talk"
(Max:) well i don`t want and should not be yours"
"i rubbing max`s back knowing that it calms Max"
(Vanessa): Max please"
(Max i rubbing my tremble, if I had not had the very best moment ... I would have exploded in this second of rage... "Fine but only for you"
(Vanessa): "Thanks Max"
(Max: i hung up. and sigh putting my head my hands"
"hey i lifted Max`s head, and put kiss max`s lips.. if you feel like crying then cry i press max`s head against my chest and put my hand her hair gently stroking it"
"shh just let it all out"
(Max.): i... i.... don`t just getting it why hi did this"
"shh, i know i know"
"i`m not going work"
(Max: Chloe no!!"
"shh babe i don`t leave you alone when you need me!"
"and just like that Max started crying for pain and angry, also sad for her mother"
"good let it out, i stroking max hair, I took maxi's hand and held it close."
After while Max calmed down and lifted her head and started kissing Chloe.
"i pulled back and brush tears away from her cheek... feeling any better?"
(Max) little i ques, maybe this must be done so I can forget. and move on"
(Max: Are you sure about the job?"
"yes i`m not let you alone, I would be worried, i call my boss"
(Max:) Thanks Babe"
"no need thank me"
(Max: i put my clothes on again, and I went to get more coffee. "You want?"
"yes thanks"
(Max: Well no need thank me"
"i chuckle dork"
"before Max returns i call my boss"
(Matin:): tattoo parlor blue butterfly what can i help?"
"hey i`s me"
(Matin): "oh hey Chloe sup?"
"could I get this day free?"
(Matin: i don`t know Chloe here is little bit busy right now"
"please my girlfriend needs me, and i don`t want leave her alone"
(matin): Max?
"no president buffaloo, of course Max"
(Matin: just checking what`s wrong?
"i looked Max she just nods"
"well her mother tell her yesterday that Ryan has been cheated her for many years. and their reasons for moving there was a fake, it was that woman not a job."
(Matin): oh i`m sorry"
"yeah Max is very upset right now and her parents is coming visit, I do not want to work in a call that something had happened. so please?"
(Matin:) okay.. you can stay home"
"thank you thank you"
(Matin:) okay okay calm down i chuckle"
"i buy you drink or something)"
(matin ): "yeah"
"thanks again"
(matin:) "no problem"
"i hung up, and noticed max was cryining again.. oh babe, i scooter closer and wrabbed my arms around her"
(Max:) Just why Chloe why?"
"i don`t know, but soon you and me know, suddenly max started screaming and threw sofa pillows"
"Babe shh calm down... i kept my grip even tighter i never see Max like this and honestly i`m little bit worried my girl right now" i can feel Max grabbed me tight"
"shh i`m here" i put kiss top of Max`s head."
"come with me, i reached out my hand, Max took it"
We walked to our backyard... "i leaned Max sit down on the chair, and kneeled front of her.. took her both hand.. Max want to smoke?"
(Max): "yeah, it`s just feels, like escape, every time when i become upset or angry or whatever"
"well maybe but i use the same method"
(Max:) "yeah"
"I got up and went to get our interest I walked back out and I sat. I started to roll up our joint.
(Max): i sat and listening birds singing.
"i lit it the joint took drag and handed it to Max"
after their smoking session, they went inside ... and started watching the movie. Max fell asleep against Chloe's shoulder"
"i stroking gently max hair. i take care of you, i promise" (i hate Ryan and what hi has done, it broke my lover but maybe after this she can move on)
i lifted max up, and carried her in the bedroom, i put her to bed, i put blanket.. Max needs to sleep... i close the door quietly.
i start watched another movie.
hours later our doorbell rang, Max has woke up and drank coffee on the couch. Max was much more peaceful, but I hope it will last.
"i go, i walked towards the door and opened it"
"(Vanessa): "Hey Chloe"
(Vanessa how is she?"
"not good.. she just cried for hours"
( Vanessa:) "shit i`m sorry Chloe"
"not your fault.. but come in"
(Vanessa: i go inside hey honey"
(Max: hey mom.. i hugged her"
(:Vanessa: "i`m so so sorry"
(Max. mom like Chloe said not your fault and where is him" don`t tell me"
(Vanessa: no no hi is coming we came in different cars.
"want coffee?"
(Vanessa: Thanks Chloe"
(Max:) mom have you seen him?"
(Vanessa:) "yes when your father tell me"
(Max): i`m sorry"
(Vanessa): "don`t be" but do not you talk about this yet? how do you go about the other way"
(Max:) i looked Chloe`s direction, is wonderful i smiled i have dream job, lots of friends. Wonderful girlfriend soon wife"
(Vanessa:) Wait....
(Max: i smiled even bigger, yes mom Chloe and I are engaged"
(Vanessa:) holy... that`s great.. i hugged my daughter and cried little"
(Max: oh mom! not yet! i chuckle"
(Vanessa: shush you"
"i giggled and took max`s hand"
*Beebe* "oh coffee is ready"
the trio headed for the kitchen and drank coffee, chatted about Chloe and maxi's adventures .. from the club. Joyce and David.
Vanessa even plans to move back to Arcadia Bay, of course max and Chloe gets to live in the apartment Vanessa is looking for hearing from her own home.
they laughed and enjoyed each others company. but soon the doorbells ring.
(Max: i sigh, and went to opened the door"
(Ryan): Hey Max."
(Max: Don`t even try"
(Ryan *sigh*.. i walked towards kitchen and sat down, and looked everyone, Chloe looked very pissed also Max,Can we talk alone?"
(Max:) what you think?, what about no Chloe stays"
"i`m here Max, i took Max`s hand, and intertwined our fingers"
(Max well what you want?"
("Ryan talk and explained"
(Max: Well talk then"
(Ryan:) "i`m sorry okay, i met Lisa about five years ago, but i don`t plan to fall love with him."
(Max. "Right"
(Ryan. darling)
(Max) Don`t!" i hate you you asshole!!!"
(Ryan) Now Max you don`t speak your father that tone.. "
Max): all those trips you were really with that woman! do you?"
(Ryan: Yes)
"sorry Ryan but why you did this look at your DAUGHTER. before you or Vanessa come, i was comforting Max for hours, she is crying for hours all because you"
(Max): all the time when you come home late all the shouting with my mom, i thinking that i did something wrong.."
(Vanessa: god Max no!"
(Max) : but you was fucking that whore... and the "job for Seattle" you even think what me or Chloe all you thinking was that woman"
"where hell is my dad was.. when i was bullied for middle school, or when i was sick and Chloe and others took care of me, or when last year when i was again bullied and harassed another men and boy.. huh answered WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN!! no don`t answered because i know!" i stared breathing very hard"
(Vanessa: Max?"
"babe, shh just breath i looked over Ryan and shook my head.... Calm down, just breath" max relaxed my arms"
(Max) why you liad and pretend even the restaurant after....."
"i hold Max"
Ryan: i was scared"
Max:) like i said yesterday i would have left Chloe for nothing" mom or me should know sooner or later"
(Max): Chloe?
(Max: Can i go to the couch to lie down for a moment"
"yeah of course, want i come ?
Max:) Please, and they can also come"
"okay, i walked wit max` on the couch. she putting her head my lap."
"i stroking her hair gently, take a nap or rest.. put quick kiss max`s lips"
(continue next chapter)

Chapter Text

- Chloe
I stoking Max`s hair when she, is sleep in my lap, and hold her hand, Ryan and Vanessa sitting in the chair.
(Ryan): Chloe?
" i looked up.. still holding Max"
(Ryan: "just please at least try understand"
"nope i don`t understand a person who hurt his family so badly."
(Ryan): "i don`t mean it."
"well Max was right last year is was rough for her, and what you do?" yeah nothing, and because of you, Max's mother could not support her."
all that Max had was me and my mom and our friends" and when she is kid? if you cheated even then you've been pretending for years that you loved Max's mom.. just look at her, she is so so broken you supposed Procter her not hurt"
(Vanessa: Chloe what happened her last year please?"
"She was so so stressed and tense About Victoria and her group bullies, and Nathan harassment every fucking day... And. my step-dad but it was a misunderstanding" she calms down only if she with me, i put kiss max`s forehead"
(Vanessa: "oh..."
(Max:) Chloe"
"i looked down.. i`m here babe, i gently squeezed, Max`s hand" feeling better?"
(Max) " little"
"you need anything?"
(Max): "no thanks" i was somehow powerless well maybe hours crying and shouting does it.
(Vanessa): "Ryan, why just why?"
(Ryan): "i`m sorry i truly love you"
(Vanessa..) "well i loved you too, and i don`t know if i can forgive, you took me off to Seattle and I could not help my daughter"
(Max:) i got up sitting position but still leaned against Chloe`s shoulder. "mom it`s okay you are here now i smiled, suddenly i started to feel nauseous i ran upstairs to the bathroom"
(Vanessa): what happened to him?"
"well i think Max did not eat anything after our breakfast"
(Vanessa): WHAT!"
"like i said, Max cried for hours"
(Vanessa): YOU!" i pointed Ryan"
(Max): i can hear the shouting and covered my ears, please just stop. i brush my teeth after throwing up and sitting against the door.
"I go to see Max, i walked upstairs and to the bathroom"
(Max): "i I opened the lock to allow Chloe to get in."
"babe are you okay?"
(Max:) "no it's just a really powerless feeling. and perhaps most hurts me to my parents' difference. I never thought that .. and just like that i started crying again." i´m so fucking tired crying
"Shh.. i stroking Max hair... you are stressed again... Vanessa and Ryan should not bring their disputes to your care. i hate seen you like this babe but i`m here i`m not leaving you."
(Max): "yeah i just hope that my mother does not rely too much on me".
"you can tell her that"
(Max: but i want help her, i know this hurt her, like it`s hurt me"
"but babe you can not help too much so that it will overwhelm you"
(Max:) "yeah you are right thanks babe"
i leaned down and put my lips against Max`s and I hope and pray that this will help.
i put my hand behind max`s head and deepened my kiss, my other hand slid under her top"
several minutes later making out against bathroom door, i pulled back.
"i love you"
(Max): "i love you too"
"and also you need eat something Max"
(Max.) "yeah, i`m sorry"
"don`t be"
(Max:) " i put one more kiss Chloe`s lips i ques we have to go back"
"Yeah i cook you something when you talk to them"
"we walked back downstairs, i went cook and Max sat on the couch.
(Vanessa): "How you feeling Max?"
(Max) "Little bit better"
(Vanessa:) "okay good"
(Max): "i`m really sorry mom"
(Vanessa): "don`t be"
(Max): "i took deep breath, mom now you see how I socket when I'm too stressed out you are hurt so i`m i. your rivalry this situation, it`s too much right now and i hope you are not rely me too much, i want to help you, but I do not want to overwhelm myself"
(Max): "I think I was not ready for this discussion yet"
(Max) "and you i pointed my finger for my dad... are you happy? you're causing chaos."
(Ryan: of course not!"
(Vanessa): "shit i`m sorry Max i forced you this conversation"
(Max): "well I said it was okay"
(Vanessa): "still"
"here, eat Max"
(Max): "thanks babe i started to eat"
(Vanessa): i watched my daughter and Chloe and smiled.
(Ryan): Max i hope you can forgive me someday because i don`t want lose you"
"well maybe you should have thought before you lied for years."
(Ryan): I did not speak to you Chloe"
(Max: "don`t you dare spoke to Chloe that tone, i eating and don`t want talk to you anymore"
(Ryan:) "Max please..."
(Vanessa:) Ryan stop... Max needs time, so let it be" if you continue to press the max she gets more stressed. and i don`t want it.
(Ryan): But
Vanessa) i said stop!
(Vanessa): "i think it`s best we`re leaving"
"i looked Max.. yeah i think that too"
(Vanessa): Bye
"bye".. hey come here. i put my arms around max and hugged her tightly.. shh now you can rest"
"no more fighting or pressure on, just you and me" and maybe later we can catch Justin and Dana"
"(Max) "yeah, i`m sorry Chloe.. i"
"Hey shh you have nothing to apologise."
"My phone ringing i read the message Max went to hot tub I tell Dana and Justin About this situation and Ask if they want to meet"
Dana: Hey of course we can meet"
Me: See you then "
(Max): warm water poured along my body as I sat on the shower floor, i thinking about this situation, and sigh"
i can not think about of it now. i washed myself and walked our bedroom, put my clothes on" hmm maybe i can buy a new nose jewellery for my piercing"
yeah i like that me Chloe Justin and Dana shopping. i opened door and noticed Chloe stood the doorway smirking.. "what?"
"ooh noothing Max"
(Max): "i rolled my eyes, suure Chloe"
"turn around"
(Max umm.. Ok"
" I popped around Max's neck with a small heart of a silver necklace"
(Max:) Chloe it`s beautiful
"no Max you are"
(Max): But when?"
"i went walk when you were in the shower and I noticed a small jewellery I wanted to bring something nice to you"
(Max) "thank you, i tell Chloe about my plan"
"That`s good a idea"
Was a warm day Max and Chloe went to mall where they met Justin and Dana. Both gave Max big hug but the don`t saying anything else.
They first went to coffee. they talked about everything.
Chloe and Justin went to pick up something from another shop.
Max and Dana talked about the wedding and drank coffee.
(Dana): "Hey Max want grap cig before Chloe and Justin return"
(Max): "yeah sure"
The two went outside and leaned against the wall.
(Max): I lit up my cigarette and took drag and shut my eyes for a moment"
(Dana): "Max how you are feeling?"
(Max): Better i smiled"
(Dana "okay good, i lit up my cig.
"how are you and Logan?"
(Dana) "ooh good good he is amazing, i was thinking about proposal him in his birthdays"
(Max): "ooh you should"
(Dana) "i don`t know Max, what if he says no?"
(Max): i don`t think, Dana he loves you I'm sure she says yes"
"babeeeee, i hugged Max"
"(Max hey you too, i chuckled and hugged back"
"can we go swimming I want to swim i jumped up and down"
(Max): "okay babe, calm down i laugh we can go"
"i leaned forward and whispered Max`s ear i want to see you in bikini"
(Max): my eyes went wide open.. CHLOE!"..
"yes? i smirk"
(Max): "i just rolled my eyes... shut up"
"make me"
(Max) " i got to my tip toes and put my lips against Chloe`s, putting my hand Chloe`s shoulder mhhmh"
"i hummed against Max`s lips i put my hand Behind Max`s head and pulled her closer, started deebenend my kiss."
"max) i pulled pack for air, but starting kissing again"
max and Chloe forgot the rest of the world focused only on each other.
(Dana): "Ahem"
"fuck off"
(Dana) nope"
"well" mhhp our moment is ruined"
(Max:) "well we have to continue shopping"

Chapter Text

- Max

Four spent hours at the mall Max and Chloe found many new clothes, also bikini in the beach.
Max also bought new piercing jewel. Now they headed for the car and the beach.

I was excited our beach trip but somewhat self-conscious i don`t know why. well maybe i do.
I put my eyes shut for a moment I began to think about Chloe in bikinis. His beautiful body, her touch. mhhh yeah.. i was little bit turned on.
(Chloe): ax?" MAX!
my wonderful thought was interrupted when Chloe called me "huh?"
(Chloe:) "we are here what you thinking?"
"i lick my lips... umm you"
(Chloe): "i smirk well well"
"shut up!"
(Chloe i laugh "come on, let`s go"
I got out the car and took our blanket and walked towards the beach. I put down my backpack and put the blanket on the lawn.
there is small booth where Max and others was able to change the bikini. They exchanged clothes, and walked back, sat on the blanket, Max was really silent. looked down her bare stomach and legs.
(Chloe): "Babe?"
(Chloe) What`s wrong?"
"nothing it`s just me.. and other people"
(Chloe): i scooter closer put quick peck Max`s lips, honey you are perfect and beautiful trust me"
"i trust you but..."
(Chloe): "no buts max.. or tickle time"
"don`t you dare!"
(Chloe): i began to tickle Max"
"hahhahaa Chloe stop"""
"(Chloe: "no way i started pulled Max towards the water"
"Chloe no no"
(Chloe): i pulled Max with me in the water"
"so so cold"
"well come here then.. i pulled max`s body closer into mine, started kissing her, i pulled back... i love you"
"i love you to.. moment later i started swimming, With others"
The four of the swim many hours in between took the sun and ate. started to come late. and Max and Chloe had a working day in the morning.
so they started packing and exchanging normal clothes on their head and heading for their cars. Chloe drove Justin and Dana home.
Max again drove them home. parked the car and walked out to open to front door.
walked to the kitchen to take juice. and went sleep"
"night babe"
(Chloe): Night.
"you come?"
(Chloe): yeah soon, i put quick kiss Max`s lips"
(Chloe) i watched TV for a moment. but tired won and I went to sleep.
when i wake up Chloe had already gone to work Chloe`s side was a message and a picture. when I looked at the picture my eyes opened wide and the jaw dropped to the floor.
licking my lips Chloe was naked, ""if you dream about me again"" "also happy birthday babe. huh? shit i totally forgot I took my phone and sent a message to Chloe.
Me: you and yours pictures Chloe
(Chloe): i Chuckle when i read Max text, and started typing respond"
Me: complaining?, ;)"
baby <3 : hell no. best gift ever.. but now i want you"!
Me: well use your finger, and imagine it`s my finger. "
Baby ♥: fuck you, i hate you"
me: well maybe later after work we can try something new"
Baby <3. "like what?"
me: i have a idea"
Martin): Chloe customer"
Chloe) ah shit
Me: i need to go imagine, my hand your breast massage them... mmhhm yeah.... and use that photo but really i need go i love you"
Baby <3 yeah yeah i love you too"
i staring that photo and licking my lips... i try control myself but i can`t.
i took off my clothes and
i slid my hand over my boob and massage it mmhmhmhmmhmh. i running over my nipple with my thump, ahhhhhhh i shut my eyes.
i lifted my feet up and sligtly apart my hand slid their way down resting my thigh. mhhmmhhhmm. Chlo...
i slid my hand on my thigh towards my pussy... mhhhhmmhmmm. feels good..
"i opened my one eye and look that photo when i pressing my finger against my clit.. HH SHIT! AHHhhhhfhh i shut my eye again and start I began to make small circles against my clit.. ahhhhhhhhhHHHHHUFHH
I dreamed how Chloe's finger did the same thing OHOOHOHHH chlo... mhmhhh i began rubbing faster..
ahhhhhhhhhhh Christ! mhmhhuuhm
i put one finger inside me.. and literally screamed.. mHHHMMHHHMMHHHHHHMMHH SHIT!. pressing my other finger harder... ohhieh i moaned sweating... and dreamed of Chloe and her body.... her finger inside me fucking me... oohhouuhh. i push my finger more inside me founding my g-spot..
mhhhHHMMHHHH ... mhhmmhhhh aahhhhhhh i came closer and closer..
and just like that i came hard.... CHLOE!.. my breath was fast.
moment later i calmed down, and cleaned my fingers... (holy cow that was intense)
Maybe i should do this more often when Chloe not at home with me.
i walked wardrobe and put my clothes on my blue ripped jeans black top and my leather jacket. and took my keys. and went to work.
"morning Kate"
(Kate): Morning Max" and hbd
Kate and Max took pictures of their customers.
("Kate) "Max can we talk, lunch hour?"
"of course Kate is everything okay?"
(Kate): "yes i think"
"okay i`m ready soon."
Kate and Max left for lunch.
"okay what you wanted to talk?"
(Kate): um mm..
"Kate is okay, you can ask, or tell me anything"
(Kate) "well.. when you know that you are ready?"
"oh.. well i was dreamed about Chloe and Anyway, sex was pretty much in mind. and it`s just feeling right."
(Kate): hmm-mm
"are you..?"
(Kate i don`t know.. maybe?"
"well tell her and discuss together"
(Kate.. yeah thanks"
"no problem"
they stopped at a nearby cafe and ordered sandwiches and coffee. they ate in silence and peace until Max's phone rang.
(Chloe): "hey babe where are you?"
"Oh lunch with Kate why?"
Chloe) "oh nothing, turn around"
"what.. i turn around and noticed Chloe leaned against her car door, phone her ear"
"Kate you mind?"
(Kate) no go"
"i walked towards Chloe and grabbed my arms around ger giving very tight hug... I went to my toes and started kissing Chloe"
(Chloe): mm mm i needed that"
"what are you doing here?"
(Chloe) "well i missed you, and wanted to see you, and i had little shorter day today"
"i raided my eyebrow, we literally had been seen for two hours at home."
(Chloe) "too long"
(Chloe). yours"
"all mine, i smiled"
(Chloe): oh Did it work?
"i blushed.... and took Chloe`s hand... yes"
(Chloe hah i know it!"
"but i still want your finger" i whispered Chloe`s ear and biting it"
(Chloe): mmmmmmmmmm when we are home.. i promise you that..."
(Chloe) "like i said we can try something new i smiled putting my hand max`s cheek if you want"
"yeah" but what?
Chloe): "i tell you home"
"okay want join me and Kate?"
(Chloe) "yeah"
Chloe and i walked back to the cafe to Kate and drank coffee. Half an hour later i and Kate had time to go back to work.
"Babe see you at home"
(Chloe): "i leaned down and pressing my lips against Max`s"
"i was happy return to kiss.. i pulled pack. i have to go "
(Chloe): bye see you soon"
i looked when Chloe drove away (god i love her, i can not wait that Chloe will be my wife.
i went back to work and took the next client.
About 20 minutes later my mom comes in with the person i do not want to see at the moment.
(Ryan) "i step forward Max please i just want talk and wish happy birthday"
"no you get out I think I made myself quite clear lately that I do not want to talk to you. I am not ready!, and you mom what the hell!"
(Kate) "Max calm down"
"mom i said you before, don`t bring that asshole my face before i`m ready to talk"

(Chloe): i was sitting our couch and thinking i would like to make something nice for Max today she deserve it.
after all that shit.. hmm maybe candle dinner and hot bath some flowers and.. later some other stuff. yeah that it.
I`ve had this idea for some time now our sex is wonderful ful of love, gently sometimes bit rough.. and i love it but i still want something new.
i just hope Max is okay with this she is just used to my fingers or tongue. suddenly my phone rang.. it`s Kate.
"Hey Kate"
(Kate: Chloe. please come here"
"huh what`s wrong?"
(Kate): "it`s Max her parents came to visit .. and no you can definitely imagine how it went ..
"shit is she okay?"
(Kate) No she has really bad breakdown, and literally just screamed and cry throwing stuff"
"OK i`m coming try calm her.. "
(Kate): "yeah of course see you a bit, i hung up"
Vanessa): Max calm down." don`t hurt yourself.
"I... AHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I I I " but I clicked I grabbed the chair and threw it into the wall. just GET OUT AND GO FUCKING THAT WHORE!
(Kate) "Max Max MAX, i grap Max`s arm. and hugged her, i call Chloe, you want that?"
(Kate: "okay i call her"
(Kate): She is coming Max"
"she hates me now"
(Kate): "what no way! i spoke with him remember she is very worried"
Vanessa) i was trying hug my daughter calmed her but she throw my hand away"
"DON`T TOUCH ME! i warned you mom, this happening when i expoled!, too much pressure and still you come here with Dad no He is not anymore that"
"i I threw a tablecloth and a couple of chairs. and fell my knees crying and screaming.
(Chloe) i parked my car and literally run Max and Kate studio i can hear the screaming. oh my poor girl... i opened the front door. and freeze this place is mess"
(Chloe): MAX! I put my arms around Max and pulled it close into me, shh babe i`m here shh" i can feel Max is shaking, i stroking her hair.."
(Chloe: "shh i`m here, i looked over Kate she looking very worried and little bit scared.
Chloe) Babe shh no talking.. just calm down"
"i`m sorry i`m sorry i sob"
(Chloe): Shh you have nothing to apologise for "i love you" i lifted Max head little bit and put soft kiss her lips. (my plan i really use it today, Max celebration and what does it get?)
(Vanessa): "Max"
(Chloe: Go away.. now"
(Chloe: ) Shh babe she is leaving" i press Max`s head against my chest she grabbing my shirt hard... i`m here" i put kiss top of Max head"
(Kate: "go"
(Vanessa:) no i`n not leaving her like this"
(Chloe This i pointed Max is yours fault! Max telling you she is not ready see him, or talk and what are you doing?" bring it here..
"Chloe i want her and him too leaving please. i start shaking again"
(Chloe) "shh" i rubbing Max`s arm and back"
(Vanessa:) "i`m sorry"
(Kate) if you are sorry leave... Max talk to you when she is ready. and if you want to meet it come alone."
(Vanessa): "But"
(Kate): No Max is safe with Chloe and me.. go now before the situation goes even worse.
they leaving
" i`´m sorry"
"Chloe) Shh"
"Chloe Don`t hate me, i`m sorry"
(Chloe): What! i`m not hating you i love you Max with all my heart"
(Kate) "yeah she said also that to me."
(Chloe): "Max babe i love you, you hear me i don`t hate you"
"i... love you too" and that max fall asleep"
(Chloe: Well good, i stroking max hair.
(Kate:) i`w worried about her Chloe. Max never throwing stuff.."
(Chloe" "yeah i hear you i`m too. Max needs brake with her parents or at least her father i`m going to do that today"
"Kate) ooh"
(Chloe. Shut up i giggled"
(Kate) i giggled too"
Chloe helped Kate clean up the mess ... hours later Max woke up"
(Chloe:) "hey sleepyhead"
"i looked up and noticed that i was lying Chloe`s lap"
(Chloe): "inside my car, babe how you feeling?.. i put my hand Max`s cheek"
"i leaned into Chloe`s touch and grab her hand.. like shit my throat is dry and hurts"
(Chloe): here, i gave Max bottle of water"
"thanks" where we going?"
(Chloe:) "our lair.. then home i have surprise you"
"ooh, i rested my hand Chloe`s thigh, and got up little bit so i can drank water"
(Chloe): Max?
(Chloe) " i love you"
"i love you too"
Chloe drove to the landfill, and parked the car walked out to open the door to Max.
They walked hand in hand with their "cottage". before Max got to react Chloe pushes Max against the wall and pressed their lips together.
Mas was surprised but kissed and lifted her leg around Chloe`s waist. Chloe moved her hand all over max` thigh up toward her ass. the kiss became more passionate. Max moaned with pleasure, but pulled back needed air. putting her lips again against Chloe`s.
Chloe carried Max sofa without breaking the kiss. and sat down. Max her lap. Max start kissing Chloe neck Moving her hand all over Chloe`s body under her shirt.
Chloe moved her hand over Max neck deepened the kiss.. and moaned. putting her other hand under Max`s top. biting Max`s ear. after while making out they pulled back.
(Chloe): i caresses Max`s cheek. happy birthday babe"
"thanks babe, i leaned again towards Chloe putting our lips together. and pulled back pressing my head against Chloe`s chest. and wrabber my arms around her"
Max and Chloe sat for a while and just holding each other.
("Kate Chloe here is everything ready i leaving now having fun")
(me: "thanks Kate"
(Chloe "hey babe let`s go home, you get a surprise.
"ooh i claps my hand exitelly together"
(Chloe): "Dork i giggled"
"i rolled my eyes yeah yeah"
They drove home.
(Chloe) "wait here"
After while,Chloe directed Max in and in the living room where she waited for a candlelight dinner. it just simply strawberry and wine
"my jaw dropped Chloe.. what"
(Chloe) "Shh just sit down"
"i sat down on the couch, and waited Chloe"
Chloe came back and poured us some wine. "this is it you like it?"
"like it LIKE IT i love it!
(Chloe): "well good, after this we go hot bath, i scooter Closer to Max"
(Chloe) I took the strawberry and moved my hand toward Max's mouth.
"i took a bite, and took Chloe`s hand locked our fingers"
(Chloe) the other side of the sting of my mouth.
"i took the strawberry and moved my hand towards Chloe`s mouth. she took a bite"
Chloe reached out her hand Max took it. and they walked towards bedroom and sat down on the bed
"i leaned towards Chloe and press my lips against Chloe`s. putting my hand her hair". i lifted her shirt off follow my own, i slid my hand towards her jeans unbuttoning it. i took my own jeans of now completely naked."
(Chloe) " i kissed Max more passionate, and deep moving my hand down her chest Max heart was racing her breath become faster. i push Max gently to lie down on the bed falling top of her" and start kissing her, my hand moving all over her body. Max? i said between kisses.
(Chloe) Remember when i said that i want try something new"
"yeah why?"
(Chloe). "well i want try strap on"
"(Chloe): "but if you don't want we do not have to i put kiss max`s lips"
"no no we can try"
(Chloe) "you sure?"
"i pulled Chloe down and kissing her hard, yes i`m sure"
(Chloe) "okay i kissed Max with more passionate and hungrier....moving my hand all over her body.. "if it`s hurt.. tell and i stop"
"babe i trust you, and honestly i want you right now"
(Chloe) put the strap on in place and placed between Max's legs. I lifted maxi feet to my shoulders. leaned down kissing her neck then lips.. hard "you ready?"
"fuck me"
I rubbed the head of the strap on against Max clit"
"fuck.. i shut my eyes and put my head against pillow resting my hand Chloe`s ass."
Chloe: I started to push slowly inside max pussy when max gasp i stop Babe?"
"no no everything is okay. keep going"
(Chloe) i start to push again a little Faster when the strap on was completely inside Max i found my rhythm i push slowly in and out and moaned OHHHHHH FUCKING FUCK MAX!!!"
Max moaned with pleasure and Loyd "OHHHHHH GOD MMHHHHHMMH" Chloe smashed her lips against Max`s and start kissing her,, ohhhhh good"
I speeder up my rhythm with our pussies smashed against each other FUCK FUCK OOH i watch Max sweating body and how Max`s boobs swing with my rhythmic"
"OH LORD AHHHHHHH JUST FUCK AHHHHHH I screamed Chloe`s name while she is fucking me and fuck this feels so fucking good!"
(Chloe:) i start fucking max harder and faster as i can... and start moan with max" MMHHHAAHHHH YOU WANT ME?"
"OH yes... MORE FUCK MORE!!" i lost it, i smash Chloe`s ass, and start message her boob"
(Chloe) "i smashed it again and again and listened Max`s screaming i was horny as fuck and sweating but i don`t care.."
(Chloe I Start biting Max`s nipple "
(Chloe come babe"
(Chloe i slow down little bit, kissing Max`s sweaty lips.. "
(Chloe that good huh"
"yes!".. i calmed down from my cum and laid for a moment", before i turn around and lying top of Chloe, kissing her"
"(Chloe: mmhhhmmhm, Max i need you right now"
"i went between Chloe`s legs, putting them my shoulder and start pushing"
"babe ride me"
(Chloe Yes!"
i went to lie down on the bed. Chloe climbed onto my and start rubbing her pussy against my stomach before
(Chloe AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAX MAX MHHHMHH I went above strap on and landed quietly towards it when i reached it, i start "jump" up and down OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUC FUCK MMHHHMM"
Chloe): OH YES! MMMMMMMMMM i love you and i love this"
I moan loud i don`t care if somebody hear us.. i start fucking Chloe when she is ride`s me"
I moved my hips to Chloe's riding harder and faster as i can MMMMHHHH OH GOD MMGGGM
(Chloe) OHHHH FUCK FUCK OOHH THERE THERE" I leaned down and kissing Max`s for a while, but pulled back for air."
"Speed Up My rhythm"
"(Chloe): oHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDD NOOOOOWW MM MAX MAX i screamed Max`n name when i came and i came hard"
Chloe and Max lay on the bed side by side with sweatshirts
"i turn my head facing Chloe... and smiled"
(Chloe i put my hand Max cheek`s all good`?"
"yeah that was amazing i love you Chloe"
(Chloe" i love you too, but now bath we are very sweaty and that"
Chloe and Max went to the bathroom and stepped into the tub. Max was sitting Behind Chloe.
Chloe): Babe?"
(Chloe) "how you feeling?"
"better now thanks to you.. i don`t know if i deserve, everything"
Chloe): "hey i turn around and put my hand max`s cheek, you totally deserve it..."
"i... thanks"
(Chloe): i start kissing Max`s slowly, and caresses her cheek... i love you"
"i love you too, i put kiss Chloe`s lips" and moving my hand along her thigh"
(Chloe): i shiver Max`s touch"
"i smirk hmm maybe not i`m little bit sore"
"Chloe:) "yeah me too i giggled"
Chloe and Max washed and went to bed a lot of kisses and held each other.
"i snuggled Closer into Chloe and put my arm around her... night babe
(Chloe:) "nigh baby"

Chapter Text

- Chloe

I was sitting at my workstation and thinking it was weekend and wondering what to do with Max.

We have habit of doing something together on weekends, now that both are at work. but we enjoy life like this.

I opened my computer and browsed the web pages. "hmm no no no no and no wait. what is this".

(weekend cruise on discounted price of only two) "score".

I booked a cruise for us. i took my phone from my pocket and put message to Max.

Me: Hey babe there were no plans for the weekends?"

I continued on to design a tattoo for a customer from the model i got yesterday, until i got Max`s answered.

Baby ♥: "no why?"

i chuckle and start typing respond.

Me: well now it is we go on a cruise

Baby <3 : woow.

Me: Dork gotta go, i love you"

baby: <3 i love you to <3"

i put my phone back in my pocket and continued drawing.

a customer with blonde hair came in my jaw dropper because it was Victoria Chase.

"hey Chloe"

"hey, what you want and where?" i did not want talk Victoria any more with what i had to.

"well i was thinking maybe dragon my arm or my back"

"hmm okay let`s see, i drawing something and then you can see if it`s good."

"yeah okay"

i started drawing a dragon. with curl tail and a few firecrackers and finished it.

"here is that good?"

"yeah it`s really good Chloe"

"well you can sit here, i just put my tattoo gun and stuff ready"

"Thanks", i sit down and sigh (i know Chloe is mad at me, but.. sigh i don`t know should i ask about Max)

i sat down my chair and started working.


Chloe worked on Victoria`s tattooing neither spoke. Victoria however broke the silence.

"Chloe? c-an i ask you something?"

"i ques so shoot"

"how are Max?"

"well Victoria what you think? you bullied Max for years and in the last year it just got worse. and you know it! but Max is okay."

"i`m sorry okay? about everything then I apologised to Max too. and you were at that time"

"yes Victoria but after that, your dear boyfriend began to harass Max", Max was so so stressed she is crying every night. and every morning before being sent to school ... and one of the wrong words or events Max broke"

" i did`int know"

"well no shit you were so busy bothering and causing stress"

"is is she okay now?"

"well yeah, Max is still really bad to take up stressful situations, and I think it's because of you and Nathan."

"i´m sorry again" *sigh*

(shit is she really sorry)

" i start colouring now"

"okay, can i spoke with Max?"

"i don`t know is it a good idea maybe later I have spoken with Max."

*sigh* "okay"

Chloe got Victoria`s tattoo finished and laced the tattoo gun down.

"it`s ready what you think?"

Victoria walked towards the mirror and looked her tattoo

"it`s perfect"

"ok good" i walked to checkout and gave Victroria`s bill, "you know how you take care of it?"


"okay see you later then"

"yeah bye"

i sat back in my chair and sighed i was waiting for the next customer to which I already drawn the picture.

I did not expect 20 minutes before the customer came in. "Hey and welcome"

"Thanks" i smiled (god she is beautiful)

"well here is your picture you want it your leg?"

"yeah if it`s possible?"

"yeah, you can sit there"

i started working I notice the customer looking at me smiling.

half an hour later, the tattoo was ready. "here what you think?"

"wow, it`s perfect like you.."


"shit sorry what this cost?"

"right i walked I walked to the cashier and gave the bill, you know how you take care of it?"

"yeah, thanks again. do you think about any plans for the weekend?"

(*sigh* is she flirting with me")

"yeah and sorry but i but I'm already taken"

"oh sorry then"

"no it`s okay, i smiled will come again for a couple of days again so I colour it."

"yeah i come, bye"


was a break time, I went out to smoke, lit it and took my phone from my pocket I noticed that Max had put in a few messages.

Baby <3 : I hella miss you and your kisses and hugs, ugh can i come over lunch time?"

Baby <3 "ok what the hell, forget previous text"

i giggled Max`s messages, she is just a dork but my dork, i smiled and start typing respond.

Me: "ok Max are you high?, how dare you!" and yes you can come over, and i miss you too"

Baby <3 NO i`m not high. i just miss you that`s all"

Me: "okay come over you get lots of kisses and hugs"

"hey Chloe"

"oh hey Martin sup?"

"good good you?"

"Good, maybe we'll have some time to go out"

"yeah maybe, I have a party for a couple of weeks you want come?"

"Hell yeah"

"you can bring Max too, if she want come"

"maybe she wants, my phone vibrated my hands"

baby <3 : jeiiijj see you a bit"


Max sent a response to Chloe and put the phone out, while chatting with Kate. Kate was nervous Kate thought about telling Trevor that she was ready.

"Kate come on it`s just Trevor you love him right?"

"of course Max but i don`t know.. i`m scared."

"why?" Trevor loves you Kate he is not hurting you, yeah first time hurt but it`s over soon, and worth it trust me"

"yeah maybe you are right"

"of course i`m i smirk"

"yeah yeah whatever Max i laugh"

"come on  lunch time i go to Chloe and you go to Trevor and tell her"

"yeah thanks Max"

"no problem To this end, friends are i hug Kate before leaving"

Max walked to Chloe`s workplace Get them lunch. Max opened the front door and walked inside. and straight to the break room.

Chloe stood directly in front of Max, Max pushed Chloe against the  wall and rose to his toes. and started kissing Chloe, putting her hand on Chloe's shoulder.

I hummed again`s Max`s lips, i was little bit surprise but i don`t care i put my hand around her waist and pulled Max`s closer. slid my other hand under her leather jacket.

i pulled back for air  "hey babe"


i went sat down and,  Max sat next to me.

"what you get me... ooohhh "

"dork it`s just burger"

"yeah but it good ready to go our cruise?"

"Yeah i smiled and put quick kiss Chloe`s lips before starting eating, hokw"

"i chuckle what?"

"sorry i gulped my food down how a work?"

"ummm good good"

"Babe? is something wrong?"

"no no, promise me you don`t freak, i grap Max`s hand and stroking it"

"Chloe i promise"

"okay, Victoria was here"

"i choked my food, What" what she want`s"

"she came to pick up a tattoo and would like to chat with you"


"i don`t know Max, maybe wanted to apologise, i stroking Max`s hand"

"yeah maybe... i don`t know"

"Babe you don`t have to, if you don`t want, i took a bite my burger"


"you ok?"

"yes, i`m with you"

"i leaned forward and  put kiss Max`s lips"

"oh for fuck sake you two"

"fuck off martin"

"Chloe, you can leave today earlier"


"yeah, you've got to get ready and go"

"Thanks you are the best"

Chloe and Max ate the end, Chloe packed his belongings, and the two set off towards the Max studios.

Max was also ready for this day and was able to leave home earlier. They walked hand in hand at Home.

they spent an afternoon kissing, holding each other. and packed.

"you got Everything?"

"*yawn* yeah"

i walked with Max upstairs our room, and stripped down my clothes, climber our bed   I put the alarm clock to ring   I put a blanket around us and scooter closer to Max spooning her"

"i love you, night Babe"




Chapter Text

- Max

I woke up in the alarm clock groaning "no no too early" Chloe was holding me, i smiled still  loved wake up like this.


no response

"well" I leaned down and press my lips against Chloe`s soon i feel Chloe kissing me back. (yes this yet it still wakes her up).

i pulled back caresses Chloe`s cheek, morning.

"Morning, i scooter closer"

"Hey babe we have to prepare, and leave"

"no too comfy"

"indeed but we have to, you can snuggle me when we are in the cabin"

"Fine, but this firs. i put my lips against`s Max."


"very much"

"ok now get up and dressed"

I walked wardboard and put my clothes on i stood in front of the mirror. i feel Chloe`s arm around me and her chin my shoulder.


"nothing you are beautiful "

"so are you"

Chloe's phone rings.

"i go downstairs and make for us breakfast, you answered that"

"okay, i put quick peck Max lips. and answered "hello?"

"Chloe it`s David"

"oh sup?"

"it`s time"

"holy shit, do you want us there?"

"your mom wants Chloe"

"i don`t know, me and Max should point to the bus stop and port"

"Chloe please it`s your brother"

"i.. *sniff* dammit okay, we are there, soon tell mom i love her, and that i`ll be there with Max"

"yeah i tell her"

"bye i hung up my phone, and dried my eyes. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch Max?"

"yes Chloe?"

"my mom she.."



"well let`s go then i smiled"

"But *sigh*

"Babe it`s okay, your mom and we ah shit"

"Max are you crying?"


"suure, i hugged Max`s it`s okay dork... i`m also happy, we can go at a later departure"

"yes, I was trying to say that, but let`s go, i can drove if you want"

"yeah, thanks"

"everything is alright i promise, and soon.... ok i stop i just start crying again"

"i giggled i know what you mean Max and thanks"

I put my shoes on and grabbed the car keys and walked towards the car and waited for Chloe.

When Chloe stepped into car i started the car and pulled on the road toward the hospital.

Chloe was nervous i can tell, so i put my other hand her thigh she grapped it and lock our fingers.

The trip was quiet but no words needed, 20 minutes later I was informed and parked the car and opened the door and went out.

i reached out my hand for Chloe she took it we walked hand in hand inside.

i sat I sat in the waiting room's bench Chloe was still nervous, she sat next to me i grap Chloe`s hand.

I scooter closer pressing her head against my shoulder.

Suddenly the door open and David walked out, i shake Chloe.

David`s smile is bigger than ever and the eyes were watery.

"is she.."

"yes Chloe everything is alright Joyce gave birth to a healthy boy, you have now little brother"

and just like that Chloe burst  into tears, but no for sad or pain, it`s happy and joy.

i put my arm around Chloe, and rubbining her arm.. "shh"

"Max i have brother"

"sniff* "yes you have now"

For a moment the two were holding each other until David talked again.

"you want see him?"

"i.. yeah"

They walked towards the door, and David opened it and walked inside"

"David where is my daughter i want..."

"i`m here mom"

"come here then silly"

Chloe walked toward her mother and a little one and sat down. and smiled his brother  "his has your eyes"

"indeed, but David's nose and hair"

"is everything okay?"

"yeah he is healthy and fit in weight and length, you want hold her?"

"i.. yeah"

Joyce put the boy in Chloe's arms.

"hey little one, i took her small hand. and smiled.. "what`s her name?"

"we have thinking about Will"

"i put my hand Chloe`s shoulder"

"mom.. i..  nothing i like that"


"yeah Dad would certainly be delighted and taken"

"well Will welcome the family"

"Max? joyce spoke"

"yeah i smiled"

"Will you be will`s godmother?"

"Joyce i..."

"you can think peacefully" *yawn*


"mom me and Max have to go, is it okay?"

"yeah of course, now Will is here and you have  seen each other. I could not be happier, i love you, both"

"i love you too, mom... oh and you too Will.. and.. i looked towards David maybe you too"

"Chloe. what"

"you make mom happy, it is for me the most important thing, forget the past"

"Chloe i..."

"no need say it i know but bye now"


Chloe took Max`s hand and walked out, the hospital towards their car.

"you want drive home?"

"yeah okay"

I gave Chloe the car keys and opened the passenger side door and went inside. leaning against the window.

Before Chloe start the car, she put quick kiss my lips.

my phone started ringing, looked at the caller and I sighed. "It`s my mom"

"Babe don`t answered if you don`t want to, but i`m here even if i  focusing on driving"

" i know thanks Babe... hey mom"

"hey Max where are you?"

"with Chloe, why?"

"Well i visited you but you were not home"

"yeah like i said, i`m with Chloe what you want anyway?"

"Talk Max i`m sorry about the other day"

"Well i`m sorry too but don`t bring dad anymore before I'm ready"

"yeah i understand"

"yeah right"

"can we meet?"

"no not now, Chloe and i sent to the trip"

"oh okay, i leave next week back to Seattle"

oh?.. I thought you were going to be here" i noticed we are our place.

"well my job is in Seattle."

"yeah, ok bye mom"

i went inside, and grap my backpack  and waited for Chloe.

When Chloe was ready, he locked the front door and the duo walked to the bus stop.

I was sitting next to Chloe, and thinking my mom, after everything she promise`s me, she still not moving here, no i`m not thinking it now.

a moment after waiting for our bus to arrive I stamps our tickets, and I went to sit. the bus trip was quiet Chloe fell asleep on my shoulder and I was too deep in thought ... but I closed my eyes and I fell asleep too.

Half an hour later the bus stop at the port the two went in and went to the counter to pick up their cards and waited for the ship to enter.

20 minutes later, we got into the cabin.

i sat on the edge of the bed. "ugh finally"

"yeah i hear you, i sat next to Max"


"about what? Chloe said."

"I was so silent"

"yeah about that is everything okay? you can tell me"

"yeah i think, my mom is getting back to Seattle even she promise to me else."


"not to think about it now"

"oh what you got in mind?"

"well.. i putting my hand Chloe`s thigh and slowly start wandering her way up and under Chloe`s  top i lifted my leg so i was sitting Chloe`s lap,

i can feel Chloe`s hand on my hips. i leaned forward and start kissing Chloe all over her face. after while i pulled back for air"

"That was....mmhhm"

"i just needed our private time, but moment was ruined when my stomach  grumbled" oh shut up you"

"well i was hungry too so, lets`go eat something."

"Yeah" let`s go"

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Chapter Text

- Chloe

When Max and me were eaten i was planted in the club for some time. and we were talking about our wedding.

and my little brother.

"Max you should really have agree my mom suggestion i said smiling, and took her hand locking our fingers"

"Hmm yeah Maybe"

"Max are you afraid something?"

"Yeah maybe little, i don`t know why, maybe it`s my mom.

"Hey i stroking Max`s hand.. don`t be you make your own decisions and Vanessa has to accept them, i know already Will`s loves you and you can take care of her, when my

mom needs help"

"Yeah i think i accept it, i took sip my lemonade"

"Hey come here, I pull Max closer to the tight embrace. and put soft kiss top of her nose, "i love you"

I leaned on Chloe's embrace, and I put my own arms around her. "i love you too"

"Chloe can we go to the deck for smoke and maybe some photos"

"Wait you take photos again?"

"no, but I'll start it now"

"oh yes Max!" and yes we can go"

i was exited about Max`s news because Max has always loved photography but stopped last year because of Victoria.

We walked to the deck, the sea breeze was quite powerful, i put my arm around Max and pressing our lips together and I captured the picture with my phone.

Max giggled ah i love that noise, she is so relaxed right now, maybe this was good a idea.

i took the cigarette pack from my pocket, took two cigarettes I handed it to another Max. *beeb *beeb*


Justin: "yo Chloe"


"where are you?"

"cruise with Max, why?"

"oh just curious, maybe club can meet next week?, maybe some skateboard?"

"yeah sure when I and Max do not work."

"well duh.. anyway i gotta go have fun"

"Yeah bye" i hung up and watched Max when it takes pictures. god she is so hot and sexy right now

Suddenly i was thinking Max naked i licking my lips my eyes wandering up and down her body. i move my hand down my body, i don`t care where i was right now i just need touch myself... but i noticed that my cig. burned to the end which rested between my fingers. "okay Chloe calm down maybe later"

I took deep breath and try to calm down.

"Babe? Max said"


"are you alright?"

"umm yeah yeah"

I can feel Max`s hand around my waist. Shit Max don`t do that

"Chloe what`s wrong?"

"nothing Max i promise, i leaned down and put soft kiss Max´s lips."

"okay if you say so"

"you ready, or want take still pictures?"

"yeah, of you but stood there i pointed railing"

"just like that.. *snap* perfect"

we walked back to the Club and sat down.. and listening music.

"Want drink?" i said smiling"

"Yeah sure."

i went ordered for us drink

"two beers Thanks"

i was waiting for our beers while watching the window out and the sea. hmm maybe our wedding could be at sea.

My thought was interrupted when bartender`s voice call me.

"oh yeah sorry, here i paid the drinks"

I walk back to Max


"Thanks babe" Max said smiling"

i sat down and put my one arm around Max`s shoulder.

"i was thinking, maybe our wedding could be at sea, what you think?"

"That would be good a idea, i took sip my beer.


"Yeah why not, and i want I would also like to have small parties, so what would be a better place?"

"yeah i hear you, want dance?"


I took Max hand and walked towards dance floor, i put my hand Max`s waist and start moving.

i leaned forward and pressing our lips together, i pulled back putting our foreheads together, for a moment we just looking each other eyes.

"i love you"

"i love you too"


"oh my god sorry"

"i laugh silly, we have long day so we should go to bed"

"i took Max and my stuff and walked towards, our cabin, opened the door and walked in.

Max remained standing upright, I helped it-switching nightclothes and bed.

i put my arms around Max and put kiss max`s forehead.. "night"


i woke up, my arm wrapper around Max, i brush some hair away from her face, and played her hair. "i love you so so much, i don´t even know what i would do without you"

"i.. i shut my eyes holding back tears, i don`t even know why i`m crying. Max start stir. i looked down and smiled, "morning babe"

"morning i rubbing my eyes, what`s time it is?"

"eight in the morning breakfast time"

"Okay then"

"nope not that fast, i leaned down and start kissing Max`s soft lips long and passionately"

Max pulled pack for air i took deep breath.

"You know breakfast can always wait"

Trust me Chloe i want, but i`m hungry and a long way to the next food"

"Yeah true"

i put my normally clothes on and waited for Chloe.

Chloe and Max walked hand in hand for breakfast ship`s breakfast is the best.  They ate silence and and peace enjoying each other`s company and food.

Suddenly Max feels Chloe`s leg going up her thigh. Max`s eyes opened wide, Chloe just smirks.


"yes Babe"

"c-an you stop?"

"you want that?"

"i, no... yes... ugh! i hate you!"

"no you love me, but okay i stop for now i winked"

*beeb *beeb*


(Vanessa) "Max?"

"yes mother"

"you come with me next weekend and no i`m not accept  no answered"

"but why?"

"we talk this situation like family, no arguing no shout, no anything just us"

"no i`m NOT talk to her!"

"now you are end of story"

"i`m not  and i`m not coming"

"Maxine now you listen you coming and we talk understand"

"i hate you mom, what kind of mother forces her child to what she is not ready for. and it`s Max"

"Max i just want this battle is over"

"yeah YOU want, but what about me? and what i want? mom i`ve lived almost my whole life a lie and now i must suddenly forgive him and talk to it because YOU want the battle to be over you know what mother fuck you!"

"Max don`t"

"don`t what? tell how i feel?, mom you promised that you will not force me anything and wait, and that you will understand me and you will not overwhelm me too much"

and this is second time when you do just that!, i hung up before my mom, was able to answer. Chloe sat next to me and took me to a tight embrace.

"let it out Max"

"Chloe i`m sorry"

"Shh.. i don`t know how long i hold Max but finally she calmed down.. and pulled back for my chest"

"feeling better?"

"little, i just don`t understand"

"Max just forget it, i know it`s hard. but that is yours best.

"Thanks babe i try and i ques i have to go Seattle next week, i just don`t want leave you"

"Babe we call and text, and that"


"come on, eat, and then we can go on the deck to watch when the ship comes to the harbor."

Max ate and the two went to the deck. to look at the scenery, Max took a few photos, and now they were on the Swedish side.

Max and Chloe walked out of the ship. walked hand in hand along the streets, and watched the sights Max took photos as well.

They walked towards at shopping center.  First, it did not seem to be found but after all, the two found the place. the duo spent hours squats cheering, laughing making out against the wall.  They had all the fun Max seemed to be more cheerful.

after many many trades, and after many many hours it was time to return to the ship. 

The duo stamped their tickets and went to the cabin to bring the stuff.

"Max wanted to drink tonight?, for the last evening"

"although. i smiled"

"okay let`s go then"

(continue next chapter)









Chapter Text


Chloe and i were leaving the club but i stopped.

"Babe?" Chloe said and took Max`s hand

"can we stay here? and and go find a drink tax-free?"

"yeah of course"

I took my card and walked in the corridors toward the tax free, Chloe was behind me. we buy 2 six packs of beer 1 six pack long drinks and 2 bottles of salmon.

It may be a lot but we plan to celebrate hard. but right now I don`t care. nor does Chloe. will be reduced soon.

I walked back with Chloe she put arm around my shoulder.

When Chloe and i were back on the cabin i took my leather jacket off and dropped it on the bed i noticed my mom tried to call but i`m not dealing her now. still i`m thinking

that fucking situation.

i watched for some time out of the window and the sea.


"yes babe?"

can we talk some i know i must forget the whole thing now, but i can`t it`s bothering me and".... i sat on the bed

"hey don`t bottle it up, talk to me babe, what`s bothering you" i took Max hand intertwined our fingers.

i turned so i was face to face with Chloe, tears my eyes.. if my dad met this Lisa already when i was kid i wonder if him should be my dad at all if my father is someone else

i don`t why i think that but i wonder my mother behaviour.. i..."

"hey shh take your time , i`m here"

"i took deep breath and continued i need get this of my chest" mom was angry from dad only fifteen minutes and then everything was forgotten and now they talk to each other

again and and try to get me to talk does this make any sense"

Chloe scooter closer and pulled Max tight embrace. stroking her hair and rubbing her arm.

"Yeah maybe little bit, i was surprised too, maybe you should ask her, now or next week"

"I don`t know Chloe I do not want to spoil the trip more what already am."

"Babe stop it, you are NOT ruining anything, you are human with emotions, and we still have fun right?"

"Yeah of course"

"Good girl, i put soft kiss top of Max`s head. feeling any better?"

"yeah little i smiled, maybe i go shower and then we can start the party i said and chuckle little"

"oh yes"

i walked towards the toilet opened door and locked it. It was small, i took my clothes of.

i was standing under the warm water, I gave all the "evil" to leak out, after washing myself, i step out and put clean clothes on.

i walked towards the bed there was message, i read it."

"Hey babe, i get us a snack .. I'll be back soon!"

"Dork i thinking myself"

i`m looking my Facebook, and changed my profile picture it was that photo I took on deck with Chloe yesterday.

my phone is rinning my hand, it`s my mom (surprise) i sigh and rejected her call.

but start typing to text.

Me: Hey mom, sorry not answering, but i don`t want talk right now, please stop calling me i come with you next week, but you and dad MUST tell me the truth"

and send, and that i shut my phone.

I heard screaming outside the door.

"What, maybe it`s nothing, suddenly Chloe come inside.. hands full.

"here let me help" i took two bags from Chloe, and put them over the table.

"Thanks Babe"

i opened my phone and put some music opened bottle of beer and took long sip... *mmmmm*

Chloe sat next to me, brush some hair away from my face, and stroking my cheek.

i smiled and lean into Chloe`s touch turn my head a little and put soft kiss her palm. "i love you Chloe"

"i love you Max" i opened my own beer and took sip.

"want play cards?"

"sure Max but twist

"oh no" like?"

"loser will have to end up in the evening underwear"

"okay Chloe, be ready"

"uh uh Max"

I took my cards my backpack and mixed them.

half an hour later, the duo stopped playing and unfortunately, Max lost this time.

"Well Max i leaned against the bed, took other beer and opened it, i`m waiting. Chloe said with smirk"

"okay Chloe"

hmm maybe little strip session is not bad ) I got up and started unbutton my jeans slowly. When the button was open i moved to pull the zipper down.

Chloe is licking her lips.

i started pull my jeans down slowly and my hand wandering my thigh. I stepped out my jeans.

lift my top, my hand wandering my stomach i make myself so turned on right now.

i watch Chloe`s hand moving towards under her jeans. she licking her lips, and watch me.

i took my top of, and walked towards Chloe.

i put my hand Chloe's ankle and make my way up, feeling Chloe whimpering under my touch.

Now i sitting Chloe`s lap leaned forward and start kissing I can taste the taste of beer, i make my way to Chloe`s neck and start sucking it.

Chloe moaned and lifted her head.

pulled back and staring Chloe`s eyes, sliding my hand under her top... mmhhmm i lifted Chloe`s top up and took off Chloe's shirt.

"Max, i want you"

i Wandering my hand all over Chloe`s bare stomach and on the sides and leaned forward putting our lips together, i put my tongue into Chloe`s mouth.

our tongues wandering each other mouth, i pulled back and bit chloe`s lower lip, Chloe moaned.

i smashing our lips together again more hungrier, Chloe`s hand wandering up and down my thigh towards my bra.

I slid my hand up Chloe`s back and unclasped her bar, and pulled them off. "Max"

"yes?" i tease, biting Chloe`s ear.

"just fuck me mmhhm"

I started kissing Chloe as she demanded and needed more passionately at the same time my hand made her way to Chloe's jeans.

Chloe moaned with pleasure against my lips, i unbuttoned her jeans and start pulling them down. after while we were totally naked.

i start kissing my way down towards Chloe`s chest and boobs.

"MMHHMHHHM" i start licking and sucking Chloe`s pink nipple

"MMAAAHHH YES MAX MEMHHMMHM i moaned loudly i don`t care.

"Mmmmmmm so perfect to licking feels good?"

"OH GOD MAX YES MORE!" MMHHMGHH" i press my chest more against Max tongue i can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

"someone is eager i tease with smirk"


I start licking harder and faster as i can and moaned myself mmmhh Chloe"


"I moaned, fuck Chloe.. i start kissing my way towards chloe`s thigh and wet pussy.

"MMHHHHH my heart was racing, my breath become faster and faster.. Max i need it right fucking now!"

"MMMMMMMMM I kissed Chloe's inner thigh ...mmhhhhh"

i start licking Chloe`s pussy mhhhmmmh oh babe"


"feeling good?"

"YES! mhsshammmm more Max more! OH GOD!! Chloe moaned Loyd as Max press her tongue harder against` her pussy and licking faster"


i listened Chloe`s moaning and feeling her hand my head.. mmhmmmmmh....

"Max put finger inside me, and fuck me hard!"

"i rested my tongue little bit, and start pumping my finger in and out... ohhhhhhhhihhh"


i smash our lips together... and moaned each others mouth. Chloe squeeze, my boobs hard"

"Shit! mmhmhhhm"


my finger become faster and faster as i can .. mmhhmmhhh cum babe mmm"

"OOHHHH FUCK FUCK AHHHHHHHHH NOW i screamed and moaned Max`s name. and breathing fast. i shut my eyes close and try calm down a bit".

I attached Max`s neck sucking it and biting it Max moaned. mmhhmmhm "

i kissing my way down Max`s chest and her boob start licking it..

FUCK mhhhhhhh i moaned mhmmmhhh harder Chloe.

i gently biting it, and start licking harder, i look up Max face so much pleasure."

"Feeling good babe?"


i kissing my way Max`s thigh and pussy"


i start licking Max`s pussy mmhhhmmm babe"



i press my tongue harder and, licking faster"


my tongue is working harder and faster as i can... mmhhhhmhh you close?"



I slow down. I got up and sat straight... scooter closer to Max`.. hey babe you ok?"

"yes babe i feeling amazing, don`t be surprised if i want round two Chloe just smirks"

"maybe after this we could just wait until our honeymoon, what you think?, Chloe ask shyly smiled her face."

"that.... well okay"


"why not"

"hah true"

I put some clothes on, and took a beer, "you want?"

"Yeah Thanks"

*beeb beeb*

Chloe took my phone and answered it.. hello?"

(Vanessa: Chloe? where is Max?"

"not here right now Vanessa" leave her alone until next week"

"*sigh okay*

"Thanks Chloe, here"

"no problem"

"i sat back next to Chloe, and sigh, i looked out of the window"

"I go to deck, i text you"

"Max are you okay?"

"yeah of course i need just little bit air"

"okay I love you Max"

"i love you too"

I walked on the deck and stood in front of the railing looking at the horizon. tear comes out of my eye and I do not know why.

maybe I'm afraid, if i`m right about my dad. and I should not even think about this, I'm having fun with Chloe.

I took a sip from my beer.


Chloe sat on the bed and made a punch and a Coke and salmar. and thinking about Max, she was worried her fiance.

suddenly the door opened. Max stood in the doorway.

"i walked towards Max putting our foreheads together "hey you"

"hey yourself"

i pushing Chloe against the door and started kissed her with force.

Chloe was Chloe was surprised but did not complain. Soon they were naked again.

i lifted my thigh around Chloe`s waist, and pressing our lips together again, Chloe moaned against my lips and squeezed my boob "Fuck"

Chloe leaned towards and start licking Max`s sensitive spot max`s neck.. behind the ear..

"ohhhh fuck fuck Chloe, my legs giving up"

"sit down."

i sliding down the wall Chloe still kissing me i moaned her name "mmhhhmmhhm"

Chloe sat in front of Max. and just watched her. up and down.

my hand made her way down Max`s thigh towards her pussy.

"MHmmmmmhhm Chloe.."

"what you want Max.. i leaned forward and kissing her neck down Max`s chest.. "tell me"

Max and Chloe have noticed that their cabin door is slightly ajar.

"i want you Chloe, and fuck me" mmmhhmm"

"mmmhhhhmm as you if."     i press my finger against Max`s clit  "ok we just fucked and it's not even long, how in hell you can still be so wet."

"AHHHHAH "it`s you, you are so hot and sexy and ohhhhha ahhhhhh"

MHmm fuck Max so are you", i press my finger harder and start rubbing faster"


" My other hand rested Max` breast, i leaned forward and lick it"

"OHHHOHHH fuck CHLOE! more fuck more i shut my eyes and moaned Loyd,  "it`s feels so fucking good"

"mmmmmm Maaax.... I abandoned Max`s  breasts and start pushing my finger i and out first slowly "oh god mmhm"

i grap Max`s hand and guided it towards my pussy "together?"

soon i feel Max`s finger against my clit and make small circle it "OOHH GOD M MM

"i start pushing my finger faster and harder.."


i pressed my finger harder against chloe`s pussy.. "mmmhhhm shit" mhhhm"

"off FUCKING FUCK!" MMHHMHHHMMHM I smash my lips against`s Max hard.. and start kissing her, roughly, biting Max`s lower lip.mmhhm"

i needed air i pulled pack and put our foreheads together, and looked Chloe`s eyes... at the same time our finger each other pussy´es" "Mhhhhmhhmmhjmmh fuck!"

"MAX MAX MAX" mmhhmmhh"

"are you close babe i`m"

"yes Max mmhhmmhhhmmhhm and  just like that, both came hard."

both catch their breath.

"I love you Chloe"

"i love you too"

i got up and turn around and freeze when i noticed our door was open.. oh shit"

"What Max?"

i just pointed the door

"uups i giggled"

"Chloe this is not funny! but my face betrayed me, ok maybe little"

"hahhah oh my god Max. we just..... i burst laughter"

"Calm down dork and put some clothes on"

"noo i don`t want" i giggle"

"i roll my eyes but giggled as well... nope clothes on babe, i don`t want that no one stare at you it is only allowed by me right?"

"duh babeso okay i put some clothes on."

i put my clothes on.. and went getting some punch.   "Hey Chloe?"


"who did you ask for your best man"
"oh i was thinking maybe Justin you,?"

"i don`t know yet, i thinking Kate.. but"


"i want Dana too, why do we have too many friends? i giggled"

"Hah don`t ask me, but maybe you should ask them both then?"

"hmm maybe"

i look my phone and sigh


"mom want`s talk tomorrow with...."

"you want me in there?"

"you have to go work"

"No babe I have a day off tomorrow"

"well then.. maybe"

"okay i took sip my drink and put soft kiss Max`s lips"

Chloe called her mother i went deck for a smoke.

i took drag and exhaled.. shutting my eyes for a moment. the sun begins to fall, which makes the sky beautiful.

i took a photo. suddenly i feel fingers my neck and then lips, which make me whimper. mm

"well well"

"fuck you Chloe!, i chuckle"

"well done twice i smirk, you want round three, i pushing Max`s against the wall, and start kissing her my hands rested her hips. Max lifted her thigh  around Chloe`s waist"

i moved my hand towards Max`s ass  mmm the kiss began to come more intense and hungrier. Max started kissing Chloe`s neck and mark it.

i shut my eyes and moaned and attached Max`s neck as welli can feel Max`s hand under my top, my back"

"after several minutes making out, they pulled pack and breathed heavily.


Chloe just smirks.

Don`t, i`m little bit sore  down there, so maybe we take brake i giggled  alcohol begins to affect.

"yeah good a idea, i smoke then we can go back if you want"

"yeah, i took sip my drink.

Chloe and i went back inside and i took other long drink, opened it and took long sip. right that moment i don`t care about anything.

what I care about is Chloe, and drinks.

"how Joyce and Will going?"

"good, mom and Will   will arrive tomorrow with home",  David is working thought"


"yeah i just hope David is not leaving my mom alone, with Will"

"yeah me too, but we will help them"

"Yeah, i can`t believed that i have brother"

i Smiled.. you... i hesitate"

"What babe?"

"do you sometimes want children"
"yeah maybe someday you?"

"i... maybe"



"nothing Max" i opened other drink.

many hours later when the drinks are over.

"oh shit i giggled when i was bathroom for piss..



"everything alright?"

"yeah little bit drunk i giggled"

"little biti laugh"

"okay okay smartass, I came out of the bathroom and fell straight top of Chloe"

"uups sorry"

"come here, i chuckled and put our lips together.

"now sleep"

"okay goodnight"


Chapter Text

- Chloe

I woke up to a shocking headache i groan and  covering my eyes shit my head ugh!

i looked down Max head was rested my chest arm wrapped around me i smiled. god i love her, hopefully this day it's not too heavy for it but i`m here for her.

for a moment i just staring at ceiling and hold Max. and stroking  her hair.

suddenly Max jolt up and rush bathroom, and throw up the toilet.

i walked bathroom, and knocked the door, "Max?"

"babe opened the door please"

i hear soft click and i opened the door walked in. oh my poor girl.

"Hey" i kneeled down and rubbing max`s back it`s okay"


"shh it`s okay.. are you sick or hangover?"

"i.. don`t know maybe hangover" i hope.

"want water or something?"

"yeah thanks"

I went to get a bottle of water and handed it to Max " here drink"

"Thanks Chloe, i shivering   little bit"

"are you cold?"


"okay bed now, i took max`s hand and helped her up, and guided it to bed

i put blanket around her and scooter closer, i hope my own heat would help. go rest Max i wake you when we are in port"

"no i do..

"Max please, i think you are sick, but but it will look a little later in the day."

"okay i leaned against Chloe`s shoulder and shut my eyes".

i hold Max when she is sleep and play my phone.

As long Max was sleeping i fired up our stuff and cleaned a little cabin.

but soon became aware that we are coming soon so I woke Max.

"mmm wha-"

"Hey wake up,will be in the harbor. here i help you" I reached out my hand, and helped Max up.

"how you feeling?" i put other arm around her for support.

"Like shit, but i don`t think so that this is a hangover anymore"

"Yeah, i think that too, because i`m fine now, but i take care of you i promise, i put soft kiss Max forehead"

"Thanks Chloe, and i know you will"

I lifter our pack and make my way out.

after a moment Chloe and Max were outside and waiting for Chloe`s mother.

Soon they noticed familiar car.

We walked to the car, i opened the door for Max and helped her sit down.

"hey mom"

"hey darling,  is Max okay? she looks very bad"

"Yeah i think she is sick"

"how Wills?"

"oohh she is wery good boy"

i giggled " well good then"

"mom are you okay?"


"is.. David helping you?"

"Yeah little bit.. i mean he is so much work"

*sigh, i talk to her, it must help you, because he have a child now"

"no no Chloe"

"shush i talk to her"

"well okay then, but now get in so i can drive you home"

I went inside the car, next to Max.. "hey babe feeling any better?"

"not really"

"maybe we have some medicines at home that can help"

"yeah i put my head Chloe`s lap and shut my eyes for a moment"

I hold Max. and letting her sleep.

the car was quiet, but soon we are home, i lifted Max head, that I can get out of the car.

I carried Max living room, on the couch and put blanket around her.

"Thanks mom for a ride"

"no problem Chloe, come visit soon "

"yeah bye"


i shut the front door and walked the kitchen and start cook something. and starting eat before i heard very weak but soft voice.


"i`m here babe" want eat something"

"yeah maybe little, i got up and walked at the kitchen table."

I made a couple of sandwiches for Max and poured a glass of juice.  "Here eat"

after Max was finished breakfast. "thanks babe"

"feeling better"

"yeah maybe little, i smiled maybe sleeping and eating helped. i just hope this is transient presence"

"Yeah maybe, i took Max`s hand and stoking it"

*ring ring*

i went opened the door David stood there.

"Hey Chloe"

"umm hey"

" your mother said you want to talk"

"oh yeah come in"

Chloe and david chatted in the living room, David was not happy about where Chloe wanted to talk, but somehow he understood.

"you have child now and you can not leave my mother alone"

"yeah you are right, i`m sorry"

"don`t be just Reduce your work hours"

"i do that"


After David's departure, Chloe and Max are watching movies. now was the turn of the Blade runner.

halfway between the movies, max hurried to the bathroom. Chloe rubbed Max's back and held her hair back.

Chloe posted a message to Justin if she could go to a pharmacy and bring Max medicine. 

Half an hour later, Justin brought the medicines.

"Thanks i owe you"

"nope Chloe she is my friend, but i need to go"

"yeah thanks again, i shut the door"

"here take this"

Max took the medicine with water, and sigh.

i put my hand Max forehead to test whether it is fever.

"Max you have fever. go  to bed, i coming too"

so Max and Chloe went to bed.


About three in the afternoon. Max woke up and was back with strength, and no fever.

Max went to bathroom brushing her teeth.

I went back to bed beside Chloe and turned slightly to my other side so I was halfway top of  Chloe's.

Leaned down and put my lips against Chloe`s  soon Chloe kissing me back.

i pulled back smiling "good  afternoon i giggled"

"mmmm i lick my lips..  it seems that you're better"

"oh yes" so i can make out with you"

"oohhh i sit up, and pulled Max  my lap"

after several minutes they pulled back needed air.

"Holy.... Max"


"i love you"

"i love you too"

i read my mom text and sigh.

"she want`s meet two whales.. with dad.. and... i can`t even say her name"

"Max my offer is still valid"

"I appreciate it, but I do not know maybe I should handle it alone"

"Are you sure?"

"You can come on but be at the second table with Justin?"

"hmm, yes i can ask her.."

"yeah i smiled..  and i`m sorry babe that this situation has taken too much of my thoughts, we should design our weddings ... and life together. i..."

"Hey shh is..  because of that you were afraid that I would hate you"

"Yeah, i`m afraid that you get bored and"

"Babe no way no no and nope.. i love you, and i`m with you forever"

"i just...."

"Shh i know i know"

i rested my head against Chloe`s chest and just let it all out.

After while i calmed down, and got up.. "Thanks"




"well i think we should to leave"

Chloe drove Max into the diner and left himself behind a couple of benches with Justin.

i was really nervous, like what i can hear..  And how do I take Lisa, because at this moment, I know it just anger. and rage. my phone make a noise, i  read tex message.

Chloe <3 everything goess well, and i`m here Justin is here. just give a signal if you want leave or we are there."

i blnket few times, when i read the message and just lift my head up and looked Chloe, and shook my head. she just smirk and smiled.

soon my parents walked in, i took a deep breath  and just hope they not noticed Chloe and Justin.

Mom gave me a hug, I gave my back because I have not really got angry her at least not yet.

She sit down next to dad And Lisa.

"Thanks Max that you agreed to meet us"

"Well mom I want the truth and all about it, and you didn`t stop calling me"

"yeah i`m sorry about that", Where is Chloe?"

"with friend"

Ryan) "Max i`m sorry again about everything but will you least try understand.. you are love.."

"yes dad  but i`m not cheating Chloe with another woman!" so don`t compare it to yours."

*sigh* "it`s just happened you know"

"no i`m not, because if i was married somebody and we have kids and i love her, i`m not go and fuck another woman!"

"and you mom what the hell! first you call me very upset about dad, and angry and then you bring it my house and work as if it had not done anything."

"and you... Thanks when you broke my family."

Vanessa: honey calm down i`m sorry but i spoke with Ryan and the situation was clarified"

"What about when you and Dad argued when i was kid, you and her even think about me, and then you wonder why I was always with Chloe!.

"i was so fucking scared, to scream for it because I did not know the cause, but now i know"

Chloe was really worried about the situation.  Justin calmed her down.

Vanessa: i`m sorry, maybe..."

(oh please don`t) "what mom?, why you are not angry for dad"

Vanessa: Because I did the same for him and we always argued about it. and of course also this"


"yeah i was with her brother.... and"

"don`t say it don`t you dare!  at this point my eyes were watery.  i can`t believe that i was right. i hate you!"

Ryan: "Max i try grap my daughter hand"

"don`t touch me!" you know but you you will never tell me. Instead, you fucked another woman."

Vanessa:  Max calm down.

"no I`M NOT CALM DOWN MOM I HAVE BEEN LIVING A LIE ALL MY LIFE!.. the only truth there was you ... and Chloe's family. but you also lied to me" and... i.. .. i "

"I tried to take a breath"

"Max just breath i went next to Max try hold her but she just pushing me away.. Max please..breath in and out, ryan wil you call Chloe, maybe she get max to calm down."

This is our fault."

i I hyperventilated very badly and I tried to get my breathing calm and level. Ryan now"

Ryan: But

"no ryan she is right it has lived in lies and has kept a father who is not his father. and you hurt it too, so call a person who gets Max calm down. before the situation goes worse."

"Max breath i``m sorry so so sorry"

"no need calm me"


"move, i said angrily to Vanessa, she moving and went sat down next to Lisa"

i sat next to Max and I took it for a tight embrace.

"Max breath with me. in and out.. just listen to my voice"

after while Max breathing more easily but crying.

I stroking Max hair still holding her  "Shh"


"shh i`m here.. i put kiss top of Max head, Lisa look us little bit confused.

Ryan: "oh sorry Chloe is Max girlfriend"

Lisa: wait you say girlfriend?"


"so they are... "

Max lifted her head for my chest and looked very angry.


Lisa... n-o no.


Ryan MAX!

"and you too!"

"Babe shh, i put Max head against my chest..  and looked up, Justin still sitting there; Babe want go out little bit with me and Justin?"  I waved Justin to get closer.

"i-s he here?"

"yes i`m here Max come on girl let`s go"

(ryan: Max

"no  i don`t want talk to you i just want go my girlfriend and friend"

"now you listen to me, Max i`m your father, and you talk to me right now"

"really you are? i just heard it`s your fucking brother!" 

"Chloe i`ll be there bit, go ahead"


"you sure, i caresses Max`s cheek"


"yeah i`m sure"


"okay then"


Okay what?"


Ryan: who is this Justin?


"Justin is my friend and you know it"


Yes but


"yes but what dad!"  you don`t decide who I am with. not anymore".


Lisa: listen you father Max i also think at same"






max) Everything happens really fast, I went for a moment before I realized what happened, i put my hand on my cheek and rubbed it, and looked at my dad with watery eyes.


Ryan: i..  i`m sorry Max, but don`t speak Lisa that way.


i took my stuff and run outside"


"Max?" hey babe wait up!"


"Max stopped and turn around"




"i put my hand down from my cheek"


"oh my god i`m so sorry"


Justin and Chloe both hugged Max. and stood for a moment. Before heard Ryan shout.




"shh Babe he not hurting you anymore"


"i put my arm around Max, justin stood my other side"


"Ryan go home" you crossed your limit now"


Ryan) Chloe Max barked at Lisa"


"What you expet that Max jumping up and down for joy when she hear that her dad is not her dad.and the other but bribing his wife instead of having been an adult and telling


"and Max did whatever it does not justify you to hit"


"now i`m leaving with Max and Justin  you go home, and don`t call Max anymore"


the triad went to Chloe's car and Chloe drove to the landfill.


all three took their own time, especially Max.


(continue next chapter)




Chapter Text





we have been landfilled for about two hours after leaving for dinner. Max is still very upset i just hold her and give all comfort  what i can give Justin too.

I rolled a second joint as Justin talked with Max and comforted him. i don`t know maybe we have to text the others as well, Max needs her friends right now, and also me.

Max wanted also to go bar, but i don`t know, we just drinking. But maybe one more time before reduced.

And if Max needs it, I do whatever I can to help Max.

"Why he hit me.. i.."

Justin: Max shh, it`s okay, yeah you said things that should not have been said, but it still did not allow it to hit you."

but i`m here Chloe is here, and i can text the others if you want"

"i.. don`t know"

"it`s okay".. i shut my eyes I was really angry and outraged inside.

i finished the joint, and gave it to Max "here babe"

Max) i grapped my lighter and lit my joint and took drag mmmhhh  (just what i needed)

Justin) I'm going home, but I'm back.

"Okay, we are here, or the gay bar nearest city"

Justin) "okay, relax Max little bit yeah?"

Max) "i try thanks Justin"

i hold Max`s hand and intertwined our fingers..  "does it hurt?"

Max) "little bit"

"put some cold on it"

Max) i smoke rest my joint, and walked our mini fridge  I grabbed the cold bag and tapped it against my cheek.

i lifted Max head little bit so i can kiss her.  "i love you"

Max) "i love you too" *ooh"

"hah already"

Max) i just giggled"

"yes already i laugh"

I went a little skate to the area, Max took photos at me and the rest of the area, I do not understand how to always find new places to took a photo.

but as long as it makes my little Max happy no one else matters.

i fell in the grass but i just burst into laughter.

Max) oh my god Chloe are you okay"

"i pulled Max`s top of me, and start kissing her. after  five minutes or second i don't` know, i pulled pack. "yes" i giggled"


*ring ring*

Max) Hello?"

Vanessa) Max Max are you alright?"

Max) Well mother, i just hear that Dad not Dad oh and also hi hit me, so  i`m fantastic"

Vanessa) "yeah i`m sorry"

Max) Can we talk some other daybut if it facilitates the presence of you  so I'm not mad at you .. I'm upset about that my father is not my real father.

but dad I am angry, because it would have been able to tell me, instead it took revenge, and to make matters worse hit, me.

i can feel Chloe`s lips against my neck.. mmmhhmmh don`t stop......  i totally forgot that i`m phone with my mother."

Vanessa): what`s that?"

Max) um shit... Chloe just giggled but still kissing my neck...  "nothing mom nothing"

now i feel Chloe`s hand my thigh make her way up..  Che...."

Vanessa): MAX what the hell you are doing!"

Max) nothing absolutely nothing...!! why you call?"    Chloe`s hand went under my top.

Vanessa): "nothing i call you later, Ryan is here, and thanks"

Max.. sure sure mom bye"

YOU! i pointed to Chloe"

Chloe just smirks.

after several minutes Chloe and Max lay on in the couch naked and exhausted.

Max): holy shit."

"indeed, maybe later more"

Max) Baby i I thought we had to wait for the wedding"

"it`s your fault! you are so sexy and hot... and it`s  stress relieving or i`m wrong?"

Max) Hell no!" it`s best stress relieving..

"yeah it is, how you feel?"

Max) "Better now, i just.. i`m afraid"

"Babe what why?"

Max) "i don`t know maybe that it will do it again"

"nope, i don`t allowed it nobody hurt my Max"

"Thanks, i love you"

"i love you too"

We put our clothes on.

Max) "Babe what`s you want our wedding i mean food and stuff"

"hmm maybe mom can do something or catering service, but i was thinking maybe pirate theme, cake and that."

Chloe i...."

"Hey no need to cry silly.. i brush some tears away Max`s cheek with my thumb"

"i know, i`m just.. i don`t even know"

Max? soft boy voice is coming outside....

"What.... i went outside.. Warren why you are here? and how you find this place?"

Warren) i just walked around and i heard your voice why you are here?"

"Well warren this is our place when we want want to be in peace, but why you are here?"

Warren): i want talk"

Chloe put arm around my shoulder i smiled at her.

"Well talk then"

(Warren: "i was thinking maybe we can be friends"

"now you wanted that?"

Warren) "yes Max i`m sorry, that i avoided you at school but.. i looked up at Chloe"

"Warren she is not bite!" Chloe is very kind and sweet when get to know it, but she is also bitch for those who deserve it for those who messed with me or our friends. right babe"

"yeah of course"

i reached out my hand towards Warren so him can shook it   Warren took it"

"see not bite, or anything  i giggled"

Warren) "so friends?"

Max) "yeah friends, we can see tomorrow"

Warren) "okay"

when Warren left Chloe and the max went back in the throwing sticks and enjoyed each others company. They spoke with their childhood memory. stopped when Justin is coming inside with booze.

hours later, Chloe and Justin were inside and Max was out taking pictures (again) but Chloe or Justin not care, because they want that Max is happy and all.

"Max) "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! ARGGHHHH! i just literally lost my mind i threw my phone on the ground  it went to thousands of pieces

and just screamed and crying (again) and smash another pile of shit!"

Justin and i heard Max screamed and i stood up, and frozen when i saw Max`s. i  don`t know what happening. but i looked over Justin. she just nodded

i start walked towards Max called him but she is not listening  i walked closerwhen I was close enough to snap my arms around Max and I held it.

I don`t know how long i was holding Max but she is calmed down a bit.   "Shh"

"Babe what`s wrong?"

Max) "oh Chloe"

"shh i`m here"

"my dad he.. kicked us out, because  he moving back here".



"shit we can look our own place tomorrow today we can trash here"

Justin) "no you can come to my place" it`s safer."

"Thanks Justin you are good friend"

Justin) "hah Thanks"

Max) i don`t want think anymore this fucking situation, i just wanted to get drunk i don`t give a fuck this point anymore"

"Shh Calm down we can go" like i said before".

The triad goes to the city's only gay bar, but the triad wanted to go a little bit smaller.

Max and Chloe ordered sex on the beach drinkJustin other hand a beer.

The trio sat on the corner sofa. the music was a bit too loud that hindered a bit of hearing but the triad did not let it disturb.

The trio talked about everything. Most of Max and Chloe's wedding

The two tell Justin about their plan for the theme. Justin was exited about the idea for some reason.

The trio enjoyed each other`s company.

Their table was sitting on two black hair girls who had hit their eyes at Chloe but, of course Chloe did not care about it, there was only one woman and she sat next to her Justin ordered other drinks.

Girls) "hey"


Girls) "what are your names"

"Chloe this is Max" i Gave Max a kiss so i sent the message at least hopefully Chloe did not want more drama in the evening or Max.

"okay can we sit with you?"


"i don`t know for fun and it`s always nice to have new friends"

""Sorry but this is a bit like our evening, and our friend"

"Okay maybe not later then".

Max took Chloe`s hand and locked their fingers together and smiled.

i smiled back  and put soft kiss Max`s nose, it causes Max to giggle.

When Justin returned with their drinks, Chloe helped put the drinks down. The trio chatted with laughs and chatted more. Max told Warren's little visitor, and that he was a little

afraid of Chloe.

Justin) "ok what the hell i said and chuckled"


Max) yes it`s was hilarious Warren see one time when Chloe shouting Victoria and her group. and Warren then made his own conclusions.

When i was asking her be a friend, he just ignoring me, and ignoring me every time when i was with Chloe" i said giggling.

Justin): "oh my god, Chloe is scary hah hah and hah!"  i just laugh"

i just rolled my eyes, "hey i can be a scary when i protect my girl, or my friends"

Justin) "ok true that"

"hey  do you want to play billiards? i ask and took sip my drink"

Max) yeah why not".

The trio wen to play billiards Max and Chloe were playing with a pair and Justin alone so they they all managed to play at the same time.

"Score," I shout, and I threw the top-fives with Max.

Justin) "Well gosh!"


The trio played another three rounds, each round was won by Chloe and Max. So Justin has to offer the  next batch of drinks Max and Chloe went out to smoke.

I handed Max a cigar and lit my own took a drag smoke came out of my nose.

Max lit her own and took Chloe`s hand.

i rested my  cig between my lips, and put my hand max`s cheek, gently caresses it. watched directly at Max`s eyes deep.  "i love you"

"i love you too"

"is everything okay now? i ask little bit careful"

"Yes Babe"


After their smoke brake Chloe and Max shared a few kisses and went back inside.

Justin had already ordered their drink and hi was sitting his seat karaoke list in his hand.

Justin) ”do you want to sing?”

Yeah why not

*ring ring*

shit is your mom Max

Max) ”sigh answered


Vanessa) ”where hell is Max?”

She is safe and with me

Vanessa) ”why she is not answering her phone? ”

she broke it, also she wants to be in alone

Vanessa) ”sighok then take care of her

you don’t have to say it me

i hung up .

well what you want to sing?”

Justin) ”i don’t know yet

i just snorteddude you ask me if i want sing but you have not even choose yet

Justin) ”well ugh fine i sing romeo and Julia


Justin) ”Don’t even start i chuckle

But it is hella cute

Justin) shut up

Max) ”hey i go the bathroom

yeah okay

A moment later Max came back to his seat.

Heyyy babe

Max) hey babe i took s sip my drink

Hours later the trio started to be little bit tipsy but none one cared they have fun, Max went this time ti order them to drink.

Justin): "she seems little bit better"

"Yeah, she is i think"

Justin) Maybe  it just takes it out of the system."  *burb*

Justin): ups sorry"

"gross man i laugh"

"but yeah" Max is though"

Justin) "indeed"

Shortly after Max came back with Beverages, he put a kiss on Chloe's cheek when he was sitting down.

(continue next chapter)




Chapter Text



- Max

I and others have a great time. I could forget about all the shit i`m going through this week or i really do not have to go through it, I just don`t understand how my parents

could not tell me Or the mother would've just been told.

Now however i focused my girlfriend and friend we were considering our next "club" meeting  where every one else would be we were also thinking about what we could do when

we always to do something the place was decided it`s a skate park.

"what would you like to do?"

Justin) "I don`t know skate now at least and you take pictures again?"

"but maybe we should ask with others what they wanted to do.

"yeah true"

Chloe) "true"

Chloe`s phone made ringing sound it answered and went to the outside to talk because of the heavy voice.

Justin went bathroom

The same girls who chatted with us came to our table.

"Hey again"


Your friend is hot!"

"you mean Chloe??"

"oh yes"

"well back off"


"you see" (to be nervous about those two, Chloe was nervous already)

When Chloe came back i sat her lap and start kissing her i could taste the taste of cig and alcohol but don`t care i put my hand behind Chloe`s neck to deepen my kiss

Chloe was surprise but soon kisses me back and moaned into my lips.

Soon i put my tongue Chloe`s lower lip soon Chloe opened her mouth so i can my tongue in her mouth.

When our tongues met both of us moaned, my hand slid under Chloe`s shirt. and her back Soon I knew Chloe's hand on my bare skin. mmhmm.

i could feel that i was little bit wet down there.. but we needed air i pulled back biting Chloe`s lower lip.

I put our foreheads together and breathed heavily on Chloe too.
Chloe) "holy shit Max"

i just smirk "i love you"

Chloe) "i love you too"

I turned towards girls still sitting Chloe`s lap..  their jaw was drobbed.

"what?" now you will surely realize Chloe`s is taken"

Chloe) "indeed my mind is only one woman.

Chloe bite my ear mmhmm.

a chill went down my body... mhhmm

The girls went off without saying anything Chloe just snorted.

"hah, what the call was about i took a sip my drink"

Chloe) oh, it`s was my mom Max? i hold Max and rested my chin her Shoulder.

"yes babe?"

Chloe) "Vanessa had called and told the situation and my mom suggested that if we get back there therefore, when we find our own apartment "

"well i guess i can moving your place but today we can not go there".

Chloe) "yeah"

Justin came back and wondered about the black hairy girl`s glances

"what`s is the problem with them?"

"hah they saw hot making out moment and got angry about it"

Justin laughed.

Chloe and Max laugh too.
Justin and Chloe went billiards and i went along i took few pictures of friends.

I smiled when i looked at those two i could not hope for better friend of Justin and others.

"Hey Max?" my thoughts interrupted Chloe`s voice"


We go at smoke you came?"


The trio went out to smoke and leaned against the wall  Justin opened up for us with her crush Chloe and i was Justin`s closest friend.

Justin) "i enjoy time with you"

"we also love you, group hug?"

All three put their arms around each other. and hugged.

three in the morning when a comic came to the club the trio was light drunk not too much.

Justin called them a ride.

Justin) "i go first see you there"

"alright" i waved my hand, and kissing Chloe.

When Chloe and i ride arrived my jaw dropped it was fucking limousine no cap.

Chloe) "holy shit"

"let`s go in then"

I told the driver  where to go.

i sat Chloe`s lap, start kissing her

i felt Chloe`s lips against my neck mmmm i turned my head and gave Chloe more space.

i moaned with pleasure, i squeezed Chloe`s thighand make my way up Chloe`s jeans.

Chloe:) " god Max i want you right fucking now"

i kissed Chloe more passionate and hungrier  i moved her neck my hand slid along Chloe`s body  down towards her jeans.

Chloe): mmmmmmm"

i put my hand Chloe`s jeans  she was already so wet  but so i myself i did not have any games anymore because i was horny as fuck  and i wanted to Chloe here and now.

i press my finger against Chloe`s clit, and start rubbing it, i stare Chloe`s eyes.

Chloe) FUCK mmHHHM my back smash against the back seatand  moaned.. fucking fuck"

i start rubbing faster.. god Chloe.. mmhhmhhmh"

Chloe) "mmhhgg YES MAX MMHHMMHH JUST LIKE THAT!"  i don`t care if the driver can hear me. i`m too drunk that, and too horny".

"feeling good babe?"


i moan with Chloe and press my finger harder as i can "mmhhhmmhhhmm"

ChloeOH GOD MMHHMMHH THERE THERE KEEP GOING AHHIHHHHHHHi smash my lips against Max`s more passionate and needed and slobbery. then max`s jaw to her neck and biting it and sucking, i left a mark."

"mmhmhmmhm Che oh fucking god mmmmmnn i put one finger inside Chloe`s pussy, and pushing it in and out"


(god i love when Chloe moan my name)  "mmhm yes babe"


"as you wish"

i pulled Chloe`s jeans and pants down. and went and immediately press my tongue against Chloe`s clit and start licking"

Chloe) SHIT GOD!! AHHHHHHHHHH MMHH FUCKING THERE!"  MMGM my fingernails dig into Max`s back.

i hum.. mmhhm and I lifted the pace.

Chloe) MHMHMMHMMMMM THAT`S IT  MMHHH i put my hand behind max`s head.

"mmmmmhmmmhmmmmmhm i noticed Chloe`s breather become faster  you close?"

Chloe) "YES mmHHMMMMmmm"

"go ahead" mmhmmhmmh"


mhhmmhmmm i calmed down, and got up.."

Chloe) i just sat there eyes closed and I tried to level my breathing.

Chloe) i turn  so i was face to face with Max.

Chloe leaned forward and started kiss Max more passionate.


Chloe) i slid my hand down towards Max`s pussy. mmm

"mmmhhhmmh Che"

Chloe) i press my finger against Max`s clit and start rubbing it.


Chloe) mhHMHMM  i press harder and lifted my pace.


Chloe) i put one finger inside max`s and start pushing in and out


Chloe) mmhhmmhhhmmm i lifted my pace again, and smash our lips together.


Chloe) Close?"

"soon!" mmmmmm"

Chloe) "go ahead babe"!"




Chloe) i slow down, and put soft kiss Max`s nose.

Soon i calmed down and noticed that the car is not moving.


Chloe) Well darling we are Justin place already i giggled

"oooh wau"

Chloe and Max thanked for the ride, Justin had paid for it, both hoarded and called Justin's doorbell.

Justin came to open the door and the triad went in.

Justin) "enjoy the ride?

Chloe) "oh yes i smirk"

"yeaah, i blush little bit"

Chloe) "awwww babe"

Justin) Well you`re welcome"

The trio started to watch the movie before Max fell asleep in Chloe's lap.

Justin): guest room is, on the left of my room."

Chloe) Thanks and thanks the evening  and our.... yeah .. Max needs it"

Justin) no need thank me"

Chloe lifted Max up and carried towards the guest bedroom. when the right room was found I opened the door and I counted on Max's bed.


Chloe) "shh babe go to sleep, i went next to Max and put my arms around her. "goodnight"






I woke up in the morning sunlight and birdsong. I did not have as bad headache as the last one.

The side of Chloe was empty but I heard laughter downstairs. So i get up, and put  my clothes on. and start walk downstairs.

Chloe) "Morning babe"

"Morning Babe, you too Justin"

Justin) "morning" how you feel?"

"hmm, great, not bad at all"

Chloe) "good coffee?"

"thanks Babe"

I tried if my phone worked at least it opened.

Chloe) "here"

"Thanks, i gave Chloe soft and tender kiss".

Chloe) is it working i pointed to max`s phone?"

"i don`t know yet, but maybe, why i threw it"

Chloe) "hey it`s okay we can buy a new one... come here i took Max tight embrace.

"i rested my head against Chloe`s chest, suddenly my phone start ringing.


Vanessa: "Max?"

"Yeah i`m here mom"

"where are you?"


"no Max where are you!"

"mom i say  i`m safe! you know i`m with Chloe"

"sorry can you come over?"

"yeah we came will be picked up our stuff"

"ok you want me there?"

"no i`m with Chloe and friend"

"okay then i.. love you "

"i.... love you too mom bye"

"Justin can you and Trevor come with me and Chloe at home i think my dad is there and i..."

Justin) "yeah of course Max, i just text to Trevor"





Chapter Text

- Chloe

We went pick up Trevor and drove us home Max was nervous i can tel because I drove I was not able to hold Max

its job was handled by Justin and Trevor I was not worried because I trust Max and I trust the boys, they are like brothers to Max.

parked the car and walked out. Max opened the front door with his own keys. her hands shake, i took it"

"it`s okay we are here"

Thanks" Max said.

"i love you"

"i love you too"

Max opened the door and all four walked in.

Ryan sitting on the couch with Lisa they noticed Max and the others

Ryan) Max?"

Max) Don`t speak with me, i just pack my things and leave.

Ryan) "but i want talk, I did not mean to throw you and Chloe out.

Max) "well you did it well done"

Ryan) why you acting like this?"

Max: Are you FUCKING cereal like now! first i heard you cheated my mom with another woman, then i heard that you are not my real father and that mother first betrayed , and mom would have wanted to tell me when I was a kid but what YOU do? yeah you revenge my mom and you used to  me to like a fucking object oh ah then you HIT me, oh then you kicked me and Chloe out our OWN home!"

Ryan) Max please let`s talk alone"

"no like hell i leaving Max alone with you!"

Ryan) Chloe this is not about you"

Max) "don`t speak  with her that toneChloe  the only one that keeps me sane beside my friends and i don`t WANT talk to you, or her! i stormed my room, and packed my and Chloe`s stuff. it`s not much.

Max) I packed everything I put on the bag's shoulder, my eyes were watery so my visibility was not the best. I dried my eyes. but after a while they were watery again, I walked on the steps and suddenly stumbled, and fell down the stairs.


i ran to Max... Max .. please.

Max): it`s hurt.. and that everything went black.





we've been in the hospital for three hours Max is still unconsciousand there may still be a long time because hit his head. but still There is nothing serious, but Max hand is broken though.

i hold Max other hand.. "babe please wake up i miss you"   even though I know that there is no "serious" still I'm scared.

the door opened and there it is person who caused all this shit"

"get out!"

Ryan) "Chloe..."

"no get the hell out look what you did! if she not wake up i swear to god.."

Ryan) Chloe... please"

"what i snap! i don`t listen to you, you choose other woman over your family so go with her"

Ryan leaves

"i need smoke call me if she wakes up"

Justin) "yeah of course"

Justin) "hey Max i don't` know if you heard me, but if you do, please don`t leave us you Max we all love you so please wake up"

I was in the yard and smoke and I communicated with my mom. a put text the others alsothey all was working, but coming later.

maybe me and Max would run away to get married and really start a new life somewhere else but here, but our guys are here and my  mother and brother. and David too.

i went back Max hospital room and found Justin is crying i`m not never seeing this guy crying.

"hey i hugged my friend"

Justin) Chloe

"shh i know i know"

After while Justin calmed down.

Justin) Sorry"

"pfftt what for? it`s okay cry you know?"

"i just want peace with her one moment everything is okay and then. I'd have hoped Ryan and Vanessa had told Max earlier. nor did they present."

Justinmaybe you and Max should to leave"

"yeah i think that too, maybe Portland but my mom is here and brother, and you and others"

Justin) "yeah but Portland not so far away"

"yeah i think about it"

Justin) "good, i should go home, mother is bothering me , but call me if you need anything or she is waking up"


i took Max`s hand and started to sob.. and put my head her chest shutting my eyes.






Max) White room beeping voice where i am?)  i winched from pain my hand what happened.

Max) i slowly opened my eyes, and noticed Chloe is sitting on the chair and sleeping.

"Chlo, my voice is little bit quieter and weak"

"huh i opened my eyes then I quickly rose up the chair flew into the corner "oh Max you are awake oh Max.. my eyes start watering"

Max) i`m here babe, i returned to hug, what happened?"

i pulled pack little bit confusion, you don`t remember?"

Max) i remember little bit like i was our home and arguing with dad and all that but then nothing"

"you went upstairs packing our stuff very pissed off, and when you walked down stumbled and fell down the stairs. hit you head and broke your hand"

Max) oh i looked over my other hand.I wondered why it hurts"

"did you need pain killer?

Max) no but i need something else)

"What is it?"

Max) i tapped my lips.

"oh me too i  leaned down and put my lips against Max`s"

"after while i broke the kiss babe i want ask you something but you can say no"

Max) "what is it" i smiled, and locked our fingers.

"i want I want to run with you and get married just you and me"



Max) "let`s do it"

"what really?"

"yeah really, we can celebrate with others later, but... i`m tired Chloe, so fucking tired, that situation.. and i want peace, if we are here  I will never get it since I come across it."

"i love our friend and Joyce and little Will heck maybe David tooand mom, but i still want do it"

"i giggled little bit, i can tell my mom and David and i think Justin tell other"

Max) "yeah"

"go sleep i call my mom" i put kiss Max`s lips. and leave the room.

I call mom  and told about the plans, my surprise my mother agreedand promised to take care of the apartment side.

I quit the call and suddenly all this hit, i burst into tears and laughter at the same time.

finally I get Max my wife and can start a new page in our life. But then i remember our job, well  my own jobi put text to Martin and tell him everything.

Max wanted our honeymoon to your New York so I started looking at the flight. we do not actually run away because my family knows where we are and our guys, but maybe in this case it's okay too.

i walked back Max`s room.

"hey Babe"

Max) "Hey"

"i got surprise you"

Max) oo"

"i giggled, watch you hand . dork"

Max) "Oh shit. but what it is?"

"we leaving today"

Max) "my face lit up .... today?"

"Yeah today... I got flights for the evening"

Max) "Holy shit"



"why you are crying?"

Max): "oh i don`t know.. joy maybe and happiness i wiped my tears away"

"Dork i giggle and put soft kiss Max`s lips "i love you miss price"

Max) "soon Chloe soon, i can`t  believe it, it happening finally, i..."

"i put finger Max`s lips, don`t say it there is nothing to apologise"

Max) "well then i love you too"






Max had been out of the hospital and had permission to live normally.

Me and Max were at the airport and were expecting our plane and almost falling asleep.
soon after, however, the two got to the plane

and their adventure / honeymoon can begin.

(continued next chapter)

Chapter Text


Max and my flight went comfortably after a flight, we rested for a moment, and now i was looked a person for us who could handle the ceremony. Max is sleeping my lap. again.

soon i found a place and a cleric. I smiled soon this beautiful girl is my wife and we can start a whole new life.

Max started waking up. "hey i leaned down and put soft kiss Max`s lips...

mmmmm "hey yourself Max said smiling.

"do you want to go to explore places and sights? but in the daytime we go to one place"

Max) "sure babe"

Chloe and Max travelled around places and sights. Max picked up a lot of pictures in memory.

the duo spent another hour shopping.

But it was soon time to go to the meeting meeting what both have been waiting for.

the meeting was with the statue of liberty.

"are you ready start our life and be miss Price"

Max) Chloe i.... yeah of course!"

"priest" spoke, but nothing great. was Chloe's and max's turn to read the vows.

"Max you are my rock and light I do not know what I'd do without you. I promise you to take care of and protect you from everything. I love you"

Max) Chloe, i was always feeling something towards you, but i was too scared to tell anything and and it was almost late but you are my light and I promise you. take care, I love you."

do you take Maxine Caulfield as a wife and loves him and his adversaries."
"i do"

do you take Chloe price as a wife and loves him and his adversaries."

Max) "i do"

"now I declare to you a wife and a wife you can kiss"

"i leaned down and start kissing Max, soon pulled back... i love you"

Max) "i love you too"

"Thanks i said to priest"

"no problem"

Chloe and Max it will turn around the city some time until it starts to come late.

soon Chloe and Max went their hotel room Chloe wore Max bride's style in and into the bed. and started to kissing her.
After while Max lay on his back and his eyes closed. breathed heavily.

"did i hurt you or you hand babe?"

Max) God Chloe no, it was great, and this night is one of my best nights and evenings."

"well my too, miss Price i smiled "

Max) I'm not bored of that

"are you tired?"
Max) maybe little bit?

"come on let`s go sleep tomorrow is good day as well"

Max): "indeed"

i scooter closer and wrapping my arm around Max i put kiss top of her head night babe"

Max) Night"

I woke up in the morning to the sunshine that came through our hotel room window. my and Max`s legs are intertwined and i was holding her god this potion).

Last night was best night in my life. but it was time to awaken Max. i brush some her hair off Max`s neck and start kissing it slowly my hand wandering Max`s bare stomach"

Max) mmmmm wha--"

"Shh it`s just me"

Max) Chloe what are you...."

"i want you babe i put kisses Max`s shoulder and neck

Max) mmmhh "i want you too"

I turned around Max and started kissing her. i kissed my way down Max`s body.

after our morning sex we went in the shower .. we put on the clothes and went to eat breakfast.

we eaten in silence, really not the words I even needed my life is currently perfect.



Max) i took Chloe`s hand "Thank you"


"for everything these past weeks has been tough and.. i.. don`t know if i I would have survived without you. like i said  hospital i was so tired all.. i..does not talk about this


"babe if you wanted to talk then talk i`m here always  and now forever right, i took Max` s ring finger my own"

Max) "yeah forever, and i`m good for now"

"you sure?"

Max) yeah i`m sure, let`s exploring and shopping"

"oh yes"
Me and Max were spent a few hours shopping and wandering around the sights. and talking and enjoying each others company.

now we sitting in the park, Max sitting my lap.

Max) i leaned forward and press my lips against Chloe`s i was so happy right now It's like these past weeks would never have been.

Max) after while i pulled back. "i love you"

"i love you too, i read a text message that came from my mother.

"Max, max "

"what i giggled i`m right here you know"

"i laugh toowhat would you say if we moving  to Portland"


"ow my ear honey i giggled"

"Sorry Che, but really what?"

"Well, my mom and David and Will moving there, and  they also rented us an apartment".

Max) i... i noticed my eyes became watery"

"hey, no need to cry silly it's a wedding gift"

Max) I... yeah"

i smiled and took Max tight embrace.

it`s getting late, the days are really fast.

so we we headed back to our hotel. Max fell asleep almost the same, I was not very far away from myself.





the week went really fast in the end games, now Max and I are packing our stuff  and leaving home.
I was excited because the place was just us. our own place. the rest of the days went pretty much when shopping, and still a few sights to see. aand other stuff inside our hotel room  (wink)

"i go to shower wanna join i winked"

Max) " go you perv!"

i laugh and went inside the bathroom.

when I came in the shower, Max sat on the edge of the bed legs against his chest and sobbing.

Max has started to get better, but there are times when she just  bursts into tearsFinally, Max yesterday told me what he really feels about this dad's situation.

and it broke my heartbut Max would be willing to talk to his parents ... and Lisa.

i put quick my clothes on, and sat next to Max i put one arm around her, "babe what`s wrong?"
Max) i .. pa-ced m.y stuff and found this..."

it was an image where we were travelling with Max's parents .. and we also had Ryan's brother. Max`s real father.

"oh Max.. shh it`s okay let it out"

"Chloe i"

"shh i know Max i know"

Max) i can`t take this anymore"

"i lifted Max little bit so i was looking straight Max`s eyes"

"Max are you telling me what do I think you telling"

Max): "i...."

"stop Max  don`t god just don`t even think about it, we just. get married i love you and i don`t lose you no no nope"

Max).. i.. love you too i`m sorry"

"no don`t be it`s okay but don`t think about it anymore"

i leaned forward and start kissing her.

After while we pulled back i love you, and i`m always here remember that.

Max) "i love you too, and me too"

we're leaving not to miss the flight.
Max) o-kay"

"Hey maybe you should talk  today with you parents it`s could help."

Max) "yeah maybe, i text my mom"

i smiled and we leaving the hotel room towards the airport.





got into our new home.all the furniture was ready. the apartment was large in the upstairs and downstairs small kitchen .. large living room ..and a balcony  bathroom with tub.
"holy shit Max"

Max) "indeed"

"you know what?"

Max) "what?"

"we should organise house warmers and celebrate us i took Max`s hand, with our friends and my family and if you want your family"

Max) "you are my family Chloe, but yeah i like that idea"


Max) "yeah"

Vanessa: "okay Max we coming soon"

Max) Great"


Max) "mom coming and

"i`m here with you"

Max) "thanks"

"come on it`s getting late we totally you need sleep."

we walked into our bedroom and fell straight to the bed and fell asleep.


Chapter Text





I sat with Chloe on the couch and waited for my parents,i was shaking little bit  Chloe keep my hand intertwined our fingers i smiled at her.

finally our the doorbell rings Chloe I went to open the door.

Chloe) "hey come in"

Vanessa) "thanks Chloe"

Vanessa and Ryan sat on the chair

Vanessa) "hey honey Max what happened your hand?"

i just staring at my dad.

"well father what happening?"

Ryan) Max..."

"Don`t you know exactly what exactly happened i fell on the stairs when my dear father threw me out"

Vanessa) *sigh* "i`m sorry"

"yeah well i`m too, but I will not ask you here, to fight my hand but to talk"

Vanessa): Well... talk"

"i want to know what happening  dad`s brother, when you..."

Vanessa) "well we have fight with you dad.. and i getting really drunk and one thing led to another. i`m sorry Max"

"But what about me when did you know that I was not a kid of Ryan"

soon after your birth I always had my doubts but did not want to believe it. when I told your dad, he wanted to keep you. and continue with me, or so I thought."

Vanessa) and when you were old enough I wanted to tell you the truth but your dad did not.

"Yeah, i leaned against Chloe`s shoulder"

Chloe) Babe just say it  aloud it`s helping you i promise, just like when you told me"


Chloe): "i`m here, and you i pointed to Ryan and Lisa listened her"

"i took deep breath.. so Was all the argument that father did not want to tell me?"

Vanessa) "yes"

"and how does it feel about me?"

Vanessa) Max i"

"no mom i`m not talking to you, you wanted to tell me"

Ryan:) Max i....

"yeah, you don`t know, because you DON`T CARE!"

Ryan) *sigh Max  your mother's cheated  hurt really. I wanted her to experience the same pain I felt., and whenever he wanted to keep telling you that you were not me, I was nervous and wanted revengeand you are my little girl i don`t want to lose you"


Chloe) it`s okay.. just let it out"

i looked my dad with  watery eyes this really hurt but.. i need to say it

"Dad you choose to revenge mom  instead of telling the truth to your own child and it feels like I do not mean anything that you used to be the tool of your revenge."

I would have been okay with the matter. because I loved you as a father. but now it`s fucking hurt dad  that you use your own child as a revenge tool"

and just like that i break down. Chloe put me into her chest and stroking my hair rubbing my back and arm.

Ryan) God Max.

Chloe): happy now?"

Ryan) Chloe of course not! I did not mean to hurt Max ever.

Chloe) but you did, Ryan.

"i-- need fresh air"

Chloe) want me to come?"

i... please"

Chloe) Of course babe"

I got up and walked to our balcony shut my eyes for a moment and took deep breath"

Chloe) "come here" i took Max loving embrace.

i wrapped my arms around Chloe, and buried my face into her chest.

Chloe) "i put my head top of Max`s and just hold her.

soon i pulling away.

Chloe) i caresses Max`cheek feeling any better?"

"yeah it`s off my chest and that.."

Chloe) "i put kiss Max`s lips"

Chloe) "it`s okay Max"

"well let`go back inside"

Chloe) "okay"

we sat back on the couch. Ryan is leaned against Lisa`s shoulder and this make my upset again.

"well dad how it is feel?"

Ryan) i`m sorry okay i  did not think clearly"

"if you just You would have told everything that could be different"

Ryan) "what you mean Max!"?

"well you said you don`t want lost me dad well you lost me, i don`t want see you anymore"

Ryan) Max.. no"

"no, this is hurt too much, just go with the woman you chose. goodbye"

Ryan; Max"


Ryan) "no i`m not"

Lisa: Ryan i think it`s the best, that we leaving.

Ryan) no i`m not leaving, Max i`m sorry please"

"no dad it`s over" i just got and went  bedroom locking door.

Chloe) "Ryan go, it does not change its mind."

Ryan) "This is your fault"

Chloe) "No Ryan this is YOUR fault Max made his own decision. now go"

Ryan left Vanessa for a moment to chat with Chloe. Chloe told about the last couple of days Vanessa was glad for both of them.

half an hour later Vanessa left ... Chloe put Dana and Kate a message.
Dana: "yeah i can come"

Kate: "yeah i come, i take Trevor too"

Me: Thanks guys this is just so fucked up situation, but maybe it`s now better."

I went upstairs and found Max lying on the bed face against the pillow.

i sigh i was worried my little girl i went to the bed on my side, and I put my arms around Max  and stroked her hair. "Max?"

Max turned round her eyes was red and puffyand more tears passed along Max's cheeks.

Chloe) i dried Max`s tears with my thumb, "babe  it`s okay"

"C--hloe do I make the right decision?"

Chloe) honestly, yes you did but i don`t know is it will break you so much."

"it`s jut hurt" i chocked little bit"

"i know i know, i pulled Max into my chest and just hold her again, but i don`t care.





"oh my god really Kate!" i giggled"

Kate) "hey! i was sick and i warned I can not stand the car i giggled too"

"kidding i push Kate playfully shoulder"

Chloe Dana and Trevor is skating and me and Kate just chatting and eat strawberries.

what was it like?"

Kate) What...OH"

Kate) "well... i`ts good really good  i blush little bit.. "

"hah i told you."

Kate) "i rolled my eyes yeah yeah"

Chloe) "heyy girls"

"i raised my eyebrows "babe are you high?"  i know already answered i I recognise that sound, and Chloe's eyes.

Chloe) err.. maybe little bit"

i put my one hand over my chest "how dare you smoking without me or Kate i grin"

Chloe) "Well.."

"Chloe relax i was kidding...  we do not always need to smoke together.

Chloe: "oh you little.... i began to chase Max come here"

"uh.. nuh come get me"

soon Max got caught.

the duo crashed into the grass laughing. Chloe put soft kiss Max`s lips "i love you"

"i love you too"

Chloe and Max went back to the rest and spent the evening with them.

started to come late. so the triad started to go back home.

i was our bedroom with Chloe, she take off her top and jeans.. and caught me to staring"

Chloe) "like what you see Max?"

i licking my lips and just nod.

Chloe started to walked very slowly towards Max

Chloe) What you wanted to do, i whispered Max`s ear.

"Well i have some kind of idea"

Chloe sat next to Max.

Max started to kiss Chloe`s lips, more passionately and little bit harder hungrier Chloe immediately responded the kiss.

Max hand wandering Chloe`s thigh, Chloe moanedMax start to kissing Chloe`s neck and marked it Chloe moaned.


Max reached over Chloe`s bra and unhooked them. sitting up, she gets rid her own shirt and bra.

Max put her leg between Chloe`s made her way up with kisses until their lips met.

even though they have often been intimidated, Max's heart was still racing.

Max put her tongue Chloe`s lower lip, when their tongue meet they made their own dance. Max moaned

Max hand made her way towards between Chloe`s leg.

Chloe) "Max....."

Max`s other hand massage Chloe`s breast..

Chloe) "ooh god.. i moan a bit too loudly.

"no it`s okay i love it"

Chloe) "shut up!"

Max start rubbing Chloe`s clit... mmm"

Chloe): "Mhhmhmh"

Max made her way up and start licking Chloe`s breast Chloe just moaned and enjoyed Max`s finger and tongue

Chloe) "keep going there ...ahihh"

"there you close?"

Chloe) mmh-mh"

Max speed up the finger.

Chloe) OHHH FUUCKKKKKKKK!!" i screamed.

Chloe jumps top of Max and start kissing her neck gently sucking it

Max lowered his head slightly so that Chloe gets more space.


Chloe put her hand Max thigh.. and made her way towards Max`s chest with kisses

Max moaned loudly.

"mmhhmm just...."

Chloe press her finger against Max`s pussy.


Chloe start kissing Max to jaw then neck to ear then down her chest to again Max`s lips.

"Chlo, feels good don`t stop" mmhhhm.

Chloe star pushing her finger inside Max, who moaned loydler.

"fuck oh fuck..."

Chloe) close?"


Chloe speed up.
"There!!" soon" ahh mmhhm"

i reached up Screaming Chloe`s name, and breath heavily.

Chloe) i put kiss Max`s nose, that was.. wery gently moment."

"i giggled i heard you but  it's nice to be gently and rough"

Chloe) "yeah indeed"





I did a breakfast for us and wondered about our housekeepers. Chloe and I have been living here for two weeks now.

Everything is by its great we have  to work and my situation with the parents has calmed downI talk to my mom occasionally, but with my dad I do not.

It's funny because I miss a little bit of our discussions. Chloe is showering.

i put  eggs and bacon on two plates, and put them down on the table.
Chloe walked downstairs smiled to Max and dig in her food.

i started to eat too.

we ate in silence until Chloe broke it.
Chloe) "Baby?"


Chloe) i took Max`s hand and stroking her knuckles, is everything alright?"

"i smiled, of course Chloe, why should not?"

Chloe) i don't`t know you were so quiet."

*sigh* it`s just, dad.. i miss our talking and that, but..."

Chloe) "yeah i know that feeling"

"oh shit i`m sorry Chloe...oh fuck me"

Chloe).. "hey relax it`s okay aannnd i grin"

"stop, i chuckle"

Chloe) What?"

i can feel Chloe`s leg my thigh my eyes went wide open "Chloe!"

Chloe) "yes babe"


Chloe) "hmm... okay"

"you are tease"

Chloe) i laugh yeah  yeah but you love me"

"well duh"

"let`s go pick up items for the evening"

Chloe) okay then i grap my car keys and put my leather jacket on and beanie.

(continue next chapter)


Chapter Text



Chloe and I spent hours in stores but all that was needed was however.

My feel was better even i was thinking of my dad sometime. I would like to forgive everything but i can`t.

Chloe and I headed for coffee before we went home. I took Latte.

I took a sip of my coffee. suddenly I heard a sound I would not hear.

Lisa) "Max can we talk?"


Lisa) "please"

"i said no, i don`t listening you, leave me alone"

Lisa) *sigh," i`m sorry"

"oh you are sorry, what for! that I'm not dealing with my dad because of YOU"!

Lisa) Max It is your decision whether you are dealing with your dad or not, no one will force you to resign"

"UGH go away and leave me alone!"

Lisa) "no Max you need to understand"

"FUCK YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU BROKE MY FAMILY!" i screamed with teary eyes and start running away.

Chloe) Max wait!! i stood up and I ran after Max.
Chloe) i look Max for twenty minutes but i did not find it anywhere. i call her.

come on pick up you damn phone!"
no response

I started to panic and walked back to the coffee shop if it were there.

but nothing Why in hell it should have appeared right now.)

maybe i start to look for Max with the car. it can not be far off.

I started walking to the car.

I'm looking for Max an hour .. and nothing.
I sat a park bench, and a head in the hands.and cried. Chloe is probably worried but i can`t go home like this. everything was just better and then it had to appear.

began to grow cold, but winter is coming. I clothed my leather jacket tighter around me.

I notice that my phone is ringing again. (maybe i should answered to her instead pushing her away and worry more)

Chloe) "Thank god babe where hell you are"
I can heard Chloe`s voice start break down and it`s my fault.

"i.. god Chloe i`m sorry that i running away i just..... i`m the park where we was last week."

Chloe) "i`m coming"

"okay, i love you"
Chloe) "i love you too"

i hung up and put my phone my pocket, and walking towards the sea and just watched it.

it`s so beautiful and calm. i`m thinking about my real father and is it aware that it has a daughter.

it`s just hurt that one is willing to revenge rather than tell the truth.

suddenly i start just shouting and cried again, a few people came to ask if I was ok, but I did not answer anything. just shout and cried.

soon i feel two arms holding me from behind, i know already it`s Chloe my beautiful wife the only one who is honest about everything. except for our friends.

Chloe) "shh Max i`ve got you let`s go some private"

i start walking Chloe`s arm around my shoulder.
Soon Chloe and i was in Chloe's car. i laid Chloe`s lap she is stroking my hair and hold my hand it felt safe and good.

Chloe) "Babe what`s wrong?"

"it`s nothing Chloe"

Chloe) "Bullshit Max, talk to me please i`m just worried"

"i know Chloe but i don`t want burn you to the end with my dad problems.

Chloe) "Babe no, you don`t okay, i running over Max` ring with my thumb. for better or for worse, right?"

i looked up and noticed Chloe is crying i lifted my hand and wiped away Chloe`s tears with my thump. "right"

Chloe) s-o what`s it it i smiled?" and dried my eyes.

I was thinking my real father and that if he knows about me.. and that just hit really hard i love my dad always have but... i don`t anymore what what should I do.?"

it`s hurt so fucking much. i got up and sat Chloe`s lap staring right in the eye of Chloe. and maybe Lisa is right, I should try to understand."

Chloe) Babe no, your dad is hurting yes, but it should still have told the truth., because now you are hurting and nobody try understand to you besides me  and our friend"

"and i know it`s hurting, but don`t bottle it up, just talk to me, or our friends, okay?"

"Okay i`m sorry that i worried you"

Chloe) "no it`s okay, now you are here, and safe"

i leaned forward and put my lips against Chloe`s

my hand slid under Chloe`s shirt and wandering up her back.

Chloe`s i rested my hand Max`s thigh and response the kiss, i put my other hand behind Max`s neck pulling her closer as i deepened my kiss.

i start kissing Chloe`s neck, Chloe moaned quietly and squeezed my thigh hard.

After while making out we broke the kiss as we needed to air.. i was breathing heavily.

Chloe) "Max" i put some kisses Max`s neck."

"Yeah babe"

Chloe) i want smoke, you?"


Chloe) I opened my flesh-tray and took a small bag of weed. and start to roll us a joint.

I looked when Chloe rolled our joints and thinking (it have a moment than I have been smoking more than cigarette but maybe i need that right now)

Chloe) I gave Max a joint.

I took it and grap my lighter form my pocket and lit it took a drag and hold it in.





After smoking everything seemed lighter listened to the radio with Chloe.

"shit it`s been while, i giggled"

Chloe) "Feels good right?"

"yeah totally"

i still sitting Chloe`s lap, i just press my head against her chest and sighed.

Chloe)  "you alright?"

"yeah babe i`m alright just high and little bit hungry"

Chloe) "hah, well we can go buy something for shop before head back home and prepare for the evening."

"are you okay to drove?"

Chloe) yes Max but no if you are sitting my lap i chuckled"

"Dork!, i put small kiss Chloe`s lips and slid my seat.

Chloe drove a small shop to the parking lotwe walked out of the car and went to the store.

bought a couple of sandwiches and lemons.

Chloe and i walked hand in hand back the car, but stopped when little girl stopped us.

"Hey there are you lost?"

that girl just stared at me and Chloe and ours hands then it hits me.

"well you learn it someday, what this mean i lifted our hand little bit up"

Chloe) indeed, but i say it now it's great feeling.

"i just smiled at Chloe who smiled me back.

"well we have to go now, but don`t leave your parents... (i hate that word)

Chloe and went inside the car and was driven home.





At home i cleaned up places and Chloe made food and punch. Joyce and David and of course Little Will is coming to visit before formal celebrations.

i was exited, i love Chloe`s little brother and i love play with him i run upstairs and and I went to clean our bedrooms.

Chloe) Babe?"


Chloe) calm down i giggled"

"nope, this place is mess"

Chloe) Well babe it`s our bedroom and, what we doing our bed almost every night, I do not doubt any."


Chloe) "yes, i put some kisses Max`s neck, and licking it"

c-hloe no we can`t now" ah"

Chloe) "i know Max, i stop even if i  really not  wanted to.

"i want that really want that, but"

Chloe) i want that too, but i don`t want my mom or David surprise us"

"yeah oh my god that.... no i definitely not thinking it, i chuckle, and start Collect dirty laundry laundry in the basket.

Chloe) i sat edge of our bed and just shook my head.





i was playing with Will when Chloe and Joyce spoke.

"well Will, this it me and your sister lairand when you you are bigger can do all the fun."


"awww car is coming toot toot prum prum"

Joyce) Max looked happier"

Chloe) yeah, i think it is Will and you guys, she was missing today"

Joyce) What?)

Chloe) "yeah we was in the mall and was hit there in Lisa, they arguing and Max run away"

Joyce) "oh"

Chloe) "i`m worried mom, she just one moment everything is fine but when she thinking her dad nothing is alright, she just shut down"

Joyce) "i know you are darling but i think Max just needs time, and you and her friend"

Chloe) "yeah maybe you are right"

Joyce) "trust me"

Chloe) "i trust you mom"

When dinner is ready, i went to eat with the others, i sat next to Chloe who grap my hand under the table and lock our fingers.

Joyce) are you enjoying the Portland Max? "

"Yeah thank you again"

Joyce) "no need to thank me you made my little girl happy."

"she made me too"

Chloe) "stop it you two"

"aw babe are you blushing?"

Chloe) "no i`m not"

"sure i giggled"

suddenly i can feel Chloe`s foot wandering up and down for my thigh. my eyes went wide open. and i stare at Chloe. she just smirks.

i dig in my food, and just try ignore Chloe`s foot.

Joyce) Honey are you alright?"

"gaagf... yeah umm i need to go bathroom"

i walked to upstairs and went bathroom, I sprayed a little water on my face. (Calm down Max what got into you... well brain  she has blonde hair blue eyes and wery wery hot and sexy and her name is Chloe)

That thing what Chloe do, is so biggest turning on.. but..... suddenly my phone is vibrated.

Chloe; sorry babe are you ok?"

Me: no no Chloe it`s okay, i kinda like it but it also..... well you know i don`t know if i can hold on anymore.
Chloe: Try babe for me, i promise to replace this. I am in the same state"

Me: Really?

Chloe: of course idiot why you think i do all that"

Me: "oh right" i swear Chloe when we are alone"

Chloe: yeah yeah i love you too"

i just walked back the kitchen and start eating again. Joyce was putting Will to sleep

Chloe pointed our balcony door.


"i looked up"

can we go to smoke or something like now?"


i followed Chloe"





Joyce David me and Chloe were watching the movie. although Chloe and I were most concentrated to each other.

When will woke up. "alright girls i think we go home, and let you have some time with your friends but do not get angry with neighbours"


Chloe) i can`t promise anything mom"

Joyce) i just rolled my eyes, bye girls"


i put some music and start put drinks on the table and otherwise everything is finished.

i grap a beer and opened it, took a sip. mm-mm

Chloe) i rested my head Max`s lap. "Max can we talk?"

"babe you don`t need to ask, so what is it?"

Chloe) "when i do it that my foot thing you don`t are mad at me?"

"what of course not, like i said i kinda like it. but it turned me on so bad."

Chloe) yeah me too"

"i feel sometimes that i was someone sex addict"

Chloe) i snort "well then i`m too, but no  you don`t we were in love and making love belongs to it, but yeah maybe bit break is good"

"i just don`t to hold hands apart from you."

"well me either"

*ring ring*

"well i go"

Chloe) i got up Max`s lap.

I walked to the door and opened it.
Justin) "heyy Max"

"hey Justin come in"

When Justin is inside i close the door.

Chloe) "hey man i high-fives with Justin and give a hug"

Justin) Hey you toowow this place is huge

Chloe) "right?"

Justin) "Yeah"

i sat next  to Chloe and Justin. "here"

Justin) "Thanks Max i took beer bottle and opened it"

soon Dana and Logan joined with us. and Kate and Trevor.

(continue next chapter)















Chapter Text








our party has been running for some time now. Max has been in the bathroom for some time, heard a surprise.

i took a sip from my beer. Trevor and Logan skating little bit our backyard, Justin Justin grilled, some food.

Kate and Dana spoke with me.

Dana) Chloe?"


Dana) Is Max okay now?"

"yeah i think, just don`t mention her dad or anything i want her just relax and shit"

Kate) "yeah i can imagine"

"i took another sip my beer, yeah"

When i can hear soft lock voice we started to walk back inside.

My jaw dropped Max stood front of me with dyed hair. it`s black and some red streaks.

Justin.. Wow Max"

Others yeah Max looking good"

Max) "Thanks, babe?"

i just stood there and stared at Max and not even heard when she called at me.

Max) Chloe?, i walked towards and took Chloe`s hand giggling Chloe?"

"huh what"

Max) is something wrong?"

"no, you look hot right now, i start kissing Max"

"where this coming from?"

Max) "well when we were shopping and you were waiting, I went shopping for colour. i want to surprise you"

"that`s succeed you look really good"

Max) "t-hanks babe"

Justin) "we can totally play at some game right now"

Max) "oh yeah what you got in mind"

Justin) drinking game, asked each other, "I have not done," and if I have done something for what it proposes to keep the drink, if again has not done anything does not do


"Hmm that could be fun"

Max) "indeed"

"Logan okay i can start. "I have never bullied"

nobody is drinking, "okay good Dana you turn"

Dana) I've never tried heavy drugs

nobody is drinking Trevor you turn

we played some more time, before we changed the game truth or dare"

Dana) "okay" whether you have a sauna"

"yeah why?"

Dana) "i want go"

"okay I put it on top of " but truth or dare?"

Dana) "hmm truth"

"okay, have you never been with others than Logan?"


Dana) "ok Max truth or dare"

Max) i went to truth"

Dana) who Who was your first crush?"

Max) "well she is sitting next to me"

"awww babe you was my too"

Max) i put quick kiss Chloe`s lips.

i took Max`s hand.

Max) okay Logan truth or dare?"

Logan) "dare"

Max) "hmm i dared to you take your shirt off"

Logan" Well dared is dare, i took my shirt off"

Dana is licking her lips

Logan: Chloe truth or dare"

"hmm truth this time"

Logan. "when you noticed that you were at gay?"

i... "when i was thirteen almost fourteen, and i try some guy because i was too afraid confess to Max about my feeling i not wanted to ruin our friendship but i noticed that guy

was not Max or girl and i I did not feel comfortable around her it was last conversion with my d-- i leaned against Max shoulder"

Logan Chloe i`m sorry"

"no it`s okay i can talk about her, but i just miss her that`s all"

Max) i put my arm around Chloe.

Max) "yeah, i miss her too he was good man"

Logan "shit Max sorry"

Max) Logan calm down, it`s okay see Chloe is okay and i`m okay. it's time to move on"

"yeah it`s okay really, we can go out"

Logan" "okay"

"babe you coming?"

Max) "yeah"

the trio went to smoke.

Justin) food is ready"


Max) I started collecting food on a plate and eating.

i I went to put on the sauna. and sitting there for a moment. "i miss you"

soon, however, I walked among others and started eating.




I looked into our living room Max dancing with Dana i smiled big. ( she is just so relaxed right now.. and that hair is suuper....)

I took a little punch in my cup and leaned against the refrigerator door and took a sip.

Justin) "hey Chloe.."


Justin) can i borrow Max?"


Justin) "but she is just..."

"yeah i know, but she is my hottie"

Justin( yup i was kidding

"i know Justin, i said giggling"

"When i heard Justin`s following words I almost choke on my drink.. What!"

Justin) yeah yeah i know she is bitch but i don't`t know Chloe, maybe she is not when it's not around Victoria"

"Justin you spoke Taylor here... she also bullied your best friend"

Justin) "i know Chloe but  *sigh*

"Hey, maybe you should spoke with heri put my hand my friend shoulder

Justin) why love is so difficult?"

i looked over Max... "well it`s not you just you need to find the right person"

Justin) "yeah"

Justin) come to skate for a bit?"


"Max i`m outside to skate"

Max) alright i put quick peck Chloe`s lips "for luck"

"pfftt i don`t need, but thanks babe"

Max) yeah yeah i chuckle."

*ring rin*

Max) huh?... I walked to the door and opened it and froze.


Vanessa) can i come in?"

Max) not right now, why you are not Seattle?"

Vanessa) because you coming with me i barely see you anymore and, and now you live here, so it`s not very far away."

Max) "Well i`m not coming right now, we it was agreed that I will come to the weekend"

Vanessa) *sigh* "please Max"

Max) "no. i`m sorry mom but now i`m with my friend and Chloe"

Vanessa) i`m just...."

Max) "i know, but go out and make friends or something don`t rely at me, i`m your daughter not friend or like that"

Vanessa) ok i leave

Max) bye"

i walked back and sat on the sofa with Kate and Dana and just sighed and covering my eyes with my hand.

Dana) "hey everything alright?.. Max? i put my hand Max back"

Max) "No"

Dana) "What`s wrong?"

Max) "it`s just every time when i see my mom.. i remember what she and dad is done, well dad" And mom  she just call me every five minutes and want to chat and ask me to Seattle. i know she is alone right now but... i start to sob"

Dana) "hey hey everything is okay Max i rubbing Max`s  back shh" maybe i talk to her or one of us"

Max) Thanks guys"

Dana) of course you are our friend"

Max) I go freshen up a bit."

Dana) okay i smiled"

Dana Chloe? i called "

"i stopped and turn around yeah?"

Dana) i think we should spoke with Max mom"

"what why is Max alright"

Dana) yes she is bathroom but she cried just minute ago, because her mother came to the door"


Dana) yeah i think that if just Vanessa leaves Max alone for a bit she would be okay.. but now every time when Vanessa show up"


"i noticed Max and  immediately took it for a tight embrace and put soft kiss her lips.

"you okay?"

Max) "yeah i`m now"


i call to Max mother and I asked her to come and visit.





Max went with Kate and Trevor to visit the store to have a drink.

Me, Justin Dana and Logan were talking to Max's mom.
"Vanessa you can sit down"

Vanessa) "Thanks Chloe but what this is?"

"We wanted to talk about Max also we want that you stop calling her and... go to home"

Vanessa) "what?"

"Vanessa try to understand Max is not ready" she is not mad at you or she is not hate you, but she needs time, like you"

"every time you showed up or call her she just remember what Ryan is done. and that broke her"

Vanessa) i`m sorry"

"it`s okay we understand"

"go home she calling you when she is ready and i think she is still coming to Seattle next weekend"

Vanessa) *sigh okay then"

when Vanessa had left, the triad went to the sauna I just left .. I sat on the couch.

Soon Max joined with me.





Kate and Trevor are now in the sauna. the rest of us are rebuffed by the truth or dare.

Justin) Max truth or dare?"

Max) "hmm dare"

Justin) "kiss Chloe"

Max i smirk are you sure you can handle that it can be intense"

i just snort.

Justin) "yeah yeah i`m sure"

Max) "Well dare is dare"

Max) i sat Chloe`s lap and start kissing her.

i put my hand behind Chloe`s neck as deepen my kiss.

"i kiss Max`s back mmhm"

Max) i slid my hand under Chloe`s shirt  Chloe moaned quietly into my lips.

Max) my hand wandering around Chloe`s chest and stomach..... soon i pulled pack for air and put my head against Chloe`s shoulder"


Max) yeah?"

"are you alright...?"

Max) yes of course.
Max) i turn around and looker over Justin.. "well truth or dare?"

Justin'). i...

Max) i giggled English please"

Justin) i took large gulp my drinktruth"

Max) "hmm are you in love?"

Justin) i looked up to Chloe who just nods"

Justin) "Max i need to tell you something and that also answer your question."

Max) "okay you can tell me"

Justin) i thin i like Taylor"

Max) "WHAT!"

"i took Max`s hand"

Justin) "i`m sorry but yeah"

Max) "okay then"

Justin) you are not a mad at me?"

Max) of course not, she bullied me, but if my friend like her, then I accept it"

Justini went hug Max. "i love you"


Justin) Calm down Chloe i giggled.





Me and Max went to the sauna I took off my clothes and went and went to the steam room.

soon Max came after me. i just sat there and shut my eyes for a moment.

Max) Chloe?"


"are you alright?, about what Logan asking."?

"i.. yeah"

Max) Chloe come on you talk to me"

"i`m okay, i just miss her a lot.. and after we getting married It has been a lot in my mind"

Max) "yeah me too"

"but i`m okay i promise babe"

Max) "i smiled okay then. I threw steam and shut my eyes, everything is just so calm"

Max) "this is so relax"

"yeah i love be in the sauna"

Max) yeah indeed"

i put my hand Max thigh Max are you alright that waiting shit?"

Max) "yes Chloe, just little bit more"

"ugh fine"

Max) i giggled"


Max) "hmm if this one"

"why you dyed your hair?"

Max) well i don`t know  i just wanted some different you don`t like them!

"NO  i love them!"

"i put my hand Chloe`s cheek.. i love you"

"i love you too"

Max) i leaned in and started kissing Chloe.

After while making out they broke apart breathing heavily.

"let`s go to shower"

Max) "yeah".





The music was loudly and the liquor flowed. but everyone was having fununtil doorbells rings

Max) uups if there is our neighbour i`m shitting myself i said giggling.

"you hella don`t i laugh"

max) I walked to the door and opened it.
"hey can you turn little bit volume down"

Max) "oh i`m sorry i try hold my laughter"

"what you laughing at?"

Max) nothing nothing"

"babe come ooonn let`s trash"

Max) sorry again but the invitation came" i shut the door and burst into laughter.

many hours laterMax was passed out on the couch, Chloe floor and the other on the floor too. and they sleeping until morning.


Chapter Text







The week went really fast Chloe and I were really a lot of work.. now I'm sitting on a train on the way to Seattle.

Chloe had to stay in work. I should be up to Christmas here. about 1 month I do not know if I can be, Chloe and I have never been away for a day longer.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone's beep.

Chlo <3: babe?"

i sigh Chloe thinks that I'm angry with it, that it does not come by. but of course i`m not.

Me: yes?"

Chlo <3 i`m sorry :( "

Me: Chloe it`s okay, yes i miss you and your warmth"

Chlo <3 "i hate my boss"

Me: "yeah me too, but i call you every day"

Chlo <3 it`s not the same i wanted to be there for you"

Me: "i know babe, but it`s okay when i can heard your voice also"

Chlo <3 : really?"

Me: really.. i need to go the train stopped i love you"

Chlo <3 : i call you when i i