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Protecting Him At All Costs

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Being part of the O.P.P was an honor, sort of like a gold medal per say. Just knowing that you're doing everything in your power to help your kind is a privilege. Which is why I'm so proud to have been a part of it.

I've been a part of the O.P.P for four years now, and everyday since then has been a constant battle. From the hardest cases to the easiest, there is always an Omega in need, But helping them is not the battle, it's all about the outcome. You can ask anyone here, some aftermaths are a nightmare, and It gets even worse when you try to forget them, because they just come back stronger than they were before.

This organization has been helping to rescue Omegas for over decades, making sure to keep them safe and sound until we’re able find another place to situate them. Keeping them safe and alive is our priority, and i take that priority very seriously. Which is why i excepted to finish this last mission in the first place.

You see, after four long years of going on rescue missions and protecting omegas from all around the world, I've decided to resign. It hurt I'll admit, but i needed a break from all of the things going on around here, and believe me when i tell you a vacation wasn't going to cut it.

I had been in the middle of packing my belongings, when my commissioner came in and asked for a second to speak.

Nodding my head in response, I quietly watch as he sighs beybeginning.

"Tommaso, We really need to speak, now." He says just barely above a whisper, and weirdly looking around to see if someone was watching.

"Mr. Regal if this is about me resigning, I've made my decision. I'm leaving and that's final, I'm sorry but I'm done with the O.P.P." I say, continuing to pack my stuff.

"Well, it's partially about your departure, but mainly about the King." He says turning extremely serious.

"The kings business and duties have nothing to do with me." I say irritated.

"Tommaso I don't think you understand, there's been weird things going on in King Michaels castle lately, and he needs a undercover O.P.P agent to go get his son and bring him here to keep an eye on him." He whispers, still looking around his surroundings to make sure no one is hearing in on us.

"There is plenty of O.P.P agents, i can assure you one of them can get the job done. Now, if you'll excuse me i have a very long ride a head of me." I say, walking passed him.

Grabbing the door handle, I pull on it to exit my former office, only to get a zapped by some small form of electricity instead.

“Regal.” I growl warningly.

"Tommaso this is a very important mission, and the King has personally assigned you to keep an eye over the prince." He says lowly, completely ignoring my small warning.

"Tell him I've resigned, he'll understand." I say getting a bit pissed off.

"Tommaso, the prince is in danger. For the past three months the King has been getting anonymous letters with someone threatening to kill his son, and for the past two weeks he's gotten three packages, each with a head that belonged to one if his very own royal guards. The threats are no longer in paper, but actually being done." He states, clearly a bit shaken by what he just stated.

That’s very un-regal like, hmmmm....

Staring back at him curiously, I silently wait for him to continue.

"Look, i know that you've resigned, but this is a very serious matter, and the king needs one of the best O.P.P agents we've got. He checked our list of top agents, and specifically requested you. Please tommaso, one last mission, and I promise i will let you leave in peace." He says almost pleadingly.

Again, very un-regal like...

Sighing, I slowly begin to contemplate each option, and after 7 solid minutes of contemplating a decision Im not so happy about, I come to a conclusion.

"Fine, I'll do it. But once i get him out of there safe and sound, I'm going home. No excuses." 

"Thank you.” He says in pure relief.

Nodding once more, i begin to unpack and prepare for the massive mission ahead of me. If these random letters have been turning into acts of violence, It won’t be much longer before they get their hands on their main target.

Upon walking into the castle, the first person to greet me is King Michaels, and he actually looks genuinely happy to see me.

"You must be Tommaso Ciampa, I'm king Michaels, but please call me Shawn." He says shaking my hand lightly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir, i wish this meeting was under better circumstances, but unfortunately it’s not. I’ve been informed about the entire situation and I’m extremely sorry for your losses.” I say solemnly.

He Nods at my condolences and smiles solemnly at me before slowly beginning to give me a tour around the castle.

He starts by leading me down several corridors, then walking me through a huge garden and eventually ends the tour in a humongous library.

"Your castle is remarkable Shawn." I say, feeling a sense of awe wash over me.

"Thank you, but as remarkable as it looks it doesn't stop the weary feeling I get when I think about the fact that each and every one of my moves is being watched. I've been keeping my son at arms length lately, but there's not much i can do to protect him. At least not when one of the places he should feel safe in, is slowly turning into a crime scene each week." He states sadly.

"And that’s exactly what I'm here for. I promise you that no matter what happens, your son will more than safe with the O.P.P. You have my word.” I say sincerely.

"That’s not good enough, I need you to promise me that you’ll protect him at all costs Tommaso. He’s all I’ve got, and I’ll be damned if I lose him to some rouge anti-omega group of alphas.” 

"Shawn, I promise." I say with nothing but pure determination behind each word.

"Good, now let's go get him." He says smiling half heartedly.

Continuing to speak as we head down the hallway towards the prince's room, we stop when we hear a high pitch scream that immediately catches both of our attention.

Running towards the scream, Shawn and I stop in our tracks when we get to The scene.

"JOHNNY!" He screams checking his sons pulse.

"What happened?" I ask, crouching over the fallen boy and checking for any signs of harm.

"I don't know, i was just bringing him his lunch when i found him collapsed on the floor. I panicked." The raven haired maid said, nearly out of breath.

"He still breathing, but his pulse is very low." Shawn says looking at me worriedly.

"They're here." I say, trying to think of a backup plan that will get the prince out of here without further harm.

"Well, what do we do?" Shawn asks frantically.

"We need to get your son out of here, Looks like whoever is behind this is two steps ahead, they knew i was an undercover agent working for the O.P.P, they knew when I'd get here, and they knew of a way to get to the prince without notifying the entire castle about it, just us. If they've executed their plan the way i think they did, their next move might just be to attack, and we don't have no time to waste." I say, picking up the poor boy off the floor and throwing him over my shoulder.

"Wait, where are you-" is all the raven haired maid gets to say, before shots start being thrown down the hall.

"Let's go." I say dragging Shawn with me to hide behind the nearest wall.

"You need to get him out of here, I'll hold them down." Shawn says.

"Are you insane, their is no reasoning with these idiots, i leave you here the chances of you making it out alive, are very slim."

"And that may be true Mr. Ciampa, but at least my son is safe. You promised me that you'd keep him safe at all costs and i trust you will do that."

"Yeah, well what am I supposed to tell your son when he wakes up looking for you, huh? I just tell him i left you for dead because you were Some sort of distraction? No, you are coming with me even if that's the last thing i do." I say sternly.

Millions of shots are continuously being thrown around, breaking vases, shooting through paintings, and getting closer to us by the minute.

Grabbing Shawn by his collar, i run fastly down the nearest staircase, pulling him with me.

"There is an emergency exit at the end of the left corridor, if we run fast enough we can make it there and i can signal Mrs. Regal, to come and pick us up." I say fixing the boy on my shoulder.

"And how are we going to do that without getting noticed?" Shawn asks.

"At this point, I'm pretty sure the whole castle is surrounded. No matter where we head to, they'll find us, but if we move fast enough, by the time they get to the emergency exit, we'll already be out of here." I say, thinking strategically.

"The gun shots are getting closer towards our direction, we don't have that much time left." Shawn says.

"Go, run." I tell him, running down the corridor and hiding behind the nearest wall, putting the unconscious boy on the floor, and signaling code 217.

“Okay, I just signaled Mrs. Regal, we should be able to- Shawn, shawn, SHAWN!” 

"Damn it, he’s gone." I murmur.

I contemplate on going back and checking where he could have gone, but Mr. Regal just sent me an alert that his wife is here and if i go back I won't be able to make in time to get the prince out of the castle.

"...You promised me that you'd keep him safe at all costs and i trust you will do that."

Is all my mind repeats, Shawn's words ringing in my head like a siren.

“Damn you Shawn.”

Frustrated by the unfortunate decision i had to make, i slowly pick up the boy, place his head in the right crook of my neck, and fix him properly.

Looking around to see if the coast is clear, I wince when I feel a sharp pain in my left shoulder.

A shot...

Looking over my shoulder, I see a man with a ginger beard and green overalls holding a gun in his hand and running directly towards me.


Running towards the door, I bust it open and make a beeline straight towards the hidden vehicle in the back of the castle were Mrs. Regal is. She opens the back door, and i jump in with the boy on my lap as she gets in the drivers seat and heads to O.P.P headquarters.

"Is he alright?" She asks, looking at me through her rear view mirror.

"He's unconscious, they syringed him." I say, wincing once more as i feel my wound starting to heal by itself around the bullet.

"How did you find out?" She asks.

"The time stamp between my arrival and their plan. That and i had checked him for injuries, he wasn't hurt, but he was slightly bleeding from the back of his neck." 

"Well at least he's safe, that's all that matters." She says driving quickly to the underground facility.

Immediately once she parks infront of the O.P.P head quarters, i get off and put the boy on the stretcher letting the doctors attend to any internal injuries, before heading to my personal office area, and sitting down next to my bookbag.

"I don’t know how you always manage to do it but it’s truly remarkable. Thank you, Tommaso." Mr. Regal says from the door way.

"I left Shawn behind, i had him with me, But i had got so busy signaling for back up, that when he left I didn't even notice it. I was going to go back, but if i had, I would've jeopardize the entire mission and the prince's health, something I promised I wouldn't do." I say, letting out a frustrated sigh.

"Tommaso, you can't save every one." Mr. Regal say.

"I know that, but-"

"But nothing. You got the job done, you brought the prince to safety and kept your word to king Michaels, so please just cut yourself some slack.” 

Preparing myself to respond to his statement, I stop when I hear a commotion coming from the main entrance of the facility.

Getting up, i head towards the sound and see a very disheveled prince acting frantically.

"Hey! Back off. You're making him nervous." I yell at the nurses from across the room, as they slowly begin to step away from the prince.

He stumbles for a bit, before he finally looks at my direction and flashes his Emerald eyes at me.

Taken back by his sudden reaction, I freeze.

What the hell is going on?

He doesn't stop though, he stumble towards me and When he's standing infront of me, he bare's his whole neck.

Everyone in the room gasps, with eyes widening by what they were witnessing.

"Stop that, you're making a scene infront of everyone." I whisper to him sternly.

He then begins to whimper and shudder, making everyone quite down and pay attention to me, just waiting to see what i do next.

"What are you doing? STOP IT!" I growl in my alpha voice.

He looks at me and whimpers more.

"His eyes, that’s not him, that’s his omega, it thinks you're it’s mate." Mr. Regals wife says in awe.

"Yeah, well I'm not. So he better stop before He get's punched in his jaw." I growl lowly, letting my crimson eyes show.

He begins to full on whimper, and with trembling fingers grabs me by my shirt and buries his face in my chest.

"Alright, that's it." I say pissed off and  ready to fling him off me.

”No!” Mrs. Regals yells.

"Why the hell not?" I ask, Upset by this entire situation.

"I don’t think he’s ever been in the presence of another Alpha besides his father, so his Omega is a bit shaken." She says walking closer.

"Oh great, now I'm a threat to the Prince." I say sarcastically.

"A threat indeed. If he gets any closer and yours Alpha instincts catch on to his pheromones, you might lose control over your human instincts and we both know what will happen after that." She says studying from a few feet away.

"Are you kidding me right now? Take him off me." I tell her sternly.

My voice Once again makes the prince on my chest whimper uncontrollably, as he presses small kisses on my shirt between whimpers.

"Tommaso, you're scaring him." Mr. Regal says a few feet behind his wife.

"I'm not doing anything to him, he's the one crying and whimpering for no reason." I state by putting my hands up defensively.

"Try comforting him, that should calm him down." Mrs. Regal says.

"Absolutely not."

"Tommaso you don't have a choice, if you want him off of you need to follow instructions." Mr. Regal comments.

Why is this happening to me right now?

Sighing frustratedly, i pat the prince on the back.

"There, happy?" I ask Mr. And Mrs. Regal.

"No, no we are not." They say in union.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, i sigh once more before hugging the boy and patting him on the back. I repeat this until he starts coming to his senses.

He pulls back slightly and looks me in the face automatically beginning to turn all shades of red.

"Okay, my job here is done." I say letting go of him, turning around and heading into my office area to pack my bags.

I've had a hell of a run, but I'm done. I saved the boy, And I'm pretty sure Mr. Regal can handle it from here.

Zipping up my bag, i pick it up and head out the O.P.P building. After today, I'm free. No more missions, no more nightmares, no more worries, and no more prince's.

Putting the bag in my car, i head to the front seat and close the door behind me.

Retirement, here i come...