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What happens at work, stays at work. Or does it? {Done}

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Alec was in and out of the office for weeks for work. Finally, he had a little downtime, but Alec's down was filled with work. It was getting late, and Magnus was wondering if he should stay or go. Magnus knocked on Mr.Lightwoods door.

"Yes?" Alec called out.
"Mr.Lightwood, everyone has left, and if you don't need me, I'm going to go to."

Alec looked up at Magnus, for a moment it looked like he wanted to ask him something, but then.

"Okay, you can go."

Alec went back to work, and Magnus left to pack up his things. But then he heard a lot of bangs coming out of Mr.Lightwoods office. Magnus knocked on the door again.

"Yeah, what now?"
"Mr.Lightwood, is everything okay? I heard loud bangs in here."
"Sit, I'll fix you a drink."
"You one too. I don't want to drink alone."

Magnus looked at him and nodded. Magnus fixed them a drink and walked over to Alec's desk. Magnus sat on Alec's desk next to Alec's chair. Magnus handed Alec his drink. They sat there drinking their drinks and looking at each other, not saying anything. Alec put his glass down and pulled Magnus in front of him. Magnus looked at Alec but said nothing. Finally, Magnus sat his drink by Alec's. Then he looked at Alec.

"I'm yours. Don't hurt me."

Alec looked at him. Then put his head to Magnus' stomach softly. Then Magnus felt pulling at his pants, then cold air. Then a warm hand, and a hot wet mouth. Magnus' eyes rolled back in his head, and he started to moan loudly. Magnus couldn't help it. Alec felt so good to him. Magnus wanted more of Alec, but Alec wouldn't let him take control. Magnus tried before, but Alec stopped him. Alec wouldn't have it. Magnus couldn't think anymore. Magnus ran his hand through Alec's hair, but Alec moved his head away. Magnus looked at him.

"Cum for me, Magnus."

Magnus nodded. Alec's hot wet tongue licked up Magnus' dick. Then he put Magnus' dick back in his mouth. After a few more strokes Magnus released himself in Alec's mouth.

"Take off your pants," Alec said with dark lust in his eyes again.

Magnus should have left right then, but he wanted Alec. So he did as he was told. Alec took Magnus, and turned him, and pushed him to the desk and Alec pushed in Magnus. Magnus moaned a little, and he took what Alec did to him. When Alec was done, Alec moved back so Magnus could get up. Went he did, Alec's heart broke. Magnus was in tears. He looked at Alec.

"Alec, I want to be with you so much that it hurts, but you can't be like this with me. You're hurting me. I'm not the one that hurt you or whatever is going on with you. Talk to me, let me in."
"Look, you're a nice piece of ass, and that's all I can handle right now."
"Fine, I'm done. I'm putting my two weeks notice in now. And you're not to touch me." Magnus fixed his clothes and headed for the door to leave. But he was pulled back.

"Don't forget your money."

Alec put another $300 in his pants and walked off from him. Magnus didn't know what to do. So he ran out, and grabbed his stuff and left.

Alec was freaking out now. What did he do? How could he fix it?


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