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Ochako and Izuku are sociable.

They like get-togethers. Gatherings. Lunch outings, more specifically.

Shouto goes along without complaint because he loves his boyfriend. The added bonus of seeing Katsuki’s surly face because he’s just as introverted and awkward as Shouto is, if not more? Totally priceless.

Katsuki and Ochako are cute together. They bicker just as much as they hold hands and kiss quickly. The public displays of affection don’t bother Shouto either. At least, they usually don’t.

Today, the two of them are taking things a little far. Katsuki smells bad—but when doesn’t he. They’re both omegas and Katsuki’s scent can be overwhelming for him when his heat is close.

It’s close, alright. Very close. As in, it smells like Katsuki is about to start his heat any minute now. To make matters worse, Ochako is encouraging his keening, clingy nature, patting her lap and motioning for a man easily one-and-a-half times her size to climb into it.

“Katsuki, c’mon,” she says, her voice an edge more demanding than the fluffy-haired, sweet-smiling Ochako that Shouto is familiar with. “C’mere.”

“Don’t wanna move,” the blonde snarls back.

With a longsuffering sigh, Ochako stands up and wraps her arms around his waist. Her biceps bulge with the effort of lifting her boyfriend, but then Katsuki is seated squarely on her thighs and he looks right at home. Actually, he looks pretty damn blissed out.

“Guys,” Izuku hisses. “We’re still in public, y’know.”

Katsuki’s head lolls back and he lets Ochako rest her lips on his neck, smirking proudly. “Who cares. Anybody who might care can tell that I’m taken. The rest of these nobodies don’t give a fuck about what we’re doing.”

Shouto flatly says, “Well, the restaurant staff might care that your girlfriend’s about to go into rut against you in one of their booths. Last time I checked, public indecency was still very firmly against the law.”

“Then we just won’t take things that far, will we?” Ochako hums happily, resting her hands over Katsuki’s crotch teasingly. She gives Izuku a look, and oh, something about that must spark something in the man’s head, because he sits up straight, blushes fiercely, and glares back at her.

When Shouto turns to glance at him, picking at the food on his plate, he makes a note of Izuku’s reactions. He’s been together with him for a while now—he knows how to read his cues pretty well.

This expression on Izuku’s face? That one’s usually all for him. His nostrils are flared, his cheeks are flushed, and, he’s, well.

Aroused. Totally turned on by what he’s seeing, or so Shouto assumes, because that’s where Izuku’s eyes are glued.

Shouto’s not even jealous, not really. In an abstract way, he guesses he wishes that Izuku were looking at him with that kind of unadulterated hunger, but he’s finding it hard to look away from the happy couple across from them too.

“Stop glaring,” Ochako reprimands Izuku at last, feeling up Bakugou’s chest as she holds him close, his breath hitching as he obediently squirms against her, though he’s cursing up a storm. “He’s mine.”

Izuku rolls his eyes. “Don’t pull that on me, I don’t even want Kacchan,” he explains, abruptly grabbing Shouto’s hand and giving him a pleading look. “C’mon. Don’t let him outdo you. I wanna show her who’s got the more handsome partner out of the deal. Just because he’s in heat she thinks she’s winning.”

Shouto grows pink, smiling fondly, though he’s definitely embarrassed by Izuku’s phrasing. “I thought you didn’t like that competitive alpha nonsense.” He stands up and plops himself down on Izuku, pleasantly surprised that he’s sporting a half-chub already.

Fair enough, Shouto supposes. The pheromones at this table are volatile and violently present. Shouto himself feels like he could get hard in a matter of moments, just from the clash of wills and smells alone. He’s not in heat though, so he can’t imagine how Katsuki must feel right now.

To say he’s startled when Izuku unbuttons his shirt two notches is an understatement. “Uh,” Shouto smartly says and Katsuki barks out a laugh.

“This is rich,” Katsuki chides them, all while Ochako tries to stick her hands under her boyfriend’s shirt and jab her canines into his scent gland, regardless of who’s watching them. “You never been spurred on by others’ hormones, half-n-half? Feels good, doesn’t it? Feels like you’re close. Feels like you could get slick in Deku’s lap, right here, right now, huh?”

Katsuki’s provocative language is annoyingly effective. “Kind of, yes. Which is why we should leave. Preferably as soon as possible. My heat is supposed to be weeks off, so I’m not prepared.

“That’s too bad,” Izuku purrs in Shouto’s ear, making him shiver involuntarily, melting into his boyfriend’s warmth like there’s no other place he’d rather be. “Shame we can’t settle this now, but if he says it’s time to go, it’s time. You two try not to have too much fun, alright?”

“Later, Deku,” both Katsuki and Ochako say in unison, voices heavy and preoccupied, like they might have to rush to the bathroom and get each other off once before they go home and romp like rabbits.




Shouto’s horny. He’s horny on the train, he’s horny on the steps, he’s horny while he squeezes his legs together and forcefully shuts his eyes, Izuku holding his hand in a vice-grip, hissing through his teeth.

Closing Izuku’s apartment door feels like the sweet embrace of freedom. Shouto’s burning out of his skin, feverish and desperate for touch.

Izuku is a good alpha. He knows how to give Shouto what he needs.

True to form, the shorter man presses Shouto up against the wall, stealing his breath. “Hey. This okay?” His voice is haggard, like he can barely focus. Shouto nods fervently, shimmying his hips against Izuku and drowning in the reedy moan his boyfriend lets out. “You want me to scent you now?” Shouto wants to cry, he wants that so much. “Use your words, please.”

“Izuku,” Shouto rasps, feeling like he’s about to get slick. Damn Katsuki. Damn pheromones. Damn Izuku, sticking a knee between his legs and breathing over him, knowing exactly what Shouto is going to say, just eager to hear him force things out of his needy mouth.

“C’mon,” Izuku murmurs, extended canines dragging over Shouto’s clothed shoulder. Fuck. “I’ll wait.”

“Please scent me. Please touch me. Izuku, please,” Shouto mumbles, face furiously hot. Then, just like that, Izuku jams a hand into Shouto’s pants and runs his index and middle finger down the crack of his ass over his briefs. He leans against the wall, lips parted wide with surprise.

Izuku sighs against him, scenting him at last. Shouto bows his head and bites his lip, groan trapped in his throat. It hurts, but it hurts so good. He can feel his legs getting weak, can feel Izuku’s strong, sturdy arms bracing him up against the wall now, can almost smell Izuku’s attraction, musky and spicy.

Shouto’s vision gets a little blurred when Izuku shifts their positions, letting Shouto rest on his thighs. “We’re not…going to lay down?”

“We can if you want,” Izuku murmurs, using a hand to unzip Shouto’s pants and offering him a wobbly, crooked smile. “Uncomfortable?”

The taller man shakes his head. “I mean, a little, but, um. I guess you’re really into this, huh?”

Izuku rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Shouto, seriously? You’re so hot. I still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to be your boyfriend. You could stand in a room staring at the ceiling and I’d just stare. That you’re letting me do this,” Izuku punctuates that statement by biting Shouto’s jaw, loving the way his thin boyfriend shakes in his lap, “that means everything to me. It means you trust me.”

Shouto loops his arms around Izuku’s neck and kisses his cheek gently. “Of course I trust you, Izuku. I’d trust you with my life.” Sentimental as always, Izuku sniffles emotionally. That just makes Shouto feel itchy and enamored, as well as horribly overdressed. “Let me pull down my pants.”

“What,” Izuku sputters, head tilting a bit in confusion.

Exasperated, the red-and-white haired man puffs his bangs out of his face. “So you can have sex with me?”

“Oh. Right.”

It takes some doing. Shouto’s flexible, nimble, and Izuku has plenty of power, but still. In the end, he mostly just makes sure he’s not suffocating, that Izuku has access, hoping that Izuku can knot him—or try, at least—especially since he’s really only a little slick. “Be patient with me, okay?”

Izuku kisses Shouto’s temple. “Always.”

He goes slowly, less frantic than their mating sessions can be when Shouto’s in the middle of his heat and half-delirious with desire. Izuku fingers him open slow, hums as he goes, lavishes Shouto in praise and rips several guttural moans from Shouto’s shy lips.

“You ready?” Izuku asks, three fingers spreading Shouto’s slick hole wide open.


“Tell me how ready.”

Shouto pants, “I want you so badly. So much. Please.”

Izuku tugs at his hair and licks at his jaw and repeats himself. “Tell me how ready.

The taller man feels like he could cry. “Izuku, I am one second away from jumping right on your dick myself. C’mon.”

Izuku giggles at that, running fingers down Todoroki’s spine. “Yeah, I know. I just like it when you get riled up. It’s attractive.”

Rewardingly, Shouto flushes hot at that. Izuku makes a show out of sliding into him, one centimeter at a time, murmuring sweet nothings against his neck.

“So good for me,” Izuku says. “Not even in heat, but you’re so good. Bet you’d like it if I spread you wider too, yeah?”

God, but Shouto’s a sucker for this. Loves Izuku in this headspace, driven and sweaty and fond. He’s warm and full and the stretch of his ass hurts, but there it is—slick starts trickling over Izuku’s cock and Shouto sobs.

“Can’t knot you, Shouto,” Izuku mumbles, sounding just as disappointed as Shouto is by the prospect now that he’s fully immersed in a hormone-triggered type of situation. He’s going to fucking kill Katsuki next time he sees him. “It’ll hurt too bad.”

“I can take it,” Shouto replies stubbornly, but Izuku just bites his scent gland and snaps his hips, making his taller partner gasp.

“Body can’t take it. Can’t hurt you like that. This’ll have to do, okay? Believe me.”

Shouto nods slowly, brow still furrowed as he clenches. “Okay.”

Once he accepts that the bruising fullness of knot won’t be coming, he can cling to Izuku more readily, grinding down on his partner’s lap and pressing his own cock up against Izuku’s abs. It’s sweaty and his love-bites are almost bratty in the way that he places them—high up on the collar so everyone can see. It’s too hot out for Izuku to cover them up inconspicuously.

Izuku licks the shell of Shouto’s ear and his back arches. “You should get piercings,” he says distantly, still fucking into Shouto soft and slow, like he’s just enjoying the pace of it, like he’s in no hurry at all.

“Why,” Shouto pants, nails digging into Izuku’s hips when the shorter man moves again, driving up against his prostate and making Shouto bite his lips.

“You’d look good with them,” Izuku replies, and then he seems to be finished with taking his time.

He pounds into Shouto suddenly, stealing his breath away. Shouto’s dick is leaking pre-come, trapped in limbo now that Izuku is leaning further over him, completely focused on making Shouto see stars if it’s the last thing he does.

Neither of them last long, which is really for the best. Having sex up against the wall is like running a marathon, and neither of them have trained for it. When Shouto comes, he grows slack, feels Izuku totally supporting him and fucking himself dry, pulling out at the very last second.

Izuku tenderly carries Shouto to the bedroom and peels off his sticky clothing. “I kind of made a mess.”

Shouto grabs his boyfriend’s hand and kisses it quickly. “It’s fine, Izuku. I liked it.” After a beat of silence, he flicks his eyes up at the curly-haired man. “You really think I’d look good with piercings?”

“You’d look good in anything,” Izuku brags and Shouto elbows him in the side with a gentle smile. “What? It’s true.”

“If it’s any consolation, so would you,” Shouto replies truthfully, such an unwitting sap that it makes Izuku roll his eyes and flush pink. “I’m gonna think about it.”

“It’s no pressure,” Izuku insists.

“Oh, I know. I was just thinking, if they heal in a few weeks, it’d be just in time for my real heat. Thinking about you mouthing over piercings in my ears and teasing me kind of got me worked up again.”

Izuku playfully slaps Shouto’s shoulder. “You’re going to be the death of me, I swear. I’m going to spontaneously combust and on my tombstone it’ll say, Todoroki Shouto’s vanilla kinks killed this man.”

“Only one of us needs to get off on being choked by his omega sub every once in a while. There’s a balance.”

“You’re not just my sub, you’re my mate. And like, the love of my life. That part’s important.”

“Yes, yes,” Shouto drawls, pulling Izuku down on top of him even though the other man squawks about cleaning up. “Just relax, Izuku. I can hear you thinking. I just want you right now. That cool?”

“So cool. The coolest,” Izuku mumbles back, bundling Shouto in his arms and breathing his scent in happily.