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wanna wake up with you (and say baby let's do it all over again)

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It’s all Niall’s fault, really. He could lists his friends that he blamed for what he’s going to do tonight, but Niall is at the top of the list. He might not be the only one, but he definitely is number one.

Because Niall was his best mate and of course he was the first person to hear about Niall’s first time which happened literally last week. Harry was jealous, it was obvious. That Niall has a boyfriend and did the do.

Then his other friends found out about Niall, they were more proud than jealous, obviously. Which also made Harry jealous. Because now Harry was the only one in his friend group that hasn’t done it.

It shouldn’t be a big deal, no one’s forcing him to lose his virginity. They knew Harry doesn’t have a boyfriend, he won’t date anyone at school either.

“They’re all immature, I need a man.” Harry always say after he rejected a date. They’re all good looking, some of them are smart and some are even out of Harry’s league, as Nadine would say, yet Harry still won’t give them a chance.

They, Harry’s friends that is, knew Harry got a thing for older guys, or as Harry like to put it “more mature guys” they knew because Harry did spend year nine drooling over the new gym teacher. Of course a year later he found a better job and left, Harry was upset that he never get to confessed his feelings but Mr. Daniel would’ve leave sooner if he knew a teenage boy had a crush on him.

Then later next year all Harry could talk about was his hot neighbor that moved in next door.

“It’s a shame he’s got a wife and she’s pregnant.” Harry pouted when he told his friends about Jason.

That crush didn’t last long, Niall repeatedly told him it was not appropriate at all to wank over a married guy that literally lives next door and Harry knew Jason was too straight to be true.

Then there’s Harry’s mum’s new intern, he wasn’t as old as Harry’s past crushes. He was in his last year of university, at least that’s what he said when Harry’s mum’s invited him to dinner along with her other colleagues. Harry spent the rest of the night wanking to the thought of him and told his mum he wanted to go to to Tom’s university once he finished school. His mum, bless her, thought he meant he wants to study what Tom is studying and was really influenced by Tom and his university talks.

But what Harry was thinking was, there’s probably a lot of boys as hot as Tom in his uni.

Anyway, university is still a few years away and Harry doesn’t want to be inexperienced by then. He knows he’s never gonna get laid if the guys he see everyday are his immature school friends and his hot neighbor that Harry vowed not to wank to anymore. Tom stopped being an option when Harry found out he’s got a boyfriend, Harry was glad to know he’s gay and there was a chance for Harry. But he looks happy in his Instagram pictures also Harry would never break a relationship like that.

So he did what he had to do and drove to London all by himself, because if there’s a place he’d look back to and say “You know I lost my virginity in this city.” It would be in good old London.

It’s a good thing Harry just got his driving permit literally last month. He told his mum he was going on a trip to London with his friends for the weekend, so it was only partly a lie. Niall and everyone else didn’t mind covering for him though they thought he just needed a night to get wasted and make out with a cute guy, at least that’s what he said to them.

But Harry’s plan was to go back to Essex by Monday and is more experienced than the rest of his gang.

He saved up enough money to get a hotel room at a four stars hotel, he could’ve find a nearby club but he felt safer just going to the bar lounge at the hotel, he was sure he could met a bloke there.

Harry’s heart was beating so fast when he entered the lounge, he wasn’t exactly legal to drink yet but he does looks older than his actual age so thank goodness they let him in without checking his ID.

Once he was inside his eyes scanned to the room, it was a crowded night considering it was a Friday.

One might ask, is Harry nervous ? Is Harry scared ? The answer would be; Yes, yes he is. Of course he is! But he’s not gonna chickened out, even if he didn’t lose his virginity tonight he’d still love to suck a cock or just make out with someone.

Harry never properly kiss anyone.

His first kiss was when he was 13 and it was with Bryan, his dearly friend and classmate before Harry moved town the very next year. And they didn’t even like each other or anything, they just wanted to see what’s the hype about kissing was.

This actually kinda feel like he was 13 again, when everyone was talking about how amazing kissing is. Except now everyone has moved on to sex. And Harry wasn’t sure if he was ready for it. Though he didn’t want to miss out.

Harry wasn’t sure what to order, he wasn’t really sure of how to order in a bar. He looks around him, everyone was just saying what they want to the bartender without looking at a menu- is there even a menu?!

This was too complicated for Harry, he wanted to go home but no. He just waste his entire saving on this hotel he’s not going to chicken out so fast.

“Ian!” A woman, long blond hair and a cheerful smile greeted the bartender, appearing next to Harry. “Full house tonight, you’re too busy to chat, aren’t you?” She just giggled when Ian replied with a “help me” then he heard her say. “Make me a Long Island ice tea first, maybe then I’ll help you.”

Long Island ice tea sounds good. Harry wasn’t sure what it was contains off, it was too late to do research now.

“Uh, hi.” Harry started, dumbly, the bartender, Ian, turned to him and smile after he hand the woman her drink and she shout a thank you before running off with her drink. “I’ll have a Long Island ice tea, please.”

Too polite? No, it’s never too polite. God, why was he overthinking this?!

“Make that two,” He heard someone said, slipping next to him and sat on the stool next to Harry.

Ian’s eyes immediately lands on the man and he put on the biggest smile on his face and nods. “Good evening, Mr. Tomlinson.” He clears his throat. “Coming right up.”

Does Ian knows everybody here?! But then another man appears behind the counter, he started with a “Oh man! sorry I’m late, Traffic was shit- Good evening, Mr. Tomlinson!”

That’s when Harry realized it’s not that Ian knew everyone, but the man next to him knew everyone. Harry turned to face him, he thank all the gods above that the bar was crowded and the music was loud that no one could hear Harry’s heart when he saw the man.

Because he was drop dead gorgeous.

Harry was sure, this man was more gorgeous than Mr. Daniel, Jason and Tom put together.

He was wearing a dark blue blazer, it looks expensive, probably costs more than Harry’s car. -not that Harry’s car cheap, mind you, his mum is a hard working business woman and she could afford anything Harry wants despite the fact that she’s a single parent- but still, the suit looks like it costs a fortune.

His hair was slicked back so perfectly Harry wondered who styled it. His eyes though, it was a gorgeous shade of blue that even with the lack of lighting in the room, his eyes still manage to shine so bright and beautiful.

And to top it all off is his beard! God, Harry was sure he had a thing for beards. He wondered when he will grow his own. But this man didn’t have a long beard, in fact it was more of a stubble than a beard. It was perfectly trimmed, too perfect Harry thought.

It was weird when Harry started thinking who’s this man’s barber.

The gorgeous man turned to face Harry, he probably noticed Harry was starring.

This was too creepy, Harry shouldn’t have stare in the first place. But it was too late when he caught Harry starring.

“You here alone?” He asked, suddenly and Harry wanted to cry because for all he knows this man could be a pervert, who the fuck ask a boy in a bar if he’s here alone?! But then again, Harry’s not really a boy right now. He did managed to fool the security guards, might as well fool this man.

It’s not like Harry will see him again. “Uh, yeah, hi.” Harry wasn’t entire sure if he knows how to talk to people he just met. It did took him a week to make friends every time he goes to a new school. (His mum moves cities for her job, so he does too.)

“Never seen you around before.” Louis asked then glance at Ian who came back with two glasses on his hand, placing the drink in front of them and walk away to someone who was calling him on the other side of the table before Harry gets the chance to say thank you.

Harry gripped his drink and took a sip, he tried not to make a face at the taste. Harry wondered how much does this drink costs exactly because it wasn’t good- or maybe Ian isn’t a good bartender.

Which, he thinks is wrong because Mr. Tomlinson, next to him was enjoying his drink from the looks of it.

“Uh, yeah, I live in Essex, just in town for the weekend.” Maybe that was too honest. What if this guy is a sexual predator and would follow Harry back to Essex?!

No, he’s too pretty to be a predator.

“Oh cool,” The man said, turning his eyes elsewhere. Seemed like he lost interest in Harry.

God, if there anyone in this room Harry would let bang him, it’s probably this guy, because just looking at him, taking a sip at his drink and smile when a woman, she was wearing a uniform, she must’ve be the waitress, passed them and greeted him like Ian and the other bartender did.

So Harry asked, because he didn’t want this conversation to die and he really want to take this man back up to his room. “You come here often?” Harry asked, trying not to sound dumb.

“Sometimes.” Louis shrugged, taking another sip of his drink. “What brings you here? To London?”

Harry blinked because he wasn’t sure how to answer that. He can’t exactly say my friends are all non virgins and I want to be one too. And Harry hasn’t thought of a lie yet, he didn’t think anyone would ask that, he’s so fucking stupid.

“Uh, I Uh,” Harry had to think of a lie, a quick one. “I’m supposed to go with a friend from school, but uh- he cancelled.”

“Oh, you’re in school?”

Shit. This man is gonna call security guards if Harry didn’t think of a lie fast.

“University.” Harry was quick to say. “It’s my last year, Uh, my friend, Tom, he cancelled on me to go on a date with some guy he just met.” All of that was a lie except the name Tom.

He wasn’t even friends with Tom! Sure, he’s close to Tom when he visits his mum’s office but it was only because Harry found it easier to make conversations with him than his mum’s other colleagues who are all double or triple his age.

The man just nodded. “Where are you studying then? if you don’t mind me asking.”

Harry thank God Tom always talks about his university because now that place was an excuse. “University of Essex.” Harry grinned. “I’m studying computer science.” Basically, he was stealing Tom’s life. “And I also have an internship at Zero Above, you know, the advertising agency?” Harry had to stop himself from taking because he was talking too much also because everything he said is a complete lie.

The man smiled at Harry sweetly though.

“I’m Louis.” He told Harry, finally, a name other than his last name. Harry did not want to call him Mr. Tomlinson in his head.

Harry gulped before saying. “Harry.”

“Nice to meet you, Harry. Is there something wrong with your drink?” Louis asked because his glass was half empty while Harry barely touched his glass again after that one sip.

Harry glanced at his glass before turning back to Louis. He didn’t want Louis to know that he wasn’t sure what he was ordering. “No, nothing’s wrong.” Harry chuckled nervously before taking another sip of his drink. God, this was awful. Harry wished it didn’t had a cute name.

“It better be, Ian’s our best bartender.” Louis said before taking a sip again. His eyes wandered around the bar again.

Harry tilted his head. “Our? Do you work here?” Harry asked, dumbly. He wasn’t sure if it was too early to ask this man where he works but Harry literally just told him where he’s studying at, not that he actually studies there.

“You could say that.”

Harry wasn’t sure what that meant but he didn’t want to ask, he didn’t want to sound dumb more than he already is.

After all, he was supposed to be a 21 years old, computer science student tonight.

Louis took another gulped of his drink, it was more than half empty by now he snapped his fingers to call Ian over, Ian immediately hurried to stand in front of Louis. “Is there anything else, Mr. Tomlinson?” He asked Louis.

“Another.” Louis told him and glanced at Harry who was resting his head on his palm, he looked bored and the truth is Harry is bored. “You too, Harry?”

Harry shakes his head and lift his head, humming to Louis. “Another what? Oh- no, I’m good.”

“Don’t worry, it’s on me, I promise.” Louis chuckled. “You’re a uni student I’m not gonna make you pay.”

Harry shakes his head, he can’t exactly let this stranger pay for him. “No, you don’t have to, really.”

“Ian, he’s on me.” He told Ian instead and Ian nodded then turn to Harry, asking if he wants anything else. Can they see Harry can’t even down this one drink?!

Harry shakes his head again. “I’m good, thanks Ian.” He became familiar with the name he forgot he doesn’t exactly know the man. “And thanks Louis.”

It was too risky to let Louis buy him a drink. Harry had so many reasons, like what if Louis gets him too drunk and took him back to wherever he lives. And also because he didn’t like the drink at all.

Ian came back with another glass for Louis and Louis turned to face him instead of saying anything else to Harry. It was hard to watch Ian and Louis had a conversation better than him and Harry. It was probably because they knew each other but Harry still hoped Louis has his attention back to Harry. He didn’t know what to say or do, how does he lure him into his room?! How do they do this?!

He remembered his friend, Maisie, she’s good at luring men. Well, high school boys but she was still good at it. She was probably the most experienced out of his group. He remembered her telling him how to flirt but all of her education was left in Essex when Harry needed it the most.

The only thing he remembered from Maisie is when they were at a house party and he watched Maisie scoot closer to Jack, their classmate, on the leather sofa and whispered something that made Jack turned to her with widen eyes. And now they’re happily dating. He needs to know what Maisie said, he could text Maisie right now but then she’ll never stop asking questions about where he is and who he’s with.

And by the time a customer called for Ian, he had to excuse himself and Louis turned to face Harry again, he can’t pull his phone out now. He wants to talk to Louis. He wants to lure Louis into his room. It doesn’t really matter if they fuck or not, but he’d love to see this man in better lighting and possibly naked.

Think, Harry think.

Louis gulped down his second drink, Harry wasn’t sure why he likes the drink. But Harry decided he let his drink sit for too long he picked it up again and gulped it trying to drink without tasting it.

Harry tried not to make a gagging noise when he set the glass down, looking proudly at his half empty glass now.

At least now he knows why it’s called a Long Island, it was because it’s endless!

“So, Harry.” Louis shifted his body a little, Harry perked up when Louis started taking again. “How long are you staying then?”

“Till Sunday,” Harry said and it feels like it’s the only honest thing that came out of his mouth tonight other than Harry telling Louis his actual name.

Louis hummed. “You’re gonna spend the weekend in London, alone?”

This was Harry’s chance to not mess up and start flirting, if he knows how to properly flirt that is. “Was hoping I’d meet someone to spend the weekend with.” This was another truth coming out of Harry.

Surprisingly, what he said seemed to work because he watched Louis’ lips crooked to the side. Harry never payed attention to his lips till now, God, it looks kissable. He bets Louis kisses better than Bryan in middle school. If that counts as a kiss.

“Well, you must be in luck, you’ve met me just in time.” Louis scoot his stool shamelessly closer to Harry. If he starts whispering in Harry’s ear, Harry thought this could be like how Maisie and Jack started their relationship. “I don’t think there’s anyone who knows London like I do.”

He said it as if Harry never been to London before. “But before that.” Louis leaned in and Harry’s heart beats so fast he thought it was gonna fall out of his chest and dropped right on the floor. “What if I show you around my room?”

Harry gulped. “I- I thought you work here, why are you staying the night in the hotel?” This was by far the dumbest question Harry asked all night. But the question is to clarify Louis isn’t a sexual predator.

Because if he does has a room in this hotel, then he lied about working here. Why would he stayed the night at a hotel he works at?! Is that even allowed?!

Louis burst out of laughter, he leaned back of course because he didn’t want to laugh right next to Harry’s ear.

Harry frowned, facing him. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, I’m sorry.” Louis was still trying to control himself from laughing. “It’s just- nevermind, I do, in fact has a room here.” Louis grinned. “And it might be the best room in the whole building, you can see whole of London from my room.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “Then we might as well spend the weekend in your room seeing London instead of traveling around and get stuck in traffics.”

Louis smirked. “That sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing London at all if we do that.”

“Why?” Again, Harry asked, dumbly.

“Because I won’t be able to get my eyes off of you.” Louis leaned again, Harry wanted to lean back but he also wanted to be closer to Louis. He was both scared but he wanted this. “You’re a better view anyway, love.”

Harry wanted to scream for his mum.

But also the other side of him wants Louis to pick him up and take him to this room Louis won’t stop bragging about.

He could still chicken out now instead of later up in Louis’ room.

But then he remembered Niall’s voice when he was talking about his boyfriend, Shaun. God, Harry wanted to gag but he wanted what Niall had.

And that’s it. Just from that reminder, Harry dared to say. “Take me there then.”