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50 moments

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“It’s three in the morning.”

Hyde froze. As he turned, he stared into the darkness of the kitchen, sure he hadn’t heard what he thought he’d just heard.

And then a glint in the darkness.

“Uh… so?” He chuckled, trying to continue slinking along the hallway. “I’ve gotten back later before.”

“Exactly.” The glint became the shine of a knife, dangling from Rachel’s hand as she stepped forward from her dark corner.

Hyde was confused, to say the least. “So… what, are you worried about me? Relax, I’m just stepping in for some extra… supplies. I won’t be bothering anyone.” That was a lie. He was taking the potion and letting Jekyll pass out in the study.

Rachel started tapping her foot on the wooden floor of the hallway, huffing. “Hyde, I normally don’t see you until dawn. And you can and will steal anything you want from the rest of London. What’s going on?” Her arms were folded, and she was holding the knife loosely, but experience made Hyde wary of it. He knew she wouldn’t really use it, but she sure could get close enough to nick, and that was enough to make Hyde on edge. Ha, on edge. Edge of a knife. Very funny.

Hyde waved away the vague voice of a very sleep deprived Jekyll. He didn’t need that right now.

“Fine, maybe I’m here to grab something I can’t get in the rest of London. Maybe I’m here to steal an experiment, or kidnap a lodger for a night of daring and fun and gossip and rumors disproven or proven,” Hyde sarcastically drawled, letting himself slip out of his Cockney accent for focus on his prose.

Rachel rolled her eyes. “Alright, now I know you’re tired. You’ve lost that stupid fakey accent of yours.” Then she paused, looking worried. “Hyde… I know you think you’re indestructible, but even Lavender’s creatures sleep. Can’t you?”

Hyde couldn’t stand that puppy dog look. It had dragged Jekyll into telling secrets that had been between them and maybe one other person, maybe less, and Hyde didn’t appreciate having secrets aired.

Ugh. “Fine,” he growled. He couldn’t articulate anything more, because she was right— he was tired. Too tired to be out on London streets, so he stalked off to Jekyll’s study and flopped into the first chair he could find, mixed the potion, and after a few agonizing minutes, Jekyll dragged himself to bed.

Rachel was just watching the door. She had seen Jekyll leave a while before. (Technically, she hadn’t seen him come back through his window with a little guidance from Hyde.) She made sure that Hyde went to sleep, after a few odd noises and thumps.

In the morning, she’d check on him. Make sure he’d gotten at least a few hours of sleep.

Maybe she’d go back on her ‘No cookies for criminals’ policy.

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“Why are you helping me?”

Jekyll jumped. As he turned, he realized that the werewolf he’d picked up had spoken.

“Because…” Jekyll paused. Normally, he would say something like Because I like helping people like you or Because I know where you can flourish.

But for some reason, he wanted to say something like Because I like you.

“…because you remind me of someone I used to know,” Jekyll finally replied, feeling flustered. He was thinking of Morcant, and that wasn’t a good idea. Especially not with someone else in the cab, someone who had so much in common with Morcant while still being completely different.

Jasper was about to respond, when suddenly the driver called whoa! and the cab jerked to a stop over a few cobblestones.

“Oh! We’re here!” Jekyll practically leapt out of the cab, to the protests of the driver still going for the step stool.

Jasper poked his still furry head outside. “We’re… at my apartment?” He looked up to see his room’s window, shutters open to let out any noxious smells so that his menagerie wasn’t harmed.

“Yes, I asked you for your address back when we first got in, remember?” Jasper’s confused comment worried Jekyll. He wasn’t sure what he’d do if Jasper wasn’t remembering things correctly. He wasn’t really that sort of doctor.

Jasper jumped. “Oh, sorry… yes, I remember now.” If he had proper cheeks, he would have been blushing. As Jekyll watched, he could almost see it through the wolflet’s fur.

Then Jasper cried out. Purple liquid gooshed out of every pore on his face as his face morphed into something more human.

Jekyll had to admit, he was surprised that the blush was still there afterwards. (Though morbidly proud that he could read Jasper well enough to know it would be there.)

“Oops…” Jasper wiped at his face. He had a paw now, but he definitely had a human face.

Jekyll just paused, waited for Jasper to readjust, and then smiled. “Now. Let’s get your apartment packed up!”

Jasper looked at Dr. Jekyll like the doctor had just said he was willingly tarred and feathered. “Really?”

Jekyll stopped himself from rolling his eyes. Jasper didn’t deserve that sort of attitude. “Yes, really. Now come on, I’ll explain as we pack.”

And so they walked into Jasper’s apartment building, packing up phoenix and shadow creatures alike. 

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“Was that supposed to hurt?”

Hyde grinned maniacally, covering his wound so that his attacker couldn’t see it. This would be the perfect time to just freak out about being injured, wouldn’t it? Right when he was trying to cement his ‘indestructible’ status. Ah, the healing powers of sarcasm.

He did, of course, have access to Flesh Weaver, and would probably be able to survive any mortal would as long as he could get hands on the ingredients… but that was different than being actually indestructible, no matter how he believed he was.

And so he stared down Moreau, daring the man to attack again with that flamethrower. Moreau stared right back, daring the gremlin to move again. Hyde could throw himself into another wall, Jekyll commented sarcastically, and Hyde took a moment to reprimand his counterpart for distracting him in the middle of battle.

It was all the moment Dr. Moreau needed.

Flame seeped into the walls, and Hyde barely had time to dart out of the spot he’d been standing in.