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A party at the bunker? But what Mary Winchester wants she gets, and what she wanted was to have a birthday party for the son she never got to throw one for.

Mary had asked me to stay this past last month after pairing up for a vamp hunt in Missouri, not only to help her with the party plans, but also to work as a dispatcher for some hunters she was working with, including her and her boys. Although computers had kinda made this type of job somewhat obsolete, Mary still prefered the a more personal...analog approach to hunting. I mean sure, I had to answer calls day and night, do research, and deal with stinky whiny hunters all day, but not coming home covered in ghoul was a perk; and so was getting to spend the day with the angel, Castiel.

He was sweet, smart, sexy, and funny, even though he didn’t seem to know why I was laughing half the time, and subsequently made the most fantastic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But at night, his sweetness gave way to a darker desire as I lie awake thinking of him. Wanting him. Swimming in those oceanic blue eyes in my mind. Desperately trying to work up the nerve to just walk in to his room and make him mine. Maybe this party will finally be my chance.

Headed out towards the library, with my new dress and killer shoes I had bought while out supply shopping with Mary, I couldn’t believe how many people were there. People I hadn't seen in ages, out to celebrate the youngest Winchester’s birth. He had told his mother that this party was not necessary, but secretly I know be was thrilled.

“Sam! Happy Birthday!”
He smiled, giving me the biggest hug.
“Thank you. Wow. Look at you!”
“Yeah. Well, I can’t wear this to work, it’s for special occasions...and this is definitely one.”
“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

As Sam walked away, Dean approached me, looking dapper with his signature sinful grin on his face.

“Wow. Are you the stripper?”
“If I was, I’d put on a show you could never afford, or survive.” giving him a wink.
He smiled, putting his arm around your waist and taking a sip of his beer.
“This is nice huh? For Sammy.”
“It really is. Your mom, she did a hell of a job.
Sam approached you both with a tray of numerous tiny cups.
“Oh no. No. No.” I announced, shaking your head.
“Oh yes!” Dean exclaimed, releasing your waist to hand a cup to you and one for himself.
“Come on Y/N. It’s my birthday.”
Taking a sniff at the cup, you felt your eyes burn at the intensity of the alcohol content.
“To Sammy!” Dean announced.
I wish I could say it was just one...but that is not the Winchester way. Drinking is noble work, competitive like a sport. Even though I could keep up with them, you had a mission to complete, and this liquid courage would help.

“Guys. Where's Cas?”
Both shrugged, looking around for a moment, when Dean got a weird smirk on his face.
“What?” I asked.
“Cas huh? You interested in our fine feathered friend?”
“Dean.” Sam instinctively scolded him, before turning to see my face starting to match my scarlett colored dress. “Wait. Are you?”
I gulped, my silence was deafening.
“Oh my god you are!” Sam exclaimed.
“Shut up.”
Their ridiculous grins got bigger.
“I hate you guys.”
“OH come on Y/N!” Dean exclaimed.

As I walked away, they shouted out helpful tips about “using protection” and that “he thinks it means his angel blade!” I held up my middle finger, as I made my way through the crowd, greeting a few guests, before grabbing another drink and heading to Dean’s man cave to hide. As I opened the door, I noticed the flickering of a television in the room.

“Cas what are you doing in here? Why aren’t you out enjoying the party?” I asked flicking on the lamp.
“It’s very loud.”
“Yeah well, that’s what parties are. You’re going to miss the girl jumping out of the cake.”
“What girl? Won’t that ruin the cake?”
“Kidding Cas.” I said, setting my beer down on the end table.
“You look nice. I like that color…”

Maybe it was the Winchester's, or the liquid courage, but I couldn’t take anymore pleasant banter at that moment; it was now or never. Straddling his lap on the overstuffed recliner, I silenced his next sure to be sweet compliment with my tongue, hungrily nipping at his bottom lip, as I ran my fingers through that mane of hair. Gripping a handful of it at the nape of his neck, and giving it a bit of tug, I swirled my tongue possessively around his before giving it a playful suck.

“I’m...sorry. I have wanted to do that since we first met.” I confessed.
“You did?”
“MmmHmm.” I added, as I began to unbutton his shirt, pulling it from his waistband before running my hands over his his chest, the lowing my mouth to envelop his nipple,
“Y/N!” he groaned as I felt his growing clothed cock, twitch between my legs.
“I need you Cas!”

Hands shaking, I pulled clumsily at his his belt, unfastened his pants, finally unveiling his thick, cock. He reached behind me, unzipping my dress to my waist, freeing my arms. His hands moved over my now exposed breasts, before replacing them with his ravenous mouth. Reaching down between the both of us, he grabbed hold of his cock, stroking it gently, my breast in his mouth. Suddenly I felt him push my soaked through panties aside, dragging the tip across your clit before lining it up with your dripping entrance.

“Castiel please!” I begged.

Lifting me upwards, he entered me, slowly, allowing me time to adjust to his ample size until he was fully seated deep inside. I whispered his name, over and over again as he began to move, kissing him, touching him, tasting him as his deep thrust pushed me to the edge in only seconds. As I squeezed down around him in absolute pleasure, he began to thrust harder, hitting me perfectly with each stroke, as he held me tight in his arms. With his face pressed against my shoulder, and my fingers digging in to his, I could feel my second orgasim building. He cursed as I felt his trusts start to falter.

“Fuck. Y/N!”
“Yes Cas! Yes. Come with me!”

The angel obliged, his warm release filling me as we rode out our orgasims together. He layed back the recliner, allowing me to collapse on to him, his cock still barely inside me.

“Are you ok?” He asked kissing me atop my head, his hands tracing my spine.
“Yes. More than o.k.” I responded.

With every bit or energy I had left, I lifted my head off his chest, and kissed him, softly, revealing that rarely seen, but beautiful smile of his.

“Yeah Cas?”
“THAT was what I have wanted to do since we first met.”