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Maid to Serve

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A wonderful portrait of Missy, done by the talented Ammiety.


I smoothed down the front of my dress automatically. Most of my mind was busy hyping myself up. I could do this. Not only could I do this, I should do this. Who knew when a chance like this would come again?

Across the street, the building’s lights were lit up and even from here, I could hear the sound of music and conversation. It looked like the party was already in full swing. There wasn’t a name over the door, but there didn’t need to be. The people who mattered knew where it was and how to get in.

In fact, tonight, even the people who didn’t need to know were getting in. I didn’t have a clue as to why the Undersiders were holding a party at one of their locations, but I could still recognize a chance when it came up and bit me. All I had to do was cross the street and join the people trickling in, in ones, twos or threes. And hell, it wasn’t as if it was a long enough distance to give me pause.

And I was getting cold out here. Stockings really didn’t do much to keep my legs warm, and the rest of my costume ended halfway down my biceps. At least it would be warmer inside. From embarrassment, if nothing else. I liked my Vista costume way more than this maid outfit, but I couldn’t exactly go undercover as a superheroine when I was that superheroine.

Taking a deep breath, I headed across the street and towards the entrance. Time to shine. I hoped I wasn’t making a mistake. Okay, I hoped I wasn’t making a bad mistake. Coming here off the clock, out of costume was a mistake. But people would only realize it was a mistake if I got in trouble and needed rescuing. And hopefully, that shouldn’t happen.

There were two redheaded brothers working as bouncers just inside the door. But they didn’t give me a second glance as I faux-nonchalantly strolled on through. I had to admit, that gave me pause. While I could certainly handle myself better than almost anyone in here, I didn’t look like I could. And the maid costume certainly didn’t help me look more badass (which was the entire point). So what, they were just there to remind the would be drunkards there was muscle around? Whatever. I had a baton hidden in the skirt ruffles, an emergency beacon in my headdress and had four years of martial arts under my belt.

And superpowers, of course. It was amazing how many people didn’t realize that a short reach didn’t mean much when I could just warp the difference between my hand and their guy to three inches. So I thought I was pretty well prepared when I stepped out onto the floor.

There were a lot of people there, drinking and talking and dancing. And I was very short, so I had trouble actually seeing much of anything. I started looking for a bar or something, where I could sit on a stool and get a few extra inches of height. Though not have any drinks. This was not the crowd to get tipsy in.

Sure, most of them looked inoffensive enough, but I could still recognize a lot of signs from the briefings. People who worked for Tattletale, Skitter, the whole sordid bunch, were all here. They looked like they were just normal people, and a number of them were. But I knew there were murderers, robbers, drug runners and worse in here. And that was why I was here.

I wanted to get information. So many minions, with so much booze, and such a relaxed atmosphere, somebody was bound to let something slip. And I aimed to be there to pick it up when I did. That would be a nice feather in my cap, discovering some valuable information after a daring infiltration. That would make people sit up and take me as seriously as a veteran with my experience would deserve.

Now I would just need to do it. Looking over the room from the center of it, sitting at the bar, I planned out my next move. Seeing some butch black woman downing shot after shot, I decided on my target. I’d just need to linger around her for a while, listening to her talk to her skinny white friend in a fetish nurse outfit. No way could someone as sloshed as her keep secrets.

Twenty minutes later, I was starting to wonder if I had miscalculated. The woman hadn’t said anything worth listening to, and I was starting to go deaf in one ear. Also, I was feeling a bit hot and sweaty, from all the heat generated by the people in the room. And bored. Very, very bored.

It was almost a relief when a hand landed on my shoulder. Spinning around, I raised my hands in a self-defense position. Then I lowered them, feeling- well, a lot of things. Shock and anger and fear and a horrible sense that it didn’t matter what I felt or did, because I had already lost.

Skitter was in front of me. And I could tell it was Skitter and not some flunky dressed up as her. The bugs crawling over her armor, the sheer quality of the armor, meant that it had to be the meanest, nastiest bitch in the city. And she was right in front of me, in a building full of people who worked for her or her equally disgusting friends.

I was fucked. Well, probably. If she knew I was Vista, I was fucked. But if she didn’t, well, I wasn’t hugely good at the social scene but desperation could work wonders.

“Aren’t you a little young to be in here?” she asked, gloved hands on her hips.

“Um, no?” I said, trying to act like I was badly lying. On the inside, I was fuming. I had been working as a superheroine before this bitch’s entire crew had even come onto the scene. “I’m eighteen, just short for me age.”

Frankly, I didn’t care if she believed me or not. If I got thrown out of here, it wasn’t as if I’d lose out on some juicy gossip, not if what I had already heard was any indication.

“Uh huh,” Skitter said, crossing her arms. At least she wasn’t using her bugs to talk, so it was just a slightly muffled human voice. “Come with me. We’re getting your jailbait rear off the floor.”

She turned on her heel and left, confident that I would meekly follow her. After a minute of grinding my teeth I did, though there was nothing meek about my stomps. If only that could be intimating. But my height and my costume made that a joke.

There was an abrupt transition from the noise of the crowd to the hallway just on the other side of the door. The lights were stable, the noise was muffled and it was completely deserted. Skitter stepped through a side door, holding it open for me. I did so and she shut it, entirely muffling the music. This room must have a lot of sound-proofing, I thought. That could be good or bad.

Skitter sat down on a loveseat, tugging at her mask. I watched as she pulled it off, revealing the pale face of the woman underneath it. I kept on thinking of her as Skitter, even though I, and most of the city, knew the name of Taylor Hebert. But so long as she didn’t know about Missy and Vista, it was all still alright.

“You know who I am,” Skitter said, disgustingly self-assured. “And I don’t need to know your name.” That stung, even though I was glad for it. “I am curious about you, though.” She looked me up and down, her face neutral.

“So you’re a maid, are you?” Skitter asked sardonically. She picked up a bottle of water and unscrewed the top. “And either a stupid or brave one, to come here.”

I stayed silent, not sure what to say. From what I’d seen and the reports I read, she could have a vicious, unpredictable temper. At least mutilations only happened to other parahumans. Which I was, but she didn’t need to know that.

“I could use a maid,” she mused, fiddling with the bottle cap. “But not a stupid one. So how can I see which one you are?”

Her tone didn’t invite an answer. And I didn’t give one. For one, I wasn’t sure where this was going, exactly. Did she honestly think I was a maid? Or was this just some weird gloating about how she, the supervillain, had a girl playing dress-up in her clutches?

“Get over here,” she said, taking a drink from the bottle. “Someone like you needs a lesson.”

I slowly walked over to her. I didn’t know what she was planning, but at least it wasn’t bugs. If it was, I would already be screaming on the floor, covered by them. Compared to that, almost anything would be better. The way she bounced around from thought to thought made me wonder if she had been drinking. If she was, that was the only sign of it.

Once I was a foot away from her, Skitter reached out and grabbed me. I squeaked as she pulled me forward, hands rapidly going up my arm. In a few seconds, I was across her lap, looking down at the cushion.

I felt one hand on my lower back and the other on my bottom. Even though I was undeniably in the subordinate position, I had to roll my eyes. This was it? I wasn’t complaining, exactly, but come on.

Seriously? She was going to spank me? What, could she not tell the difference between twelve and six? Or was this what she did to any cute girl she grabbed? The intel reports said she was dating Grue, but what if that was some kind of twisted hobby they shared?

Not even Skitter swinging down her hand changed my mind. There was a sharp burst of pain, but it wasn’t a big burst. The second slap wasn’t any worse. It was just a quick paddling, done by someone who obviously wasn’t putting any real power in it.

A spanking was nothing. It was humiliating, sure. I was bent across someone’s lap as they hit me, my dress not serving as that much of a cushion. But this was far from the worst pain I’d experienced even this week. But there was still something about it, something that was making this unpleasant. Actually, it wasn’t making unpleasant and that was the problem.

It wasn’t something I would ever admit. I could barely admit it to myself. But there was a low churn of arousal in my lower gut. This was… wrong and sick and a couple other negative words. But It was still arousing.

It wasn’t even getting me very wet, or even moist. Just what felt like a light dampness, sticking to my panties. But still. I was getting spanked by a supervillain for infiltrating her party dressed up as a maid. Arousal was not supposed to be an option here.

And yet here I was. I could feel my panties steadily getting damper as Skitter spanked me. My body was instinctively twitching, and I knew that not all of my movements were attempts to get away. The one bit of good news was that Skitter didn’t know how turned on I was. How could she? A red face would because I was getting spanked. And my underwear would do its job of hiding stiff nipples or wet lips.

Somewhat assured that my dirty little secret wasn’t about to be discovered, I did my best to ride the spanking out. Skitter had quite the arm strength, and it took her a while to finish spanking me. Thankfully, she never went below the black skirt I had to get a handful of flesh. I kept on telling myself it was something to be thankful for, even as a traitorous corner of my mind told me that it was a disappointment.

Skitter spanked me for about five minutes, which was impressive given how many swats she got in in those five minutes. By the time she was done, my bottom was stinging, and I was starting to wish she had pulled up my skirt. At least that way the fabric wouldn’t be rubbing against my ass. It had to be glowing red and I wouldn’t be sitting down anytime soon.

More worrying was my arousal. My nipples were two stiff points pressing against my bra. And I was going to have to be careful getting off of Skitter’s lap if I didn’t want her to see that my panties were practically glued to my crotch with my arousal.

“Have you learned your lesson?” Skitter asked, her palm resting on my rear. Her grip was firm, but not squeezing down. It still sent a flash of pain through me, followed by a flash of pleasure almost as strong.

It took a moment for me to answer. Partly because I was short of breath, but mostly because it took a while to get my thoughts together, and to make sure I didn’t blurt out something stupid like ‘harder’.

“Yes.” Then I remembered how much emphasis villains put on respect. “Yes, ma’am. Miss Skitter. Whatever you prefer.”

She snorted. I still couldn’t see her face but her next few words sounded amused.

“Ma’am or Skitter. Miss Skitter sounds like a joke.”

“Of course ma’am,” I said, trying to sound as professional as I could bent over someone’s lap and with my face almost in the cushion. At least it let me focus on something other then the way pain and pleasure were winding around inside of me.

Her arms slid underneath me, gently lifting me up and setting me to my feet. Now that gravity wasn’t pulling the skirt directly down onto my rear, it was a bit better. I was facing away from her, looking at the front of the room. She put her hand on my shoulder, covering most of it.

“Now, the party’s still going on,” Skitter said, a note of self-satisfied contentment in her voice. “So it wouldn’t be right to send a young maid out there. And this room is so very messy. Be a dear and clean it up.”

I looked around, taking the chance to roll my eyes. Skitter was supposed to be a good liar, but she obviously didn’t see a need to be convincing towards a little maid. For one, this room wasn’t messy. It wasn’t spic and span, but it wasn’t a pig pen like, well, mine was.

Hey, I was busy with a lot of stuff. Cleaning up a room I did little more than sleep in was low on my list of priorities. And, honestly? Cleaning a room I didn’t even do that in should have been even lower.

But I also wasn’t leaving. I was kind of horny. I knew I had a submissive streak. There had been enough romantic fantasies of Gallant and I to tell me that. And I knew I wasn’t any kind of dom. My daydreams of doing to Glory Girl what Gallant did to me just never had the spark that he did.

So was I really up to doing some kinky, submissive roleplay with a supervillain who I should be arresting? The answer came as I sorted some books into a straight stack. Yes. Yes I was.

Hell, I was so into it, I had started cleaning even while I was rationalizing my decision. I looked down at the stack of books I had just straightened and wondered what the hell I was doing. There’s wasn’t anybody on the Undersiders who could mess with my mind like this, which meant that this really was me. I really was enjoying being a maid for a supervillain.

I sneaked a look at Skitter as I puttered around the room, not doing a whole lot but at least looking like I was. She was watching me, a tight, odd smile across her face. Her arms were slung across the back of her loveseat. Which was certainly better the alternative. I knew Skitter was fucked up, but that knowledge would go to a whole new level if she started masturbating while I was just cleaning.

And not even sexily cleaning, either. I wasn’t bending over at the waist, making my skirt ride up to show off my thighs. I wasn’t swaying my hips as I walked around. I was just cleaning up as best I could without a rag or vacuum or any of the things you needed to actually clean with.

My thoughts were chasing each other around more than was wise. I only clued into that when I lifted a glass vase of flowers. One second I was holding it in one hand, the next there was nothing but air. And a crash ringing in my ears, and a few droplets of water hitting my ankles.

I froze, staring down. The vase was hopelessly shattered, water spreading across the floor. And even the rose stem had been cut in two by a shard of glass. The only way this could get worse was if someone slipped on the water and landed face first on the glass. Fuck. Fuck. How on earth could I have been so fucking careless? Great job, Missy, great fucking job.

I started as I felt a presence behind me. Skitter had managed to silently cross the distance between the loveseat and here while I was staring down at the stricken vase. Her bare face was just as blank as her mask was. She looked from the mess to me.

“I’m disappointed,” she said calmly. “I thought you were just a reckless maid. I didn’t realize you were a clumsy maid as well.”

I flushed, but couldn’t think of any witty retort. It had just been a stupid moment of carelessness, totally unfitting for someone like me. The one bright side was that Skitter obviously wasn’t angry, so I’d probably just be getting another spanking.

That wouldn’t exactly be enjoyable, especially since my bottom was still aching. But, all things considered, a spanking was still just a spanking. Unless, of course, she thought that I needed more than a spanking. In which case, welp.

“How can I get rid of the clumsiness,” Skitter said musingly, tapping her gloved, almost claw-like fingers against her chin. “How can I show a silly little maid how to do better?”

I didn’t answer. Instead I fidgeted, shifting from side to side as I tried to keep my hands at my sides. The arousal inside my belly was slowly dying, but not fast enough. I was still feeling an aching need in between my legs, something that needed to be filled.

“Maybe the problem is that those clothes are distracting you.”

What? She couldn’t honestly believe that, could she? Then I got a better look at Skitter’s face. There was a kind of tenseness in it. But it was also mixed with anticipation. Then the light dawned on me. Just like I was a kinky sub who got turned on spanking, Skitter was a kinky dom who got turned on by spanking. It must have been agony for her, waiting for me to make a mistake so I could be punished.

If my revelation showed on my face, Skitter didn’t comment on it. Instead, her fingers slid down the back of my neck to fiddle with the tab keeping my maid outfit secured around my neck. It took a few tries for her to figure out how it connected together. But then she tugged at it and I felt the dress sag at my shoulders.

And now was the decision point. Did I raise my arms and let my costume slid off of me? Or stay passive, and see how much Skitter groped me as she undressed me? What one was less humi-

I realized my arms were already raised up and my dress was puddling around my feet. Damn it, Missy, start thinking with your brain. She was still a villain even if she was making me feel horny.

Skitter walked around me, obviously checking me out. I shivered, wondering if I was going to feel her hands wandering all over me, groping and pinching me. And if she would discover how wet I was.

Instead, she just came back around to my front. There was a small, tight smile on her lips as she nodded in approval. Crossing her arms, she looked me in the eyes. I swallowed, but met her gaze. Sure, some subby little maid shouldn’t be doing that, but I was still Vista, the experienced superhero. There were limits.

“Do you need me to finish undressing you, or can you manage that on your own?” Skitter asked wryly.

I flushed, and started tugging at my bra. I normally didn’t wear one, because I was far too young and flat to need one. But it and my panties had come with the rest of the maid outfit, so I had tossed them on. And the frilly nature of them had made me feel quite attractive and feminine, even if nobody was else was supposed to be seeing them.

I got out of my bra pretty quickly. I was about to toss it to the ground, when I remembered the role I was playing. I was sure Skitter would go harder on a reckless, clumsy, sloppy maid than she would on just a reckless, clumsy maid.

Instead, I neatly folded it and placed it on the tabletop where I had picked up the vase from. I glanced down at it. Yep, the water and glass and everything were still there. Someone (me, probably) really should take care of it, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to do so right now. Not compared to finishing stripping in front of Skitter, presumably so she could punish me again.

I inched my panties down my thighs. Luckily, I wasn’t so wet that there was a line of arousal connecting my panties to my crotch or anything. Although there was a rather noticeable wet spot on them. I would just have to hope Skitter didn’t see it, somehow.

I stepped out of my panties and grabbed my maid’s dress off of the floor. Stepping around the mess, I put them both next to my bra. Then I turned back around, wondering what was going to happen next. I hoped it would feel nice, and help to take my mind off of me being functionally naked in front of someone else.

I was left only in my stockings and that frilly headdress thing, after all. And that really wasn’t enough. I grabbed my other arm and looked away, biting my lip. I didn’t want to look up and see- I wasn’t sure what, in Skitter’s eyes. Lust, amusement, anything. Nervousness was starting to mix with my arousal, especially now that the pain was dying down.

“Good god, do you practice looking that cute?” Skitter asked in an amused tone.

I flushed, realizing how vulnerable I had just made myself look. I knew I looked cute even when I tried to look imposing, and right now, mostly naked, there was no way I could look anything but vulnerable. And since Skitter liked that look, I must have just pushed even more of her buttons.

Skitter stepped behind me, and placed a hand against my back. The silk of her glove was cool to the touch. She pushed me forward, back to the loveseat. I stumbled forward, almost tripping over my own feet. I caught myself and kept on walking, matching Skitter’s pace.

I stopped in front of the loveseat, waiting for Skitter to get on and pull me back across her lap. Instead, I felt a hand at my shoulder, driving me down. I knelt, confused about what she was planning. Was she going to have me lick her out? If so, she was going to be disappointed. I had explored myself pretty well, and knew a lot about how the female body responded to pleasure. But oral just wasn’t something a girl could do to herself.

“Put your hands on the couch,” Skitter said, her voice calmly certain. She obviously didn’t think there was any chance I would disobey.

I put my hands on the cushions, proving her right. I had to lean forward a bit and rise up. I realized that this position was showing off as much of a butt as I had. Was she going to spank me again? If so, why the new position?

I looked behind me, trying to guess what was about to happen to me. As I turned my head, Skitter reached past me, her long arm going for a case on the table next to the seat. She grabbed it and brought it back. I heard the click of a latch opening, but her hands were just out of sight.

Then she pulled out a small, narrow chrome rod. It was rounded on one end. My breath caught and a blush spread across my face as I realized what that was and what was about to happen to me. I didn’t have a dildo myself, but I could still recognize one.

It was kind of disturbing that she had a sex toy right there, on hand. On the other hand, there was a whole lot of lust inside me, and I was glad I wouldn’t have to wait around while she looked for it.

“I realize that it’s a bit counterintuitive, to spank you for coming with you, and then fuck you for breaking something,” Skitter said, her gloved fingers wandering over my backside. “I’ll just have to hope you still manage to take the right lesson from this.” Her hand caressed my rear. “One way or another.”

I quivered in- I wasn’t sure exactly. Nervousness? Anticipation? Both? Either way, my body was lightly shaking as Skitter moved her hand from my cheek to the line in between them. I made a small sound as I felt something cool press against my rear entrance.

“Wha- what are you doing?” I hated the way my voice quavered. “And I will be a good girl. Please don’t spank me again.”

“I’m lubing you up, of course,” Skitter said in an amused tone. “Your virginity is something precious, to be given, not taken. And I’ll spank you when I decide you need a spanking.”

I shivered. So it was going to be anal, huh? That was… really unexpected. I had always thought I would have gotten used to regular sex before someone went for my ass. Or that I would have been kissed, even. But I didn’t pull away. There was a lusty fire in my belly, and I didn’t want to have to try and soothe it just using my hands.

So sure, I was willing to try anal. I wiggled my hips a bit as Skitter lubed me up. I hope she did a good job. I had never taken anything back there, and even the small dildo was still big enough to look a bit worrisome.

Thankfully, she had. I could feel the excess lube slowly, very slowly, sliding down the curve of my ass by the time Skitter placed the toy at my rosebud. I could feel cool, slick lube on it too. She rested one hand on my shoulder. I took a deep breath and- she- pushed-

It was an… intense feeling. I wasn’t sure how else to describe it. Kind of good, kind of bad, mostly weird. My breath hissed through my teeth as she pushed the toy in deeper and deeper. I could feel my legs shaking, and it was a good thing I was already kneeling.

When Skitter stopped, I could tell that there was a lot more room left inside me. Maybe she had pushed the toy in as far as it could go. At any rate, she started pulling it out and I felt the sensation of the dildo almost leaving my ass.

The next time, it felt a little less weird and a little more good. My arousal had died a bit, waiting for Skitter to get prepared. But now, as she worked the toy in and out of my ass, it was coming back stronger than ever. I grunted, pushing my hips back as Skitter fucked me.

“I know you screwed up,” Skitter said, still going at the same slow, steady pace. “But I can forgive you. You’ll get another chance to prove that you can be my maid. Do you want that?”

“Yeesss,” I moaned, feeling my brain melting as Skitter slid in and out of me. “I’ll, I’ll be the best,” I stopped to pant for breath, “maid you’ve ever had. Just please, please don’t stop!”

She didn’t. And a few thrusts later, I felt the pleasure inside me rise to a peak. I yipped, feeling myself collapse around the dildo. It was so much better than masturbation had even been.

God, I was cumming from my ass. And it felt so good. I fell forward, my head landing on the cushion as I panted. My entire body was shaking as my ass squeezed down on the dildo inside me. Skitter was stroking my hair, murmuring soft words to me as I shook.

Finally, I recovered. Or stopped cumming at least. I felt a bone deep, lazy satisfaction. Like I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Skitter obviously felt more energetic. She stood up, drawing the toy out of me. She walked away and came back a moment later. I looked up at her.

“Here,” Skitter said, handing me a necklace.

I peered at it, seeing a transparent plastic cube at the end. There was a ladybug inside, its legs occasionally slipping out of the air holes around it. I looked up at Skitter, not sure what I was seeing.

“A little girl like you needs to be kept safe,” she said. I didn’t visibly react to the condensation. “Just keep that with you, and if you’re ever in trouble, crush the cube.” She clenched her fist together. “I’ll know.”
A smirk spread across her face as she ruffled my hair, fingers slipping through my locks.

“After all, I wouldn’t want some creep to come and do naughty things to you.”