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Second Generation

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Introduction: Stella Rose Samuel is thirteen and afraid of men after continued abuse by her step father. Her social worker thinks she knows the perfect family to help her feel safe.

Chapter One

Carla is a new social worker to the Adams-Foster family. It’s been so long since they fostered, they didn’t know the new people. Lena loves Carla instantly. She is fresh out of college, passionate, and fiercely protective of the kids in her care. She comes back to her office bringing a water bottle for Lena and a black coffee for Steph.

“Thank you”, Steph sipped the coffee greatfully. “You said you wanted a quick transition. Is there a reason why this foster home isn’t working out? Does this girl have a lot of behavior issues?” There was some worry in her tone. Steph had an excellent track record with traumatized teens, but she worried that her patience was not what it used to be when she was younger.

“Nothing like that,” Carla insisted. Stella was abused by her step dad for years and her mother did nothing to defend her. She is afraid of her foster dad and her foster brothers.”

“There may be no foster Dad,” Lena reminded her, but we have three adult sons who visit.”

“I think we can tackle that when the time comes”, assured Carla. I also think that Steph being a police officer will help her feel secure. Her abuser is our on parole.”

“I don’t think he’d want to come to my house” Stephs voice held a warning note. Sexual assault wasn’t something she had any mercy about. She was already thinking about how she could make it look like an accident while Lena, knowing her wife, shook her head warningly at her. Step marveled at her ability to read her thoughts.

Carla gave the couple a quick synopsis on their future foster daughter: due to the abuse she took anti depressants and went to therapy. She felt most secure wearing long sleeve shirts and pants even in the hot summer. She loved Harry Potter.

The couple listened carefully and made their decision. They were definitely not starting over with infants but they still felt they were young and healthy enough to care for a teen.

“I’m going to start getting her school paperwork ready”, said Lena. Let’s keep her old therapist, but I can be more help to her if she’s in my school. By next week, we should have a move in date.”