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The Domestic and the Groupie

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A mid October night, 1973

A young girl stood near a road with a sign and a small suitcase. The sign read something along the lines of needing somewhere to go. A hitchhikers sign. She was a runaway trying to make it with rockstars. She hasn't found much luck with the likes of Marc Bolan or David Bowie but she would do anything to be with them. She even copied her wild makeup after Bowie and her glittery clothing after Bolan. The girl must have stood out in the numbing cold for hours as she found herself sitting on the side of the road shivering to keep herself warm. Then, a pickup truck pulled up in front of her. She stood to see some... thing driving the truck. She didn't care who it was as long as she would be able to find some place to stay for a while or at least a ride. The mysterious person eyed her from her head down to her feet and gave her a devilish grin.

"What's your name, sweetie?" A man's voice came from the person driving.
"Name's Columbia," the girl squeaked out as she climbed in the passenger seat,"and just take me to wherever you're going."
"Say, what's your name, uh, man?" Columbia turned to the driver.
"Frank, Frank N. Furter, please no questions until we arrive to my home."
So, it's a he, Columbia thought to herself. She didn't dare try asking any further questions until they were at this unusual man's house. She tried to start a conversation with him but he wouldn't answer her back.
"So, why do you wear all that makeup?" No answer.
"I was just wondering, sorry for bothering," Frank kept his eyes on the road and paid no attention to the girl.
Once they made it to his home, Columbia's eyes lit up at what was more like a castle. The guy's rich, you hit it big! Frank opened the passenger door and the small girl jumped out in excitement.
"This your place?" Columbia blurted out as they walked to his castle.
"Yes I live here," Frank answered.
"Well, you sure have a cool place, Frankie!"
Frank nodded and led her to the castle. He knocked on the giant door and a servant with a bald spot and hunched back wearing tattered butler clothing opened the door.

"Welcome," the servant dragged out in a slow voice holding out one arm to welcome them into the house.
"Thank you Riff Raff," Frank threw his jacket on him as he walked into the castle. Columbia politely smiled at him and followed Frank inside. She was in awe of the interior. It's even bigger and prettier on the inside of this place! But her attention shifted to the maid at the top of the stairs fairly quickly. Everything turned to a deafening silence when she was looking at her. She couldn't hear Frank as he tried to show her around the place. Her full attention was on the woman with big curly hair and a short dress.
"What are you staring at?" The woman spoke up in a heavily accented disgust. Columbia dropped her suitcase and blushed out of embarrassment.
"Now, Magenta, that's no way to treat a guest!" Frank scolded. Magenta rolled her eyes at him. What was that about? Columbia apologized to Magenta and followed Frank through the castle to his room where she would stay for the night. Columbia couldn't keep her mind off of Magenta for the rest of the night.