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peaceful dawn

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Sometimes, he can try to forget about the horrors of their past.

It is easier some days than others to push it to the back of his mind, to try not to think about the fact that he was part of the reason she had skirted around death even as a child, and over and over again throughout her year with SEES, to try not to think about how he had to leave her that fateful evening their junior year, and how he still beats himself up for breaking her heart back then. They always complimented each other. Tragedy and tragedy.

He has to admit things are different now. Through some miracle - he still doesn't know what or who granted this to the both of them, but he thanks the human gods and the terrifying gods that the two of them have seen every day that he can do this - he has been living a normal life. Both of them have, and he was even granted the ability to share it with her. The simple thought threatens to make him cry tears of joy every time, knowing how painful their goodbye had been.

He doesn't know what makes him stop this morning when he wakes up just to take a moment to come gently back into consciousness. Usually he's getting up to an alarm, she's already awake and in the kitchen making breakfast, but today is quieter.

Today, his eyes peel open and he realizes she's still there, still very much asleep, snoozing with her cheek against his shoulder, his arm steady around her. He shifts just enough not to disturb her, and brushes a strand of her hair behind her ear. Any moment, if he's not careful, her ruby eyes might open and he could be graced with one of her laughs as she realized what was transpiring, but for once, she is blissfully asleep, and it allows him to gently brush against her cheek and eyelashes with the pad of his thumb, tracing the curve of her lower lip, trying to memorize the details of her in case fate tried to tear them apart again. He is a romantic, she knows this and teases him about it often, but the reasoning behind it is something that she can see in his eyes, but something he would never admit.

She doesn't want to admit to him she shares the same fears, even after it all.

They both act like this to try and get the most from the life they've been given, considering they still don't know if this happiness is temporary or permanent. They cling to each other so desperately out of fear they will be ripped apart again. He outdoes himself in how much he shows his love for her because he is afraid that someday they won't be able to see each other at all anymore. She loves him with the fiery intensity she does because she's terrified it will end at any moment.

Sometimes, it's nice to forget all that for a while.

As he predicts, one touch along her nose must have been too firm, or tickled her, because her eyes slip open and meet with his, and she stretches slightly in the sheets until she just curls further around him and places an arm across his middle. "Good morning," she murmurs, voice rough with sleep, though not at all lacking in affection, and he smiles and leans over to press his lips against her forehead, her cheek, and she shivers, arm tightening over him, chuckling against his skin.

In moments like this especially, she is overtaken by the amount of love in her heart for him, the way he continues to make her chest constrict in the best of ways, for butterflies to erupt every time he would give her that smile of his. "We have some time, you know." His voice is soft as he turns onto his side and tugs her closer to him.

"I want to stay like this a bit longer," she returns in a whisper, and in the growing light of the day, they settle back into the sheets.