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It was a bright day for UA’s students. Bright day meaning a bundle of anxiety, hormones, and determination to crush anyone and everyone in their war path. Still, the students had been training for weeks in preparation for this moment, when they could show the world their potential as a future hero.

People had already begun to flood the stands in the early morning, while tha UA staff members prepared for the day’s events. None, however, were aware of the detour some of their days were about to take.

Standing, he took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He had to do it, he had to show his father that he could succeed without his power, and had to show everyone else that he was serious about the Sports Festival, that they would need to do their absolute best this day, no matter the cost. He turned and looked back at Midoriya, strong, brave Midoriya, who held onto what it meant to be a hero, and didn’t look down on those weaker than him. Who never stared directly at his scar, like the others he had caught, both discreetly and not so discreetly. Who never asked what it was like, living with a hero as great and strong as Endeavour, tell us Todoroki, all the things he must’ve taught you, every gift it has been living with him. No, not Midoriya, it was never from Midoriya. Whether from nervousness or actually noticing his discomfort, he wasn’t sure, but was greatful either way.

Ignoring the slight beating in his chest, as well as the fluttering in his stomach he vehemently pushed aside, he stared into the deep pools of green. Evergreen, he thought offhandedly. And it was those same evergreen pools he saw roll to the back of their head. And before anyone could utter a sound or even sprint forward to catch the body that crumbled into unconsciousness, all of the rooms occupants quickly met the same fate. Unknown to them, the same fate had befallen their teachers, as well as a few other unsavory guests.


“Ugh…” He blinked his eyes into focus, squinting at the blinding lights that glared down at him. Rubbing his face he tried to collect his head, furring his brows in confusion and concern when he did. Carefully sitting up, he cautiously looked at his surrounding, tense. Despite the slight headache he would do whatever it took to defend himself and figure out what his kidnapper wanted.

His classmates, as well as a few of his teachers, were scattered throughout a large room. A pulse of worry passed through him. He expected that whoever kidnapped them to be either extremely powerful or extremely cunning, possibly both. They had to be in order to take not only the entirety of the hero course class, but pro heros as well, in such a broad public setting no less. Glancing around again, since there didn't appear to be any injuries on the others, he noted that there weren’t any doors besides two dark gray doors, one with “Bathrooms” written on it, the other “Bedrooms”, and one large window that stretched across the entire wall. Through the window he could see what looked like a football field and a factory with “Bisco” written on the side. The floor of the room had a light gray carpeting, pillows and blankets thrown haphazardly all around the floor, and there appeared to be some sort of kitchen area in the corner There was also a giant TV propped against the wall, opposite of the window, connected to some sort of speaker, reminiscent of the movie theater he vaguely remembers visiting with someone previously close to him.

After everyone had woken and confirmed they had no memory of who captured them or how, the teachers unanimously decided to search the area for possible threats and openings to escape. While brief, their search did reveal a fully stocked kitchen, more than enough beds behind the “Bedrooms” door, and working toilets and showers behind the “Bathrooms” door. The TV had no power button or controller, the blankets and pillows nothing more than ordinary, and the window seemed to be unbreakable.

Mineta shifted from foot to foot, “They can get us out of here, right? I mean, they’re pros!” The heterochromia could sense the shorter boy’s unease and honestly understand, though this wasn’t the first time he had come face to face with uneasiness and fear, nor would it be the last. Acting in fear, however, would help no one.

“Children! Children~!” a voice sang out, echoing from wall to wall, making it impossible to find the origin. The teachers tensed, searching and prepared to defend the students.

“My grandma said that once, said it was from a movie called “The Hunter” or “The Huntsman” or something like that. It was from one of her old black and white movies.”, the voice spoke again. However, this time a boy seemed to form before them. The boy had black hair, green eyes, and a simple red hoodie over a t-shirt and jeans. He smiled, “Hello,” and spoke will calmness. “You’re probably worried, but I’m not here to hurt you, I just want to show you some things.”

“What things?” Aizawa-sensei asked, his tone hardened.

“The future, the past, and every secret I deem good enough to be seen.” the boy said back, unbothered. “I am The Obsolete. I see everything that ever was and will be within every reality. I grew fascinated with your reality in particular, as of late, and thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned about you with each other.

Kirishima gawked, “Fun? You kidnapped us and held us here against our will for fun?” as though this was the first time a villain had been moronic.

The boy grinned,“Yep!” he exclaimed, then cleared his throat, “Sorry, I’m trying to be professional about this, but I’m just so excited! Still, the screen will pause when someone must use the bathroom, or when you sleep. The kitchen will never run out of food, so eat until your heart’s content. There is no way out, until you finish, and when you return it will be as if you never left. Enjoy, and remember, ALL secrets will come out, everything shown is the truth, and later on you might even have a few guests! See ya!”

Todoroki felt the strong urge to blink, and when he did so the boy had disappeared. Almost immediately after, the TV screen flicked on, and after a few more minutes of discussion between the teachers, they sat around the room, facing the screen.

Silently, the split coloured teen sat with his small group of friends. Iida obviously displeased with the turn of events, Uraraka shifting in her seat both nervous and excited, and Midoriya biting his bottom lip, trying not to mutter as he mulled over the situation.

Tearing his eyes away from the soft pink of the smaller boy’s lips, the teen denying the hard thumps of his heart kept his eyes firmly on the TV, as it flickered once more and began their journey.

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He bit his bottom lip, thoughts running through his head quicker than an Iida on crack, which was a strange thought, but come to think of it what kind of effect would a sugar high have on Iida? He would probably have the high and inevitable crash, but then during the high, it has the potential to make him faster, though that begs the question of how other medications would have on his body’s energy, most likely like an average person, but then again he has quite the endurance and stamina. Which I wouldn’t exactly mind the taste of, he thought idly, and then there was his body temperature and if he could overheat himself like other appliances….


The call of “Midoriya?” broke him out of his thoughts once more. “Huh?” he smartly replied, turning towards the source.


Uraraka scratched the back of her head, “Sorry, but the TV isn’t turning on, and you’re kinda the only one talking, so…” Blushing, he fiddled with his hands. “Sorry, I guess I kinda forgot.” he chuckled sheepishly. Darn, he even bit his lip to stop himself. Come to think of it, when did he even let go of his lip?


“No problem!” she chirped back with a smile. Grinning back slightly, he turned back to the screen, thoughtlessly running his hands down his legs. Right before the screen re-started, however, he remembered why they were here. Swallowing tightly, he hoped it wouldn’t show what he knew it would.


The screen shows a woman washing the dishes, she has black hair and an apron on, back towards the screen. The small pitter-patter of feet are heard, before a little boy runs on screen, holding an All Might Action figure. “Mom! Mom!” he cries.


“Aw, hey it’s you Midoriya!” Ashido shouted, “You were so cute!” she squealed, causing said boy to blush fiercely.


“Yeah, what happened?” Toru jokingly asked, causing some of the other students to snicker.


“Computer time! Computer time!” he shouted, running off, the woman- his mother- quickly following. The scene changes to show little Midoriya rocking back and forth on the chair excitedly. His mother came next to him, setting up the computer. “Jeez Izuku, you probably added about a thousand views to this yourself. It’s too scary for me to watch.” she smiled and walked off.


This peak the viewers’ interests, some even leaning forward slightly.


A familiar laugh flowed out of the speakers, and the boy’s eyes seemed to shine. “Fear not! For I am here!” the boy gasped and watched in awe as the blonde hero saved the day.


Toshinori- not All Might because he was in his weaker form- couldn’t help but smile. This kid really was a fanboy at heart, huh?


“All Might!” Sero shouted excitedly, his friends grinning next to him.


Midoriya was still blushing, as this was most likely going to show all his fanboying, lord help him. Although, he thought, his mood turning grim, it looks like my secrets are going to be shown first. Running his hands over his arms, he grimaced. Of course, it had to be him first, showing one of his vulnerable and valuable secrets, though at least it didn’t show All Might’s secret. Probably. God, he hoped not. Regardless, the reaction wouldn’t be pretty.


“I was pretty young then.” came the voice of an older Izuku.


“So, this is a flashback, huh.” Sato said.


“I had a hope that one day I could be a hero, be as brave and strong as All Might. I was so excited to get my quirk, and then…”


Uraraka frowned, “Then what?” she questioned, the green haired boy looking down beside her.


“You should probably just give it up.” the screen changed to show a doctor, leaning back in his seat. Midoriya dropped his action figure, as his mother showed her concern.


They watched as the doctor informed them of toe joints and quirks, how he would most likely never develop a quirk, that there was no chance of him becoming a hero. They saw him reel and go misty-eyed, say the way he clung to the smallest bit of hope, his chance non-existent, of becoming what he dreamed to be since forever. They knew he was born quirkless, less than them.


Pathetic , he thought, I’m just pathetic, weak, and without All Might I would probably be dead in a ditch somewhere. His thoughts became bitter and twisted, clutching his pants tightly, looking down at the way his knuckles whitened, too afraid to look up and face his classmates and teachers, who would surely have eyes filled with disdain and annoyance, begging to ask the question of why he thought he would ever amount to anything, how he could possibly hope to be standing amongst them. Tears threatened to leave the corner of his eyes, and he rapidly blinked them away.


Crybaby .


Weak .


Broken .


Stupid .


“Midoriya?” he blinked, turning his head slightly as a cooler hand came to cover his own, removing it from the white-knuckled grip it had on his pants. “Are you alright?” came the deeper, calmer voice. Grasping the hand tightly he looked up and stared into a pair of mismatched eyes, one a chilling blue, the other a stoney gray. He vaguely remembered a clip he had come across of a cartoon squid shouting something relating to his thoughts.


Finding his voice he muttered, “Yeah, just waiting, I guess.” Though he saw the flash of confusion pass through the other boy’s eyes, he said nothing to elaborate and turned back to the screen, briefly squeezing his hand. A second later he wished he didn’t however, as Todoroki tense. Feeling a stab of emotion go through him, he said nothing, nor did he let go.


Unbeknownst to him, Todoroki was steadily trying not to light himself on fire.


“I’m sorry, Izuku! I’m sorry!” his mother cried, the scene having changed since he last looked, and once again showing little Izuku, crying as his mother held him.


“Mom… that’s not what I needed you to say… can’t you see that my world was crumbling?”


The students felt a mixture of sadness, confusion, and guilt. It was hard to see one of the strongest people they knew crumbling, at such a young age nonetheless, though they thought he had been born with the quirk he currently possessed. A genetic mutation, perhaps? Something that made his quirk develop much later than normal? As a few of the more curious students questioned this, some still felt guilt over how they treated their quirks. Here they were complaining about their quirks, the way they couldn’t get stronger, when there were others who didn’t even have quirks to get stronger. How many people were like Midoriya, hoping to become a hero, but having their hopes crushed by chance and those around them?


The scene changes to show little Izuku standing in front of a boy who was holding his face, crouched on the ground. “S-stop it Kacchan! Can’t you see you’re hurting him!” he cried out, eyes wide. The screen shows little Bakugou standing still, two other boys behind him, his face is painfully blank, until he started to smirk and punches a had into his fist, letting out a small explosion.


“Ha! You think you can beat me? You’re quirkless!” The two boys show their wings and extending fingers, then the three boys charge at little Izuku at once. The screen blackens and you hear a sharp cry of pain before the screen shows Izuku once more, lying on the ground, the boy he was protecting kneeling next to him in worry.


A tense silence filled the room, the students’ irritation and disdain unspoken, but not noticeable. Meanwhile, the teachers exchanged looks in a silent discussion. While they had an inkling that there was some sort of hostile past between both boys, they never expected it to have lasted for so long, over something that could have been so trivial. Perhaps they should take the student suggestion they had gotten a while ago, to have a councilor of some sort. It would benefit not only students in the eyes of the parents and media but also greatly help a student in passing their fears or other worries that plagued them, as it would certainly help Bakugou get over his ego, anger management would be another candidate as well, considering his attitude. Midoriya may have to go as well if his reaction from earlier was anything to go by. While unnoticeable from afar for most, they had been trained as heroes to notice far away details in case of an emergency.


Toshinori felt a bundle of worry inside him. Had this been an isolated incident, or had this been a continuous assault? And why had the boy not told him? Sighing, he answered his own question. He wants to be strong, but being bullied doesn’t make him weak, it makes him a survivor, someone who knows what it’s like to be at the bottom and helps those he sees in need . It wasn’t a good thing, but it did help make his heart just a little stronger, more resilient to the words of others. But if it’s worse than a few words on the playground…. Well, that would be another matter he would have to speak with young Midoriya about. What else has he been hiding? Well, that’s why they were here in the first place, he might as well keep watching, though that didn’t stop him from sending a worried glance in the boy’s direction.


All the while, Midoriya showed no response other than tiredness.


“That was the first battle I lost. And it wouldn’t be the last, either. I faced a lot of things, myself included, to be where I am today. Sometimes, I’m still facing them.” the older Izuku spoke, before the screen changed to show a middle school. Zooming in through the window, we see Midoriya sitting at his desk.


“I hope you all know what kind of high school you want to go to, though…” as the teacher walks towards his desk, holding papers in his hand, he speaks. “’re all pretty much hoping to get into the hero course, right?” the teacher throws the papers into the air, his back to the students, who are all showing off their quirks. A familiar scoff is heard.


“You went to school together, though I guess that was obvious considering his attitude towards you.”


“Don’t rope me into the same group as these extras, teach’!” Bakugou confidently stands as the other students protest. “Shut up! I’m gonna be the one to get into UA, and when I do I’ll become the best hero, even greater than All Might!”


Midnight shook her head, “Not with an attitude like that you won’t.”


“Pride comes before the fall.” Toshinori said wisely. Aizawa raised an eyebrow at him, “Said by Superman himself. Be wary.”


The angry blonde in question glowered. They didn’t know, they didn’t understand, he had to win, he had to be the best, it made everything- easier. He berated himself. Not safer, easier. He wasn't afraid, he had no reason to be.


“Oh yeah, Midoriya, didn’t you want to apply for UA too?” the teacher asked thoughtlessly. The students completely silent for a moment, before bursting out laughing.


Kirishima frowned, “Does that happen a lot?” he asked, looking irritated when Midoriya nodded his head. “Tell us if that ever happens again, okay?”


Midoriya blinked, “Okay.” he said, a bit surprised he was defending him, as they barely knew each other. And wasn’t Kacchan his friend?


You? A hero?” “You can’t get into UA without a quirk!” they laughed and jeered, while Bakugou froze and scowled, Midoriya tensing with nervousness.


The screen changed as the bell rung, the middle schoolers leaving for home and afterschool activities. We see Midoriya stand and begin to put his notebook into his book bag, when Bakugou swipes it out if his hands.


Todoroki narrowed his eyes.


“What’s this? ‘Hero Analysis for the Future’, really? You don’t stand a chance!” he shouted.


“N-no! They got rid of that rule, you don’t need to have a quirk to try-” he green haired boy stuttered.


“Try? You’re a nobody! A quirkless, broken, freak! You’re pathetic!”


Just as before, the shouted words bit into him harshly, stinging his skin with scars that had long since healed and broke open once more. But for once, he didn’t cry, he couldn’t cry. At the end of the day, he was sick of crying, and all that was left was the numbness. The numbness was bittersweet, with it came forgetting his bullies, but the panic of the nothingness came with it. Befikre fore, the shouted words bit into him harshly, stinging his skin with scars that had long since healed and broke open once more. But for once, he didn’t cry, he couldn’t cry. At the end of the day, he was sick of crying, and all that was left was the numbness. The numbness was bittersweet, with it came forgetting his bullies, but the panic of the nothingness came with it. Before long he would succumb to his panic, and tore himself open to feel a burst, and afterward the tiredness came and took him to sleep.


Tokoyami would be proud.


Aizawa sighed, the boy would learn one day, maybe during this whole ordeal. Treating someone with such malicious intent was not becoming of a hero, nor a decent human being.


Bakugou meanwhile stubbornly refused to show anything other than the fire behind his eyes.


Bakugou snarled and punched the notebook, creating an explosion, destroying most of it. Midoriya yelled out and reached for it, only for Bakugou to throw it out the window. “That’s so mean…” he muttered dejectedly. Bakugou snorted, starting to walk out with two other boys.


“You wanna be a hero? Here’s some advice: take a swan dive off the roof and pray you have a quirk in your next pathetic life.” they left him, staring at their backs blankly.


Silence. Then-


“Ah, fuck!” he yelled, being thrown across the room quickly. Looking up he saw the last person he expected to see.


Standing straight like the prep he was raised as, glasses glinting dangerously in the light, was Iida, teeth gritted against each other, lips forced into a hard scowl of disappointment and unrivaled fury.


“This is how you expect to be a hero? Going through life, hurting others needlessly? What did they ever do to deserve that kind of treatment? What did Midoriya do?” receiving no answer, as Bakugou was still reeling, he strode over and picked him up by his shirt, slamming him against the wall. “Answer me!” he bellowed, “What the hell did he ever do!? Why him!? WHAT IF HE ACTUALLY DID IT?”


Through this whole ordeal, he kept his disapproval to himself. While he feared his own secrets, his vulnerable side, being shown to not only his class, but his teachers as well. Still, he kept silent and watched, letting Todoroki take care of their friend, letting the rest of his classmates glare at Bakugou, letting the teachers worry and contemplate his suggestion- he could tell from their eyes, the topic was obvious- and still, he sat silent. Yet now, knowing that he would go to such lengths to make his friend miserable, he couldn't hold himself back.


“Iida! Stop!” Kirishima shouted, trying to pull the blue-haired boy off the other. Of course he hated what Bakugou said, and his emotions were swirling inside him in confusion, but we couldn’t let Iida hurt him, both out of concern for Iida and concern for his best friend. With a final shove, Iida let go of Bakugou’s shirt, letting Kirishima led him back to his seat on the floor next to Todoroki.


Bakugou stood, snarling and fully intent on blasting his classmate to high heaven, only to find no power in his hands. He turned towards the teachers, and as he suspected, Aizawa had activated his quirk, preventing his.


“We will discuss your behavior later. As of right now, you are forbidden from using your quirk, if not you’ll face suspension and the treaty of expulsion. Consider yourself on probation until further notice.” he said cooly, de-activating his quirk. See the fuming teen making no move to retaliate, he turned towards Iida.


“While your actions were not found, you are not to attack your fellow peers, regardless whether or not you can stand them in the first place.” he looked seriously at the rest of his students. “I expect the same from all of you. Actions will be taken, and punishments will be served as soon as we are released. We cannot turn on each other. Later on, you can curse each other out as much as you want, but you are still under our care and thus you will follow our rules accordingly. No fighting. I will be speaking to Bakugou privately after we are done for the day.” being met with silence, he sat back into his seat, watching Bakugou stomp back to his spot next to Kirishima, who focused more on the floor than the rage bubbling over next to him.


While the students struggled to regain their sense of calmness, Midoriya kept himself in tiredness; though, he did show some surprise at Iida and Aizawa’s actions, which the perpetually sleepy man took notice to almost immediately. When questioned, the green haired boy replied with a quick but very revealing statement.


“My middle school teachers never actively tried to stop a fight.” Midnight raised an eyebrow, “What if it was more of a one-sided fight?” Iida and Bakugou she could see being somewhat evenly matched, but putting a much stronger opponent against another, or even using power in numbers, would have disastrous consequences if not stopped. Shaking his green haired head, she could practically feel the protectiveness oozing out of the blonde man even with two other people between them, which did reassure he slightly. All Might- or rather Toshinori- was suspiciously quiet, prompting her to wonder if he had gone into a state of shock with all the information they had received. Though it felt as if they had barely scratched the surface of Midoriya’s issues.


“You had shit teachers.” Aizawa said bluntly, “If they were incompetent enough to let their students be bullies, they were probably incompetent in their teaching. Luckily it seems like you found other ways to study, as strange as that sounds for a middle schooler with no idea what he’s doing currently.”


Midoriya blinked at the… compliment? And insult? He shook his head once more, this time in confusion, thus catching a glimpse of his and Todoroki hands clasped together. Blushing, he snuck a glance at the other. He had long since accepted the thumping in his chest whenever they would catch each other’s eyes, or when their hands would brush together during paired work. However, he noticed that he seemed to be avoiding him as of late, more so than he did in general, which was saying something. He hoped Todoroki hadn’t noticed his crush, it would be far too embarrassing and he had already accepted that there would be nothing more between them than a distant friendship, which he only seemed to have with Uraraka, Iida, and himself. Still… he hesitantly squeezes the other’s hand. Met with no reaction he began to tense, before feeling an almost non-existent push back. Trying not to squeal and grin in delight, he was reminded of the day being shown fairly quick.


“That was a realization.” narrator Izuku spoke. “That wherever I went, no matter what I did, I would be nothing short of worthless.”


His insides froze, breath hitching and fingers beginning to twitch. One of his worst days, show to his friends, his teachers, his crush….


What else would they possibly think of him but weak?


Tearing his eyes away, he focused on the gray carpeting beneath him.


We see Izuku walking out of the classrooms, carrying his bag limply, seemingly in a trance. He’s headed towards a door, opening it he walks up the steps and closes it behind him. The screen changes and we see him emerging from the steps, the screen panning out to show us the school roof, there are bars that go around the edges, about mid-waist, and vents popped up randomly.


Toshinori stared at the screen, his gut clenching with worry. No, Midoriya, don’t tell me….


The students watched with growing suspicion and dread, as their friend on-screen carelessly tossed his bag to the side, gazing out into the streets beyond the school grounds.


He walked forward, gripping the bars tightly, before lifting himself over them. He stood on the very edge of the roof, gripping the bars like a lifeline- they were. He leaned forward.


“No!” “Midoriya!” many cried out in worry and alarm.


He shut his eyes tight and breathed in deeply. Pathetic , he thought.


Jirou grit her teeth hearing Midoriya’s thoughts. No one deserved to feel like this, least of all one of nicest people she knew. Bitter tears pricked the corner of her eyes, knowing that one of the people who’d hurt him was so close yet so far, she was unable to get back at Bakugou for Midoriya. She heard a sniffle coming from Momo, prompting her to wrap an arm around her shoulders. Butterflies be damned, her friend needed her.


Weak . Nobody . Quirkless . Hopeless . Deku . As the words bounced around in his head the screen turned black. We can see Izuku’s point of view as he opens his eyes. We can see the empty school-yard, trees and rocks scattered around, the screen shifts slightly as he looks around, going to close his eyes once more, before something catches his eye.


“Is that…?” Shoji trailed off. Tokoyami nodded, “It is.”


There- in the fountain, being nibbled on by the fish- was his hero notebook. We can fully see Izuku again, he stares at the notebook, his eyes filling with tears. Saving them, smiling for them...for me. The sudden image of All Might appears briefly, before it's just him again. Shaking, he lifts himself back over the bars and stumbles back, falling over.


While still not completely okay, many began to breathe a little easier, knowing that Midoriya didn’t actually jump.


He was so close though…


Squeezing his eyes shut, he begins to cry, shaking and sobbing harshly. Gasping and choking, he rubs his face. I have to try , he thought, I just have to hold on a little longer.


They felt their hearts breaking.


The screen fades to black for a moment, before showing Izuku walking up to the fountain, grabbing his book.


“Stupid fish, it's not food…” he muttered lowly. He began to walk off, rubbing his arm through his sleeves.


Aoyama paled, recognizing Midoriya’s action, and prayed it wasn’t what he thought it was.


The boy began to walk home, still rubbing his arms, until he stopped suddenly and rubbed his arms harder. “Dammit.” he breathed out, “Come on- I just have to wait- I can’t just-!”


“What’s happening?” Mineta asked, snapping out at his slight shock from seeing Midoriya… seeing Midoriya on the roof.


Midoriya swallowed, “Just… just watch.” his voice was almost a whisper.


He suddenly broke out into a sprint, not stopping until he was at his apartment. His hands shook as he took out his keys and hastily unlocked the door. Closing the door behind him he started to run to his room.


“Izuku!” his mother called, coming out of the kitchen, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing.” he replied quickly, “I just really need to use the bathroom.” without saying anything else he threw his backpack in his room and took off into the bathroom, locking it behind him.


“Why do I feel as if he’s not going to use the bathroom?” Present Mic muttered from next to Aizawa, who silently agreed with him.


Letting out a breath he slid down the door and opened the cabinet of the sink. He reached for the very back corner and took out a small circular tin box. He leaned back and held the box to his chest, opening it and taking out a razor blade that glinted threateningly in the sunlight that shone through the window.


Toshinori felt his blood run cold. My boy, please-


He lifted his shirt sleeves.


Koda's face crumbled into deep sadness and horror, as did many others.


His arms were covered in scars both old and new. They ran up to his elbow on each arm, every inch of skin marred with cuts thin, thick, deep, and shallow. There were words-


Oh god...


- no no no no, Izuku, my boy, please-


Stupid. Broken. Weak. They were carved into his skin, jagged letters taking over his arms, ‘written’ so that they can be seen clearly, read clearly. And yet still he found tainted flesh, and still he brought the razor to his skin and broke it. Blood trickled down his arm and over the still healing scars and dipped into his uniform and on the floor. Again and again he cut, feeling the sharp sting and relief that came with it, until the door shook with a knock.


“Izuku, are you alright? It’s been fifteen minutes.” came a worried call. He closed his eyes and his hand stopped in its place, razor still digging into his skin. He swallowed to make sure his voice didn’t crack.


“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute!” he called back. Footsteps came through, fading until he could hear her in the kitchen making dinner again.


He sighed, grabbing some toilet paper and wiping down the floor and his razor. Looking at it one more time, he tossed it into the tin with a small ‘ding’ sound. He shoved the tin into its place in the very back corner of the cabinet, closed the door and stood. The screen changes to show water spraying onto his fresh cuts, clearing the blood away. Turning off the water and rolling down his sleeves he looked into the mirror, his face blank, eyes just so tired.


He unlocked the door and left, closing it with a soft click, and the screen turned black when he did.


The screen didn’t turn back on, but what they had seen was more than enough. Everyone had thoughts running through their heads, of worry, anger, confusion, sadness, and protectiveness over one of the most determined members of their class.


Izuku shook, hands twisted into his shirt, head bowed. They knew now, they knew what he had done to himself, had tried to stop doing to himself. They know how low he had gotten, how pathetic he was. They would probably leave him, He tried to be seen as a good person, brave and strong, but he was clearly the opposite. He had disappointed them, his classmates, his friends, his teachers, his- his mentor. Ex-mentor, All Might would surely want to reconsider who his successor would be; someone stronger, someone who didn’t hurt themselves. He was unworthy of having All Might as his mentor and inheriting his power. He was unworthy of being at UA, of being a hero.


Tears bitterly stung the corners of his eyes, squeezing them shut in an attempt to keep them in, but still they leaked out. Dammit, he thought, his breath quickening, can you do something right for once, Izuku? His chest was closing up, squeezing his eyes tighter he began to feel dissociated, the world around him fading into almost nothing.


Snapping out hof his shock, Toshinori stood, quickly making his way to the hyperventilating teen. He stood crouched down in front of him, holding out his hands.


“Izuku, I’m here, it’s okay, I’m here.” he spoke softly but firmly. He knew the children were watching them, wondering who he was and how he knew Izuku, but identity be damned, he would not let the boy suffer any longer. He wrapped his long fingers around the boy’s shoulder, gently squeezing. Seeing Izuku give no reaction he cupped the boy’s chin, lifting his head. “My boy, can you open your eyes?” he vaguely registered young Todoroki rubbing the boy’s back, but mainly focused on Midoriya’s green eyes blinking open. His heart clenched at the tears that began to escape more steadily now.


“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, if you want someone else to be your successor I understand, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” he began apologizing. Toshinori shushed him, pulling him close to his chest. He rubbed his back, cradling the boy in his arms as he gripped his shirt and cried.


“It’s alright,” he said, “I’m here, and I’m not leaving. You are far more than worthy, Midoriya, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my successor.” He rocked the boy back and forth as he sobbed.


When he saw his father beat his mother, Todoroki felt fear and anger. The second and third time held guilt and sadness as well. The beating that followed held less and less anger, which only left the salty, bitter taste of tears in his mouth; and then, he felt nothing at all. The numbness and cold indifference surrounded him from like a shield, it had grown and formed since his mother broken down and was admitted to a psychiatric ward. He used it to hide the boiling rage his father stirred deep inside him, the anguish of his home and seeing the pain in his siblings’ eyes, and the bitter loneliness he had resigned himself to. It was part of why he decided to declare war on Midoriya, why he had to win without his father’s power, and why he still had no faced his mother. The numbness would take him over eventually, and had partly. He was well aware that he was seen as a broken child, strong, but still broken. He would not bear this burden of his apathy on others.


And yet here he was, sitting next to those he did his best to distance himself from, only to find himself holding onto Uraraka shoulder while she sobbed in Iida’s arms. Here he was, watching his classmates in concern as a part of their world was turned upside down and bitter. Here he was, watching as Midoriya sobbed into the stranger’s chest, having just rubbed his back and held his hand. Here he sat, shaken and filled with dread knowing that Midoriya was in pain and he could do nothing for him yet. His gut stirred with anger as he saw blonde hair shift in the corner of his eye.


He stood and swiftly strode over to Bakugou, grabbing the teen and hauling him up by his arm.


“What the fuck, half-n-half!?” he shouted, twisting out of his grip.


He grasped his arm again, far more tightly this time. “Don’t.” he said cooly, eyes blazing with an icy fire. The other stopped, staring back.


“I cannot fight you,” he said, “but I will not allow you to hurt Midoriya while we are here.”


Bakugou glared, “I wasn’t going to fucking hurt him!”


“But you did.” came the cold reply. “And we witness the result.”


He glared one last time before twisting out of his grip, stomping off to the bedrooms, teeth grit tensely.


Todoroki looked at Kirishima, who sat silently. “He should have space.” the redhead sat quietly. “We can each get ourselves together. I’ll check up on him later.” The heterochromia boy nodded and looked towards Uraraka and Iida.


She couldn’t believe it. Never in a million years would she believe it without seeing it with her own eyes or without a confession. But, she did. She saw him bleed and cry and hurt without ever breaking his arms, or with that infectious and bright aura determination that always seemed to follow him. Her friend, the one who she shared with, ate with, the one who saved her when everyone else ran away. Which hurt in more way than one, she thought with a slightly bitter tone that turned sweeter, but he came back. He ran to her aid, sacrificed his chances of passing the exam and following his dreams, for her. And he stayed with her, became her friend and cared about her, even when she felt so alone in her apartment, he would always be there. And even though being a hero was dangerous, she never considered the thought that she would ever really lose him.


Though she wanted to be strong, she knew the only way to stop her tears and rid herself of these horrible feelings- even for only a bit- was to cry. So she let Iida hold her as she gripped his gym uniform tightly, mentally apologizing for not letting him release anything, but knowing at the same time that he was trying to hold himself together. Processing what she had seen and wondering what to do with it, she came up blank and felt useless for not being able to help one of her best friends. He had rescued her, but why couldn’t she do the same?




After he had calmed down enough to stop crying, Midoriya had turned red. Trying- and failing- to make up excuses for pretty much cuddling his mentor, he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He looked back to see Kaminari standing over him, a strange look on his face. He opened and closed his mouth for a few seconds, seemingly at a loss for words.


“We’re here.” he said finally, perhaps not at too much of a loss then. “I don’t understand, none of us probably do, actually. But, we still care about you. You’re not alone, Midoriya, we want to listen and be here for you. We’re your friends, Midoriya, and we’ll always be here, no matter what, I promise.”




“We’re gonna be here until the sweet, bitter end, Midoriya.”


“We love you, because you’re our friend!”


“And you’re going to be an amazing hero.”


“We promise.”


He felt his eyes water again but made no move to stop them. He never had friends like this before. In the beginning, it was only Kacchan and him. They were as thick as thieves, trusting each other as much as any four year-olds would, sharing whatever secrets they had that felt so important, even though now they seemed so small. Then his quirk had come and Izuku’s had failed, he was praised while Izuku was scorned, and their bond became held by nothing more than a sting. It left him lonely, confused, and doubtful that he could make a friend again; his experiences over the years had only amplified his childhood fears. Yet here was his class- his friends- saying that they cared, that they would always be there. Having Uraraka and Iida had been more than enough, and he didn’t dare hope that the others would take a liking to him, but they did. They didn’t hate him for being weak, for almost giving up, and they didn’t expect him to change. They wanted to be there. They wanted to help pick up the broken pieces of himself and glue it back together, even though it would inevitably break again.


“Thank you,” he croaked out finally, “Thank you.” was all he could think to say.


Chapter Text

After a few more hugs and shed tears, the students returned to their places on the floor, though their eyes lingered on Midoriya and the strange man that seemed hesitant to leave him. Midoriya said something to him that the others couldn’t hear, causing the other man to smile and ruffle the boy’s hair. Chuckling lightly, the man returned to his seat.


“Who are you?” Sato asked, they still had time to kill, as Bakugou hadn’t returned yet, meaning they couldn’t start the TV. Though he wasn’t quite sure they wanted to anymore...


“Oh! Are you Midoriya’s father?” Toru asked excitedly, they’d only ever heard of his mother, though perhaps he had a good reason to? The man turned red and stammered.


“Yep, definitely see the resemblance.” Aizawa said, smirking slightly under his scarf. The man would have no help from him, after the coffee pot incident. Who punched a poor defenseless coffee pot and avoided prosecution from his fellow teachers? Fiends , he thought viciously. Cruel, hyperactive fiends that didn’t need coffee injected directly into their bloodstream at this point. The shaggy haired man looked at him with something akin to betrayal.


“No way!” Kaminari protested. Toshinori silently thanked the gods. “All Might’s totally his dad!” then proceeded to curse their very existence all the while fighting the red off his cheeks. He was a grown man, dammit! He should not be this giddy at being a father figure to Midoriya, even though he cared about the boy greatly, and felt his chest swell up with pride when he succeeded, and hoped the best for the boy, and often wondered what his life was like and how he was doing and…


Oh god he was the boy’s father. Or at least it looked that way, especially since they interacted quite a bit when he was in his All Might form. Still, he wouldn’t exactly mind being the boy’s father.


“Wha- what!?” Midoriya stuttered out. How did they know that was what he wanted? Especially since he started interacting with the man more and more, learning who he truly was behind the metaphorical mask. The man felt like a father to him, with his talks and encouragements, and puns that totally counted as dad jokes… Okay, so maybe it was a bit obvious.


“It’s okay Midoriya, we’ll keep it a secret!” Ashido assured. “Yeah,” Sero added, “We know how dangerous it would be if the public knew. The villains and media would go crazy trying to find you.” and they would protect him, no matter what.


Jirou rolled her eyes, “Not this theory again,” she said, “There’s no way they’re actually related, All Might probably wouldn’t have the time to start a family with all his hero work.”


Ojiro sighed, “She does have a point.” Toro gasped in betrayal, “Ojiro, how could you!”


“I’m just being realistic!” he retorted. “His birthday is in July and he’s about fifteen. If you look at the hero work during that time of year, fifteen years ago, you’d see how busy he was during those years since crime was still relatively high.”


“Ah, young one,” she said, “You forget,that it takes about nine months after conception for a baby to be born, so if you look at the year before that, in November, you’d see that while he was pretty busy, there’s about a week’s opening for baby making.” Midoriya could only gape.


“Wasn’t he in Thailand at the time? You mean to tell me the number one hero traveled all the way back to Japan to do the baby making bang when he had some fine ladies ready and willing there?” Mineta asked.


“Ugh, while I don’t like the word choice all that much, he does have a point. Being the number one hero would come with perks like that.” Jirou agreed. Momo hummed thoughtfully, “But what if he didn’t want anyone else? It wouldn’t be that far of a stretch to believe that All Might fell in love with Midoriya’s mother, and missed her touch, he is human after all.”


“So what, he’d go directly to Japan for one night?” Sato questioned.


“Perhaps not, he could have stayed for longer. If I remember correctly, there was a period of time in the middle of that week that the local heros handled a mildly dangerous threat, though it wa the fires that they needed the most help with. All might got there hours after, as if he only just found out about the situation. They could of told him to take some time to enjoy himself, but he couldn’t do so without his lover.” Momo concluded.


Sero frowned,“Couldn’t it also be possible then for him to just spend time around Thailand? And how would he move from place to place so quick- actually nevermind that last part, he’s got the jump.”


“But would he ignore the cries for help? He has strong heroic qualities that wouldn’t allow him to stand idly by.” Tokoyami commented, “If he was in Japan during the incident, however, he wouldn’t know about it for quite awhile, assuming he wanted to spend time with his lover.”


“No way… Midoriya, All Might is your dad?” “Well duh!”


Midoriya choked on his spit. “That’s a yes!” Uraraka exclaimed.


He rapidly shook his head and started to stammered out words while blushing, “N-no! He’s not my dad! I mean, I really really want him to be, but- oh god! I mean, just because the time frame- and you know- she- they couldn’t have- and even then it would be highly improbable- not to mention the thing- with Thailand and stuff- with, you know - and- and-”


“Your quirks are even similar!” that seemed to freeze the green haired boy in his tracks. “W-well, I- I…” Fuck- titty- motherfucker-! , he thought loudly. Todoroki laid a hand on his shoulder, causing him to look up- oh god don’t let him see me blushing - and stare directly into his eyes.


“Midoriya, we would not let others judge you because your father is All Might. I- ah, we would protect you, because we- we care about you.” he mentally slapped himself for the slip up. He’d been able to hide it back in their world, but now he couldn’t even look into the other boy’s eyes without feeling his legs turn into jelly- and oh god don’t let him see me blushing - or his breath hitching. He cleared his throat, trying to keep his mind on track instead of falling into the pit of Hidden Romantic Feelings. “Is All Might really your father?” he asked.


Midoriya couldn’t look away from Todoroki eyes, seeming to get lost in them everytime they would so much as glance his way; he knew it would inevitably be his downfall. “Ah, um, yeah, yep, uh huh.” he squeeked out thoughtlessly.


“I KNEW IT!” Someone bellowed out, lost by the cheers and exclamations of his classmates. He snapped out of it, “Wait what?” the colour drained out of his face, before being quickly filled by red, making his hide his face in his hands. FUCK .


While his co-workers busied themselves with snickering and smirking at his and Midoriya’s expense, Toshinori couldn’t help the smile that formed along his equally red face. He cleared his throat loudly, causing them all, Midoriya included, to look up at him. “Well,” he said, eyes movings across the students, up until he made it to Midoriya’s, “Tell your father I said hello, Izuku.”


Words could not describe the utter joy that spread across his young successors face.




After a few more minutes of screaming and laughing, congratulating Midoriya on “Finally telling us jesus you took forever” “Yes, thank you for that, Kaminari”. They seemed to settle down and heard footsteps making their way into the room. Without looking at anyone, Bakugou sat next to Kirishima, crossing his arms and legs, tense. There was utter silence and no one really wanted to say anything to the boy or look in his general direction for some. A somber tension rose once more as they remembered the way Bakugou had treated Midoriya, and the result. A chill came over them, and they didn’t have to look to know that Todoroki was glaring icy daggers at the spiky haired firecracker.


Someone else had no such qualms about interruption, however, as they heard a crunching sound from behind them. They all turned to see a brown haired girl leaning against the kitchen counter, eating a bag of potato chips, the refrigerator door left open carelessly. She wore black jeans covered in buckles, dark grey streaks passing through them, as well as a black tank top, black leather choker, and two dog tags. Her eyes were filled with amusement as she ate, glinting dangerously. Her most noticeable feature, however, was the black crack lines on her hands and arms. They stretched across her skin, past her sleeves, and seemed to form no noticeable pattern.


“Well hello there.” she said after swallowing another handful.


Midnight narrowed her eyes, “Who are you?”


“A friend of The Obsolete. Call me Breaking Point.” she smirked, eyes raking across them like a lioness on her unknowing prey. “Oh~ This is going to be fun, isn’t it~” she chuckled.


Wiping off her hands and stretching her, she leaned off of the counter, “Don’t mind me, I just wanted to pop in and see how things were going. Also to raid your fridge. Which one of you likes pickles dipped in peanut butter?” shaking her head she walked towards on of the walls.


“Wait, where are you going?”


She paused, about to take another handful of chips, and looked back at them. Her eyes linger on Todoroki for a second longer however, and she smirked. The wall in front of her began to crack and split open, just enough for her to be able to pass through.


“I can’t wait to see you all shatter~” she laugh, her words echoing through their heads as she passed through, taking her handful, snickers still reaching their ears even after the wall mended itself once more.


It was silent for a few minutes before the TV flickered to life.


“I remember.” came the voice of Shoto Todoroki.


The voice snapped them out of their thoughts, and they turned their attention towards the now gray screen.


“Mom was okay then.” the screen shows a living room, on it is a young woman with straight white hair and dark grey eyes.


Todoroki stiffened. He hadn’t seen his mother in years, too embarrassed and afraid to face her hatred for his left side, only wishing he could comfort her instead of make her afraid.


We hear the pitter patter of little feet once again and see little Todoroki ran on screen towards his mother, hugging her around the middle. “Mommy!” he shouted excitedly.


“Aww! You’re so cute!” Toru gushed, and Midoriya nearly squealed when Todoroki blushed.


So cute…


“Shoto!” The woman chuckled and hugged back, “How are you, sweetie?” She cupped his chin and stroked his cheek with her thumb, right below his left eye.


“Where’s your scar?” Jirou furrowed her eyebrows. She always heard people say it was “a childhood incident”, but they were never specific on what really happened or why. She looked at Momo, who seemed to be on a similar track. She probably already figured it out , she thought. Momo was always so smart. Be calm, my gay little heart , she thought warily, no goo-goo eyes.


The red and white haired boy tensed slightly. He had already realized that his past would be shown, especially the parts he wanted to keep hidden no matter what; but he didn’t want them to realize that beyond his cold exterior he was scared. It was a futile hope, perhaps, but it was also the only one he had. He would prepare himself, however, for the inexorable reveal. Living with Enji Todoroki often made one realize that futile hopes would be hit especially hard.


The boy seemed to pull himself up, attempting to look serious, though he had quite the opposite effect. “We have a problem.” Stifling her giggles, his mother put on a mock-serious face, “Why sir, what seems to be the problem?” The boy looked up at her, directly in the eye, and said, “Daichi looks like the reincarnation of death.” causing the woman to burst out laughing.


Oi! ” came an off screen cry of indignation.


“Pff! Hahaha!” Ashido called out. Kirishima laughed, “Dang, what kinda savage were you?” Todoroki coughed to hide his slight embarrassment from the room’s snickering occupants. Oh, if only they knew what he thought when he first met them-… Oh no.


Resisting the urge to faceplant into the pillow in front of him, he heard Shoji ask the hundred dollar question, “Who’s Daichi?” hearing the others respond with similar inquiries the boy turned towards Shoji, “He’s my brother. I have three older siblings in total, actually. I doubt we’ll see any of them though.”


“Why would that be?” Iida frowned. He had always loved spending time with his brother, though Todoroki didn’t seem to like talking about anything to do with his family, ever.


“I didn’t get to spend much time with them,” he said, “My father wanted me to focus on training, rather than emotional connections.”


“Training?” he asked. “Yes, it started around this time, I believe.” without any further words he turned towards the front, trying to ignore the worry that seemed to flow into the others’ faces.


Chuckling, the woman picked up her son and spun around, giggling with him. She rests her head on his and brushes back some of his hair, eyes lingering on the crimson locks for a second longer.


He sucked in a breath as normally as he could. Get it together, Shoto , he thought, we’ve dealt with father, we can deal with … He stopped his train of thought there. His mother wasn’t another problem he had to solve, something broken he needed to fix. Except she is , his mind betrayed him. We broke her. She hates us because of what we are. We did this to her, we broke her - No! No. His father broke her, with the pain he had inflicted on his own flesh in blood. He had failed them and bent them, twisted them until they could do nothing but succumb to his will completely, like their mother. And look at where she is now. But he couldn’t. Because even though he logically knew the fault was his father’s and all the trauma he had forced onto the, his heart wouldn’t stop hammering in his chest at the thought of meeting her again, of seeing her eyes turn cold and blank with fear and anger, rejecting him completely for the pieces inside of him that he despised.


He held his breath and did nothing.


Loud and heavy footsteps are heard, and the woman tenses up. She holds her son closer to her as he wraps his arms tightly around her neck, burying his face in her white snow hair.


The teachers tensed slightly. They hadn’t seen much of Shoto’s mother, ever since she had been admitted to the hospital. They hadn’t been told much, only knowing that, “She had been suffering with breakdowns for the past couple of months,” as Endeavour had said. Though from what, they weren’t sure, no one was really. Perhaps this is what caused her to suffer, as she seemed to be tightly on edge. They most certainly did not expect to see Endeavour.


The flame hero, Endeavor, stood in the doorway, hand clutching the wooden frame tightly. “Shoto,” he uttered after a few seconds of tense silence, “Go to your room until I call you.” the boy clutched his mother tighter. “ Now. ” Endeavor growled. Shaking slightly, the boy let go of his mother and reluctantly left after she put him down gently.


Something wasn’t right. The air around them had dropped a few degrees, not enough to shiver, but enough to notice the difference in temperature. They knew it had to be Todoroki, as he was the only one in the room capable of changing the temperature around them due to his own quirk. Yet the boy seemed to have no reaction.


That could mean something , Mineta thought, he doesn’t want us to know what’s wrong, but why? He couldn’t make heads or tails as to what he was hiding, though it might have to do with his father. I mean, his mother was fine, but seeing Endeavour up close like this was more piss-pants inducing than anything else. The teachers were drawing similar conclusions themselves.


The camera followed Todoroki as he walked to his room, trying not to run. We can hear his father and mother’s voice, “He needs to start his training.” “He’s only four!” “He’s already four!”


“Training that early… it seems harsh.” Present Mic said, his quirk probably just manifested, and Endeavor wanted to start train already? The man was determined, but still.


Shoto remembered this, the day where everything really went to hell. He stayed tense, knowing any action to hide his distress would be in vain, but still hoped that his peers would not see him as a weakness. Of course, clinging to hope like a drowning man would be in vain as well, he knew this.


The young boy enters his room, closing the door and pressing himself against it. It is quiet for a few minutes, save for the boy’s rapidly beating heart, which seems to ring through his own ears loudly.


The tension rose among the room’s occupants, no one even daring to breath, all wondering why Todoroki was so scared. Lost in their own thoughts and the young man’s heart beat, they were startled by a loud crash from onscreen.


Loud, heavy footsteps are heard, passing the door. The boy waited for a second with bated breath, before he jumped up, grasping the handle desperately and flinging it open a quietly and quickly as he could. He ran down the hallway, stopping just short of reaching the doorway, he instead hid behind it and peeked around the wooden frame. We can see from Shoto’s eyes, which sweep around  the room, before landing on his mother, crumpled on the floor.


Midnight watched closely, her mind connecting memories of Endeavor and how he worked, his ruthlessness for the enemy and his surroundings as he focused on winning, the way the younger Todoroki never seemed to speak of home, never mentioned his scar, and never seemed to know how to interact with others, only watching with strange look she now realized was envy. She came to a conclusion and pressed her lips together. She knew there was something off in their relationship, she could just never pinpoint what it was exactly. She hoped it wasn’t what she thought it was, but knew that it was more than likely. Enji Todoroki, do not show me a monster. For Shoto’s sake, let us find you to be one.


Shoto was clenching his teeth together, knowing the others were wondering what had happened, and that some had already come to their own conclusions, which would most likely be confirmed. This classmates could sometimes be a bit dense, yes, but they were by no means stupid- they had all passed the UA entrance exam, afterall- and with the evidence obnoxiously dancing around in front of them, they would knew, they had to know, at this point.


Making sure there was no one else in the room, he ran towards his mother and kneeled next to her. “Mommy,” he whispered, shaking her slightly, “Mommy wake up.” The white haired woman stirred and got up onto her knees slowly. Leaning against the wall, sitting on her ankles, he held out a hand towards the frightened boy, who took it desperately.


She pulled her young son into her lap, holding him with closely as he wrapped his little arms around her tightly, burying his face in her neck. She tilted her head to rest it on his, her hair moved out of her face, showing a bruise beginning to form on her left eye.


Sero’s eyes widened, “What happened to her?” he asked warily. He had some sort of idea, but didn’t want to say it until he was absolutely sure.


The split boy said nothing, trying to control his quirk as the temperature began to fluctuate from forty degrees to eighty. He usually had great control, but now he just… couldn’t. Not with everyone watching, knowing what his family was really like. They would know that he was far more different than they anticipated, that he was broken and couldn’t be fixed, and that his power was evil so by extension so was he. Even Midoriya would deem him as broken and hate him for his left side, for the power of the man he despised. Someone was good and kind hearted as Midoriya didn’t deserve to be near someone like him, who could barely stand up to his own father, and even then it was in small bursts of teenage rebellion. It hurt, quite a lot more than he expected, but he decided to make the most of his remaining time with the green haired beauty next to him.


Izuku felt an arm wrap around his shoulder and pull him close into a warm body. Feeling his breath catch in his throat, he looked at through his slight bangs and saw Todoroki. The other boy was turned towards the screen and made no other move to show anything even slightly out of the ordinary, though there seemed to be a hint of a barely there flush on his cheeks. Blushing from the base of his neck to the tips of his ears, he hesitantly wrapped his right arm around the taller boy, feeling his left side flare up with warmth once again. Todoroki turned his eyes slightly to look Midoriya, catching his eye in the process. Both boys stared for a moment or two before turning towards the screen and ducking their head down respectively.


Of course, sweet moments were destined to end sometime.


“Mommy,” he whispered, “Mommy he hurt you again.”


“Who’s he?” Toro asked hesitantly, though it was foolish considering most of them had jumped onto a conclusion already. “And where’s your father?” Jirou added lowly.


“I know baby,” she said quietly, running a hand through his hair. The boy seemed to pull away slightly, looking at her in the eyes, and spoke shakily, “Will father stop hurting you if he trains me?”


“Oh Shoto…” she whispered, her voice breaking, before she cradled him closer, sobs breaking out of her mouth quietly.


Dammit , Shoto thought, seeing the others tense and their faces contort with worry and outrage.


“Todoroki,” Aizawa said lowly, “We will be talking about this right after we are finished, and you will tell us everything.” the boy nodded tensely in response. Honestly, the black haired man wanted to roll back into bed, but he couldn’t ignore his student’s suffering. He had let All Might take care of Izuku, as they were practically father and son, but he cared about his students deeply, and wouldn’t let Shoto be hurt any longer. For now, however, he had to keep a level head and focus on keeping the students from going into a frenzy, which would help absolutely no one.


Midoriya’s heart beat in his chest. Todoroki had to have seen his mother been hurt before, as he had said that his father had hurt her “again”. If he would beat his wife over a disagreement- which she had been right on- then there was no telling what he would do to his son. He started to see what Endeavor really was, the way his pride and ego seemed to lead his work, his almost non-existent concern for civillains and other heros, and his iron fist and almost entirely unpleasant personality during interviews. He also began to connect this with Shoto and how he behaved. The way he seemed to distance himself from others, focusing ten times as hard on his train and hero studies, most likely due to his father's influence, pushing training to be his number one priority. And the way he didn’t quite know how to interact with others. That’s probably why he held your hand, he thought glumly, so it probably didn’t mean anything. Their position now was probably for the same reason. Regardless, Todoroki didn’t deserve this, and he tried to mentally prepare himself for worse, because he knew there was no way it got better.


The screen changes to Todoroki and Endeavor in what appears to be a training room. Todoroki is panting and sweating already, his form shaking slightly, and their are bruises marinating his arms and legs, burns spread among them.


“Again,” Endeavor says, firing up his fist. The man isn’t even out of breath, and Todoroki tenses, shifting himself to dodge. Endeavor swings as the boy moves to the right, but he’s caught by a harsh kick to his stomach that sends him flying backwards. The little boy hits the wall with a loud grunt.


“He isn’t even holding back?” Aoyama asked, outraged. He had friends back in his home country that dealt with harsh parents and their occasional drunk freakouts, but even with the pressure and the alcohol they had never managed to severely beat their children or push them to such points of exhaustion, as someone would either save the child or they simply weren’t strong enough to do such lasting damage. But then again, his father was the number two hero, extremely rich and extremely powerful. He no doubt used his influence for his own damage control. Todoroki scar… could it have been his own father?


The teachers began to make a mental list of charges to prosecute Endeavor for.


Shoto coughs and gasps for the air that had been shoved out of his lungs, but Endeavor doesn’t give him enough time. The flaming man roughly grabs the boy and shoves him forward. “Up!” he shouted, kicking his son’s side, sending him down onto his knees once more.


He grabs his stomach with one hand and presses the other over his mouth, coughs escapes his throat, burning his lungs up with exhaustion as he tried to breath. My chest , he thought, my chest is burning- my ribs- he cut off his own thoughts with another cough, which allows vomit to escape his mouth. There are flecks of blood mixed in with his puke, he’s grabbing his stomach desperately trying to will away the agonizing pain and the bitter burn from the vomit.


Most of the students felt their hearts break once again. Here was another one of their strongest, beaten and bruised by his own father. Many of them had great parents to go home to, to hug and laugh with, cry and scream with, and they had never truly put any thought into what it would be like without any, or with ones that would hurt them. And here was someone they had always wanted to get close to, someone they had seen and left alone, assuming he simply didn’t find them interesting at all. But was that really him, or was it his father? Was it him or his father that had built his with the physique and presence of a soldier? Was it him or his father that presented the world with cold indifference? And was it him or his father that had made the boy shake as he was doing now? The student’s weren’t the only ones that had been thinking throughout this entire ordeal, the teachers had been observing as well. They had always known the boy to be quiet but deadly, never once wondering how a hot head such as Endeavor could bring up such a silent child, chalking it up to maturity. Looking back now, however, and the signs were as bright as a neon sign in a cold, dark alleyway. His silence, his scars, his eyes… they would need to talk to the boy and get his confession, as the police couldn’t make an arrest without solid evidence. They would not allow the boy to return, no matter what, and would definitely have to take him to the doctor for an evaluation for both his mental and physical health.


Shoto was shaking. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t deny the tremble in his fingers, the way the man’s booming voice made his eyes twitch just the slightest, or his fear of what his peers and… friends would think of him. And Midoriya , he thought, he couldn’t even bare to look at the evergreen eyes, surely filled with disappointment and disdain. Would he really think that? An annoying voice asked. Do you really think Midoriya could be so cold? No, not Midoriya, the boy who still referred to Bakugou with an endearing childhood nickname and still believed in that boy, even with all the other put him through. Then look at him, the voice said, look him in the eyes and speak. Reluctantly, he did.


“Midoriya?” he asked quietly, seeing the boy had his head down. The boy looked up, eyes wet. “Shoto,” he said, voice breaking, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Without another word he flung his arms around Shoto and held him tightly.


The other blinked, not expecting that reaction, “What?” came his intelligent response. Midoriya pulled away and cupped his cheek, looking at him in the eyes, ignoring the butterflies that flew through his stomach.


“About Endeavor, about the pain, about why you’re always so distant… I’m your friend, Todoroki, and I care so much about you. Please, tell me next time someone is hurting you, or anyone, please, promise me.” he said. And perhaps it sounded hypocritical, as he hid his bullying for years from his mother and most recently his classmates, but dammit, Todoroki wasn’t just his crush or his friend- he was someone he could rely on no matter what, someone he could lean on and cry to, even over the stupidest things- and he’d make any fucker pay for what they did to his Shoto.


Not his Shoto, dammit. Watch yourself before you make yours moves, Izuku.


Todoroki felt a warmth spread throughout his body, much different from the heat flashes his quirk would give his body from time to time, or even the one that came from being so close to Midoriya. No, this was a warmth that spread from his heart to his lungs, choking him of the sheer emotion given to him. That warmth of emotion spread throughout his arms and legs, encompassing his torso in a shield of care. Perhaps it sounded mushy, but he had never had anyone say such things since his mother had been admitted, and to hear it from someone who meant so much to him was almost too much to bear. His breath hitched and voice surely cracking, “I promise” was all he said, letting Midoriya wrap his arms around him again.


Iida and Uraraka had stayed silent until now, trying to process once again the information they had been shown. Todoroki was distant, yes, but that didn’t mean they cared about him any less. They were closest to him. Maybe they only knew basics, maybe they never professed everything that kept them up at night- if not then they wouldn’t be here- but they cared about each other, and they knew Todoroki cared and showed it in his own way, such as sitting with them or going to them first for group projects. Now they knew the reason why, at least, that he was so cold and distant with everyone. However, this also meant that they could now help him heal. Sharing a look and nodding to each other, both students had their way to the pair and joined in on holding Todoroki.


The cold-hit mess looked up at them, “What-”


Iida cut him off, “We care as well. Uraraka nodded firmly, “You’re our friend and we want to help you anyway we can,” she grinned, “Starting with hugs.” The warmth increased tenfold as he felt himself shake, feeling utter joy and happy disbelief.


Midoriya began to look panicked, however. “Ah- what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly, “Why are you crying?” prompting many others to mumble and stare in disbelief.


Blinking, Shoto reached a hand to his face, feeling a wetness on his fingertips. He was crying. Feeling more of the slight stinging he had ignored before, he let more tears spill over. Real tears, that he hadn’t cried since his mother had snapped, that he hadn’t shed since Daichi had left them, or even since Taiki had broken completely, leaving Fuyuki and him alone in a house of hatred and pressure. He had only cried three times since his father had begun training him, each for his family and their loses. And yet here he was, crying in the arms of Midoriya, who never asked about Endeavor, never pushed for answers to the millions of questions that must have been running through his head. Uraraka, ho never pressured him to smile or show anything more than he already did, who never outwardly expressed her worry and more so focused on his comfort around them. Iida, who was a constant presence, firmly reminding him that he was not bad or different for his silence or lack of expression. The three of them had been closer to him than anyone else, they had shown him love and care. They had always been right beside him, in his heart, reminding him that he was not alone, that he was not hated or something to beat or disregard as weak, yet at the same time never making him out to be more than he really was. He was not a weapon. He was not a pawn. He was not Todoroki, nor was he the son of The Flame Hero Endeavor.


He was safe. He was wanted. He was Shoto, a UA student,  aspiring hero, and most importantly, human.


“The screen…” Koda said quietly, hating to interrupt such a heartfelt and private moment. Sato smiled reassuringly at him, already knowing what the other boy was thinking. The others turned to the screen again, feeling slightly awkward and heartbroken at such a display of emotion that was uncommon for the red and white haired boy. The group of friends sat back but stayed closer together, legs pressed against each other as a sign of reassurance.


The screen had changed again to show the young boy sitting on the couch, bruises littering his arms and legs. There is a black haired boy sitting next to him, running a hand through the other’s hair.


“Daichi, how is everyone?” the boy said suddenly.


“Everyone?” Kaminari asked. “My siblings. Daichi is the oldest, followed by Taiki, the Fuyumi, and then me.” Shoto responded.


“They’re okay. Taiki is a nervous wreck, like always, but Fuyumi is good at taking care of him. She’s a little sleepy, but I remind her to get some sleep once and a while.” the older boy said. Shoto hesitated for a second before finally asking, “What about mom?” Daichi’s hand paused for a split second before it resumes to grooming the messy head of hair, but that was enough for Shoto to understand the meaning behind the seemingly innocent respond of, “She’s tired.”


‘Tired’ was a code word. Tired meant sadness and angry, it meant being pushed towards the edge, to the brink of something, what that was had yet to be determined until they actually got there. ‘Tired was a warning, and sometimes that was the only warning you would get.


He seemed to be a bit disheartened, but stayed silent. Daichi did as well.


The screen changed once more, showing Todoroki’s mother in the kitchen. She’s standing in front of the stove, wearing an apron and talking on the phone. “I can’t,” she whispered, “I can’t.”


The students showed confusion, the teachers already drawing their conclusions. A kettle on a lit stove, a tired woman in a damaging relationship, secrets being shown, a bright red scar in the current time, and a harsh reminder of pain in the past. No, it wasn’t difficult for them when it all began to bleed into the present, tension rising.


There’s a soft thump of feet, the woman seems to take no notice as Todoroki peeks into the kitchen from behind the door. Her back is facing him as she cradles the phone in her hands. “I look at him, and I see what I shouldn’t,” she sobbed, “I can’t see my child anymore mother, I can’t take care of him anymore, I just can’t.” The boy’s eyes widened and he left out a slight gasp, pain filling his eyes.


The woman turned quickly, phone dropping onto the floor with a clank, small pieces of glass breaking off just the slightest. Her eyes became blank as they locked onto her child’s, a hollow voice replaced her tears and a jolt of fear passed through them. “Shoto,” she said, as the kettle pot began to whistle. She grasped the handle in a white-knuckled grip, and moved towards the boy. “Your left side-” the boy was frozen in fear as his mother grabbed his shoulder. We can see through his eyes as he looks up, and we can see his mother looking down on him, shadows across her cheeks and hair dangling in front of her eyes as if they just barely failed to hide them. The metal of the boiling kettle glinted dangerously in the light, and her words sent chills down their spines.


“Your left side is unsightly.” was all they heard before the kettle tipped, and boiling water clouded their vision.


The scream echoed in their minds, many doing their best to not look back at the bright red scar on the boy’s face. The teachers silently grieved for another confirmed conclusion.


The screen remained black for a moment as Shoto narrated, “My father admitted her to a mental hospital afterwards, saying that she was a danger to me, and to focus on my training and studies. He practically isolated me from everything else” The screen fades back into life and we can see Endeavor brutally beating Shoto in an attempt to train him, the young boy is trying his best to get back up and we can hear grunts and thuds as each hit makes contact with his body.


Iida clenched his fists in his lap and took deep breaths in an attempt to keep himself calm. He could not lash out as he did with Bakugou, he had to remain calm, if not for himself than for the wellbeing of his classmates.


“I wasn’t the only one who he got harder on.” We can see a tense Daichi, teeth gritted, being yelled at by a very strict tutor who was slamming his fists on the table over and over, before finally slapping him with a loud smack, “My oldest brother was taught how to control his fire and his tongue.”


“He always did speak his mind.” Shoto said, “Father hated it because he was convinced Daichi wouldn’t keep him mouth shut to the public.” He probably got it from father, as much as it pains me to say.


The screen changes to show a shaking Taiki, trying not to flinch as he was screamed at by a broad, menacing man. The man shakes him roughly and shout directly in his ears, sneering. “The second oldest, Taiki, was taught to toughen up and show no fear.”


“He was the sensitive one,” he spoke again, “He always cared too much as wore his heart on his sleeve. He cried quite a bit.” Probably mom… Midoriya reminds me of him.


It changes once again, showing a young Fuyumi working her way around the kitchen, cooking what seemed to be a pot of soup while simultaneously sweeping the floors and wiping the tables. “Third oldest, my only sister, Fuyumi, was taught to do what my father thought women were good for- cleaning, cooking, and taking care of children, always that before her studies and personal needs.”


“She’s a few grade behind because of that.” Todoroki said. She was what another was for some time… and wow did the girls in his class look furious.


“This went on for about a year, before one of us snapped.”


“The question is, who and how?” Tokoyami said. “And the result.” Shoji added.


Todoroki tensed briefly, before feeling a squeeze on his arm. He looked to the side and saw Uraraka, smiling reassuringly. Right, his friends. Letting out a breath and forcing himself to relax, he nodded and turned back to the front. Uraraka’s hand did not leave his arm, however.


We can see all the Todoroki children seated at a table, Fuyumi just finishing serving their meals. She sits and the rest if the table is silent and tense. You can tell that family dinners are not a common occurrence, and the children don’t really know what to do in this situation.


That’s sad, Ashido thought, frowning. It's like they don’t even know each other anymore.


Sighing, Daichi reaches across the table and grabs a piece of bread, dipping it into his soup. He chews and swallows, the sound cutting through the silence like a hot knife through butter. “Well?” he said finally. “Dig in.” That was all it took before the rest began to eat.


It was silent for a few more minutes as they ate, broken again, but this time by Fuyumi. “Happy Birthday,” she said, smiling slightly.


“Aww, she’s cute.” Toru said, smiling even though no one else could see.


“How old is he?” Momo asked, as they had never been given anyone’s age besides Todoroki’s. The boy thought for a moment, “Back then, about thirteen, since he’s about eight years older than me, and I would be five in that moment. Taiki would be about ten, and Fuyumi eight.”


So young, Toshinori thought, far too young to go through any if this. He sighed, oh Endeavor, what did you do…


Daichi grinned back, “Thanks, for the congratulations and the meal.” his grin seemed a bit forced, however, and even Fuyumi’s smile had a note of tension.


They felt their guts clench, something was coming, or rather, someone.


That’s when the harsh, pounding footsteps began again, getting louder and louder, before the door to the dining room slammed open. Taiki flinched, but was for once not told of by the seething man in the doorway. No, he had his eyes out for someone else.


“Daichi,” he growled out, “What is the meaning of this?” The man held out a small stack of papers, crumbled in his hands. To anyone else they would have just been a stack of utterly useless papers, but ti Daichi, they were a treasure. The oldest son stood, pushing his chair back as he did, “How did you get those?” he demanded, “You looked through my room!” he all but shouted.


The man was not deterred, “As your creator, it is my right. You however, have no right to commit such- such immoral and disgusting actions.” he sneered. The boy growled, “Its my love life and it is not disgusting! Believe it or not, nobody gives a shit about the Todoroki name! And if I wanna have a fucking penpal that’s turning into something more, than I will!” he shouted.


Jirou blinked, “That’s it? He has a girlfriend and that's why he’s getting screamed at?” she looked astounded at the idiocy of the number two hero.


Todoroki shook his head, “It was a bit more than that…” he trailed off. Would they be like his father? No, he needed to have, well, faith in them… Hope… Oh boy…


“It would not be a great concern to me,” he snarled, “If it was a girl, and not some low-life boy by the name of Tomura Shigaraki!” he bellowed.


Their breaths caught in their throats, hearts pounding, as memories began to resurface. Blood, villains, Aizawa and Thirteen, fighting for not only them, but for their own lives as well. The dirt, dust, adrenaline and fear, all coming together in the students at once, creating an aura of distress. Running, fighting, screaming, and crying, all because of the League of Villains, and while perhaps not the leader, someone who was in the center of it all was-


“Sh-shigaraki?” Mineta asked shakily, “Your brother was friends with a villain like that?” While the man may have been childish, he still seemed to have very powerful connections, as well as a strong quirk. With enough time, the man could- would become a very powerful enemy.


Sighing, Shoto nodded. “I don’t know anything,” he added, “Just that they started writing each other around the time my mother was admitted. And I don’t think he was a villain then, since our father was more concerned that he was writing to a boy, not that he was writing to a villain.”


The children seemed a bit surprised, but more so that Daichi had a love life in general rather than if it was a boy. He glared and grit his teeth, “He’s ten times worth of you. And if your so damn ‘concerned’, maybe you should worry more about what the public thinks of you!” he shouted confidently.


The flaming ‘hero’ froze, “What will your precious ego suffer through, I wonder, when the public finds out about your wife and children?” the boy continued to speak, even as the man moved towards him slowly. “What will the police do, when they hear from his own son that that the number two hero is a monster?”


He’s pushing it , Aizawa thought solemnly , if he doesn’t stop-


“What will All Might do?” You could practically hear the snap inside the man’s mind.


-he’ll be hurt, he finished his thought grimly. Toshinori couldn’t help the slight jolt of guilt that spread through him.


The next thing the young boy knew, flaming hands grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. The flames did not die out, they burned his neck and chest, skin shriveling up and blistering in deep colours.


“Oh god,” Sero held a hand to his mouth, as Kouda sobbed and tried to do the same. Many were looking quiet sick and near tears already. They had seen them being beaten, but they never thought they’d seen one of them being killed . The screaming is what got to them the most, it echoed and vibrated in their skulls and throughout the room, reaching even Shoto, who was buried beneath his friends’ arms once more.


He kept his eyes shut and mouth closed. Daichi was most likely dead, and he had made peace with that long ago.


The children watched, crying and stifling their own screams, to afraid of the man who was never really their father, as he burned away a piece of them.


The boy tried to free himself through his screaming. He struggled and flailed his arms, pushing against the older man and burning his arms and most of his hands the same way he did his upper torso. His effort was futile, the man never letting go, screaming profanities and derogatory terms at him, both for his back talk and sexual orientation.


Tsu did her best to remain calm, but ultimately failed, putting her hands over her ears and closing her eyes. Watching the child reminder her of her siblings, of what it would be like if they were hurt, if they were in danger.


Finally, Endeavor let the boy fall onto the floor. Smirking slightly and turning towards the others, he spoke, “Let this be a lesson. A reminder.” without any other explanation, he left. Time seemed to stand still as the children were frozen in place. A groans seemed to snap them out of their stupitor for the most part, and they watched as Daichi raised himself into some sort of sitting position before moving towards him.


“Stop.” they did.


“This life… I’m done. I’m so done.” Daichi shakily got to his feet, steadying himself on the wall. He chuckled half-deliriously, “I mean, come on! What kind of life is this? Do you really want to stay here? Because I can’t. I won’t.” he stands on his own two feet, taking a few practice steps to gain his footing. He walks towards the door, and stops, looking back at them he says, “You aren’t coming, are you?”


“Why not?” Ojiro asked, if he was in that situation he would get out as soon as possible. But maybe, that was the whole point.


Aoyama shook his head, “Its all they’ve ever known. And even if he hurts them, deep inside they still recognize them as their father and care for him as such, beneath all that anger and hatred.” he had seen it before back home. While they’re parents never went very far and mostly just pressured their children, they could still never shake of the familiar feeling of family from themselves, no matter how much they wished to with all that resentment.


He let out a bitter chuckle, a sad smile playing at his lips, “I’ll miss you, pipsqueeks.” Skin barely hanging onto his body, bruised and bleeding, an ache deep inside not only his chest, but the other three’s as well, he walked off, down the hall and past the doorway, past the entrance and exit, letting go of himself, and of his family.


It was silent in the room.


“We never saw him again, and I’ve made peace that he was most likely dead. Fuyumi held on,” we can see Fuyumi sitting in a bed in a near empty room, crying. “Taiki kept it all locked away, as my father told him grieving for Daichi was just another weakness he needed to dispose of.” Taiki is shown, he’s being screamed at and shaken again, but his face is blank, his eyes growing more and more numb to the world around him.”


Todoroki tried to cry once more, but nothing came. He felt a small passing of guilt, he had not cried the first time and he could not cry now. Taiki was his brother, but they grew up as strangers, especially after Daichi had gone. His emotions were different from Taiki. Taiki still felt, but kept everything inside him in a ready to break, overflowing bottle. Todoroki’s emotions were numbed, they were a cheap counterfeit for what he should have felt. He didn’t want to be this way, but the way he was raised demanded it; and it confused him how Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida had managed to break through it. The only other person who had ever been able to do that was his mother, and that was because they had a deeper, established connection before it all went to hell.


Perhaps there was hope for his heart.


“And it wasn’t long before one of us broke again,” the screen shows us the window, there’s a beautiful sunset, reds, oranges, and yellows blooming together with the black, blue, and purple night sky just barely beginning to set in. and then we hear a creak. The screen pans out just slightly, but enough for us to see what seems to be the bottom of a chair turned upright, and a bit of shoe and pants being shown.


Dread pooled into their stomachs, but the screen faded once more. While they felt horror still, it was only a bit hard to bear, as they had not seen his face, had not heard his screaming as they did Daichi, and did not know him as they did Todoroki, as little as that familiarity may have been. He was another stranger, another number to die and be added each day.


“He was fifteen and hung himself in his room. I was the one who found him, but I didn’t cry.” the screen shows a small montage of Todoroki training, studying, bleeding, and eating, a plain, blank look in his face the entire time, only bits and pieces of anger or frustration shining through from time to time.


“My emotions are numbed. I can feel, but not strongly.” Todoroki is sitting on his bed, holding something. “We grew up as strangers, barely seeing each other, much less interacting.” It's a UA brochure. The screen goes black.


“It is sad then, I suppose, that Daichi and Taiki Todoroki died as nothing but strangers to the rest of the world.”


It didn’t turn back on.


It was silent for a few moments as they reeled once more on what they had seen, but in the end they all just felt tired. They cared, of course, but emotionally they were exhausted. Which also meant that they groaned when The Obsolete popped in once more, even the teachered sighed and rolled their shoulders.


Chuckling, he spoke, “Its okay, I just wanted you to know that the screen won’t turn back on for a little while, just so you guys can rest up. It’ll probably play again before you go to bed though, just so you know. Well, have fun!” he smiled and waved, disappearing once more.


Sighing, Aizawa stood, “Do whatever you want, just don’t destroy anything.” and then he proceeded to roll back down onto the floor and close his eyes. Sweat dropping, the students and teachers stood, cracking their backs and stretching their legs.


Hearing his stomach growl, the redhead grinned, “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving!” many voiced their agreement. Some moved towards the kitchen to eat, others to the bedrooms or bathrooms to freshen up, rest, or even explore. The question of who would be next still rang in their minds, however.


As did one taunting, smirking voice.


I can’t wait to see you all shatter~


Chapter Text


True to his word, the screen didn’t turn on for the next hour or so, as they went around enjoying themselves and exploring their new environment. Kirishima immediately went to the kitchen and began to search through the fridge, Ashido, Sero, and Sato following, the boys sitting around the table while Ashido hopped onto the kitchen counter, swinging her legs slightly.


“So, what should we eat?” he asked, still digging around. This fridge really did have everything, didn’t it?


“I could always bake us something.” Sato said. Ashido perked up, “Oh! We could all make some pancakes together!” she suggested, “We could add chocolate, or fruit, or cereal!”


Sero raised and eyebrow, “Cereal pancakes?” She huffed, “Cereal pancakes are underappreciated and discriminated against!” Kirishima laughed, “Pancakes it is then! They’ll be totally manly! You can show us how to make them from scratch, right Sato?”


He nodded, “Yep. We’re gonna need flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, butter, and sugar. Oh, and anything you guys want to add in, like fruit or chocolate.” Ashido cleared her throat, “Or cereal,” he added, “We can make seperate batched so if someone doesn’t want a specific thing we can have a separate batch without it.”


“Do you think we can make enough pancakes for everyone?” Sero asked, “Well I don’t think anyone’s allergic to anything we might add, so if we have enough ingredients then we should be able to.” Sato responded.


Ashido and Kirishima cheered, “Let’s do it!” Sero and Sato laughing with them as they all began to take out the ingredients and supplies. They were hoping to have enough ingredients for everyone, but they didn’t expect the sheer amount of space it would actually take. The large table, which had been fitted to seat both the students and teachers, as well as some extra room for another group, was almost completely covered with separate piles of mixed ingredients.


“You guys okay?” Sero shouted from one end of the table, where he had been set up to make fruit pancakes. Ashido popped up from the other end where she had been reaching for her bowl on the floor, which thankfully landed rightside up, “Yep! All set!” she picked up some cereal and shook it excitedly. Sato and Kirishima both responded from their own places on the table, ready to make regular pancakes and chocolate pancakes respectively.


“Well team, let’s bake!” Sato cried out, as they all began to reach for their bowls and ingredients with determination shining through their eyes. Sero idly wondered where Kaminari was, as he would’ve loved to have a pancake competition/mission of sorts, especially if he could add nuts and cinnamon in them. Well , he thought, I ’ll just make him some anyway, he’s probably taking a nap or something . He did seem a bit fidgety earlier, it was probably the stress of the day. He’d leave the other boy to himself, let him relax a bit and come back to his favourite pancakes. He left his thought process as he moved to the kitchen to grab the nuts and cinnamon, unaware that Ashido was doing the same, as there were enough ingredients in the kitchen for them to each grab a shaker of it without knowing about the other.


As the Baking Team began their mission of a pancake feast, some of the students decided to spend their time in the bedrooms, those students being Kaminari, Todoroki, Midoriya, Midnight and Toshinori. The door to the bedrooms revealed a long hallway filled with doors, each holding a name plate. Next to the room was a large sign.




Testing their quirks, they found that they truly couldn’t do anything. While worrying, there didn’t seem to be any technology present in the hallway, as far as they could see. The mention of ‘things’ had no reaction of the others, save for a smirk and chuckle from Midnight, but Midoriya’s head had already begun to run wild.


You see, while he never outwardly said anything, he was a bit of a pervert. He had seen and read many, many things on the internet for such perverted thoughts. It was embarrassing, therefore he kept his dirty mind as far away from his social life as possible, though a few thoughts did manage to slip through his barriers every once and a while, such as yesterday, when he thought about Iida’s stamina. He wasn’t interesting in Iida, really, but he just couldn’t help it. Now if it was Todoroki… He shook his head, not yet Izuku, he reprimanded himself. Ever since he had received One For All, he hadn’t been able to, well, have some one on one time with his hand, if anyone could understand. He tried once and nearly ripped a piece himself off, a very valuable piece, meaning he had to wait until he could fully control one for all. Or , have his quirk deactivated long enough to have some fun.


As they each spilt up to explore their rooms individually, he felt excitement build up in his lower stomach. When he entered the room, seeing one king sized bed, a desk, writing utensils and notebooks, he also blushed at the box of, ahem, supplies for one of his most missed activities. Locking the door shut and beginning to unbuckle his belt, the boy grinned and made his way to the bed.


In another room, free of supplies was a king sized bed and a small table and chair with various art supplies and sketch pads. Todoroki hummed, only a bit surprised. It had been quite a while since he had indulged in a relaxing, personal activity, years since he had picked up a sketch pad for himself. Nonetheless, he sat at the table and look everything over. Watercolours, coloured pencils, regular pencils, pens, erasers, charcoal, and three green and white sketch pads. He opened one and grabbed a pencil, pressing it against the paper. Time to see how rusty he had gotten.


Once again in another room there was a king sized bed. This time, however, there was a large book self. On it were rows upon rows of books, thick, thin, long, short, colourful and plain. The shelf was wide and almost reached the ceiling. Grabbing one of the books and checking the title, Kaminari realized it was one he had not read yet. Smiling, he sat down and rested his head against the headboard of the bed, opening the book and relaxing, ready to fully immerse himself in his new book.


“There can’t be anyone, I am sure, who doesn’t know what it feels like to be disliked, even rejected, momentarily for for sustained periods of time…”


He lost himself in his book, not even noticing the amount of time that had passed until he heard a knock on his door. Jolting up, he blinked and checked the clock on the pale blue walls, adjacent to his bed. Huh , he thought. It had been roughly two hours and thirty seven since he had started to read. They might be worried, he realized. Looking around his room he stuffed the boor under his pillow and moved towards the door. Positioning himself to block the view of the bookshelf, he opened the door.


“Kaminari! Come on, all the pancakes are done!” came the voice of the great beyond. “What?” he asked dumbly. Oh, right, Toru. Hearing her half frustrated half amused sigh he grinned. “So, pancakes?” he asked cheerfully. “Pancakes,” she confirmed, “Sato, Sero, Kaminari, and Ashido made them! They have fruit and nuts and chocolate and cereal- come on!” He heard the thud of footsteps and saw the door down the hallway open and shut. Shaking his head, he smiled and stepped out of his room, closing the door swiftly as he did. Food sounded nice right about now.


He left the Bedrooms and closed the door, making his way to the kitchen, which had a large table that he had not noticed before. On it were piles upon piles of pancakes, all varying in colour and size, plates ha been set up at each seat, despite the fact that they wouldn’t fill them all. Everyone else seemed to be there already as well, even Mr. Lord Explosion Murder. He could feel the tenseness in the air, mostly surrounding Bakugou, who seemed on guard, like always. That can’t be healthy, he thought. Bakugou was more than met the eye of reached the ears, what it was that was buried, however, was still a mystery to him. Nonetheless, he saw Sero and Ashido waving at him from across the table, a seat empty in between them. Smiling at them at waving back, he simultaneously ignored and nurtured the feeling in his throat and warmth on his ears as he sat next to them.


The rest of the students and teachers began to sit and serve themselves, seeing the signs next to each pile of pates stating what they had in them. They ate and laughed, complimenting the Baking team as they glowed with pride and joy at the appreciation and praise. Halfway through their meal, however, they heard a cracking sound, and few moments later both Breaking Point and The Obsolete stood in front of them. Some jumped or yelp slightly in response, but the two paid them no mind as they simply begin talking.


“Hello~” Breaking Point sang out. She grinned as her eyes landed on Todoroki, “Hey Daddy Issues~” he stiffened as glared, as did a few of their classmates. “What, do I have something on my face? ‘Cause there’s something on yours~” She smirked at the shocked and maddening looks being thrown her way. Midoriya glared at her heatedly. “What do you want?” he spat out, others watching in surprise at the venom in his voice that never seemed present.


She pouted, “Aw, Broccoli Boi~ You cut my heart like you cut your wrists~” she grinned deviously. He flinched and gripped his shirt sleeve.


“Enough,” Toshinori commanded, standing to face her, an aura of protectiveness surrounding him, “What do you want?”


The Obsolete rolled his eyes, “Wow BP, jokes of the century.” She smirked, “I know, it's almost as good as the joke of your life~” He blinked at sighed, mutter something that sounded suspiciously like “I’m so done with this shit” before straightening himself out and turning towards the group.


“It’s me, I just brought her along so she would cause any trouble. Or cheat at Just Dance,” he grumbled the last part, though they still hear. “You can’t cheat at Just Dance!” she protested. “I know how you wizards work! With your Bibbity-Bobbity-Bullshit!” he retaliated.


“That’s Fairy godmother, and I’m not a wizard!”


“Burn the wizard!”


“Ahem.” Aizawa glared, silencing the two instantly, “Your reason?”


The Obsolete blinked, “Oh, right. Well, while I sort of planned for all the reacting to happen tomorrow and let you rest the rest of the day, I decided to have some videos play. They aren’t serious, and some aren’t a part of this universe at all.” Seeing the confused looks he began to explain, “You see, there are multiple dimensions, some have you in them, some don’t. Someone in this dimension may be good but in another they’re evil, events are changed, etc. So far I’ve showed you part of your dimension that you weren’t aware of, and I’ll continue to do so, but after those I can show you part of other dimension- the funnier moments will appear far more though. Some of these are from your dimension as well, but I’ll let you figure those out yourself. Some of these are also song or edits made to be humouress.”


“Who were they made by?”


“That’s for me to know, and you to never. Anyway, some of these will also be random fun facts of you guys or the people you know. So yeah, have fun!” he smiled and disappeared along with Breaking Point. Only to have her pop back in and steal a plate of Ojiro’s pancakes and run.


“Wha- hey!” he shouted out as the others laughed and continued to eat. They finished their meal later on and when they went to clean they discovered their plates were missing. Ojiro sighed, “Oh sure, steal my plate when its full but their’s when its empty,” he muttered. Snickering at the saltiness in his voice, Toru’s attention was then caught by the screen, missing the fond look passing the boy’s face as he heard her laugh.


“Hey, I guess it’s starting guys!” Ashido shouted before Toru could, catching the attention of the others. She sighed, so close.


The others made their way back towards their previous seats, some laying down on their stomachs or backs this time.


The screen showed Izuku’;s notebook as he began to write, music playing in the background. We can see UA as he begins to sing.


“Hello mommy

Hello Daddy

Here I am at

Hero academy”


“Nice voice, but it doesn’t sound like you.” Tsu commented. Izuku nodded, though Uraraka tilted her head, “Well, it sound a bit like him, but only just.”


We can see scenes from the fitness exam that occured on their first day.


Some winced at the reminders. Stress had been high that day. Aizawa simply grinned like a tired manicace from behind his scarf.


“School is fun but

Quickly sours

I get bullied ‘cause I have no super powers”


“I was a late bloomer,” Izuku quickly lied, that’s what they'd been saying, no point in veering of course, excuse wise.” Kirishima nodded, “And no more bullying.” he said fiercely, avoiding Bakugou’s gaze.


Flashback to the entrance exam and the students.


“Even my first test

Was a low point,”


Destroyed robots and Izuku in the air, arms and legs bruised, broken, and bleeding.


They winced. He mustn’t have used his quirk very often before the exam if the damage was that bad.


Todoroki glanced at his friend. Of course he was fine, but still, he just needed to see a Midoriya that wasn’t broken down.


“When I ripped out

My elbow joint”


“WHAT!?” que Midoriya Protection Squad surround the boy like a smothering, fretting shield of teenagers


He blushed, “It was a joke! Everything’s fine! It was just a broken arm!” They all hesitantly sat back down. Uraraka grumbled, “We never get to hold our smol cinnamon boy.”


Midoriya walking down  an alleyway.


“And if you think

That was a bummer-”


Izuku winced. Yeah, that slime felt… wrong. Really wrong, like it knew it was acting like he was going to- wait… and with Izuku… That son of a bitch!

“-I got assaulted sexually by evil flubber!”


“Wait, really?”


Izuku chuckled nervously  “Ah, well, yeah... but he didn’t get under my clothes!”


Frowning, Iida replied, “That’s still completely wrong, Midoriya.”


“Iida has a point. And he didn’t just get under your clothes, he got under your skin.” Uraraka nodded.


Todoroki had a serious look on his face, “Tell us if the Playdough Perv. thrusts himself inside you again.”


“Thanks, Todoroki…” Izuku said, turning red and trying to ignore the snickering if his classmates. Oh god, doesn’t he know how sexual that sounds?


Todoroki simply nodded in response and turned back to the screen, holding back a smirk at Midoriya’s blushing face. Score , he thought victoriously.


“You remember

Bakugou right?”


“Who can forget?” Jirou said, rolling her eyes through Bakugou’s glare. Kirishima took the chance to glance at the blonde boy. Yep , he thought dejectedly, who could forget?


You’ll never stand above me. Good thing I’m here, since you’re too stupid to survive on your own, right?


Yes , he thought to himself. Who could forget someone like Bakugou?


“He used me as

Human dynomite.”


Cue winces at the brutal training scenes.


“The classroom conduct

Is egreagus.”


Some of them giggled at All Might’s walk, causing Aizawa to roll his eyes while said hero scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.


“And my coach looks like a human General Grievous!”


Present Mic and Midnight burst out laughing, only just getting to see the hero’s blushing face before he turned away quickly.


“Now I don’t know

What stress this’ll cause ya,”


“Aww, your mom is cute!”


Toshinori stares slightly a the green haired woman on screen, a thumping in his chest, but no cough, how stra-


Oh , he realized, eyes widening. Oh . He paused... Fu- !


“But my team mate

Has constant nausea.”


Uraraka chuckled, embarrassed, “Well, I can’t deny that.


“Our homeroom teacher

Has narcolepsy,”


Aizawa raised and eyebrow, “Nope. Just insomnia and a messed up sleep schedule.”


Tokoyami blinked, “Oh, really? I guess I owe Shinsou five dollars. He bet the exact same thing.”


“Hmm,” Aizawa gained a devious look and grim reaper grin, “Did he now?” To this day Tokoyami swears he heard Dark Shadow whimper ‘mommy’ in his ear.


“And our nurse gets paid to borderline molest me!”


“In her defense, its her quirk.” Shoji said. “In our defense, it's our dignity.” Present Mic said, cause everyone to stare. “What?” he asked, “It is!” they turned back to the screen after a few seconds, still confused.


“Take me home. Oh mommy, daddy, take me home.”


“Ah, good old fashioned begging.” Present Mic sighed, “Good times, good times.”


“I hate the academy-!”






“Please, don’t leave me in this place! I keep getting punched in the face…”


Midoriya chuckled sheepishly, “Ah, he does have a point.” Midnight nodded, “I’ve seen you in the nurse's office far too many times.”


“Take me home! I promise I’ll reset zero

Interest in being hero!”




“Aw, our poor teary eyed baby.”




“Oh please don’t let me stay, I’ve been here one whole day!”


Kaminari snorted, “Gee, one day meant a hundred years then.”


“Wait, a minute…”


Kouda smiled at the art stye.


“What’s this feeling?

I could punch right

Through the ceiling!

I feel super! Gee that’s better,

Mommy, daddy, kindly disregard this letter!”


Laughing and shaking their heads the students waited as the TV screen took its time loading.


“What was that, the bitch version of you?” Bakugou muttered. He’d been keeping quiet, not wanting to draw attention towards himself since everyone was hostile at the moment. He was reckless, yes, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. Luckily no one heard him, as they would have most likely jumped on him bullying Deku again. I did though, he thought. The damn nerd was his friend, back when they were younger, and he just went and ruined it, like he always did. He never meant his words, he tried, and apparently his acting was on point, but deep down he never did. He couldn’t explain it, he’d just get so wound up, so tense, so… angry. He would never understand or forgive though, and his classmates probably wouldn’t either. Whatever, he thought, visiously shaking off his sentimentality, I just need to get to the top, then it won’t fucking matter. They can’t treat me like weak trash when I’m standing on top with the very best.


Unknown to him, a certain green haired boy smiled sadly at his comment, one of his last pieces of advice he’d given Kacchan when they were still speaking ringing through his head.


You could always be better, and not in the way you’d think.


The screen showed the backs of Midoriya and Todoroki in a crowd facing a person riding a mechanical bull.


Tsu put a finger to the corner of her mouth, “Well this can’t end well.”


“Ride the bull!” “Hi-ya!” and  “Go! Go!” were shouted out as they watched. The screen changed to show Todoroki and Midoriya looking past the camera, presumably towards the mechanical bull. The green haired boy clenched his left fist determinedly, a text box above him and three dots next to the other boy’s face.


“Ah, a comic dub. Interesting, that means someone created this scene. Comic dubs are mostly done by fan-bases, actually.” Tokoyami mused. Shoji nodded at him, “So, we’re probably a TV program, in that reality at least.”


“Todoroki, next it’s my turn. It’s fine I can do it. It’s just a matter of technique you see…”The screen changed once again, both boys still in direct view of the screen. Midoriya was looking at his fists while Todoroki gave him a side glance, more text boxes appeared as well. “You can’t use your quirk.” he said. “I know! I practiced my moves lately, so that should be enough. I think if I balanced while I was tight roping that would work…” the boy began to mutter, “… but I would have to be standing that’s stupid…”


The screen showed Todoroki leaning into Midoriya’s shoulder, the boy looking determined as the responded to the cry of “Next!” with a “Yes!”


“Oi,” Todoroki leaned loser to his ear this time, and Midoriya’s face seemed carefully blank as he sweated a bit.


Iida frowned, what did Todoroki say to gain such a reaction?


“Just ride it like you did with me.”


Midoriya sputtered as he blushed fiercely, the boy next to him catching fire briefly. He felt his mortification grow as his classmates laughed and jokingly congratulated Shoto on “getting some” as Kirishima put it.


“I knew there was gay subtext!” who it was he didn’t know, though he might prefer to keep it that way.


We can see a blushing Midoriya standing next to the bull, a sound effect playing as he stared with wide eyes. He tried to climb it, “Okay, up we go-” and promptly fell back, a dinging sound playing as ‘K.O’ was written in the air. “I think I’ll just say down here,”


Toshinori chuckled at young Midoriya’s face. Ah, to be young and in love. He would have to talk to the young Todoroki, of course, but only after they had actually gotten together. Then he would give him the equivalent of the Shotgun Talk. Though it would probably be unneeded, all things considered..


After their chuckling and teasing, the students began to hear music coming through the speakers, and the screen showed a very familiar looking face. The bombshell blonde’s eyes widened, “Is that fucking Disney!?” he screamed out. Kaminari smirked, “You know Disney?” Bakugou scoffed, “Everyone knows fucking Disney, they rule the goddamn world. I wanna know why I’m the one fucking singing it!”


“Maybe it’s one of the animatics?” Kirishima suggested, “Of an alternate universe?” Ashido shushed them, “I don’t care if this universe is ruled by penguin gods, it’s Disney! Oh, maybe the whole movie is the alternate world!” Sero smirked, “Now all we have to do is find his Hercules.” the blonde glared, not noticing Kirishima turning away from them, shaking away the blush steadily growing on his face. Could he even have a chance with him? Did he even want to? After all they had seen with Bakugou, the kind of person he was, did he really want to be with someone so much like him? He sighed, time would tell, he supposed.


We can see him holding a flower up, as well as lowering it while letting out a breath.


“If there’s a prize for rotten judgement

I guess I’ve already won that…

No man is worth the aggravation…”


The screen shows his tense shoulders and the flower in his hand, before the music picks up and we seen him tossing it over his shoulder.


“That’s ancient history, been there, done that!”


Momo, Uraraka, Jirou, Toru, and Ashido are show, lined up and glancing off screen towards Bakugou, Ashido holding his thrown flower.






The girls pose.


“Who you think you’re kidding? He’s the earth and heaven to you!”


Bakugou turned away from them, crossing his arms, a blush on his face.


“Try to keep it hidden, honey, we can see right through you!”


They attempt to give him the flower as he remains with a blush, arms crossed and hunched over slightly.


“Boy you can’t conceal it! We know how you feel and who you’re thinking of~!


Tokoyami hummed, “And who would that be exactly?” he already had his suspicious, perhaps this would confirm them. Though he also had a feeling that Breaking Point might not reveal it, for dramatic purposes.


The blond continues to deny the flower, turning away from them, as they continue to move about and sing to him.



No chance! No way! I won’t say it No no!

You swoon, you sigh, why deny it?  Uh-oh~”


“Embrace the love! Shrek is love, shrek is life!”


“Kaminari, I will fry your brains and shove them up your-”


“It’s too cliche!

I won’t say I’m in love.”


“That doesn’t mean he’s not in love though, just that we won’t say it.” the blonde glowered, but had to reply, as it was true, both in that universe and this one. He grit his teeth, weak, he spat at himself, he doesn’t really give a shit, there’s no fucking reason to care. His heart wouldn’t let him win the argument, however.


We can see him walking away, the girls sighing and looking a tad frustrated with him. He looks at a statue of two people as he sings.


“I though my heart had learned its lesson.

It feels so good when you start out!


He grips his head, the girls in the background.


“My head is screaming: Get a grip, now!


He glowered at the ground.


“Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out!”


By now most of the class had decided to sing along with the animatic,some even dancing along in their seats and copying the hand movements on screen.


“You keep on denying, who you are and how you’re feeling

Baby, we’re not buying- hun we saw you hit the ceiling!”


A shot of his flushed face, before different shots of each girl.


“Face it like a grown up! When you gonna own up that you-



Got it bad~!”


Never , he growled in his head.



No chance! No way! I won’t say it! No no!”


He walks, before we see his feet, a rock in his path. He trips, catching himself on a statue. He looks up at the statue, a blush overtaking his face.


Kirishima squints, “Why are the feature blurred?” a chuckle interrupted any other answer that might have followed. Looking behind them, they saw Breaking Point and The Obsolete sitting and sharing a bag of popcorn. The Obsolete grinned, “Some realities have different couples, but the one we're showing you will usually have the same as the ones in this reality.”


“In other words,” the insane girl interjected, “Bakugou loves the same person in that reality as he does in this one~” Said boy stiffened, the grip on his arms tightening. “Who-”


The Obsolete raised a hand to stop Ashido’s questioning. “We can’t just say it now, we need a tension build up! It’ll come out soon enough though,” he grinned widely, seeming staring holes in the blonde boy’s head, causing his body to tense and stomach to curl, his teeth grinding against each other. Kaminari groaned, “Aw, come on! We need the live interest!”


Breaking Point cackled, “All in due time~  Little meatbags~” holding back shivers, they turned back to the screen as the music began to play once more, unaware of Bakugou’s inner turmoil.


We can see Bakugou’s face, his eyes half lidded, flushed, and lovestruck.


Despite his worries and doubts earlier, the redhead couldn’t help the way his breath caught in his throat at the other boy’s look. So cute


“Give up! Or give in!

Check the grin, you’re in love~!”


Catching himself, he pushed himself away from the statue and made his way over to sit at the edge of the fountain.


“This scene won’t play! I won’t say I’m in love~!

You’re doing flips! Read our lips! You’re in love~!


Most of the class was still singing, now joined by Breaking Point and The Obsolete.


He sat at the edge, looking away, eyes closed.


“You’re way off base, I won’t say it!

Get off my case, I won’t say it!”


His eye caught the flower off to the side next to him, and he grabbed it hesitantly, the girls sending encouraging looks.


“Boy don’t be proud, its okay, you’re in love~”


He smiled slightly, tilting his head down and holding the flower closer to him.


“Holy shit, he’s smiling,” Uraraka muttered quietly, “And its not threatening.” Midoriya nodded, “He has a really nice smile when he cares about something. He must really love this person.” Todoroki pursed his lips together, feeling a sting of jealousy, not knowing an accidental eavesdropping Kirishima was feeling the same.


“At least out loud…

I won’t say I’m in love~”


The image and music faded as the girls sang the ending chorus and sighed happily.


The Obsolete then stood and began clapping excitedly, “Bravo! Bravo Disney!” Breaking Point rolled her eyes at his excitement, “It wasn’t that bad I suppose.” he shot her a scandalous look, “Not bad? ‘Not bad’, she says. More like incredible, I still have shivers!” he showed her his arms, which did indeed have goosebumps. Breaking Point snorted, “That’s because mentally you’re three.”


He dramatically grasped his chest, “My heart! You’ve betrayed me my platonic love! Betrayal!” he whisper-yelled the last part, falling to his knees and ‘dying’, his tongue stuck out comically. She looked unfazed, “Oh. No. Don’t leave me.” The students and teachers watched them, confusion taking over all their senses.


The Obsolete suddenly bolted upwards, “Not today Satan!” he gasped and hopped onto his feet. Pausing, he looked behind him at the students and teachers. “Welp, this was fun. See ya.” he grabbed Breaking Point’s arm and took them both away with the bag of popcorn.


It seemed that they would have to wait for answers, however, as the screen did not show a video, but instead a time.


22:48 --/-- 11:48 PM


After seeing the time the teachers began to heard the students into their bedrooms, making sure they were separated in order to avoid any… mishaps. Some did not sleep right away, however, such a Kaminari. The boy enjoyed th time he was given to read in his room freely, but he did miss playing with his online friend, TomaToma, as well as his daily dosage of vines and memes. This did provide an opportunity to learn more about his classmates, however. Bakugou came across his mind, for example. The boy seemed harsh, borderline cruel, and had a past as a bully a tormentor, but was that all he really was? There was something there, something buried deep underneath anger and frustration. Perhaps an ego not as large as they once thought. Perhaps a pain as deep or even deeper than the ones he inflicted. He recalled a book he had once read on psychology, something about inner pain being reflected off of the outer pain or vice versa. Honestly fiction books interested him far more than non-fiction, so he didn’t read them very much.


As he inwardly that he should most likely broaden his knowledge of non-fiction books, a knock broke through the quiet atmosphere. Furrowing his eyebrows as he made his way to the door he opened it and was met with a familiar grin. “Sero?” The taller boy grinned, “Hey Kaminari!” he quietly shouted, mindful of the snoozing teachers and classmates. “Sorry, it's just, well it feels too quiet, you know?” he rubbed the back of his neck, “And I’m still getting used to the big beds, and I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight?”


The blonde stared and blinked at the other boy, “Ah, sorry,” Sero winced apologetically, “That’s weird, I know. I’ll just lea-”


“No!” Kaminari shouted, immediately covering his mouth afterwards, listening carefully to see if he had awakened any of the others. Sero’s smile was worth it though. “Great,” the other said excitedly, “Oh, I didn’t bring anything. Is it alright if we share?” Good lord help him.


“Ah, s-sure,” the electric boy responded, smacking himself for the stuttering when Sero had moved past him as he entered. The boy wasted no time in stripping down to his boxers and flopping onto the bed. Kaminari sucked in a breath and did his best to shake away the far less than innocent thoughts that flew through his head. Sero slept in his boxers. He slept in his boxers. It was out of the ordinary than he needed to worry about.


Except the black haired boy was staring at him expectantly, and he realized he must look like a creepy staring into space, but not really because Sero was occupying that space. Clearing his throat he stripped to his boxers as well, and slipped under the covers on the right side of the bed, Sero over the covers on the left. “Well, goodnight.” he said awkwardly, turning off the lights and turning to face away. He attempted to count sheep, recall old fairy tales, and even Present Mic’s more boring lectures. None would work, however, and he was stuck endlessly wondering why he’d been forsaken with such a wonderful and horrible opportunity such as this. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that he started both praying for death and believing it had already taken him.


Sero was now under the covers with him, saying it was too cold to do without them. While he was sure the temperature was fine, especially considering there was no wind or air conditioning, he didn’t dare question him, simply humming and nodding along. After hearing the snoring he began to relax, sleep still evading him however. Then he felt an arm wrap around his waist, pulling him closer to an unclothed chest.


“S-Sero?” he stuttered, his face flaming up. The other boy said nothing else and instead tangled with legs with Kaminari. A light snoring was heard, and he realized that the other boy was still lost in his dreams, unconsciously using him as a teddy bear of sorts. Letting out a breath and feeling his heart calming down slowly, sleep began to overtake him, Sero’s arms trapping him in a warmth, their legs locking together like two pieces. Blinking his eyes tiredly he thought to himself that death could wait, this wasn’t bad. He smiled sleepily as Sero buried his face into neck, the hairs tickling him slightly and sending a jolt through him when the other’s lips brushed against his skin. No , he thought, not bad at all , before falling into peacefully dreams.




Yawning and rubbing her eyes bearily, Uraraka made her way into the kitchen, the clock on the TV most likely reading a time far, far too early for a decent human being to wake. Her she was, however, making her way to the drawers and grabbing a cup, filling it up with sink water and chugging it down as a popular American song passed through her head. Strange, since she had only heard it a few times, and while she enjoyed it she never had time to properly listen to it the past few weeks. Turning back around she realized why, as she saw both Breaking Point and The Obsolete furiously dancing to “Side to Side”, well, The Obsolete was anyway, as Breaking Point seemed to be doing it with almost no real effort.


He huffed as he did his best to follow along, “How do you keeping winning!?” he shouted out frustratedly. She smirked, “Because I have no bones!” she cackled, “Plus I like to dance.” They finished with an ending pose, though truly it was only Breaking Point who posed as The Obsolete fell over onto the floor with a loud groan/panting noise. He saw Uraraka from his position, “Oh, hey.” he said. She blinked, shaking her head and beginning to make her way back to her room. It was too early for this bullshit anyway.