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It was a bright day for UA’s students. Bright day meaning a bundle of anxiety, hormones, and determination to crush anyone and everyone in their war path. Still, the students had been training for weeks in preparation for this moment, when they could show the world their potential as a future hero.

People had already begun to flood the stands in the early morning, while tha UA staff members prepared for the day’s events. None, however, were aware of the detour some of their days were about to take.

Standing, he took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He had to do it, he had to show his father that he could succeed without his power, and had to show everyone else that he was serious about the Sports Festival, that they would need to do their absolute best this day, no matter the cost. He turned and looked back at Midoriya, strong, brave Midoriya, who held onto what it meant to be a hero, and didn’t look down on those weaker than him. Who never stared directly at his scar, like the others he had caught, both discreetly and not so discreetly. Who never asked what it was like, living with a hero as great and strong as Endeavour, tell us Todoroki, all the things he must’ve taught you, every gift it has been living with him. No, not Midoriya, it was never from Midoriya. Whether from nervousness or actually noticing his discomfort, he wasn’t sure, but was greatful either way.

Ignoring the slight beating in his chest, as well as the fluttering in his stomach he vehemently pushed aside, he stared into the deep pools of green. Evergreen, he thought offhandedly. And it was those same evergreen pools he saw roll to the back of their head. And before anyone could utter a sound or even sprint forward to catch the body that crumbled into unconsciousness, all of the rooms occupants quickly met the same fate. Unknown to them, the same fate had befallen their teachers, as well as a few other unsavory guests.


“Ugh…” He blinked his eyes into focus, squinting at the blinding lights that glared down at him. Rubbing his face he tried to collect his head, furring his brows in confusion and concern when he did. Carefully sitting up, he cautiously looked at his surrounding, tense. Despite the slight headache he would do whatever it took to defend himself and figure out what his kidnapper wanted.

His classmates, as well as a few of his teachers, were scattered throughout a large room. A pulse of worry passed through him. He expected that whoever kidnapped them to be either extremely powerful or extremely cunning, possibly both. They had to be in order to take not only the entirety of the hero course class, but pro heros as well, in such a broad public setting no less. Glancing around again, since there didn't appear to be any injuries on the others, he noted that there weren’t any doors besides two dark gray doors, one with “Bathrooms” written on it, the other “Bedrooms”, and one large window that stretched across the entire wall. Through the window he could see what looked like a football field and a factory with “Bisco” written on the side. The floor of the room had a light gray carpeting, pillows and blankets thrown haphazardly all around the floor, and there appeared to be some sort of kitchen area in the corner There was also a giant TV propped against the wall, opposite of the window, connected to some sort of speaker, reminiscent of the movie theater he vaguely remembers visiting with someone previously close to him.

After everyone had woken and confirmed they had no memory of who captured them or how, the teachers unanimously decided to search the area for possible threats and openings to escape. While brief, their search did reveal a fully stocked kitchen, more than enough beds behind the “Bedrooms” door, and working toilets and showers behind the “Bathrooms” door. The TV had no power button or controller, the blankets and pillows nothing more than ordinary, and the window seemed to be unbreakable.

Mineta shifted from foot to foot, “They can get us out of here, right? I mean, they’re pros!” The heterochromia could sense the shorter boy’s unease and honestly understand, though this wasn’t the first time he had come face to face with uneasiness and fear, nor would it be the last. Acting in fear, however, would help no one.

“Children! Children~!” a voice sang out, echoing from wall to wall, making it impossible to find the origin. The teachers tensed, searching and prepared to defend the students.

“My grandma said that once, said it was from a movie called “The Hunter” or “The Huntsman” or something like that. It was from one of her old black and white movies.”, the voice spoke again. However, this time a boy seemed to form before them. The boy had black hair, green eyes, and a simple red hoodie over a t-shirt and jeans. He smiled, “Hello,” and spoke will calmness. “You’re probably worried, but I’m not here to hurt you, I just want to show you some things.”

“What things?” Aizawa-sensei asked, his tone hardened.

“The future, the past, and every secret I deem good enough to be seen.” the boy said back, unbothered. “I am The Obsolete. I see everything that ever was and will be within every reality. I grew fascinated with your reality in particular, as of late, and thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned about you with each other.

Kirishima gawked, “Fun? You kidnapped us and held us here against our will for fun?” as though this was the first time a villain had been moronic.

The boy grinned,“Yep!” he exclaimed, then cleared his throat, “Sorry, I’m trying to be professional about this, but I’m just so excited! Still, the screen will pause when someone must use the bathroom, or when you sleep. The kitchen will never run out of food, so eat until your heart’s content. There is no way out, until you finish, and when you return it will be as if you never left. Enjoy, and remember, ALL secrets will come out, everything shown is the truth, and later on you might even have a few guests! See ya!”

Todoroki felt the strong urge to blink, and when he did so the boy had disappeared. Almost immediately after, the TV screen flicked on, and after a few more minutes of discussion between the teachers, they sat around the room, facing the screen.

Silently, the split coloured teen sat with his small group of friends. Iida obviously displeased with the turn of events, Uraraka shifting in her seat both nervous and excited, and Midoriya biting his bottom lip, trying not to mutter as he mulled over the situation.

Tearing his eyes away from the soft pink of the smaller boy’s lips, the teen denying the hard thumps of his heart kept his eyes firmly on the TV, as it flickered once more and began their journey.