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Have a taste - in Sureumdong

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Jin Seon-mi looked around the bar they just entered. It looked like a bar at least; not at all like a sauna like she thought O-gong would take her too.

“This place is Sureumdong?”

She thought she understood well enough, “so it’s a bar, not a sauna”.

She could almost hear his snort. “It’s not a bar. It’s my home”.

Oh, she thought. She hadn’t considered he would live outside the house with the Devil King, in this... what was it anyways? A mystical portal to another realm or a place on earth where he transported too?

She looked at him and decided not to press the issue. It didn’t matter anyways.

Offering her a glass to drink to warm up, she eyed the beautiful bottles of liquids on the wooden table.

In a childish joy, she pointed to the most beautiful bottle of all. It almost called to her with its looks alone.

“I want this one” already excited to taste it.

O-gong seemed to hesitate for a moment and then lifted the chosen bottle, complimented her on her good choice.

His compliment warmed as much as she imagined the liquid would inside her.

Even though his kindness came at a price of her guilt, sometimes she tried to pretend that he was in love with her. It made it easier on her heart, seeing as she had slowly falling in love with him as well... though without a magical artifact to aid her emotions. Yes, pretend would be best, she decided.

After a few looks back and forth, she finally had more than a few drops in her glass. He was weird about stuff sometimes. Offering her a drink and then only pour up three drops. Silly O-gong.

It smelled good and tasted absolutely delicious. She told him so and noticed his saddened expression.

“You said you can’t drink” and then a bit more cheeky to lighten the mood: “you don’t want your whole collection to go to waste... I’ll drink them for you”.

Hopefully she could cheer O-gong up, just a bit at least. He only seemed to be happy when he tortured the Devil King and that is no way to have good fun in her opinion.

O-gong seemed steadfast “I’ll drink them. I’ll drink them all as soon as I’m allowed to drink again”. He caressed the bottle and looked at it with a dreaming glint in his eye.

This reminded her. How could she forget.
“Right, you’re not allowed to drink”.

Trying again to understand him, she enquired further “you said it’s a punishment, right O-gong. That you were locked up in there because you’re a very bad guy”.

She thought of it. She knew of cause he wasn’t a good guy. He had left her without the memory of his name, so she wouldn’t be able to call him for help. But still, her loving heart couldn’t imagine that he was that bad.

“The Marble Mountains” O-gong said gloomy. It was clear that place wasn’t a good memory for him.

Still, she tried to uplift her voice, hoping to turn this conversation towards something that made her dear O-gong smile instead of frown. “Right, the Marble Mountains”.

Before she could find a way to turn the conversation, her mouth said “how long were you locked up in there?” Because that was honestly a question that had drifted inside her head since she was a child.

His face darkened a bit. “No idea. I stopped keeping count after 500 years as it felt lame”.

Her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. Five.hundred.years?!

She placed the glass slowly down onto the wood and looked at him. “Are you saying you were there alone for over 500 years”.

“Yes” O-gong looked at his liquor bottle. “He tried baking me in his oven for 49 days, but I was fine, so he locked me up there”.

She felt her heart break. 500 years. “Goodness... It must have been so hard”. O-gong looked up slowly.

“You were there all alone for so long. You must’ve have been lonely”.

She looked down in thought “that’s such a horrible punishment” she mused out loud, trying to imagine just how hard it must have been for him.

An idea suddenly occurred to her and she looked up again, smiling “when you’re allowed to drink again, I’ll buy you even nicer liquors”.

She bit her lips when her brain added an even better idea... “in fact..” she straightened her back and smiled business-like. “You said the punishment is, that you cannot drink, Right”.

She could tell he had a sarcastic or rude reply to her but chose to indulge in his curiosity instead. “Yes, so” and placed the liquor down onto the table with a hard clunk.

Smiling, she slowly took the bottle of the delicious liquid and poured up a little in the tumbler.

O-gong looked peeved as she again sipped a bit of the golden drops and then licked her lips.

It’s just business, she told herself. A way to appease her guardian. If she kept telling herself this, then her shyness shouldn’t be a huge problem.

A smirk tingled on her lips, when she looked him in the eyes.

“Kiss me”.

Realization slowly showed in O-gong’s blush. She licked her lips again. She wasn’t use to this strong liquor, it had to be why she was this bold, she told herself.

O-gong seemed to need a little more t push him over the edge, so she stood slowly, not willing to let this opportunity slip through her fingers. Looking into his eyes with a serious gaze.

“Kiss me, dear O-gong. Then you’ll only taste the liquor but you will not drink anything”

He sucked in a breath and slowly stood, making her take a half step back.

His face betrayed his emotions; realization, thankfulness and then hunger.

Her heart skipped a beat when he closed the distance between them. His hands holding her upper arms calmly and then.. his lips against hers made her breath hick inside her throat.

He kissed her carefully over her lips at first, groaning softly when he tasted what she imagined was the first taste of liquor in over 500 years.

His hands came around her neck, his stance more insistent close to her body.

She blushed and a soft whimper escaped her lips, opening up just slightly, but enough to O-gong to see his way into her mouth with his tongue, flicking her tongue and tasting her.

A fire inside her started, burning bright and warm. A fire she had never experienced before. Not that she had ever kissed a boy before. Perhaps this was normal, she mused.

Deciding to just enjoy this... of cause to make sure her guardian got as much taste as possible. Yes, this was just that, pure business!

He parted from her lips far too soon for her liking. His eyes were curious and he looked over her face to apparently figure her motives out.

She gave a small smile and reached for the tumbler and took another sip, rolling the liquid around in her mouth before swallowing. She wouldn’t dare have a drop in her mouth. Who knew what the Gods would deem worthy of punishment to her dear O-gong if he drank liquor anyways.

As soon as she placed the glass onto the table, O-gong surged forward again, hungry for the taste.

They stood for a long time and kissed; tongues twirled in a beautiful dance and fingers touched soft skin and hair. His thumbs over her cheekbones or his arms around her waist tugging her closer.

The bottles on the table were all opened as per his silent request. He would pause, pour a new taste into the glass and watch her take the tumbler to her lips, sipping only slightly to make every drop last.

She hopes this would be a common occurrence from now on. Kissing her beloved O-gong was better than anything she had ever experienced in her entire lonely life.

All thought of how to rely this as a business transaction to her brain, was already out the window. Her pulse thundered in her veins when he sat down and tugged her with him.

Guiding her to settle over his thighs, her hands came up to hold his face, while his arms were caressing her back and... and her behind. A small drunken giggle escaped her and O-gong looked at her.

He looked nervous and a bit ... scared? No, that couldn’t be. Why would he be scared, her buzzed mind told her. They looked at each other while his hands had stilled just above her tailbone. Oh... oh. Permission!

She smiled brightly and kissed him again, giving him a silent submission to touch.

For some reason, her body choose to rock forward on his legs. Her body hit something hard in his pants. Perhaps his magic staff thingie he used to smack demons with, her brain added.

She sighed happily into his mouth when his hands slowly cupped her behind, a tingle between her legs that she didn’t understand began to make her shift more insistent in his lap.

O-gong gasped when she hit his magic wand again and for some reason she giggled and did it again. This time hard enough to feel her core make her feel floaty and happy... much more happy than before.

Must be the kissing, she mused again and kept sliding back and forth like her body wanted. Listening to O-gong’s breath becoming more shallow and his grip stronger.

He began to rock her forward with his hands. She could hear his breath and feel it between her lips ... and ... and ohhh, her spine arched and a wonderful feeling shoot through her body, making her shake all over and moan.

O-gong squeezed his eyes shut, his lips no longer kissing her, only panting like he had been running or fighting demons.

He held her closely and his full body shivers told her brain that something had been going on.

Not that she knew, really. This was her first kiss and .. oh “I forgot to drink again” she said, trying to turn in his lap to get the tumbler.

His hands stilled her body and O-gong gasped “don’t... don’t move. Heavens above Jin Seon-mi” he said with a breathless smile.

She tilted her head and looked confused at him. He smiled again and stroke his hands up and down her back. Leaning in, he gave her a peck on her nose. Looking at her affectionately and smiled

“You will be the death of me... My little Samjang”.