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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Life Behind the Scenes

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"A TV show?" you ask your friend sitting across from you, sipping your bubble tea. "Yeah. We have the script for two seasons and most of the cast, we're only missing four parts and I thought they would be perfect for you and your siblings." Gou explains, sipping his own tea, his silver eyes wide with excitement.

"I can come, I don't have any other jobs at the moment. I'll have to discuss it with my siblings though. They should be up for it though." you mutter, twirling around a lock of h/c hair. "I hope they do... You see, we may have named the characters after you." Gou nervously explains, hiding slightly behind his blue hair.

"..." you stare at the bluenette for a long while, only the loud noise of you sucking the now empty cup being heard. "Don't worry! It's just your last name!" Gou hastily explains. You squint your eyes. "Why though? It's not like 'Miran' sounds all that respectable or victorian." you ask. "Well, your characters aren't technically human so we thought that a stranger name would suit them and yours was the first one that came to mind." Gou explains, smiling shakily. You sigh. "It's fine..."

"What to do you say?" you ask your sister, chewing on a pencil. She glares at you. "Stop doing that." Dicio sighs. "I'm on board, it sounds interesting. It's been a long while since I've played a villain." she mutters, twirling around a lock of white hair.

"Good. What about you two?" you look to your two other siblings, waiting for the brother's answers. "I'm fine with this. This Lovecraft dude seems like an interesting person to play." Luxuria smirks, throwing the file to the table. "Why not." Amor says, still reading through the profile.

"Good. I'll go inform Gou that you agreed." you say, standing up while throwing the pencil away, it ending up in your pencil cup. Your younger siblings stare after you.

"He gets us the strangest jobs..." Dicio mutters, a deadpan look on her face watching Luxuria poke Amor with a pen. "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, huh?"

Character Profiles:

Scorpio Miran:

Summary: Eldest of the four Miran siblings, working against his younger sisters and trying to destroy the Universal Core. Generally an aloof character with mysterious powers, claiming to be an immortal creature from another planet who came to earth to look for a powerful relic. Indebted to George Joestar and usually ends up involved with the Joestar's somehow.

Appearance: Black, extremely curly hair, usually worn on a high ponytail, has a soul patch, lime green eyes, fairly dark skin. Wears a long, black, sleeveless coat, black undershirt with a dark teal corset over it, black trousers and high heeled thigh high boots the color of dark teal.

Daile Miran:

Summary: The youngest and only female of the four Miran siblings, generally in charge of the other two besides Scorpio. Trying to find the Universal Core to gain control over her home planet. Extremely calm person, almost nothing swaying her, though being cornered usually causes her temper to flare.

Appearance: White, extremely curly hair, Bright pink eyes, fairly dark skin. Wears a white skin tight, swimsuit like top, white high heels and a white feather coat.

Lovecraft Miran:

Summary: The second eldest of the four Miran siblings, working for his sister though not really caring for her goal. Has an extremely seductive and lustful personality, often tempting even his enemies to sleep with him. Nothing seems to get him nervous or angry, unless you mention his insecurities concerning his love life.

Appearance: Dark purple, extremely curly hair, usually worn on a ponytail, has a soul patch, bright purple eyes, fairly dark skin. Wears a small, tight, light pink top, a short purple dress, lot of jewelry in varying shades of purple, pink and gold, and high heeled sandals.

Eidra Miran:

Summary: The second youngest of the four Miran siblings, working for his sister. He doesn't seem to care for his sisters cause but supports her anyways. He is an extremely calm, but humane character, often showing compassion and mercy to his enemies who deserve it. He is also shown to be capable of forming meaningful human relationships, something his two other siblings besides Scorpio have not been able to do.

Appearance: Light blue, extremely curly hair, usually worn in three bun at the back of his head, has a heart shaped soul patch, yellow/peach colored eyes, fairly dark skin, a scar on the right side of his face and neck. Wears a skin tight light blue suit, a golden collar with a heart shaped jewel hanging from it, knee high golden and light blue high heels.

"Yo, Gou. I'm here." you yell to the bluenette who's standing with an older looking man and two children. The four turned towards you, Gou's face lighting up at your arrival. "Y/N! You're just in time." he says, pulling you into a hug quickly, feeling awkward considering your height difference of 178 cm to 210 cm.

"Wow sir, you're tall!" one of the children says, his dark blue hair swaying slightly. You blink at him, turning to Gou for an explanation. "Ah, this is Jonas Jack and Diamond Shackle, they're going to be acting as the younger versions of Jonathan and Dio." he explains, you nodding and turning back to the two. "I'm Y/N Miran, nice to meet you two." you extend your hand at the two, Diamond shaking it first and then Jonas.

"Oh, and this is George Joestar, he's going to be acting as his namesake. Get used to each other, cause you two are going to have a lot of scenes together. Let's go, we have to film some scenes!" Gou cheers, starting to walk to the set. You and George nod at each other, the four of you following the bluenette.

"DANNYYYY~" Jonas and Diamond cry in your arms, you awkwardly comforting the two. 'What did I sign up for again?' your look seems to say as you desperately stare at George and Gou who awkwardly laugh.

"Do they have to leave?" you ask, showing your puppy eyes to Gou. "Yes, they've done their job..." Gou awkwardly says, watching as your puppy eyes start to water. "Don't do this to me..." he mutters, looking away. "They can still come around to see the rehearsals..." "YES!!! JO, DIA!" you yell, running to the two grinning children. Gou stares after you. "This just makes me wonder how you'll react to Jonathan and Dio actually coming to set..."