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The light of the dark

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Author's note: I am back with a new chapter. And just a little news, on the 15th of November I will be doing a live stream just before comic con, so come and say hi if you are free. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter and a picture from the last chapter at the end.

Katsuki and Izuku settled on the sofa the moment they got back in. Hawks got Izuku’s coat off, whilst Nezu made tea. Aizawa had apparently been waiting for them, coming down and frowning at the sickened expression on Katsuki’s face, and the fact Izuku was curling into his side with tears.


“What happened?” Aizawa asked, Nezu passed around cups of tea, giving Izuku a cup of warm Milk instead.


“They witnessed something they shouldn’t have… something not even I learnt until I was 19… honestly… it is even harder seeing it in person… I was just told by my own parents.” Hawks sighed, accepting the tea Nezu gave him.


“I… I don’t understand.” Katsuki frowned


“All Demons were once angels, Katsuki. Much like Christianity states, they believe the devil was once an angel who fell from Gods grace… and that is true in a sense.” Hawks explained. Aizawa sat down to listen. “There are different types of angels… but there, are also three stages.”


“Three stages…” Katsuki muttered.


“Yes, actually… for an odd reason, sometimes Lost angels are still referred to as angels, technically they are, but it is more of a stage… and that is what the government are creating.” Hawks closed his eyes. “Angels all have their own jobs and powers, and we do those jobs in a willingness to aid the world towards a better place. But even our Spirits can be broken. If you break the spirit of an angel… they lose their abilities, their wings start to fall apart. The whites of their eyes go black over time… and the more faith they lose… the further they get from grace and closer to the edge of the lost.”


“And when they reach the edge of the lost…” Katsuki said.


“They are too far for anyone to help… anyone but one kind of angel that vanished alongside the soul angels…” Hawks frowned. “Reach the edge of the lost and you become a demon. After their first cycle as a demon, they are unable to be saved… but honestly… no one alive knows how too… no one has that power…”


“You mentioned a kind of angel that vanished alongside the soul angels.” Nezu said


“Right… I never really got it, but my parents mentioned it once or twice. Soul angels are rare of course, but they are also the only kind of angel that cannot hide their wings. Now, imagine an angel without wings.” Hawks said. “There was said to be a kind of angel, an opposite to the soul angels, the ying to the yang sort of thing. They are the perfect balance, both beings of grace, but it is the Spirit angels that show that Demons are closer to use then we all realise. Wingless angels with horns and a tail. They have the job of leading lost angels back to their angelic paths, and if they find a demon still within the first cycle, they can lead them back to grace.”  Hawks explained. “Or that is at least what my parents told me.”


“What happened to them…” Izuku asked


“No one knows… At least with soul angels we know they were gathered for their ability and all forced to use them, leading to all of them either dying or… well… becoming a demon…” Hawks bowed his head, Izuku clutched Katsuki’s arm. “Spirit angels… are different. They didn’t look like angels… I guess there is a chance they were mistaken for quirks and attacked for that… but they vanished and well… with Izuku here… there should be one somewhere… just… no idea where.” Hawks frowned.


“Could I find them?” Izuku asked, the adults and Katsuki looked at him.


“What do you mean?” Hawks frowned


“You said we’re like ying yang. So… there should be a connection…” Izuku muttered. “Could I find them?”


“Um… maybe… but who knows… there is a chance, but they could be anywhere.” Hawks sighed.


“We’ll work on it another day. You two drink up and head to bed. This night has been hard on you. You too Hawks.”  Nezu said. “You can have tomorrow off Bakugo. I have a feeling you would want to speak to your father after this.” Bakugo looked at Nezu thankfully, Izuku yawned and climbed onto Katsuki’s lap.


“Yeah… thanks Sensei… night.” Katsuki lifted Izuku up and went upstairs. Leaving the adults to discuss.




Izuku let Katsuki help him into a onesie, before the young angel clung to him. Katsuki sat with him a while, petting his head.


“I know tonight wasn’t a good night… I doubt what we saw happens often. We got unlucky.” Katsuki told him.


“Will the angel village help… will we be able to stop angels becoming lost?” Izuku asked, Katsuki looked down at him.


“I don’t know. But, I think it would provide the safety angels need to be able to keep themselves in grace. And we can all work together to save others.” Katsuki smiled. “We are going to save all the angels… and save the ones who are lost. I promise you that Izuku.” Izuku smiled at him and cuddled into him.


“Thank you Kacchan.” Izuku muttered.


“Anytime Zu… I think we should as Hawks to warn the league about this… I bet they could help a little.”  Katsuki said, “Help find lost angels and keep them safe.”


“Mua-nii would help. He is nice.” Izuku nodded with a yawn.


“Yeah, come on brat, time to sleep. I will make up a nice breakfast in the morning.” Katsuki lay down, Izuku held against him.


“Okay, night-night Kacchan.” Izuku yawned. Katsuki rested his wing above Izuku.


“Night-night Izuku.” He smiled softly.




Katsuki and Izuku woke up past nine the next morning, Katsuki began working on making pancakes for breakfast. Izuku sat at the table drawing, when there was the sound of the door closing. Izuku got off his chair and went to investigate. He found a man at the Dorms door. They stared at each other. Izuku took in the bright blond hair, blue eyes, and the aura…. It was that man that hurt his papa… Izuku didn’t know what to do… this man was dangerous… he hurt his Papa and took him away… So he did the only thing that felt right…



He screamed.


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