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The light of the dark

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Hawks explained the plan to Katsuki as Izuku continued to cuddle up under his wing, unbeknownst to everyone. Izuku had curled up and gone to sleep, his own wings puffed out over him like a little blanket. It wasn’t until Hawks stood to leave they noticed as Izuku made a small noise. Katsuki was quick, his own wing quickly taking Hawks’ place, Izuku settled again. Cuddling into the sofa a little. The class sighed in relief.


“Man, I hadn’t even noticed he was asleep… But man… I just to curl up under my mother’s wings all the time.” Hawks remembered fondly.


“Wait, so curling up under a parents wings is normal?” Katsuki asked, Hawks grinned and nodded.


“As kids, it is the safest place we can feel to be. It is no surprise it is the same to Izuku.” He smiled. “Despite being raised without any other angels, he is pretty Intune with what he is. It’s actually quite impressive.” Hawks shook Katsuki’s hand before he left, and Katsuki carefully picked Izuku up and took him to his room. Katsuki spent the night with his wings out, one covering Izuku protectively. Just like how his dad use to when Katsuki had had a bad day.




Hawks happily took day-care duty to look over Izuku the following day, he had arrived early. Getting to the dorms around the time everyone was up and eating breakfast, Izuku waved at him excitedly, how could he resist? He mentioned to Katsuki he was going to check on how the angel village building was going. Katsuki was fine with that, he did ask Hawks to get pictures for him so he could have a look too. He had to be in class that day, Aizawa saying he would be having an important message for the class in home room. Even though Katsuki had the permission to spend most home rooms with Hawks, learning how to use his angel abilities.


“Wow…” Izuku whispered from his place on Hawks shoulders as the looked over the base of what would become the angel village. Parted from the school, shielded by the large amount of trees surrounding it. And being quite far on to the school grounds that it would keep them safe from being found out.


“It’s gonna be a big place.” Hawks muttered and smiled softly. “But sure is going to be the safest village in Japan.


“I want Mua-Nii to see this and live here too. And Dabi-nii, and Crystal… everyone.” Izuku mumbled.


“That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” Hawks smiled. “Hey, I’ll tell you a secret.” He took Izuku off his shoulders and they sat under a tree. Izuku looked up at him, confused.


“Are you allowed to tell me secrets?” He asked


“Yeah, I think you’ll like this one.” Hawks smiled.  “ The government want me to go undercover with the league, so… I will get to see them all. I can pass on messages from you if you want.” He offered.


“I can make them cards!” Izuku gasped happily.


“Yeah, and they will know all about how well you are doing, That Katsuki is doing a good job as a protector. I hope they trust me despite being a hero…” Hawks frowned.


“You’re an Angel, they will. We can take a picture! Show Mua-nii all the angels. Me, Kacchan, Kacchan’s Papa, You. All of us!” Izuku beamed.


“I think they would like to see that picture.” Hawks ruffled his hair. Izuku giggled happily, cuddling into his side, under the protection of his wings.




“It looks like it is going to be a big place.” Katsuki muttered, looking at the pictures Hawks had gotten.


“Yeah, it’s is going to be great.” Hawks nodded. “I mentioned it to my parents, and they are really excited about everything. Not even they have seen a Soul angel before.”


“I wonder if there are any other soul angels…” Katsuki muttered. Looking up, Izuku was sitting with Kirishima, the red head showing Izuku his Red Riot comics.


“Maybe, but… chances are we won’t really ever know.” Hawks sad sadly.




“Internships?” Izuku repeated. Later that day, after Katsuki got back from classes, The class had gone out to shop, Katsuki stayed behind with Izuku.


“Yeah, basically, I will go and work with a hero for a bit. Help me gain experience.” Katsuki explained, as he cooked, Izuku sitting on the side next to him.


“Not the one that hurt Papa…” Izuku shook his head.


“Well, he’s retired now, and yeah, I wouldn’t.” Katsuki ruffled his hair. “Hawks is actually going to take me, so we have more time to practice.”


“That’s good!” Izuku beamed.


“It is. I am really looking forward to it.” Katsuki smiled, tasting the Curry sauce. “Um… This is plain for me, but how do you like it?” Katsuki held out a spoon. Izuku blew on the food and took it.


“Um. It’s nice. I like it!” Izuku told him.


“Great, I will split some up then. I like mine very spicy.” Katsuki smiled, He put some of the curry into a separate pot and began adding spice to his pot. He finished up making their dinners, Izuku got from the side and ran to the table laughing as Katsuki carried over three plates. Hawks was at the table going over some paper work he had been given, looking bored. “I made you a plate.” Katsuki said, putting a plate before Hawks, the Pro hero looked up.


“Oh, thank you.” Hawks smiled. “who knew going undercover had so much paper work.”


“Undercover?” Katsuki repeated.


“The government want me to be a spy at the League. I am going to use it to share notes between Izuku and his family.” Hawks smiled.


“We need to send Pictures.” Izuku said. Katsuki smiled.


“That sounds like a good plan.” Katsuki nodded. The three of them happily dug into the curry, Hawks gasped at the heat of the curry, causing Izuku to giggle as Katsuki rushed off to get some milk for the hero.


“Thanks…” Hawks gasped after taking two glasses of Milk. Katsuki made him up a new plate using the curry from Izuku’s pot, the hero sighed in relief.